Friday, April 07, 2006

Geisha & My Messy Office

I worked on my Geisha image in my Adobe Illustrator class all morning. I'm actually making quite the progess with it. It's due on Thursday, April 13th, so in less than a week. The teacher wants us to hand it in next week - so that she can correct it and get it back to us before the end of the semester, and so that we have time the week after to study for our 10 question written exam - in which she GAVE US THE ANSWERS TO - by going over the exam itself with us - this morning. And those students WHO DID NOT show up to class this morning, we're forbiden to give them the questions/answers. Fuck them - they didn't show up - their tough loss. I spent time with my teacher and she looked at my Geisha (we're tracing over a template) and she says mine is coming along great. Good! Phew! I'm on the right track. It's kind of tough and complicated - as we have to do drawings on about 6 different layers, and there is a LOT to trace.... but it's coming along great - so far. I'm getting used to it. It's a bid tedious, but I think worth it in the end. I am going to work on it hopefully this weekend - if not, I have all day Wednesday to work on it - as it's the first project that is due for the final projects and it's due Thursday, so worse comes to worse, there's Wednesday for it. Wednesday (if not before) I must also work on my 3 different options for my Welcome to My (Knitting) World project - so that my teacher can go over them and get back to me about which one I should go foward on - next Thursday as well. That's the only thing that I must really work on this week. Oh - and my pamphlet. By tomorrow my HTML website will be done, as my friend Angela is coming over to help me. I've enticed her with a home cooked meal (just prepared lasagna for her) and yarn and the usage of my washer and drier! Didn't know it was going to be this easy to get HTML/Dreamweaver help! Not sure yet what I am going to do as far as a layout/subject, but I am sure it will all come together once Angela gets here tomorrow.

This afternoon I ran from school home - to pick up my mail, and then headed off to get my eyebrows waxed. I go to the same girl every time (Just started waxing my eye brows maybe a year and a half ago - use to always just pluck) and while in the mall ran into two people I knew. First, I saw an old friend Karene - whom I haven't seen since she got married in August - so it's been probably a year since I've seen her last - she mentioned she was trying to get pregnant - good for her. Next, in IGA picking up a few groceries (including Whole Wheat Matzah) I ran into my grandfather in one of the aisles. I talked to him for a good 10-15 minutes and then had to leave to get home to pick up my wedding album and then go get my friend Mindy - whom I had lunch with today.

After lunch, came home, and did some things in my office. Did homework and cleaned it up a little - I'm trying to organize it so that I can get things off the floors so that I can vaccum in here. Right now there is way too many things disorganized in my office and I can't see the floor in most places - lol... I need to get everything off the floors - so that I can organize and vaccum the carpets. And that's pretty much what I spent doing all evening. Laundry, (so that I could free up the washer and drier for Angela tomorrow). I did a little bit of homework, not much, and went to the post office after dinner to mail off some stuff for Jamie. I finally got a hold of Peter - and he's going to come on Wednesday to finish in my bathroom (he has to do the sealant on the floors over the grout).

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