Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30 of 30

I can't believe it's November 3oth already. One month left of the year. 28 days left until my baby turns 1 year old. I can't believe I have an almost 1 year old! Today marks my 8th week of pregnancy. Just 4 more weeks until I'm out of the first trimester, and hopefully I will get my energy back! I've been asked for belly shots - I will do them - just not yet. There's nothing to show. (Besides some leftover baby weight from my first pregnancy).

Last night I was NOT feeling well. I got home and gave Sean a bath, and then crawled into bed with him. He had his bottle and he fell asleep somewhere around 9:00 pm. When Jamie got in from his friends house, I put Sean to bed, came to the computer, and then went to bed myself. Sean woke up somewhere between 3:30 and 4 am. He had a diaper change, a bottle and fell alseep in my arms. Somewhere between 4:30 and 5 am I woke up (we'd both fallen asleep) and tried to transfer Sean to his crib. He was not interested in going into his crib at all. As soon as I transfered him (he was asleep) he lifted his head, and sat up bawling his eyes out.

Ok. So I took him back into bed with me. We both fell asleep again, and then I tried the same thing at around 7 something this morning when I woke up cuz I had to go to the bathroom, (first trimester, I'm peeing four hundred times a day! Not fun!) and tried to transfer him again, a no go. He sat up and bawled his eyes out while I was in the bathroom. Brought him back to bed with me.

This can't keep happening. I can't let him do this. I'm hoping it was just last night. Right now he's in his own crib and I'm hoping he sleeps through the night. Last night was horrid. Not only did I not sleep good because I had Sean in my arms, my ear was very irritated and I couldn't swallow - or rather it hurt to swallow. I'm thinking it's way too dry in the bedroom? Tonight, I'm going to try the humidifier, and see if that helps. We have one, that we used in Sean's bedroom in the duplex, as it was majorly dry in there. His temporary room (the nursery), seems okay for now. I will find my humidifier tester thing and put it in his room to make sure, but the temperature is not as dry in the nursery as it is in my master bedroom. The tester thingy is in a box somewhere...!

Today Sean and I pretty much spent the day in the den. I slept a lot of the day, and Sean slept/napped with me at some points, and played during the rest. I was just not feeling well, and very tired, though my throat and ear weren't bothering me as much after getting up. But they were killing me during the night. (Maybe due to the dryness in my room).

I did manage to knit a few rows (okay a lot of rows) on my Chevron Scarf. It's coming along great. I will post a picture in the next few days with it's progress. I'm hoping to make a lot of progress on it, so I can block it and start using it. I kinda want a new scarf to wear, and I want to wear this one! I also now have 25 days left to knit my nephew's Drive-Thru for Xmas. I really better get cracking on it. But my knitting mojo finally started to come back today, but I had a twitch to knit on the Chevron Scarf.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

48 Weeks

Sean is 48 weeks old today.

I am NO LONGER a landlord anymore!!! Woooohooooo! As of about 1 pm today, I officially was relieved of those duties! I am very happy about this. Glad to not be there anymore. I am assuming everything went smoothly as I didn't get any phone calls, as I pre-signed last night.

This morning my new cleaning lady showed up early! I like that! She is really nice and did a great job. When she left today, my house felt more clean than anyone else that has cleaned it. She really did a good job. So far, she'll be coming every Thursday, as she only has from 8 am -1:30 pm to work in my house. That is not enough time for her to do my entire house (as I saw today), so there are some things she'll do one week and other things she'll do the next week. But I was very impressed and I like her.

Today Angela came over and we hung out. She helped me with Sean so I could take care of a few things in the house. (Laundry mainly). There has been a lot of laundry to do as of lately, and a lot was done, just never got folded and put away due to my little monster who always wants my attention. (Nothing wrong with that - but it's hard to do things!)

This afternoon after Sean's nap we headed out to do a few errands. I had to do a return to Walmart (and stock up on more baby formula - it was on sale still), and do a return to Reno-Depot (the hardware store). We came back for dinner, I had made a wonderful beef stew in my slow cooker and it was ready and the house was smelling delicious. Then we headed into town, I wanted to go to a specific bead store, to see what they had, and stock up on more eye pins for my stitch markers. (I was running out of the ones I perfer). Anyhow, I ended up today getting the beads for the stitch markers for the December sock club kits, as well as for January, February & March, since I know what the colors are already for each of the kits for the new year. I can't wait to make the stitch markers, the beads are awesome! I absolutely love making stitch markers. I find it relaxing to be creative!

I'm beat. I'm not really feeling well, and I'm off to bed. I still need to make a date with my new roman bath tub and my novel that I started eons ago. It's about time I finished it. Also - I think I've lost my knitting mojo the past couple of weeks (since the move). The last time I knit was over a week ago at the SNB on Monkland, and I haven't had the desire to knit anything. Maybe it's because of first trimester tiredness, who knows.... But I do have a deadline of Xmas to finish my nephew's drive-thru sweater. Sean's took me a week for size 2. But that was one week of a LOT of knitting. This is size 6, and hopefully it won't take me too much longer to finish it. I better get cracking. One of these days.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

11 Months

Sean is 11 months old today. 11 months! That's 1 month shy of a year. Holy! I almost have a one year old. I have been thinking about his first birthday, but not really taken any action yet. I'm sure it'll be a big one though filled with lots of family & friends. Sean does this thing with his mouth (as seen above) when he's up to no good! He sticks his tongue out a bit, and puckers a bit... it's cute, but devilish!

Today we went to the movies with Jenn & Jakob. Here are the boys getting ready to watch Enchanted. It was such a good cute movie. I really enjoyed it. Plus, I love McDreamy! Ahh, Patrick Dempsy! Mmmmmm! Delicious!

Sean really likes the globe we have. (Well, actually I have two of them). Anyhow, do you see, that "face" he's making with his lips?? It just started recently, and I don't know what to make of it, besides that he does it when he's up to no good or when he's really concentrated on something. He likes to spin this globe round and round.

Tonight I pre-signed the sale of the house. I can't wait for it to be off my hands tomorrow. I definitely will not miss that duplex. I am so excited for my duties as landlord are over.

I managed to get a bunch of stuff done this evening, including putting away all the linens in the linen closet where they belong. There was two garbage bags waiting to be put away. I also cleaned a few things off the floor in my office, however, there is still more stuff to put away. I just wanted to tidy a bit before the new cleaning lady comes tomorrow. How ironic, cleaning up for the cleaning lady. I hope it goes well with her tomorrow, that would be great.

I am thinking about making a slow cooker recipe for dinner tomorrow, I must go take out the stewing beef so that it can thaw before tomorrow. I also must make a date with my new roman tub and my novel. It's a priority!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 27 of 30

This morning I woke up to what I thought was a nightmare. My tenant called me to let me know that water was spraying out of a pipe on the outside of my duplex. Just my luck! Two days before the sale of the house, and a water pipe burst! All that was going through my mind was the horror of what would happen to the sale should there be any damage. You see, I now live about 20 minutes away from my old place, with no traffic. With traffic, it could take me up to about 45 minutes to get there. I packed up Sean so fast this morning, and dropped him off at my mother's house. I was supposed to be dropping him off there anyhow, because she was going to watching him while I got my winter tires put on my car, as well as go to the duplex to clean up for the new owners and so that it would be tidy for the "walk-through" that they asked for.

So I ran to the duplex. I think I did make it there in about 20 minutes. I called my tenant back who'd called me and had him explain to me exactly what he saw, and exactly what he tried to do. They tried to shut it off, but it wouldn't. After hearing which pipe it was, and getting there to confirm it, it was just a garden hose pipe, that was spraying EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness the driveway slopes down and drains. It wasn't so bad. Jamie had taken off the hose for the winter (from the pipe) as we normally do every winter, and then we guess instead of turning it off, he turned it all the way on. So it got built up in the pipe and perhaps due to the weather, it decided to start gushing out water. No big deal. The shut off valve is in the laundry room, that's why they couldn't turn it off without me there. You need access to the house.

This is the window that is on the side of the house near the garage. As you can see, the garden house is off for the winter.

This is s close up of the window. My tenant tried to turn off a piece, which resulted in the connection piece to come off, as you see it sitting on the window ledge. They honestly should NOT have touched it!

And it wasn't even spraying from the end of the pipe. You see I drew lines from where it started, and it wasn't at the end. It was where the white ends before the darker piece in the pipe. But the pipe is okay, it was because it wasn't shut off.

Water did leak into the house, but don't worry, it's nothing serious, and water dries. What entered where the exhaust exit is for the dryer machine in the laundry room. Above, the pink lines show how far it sprayed, and it covers the exhaust for the dryer. Some water dripped down the wall inside, but the wall is concrete, there will be no further damage than just water.

To make matters worse, one of the neighbors called the new owners to tell him there was a burst pipe on the outside of his new home. So he ran over. Oh my! There was no reason for that! He doesn't live there yet, and he doesn't own the house either!!!

But, the good thing is - that because he was there, they did the "walk-through" he requested, and was very satisfied. He even thought certain rooms looked larger because "my stuff" wasn't in there! (Yeah, I admit, my office had a LOT of stuff in there, but also it's my business office, right?) So now I feel a lot better that it's all taken care of. My mom and I don't even have to run downtown on Thursday for the signing of the house, since the office they are using is the same office I used to buy my new house, and one of the three notaries there lives directly across the street from my parents. He also has an office around the corner from my new house, so we're going to his office near us to sign tomorrow night for the house. I am sooo excited to have this all over and done with. The new owners were also pleased to find one more pipe in the ground in my crawl space, that was hidden by my bookcase, as they want to turn it into a bathroom. I knew there was potential to do so when I bought the house, but we were not planning on spending that money for that renovation. Anyhow, the real estate agent was certain there was all the plumming already set up in there, but when they came to see the house originally there was only 2 stalks visible. But empty with nothing in there at all - there was all three! And that made their day! They thought they'd have to spend another 1-2 thousand dollars to dig up the concrete make the last stalk (you need one for the toilet, one for a shower an one for the sink), but now they don't have to! Phew!! That was the icing on the cake today. REALLY!

After they left I ran two errands and then headed back to the house to meet the locksmith. I changed the locks on the duplex, (as I wanted the same key system on my new house) and then he followed me back to my new place to put the locks on here. I then finally went to have my winter tires put on my car, and that's all taken care of.

Winter Tires - check.
My passport - check. (Though waiting for it in the mail)
Sean's Social insurance number - still have to do

My "big list of things to do" is just about finished. Just Sean's SIN is the next thing to take care of. Maybe next week. This week is just begun, but is full of stuff!

So that was my day today.... ! I'm now beat!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

November 26 of 30

This morning Sean had his first doctor's appointment with his new doctor. He's a very nice man, and I'm glad we chose him. He doesn't believe in the flu shot for a baby Sean's age, so he doesn't want to do the booster that follows 4 weeks after the flu shot. He says that 30% of babies that get the flu shot end up sick. So he says just to wait until next month, when Sean will get his 12 month booster shot near his birthday. That one is more important. Alright! Sean was weighed today, and he's 22 lbs 7 ounces (10.3 kg). That makes him in the 60th percentile for 11 months old (Wednesday he's 11 months old).

Today I ran some errands with my sister. While we were out at Walmart, Sean was fast asleep. So we used our coats to for some cushiness for him, and he slept the entire time we were there. He was too cute in the basket asleep!

This is a cd I want! I didn't even know it existed. It's cheaper on Amazon so I'm going to wait and get it there the next time I place an order. I didn't even know they came out with this CD. I'm a huge Barenaked Ladies fan!

As of today, I'm now a Costco member! I joined, and I can't wait to start using my membership. Costco has great deals on everything, and I never walk out of there without spending money. Today I picked up a few groceries from there, but there is other stuff I need to go back for (including diapers for Sean, I find Huggies to be most economical there).

Did you know that you can buy a pregnancy test at the Dollar Store? My sister & I stopped off at one on our way home, I needed to pick up a containor and some more little bead bags (for stitch markers) and I saw this on the shelf. I couldn't believe it! A pregnancy test! I wonder if they're actually any good? I didn't buy one, but I find it amusing. This proves that you can literally buy anything at the dollar store. I can only imagine what price they paid to stock it!

Tonight I hung out with Jamie and we watched Heroes on tv. I can't believe next week is the season finale. I am assuming that's because of the writer's strike? An 11 or 12 episode season, that's very upsetting. I can't believe they can just end it like that?

Tomorrow I've got an appointment in the morning to finally put my winter tires on my car, and my mom is going to be babysitting Sean so that I can go to the old house and clean up a bit. I need to have it done sooner than I thought, because the new owners of the house asked for a "Walk-Through" before the sale of the house. Basically, this is a practice that real estate does in the USA. Here in Canada, it's not unheard of, but it's not common at all. My agent says he hasn't had a request for one in YEARS. Apparently it's normal in the USA, and since I have americans buying my house, they requested it. So, I'm off tomorrow to clean up the house, and make sure that we really did take everything out of the house. There is some garbage left there, so I will have to put it out. I cannot wait until Thursday, for the sale to go through, and the headache of the old place to be gone. Almost there, almost there! I've also got the locksmith company coming to take out my lock out of the old house and just put something else in. The lock we currently have in there, is useless to the new owners without my signature and code. (In order to make a copy of the key you need my signature to match what's on file, etc.) So we're taking that with us.

I feel like tomorrow is going to be a long day, so I'm off to bed. Don't forget you have 4 days left to order yourself a December Sock Club Kit from Robyn's Nest. It'll ship mid-December, just in time for Xmas! Also don't forget, I've put Mirasol Hacho is on sale until November 30th, for 1$ off per skein. And don't forget that I've updated the Notions section with new products (and more coming soon!)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 25 of 30

Sean's doctor appointment is tomorrow, and I have no idea what time. At his old doctor's office, they'd call you the day before (or if it's a Monday appointment, you'd get called on Friday for a reminder), and this new office -nothing. So far, I'm not impressed. I could have sworn that I had it marked down what time - but I can't find it anywhere. I will ask tomorrow when we go why no one called to "confirm" my appointment. I'll also be calling first thing in the morning to find out what time his appointment is. For some reason, I think it's at 9:45 am. Thank goodness it's around the corner....!

I've been going nuts the last few days looking for my garage door remote control. I could have sworn I had it a few days ago, but now it's no where to be seen. I checked my car all over and also my mom's truck (that I'd borrowed to move stuff out of my old house). It wasn't under any seats, or in any compartments. I searched my office, my purse, my jacket (I knew it wasn't in there). I searched anywhere that I had been or touched in the last few days. And then I went upstairs to my night table to get a chocolate bar out for Jamie. I had a bag from the pharmacy in there, that had 6 chocolate bars (2 coffee crisp, 2 areo and 2 kit kat bars - from when Pharmaprix had chocolate bars 2 for .99 cents). It was in there. How did it get in there? That I'm not sure. The only thing I can assume, is that BOTH were in my purse, and the remote control must have slipped in there, and when I tossed that bag into my night table, I didn't see it in there?? That or Pregnancy Brain. Not sure which to blame! I really don't recall physically putting it in there though.

Today I ran out while Sean was sleeping after Jamie got home, and was able to do 3 errands. I need to go to Bureau En Gros for some office supplies, and then do a return to Toys R Us. The girl on the Babies R Us side looked at me funny when I asked her about Preggy Pop Drops. Her response was "Sorry Ma'am, we don't carry everything that our website has to offer"... Huh?? Where did she get that from? I never told her that it's on their website?? The girl at the return counter screwed up on my return, and it took forever for her to correct it. I was soooo worried that I wouldn't get my last errand in before stores closed at 5pm. I had to go to Reno Depot to pick up 2 garbage bins for outside my house. Sean's stinky diaper garbage is getting too smelly in our house, so I had to buy bins to put them in outside. You see, I put out 3 bags in front of the house, and the squirrels have been picking the bags apart. Grr. Made a huge mess. So now, there is NO WAY they are getting into these new bins I bought. I literally walked into Reno Depot (like Home Depot) 5 minutes before the store closed. Talk about timing. All because of Toys R Us and the mistake with my return.

Tonight Jamie & I caught up on the last 3 episodes of Weeds. I thought we were 4 weeks behind, we were actually only 3 weeks behind. I wonder if they are going to do a Season 5 with the way they left off Season 4. Anyone have any idea?

I am slowly catching up on my blog reading & my emails. If you haven't heard from me - I am so sorry. This move has been keeping me busy - but I'm sure you understand! I will get to all my emails in my inbox - that I promise you.

Just a reminder to you all - there is only 5 days left to order your December Sock Club Kit from Robyn's Nest. It'll ship mid-December, just in time for Xmas! Also - Mirasol Hacho is on sale until November 30th, for 1$ off per skein. And don't forget that I've updated the Notions section with new products (and more coming soon!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24 of 30

This morning upon waking up to the phone, Jamie asked me to come over to the old house to help him finish packing the leftover kitchen stuff so that we could get everything out of there. He also ran out of boxes, so needed me to bring him some. Going in there with the place empty is so weird. It also started smelling kind of funny (or maybe that's just my crazy pregnancy sense of smell), without us living there. When someone is living somewhere, it tends to smell good of cooking, and of "your" aroma. But because there was no one living there for a while already, it started smelling of "empty house". If that makes any sense at all!

But I feel good (and tired though) that everything is finally out of there. I think there is one or two things still left there that I've forgotten, but I will make sure to check on that when we got to take our Abloy locks out of the door (and replace it with cheaper locks). (The locks on the door can only have keys made if myself or Jamie sign for a new key, at a specific place - you cannot go anywhere and have the key made for a spare, so the key is useless to the Rabbi who is buying my old house).

I am very excited to not be a landlord anymore as of Thursday morning. I want to be free of that responsibility. It had it's good moments, but it also had it's pain in the arse moments too.

Tonight we went out for Chinese Food and it really hit the spot. I absolutely love Chinese Food. My favorite items are wonton soup, and chicken fried rice (with spare rib sauce on top). I could eat both those items, along with egg rolls (with plum sauce) on a daily basis. Oh deliciousness!

This evening we kicked back and watched about 4 weeks worth of Survivor, that we'd saved up from not having enough time to watch Tv lately. We're still 1 week behind on that show. We've got about 4 weeks worth of the show Weeds (which is what's left of the season because the season is over) and we're about 3 or 4 hours behind on Prison Break. I think that's all Jamie & I have to watch together. Myself, I'm behind one episode of Pushing Daisies (I love the Pie Hole!) and about 3 weeks behind on Private Practice (or it may be 4). I love TV but usually can't watch when the show is actually on. Especially not with the move. But now because of the writer's strike (is that still going on?) I can now catch up on Season 7 and 8 of Law & Order: SVU (the only spin off I like the characters on). (I believe they are on Season 9 right now) but I stopped watching it when we moved from our apartment to our duplex, as time just got away and I don't know why I lost interest. But I do want to catch up.

Two movies are coming out this week that I want to see, The Namesake and Waitress. Has anyone seen them? And? I also want to see Mr. Bean's Holiday because Mr. Bean is funny! Those three come out Tuesday.

This Wednesday for th Starz & Stroller movie, they're playing both Enchanted & August Rush. I really want to see both, but I want to see Enchanted more. I'm going to make a date with Jenn & Jakob to meet up with them to see the movie. I'm also emailing my new neighbor (around the corner), whom I took pre-natal aqua with last year, her son is a month younger than Sean to see if she wants to come to the movie also.

Friday, November 23, 2007

November 23 of 30

Sean and I discovered this Crazy Frog today. Sean's giggles during this video were priceless. Go - enjoy some giggles for yourself. My brother said that Sean sounded like the frog with some of the baby noises he makes, so we had to check out the video. Hmm, very similar!

Today I got some stuff done while my mother watched Sean after his nap. I even got stuff done while he was napping today.

This evening my in-laws & brother came over for dinner. After dinner (which was a delicious home made stew), we played some poker. I haven't played in a while it was a lot of fun. I didn't win, but Jamie came in second place winning my money back and his.

After I lost poker, and while the game was still going on, Sean's diaper needed to be changed. I've never had a problem changing his diaper before, and tonight, at that momment, I made Jamie come change it. I was nauseas like I'd never felt before. I experienced my first ever morning sickness (which actually happened late at night!). I threw up in not one, but two bathrooms. (I switched bathrooms to get some Scope and it happened again). I am now feeling a lot better... but I'm hoping this morning sickness is because I'm having a girl! (I didn't get any morning sickness when pregnant with Sean, so I'm hoping it's the too much hormones of having a girl, that is making me sick....!) Well, that's what I'm praying for anyhow!

I uploaded 3 more products to the Robyn's Nest shop. Today I am presenting to you - some more notions! Don't you just love notions? I've got some sheep tape measures, pinnochio tape measures (the tape measure is his nose - get it - it grows!) Also, I've added some really cute & tiny Needle Gauge/Needle Sizers which has both US and Metric, which is great, because it includes our odd sizes in metric! In metric, includes 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 9 and 10.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

47 Weeks

Sean & mommy at 47 weeks. Our first self-portrait officially in our new house (in my master bedroom ensuite bathroom!) (I love having my own bathroom, but I find myself using the hallway main bathroom in the middle of the night, because honestly, being in my first trimester and having to pee four hundred times a night the hallway bathroom is closer to my bed....!)

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends. Canadian Thanksgiving was last month for us, but this year I didn't get to celebrate it - as too much was going on. (Next year!). So have some turkey for me please!

Today I ran out this morning to check something out, but was out in my pajamas. Sean was also. This was not bad, because I only had to go a few blocks away, but not good because I still don't have my winter tires on my car. They're still at my old house. Jamie's bringing them over on Saturday when he goes with a cube truck we are borrowing to get every last bit out of the old house. It snowed madly last night, and my winter boots were in the trunk of my car, and I could not find my car brush anywhere. Also - my trunk was frozen shut until my car heated up enough, so there I was outside in my sneakers & pj's (wearing a jacket of course), cleaning off my car. I could have sworn I left it by either the garage door, or the front door (to then put in my car) but this morning, it was no where to be found. I've searched everywhere.... and I cannot find it. (Pregnancy brain?) My car now is safely tucked into my garage, we finally moved every last box that was in there out. My office is over flowing with boxes, and unfortunately I couldn't make it out today to mail off the orders because it snowed even more, and it's not safe for me to drive without winter tires. I have summer tires on my car still. (I don't have all season tires). I hope to make it to the post office tomorrow.

Today, we had my mom's cleaning lady come and she helped make headway in my new house with cleaning. Sean's big boy room had the floors washed, so now I can put down these cool foam squares that I bought the other day with the alphabet on it down, so that I can make him a play area in his future room (once the baby comes - but until it's a play room!). The dinning room is now functional (floors washed and buffet shelves washed) so now I can put things away. We're having dinner guests tomorrow night, so at least that room is functional. I feel so much better now that a few of the rooms are starting to be functional, this house is slowly starting to feel like home. Though, I can't wait for the house to be 100% settled in. I'll definitely feel so much better of course! I hate clutter, and that's what I feel like mess is. (I know things haven't been put away yet, some rooms look like disaster). In time, I know! There is a bunch of things that I just don't even know what I want to do with or where to put! What is nice though, is going from a kitchen that was over crowded in the cupboard/pantry, to a kitchen that I don't even have enough stuff to fill! (SERIOUSLY! That's how much space I have!)

This evening Jamie & I cleaned up our bedroom - so that space feels better now. There is still a few things in there that need to be organized/arranged, but our walk-in closet is just heaven. I can't believe how organized it is in there. (I hope it stays that way!)

My nausea is under control with the pickled ginger. It's great how well that works! Really! Though, I didn't need much of it today. I hope to get out to do some groceries this weekend, and pick up some ginger tea - I wonder how that would taste. I'm also going to look into those Preggy Pop Drops I think they are called, as I have to do a return to Toys R Us, so I'll check out Babies R Us while I'm there (attached stores). I think I'll be good to go! Hopefully this nausea won't last long.

I also think I've managed to find my own cleaning lady to come to my house. Right now I've been borrowing my mom's lady. I need someone reliable, and who won't just fit me in when she has time (like my mom's girl). I have set up an appointment with the new girl for next week - so we'll see how it goes. I don't get anything done when Sean is awake (plus I'd rather spend time with him anyhow!) so, help is definitely much appreciated and wanted. I'm sure as I get further along in my pregnancy, chores will get harder to do (as I remember with my first pregnancy) and I am sure even harder to do with Sean around. I am not shy to admit that I want/need help with the daily household chores.

Being stuck at home today, I posted some new items to the shop (which I'm slowly doing right now). I've added to the Notions section. You've got Bamboo Knitting Marking Pins, Knitting Counter with Lock, Mini Bamboo Crochet Hook, Cable Stitch Holders 3pc, Memoric Heart Shaped Stitch Markers 20pc, and Memoric Stitch Split Markers 20pc. I hope to get a few more products up tomorrow or over the weekend. But for now, I'll leave you with those! The mini crochet hooks are great for picking up stitches - I've already got one in my little knitting kit that I take with me when I leave the house. In case a stitch is dropped! Always great to have a little mini bamboo crochet hook (for 1.80$!!) on hand!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21 of 30

While cleaning up today, by the fireplace, there is a spot to store your wood in our new house. Next to some wood, I noticed the name Katia... and thought "Hey, that's a brand of yarn!". Upon further inspection, I realized that it is, and it wasn't mine. Was the previous owner a knitter? Did someone she know or someone in her family knit? I thought it was pretty cool.

I've never heard of this brand before, but now I'm curious. I googled it. Turns out it's a narrow ribbon yarn - looks like eyelash. (NOT my style!) Released in Fall of 2004 and Discontinued in Fall of 2006. So it's a recent ball of yarn, not something vintage. 2004-2006 wasn't that long ago!

Today I got some stuff done around the house, but it's really hard with Sean. All he wants to do is touch everything and play - so getting work done when he wants my attention is impossible. I've filled some Robyn's Nest orders, and will be getting to the post office hopefully tomorrow (crossing fingers for no snow - my winter tires are at the old house until Saturday when Jamie is borrowing a cube truck from someone to get the rest of the leftover stuff out of the house). Then I can make an appointment for Monday to get my winter tires put on.

Tonight I went knitting with Montreal Knits. I outted myself to my Secret Pal 11 pal, who happens to be in my own city. It was fun (yet tricky) spoiling her, but in the end, she said she had a hunch it was me. Oh well. She still had fun. I gave Sarah, my SP11 pal her final package, which she seemed to love. This is the first time I was able to watch my pal open her parcel! SP12 won't be until Summer of 2008, as the hostesses are taking a break for a bit. There will be plenty of other swaps going on, so that if you're looking to swap, you won't miss out. All you have to do is google knitting + swaps, it's amazing what pops up! Maybe I'll head over and check out some other stuff that I've been missing out on, because I wanted to concentrate only on SP rounds as a participant & as hostess. I've had some good times with SP, and I can't wait for the next one, next summer.

I was able to work on a few rows of my nephew's Drive-Thru Sweater this evening, which was nice. I haven't knitted a stitch in a few days, and was jonesing to get some knitting done. I have until Xmas to get that sweater done, which I know is plenty of time, but still! I hate deadlines.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20 of 30

My new lifesaver for nausea.... pickled ginger! (Like you get when you eat sushi!) A few people mentioned that ginger was good for nausea, and it got so bad today, that on Jamie's way home from work, I asked him to pick me up some at the local grocery store. I hope it keeps on helping (and the nausea goes away for good!)

Today I finally changed Sean out of his fall jacket (with a sweater underneath) into his winter jacket. It's sized 12-18 months and he looks a little lost in it, but it's cute. Today we had our first real snow fall, so it was nice. But now I'm missing my winter boots, so if I can't find them soon, I picked up a new pair while out today, but I'm not sure if I really like them enough to keep them.

It didn't take long for the little man to fall asleep in the car.... without fail, he always falls asleep in the car - sometimes just the block before we get home, but today, he got a good nap while I was running errands. Stopped by the old house to pick up a few things in the freezer that I'd left in the fridge that we didn't take with us, etc.

I really hope to get some knitting done soon. Tomorrow night is knit night, so I'm leaving Sean home, and hope to get some rows done on my nephew's Drive-Thru Sweater.

I found some patterns I want - but I will have to wait to buy them. On my list are: Anne Diamond Socks, Lisette, and the Cabo Hoodie. Due to the move and all, it's not a priority right now, but they are definite wants. I'd like to add the PDF's to my collection to have for when I get to knit them! I also need to find where my charger to my palm pilot is - so that I can use my palm pilot again for reading patterns instead of carrying around paper with me. My palm pilot is just so much more convenient!

Off to unpack a few more boxes and then hit the sack.... slowly but surely things will start to look like normal around here!

Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19 of 30

I seriously have nothing to report today other than a LOT of laundry got done, my sister helped me out by watching Sean and even folded some laundry for me (thanks sis!)

A guy working on my parents house came and installed an electrical outlet in my kitchen under the sink so I can hook up the garborator as well as the instant hot water. He tried hooking up my gas stove, but it was missing a piece so I had to call the plumber. My gaz stove is now up and running - I can start cooking again! (Though my kitchen is still a disaster from moving in!)

I finally got groceries done today, and found a local grocery store near here that is WAY cheaper than the grocery store that I'm used to going to (near my old house). I like better prices - works for me.

There is some progress in Sean's room, and also the kitchen, but everything is still a disaster. I expect it to be like this for a while.... Rome wasn't built in a day! But it's stressing to have things everywhere and certain things to not know where they are!

What's up with this writers strike?? Heroes is ending in two weeks? And no 24 in January?? Argh! Really?? That sucks... I guess I'll be catching up on some movies we have on DVD that I've been wanting to watch.... instead of watching TV (I'm a TV junkie). Though, I'm VERY disappointed that my seasons that I watch will be cut short. I wonder if that means that Reality tv will be cut too?? Do they have writers for those?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18 of 30

This afternoon I went to the local annual craft fair (which I haven't done in years). I picked up a few things for the new house: (actually all from the same artist)

A Honey To Do List for Jamie. I need to find the perfect spot in the house to hang this.

A cute powder room lady for my new powder room which is "ensuite" to my office. (Great location for any pregnant woman!)

And this sheep - that I thought was SUPER cute. I will be putting her in my yarn room, once it's finished and cleaned and ready to be used. Almost there!

It was nice to walk around the craft fair with my mom, Sean, Jenn and Jakob. Jenn was wearing Jakob and got a lot of attention! Sean also had people stop him to talk to him. (Probably more than I would have liked!) I also got a picture for Sean's room of some boys playing hockey that I think was hand drawn. It is very nice. It actually says Sean's last name on the goalie's stick - I think that's why I purchased it!

Sean's room is ready to rock 'n roll - well his temporary room. We set it up as the nursery, so that we don't have to transfer everything over there in the summer when his sibling is born. When his sibling comes along, we'll transfer him into his new big boy room. (Which will be a play area for now).

Tomorrow I must tackle laundry and the kitchen. While I was out with my family tonight, Jamie stayed home and went through ALL the boxes in the garage (which was a dumping ground upon doing loads) and brought boxes into their appropriate rooms. The garage is looking better, and at least we know where some items here. There is a LOT of cleaning that will be needed to be done, as well as putting things away. Tomorrow I have my sister coming over to watch and play with Sean so that I can continue on with unpacking. (And then maybe I can eventually resume to knitting!)

Today I am sending you over to my friend Cynthia's blog - She's making the same blankie that Yarn Ball Boogie made for Scout. Recently, she used Robyn's Nest's October Sock Club colorway for some squares. Look how gorgeous they turned out! WOW!

Thank you all for the comments on the nausea. However, I've been told that Camomile and any type of Mint teas are NOT good during pregnancy, as they cause you to contract resulting in a miscarriage. So I think I'll be avoiding those teas, even if they are my TWO fave flavors of teas.

Today I leave you with a video of Sean discovering my ball winder. A future knitter? LOL!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17 of 30

Today has been a super long day, but we're finally officially living at the new house. YEY!

Our moving company is the official movers for the Montreal Canadiens as well as the Montreal Alouettes. (As per the logos on the side of the truck). I 150% recommend this moving company if you are in Montreal and are planning a move. The guys were super awesome, and very careful with our stuff. They started off at our old house at 8:45 am, and finished up just before 5pm. It was a long moving day, and including travel time, it was 8 and three quarter hours to move us. pretty much 4 hours in and 4 hours out. (Plus travel time).

All the stuff you see piled in the garage, we'd done previous today. Also there was a LOT of boxes and stuff already in this house. They couldn't believe how much stuff we had already moved on our own.

Of course the cable guy didn't arrive today until 4:10pm. They had given me a slot of 7:30 am until 5pm to be home for them. It took the guy over 2 hours to do work, as he had to completely replace the internet and tv cables outside of the house on the pole, as they were completely destroyed. Wonder what happened there? Thank goodness I don't get charged by the hour for that service! I figured they'd either show up at 7:30 am, or last call of the day. Last call it was.

This morning also didn't start off so nicely. Just as the alarm guy showed up to install the rest of our system he took down from our old house, we had just lost power. I lost power for about 2 hours this morning, but thank goodness he had a power drill and was able to start working. Just not my morning! Especially since I couldn't sleep last night, and stayed up watching TV on my computer until about 3:30 am. I kept seeing shadows and was a little bit freaked out. First night alone in a new house, go figure! Tonight will be Jamie's and my first night together in the new house.

Let me tell you, I cannot wait to be 100% unpacked. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. To the point that I don't know where certain things are. The last time we moved, I labeled EVERY freaking box with a number and it got typed into a list, and the list told me where things were. This current move happened SOOOOOO darn fast, that things got packed, and nothing labeled. But unpacking will take me some time. A) Sean doesn't let me do things when he wants to play, and b) I find myself very tired lately (zonked, wiped out) from being in my first trimester.

Tonight we went out for dinner with my parents and it's rare that I cannot finish a plate of ribs after eating a salad. I'm finding myself very nauseous during this pregnancy. I didn't get nauseous once during my first pregnancy, but no two are alike. I find myself nauseous for three quarters of the day, and I'm really not liking it. Does anyone have any tips as I'm not really a cracker eater. Not really a fan.

Friday, November 16, 2007

November 16 of 30

As of today, our house is officially SOLD (Or in French - VENDU)! The last piece of paperwork we were waiting on, came through (basically a letter stating that the buyer who has lived the last 20 or so years (or something like that) in the USA didn't owe the IRS any money. Apparently it's a new Canadian mortgage clause if you've been living in the USA. I guess they have had too many issues with Americans getting mortgages in Canada and owing money in the USA). Thank goodness my buyers got a refund this past year from the IRS and don't owe money! I was able to officially put the SOLD sign up. Finally!

Some of you have asked if I plan on doing weekly shots for pregnancy number two. Of course I am. Today marks 6 weeks pregnant. However, I don't really have a belly to show you, (except a leftover little belly from my pregnancy with Sean), so I won't be doing those for a few weeks, but it'll be on Fridays. My week changes every Friday, for the new week of my new pregnancy. However, I'll confirm that with my doctor once I go on December 3rd. However, it's not that hard to figure it out, since I'm aware of the date of my last menstrual cycle, and that's the date you plug into a pregnancy calculator such as this one, to figure out your due date. That gave me a due date of July 11th, 2008. But of course, I need to confirm that with my doctor.

Today was a lot of packing and as I type this, Jamie's loading up my car, he's sleeping here tonight, I'm off to the new house. The cable company gave me a time slot of 7:30 am - 5pm tomorrow, so I've got to be at the new house. Sean's sleeping at my parents house, since he's got a crib there, and his crib here has been taken apart for the movers. I'm taking the cats with me tonight, Jamie wants them out of the house tomorrow for the movers. They are totally going to freak out at the new house.

I must remind myself to call the Gazette tomorrow and change my subscription to the new house for Sunday. I kept forgetting all week. It's the last thing I forgot to do an address change on. Anything else I can figure out once it's forwarded to my new house (if I get a yellow sticker on it, then I need to call up - but I think I've gotten all my mail pretty much taken care of for forwarding to the new house).

I've downloaded some stuff on TV to watch tonight at the new house. Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, from last night, and I'm a few weeks behind on CSI, as well as Private Practice and Bones. That should keep me busy since I won't have the Internet until tomorrow at some point. I may actually get some knitting done! I'll set up my computer on the desk in my new office that has my swift/ball winder on, just for tonight, and probably set up shop to sleep in there. Watch TV and knit until I fall asleep.

Alright, I'm about to say bye bye to the city and hello to the suburbs. Ah, home sweet home......

Thursday, November 15, 2007

46 Weeks

Sean is 46 weeks old today. This was our very last weekly shot in our duplex bathroom. Next week, they'll be taken in our new house, in many possible different options for mirrors. We have lots of bathrooms and lots of mirrors all over the house. That options will be endless. In our duplex, the only good lighting for mirrored shots (without flash) was to take the photos in the small bathroom. I don't even have a bathroom as small in my new house. Each bathroom is at least double the size in my new house. SPACE! I am very excited for space! Space and good lighting! Good lighting in key! Ignore my messy hair in that picture, I've been so busy in the last few days to care about styling my hair so it's been "shower and throw up in a bun".... type of style.

Sean was being restless and I had a few things to do in my new house office today, (some of my files are already there) and I decided to let Sean play with my leg. Still have no name for her, but I'm thinking Alegsandra.... or Alegsis.... still debating, but those two were my absolute FAVES!!

My yarn room at the new house is coming along great. It's about 95% done, besides a few touch ups. It'll be done tomorrow, as well as ALL the work in the house by the handyman who has been at my house for the past two weeks almost. I can't wait for them to be done and off on their way. I am also VERY excited to be living in the new house officially. YEY!

I ordered my fave food (baked spaghetti) from my fave place (Tasty Foods), which won't deliver to my new house, so I'm damn disappointed. I will miss them delivering. They make pizza & pasta in whole wheat, with low fat cheese, so their food was a savior when I was on the G.I. Diet, and since still following with only eating whole wheat as much as possible (since I prefer it actually), I still ordered from them religiously. I guess I will just have to find a west island restaurant that serves whole wheat and delivers!

On top of all the new stuff I listed in the shop today, I've added some new Robyn's Nest stitch markers. First up, I've added some Personalized Name Stitch Markers in Black beads. You've got ones up to 5 Letters Long, and another set for up to 10 Letters Long. I've also added Number Stitch Markers for Socks or Lace - 0 through 9 - a Set of 10. Also - some Fun Beach Themed Stitch Markers. I've been having way too much fun making stitch markers lately. Something to take my mind off the stress of moving!

Shop News!

Some shop news!

SOAK wool wash starter kits, (so you can sample each scent) is on sale 20% off until the end of the month. Also, I've listed the individual packets in the shop as individuals, or as a set of three. Full bottles of SOAK wool wash are also 20% off until the end of the month.

I've also added more stock to the Sock Blocker Keychains, and also added two new colors to the keychains, in Ebony (black) & Sheesham (brown).

I've also got some awesome Kitchener Stitch Dogtags, so you never have to forget how to do Kitchener Stitch again! Portable in your knitting bag or around your neck! You can get them with a black or pink ring - your choice!

Another great new product is our new Ebony Shawl Sticks in 4 styles!

Some great new products coming very shortly. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14 of 30

Yesterday when I got Sean is library card, he got a free book from the Library. It was a Caillou doll with a story book on it's back. The pages are hard, which is good, because Sean eats books right now. It was very nice of the library to give him a book. (On a side note, I love how clean my new kitchen looks!)

Today I visited the dentist with my brother & sister. We make it routine to go together, no reason, but this way, it's easier on me, for them to watch him while I sit in the dentist chair. Sean won't be going there for another year or two, (between age 2 and 3) though, I put him in the chair for a test run.

Of course he had to touch everything. I got to him before he put the suction thingy in his mouth!

No cavities for me. I don't have and hope to never have. I take pride in that. Clean mouth for me! Though, I could get better at that flossing thing. Ugh.

Today I checked up on the new house, things are going well there. Did another drop off of stuff, my old house is getting very empty, which is good. I want to try to take as much as possible before Saturday. The less amount for the movers to take, the less I have to pay them 105$ per hour. I really hope it does NOT take them the 9-11 hours that they estimated that it would take! Eech! But whatever it costs it costs, because I certainly can't lift heavy things being in my first trimester (or if I was in any other trimester period) and I don't want Jamie pulling his back... he's been having issues with his back lately, and I don't want that!

My yarn room has GREAT progress, I'll take pictures tomorrow. I couldn't get in there today as the floor was painted grey, so I couldn't step in to take a picture. Tomorrow!

Tonight Angela came over and we watched some TV and knit. I am stressed now though, as I got NO packing done tonight. Grrr. My bad. I better get up super early tomorrow to get some done. I am thinking about getting 2 loads done tomorrow. We'll see. Tomorrow night is my last night sleeping in the old house. Friday night I'm crashing at my parents house, so that Saturday Sean can sleep in there (as his crib will be taken apart already for the movers) and I need to be at the new house early Saturday morning for the cable and internet company that told me they will be there anytime between 7:30 am and 5pm. Watch my luck, they'll either show up at 7:30 am or at 5pm. I need to be at the new house anyhow, so it's no big deal. It's just freakin' early.

I am sooooo very excited to be out of this house already. I am done being a landlord. I am done having people walking over our heads. I can't wait to be free of all that. I can't wait to be living in my single dwelling home with peace & quiet but the noise we make inside. Ah, the suburn life, I can smell it, it's soooo close.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13 of 30

Today I spent most of my day at the new house, besides running errands like getting Sean new socks (his feet are getting big!) and getting a new recycling bin from the city hall in my new borough, as well as getting Sean a library card at the library next to city hall, as well as renewing my library card. I had to pay 5$ to renew it, because I lost my card and I used to be a member when I lived in the borough growing up. New accounts are free, but if you are in their system, you must buy a new card. It was 5$ so I didn't mind.

Today the shelving unit in my "yarn" room went up. I'm so excited for it to be finished.

It's looking absolutely fabulous, if you ask me! I love that it's white (clean looking!). It'll soon be filled to the top with yarn. I am sure that only my store inventory will fit in here, and not my person stash, unfortunately. I must find somewhere else for my personal stash.

Sean got converted on Sunday to a big boy car seat. His feet were hanging over the bucket seat that came with my stroller for newborns and he ain't a newborn anymore. He was confused for the first few times being in it, but he loves it. He loves being able to see where we are going, and what's going on in the car that he's been missing out on. He looks so lost in the big boy seat, compared to not fitting into his bucket seat anymore! There was no way I was getting Sean into a winter jacket into the bucket seat. It was just not happening. Toys R Us was having a sale - so I went on Sunday and bought a seat for my car (Eddie Bauer) and one for Jamie's car (Evenflo). No reason for not getting two the same, besides having a different color to match each car. And to be different!

Tonight I went with Jenn & Maaike to the Montreal Knitting Guild meeting not far from my new house. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to cast on and knit 1 row on my nephew's Drive Thru sweater. More pictures soon when I have some progress to actually show.

Alright, I want to go crawl into bed and watch Seinfeld that just started. I need to unwind from being out all day today.

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12 of 30

I managed to get 2 full truck loads today in my mom's 4x4. Today was the only day I have her truck this week, maybe on Friday if I'm lucky. Our duplex is getting very empty, which feels good, because there is still stuff here, and I just need to get through this week and make it til Saturday. Saturday is the big moving day, when the big moving truck company we hired comes and brings our furniture over to the new house, and we'll be officially living in our new house. I am very excited to get the heck out of this house, let me tell you. Knowing I'll be in a single dwelling home, and not attached to other people, as well as not having to share our driveway, oh, I'm very excited about that - let me tell you.

I am behind on my blog reading. I am behind on my emails. I do try to sit down and email back a few at a time, but with the move, it's getting to be harder and harder. Also - being in my first trimester of pregnancy, I am EXHAUSTED. I forgot what the first trimester is like. And moving doesn't help the situation.

Tonight I went to pre-natal aqua, and it was nice to get into the pool. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Sean's swim class, as we missed last week due to having to be at the new house. However, since getting home from this class, I'm beat. Sean just fell asleep (as we watched Heroes on tv tonight) and I'm going to go crash in a few minutes. Heroes was f-ing good tonight. Wow!

I am thinking about perhaps attending the Montreal Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow, but I don't know what is going on tomorrow. Jenn's trying to convince me to go - and I definitely want to - I just don't know if I'll be tired or what. Also - I don't know what's happening with Sean or Jamie, so I need to plan that out as well.

With moving right now, I find myself taking less and less pictures, but I'll definitely take some tomorrow. I promise! The basement is just about done, so I'll show a progress photo of that. No knitting got done today, so no progress report on that. I do want to decide 100% what colors I will be doing my nephew's Drive Thru, so I can start on that, Xmas will be here before I know it.

I have some new products to load into the shop in the upcoming week - I hope to find some time in between moving boxes. There is some awesome stuff I know you will all just love. I am very excited about it myself!

I do have to tell you that the December Sock Club kits are for sale. The dyer this month is Dyed in the Wool Handmade, our very own Maggie from Toronto. She's a genius with the dyes and we are very lucky to have her dying the December club kits. Better snatch yours up fast before they are all gone! The kits will be on sale until December 1st, 2007, going out in the mail mid-December.

Off to go catch some Zzzz's....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11 of 30

This morning I finally took out my camera and snapped some photos. I am not worried because my father-in-law took photos all weekend long, so I'll get copies of those. Here is Sean with his birthday boy cousin. They had a good time playing together this weekend.

Sean can climb stairs. I can't believe it. I've seen him do about 2-3 stairs, but never like 12. He climbed all the way to the top of the house, at my sister-in-law's place - and all 12 of them or maybe it was a few more than 12 stairs! He can climb down stairs too, but like 2-3 stairs, not 12 yet. I wouldn't allow him to climb down these stairs, they were kind of steep.

Sean's top teeth are poked through. One is growing faster than the other, but I'm sure the other will catch up soon. He really isn't my baby anymore, he's a big boy, with all the things he does.

I've decided I will be casting on another Drive-Thru Sweater, this time for my nephew for Xmas. He's fitting in size 5 right now, so I'll do it in size 6. I am thinking of doing it in Cascade 220 Superwash, as I have some in stock in the shop, and I do not have enough Lion Brand Cotton ease in my stash for a size 6 sweater, which is too bad. I hope to cast on this week, but with the move, I don't know if I will have time.

Today Jamie ended up driving home, but I was so tried, I slept almost the entire way back, so no knitting got done anyhow. I really do want to knit, I'm just either too tired, or don't have the time right now with the move unfortunately. Hopefully after next week, I'll start having more time to knit.

Tonight I've borrowed my mom's truck again as tomorrow is the ONLY day I can borrow it for the week, and the movers are bringing our furniture to the new house on Saturday. We are trying to move out as much as possible beforehand. Whatever doesn't come this week, we still have time, as the sale of our house isn't until the 29th. Tomorrow I will bring more stuff over, hopefully doing 2-3 loads to the new house. I also hope to make it to pre-natal aqua. (Back to pre-natal aqua now, not post anymore!)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10 of 30

Yesterday we got stuck in traffic for over an hour and a half, of what was supposed to be a 3 and a half hour drive. So we left the house near 3pm and got to where we were going around 7:15pm. I think this is the longest time it has ever taken to get to Jamie`s sisters house. Jamie drove, and it was bumper to bumper but stop and go. This stop and go made me nauseous for almost the entire drive, that I got no knitting done. Oh well. Not sure if the neausea is pregnancy related, but that is wat I am going to blame it on.

Today was my nephew`s 5th birthday party. A good time was had by all. I cannot believe that he is 5 years old already. A good example of where does time go?

Everything is chilled and relaxed here, besides about 6 kids running around screaming (not too sure how Sean is sleeping through this all, but he is).

Tomorrow is back to the grind of moving. I have a couple of things to do to check on the new house, so I am going to do another load or two over there. Gotta get everything out by Saturday, which is moving day. The less there is for the movers to move, the cheaper it is to pay them. At 105$ per hour, I want it to take the least amount of time as possible.

As much as I like being in the country, I am very excited to be back home tomorrow in the city. I will love it even more when I am back at home in the suburbs. But for now, I will take the city. Off to go knit a few rows on my monkey socks, I am driving home tomorrow, so there will be no knitting in the car for me.

Friday, November 09, 2007

November 9 of 30

This morning I went to check on our new house, as I had left a few things there that I needed for this weekend. It's my nephew's 5th birthday party tomorrow, and since it's a not really a short ride away, I needed to make sure I had everything I needed with me. For example diapers. I ran out here at our old house, and had a brand new box from Costco at the new house.

Progress on the basement is good! I took this picture to show you the difference in color. The old hot pink/lighter pink to the new beige and darker beige. The space you see here with the beige used to have a shelf thing hanging off the wall that was sooo hideous, we took it down. The wall needs some repairing and some moulding, so there is still some work to do, but here is the other wall that looks nice:

I really like the color that I chose for the basement. The room to the left is the furnace room, and the room to the right is my not-yet-transformed Yarn room. That will get done next week.
I finally booked the movers today, they'll be hauling our furniture to the new house next Saturday. Very excited about that. I can't believe how expensive it is to move. We've moved before, but never with this much furniture. It's a damn good thing we're doing the rest of the stuff, because it's disgusting how expensive it is with just furniture, and nothing else. I really hope that we do not move for many years to come.
I've also taken care of sending payment for the snow removal, very important! We've shared the payment for the last two winters with the rabbi next door whom we share a driveway with, but never been happy with the service. Each year it was someone different. Neither were good at what they day. This winter, I'm using the same service that my parents do, and I once babysat the guy's kids with my sister (many eons ago). So I hope to get good service this year! And a clean driveway and walkway.
Did you know that if you own a Canadian passport issued in the last 6 years and are a Canadian citizen living in Canada you can apply for a speedy passport? It's like drive thru at McDonalds for passports. That is good news to me, especially since I have a week and a half until my current passport expires. You don't need a guarantor, nothing. Just 2 passport pictures taken in the last 12 months, your old passport & payment. How fantastic!! No more standing in line!!
I should be able to check my email from my sister-in-laws house, so I'll be able to blog too, but not sure about photos. You may have to wait until Sunday for that, when we get back. I cant believe the little guy is turning 5! I have a 3-3.5 hour drive ahead of me, so I will hopefully get some progress on the monkey socks! Not sure I really want to bring along any other project.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

45 Weeks

45 weeks. Today was PJ day for Sean. I wish I could have stayed in my PJ's all day. We just chilled out today. Upon getting to the new house (after getting rid of Jamie's old Jetta at the dealership - finally out of our hands), Sean and I pretty much took a long nap. I needed it (been very tired lately, I'm sure pregnancy related) and it doesn't help that we're in the middle of moving either! I have a sleeping bag on the floor in the baby's room (the only carpet I've steam cleaned since getting possession of the house) (Sean's room has no carpets and has been painted right now) and so we napped in my sleeping bag with me using Eeyore as a pillow. He's very comfy.

Sean has been standing. For more than 5 seconds. I caught him on film today (still not video).

I don't think he realizes that he's standing on his own yet, because when he does, he drops the knees and plops himself on the floor.

The guys painting the house started on the basement today, but accidently started with the light color on the bottom, when I asked for the darker beige on the bottom and the lighter beige on top. There is a moulding around the room, which I want to remain white, but that seperates that light from the dark paint I chose. (Well, not dark dark, but slightly darker than the light shade I picked out. They will have to re-do what they started in there, but it's not big deal. It was only 1 coat, and it was only 2 of the 4 walls. No big deal. The plumber also finished his work today. I love that the plumber does a good job, but NEVER cleans up after himself. Grrr.... NEVER! It's such a bigger mess right now because of that.

Tonight I sat on the couch and watched Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy as I watched Sean tire himself out playing in the den with all his toys. After Grey's Anatomy I put him to bed and I'm going to do the same myself now. I didn't knit a stitch tonight, I just felt like staying fixated on the TV and Sean and nothing else. Hopefully the first trimester will pass quickly and I'll get my energy back soon!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November 7 of 30

Monkey Progress as promised. I am LOVING them stripped! I wasn't sure at first, but I do love them. I'm almost through 4 of the 6 pattern repeats on the leg. It's a nice easy fast knit. I'm not liking the double yarn overs, but c'est la vie.

Me testing out the new mirror in the hallway bathroom for Self Portrait Thursdays with Sean. I hung a painting up in the bathroom, and I love it there. It used to reside in our den at our old house, but Jamie wasn't too fond of the painting.

I received my first piece of mail ever at the new house today, and it was a swap package from Karma Kitties. Thanks Bertha! She sent over an extra skein of Berry she had, and some Charcoal that she'd gotten in a swap from someone else, but had no use for it. I see another Drive-Thru in my near future. They are addictive! I'll probably do a 4 year size for Sean, and then when we find out the sex of baby number 2, I'll make some more!

Today my new kitchen sink got installed. Got a garborator, and the 2nd tap with the black knob is an instant hot water faucet. Instant Tea! No more boiling water! I grew up with that at my parents house, so very excited to have it at the new house. It's almost good to go. Just need an electrician to come in and hook up the electrical part to the garborator and the hot water faucet. (Hopefully sometime this week).

I was in need of a soap dispenser (actually two), and found this lovely blue and green one to match my ensuite bathroom.

And I found this really cute one for the main hallway bathroom. Now I just need to find a cute one for the powder room. I didn't see a third I liked, so I'll keep looking. Maybe I can find a sheep one (since the other bathroom is white).

My bedroom is done painting. I love the color. Just love it. Glad I chose it. The white doors are to the patio off my bedroom and the open door is my walk-in closet (another 2 features of the house I LOVE!) Sean's room is also done being painted. Tomorrow the painter will start on my basement, which is hot pink right now, and will become two different shades of beige. After the basement is painted, he will start on my yarn room. I can't wait to see it transformed! Hopefully by next week it'll all be done.

Today I was at the new house to let the painter & plumber in for 8 am. I'm ZONKED now. I can barely keep my eyes open. I didn't have a second to rest my eyes today. I did work at the new house all morning, and took care of calling the heating company, electrical company, that sort of thing. I hate sitting on hold! My mom took Sean out for a bit in the morning, and then I brought him home with me in the afternoon when I had to go meet the moving company for an estimate (which I'll find out tomorrow how much it'll cost) and the bank for the Rabbi who is buying my house. They need to come to see that the house actually exists, since he's American, and never been a customer of the bank of which he applied for a mortgage with. This is to ensure that it's not mortgage fraud or something. I've only bought a house before, never sold, so I have no idea what went on behind the scenes at the seller's house when I bought. Now I know.

Then my mom picked up Sean after an errand she ran near my place, and I did an errand near my house, which was easier to do with 2 hands free, and then went back to my new house to lock up behind the plumber (the painter had already gone). I worked on the November Sock Club Kit stitch markers (just a few more sets to go!) and then met up with my family for dinner for my brother & grandmother's birthday dinner. They both share today as a birthday. Happy Birthday again to both of them!

I was just adding my Monkey's to Ravelry and typed my name into the "Purchased At" field, and my shop popped up! That is soooo exciting! I have no idea who added me, but that is tres cool:

I am zonked. I forgot what the first trimester is like! Plus, I've been up since really early and now it's getting really late! I have to be up early again tomorrow to follow Jamie to the dealership to get rid of his old Jetta, so that he has a ride back home afterwards. We just want to get this car off our hands, and he's selling it for parts. I do NOT want another parking ticket on it, so it must go! Speaking of the parking tickets, you can now apparently pay your parking tickets online! I thought that was pretty neat. I was going to waste a stamp and waste a check, and then saw you can pay online. Sounds like a plan. On top of paying online with a credit card, I get 1% cash back on my credit card, so even better! Christmas this year is going to be great (you get the 1% back on your December statement!) (They owe me some Christmas shopping this year!!)

Oh, before I go, yesterday was a bad luck day.. today... good luck. Not only did a find a quarter in my driveway (yeah, I know, it's just a quarter, but it's 25 lucky pennies!), I won 10$ on a scratchie bingo card. YEY! I know it's nothing, but it's something! Right?

ps- Thank you to EVERYONE who left a comment on my previous post. I have EVERY intention of emailing each & every one of you back individually. It just won't be tonight.