Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Winning Money in Vegas!

I'm sitting in the MGM Grand. Typing away on my palm pilot keyboard. This is the ONE time I use my palm pilot. It just usually sits on the charger. Not sure why I upgraded my old one for the m515 which is now pretty much obsolete, but anyhow.

My luck is great, already and it's only noon (3pm EST).

I put 1$ into a .05¢ slot machine and won 6,000 credits - so I cashed out at $300.40.

I put 5$ into another slot machine at .o5¢ and doubled my money, so I cashed out at $10.45.

I put another 1$ into another .05¢ slot machine and won 3800 credits, and cashed out at $190.75.

I am up over 500$ right now.

Jamie's in the poker room.

I'm not feeling 100% though. My stomach hurts a little. I am not sure what it is?

It's very warm here, about 85F. We're staying at the Golden Palms hotel - a 1/4 mile off the strip (about a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the corner of Tropicana/Las Vegas Blvd. which houses The Excalibur, MGM Grand, New York New York and Tropicana Hotels and Casinos.

The only thing I find DISGUSTING here is the smoke. People smoke at the tables, at the slots, walking around, in the bathroom. GROSS. The only area that is smoke free is the poker rooms. I'm not sure I want to play poker with the big boys.

Jamie said he needs half an hour more and then we'll move on to the next hotel. We plan on visiting all of them - not necessarily gambling in all of them though. We just want to see the different themes in all of them! There is sooooo much to do here, it's crazy.

I still can't believe I'm up over 500$ US. FANTASTIC.

I'm hungry. I had a cinnamon scone from Starbucks around 9:30-10 o'clock this morning, for breakfast, and I'm hungry again.

There is a Lion Habitat right here and I just took pictures of 3 gorgeous lions. It's funny, they're just huge cats. Just like my cats playing and fighting with each other - they do the same.

I'm a HUGE PEOPLE watcher, and this the perfect city to people watch! Let me tell you! Lots of people, pretty, ugly, skinny, fat, trendy, trashy.... lots to look at.

I just witnessed a lady breastfeeding in the middle of the casino. WEIRD. In the casino. At least go to the gorgeous resteooms that they have here!?

People her are friendly, which is good.

This morning I was talking to this lady and she asked me whre I was from. I said Montreal. She's from Virginia - EAST COAST AS WELL - and not even a 14 hour drive from Montreal. Anyways, during that conversation - the short conversation that we had - so said "So is there any casinos in British Columbia where you live?" B.C.? Is this lady retarded? Is she fucking kidding me? I told her that I live on the east coast, just above New York State. So she goes "Oh you live across the border?" What the fuck? Who is this dumb woman? Really weird.

Yesterday, at Pharmaprix by my house, before being picked up to go to the airport by Jamie's step-mom, I bought 1 x 1 liter pepsi for Jamie, 1 x 1 liter diet coke for myself, 1 bag of doritos for Jamie, 1 bag of ketchup lays for myself, one Maxim magazine for Jamie - he likes that one for airplane reading - and 1 People magazine for me - wanted to read up on the TomKat baby. So the girl at the cash says "Going on a trip?" and I said yes, to Vegas. She said she was going too, leaving today, actually and staying at Excalibur. Maybe I'll run into her in Vegas. Funny.

Yesterday flying down here - oy fun fun fun. There was a huge confusion when we landed in Toronto. First off, we were late landing. Then we thought we had to wait by the regular carousel to pick up our lugguage. Turns out it was on the connection belt and we had to go elsewhere to retrieve it - all in under 30 minutes, and go through customs to enter the United States. It was the last Canadian city we're touching base on before entering the USA - so that's where we have to go through customs. Thank goodness there was no line up at this time of the evening, and we got to the airplane just as they were preparing to call Final Boarding call. Just in the knick of time.

What an adventure.

When we landed our lugguage was the first off the plane, as we were the last ones on. Glad our bagguage made it on!

We had our very own TV's on the plane, with Satelite TV. Movies cost 5$ each. WestJet only hs ONE section on the plane and it's all considered first class. For the entire flight, I watched A&E - Dog the Bounty Hunter and also some Animal Planet with some rescue show in Houston, Texas (so sad). Also - I worked on knitting my sock, and got well advanced into it. I had NO issues bringing those plastic DPN's I found in my stash at the last minute.

Going to go cash in my 500$ and check up on Jamie. More later.

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