Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lack of Sleep. Need Sleep Now.

So Angela just left, she came over tonight to knit with me. I don't know how my eyes are still open? Not after that almost all nighter I pulled last night. I was up until almost 4 am working on my HTML project that was due today and I still dont think that I did it 100% right. Oh well - at least I did it. The final project seems a lot harder, but Angela said she can help me - thank goodness! I hope she wants to help me - and it's not a drag for her or anything. Maybe I'll offer her dinner and yarn or something - for helping me! LOL.. (Interested Angela?)
This morning I got up by 10 am - still tired though - and worked on my project until the very last minute before having to leave. I got downtown and got parking right away, so I had some time to kill so I did a few errands.

After going to my class, handing in my assignment, the teacher decided to let the class be a workshop for said assignment, since there was only 2 of us who handed in that project. What a waste of 3 hours.

After class, I came home and watched Desperate Housewives from Sunday night which I downloaded and worked on my sock. Today, I've turned the heel of my second sock (between this afternoon and tonight knitting with Angela over while watching half of the movie Finding Neverland - it stopped working half way through - SUCKY DEAL - it was scratched bad), and I'm now just about to start working on the body of the foot part of the sock.

Well, I'm going to go to bed. It's late and I'm tired. (Lack of sleep from yesterday). I should have gone to the gym yesterday. I didn't so I should have gone today. I didn't so I am going to work twice as hard tomorrow and I'm also going to work out on Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday of this week.

Tomorrow is my day off, so I am going to sleep in like you wouldn't believe. Gaz Met is coming to do some servicing on their machines (part of their contract) in my garage, and I got an automated message on my machine today, confirming my appointment tomorrow and telling me they will be there sometime between 7 am and 9 pm. A 14 hour window? I don't understand? Well - I do plan on getting to the gym tomorrow DURING THE DAY and I plan on going Knitting tomorrow night with the Montreal Knits - so they can go f-themselves if they don't show up before I leave to either. Apparently they have my cell number, to call me 3o minutes before they are showing up. But if they are inconvenient to me, - then I'll take another appointment on another day. That's that.


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