Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Booty Swap & Loving Bamboo Needles

Zeus has to sit on everything new. I brought my studio lights (photography) out of storage, and well, Zeus has to try and sit on everything. (Ignore my messy bookcase behind - I actually cleaned it up afterwards)

I just got in from the Montreal Knitting Meetup and we were a full house tonight. At one point we were 19 knitters, that's impressive. I have not yet been to a meeting where EVERYONE was in attendance. Anyhow, I had a great time, and I was able to talk, since I finished my heel on my second sock, and was turning the heel tonight. It's advantageous to go to meetings - meet new people, get free yarn, it's wonderful. (Tonight Mona brought some of Veronik's leftover stash, and I got some goodies tonight!)

Anyhow, let me tell you about my day.

I got woken up at 7:15 am by Gaz Met (wasn't expecting to be the first call of the day - but that's great - because I didn't have to wait home for them all day). He was done in about half an hour - which I spent on my computer and then went back to bed until about 10:30 am. It feel good just to lie in bed, I was half asleep and half awake still.

I got my butt to the gym. FINALLY. But stupid me wasn't hungry since waking up and didn't eat, so three quarters through my workout I started seeing stars and was light headed. I DO NOT RECOMMEND NOT EATING AND WORKING OUT WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH. BAD BAD BAD.

I did stuff around the house for the rest of the afternoon, took a nice long hot shower and then waited for 5:30 to come, to bid on the LAST set of bamboo circulars (SO CHEAP - SO WORTH IT!) so that I can finally have my order mailed from Hong Kong) and so now I will be getting:

11 pairs bamboo circular needles, 2mm-7mm,40cm long
15 pairs bamboo knitting needles,2mm-12mm, 60cm long
15 pairs bamboo circular needles, 2mm-12mm, 80cm long
9 pairs bamboo circular needle, 2.5mm-12mm, 100cm long

Oh, I can't wait to get them in the mail. It's airmail and so it shouldn't take longer than a week or two coming from Hong Kong. So excited. It was sooooooooooooo worth the price, for the sets of bamboos. I will have needles to do ANY project my heart desires!

I got the knitting meet up earlier than everyone else - even my cousin this time - as she was late due to a favor for her father. I found excellent parking outside, right infront across the street, and went inside, ordered a Cherry Vanilla Tea, the largest size they had, and as I was closing my purse after paying - THE ZIPPER RIPPED. UGH! SOOO ANNOYING. I AM SOO MAD. I hope that I can leave class early enough tomorrow so that I can get it fixed, and for damn sure I'm NOT paying for it to be repaired, the guy just fixed it last Tuesday - just a week ago! I CANT believe it ripped. It was kind of my fault, but I'm not going to tell the guy at the repair shop about the fact that my purse may just have been too full.. Oops. Always my luck though - BAD LUCK that is....
Tonight at the knitting meet up - Mona brought via Veronik (whom I haven't met yet) a bag of stashed yarn, and we got to go through it. I picked out a few balls of yarn - some cotton and some Rowan cotton - which I hope to make something with - as it's gorgeous and soft - not like regular cotton yarn. I can't wait to swatch it and see what I get from it.
I'm officially addicted to sock yarn - let me tell you. I got my new ball in the mail today from my booty swap partner - and I'm just addicted and want more! LOL... I have a lot of pairs of socks that I want to make!
Alright, I've been up since 7:15 am this morning since that's when the Gaz Met guy showed up - and I'm going to go off to bed.

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