Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hard Core Spring Clean

Today Jamie actually devoted some time to spring cleaning. I was really impressed with the job that he has done. He cleaned up the entire basement, including changing the light on the ceiling from the ugly ass neon that we had up to really nice lights that you can adjust and tilt and move - and it's less bright, but so much more reasonable for a basement. I was very impressed that he finally got around to doing it. He did everything today except wash the kitchen floor as he promised he would. He swears tomorrow.

I managed to clean up the kitchen, minus the floors, as I washed the cabinets, counters, microwave, toaster oven, stove (That was a big job - thanks to easy-off for making it so much easier on me!) LOL...

I did get to finish watching Memoirs of a Geisha today, what a great movie. I really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed watching Chicken Little, which Jamie fell asleep to - as he said it wasn't really for him. I thought it was quite adorable. While Memoirs of a Geisha was 2hrs and 24 minutes, Chicken Little was only 1 hour 20 minutes. I didn't realize until the end that Zach Braff was the voice of Chiken Little.

Just now we watched the movie The Woodsman. And it ended just in time for me to come post a final entry on blogger for today. The Woodsman was also just an hour and twenty minutes, very short and very slow. Interesting, but slow.

The kitties were cuddling today on the couch - legs intertwined. Very cute. Had to take a photograph.

Gotta get to sleep. We lose 1 hour due to the time change tonight, at 2 am, Spring Forward! and we have possible tenants coming to see the apartment above us for rent tomorrow at 11 am. I wonder who they are and if they will like the place. I need to find tenants soon and fast - so it's one less worry off my shoulders. Wish us luck!

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