Saturday, April 08, 2006

Angela's Super Duper Help

This morning I got up at 8:45 am and started to get ready for my day, shower, and then by 9:30 am I was at the metro station near my house picking up Angela, as she was coming over to help me with my HTML project and do her laundry as part of a "reward" for helping me. I enticed her with a home cooked meal - which I made last night - a lasagna (made two, one for sometime next week for dinner for Jamie & I). It was delicious.

We worked really hard all morning, and then once we finally (ok Angela) got the HTML project done, we decided to go and do a little shopping. We went to Value Village first - as per Angela's request, since it's around the corner from my place, and we found some awesome yarn there - so at least I think so anyhow!

This is the sock yarn that I got from my Booty Swap partner - I turned it into a cake today, since I was kind of just sitting there while Angela helped me with my HTML work...

I took Angela to Value Village, we checked out Jeanette's and didn't buy anything there - but we wanted to look. We came home, checked on Angela's laundry and then we headed off to Walmart. What a bad idea to go to Walmart on a Saturday less than an hour before closing! What a bad, bad mistake.

Anyhow, we dropped off Angela at the metro, and are now getting ready to go up north to my cousin Jenn's engagement party.

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