Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shopping in Vegas is Great!

This morning I was up only 201$US (I had lost 300$ last night at the Wynn - not very proud of that) and then this morning I did a ton of shopping. But atleast the shopping won't be coming out of my pockets. I bought myself:

- 2 long sleeved shirts at the Rainforst Cafe (they were on sale, and did not say Rainforest Cafe on them - didn't really want to advertise for them, they're food ain't the best).- 1 sweater that says Las Vegas on it in a small heart in one of the top corners by the hoodie strings- 1 3/4 length CSI: Las Vegas Unit shirt in pink - very cute- 1 CSI: Las Vegas Unit baseball cap - got one for my brother as well - since he's picking us up from the airport, I got him this as a little extra- 1 pair of 24$ sunglasses. (I honestly forgot mine at home, and was interested in a 5$ pair, but I couldn't find anything I liked). I have nice sunglasses at home, from my uncle's glasses shop, so the pair was really just for the trip.- 2 pairs of dice earrings (tres cute) one in red for myself, and one in a nice baby blue for my sister- I also picked up 10 postcards - 2 which I'll keep for my scrapbook, and 8 to send out to friends.

Then, after doing my shopping, I lost 100$ in the poker room at the MGM grand. My mind just WASN'T there. I probably would have been up more money, but I didn't call a guy, and had a lot of money in the pot already, and had Ace, Jack in my hand, and there was an Ace on the table, and I was worried he'd had something better in his hand, and he had an Ace, Nine, which means, I had the higher kicker, and would have won the pot. He showed me his cards after I folded his bet. FUCK. I am really mad at myself for that one. I really need to be more confident when I play, however, it's different playing a friendly house game with friends and family for 10$, than playing with "REAL" money, in a casino in Vegas with "The Big Boys". You know? This was my FIRST time sitting down at the casinos and playing Texas Hold'em (which is my favourite poker game) in Vegas in the "poker" rooms - which house only Texas Hold'em.

But later on, at the Flamingo Casino (Jamie's and my new favourite place), I won my money back and then some, by putting 100$ down to get chips, and walking out with over 200$ in winnings after being done today in that room.I am having a great time! So is Jamie. Mind you, he isn't eating much. He is a cheap date! I kid you not. When Jamie flies, his stomach gets all weird, and it always takes him a couple of days to get back to normal. He says he's not even hungry, but it makes me worry, I feel really bad. And here, I'm being a pig, eating like crazy, you'd think I was pregnant. (Who knows, maybe I am). But, gosh, it's really odd. This is the second time it's happened, but the first time, is when we went to Boston to visit Sherrie, the first night, his stomach was just not feeling well, and he barely ate, until Saturday night. (We had left Friday morning).

This evening, after leaving the Flamingo, we walked around outside, checking out more hotels (just to say we saw inside almost every casino!) and we saw some free shows (the water show at the Belagio and also, the pirate show at Treasure Island). Both were very nice, and we enjoyed watching them. I really want to do a dinner show while we're here, but I don't think we'll have the time, since tomorrow night we're going down to the "old" strip at Freemont Street, to see the original casinos.

We also stopped in to check prices at Madamme Tussauds, but it was about 40$ a person to get in or something rediculous like that. So we took pictures outside with the wax statues there. I also saw Lucy from I love Lucy and Gerard Depardue (or however you spell his name) and Princess Di, so I took pictures of those as well. Those should be on my Flickr site when I return home).

Tomorrow morning I'm off to check out Michaels and a LYS here called Wolly Wonders. They're on my street - Tropicana, and apparently really close by! How could I not!

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