Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Seeing Old Friends

Class at 8 am was long, but I actually got a lot accomplished. I worked on the face assignment that we have just begun working on. Basically, we have to take a photograph of someone's face, I chose to work on my nephew's 2 year old face. (He's just a little older than 3 now). It's a fun project, but it's tedious.
In HTML class we did some re-cap on Adobe Image Ready, and worked with slices. We have an exam next week on basic HTML - I am not worried. I will go over my notes on Monday night and on Tuesday morning, but I am honestly not worried about this exam. Half is open book and half isn't. All good.
I ran home after school and took in the mail and picked up the things I needed to take with me to Deux-Montagnes (Lake of Two Mountains). I hopped back into my car and headed out there. It took me 3 highways and almost an hour in the car (including lots of traffic). I hate traffic.
I was a little nervous going into their place. I hadn't seen Zahava in years, and also, I hadn't seen Adam in months. (I saw him briefly when he passed by my house in August while I was having a garage sale. I felt bad I couldn't really talk to him as I was in the middle of dealing with a customer, but that was the last time I'd seen him).
It was not at all weird to see her. It was actually very good to see her. I wish I had seen her while she was pregnant, that would have been really cool. It would have been really neat to photograph. You know, I brought my camera this evening, didn't even use it once. I will have to go back and play paparazzi another time. It just wasn't in me to take pictures this evening. My main goal was to catch up with Zahava and with Adam too, once he got hom from work.
It was really good to see Zee (my nickname for her, as always) and hang out with her. I really hope that I didn't over stay my welcome or hope that I wasn't in the way. I did have supper there, and that was very nice for them to have me over, even if it was just leftovers (she wasn't going to cook after just coming home a few days earlier from the hospital with a newborn, you know?)
We talked like old times, and caught up on the most recent (and old) gossip if you want to call it that. Zee is very blunt, open and honest. I like her that way. I think that is why we get along so great. Except Zee voices it more than I do. Which is a-ok with me. I can't wait to have them over here at our place, they want to come see our house and meet Jamie. Adam's mother is staying with them right now to help out with the baby and apparently (according to Zee) is in the way and annoying, and cares more about the TV than helping out with the baby. Zee says that everything that Carin is doing, she could do 10 times faster, even though Zee shouldn't be lifting anything heavier than the baby (who is only 5 lbs and a couple of ounces - but growing!). Carin knows Jamie's family, as Carin's family had a country house on the same (small) lake that Jamie's family still have a country house on.
I ended up staying until just passed eleven p.m (held the baby a couple of times - and now I want one!!) and it took me faster to get home than it did to get out to where they live, as a) there was no traffic at all and b) I was confident as to where I was going, because on the ride there I was following directions as was unsure as to where I was going and how far. So much easier and faster when you know where you're going.
Well, I'm off to bed now. Lots going on tomorrow (plumber is coming, guy for my bathroom renovations is coming, 2pm apt at the gym with a trainer (he's going to kill me and all my muscles tomorrow!) and lots of other things to do (like homework and chores) before going to the knitting meetup with my cousin Jenn.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Re-Acquainting With an Old Friend

I slept in a little this morning, which felt great. I needed it.

I found parking immediately today upon arriving at school, which was fantastic. Not usual for a Monday noon class.

Anyhow, class went by very quickly, but I managed to come up with my logo for the stationary assignemnt we're doing for our own personal company. Anyhow, once it's finalized, I will post a picture of the logo I came up with. But I am very happy with it - and it looks pretty funky. Our teacher (whom we have for 2 other classes) gave us back an assignment from our Thursday class with her. The exam I had on Quark Express. I got 17/20. I lost dumb points for dumb mistakes. Oh well. I will accept my 17/20 and deal with it! I am curious to see my other grades, as she still has a bunch of assignments to correct and get back to us. She's a little behind, but promised us that she would have all of the outstanding corrections done this week. She said this is the week she will concentrate on us. (I guess she's been busy with first semester corrections!)

I worked out for almost an hour, arranged to see a trainer on Wednesday and Friday of this week, and then on my way home stopped for groceries. I realized we were out of a lot of condiments and also main ingredients for things that we had in the house. Needed some more juice, fruits, some veggies, milk, etc. Got what I needed and then headed home.

Wasn't in the mood for dinner, so I ate a pear. Watched 24 on TV with Jamie. We taped the premiere of Apprentice as it was on at the same time as 24.

After 24 I got into a conversation with an old frind, Zahava. She's the one who had baby Jonathan-Bram (didn't realize it was hyphenated) a week ago today. We started talking, and we made plans for tomorrow. After class I'm going to rush home, do a few things I need to take care of around the house and then head over to visit. We have a lot of catching up to do. I think I am going to stay for dinner. She invited. She got the baby blanket I sent in the mail - it arrived today. I am glad they loved it. She couldn't believe thaat I made it. Anyhow, it will be very nice to see her. I am very excited. I saw some pictures that her husband's sister put online, and it was great to see pictures of them. I can't wait to see their property and catch up.

Anyhow, I must go shower and finish up some laundry and get my ass into bed. Early class tomorrow morning.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Crochet Hook vs. Afghan Hook

So I tore apart my closet today, and re-organized - I love re-organizing - but now the rest of my office is a war zone! But I'm glad I got what I wanted accomplished, and my closet now looks fantastic. I even have an entire shelf in my closet for my yarn stash. Everything is in ziploc bags, and stored by the same kind of yarn together (obviously).

In cleaning up I found 1 ball of yarn hidden in my stash, for the blanket I wasn't sure if I was finished or not. I will takes pictues of it once it's finished. I will add the ball of yarn that I found - I was actually debating whether to go to the store today to buy 1 more ball, or even maybe 2 - but since finding the 1 - I took it as a sign to just crochet 1 more ball and end the blanket. So I will finish it hopefully in the next few days, as I have other projects to start, and a swap project to finish also!

I also came across the pile of knitting needles and accessories today that I had. In the stash were afghan hooks. They look like crochet hooks, but they aren't. I have tried googling them, and can see pictures what it looks like to use an afghan hook, but can't find anything how HOW TO use it. I could just use them as crochet hooks, they look about the same exact size as it would be in crochet hooks, but I'm curious about this afghan business. If I can't find anything more, I'll ask around.

This evening I finally showered and got my ass over to my parents house for dinner. Dinner was yummy chicken and it was delicious. It was nice to hang out for a little bit at my parent's house.

After dinner, cam home, starting watching Grey's Anatomy, but then got interrupted by a phone call. At least I had a tape going on for it, so I won't miss anything! Anyhow, I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep tonight.


Zeus taking a lazy Sunday. Sometimes I wish I were a cat!

Last night I stupidely opened a link on MSN from my brother's girlfriend. I thought it sounded pretty cool "Find out who's blocked you on MSN" and then when you install it - it's a VIRUS! Ugh... so I immediately uninstalled it, and did a scan of my computer with Symantec. Nothing was found? What? This virus couldn't even be detected by my anti-virus? Maybe it's not such a good anti-virus? I will look into that. Anyhow, this morning I did a system restore to yesterday afternoon before this even happened, and so far so good.
A GOOD THING ABOUT THIS VIRUS, though, is that while it was searching my computer, I happened to see that it was searching through a file folder that had some pictures that I had been looking for, for a while now. Pictures that I thought were backed up on a CD or DVD and long gone..... I was sure I would never have thrown them out without backing them up, so I had no idea where they went! I always back up my work and was shocked that I had NO idea where they went. So I did a search on my computer for the name of the file folder that Symantec was looking through, and found my images. I EVEN found 10 other folders of photoshoots that I swore I had on DVD back up somewhere, but just couldn't find! WELL - It's FOUND! YEY! Oh my god - was I jumping of joy last night when I found it! I couldn't believe it. I was already at the point where I was accepting the fact that it was gone, and never to be retrieved again (unless some where scanned via negative back into a digital file, but some were digitally taken, and gone forever- or so I thought!) JUST MY NIGHT! I was having a really shitty night last night, until I found my files!
Jamie & I watched Survivor from Thursday night which I had on tape, and then we watched the movie The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, and it was well written - but very far fetching. But it definitely kept us entertained! I worked on the blanket that I'm crocheting, and actually finished all the balls of yarn that I have for it. (8 balls of yarn). I am debating whether to pick up another 2 balls to finish it off a little larger or not. If not I will leave it as is - but I am still debating. I can always pick up yarn on the way to my parents house today, there is a store near them that carries it - or I could go out near me, there is one place not too far. This "baby" blanket is far more larger than the last few that I've made, but I love it. And hopefully one day, a son of mine will love it to. I am making it to put away for a future child of mine! Hopefully I will have at least one boy and one girl (I want three children and at least one of each!)
Today I got woken up by Daphne's father - he thought she was still here and I've been doing stuff on my computer ever since I woke up. I am trying to get Quark Express to work, so that I can finish my work that is due this week. I am having issues with my version of the software, and I don't think I have the older outdated version, so I may have issues. I need to get this work done. I have one thing I need to work on for tomorrow, one for Thursday and one for Friday. As long as I get the stuff for tomorrow done, then I'm all good. Because then I have until Wednesday (my day off) to figure out the rest of the week's work. I am going to manage (get by!)
I can't wait for Wednesday night's knitting meet up. I don't know why I am so excited to go? But I am! Maybe it's because it's something out of the house, and I'm just excited to go! I want to start trying to go regularly to their meetings - every other Wendesday. I am going to convince my cousin Jenn to come with me!
Nothing else yet noteworthy coming up this week. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I was selected to be a jury member for ELLE CANADA Magazine! I will receive a package of Beauty Products in the mail (YEY FOR FREE STUFF!) in about a month, and I will then have 10 weeks to test them out and mail back my opinion. HOW COOL IS THAT! I am rather excited that I got chosen. I had to sign a paper and mail it back, so that's off in the mail right now, to their Montreal head office. I am so excited to do this - and I'm wondering what kind and how many products they will send me!? I guess I will have to wait and see. It won't be until April 10th around, the letter says.
Alright, gotta tackle chores!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Used Your Razor To Shave My Back

"I used your razor to shave my back."
This is what Marcelos said to me last night as we were standing in the hallway in my house before going to bed. Daphne & him were trying to figure out their plans for today, and I was getting annoyed. Marcelos thought this statement was funny, but I didn't unfortunately.
Who is this guy and why is he this retarded?
Here's how my day went by yesterday. 9:45 am we picked up Marcelos from the Montreal airport, and then we stopped at the Orange Julep so that they can try the orange juice there. They treated me to an orange juice. That was very nice of them. Then we headed back to my house, and Marcelos settled in while I cleaned my bathroom, emptied the garbages for Garbage day, and cleaned up my office a little bit. Then eventually we booked their hotel in Quebec City and then went out for lunch. I couldn't think of a single place to take them, so I just ended up going back to Tasty Foods (my personal favourite) for lunch. Something about Marcelos starting bothering me during lunch and just made me want to get away from him.
After lunch, I filled up on gas, and then drove up Mount Royal to the "look out" point. They got out of the car, took some pictures, and I sat in my car, until they were about done, and I got out to take a picture of the 2 of them with the view. Took a few pictures, and then we got back into the car and drove off. Next stop, I went to St. Joseph's Oratory (after getting lost a little - turned on the wrong street). Anyhow, we got there eventually, I took some pictures of them standing outside of the Oratory, and then they wanted to go in, so I sat in the car and wrote a letter to my friend Miriam in Toronto, just to have some alone time. I wish I had brought the blanket that I am currently crocheting, but I am glad I at least had paper and a pen to write a letter.
After the oratory we headed downtown, and sent them off on their way. They wanted to do a little bit of shopping in the mall I dropped them off at - and then I gave them directions downtown and my address so they can tell the cabby where to bring them back (I wasn't going back out again - call me a bitch if you want - but I just wasn't getting out of my pj's to go downtown). I spent the evening watching episodes of LOST on DVD. And doing stuff in my office which doubles as my craft room.
I was shocked that they stayed out as late as they did - but they said they got home early because it was cold out. They did end up taking a taxi back - even though I said that if they took the metro to the stop near my house I'd get them. I did my own thing while they TRIED figuring out where they were going today. Then before bed, we were talking in the hallway, and that's when Marcelos made his comment.
We talked a bit, then I went to bed.
This morning I slept in until their taxi driver rang my bell. I have no idea where they went, but I said polite goodbyes, Daphne reassured me that they had a good time and well, I hope they have a safe rest of their trip.
Well, back to LOST and I'm working on my blanket that I'm crocheting. Hoping to finish it tonight. Tomorrow I will do some homework, and my parents have invited us over for dinner (Jamie & I). Gotta marinate my chicken wings first, for dinner.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Tour Guide Me

I must go play tour guide to Daphne and her boyfriend Marcelos who just arrived from Rio this morning (went to the airport to pick him up about 2 hours ago). We've just been chilling here at my house since we picked him up - I had a few things around the house to do. (Cleaned my bathroom - emptied the garbages - it's garbage day today and I even organized my earring display a littel bit since I had earrings everywhere!) I don't really want to play tour guide, as I know my city, but it gets redundant. I guess it's the sort of thing you have to do with guests from out of town. So I'll stick through it - but I've packed some crochet and some other things to keep me busy, incase they want to linger at any destination.

Anyhow, more later.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finished Baby Blanket

This morning I finished the baby blanket for Baby Jonathon (my friends' new born son - born Monday). I am really happy with it. It's crochet - in triple stitch.

Here above is a close up of the blanket. I think it came out VERY nice. I hope they like it. Well, I hope baby Jonathon likes it!

This morning I got up, showered, finished up some homework, and eventually Daphne and I got ready and left to my class at lunch. I sent off the baby blanket at the post office next to class, and then headed to class.

My class lasted 3 hours long, and we received back our Chair project. I received 17/20 but then lost 2 marks because I handed it in a week late - so in the end I got a 15/20. (75%). I am a little disappointed that it wasn't a little higher of a grade, but I will bite my tongue and accept that grade.

Daphne checked her email for most of the class (3 hours - I feel bad - but she wanted to come) and was very patient. I got an approval for a "Drink Bar" Restaurant Menu that I will be creating for this class. I'm very excited to start working on it.

I didn't miss much but a workshop period in my morning class this morning - I am actually kind of very happy that I got to sleep in today. I feel a little bit better that I got to sleep in.

After class we headed to this store that Daphne wanted to go check out. We parked and then realized that at the pay machine there was 2.50$ sitting in the return change slot - so we got free parking. Daphne wanted to check out Lalique - as Montreal is the ONLY North American Retailer. Turns out that we're about the same price as Brazil to buy these crystal jewelry items. A gorgeous pair of earrings that I saw - 675$. Ouch. Gorgeous though. Clear crystal gorgeous. (Most precious crystal that exists in the world is what they sell) Actually I think those were Baccarat (or however you spell it).

After Lalique (which is located in Oglavy's), we went to Urban Outfitters. Everything there was over priced, even though I wanted to buy like everything.

Then we hit up Payless and I found 2 pairs of shoes. Actually a pair of shoes and a pair of boots. The boots were liquidated at 9$ and the shoes at 8$. However it was buy one get one free. In the end, it was 9$ + 4$ = 13$ plus applicated Quebec Sales Taxes. GOOD DEAL! I am loving it! (Both pink - the shoes and the boots!)

Then we headed to the mall near my school - I wanted to take her to Le Garage and then to a fave jewelry store of mine. Where I bought a necklace and Daphne got earrings.

Then home. We chilled. Ate dinner. I took Tylenol for a headache and felt better after eating food. My blood sugar level was low from dehydration and low food intake today. I was a little nauseas, but that soon cleared.

Since my friends was having a Speed Dating Event - we went to check it out - since Daphne wanted to see what it was all about (she'd never heard about it before) and so we got dressed up and went. Well - let me tell you it wasn't what I thought it would be. My friend couldn't even talk to me, since she was in the middle of trying to get a date herself, and told me that she didn't have the money for me for the freelance work I did - that it would be mailed to me.

Daphne and I decided to walk around a little downtown first, but it started getting a little cold. We ended up inside this fancy looking Jean Coutu - and bought more Jewerly - all earrings on sale!

We just got in. I made chocolate chip muffins (hubby requested) and now I'm going to go crochet and maybe watch an episode or two of LOST.... since Daphne's writing in her journal, and doesn't mind that I watch some TV where she's sleeping! Tomorrow I'm picking up her boyfriend at the airport at 9:30 am, he arrives from Rio de Janeiro. Saturday they're off to Quebec City, which is good by me because I am in need of my space back and also I'm dying to go to the gym.

Tomorrow I'm playing tour guide around Montreal - not really in the mood to do so - but whatever! I'll survive! I'll get through it.

This is a picture of Daphne & I from this evening just after storming out of the Speed Dating event.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is a really cute picture of Daphne & I from this evening.

Slept in today, and then eventually we got our act together and left the house.
We headed on the road to Ottawa, finally arriving just shortly after 2pm. We parked the car, and then used the washroom at Chapters downtown. We checked out the Photography Museum - a small exhibit going on there right now, photographs by Sunil Gupta. There was a second smaller exhibit going as well - we checked everything out. It was all 'just okay'. Nothing that impressive.
After that Daphne took some pictures by the Parliament Building, then we headed back to the car. I took her for Beaver Tails, a Canadian fattening snack, and we shared a chocolate banana one. Delicious. Then she wanted a McFish at McDonalds - (she's vegetarian) and so we got her that.
Afer the Rideau area, we headed over to Michaels just off Greenbank. I didn't even realize how close it was to where all my friends used to live (or where their parents still live!) I used to visit friends just off Greenbank ALL THE TIME! Anyhow, *I WISH* we had Michaels here in Montreal, but there are no plans of any ever coming here. Too bad. So sad. I had a field day in there - even though they didn't have the 2 items I was looking for. I did manage to buy a BUNCH of other things though.
After Michaels we headed back home. I am now zonked from driving 4 hours (2 hours each way) from Montreal to Ottawa and back. ZONKED. It's very exhausted. Daphne offered to drive, but she doesn't have an international liscence, and god for bid something should have happened? I didn't feel comfortable.
We went to the pharmacy on the way home and picked up some medication for Daphne as she's still congested and wants to clear that up. She's also got an upset stomach so I gave her some pepto bismol. It helped. She's feeling better now.
Daphne heard from her boyfriend this evening and he's flying into Montreal and he'll be arriving Friday morning at 9:10 am. So I'm going to not go to my Friday morning class, and hopefully I will be able to hand in my assignment tomorrow and leave it in the teacher's lounge. I am too zonked to work on it now, so I will take care of that tomorrow morning. My other sketches that are due tomorrow are 50% done (sketches for my "menu" project - where we have to create a menu for a restaurant of our choice (fictional or real). I am thinking about doing a menu for a "drink bar" .... It's an idea.
I just got the most amazing massage from Daphne. OH MY GOD! Heaven. My neck and my back were so tense, and my neck was killing me. But now ... NOTHING! Now, it feels fantastic. My body is in heaven! And she didn't even mind giving me the massage! Who is this girl?! LOL.
Well, I have to get to bed. I've got some homework to finish tomorrow morning, and tomorrow I'm taking Daphne shopping. She wants to go to a few stores (where I get my fabulous earrings, and some clothes) and I want to show her a bit of downtown.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daphne's Here

Got up super early this morning to get to my class on time. I did watch 1 more episode of LOST before going to sleep, but went to bed before midnight last night, so I am very happy about that. But, I'm addicted to LOST.

On my way home, the yarn fairy stopped by again. But this time I think she left the yarn there a while ago and I was just blind to see it. A TON MORE YARN! AHHHH! Are you kidding me? I brought it inside my house - but had to leave to go to pick up Daphne from the train station. I didn't have a chance to go through it - but .... it must be my lucky day... There was more Gedifra in there - I don't know how many exactly, but black Donatella number 2014 (which I believe is discontinued - but I definitely have enough balls for 2 sweaters probably! Also - was a bunch of NORO! (Colour number 22) I found a stock image off the net - as I didn't have time to photograph it yet, but I will soon. It looks like this - but mine looks more stripped with a dark red. I havent counted out how many, but there must be around 8-10 hanks! (I think that's what it's called when it's like this - a hank?) This stash has a high value rate - and GOD BLESS THE YARN FAIRY! It was just my lucky day. There was a bunch of random yarn in there - and well I almost feel like going and returning some other yarn that I bought as I have enough yarn now to last me until 2015 or more! It's crazy. I don't understand it - but it's like I won the lottery or something!

I picked up Daphne and then did a return to Zellers that I had been meaning to do for a while. Phew! Got that checked off my list! We then went for lunch to my favourite place that makes whole wheat pizza and Daphne liked the food there.

We came back, unpacked her stuff, and then I did a few things while she checked her email and emailed her parents. (I folded laundry- fun fun). We had decided to go bowling this evening - but Daphne wasn't feeling to good - so we decided to stay in and watch a movie.
Daphne then napped for about an hour and a half or so, while I did some more stuff around the house.

My sister eventually got here and we watched RENT on DVD. (I bought it today while at Zellers). So my sister and I FINALLY got to see RENT! I LOVED IT! Sang along! Daphne loved it too - it was her first time hearing about it. Well at least now we have something that we both like to listen to on the trip to Ottawa tomorrow. I can't wait!

Daphne brought some goodies for me! She brought me a gel candle, some dried fruits form the Amazon, Brazilian coffee (for Jamie), some Brazilian chocolates - again - for Jamie (I'm not a big chocolate eater). I got fuschia flip flops PERFECTLY in my size - that look kind of purple coloured than fuschia, but not too purple so I tolerate it. They're cute. Brazilian brand flip flops (which I live in during the summer!) I also got 2 music Cd's - one of her mother's music and one of something Portuguese. I'll let you know how they are! It was nice to get some gifts, but she really outdid herself! She's cute! We are getting along great!

I should really get to bed. I'm driving 2 hours to Ottawa and 2 hours back later on! Daphne drives standard cars, but I don't know her well enough to allow her to share the driving, nor will she have insurance, so I would definitely be taking a chance. I don't know if I will allow shared driving. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO MICHAEL'S TOMORROW!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Got up this morning and watched 2 more episodes of Lost (watched 3 last night until about 2 am). I AM ADDICTED TO THE SHOW! I can't put it down/away! MUST WATCH MORE!

Today in class I worked a bit on my personal stationary assignment (I need to create a business card, stationary, envelope all with my "business name" on it and create myself a logo.) Talk about HARD! I don't know what kind of logo to create for myself. This is soooo hard. Hopefully I'll come up with something soon.

Towards the end of class I worked on my Mask Assignment in Photoshop that is due tomorrow morning. I started it on Thursday and worked on it this afternoon and finished it this evening. We had to use Layer Masks, Vector Masks, Adjustment Layers & clipping group. I had to do several things using these actions.

I hope I get a good grade on the assignment! It's only worth 15% of my final grade - I honest thing it should be worth more than that.

After class I came home and watched another 2 episodes of Lost: Season 1 and then headed off the gym. I worked out for just over an hour and I feel great. Came home, showered, finished off the above Mask assignment, ate dinner, watched 24 with Jamie at 9pm, and now I'm going to go straighten my hair and watch 1 more episode of LOST! I am dying to know what happens next!So happy I have it on DVD to watch and don't have to wait for the weekly episode!

I still have a few chores to do before Daphne gets into town tomorrow - but I think I will manage in the knick of time!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cold Sunday

After Michel & Louise left last night I went into bed with Season 1 Disc 1 of LOST and started watching. Only thinking I'd watch 1 episode and go to bed, I was HOOKED. I ended up watching 3 episodes and going to bed after 3 am!
I got together with a friend this afternoon. It was nice to see her. After getting there she looked at my wedding photos and then had me install Adobe Photoshop CS2 onto her computer, as she had no idea how. I hung out with her a bit more, and then headed on my way.
On my way home I stopped by my parent's house to pick up the fouton for Daphne to sleep on while she's here, and the sheets that fit on the fouton.
Speaking of Daphne - I finally spoke to her tonight. She will be coming in on Tuesday instead of Monday, which works out better for me, because I would like the extra day before she comes in to finish up house chores and stuff. And this way I can go to my Tuesday morning class without feeling guilty about making Daphne get up at 6:30 am to come with me to class. So I will be meeting her at the train station Tuesday afternoon. Daphne wants to go to Ottawa, which is perfect, because I am dying to go to Michael's Craft store (none here in Quebec) and no one wanted to ever go with me for the drive, not even Jamie! (Nothing for him to do in Ottawa). So it was perfect when Daphne suggested she wanted to go to Ottawa but she wasn't sure how far it was (only 2 hour drive around). YEY! Michael's here I come!
This evening I watched Survivor with Jamie from Thursday night and then we watched Desperate Housewives and then Grey's Anatomy. I worked on my little crochet blanket that I frogged. It's coming back along nicely. I want to get it finished, as I need to work on some other projects. Louise requested a scarf and if Jamie and I will be going to her birthday dinner in March, then I need to start working on that - (won't take me long) and I have some other projects that I want to do. I am even thinking about making Jamie a new (longer) scarf, as the one I made him for Valentine's Day he loves, but it's just too short for him.
Well, I'm going to go crawl into bed with LOST Season: 1. It's very addictive. Watched 3 episodes last night until very very late!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

9 Balls of Free Yarn

This is the free yarn. FREE. F-R-E-E. Slept in today. Got up. Putzed around on the internet. ate a HUGE ASS bowl of cereal with peach pieces in it - can't remember what it's called, but it was on sale the other day for 2.99$ a box (instead of 4.99$ a box) so I bought 4 boxes. Plenty of peach cereal for a while. Eventually went to the gym with Jamie... did over an hour work out - doing more abs today than I've ever done before. (Abs feel great now - so do legs - besides the fact that I'm bloated and feeling fat.) Did groceries on the way home from the gym, as we had dinner guests tonight, and then came home. As I was pulling into the driveway, just before getting to my garage, I saw something from the corner of my eye... my radar light up... YARN? Could it be? WHAT? A full pacakge? Huh? What's going on? The yarn fairy came? Placed 9 balls of yarn in my driveway? At first I thought it was a full package of 10, but when I got out of my car and picked it up - it was 9 balls (1 was removed no idea where or when) and the rest were in tact - full skeins, mint condition. It's Gedifra Cicco #5804. I am not so sure what I am going to make with it - as it's got a little bit of a purple tint to the colour - AND I HATE PURPLE, but perhaps it will make something nice for someone. I need to find something to make with it. And with 9 balls of 50grams each, I'm sure I can make a few things with it!
... I want the yarn fairy to come back and bring me more yarn. It was just there by my garage door!
This evening we had Jamie's friends Michel & Louise over - I always feel a little uncomfortable when we get together with them, as they are both French speaking and know very little English. So I always feel uncomfortable speaking with them. After a few glasses of wine this evenig I felt a little bit more comfortable, but still not 100%. I don't think I ever will feel comfortable. My french is not that great for living in and growing up in a French language province. Yes, I went to french immersion elementary and high school, but still, I'm out of practise and just not comfortable. I think we will see them in March for Louise's birthday, and she requested a beige scarf (after seeing some of my latest crochet projects) so we shall see if we will be going to the birthday dinner, then perhaps I will start on a scarf for her. I think I have just the right shade of beige to work on something for her. All good.
Michel & Louise even brought us some fresh bread (some pumpernickel and some marble, as well as some other bread) to freeze and to eat whenever we'd like. That was very nice of them, it will definitely get eaten. Louise works in the office of a bread making company, so that was pretty cool that she brought us the bread and thought about me and my diet and the whole wheat/brown bread that I eat.
I am going to go crawl into bed, I want to start watching LOST. I keep hearing that it is a fantastic show - and I have season 1 right now, so I think I'm going to start it.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Swatch

Class this morning was a waste of time. I didn't get enough sleep last night because I only got home from babysitting late and stayed up until 2:30 am working on my Illustrator assignment that I thought was due today, but because our class was canceled last week - she gave us until next week to work on it. Why are teachers always changing their minds after setting a due date? And we've had 6 weeks already to work on it! LOL (So why wasn't mine 100% complete - well because life has been busy! LOL).

After class I came home and read some emails, caught up on some blog reading and then crawled under a blanket on the couch and watched 2 movies one after another, and finished my swatch for the socks I want to make. I watched the movie Proof, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhaal and Anthony Hopkins, it was a little slow but I thought it was okay. The second movie I watched was The Weather Man with Nicolas Cage and Michael Cane. It was also not bad, but not the greatest movie I've ever seen.

This is my swatch. Just before I figured out how to bind-off. Took me a while - but there was a good description in Stitch 'n Bitch and I also used the Knitting Answer Book for help. My stitches are too many for the 4" square that the pattern has, so I called up Jenn and figured out to use a sock pattern generator on the internet. Printed one up - but I can't figure out how to cast on onto 4 needles. I kind of have something on the needles, but I don't know if it's right, etc, so I think I am going to wait for some help. Just to get it going. Jamie requested a pair of socks, and I have the same yarn in brown, so I'm going to make myself a test pair first, and then once I know what I am doing - make him a pair!

This evening, Jamie's dad and step-mom came over for dinner, I made fish and she made a salad (I LOVE HER SALAD - it's all in the dressing!) and they also brought us a bottle of wine. I also got a present from them - a bunch of bath & body stuff (I will never say no to bath & body stuff!)

I played the first poker game tonight, my mother-in-law convinced me to.

Off to bed. I'm ZONKED.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Long Day Thursday

This morning in my Quark Express class I actually started working on an assignment for another class, and got a lot of it accomplished (very happy about that). It's due on Tuesday, and I wasn't very sure of how to work on it before but now I'm good to go, and I can work on it. It's an adobe photoshop assignment with Layer Masks, Vector Masks, Adjustment Layers & Clipping Group. Shouldn't take me much longer to actually finish it. I'll probably get working on it during the weekend.

Laura made lunch for the both of us today, that was very sweet of her! It was nice to have a homemade lunch rather than spending money, and I think we're going to rotate bringing lunch - one of us brings on Tuesday and the other one of us brings on Thursday. (Our only 2 days during the week with 2 classes one after another pretty much). She made pasta (whole wheat for me) with sun dried tomato pesto. It was really good. Mmm!

Our afternoon class with our new teacher Andrea was amazing. We really truly learned a lot! I am so very happy about that. We learned more today in class than we've learned all semester long so far with the other teacher Benoit. Benoit did come today for 2 seconds to pick up our Chair project. I wonder what I will get on that - it's still being marked out of 20% of our final mark and not 15% like we were told it may be switched to. I hope that I get a good mark on it - I ended up actually putting work into it in the end. I wonder how long it will take for us to get our mark back on that. No idea. Maybe next week? That would be nice! I hate the waiting period in between handing something in and getting it back!

Tonight I babysat Lucas & Vanessa again, and I brought my camera with me to take pictures but I accidentally left the memory card at home - so I couldn't even take any pictures. I am very disappointed about this - because Vanessa and I made a pink beaded necklace and bracelet set for her, and she put it on and it was very cute and she was just all dressed in pink and so adorable. What a cute kid. Next time I guess I will take a picture - but I wish I could have tonight.

They fed me dinner, and it was so delicious I got the recipe. I will let you know when I try it out if it's any good making it on my own. It was a pasta with a shrimp & garlic sauce. Delicious. I've been very adventurous lately with trying new things, so why not!

I worked on my swatch for the sock I'm knitting, and the kids watched the movie Ice Age. They went to be when told, at the time their mother asked me to put them to bed. Vanessa wasn't really feeling well, but went to bed. At about 11:10pm, while I had the TV on in the background lightly, as I was concentrating on my swatch/gauge (pictures to come tomorrow), Vanessa woke up and started screaming. This was about an hour and a half after they went to bed. She was shaking, she was boiling hot (fever) and screaming/crying on the top of her lungs. I put a wet wash cloth on her to make her feel better and called her parents to come home.

They came home pretty fast - they had gone out for coffee with my parents after going to see Beatlemania here in Montreal.

Anyhow, I have to finish my assignment for class tomorrow, due at 9 am!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Today I decided that I wanted to feel like a Diva after seeing this ring. This ring was purchased on my little outing when I needed to get garlic powder, onion powder.
After getting back from the strip mall near my house, I sat down and decided to start working on my typography project that was due last Thursday, which I have to hand in tomorrow. (It's the only assignment that I had to do for my last teacher, the one they got rid of from teaching us. Apparently he's still marking our first assignment). I think I did a kick ass job. We had to make the word chair look elegant, then comfy and then efficient.
I actually got some laundry done this afternoon - but I feel like the laundry is just never ending. I was running out of panties (giggle) so I had to do some laundry! I feel better than I got 3 loads accomplished today.
Tonight I went to meet my cousin Jenn and her fiance Yannick at the 2nd Cup where the knit meeting happened tonight. We went for dinner first, to this little bread shop across the street from 2nd Cup and had delicious wraps for dinner. I also had a little salad and after squeeky cheese (I love squeeky cheese!).
The knit meetup was fun. I worked a little on a swatch for my socks that I will eventually knit. I am thinking about switching DPN to a smaller size (from 3.25 to 2.5) and will start on that tomorrow. I got frustrated with that a little at the cafe, so I started working a bit more on my blanket that I'm crocheting. Well - little did I realize (after 5 of 6 skeins) that it started decreasing. So - me - being a perfectionist that I am - I am HONESTLY thinking about frogging it and restarting. I think I just might. It was a little too long anyhow, I which it would have been maybe a few inches shorter. I think frogging it will be my solution. No choice. No deadline - so why not. I was making it for fun. No babies to give it to yet! Met some new people at the knit meeting who weren't there last time I went. It's really neat to meet new people - I love it.
Just got in from the knit meeting and I'm going to go into bed and watch some TV and frog my blanket. Hopefully I won't still be angry at it tomorrow, so I can re-start working on it.
Tomorrow we get to meet our new Typography teacher and actually have her as a teacher for the entire class (last week we just got introduced to her). Should be interesting.
Tomorrow night I'm babysitting my dad's best friend's kids, as they are going with my parents to see Beatlemania here in Montreal. I'll probably bring along my crochet or knitting projects! Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Got up early today as I had my usual 8 am class. Had a quiz (exam) this morning worht only 5% of my final grade, and my end result was 3%/5%. Not bad. Not the greatest though. I blanked a little on it - it was a quiz on MAC Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts. MAC! I'm a PC user at home, and well MAC at school sometimes confuses me. Oh well. It's only 5% of my final mark, and I'm satisfied with my 3% out of 5%.

Laura treated me to lunch today, as she owed me lunch from the last time we went out and I paid. We went for Greek food and it was delicious. After lunch I got some scrapbooking goodies at this store across the street from the restaurant and then ran back to school (a little late).

In our afternoon HTML class, we worked on slicing images again - and we also learned that my teacher will be at a conference all week next week - so we have no class next Tuesday afternoon. That works out well for me, seeing as though, I have Daphne from Brazil coming in Monday at 5pm via Toronto (where she has been for the past week and a bit until she arrives chez moi). We were supposed to have a quiz in HTML - which was postponned from last week - but he forgot - oh well. I don't mind! I handed in my HTML CV project, and I am sure I will be getting a nice 10/10 on it - not to be cocky or anything!

Did groceries on my way home from school for dinner tonight - Jamie asked me to pick up the ingredients for the stir fry he made me for dinner tonight. Got home, realized I forgot to pick up the chicken for the sirt fry, so I went back out and picked up meat.

Jamie cooked me dinner. How sweet of him. He even got me a card - the first card he gave me that had the word WIFE on it :) I love it. This is our first holiday since being married that he was able to get a card with the word WIFE. I love it. I think I'll get used to this! I didn't get him a husband card - they were too cheesy, I actually got him a funny love card instead of a cheesy v-day husband card. :) Gotta love shoebox. For his 30th birthday back in December I got him a cheesy card "TO MY HUSBAND" lol... got my kicks then!

I ate dinner, shared a bottle of wine with Jamie, watched American Idol, then crawled into bed for a massage. Jamie decided to go to bed (as he has work tomorrow) - I came here into my office and worked on the files for this flyer for a speed dating event next week being held in Montreal.

I am sooo happy that I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning. I love having Wednesdays off!

Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's day - whether extravagant or not!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Strange Delivery Guys

Class was a waste of time. I handed in my assignment at the beginning of class, but I had already finished the assignment that was due today, so I didn't need the class period to work on the project like everyone else in the class who didn't come prepared.

Came home, did a few things around the house, responded to some emails and then headed off to the gym to work out for an hour. I felt so great after going, even though it took some motivation to actually get my ass there!

After the gym, Jamie & I ordered dinner. When it got here, Jamie signed for it - since we put it on his credit card and after the guy left, 30 seconds later our doorbell rings. It's the delivery guy asking if we made a mistake on the tip - asking for more money? WHAT THE HECK? Jamie closed the door in the guy's face. He didn't like what Jamie tipped him - so he asks for more? I've never seen this before, definitely very strange.

We watched 24 at 9pm - boy am I glued to my seat (at the edge of it) for the full hour every week. I can't stop watching it - and hate that there is a week in between!

Well, I should get to bed. Early class tomorrow.

Hopefully Valentine's Day tomorrow will be a more pleasant day - minus my two exam/quizzes! Ugh! (WHICH I DID STUDY FOR! While on the machines at the gym -lol!)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Ugly Bathroom

Huge problems with my bathroom ceiling. I woke up this morning to find my husband scrapping in the bathroom trying to figure out what was wrong with the ceiling. Looks really bad. We're having someone look at them, so hopefully we'll figure out what's wrong - soon. And while we're at it - if we're getting the ceiling fixed, I'd like new tiles for the floor. That's the plan.

After getting up, I did a few things around my office for a couple of hours, not too sure where time went. Eventually I got into the shower and then did an errand on my way to the west. I went straight to my Aunt's house - where the shiva was taking place - as my parents were there already, and I was going to help serve dinner. I showed my aunt & cousin Jenn my hat that I'm crocheting (trying to anyhow) and figured out that I'm doing it right! It's just a test (sample) but it's working out correctly, so I am very happy about that. I will photograph it shortly. I keep forgetting and now I'm too tried.

I helped serve, even though there was plenty of other people serving, and chatted with my cousins, which was nice. I hope Jenn will come with me on Wednesday night to the knitting meeting at Second Cup.

My Aunt has the craziest SCRAPBOOKING CLOSET in her little den. I LOVE IT. I know where to go now when I need some supplies, lol...

After leaving my Aunt's house, I had dinner with my parents and brother & sister. It was actually nice, just the five of us, no significant others, and no husband of mine. We ordered in pasta, which my brother & I picked up, and it was delicious. I won't say no to pasta! Whole wheat pasta nonetheless.

I stayed for Desperate Housewives, then went home while my hubby taped Grey's Anatomy for me. Watched Grey's Anatomy at 11pm while straightening my hair with my lovely ceramic hair straightner curtosey of my sister (I LOVE IT - CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT!)

Get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, for my class is only at noon. I do have some errands to do in the morning, so I don't want to sleep in tooooo long! I can't believe I didn't crochet a single stitch today... I guess my hands needed a break, but oh well. Tomorrow!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Crochet Hats

Last night I went over to Vera's house - as her boyfriend Sheldon came over to my house to play poker with Jamie and the guys. We had a girl's night in, looked through my wedding photos, looked through her last 2 vacation photos, and had some coconut rum something drinks (I'm not a drinker so I have no idea what was in there or whatnot - I left that up to Vera!)

This is Vera with the scarf that I made her. I had some leftover yarn from something else I was working on, and so I made a scarf for her. She was very happy to receive it - as she was bored of the one scarf that she owns! Glad to make her day! This is my FIRST picture taken with my Rebel XT!

This is me on Vera's couch, she wanted to play around with my new camera. So I let her take a picture of me. Notice the ziploc bag on the couch with yarn on it? It's the project I'm currently working on!

We decided to watch the movie Just Like Heaven with Reece Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Mark is HOT HOT HOT! The movie was really cheesy and dumb, but that's exactly what I needed. Something light and didn't have to think about. During the movie, I worked on my blanket that is my current WIP and Vera was like "Well, if you're working on that... then I have a scarf that I started knitting 2 years ago...." and she pulls it out, and started working on it... I am trying to convince her to come on Wednesday night to 2nd Cup for the knitting get together! That would be nice! We'll see if she comes with!

I went back to sleep - slept in past noon. After getting up, I watched the movie Chumscrubber with Jamie. I enjoyed it - however all the characters were messed up! Just the way I like it! Glenn Close, Rory Culkin, Ralph Fiennes, Lauren Holly, Carie-Anne Moss, Allison Janney, Rita Wilson - all excellent actors in this movie. I was very impressed with the cast.

Took a nap after the movie for a bit, and then I got a nice back rub from my hubby, which is rare, so I appreciate them when they come!

Went out to do some errands. While out, I bought the ingredients I needed to make dinner. Dinner was a whole wheat lasagna. I already had the cheese, and the noodles at home, I just needed the ingredients for a homemade sauce (not the same kind as my meat sauce that I made the other day). Came home, made the lasagna. My hubby came home from hockey and we ate the lasagna which was delicious (damn I make a good lasagna) while enjoying some nice Merlot. (Which he had one glass, I enjoyed the rest of the bottle!)

We watched some hockey on TV, (Canadiens were playing) and then after the first period, we watched Survivor, which we had on tape from Thursday night. After Survivor ended, we watched some Olympics (women's mogul skiing or something like that - Miss Heil from Canada got Gold!)

While watching Survivor and the Olympics I started working on a single crochet hat - as I decided that I wanted tonight to be the night that I leared how to make hat. The hat came to me in a dream last night. (I told Jamie yesterday that last night I'd dream of a million dollar idea - and that in the morning I'd have an idea to make us rich - somehow I dreamed of a crochet hat.... but I doubt that will be my million dollar idea?) I am not sure if I am doing it right - but I am going to see if my cousin Jenn has any pointers tomorrow when I see her, I'll throw the hat I started working on in my purse, and bring it along. I'll steal her into a private room (at her mother's house) and ask her opinion! (so Jenn - beware! I'm stealing you for a few minutes tomrorow!)

Ok, I'm about go to pick a movie, and crawl into bed with Jamie.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Knitting Sheep

This morning I got a phone call while I was still sleeping - but it was good news, so I'm not mad. My teacher Madelaine cancelled class this morning because she wasn't feeling well. I putzed around all morning in my PJ's and then finally got dressed mid afternoon.

I worked on some homework and finished my HTML CV project that is due on Tuesday. That's done, burned on CD and ready to go. (So happy about that actually, one less thing to worry about or stress over).
I also needed to work on my Visual Communications project, since it's due on Monday now (after the extention from last week). Anyhow, all week I've been pondering on what to do... what to do? So today, I sat down, and for the taking something out of it's usual context and placing it somewhere unusual... I came up my sheep knitting it's own sock with it's own wool. Where would you ever see that? I don't know if it works, but I saw an image which I posted on my blog yesterday, and decided to use the sheep knitting, but actually coil his own wool from his body, to the actual sock. I hope it's good. I will try to come up with something else over the weekend, but if not I'm handing this in - and that's it. It's only worth 5% of my final mark - with 2 other items each worth 5% as well, for a total of 15% for the entire assignment. We'll see how it goes, but I'm not worried.

Today I love:
I just absolutely love this pink crochet bag, which I hope to one day figure out how to make.

I love the song Lose Control by Maria Mena and Stay by Lisa Loeb.
I should get going shortly, I need to buy juice on the way to my friend Vera's place, as we're making alcoholic drinks and watching Just Like Heaven the Reece Witherspoon & Mark Ruffalo (Hottie!) movie. I hope Vera doesn't mind that I work on my crochet blanket while we watch the movie.
It'll be nice to do girl's night!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Parting With Old Stuff

My camera finally made it to Australia. I sold it on ebay, and the guy left me feedback on ebay. I am glad he got his camera safe and sound. I was sad to see it go - but you know what - I have absolitely NO use for it right now, and it was just sitting in my crawl space taking up space and "collecting dust" (the box it was in was collecting dust - not the actually camera! Heck no!) Anyhow, I am very sad to see it go- but it served me well and now it's time for it to serve someone else very well.
I love this image from Bust Magazine on knitting - I have it as my destkop image on my computer.
- What a long day today. Got up early to go to my Quark Express class and had an exam. She was only going to give us 1 hour and a half to do it - but she ended up giving us 3 hours to do the exam. I didn't need the full 3 hours, so it was all good. I know I passed the exam with flying colours, however there is one thing I know I forgot to include in my layout, so I will lose .5 on whatever it's worth for missing out on a detail, but she said not to worry about it. There was a little confusion and a little mix-up, but I am not worried. It was easy and 1-2-3.... so easy! It was just basically a simple layout that we had to re-create. I don't know why we're not using InDesign, but I find Quark Express so damn boring!
In our afternoon class - guess who showed up? BENOIT! I thought he was fired from teaching us???????? It turns out that Benoit was wrapping up the last class today, and Andrea, our new teacher, whom we were introduced to today, will be taking over next week. And the assignment that was supposed to be due today - was actually due today. I didn't finish it, because I thought that we were having a new teacher and that she was taking over, and that we could go over the assignment with her - to see where she wanted us to take that assignment. BUT NO. I sat through 3 hours today of surfing the internet, while Benoit attempted to teach us in Quark Express on typography. I literally didn't pay attention, because we're having a new teacher for the rest of the semester starting next week - why should I even bother listening to what this guy has to say, because our new teacher will have a different approach to things, and have her way of teaching us what is necessary for her projects. Bad attitude, I know, but I don't care. I just couldn't stand the sound of Benoit's voice. It's a good thing that our assignment is now worth only 15% of our final mark, instead of the original 20% it was worth. Good. I don't mind. And apparently we're supposed to lose 10% off the assignment for being late, but since it's half our fault and half the school's fault (For switching teachers and not telling us that the assignemnt was still due with this teacher) he's thinking about meeting us half way, and we'll only lose 5% off the assignment, so which means I'll be starting with a mark out of 14.25 instead of out of 15. That's fine by me. Losing .75% of my final grade won't make a difference to me.
YEY! Jenn's getting married - lol. It was officially announced in the Gazette. I can't wait to be a bridesmaid! I am soooo excited. CONGRATS JENN & YANNICK - this is a really nice picture of the two of you by the way! I erased last names in photoshop to protect identities, just incase, since it's not me that the article is about - I don't think other parties involved wanted names published on the web! Better safe than sorry!

Tonight I had Iris over and we had dinner together and we went over her photographs as she's applying to two different photography schools here in Montreal, and she wanted my opinion, so I gave her my honest opinion. I liked some and some were just not what I would use for a photograph entry portfolio. You know? Anyhow, it was good to see her, and she also bought my old Rebel off me tonight. FINALLY - SOLD! Good. Less stress on my shoulders, of paying for my new Rebel XT! It was hard parting with my first professional digital camera, but even though I have a new one, a better one, I'm still attached to my old "baby". It was the first camera that made me start liking digital photgraphy. I kid you not. Although I can't remember the first image I ever took with the Rebel, I do have a lot of good memories with using it - and great memories (PICTURES!)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cleaned My Blinds - FINALLY!

I finally got my last postcard in the mail today from My Little Mochi's Postcard Swap. This one was from Abby in MA, USA.

I made a batch of meat sauce today (wanted to make a lasagna, but realized that I didn't have any lasagna noodles (will have to pick up) and I sat down and watched the movie Elizabethtown while cleaning my kitchen blinds, which I've been putting off since we moved in last May. So happy I finally did it - but it took me 2 and a half hours. (The movies was only about 2 hours long). Cute movie - not the greatest. A friend of mine told me that I have to watch it for the music and for the amazing scrapbook that the main character puts together. However, I was a tad disappointed with the scrapbook in the movie - it wasn't that great. It was made to be better than it actually was. Bah.

After Jamie was done at the gym, we went straight to the west island to my Aunt's house for the shiva. We stayed there for about an hour - saying hello and talking to people. It was good to see a bunch of people that I hadn't seen in a while. I found out my cousin Phil and his wife Lisa are having a baby - I guess it's new, so she's probably only about 3 months pregnant (I didn't ask). Good for them. They got married in May of 2004.
Tonight Jamie & I discussed going to Boston the last weekend of March to visit my friend Sherrie (She'll be VERY happy about that) and I'm excited to meet friends from Philly out there as well - we're going to party all weekend, and we also agreed that we're going to make Las Vegas happen during my one week off in April - we'll go for a long weekend or something. I think 4 days in Vegas is enough! Maybe like a Wed night - Sunday or Thurs - Sunday.... or whatever! But I'm 10 airmiles away from 2 tickets - so I'm excited about that! I can't wait!

I am dying to watch In Her Shoes (But I promised my sister I'd watch it with her - but she's telling me it won't happen until after her midterms) and also the movie Just Like Heaven. Maybe I'll watch that one on Friday night. I don't know what's going on yet this weekend, but Friday night Jamie's having his regulars over for poker, I don't think I'm going to play - and Saturday night we're thinking about plans with our friends Michel & Louise - we haven't seen them in a while and Sunday I think I'm going to go over to my parents house - see the dog, and then go with my mom to serve dinner at my aunt's house (they're not allowed to serve themselves while sitting shiva - which ends on Monday at sundown - I believe). I haven't seen Bosco in a while - dying to take pictures with my new camera - and well - I want to see how big shithead has gotten!

Anyhow, I am zonked (got enough sleep last night but still not caught up on my lack of sleep!) going to go crawl into bed with Jamie.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My New Baby: XT!

It's almost midnight, and I'm running on 4 hours of sleep from last night. Here's why:

Last night, after finishing watching 24 on TV with Jamie - I get a phone call from Laura asking me a question on our photoshop assignment that was due this morning. Anyhow, to make a long story short - I only half did the assignment right - and was up until almost 2 am with Laura on the phone doing the assignment correctly. And I got up shortly after 6 am this morning to get my butt to school, and so I am running on no sleep right now.

So I got to class today, no idea how I managed to stay awake in class from 8-3:30pm, but I did. I have an exam in Photoshop next Tuesday, and today was a review for the exam. In our afternoon HTML class we learned how to slice images for the web - apparently one of our toughest classes this semester on information - as shortly we're going to start dreamweaver and it's all going to get easier. Next week we have our 6 page HTML website CV due - and I am glad that he went over mine - I'm going in the right direction.

I am not too sure how I made it home keeping my eyes open. I probably should NOT have been driving. Bad move. But I had to get home. I did a few things around the house this afternoon - very half assed though - slugging my butt around - as I have no energy and no motivation today.

Jamie went to my cousin's grandmother's funeral today, which I feel horrible that I couldn't make (due to school and midterms next week (review this week for them)). I also wanted to go to the shiva tonight, as it was the first night - but just can't make it. I am going to go to the shiva tomorrow - with Jamie tomorrow night after dinner. (Shiva = Jewish mourning period for the immediate family that lasts 1 week - and friends and family go to pay respect. Immediate family that is mourning (mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter, husband or wife only sit on special mourning chairs).

I got 4 more postcards in the mail today from the postcard swap - which means I only have 1 left to receive! Today's four were awesome cards hailing from the USA, Spain, and Australia!

It was pretty cool to receive a postcard from a blog I read! The above postcard is from Lisa.

The second postcard came from Australia - and from Justine at 62 Cherry. I lovethe texture of the red fabric.

This next simple yet elegant card is from Natascha in Spain!

And my last postcard for today - with my fortune is from Melissa in KY, USA. I love the sewn dog - it's fantastic. It's actually a photograph printed on a postcard - but I think it's beyond me! I can't sew like that!

I got my new baby in the mail last night - she arrived at 9:15pm while I was in the middle of watching 24 on Tv - I didn't mind missing a few seconds of 24 to catch the Canada Post woman! I was so distracted though after 24, that I didn't get a chance to take her out of the box until today. Ain't she gorgeous? She's half the weight of my old Rebel. And she's cute and tiny :) I can't wait to start taking some pictures with her! 8 megapixels! What am I going to do with 8 megapixels??!!! This picture of my new baby was actually taken with my old baby. A Rebel 300D took a picture of a 350D XT - that's kind of funny - if you ask me. So expect some magical pictures in the next little while - I plan to take lots of pictures!
I can tell you that I made dinner tonight - I remember that - so easy - I marinated salmon in a mixture of a few marinades, and then slapped it on a tray and baked it for 18 minutes, during which, I threw an entire broccoli into the steamer for 8 minutes. That was dinner.
I can tell you that I have no idea what I've been doing the entire rest of the evening. No idea. I really can't tell you. I should have gone to bed early - is what I should have done. I know that I spoke to my sister for a few moment briefly about the XT and a problem with lenses (which I got the same ERROR also the first time I tried interchanging lenses) and then freaked out for a little bit that I spent money on a new camera and I can't use any of my other lenses? and then tried again and it worked... Not sure what that was all about....) I can tell you that I spoke to Laura on the phone during the end of the hockey game - because I know that the Sabres beat the Canadiens in overtime...
Other than that.. I have no idea where my evening went? I didn't read. I didn't crochet. I didn't watch TV... I didn't do any homework. I didn't do any laundry. I didn't do and cleaning... it's possible that I was napping sitting up in my office chair. I feel like I haven't moved for hours.
Well - I should get to bed. I have a LONG list of things to do tomorrow during the day, and I want to get to the gym at some point before going to the Shiva after Jamie finishes work. I think as soon as I put my head down on my pillow, I'll be out as a light. (I'm calling it!)

Monday, February 06, 2006

HELP?! Creativity Block

So it turns out that my project wasn't due today after all - teacher's can't make up their mind - can they? Anyhow, I am glad that she was able to go over my project with me - she critiqued my 3 parts, 2 of them are okay, the third - my cat on a clothes line is very "first level" thinking. She wants me to spend the week making a new one.... and bringing it up to "third level" of creativity. However - I don't know what to do? Some people in my class have done really dumb things like a flying boat in the sky, and that kind of thing. Laura is drawing a jelly bean jar with prozac pills inside. (Teacher said hers is 2nd level - but that she gets the assignment and won't lose marks for being 2nd level because of the amount of time she's worked on it). Ugh. Anyone have any good ideas for taking something out of it's usual context and placing it somewhere unusual? I'm overtired and not thinking creatively at the moment! Blah!

Good news - they fired our Typography teacher. Not from the school, but from teaching our class. I will find out on Thursday whom my new teacher is - as they are still not sure (apparently it's between 2 people). My concern is the project that is due on Thursday. Do we finish it for Thursday, or will there be an extention due to a new teacher coming in and teaching us? So confused as to what to do.

My Canon Rebel XT was SUPPOSED to be in my hands by today - it was overnighted apparently to me on Friday night. It was indeed sent to me on Friday afternoon and there is no delivery on Saturdays, or Sundays, but it should have been here by now. So I decided to go take a look on Canada Post's website with the tracking number that I was given, and it said that it would be standard delivery for February 7th. STANDARD DELIVERY? WTF!? This is totally not acceptable. I don't understand what is going on here. I am kind of annoyed. Tomorrow is my longest day at school and I will be going ot my Aunt's house for the shiva so I won't even be home. This camera is long overdue to be in my hands. I was told that I'd have it between January 20th and the 27th. Today is February 6th. Way past due. Ugh.

I kind of feel like skipping the gym tonight - blah. I just DON'T FEEL like going at all... but I should go. I really should. I need to force myself out of this house. Ok, I need to go to the post office anyhow, I'm going to go by the gym as well and work my butt off. I need to let out some steam anyhow - just in one of those moods.

Got my 5th postcard from the postcard swap - this one from St. Louis, Missouri, United States from Martha Winger. Very different, and I love it. Let me tell you - I am really enjoying getting mail these days. I can't wait to get my craft swapper's name, so I can send out more mail - and receive some more too! So exciting! I love getting goodies in the mail - don't you?

I also got Elle Canada in the mail today with a renewal notice. 12 issues for 12$ plus taxes. Do I want to resubscribe? I am debating it. The original reason that I got the magazine was for photography school. I was into fashion photography and there was no point for me to keep buying the magazine off the stand for 5.50$ an issue, when I could mail order it and get it for 1$ an issue. So I send in my name and money for a subscription. That was a 2 year commitment coming up and I don't think I want it anymore... I don't really read much in there as there aren't that many good articles, and there's nothing really exciting to collage with either! Ok - I think I made my decision - no renewal. Save myself 12$ plus applicable taxes! I am going to shred the renewal notice/application before I change my mind! Done. Ok, I feel better. I think I made a good decision.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Self Portrait

I slept in today until about 10:30 am, when I got up and started doing things. Neglecting laundry until halfway through the afternoon - I got about 3 loads of laundry accomplished (thank goodness!) There's just my light loads to do tomorrow - they can wait. Jamie was asking for more dark tshirts - they seemed to be all in the wash.

I did also manage to clean my bathroom. I got motivated to give a good clean in there. I cleaned the toilet, the tub, the sink and the floors. Maybe tomorrow I will wash the walls in the tub - was going to do that tonight too - but decided I should sit down and start my homework (due tomorrow).

I will be getting my new camera in the mail tomorrow - SO EXCITED. It was overnighted to me on Friday night, and I am hoping that I will get it in the morning before I head to class.

This is my self-portrait that I came up with today, for my project that is due tomorrow. There were three parts to this assignment. The first part - we had to make a coin with an image of how we feel about the Canadian Economy. The second part was a self portrait without using our picture. I am so sure the teacher will be able to tell it's my selfportrait by just looking at it. I hope she likes my collage - I'm very happy with it. The third part - which I am stuck on right now, is creating a picture of something we are used to seeing in one context and putting it in a different context. I am just NOT sure what to do for it. It's not due until noon tomorrow - so I have time tomorrow morning to finish it if I don't come up with anything at all tonight. But I am seriously hoping to finish this before going to bed. The example the teacher gave us - is taking a stop sign off the street and putting it in the sky (for airplanes). Why can't I think of anything that clever? Geez! I really am stuck. I guess I'm having a creative block right now. All I want to do is crochet, or write, or do other things besides working on this third part of the assignment.

I am not that big of a football fan, so I didn't watch the superbowl this evening, actually I didn't watch ANY TV this evening. I actually was parked on my butt in fonrt of this computer and TRIED accomplishing this assignemtn I'm currently working on. 2/3 done - not too bad. Well, I better get working on the last part. As I said, I'd rather have it done tonight, than wake up worried about it tomorrow. Goodnight.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Special Delivery

Once a month, the first Saturday of each month, we get flowers delivered to our house. It was a wedding present from Jamie's step-cousins. Flowers for 6 months. Every month a different arrangement comes. I'm not a flower person, I actually hate them (since they die). (That's why Jamie never buys me flowers!). It's nice to receive them though. We stick them in a gorgeous vase that I have, in our den above the fireplace. I love having a fireplace, so romantic. It's not an allergy thing - I'm just not a flower lover. (I think they're beautiful - but they die fast and I find it's a waste of money).

This morning Jamie & I went to the gym for just over an hour. I did my usual routine, a bit of abs, a cardio machine hardcore for 30 minutes and then cycling on a stationary bike for 30 minutes while reading more pages in the book that I'm STILL trying to finish - Girls' Poker Night. I am more than halfway done now, just got to find more time to read (and more time to crochet, and more time to cook, and more time to clean, and more time for....)

I always feel fantastic after going to the gym! That in itself is motivation.

I am so sad to see my Graflex Crown go - but I had to sell it. It was just sitting in my house in my crawl space, and if I left it there too long, it would be a waste - someone else should enjoy it! I almost made back what I paid for it - which is good, because it was definitely an impulse buy. It was such a good looking camera, that I wish I was so rich that I could have one just on display in my house. But these cameras sell for 200-300$ US depending on the condition and the quality and what accessories you have with it - and I was lucky I got just over 200$ Canadian for it. Exactly what I was expecting.

This evening Jamie & I watched two movies - the first one Redeye and the second one The Man. Both were just okay - but Redeye was better. The Man was also funny - but dumb funny. It was nice just to sit on the couch, watch TV and crochet! There hasn't been a "REALLY GOOD" movie out there lately to see. Anyone have anything to recommend?
Got a call today from my sister that my cousin's grandmother passed away. I didn't know Helen that well - but she was my mom's brother's wife's mother. I am glad that she is not suffering anymore, and my condolences go out to Jenn & her entire family - my other cousins, and my aunt & uncle. I hope that I can make the funeral - but if it's during school hours I don't know if I will be able to attend - as the next 2 weeks are midterm weeks, there are so many things due and so many quizes happening, that class time is crucial. I will however, attend the Shiva - if unable or able to attend the funeral. Again - my deepest condolences. (I already wrote out sympathy cards to 4 addresses and dropped them in the mailbox already, one to Jenn & Yannick, one to my Aunt & Uncle's house, and one to each of my aunt's sisters.)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Postcard #4 - all the way from Ecuador!

Received postcard #4 today from Risa, and it hailed all the way from Ecuador - how cool is that?

I'm not even sure where that is - so I'm going to google it. So I just found this map. She lives in Quito, which is big and bold on the map. That's pretty cool. I'd love to go visit Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, etc... I want to travel the world, of course, who doesn't! I'd like to go to Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Australia, Japan, China, oh you name it... All around the world. My dream. Also, another dream is to travel the USA in a Winnebego, to every single US state! Some I've already been to - but not with Jamie. This would be something for us to do in our retirement.
Class today went by pretty fast, I got a lot accomplished on an Illustrator assignment, which I am very proud of myself. I got frustrated a few times, but managed to work out everything that needed to be be worked out. (We're learning how to use the pen tool properly).
After school headed home, and chilled out for a little bit, Jamie brought me home a salad from where he had lunch - a favourite place of mine for lunch, and then decided around 4pm to crawl into bed for a nap. I napped until about 6:30pm, when our doorbell rang with the first person for our poker game. I was out like a light. Dead to the world. Needed that nap MAJORLY.
This evening I worked a bit on my crochet blanket. I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition & watched TLC/HGTV in our den.
I didn't feel like playing poker. I don't know why, just not in the mood. I have honestly been sick of texas hold'em lately, maybe I'll get back into it sometime soon.
Getting up to go to the gym early. 11 am Jamie wants to be there! Goodnight.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Beautiful Postcards

Class this morning was not too shabby, we went over a little bit of theory, and I worked on some exercises on Quark Express for class. I have no issues with Kathleens class. I asked her this morning about my mark, as it still wasn't updated in the school's system, and she said that she actually signed the official documents yesterday and it should be updated any day now... well I'm waiting.... cuz it bothers me that it still shows that I've failed the class (even though it was a huge mistake and I didn't!)

In our afternoon class - Phillipe decided to only show up for the second half of the class, which to be honest, he should have been there for the first half of the class, as that was where there was more theory, etc. Anyhow, to make a LONG story short, (as to be honest, I'm sick of the situation and story and just want it to end) Phillipe agreed that yes there is a language barrier, and that he will be making a decision by Monday and he'll get back to us during Monday in class. He said that a lot of the issues that were brought up could be fixed, but that if he were to replace Benoit, that it would be a language barrier issue, and nothing else. Phillipe is a cocky person and as a francophone himself doesn't get what's going on - but at least he sees the language barrier. I will update more as the situation progresses (as hopefully it will progress rather than not happen at all).

Got these 2 postcards in the mail today from Kim Carney. I love them. I can't believe she sent two. And she put them in an envelope stamped with little birds, that I plan on putting in my journals when I scrapbook.
This evening I watched Survivor with Jamie, and then CSI and Without a Trace. I worked on my blanket that I'm crocheting, and that's about it. Relaxing evening. I also bid on a no-name battery for my new digital camera, which should be in my hands by Monday latest - that's if Canadapost doesn't do overnight deliveries on Saturday, and I can't wait to play around with it. I bid on 4 batteries, 2 for myself and 2 for my sister and it worked out to 13$US each for 2 batteries. The Canon brand name batteries go for 60-100$ easily each, depending on where you buy it. And if the no-name batteries are no good- then it was only a waste of 13$ (worked out cheaper to buy 2 than to just buy one, so why not!) I did a search on the net first, though, and according to people commenting on dpreview.com - they don't notice the difference at all between the brand name and no-name. It's too bad my batteries from my Rebel 300D won't fit in the the Rebel XT 350D. Shucks. Cuz I have like 3 extra batteries, besides the one that I will be selling with my camera next week, possibly to my friend Iris. (Sheldon asked about it first, and he will let me know his final decision tomorrow night when he comes over, and if not, it's being sold to Iris - thank god for backup - I MUST sell it!) I think I could probably get good money for the 3 batteries on ebay. I'll see if my father-in-law wants to buy any of them first - he has the Rebel 300D. (I can't tell yet if he's jealous that I got the XT or not!)
Bed time. Early morning again tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WIP & Another Postcard

This is my current WIP. It's almost 30 inches long! This image only shows a third of it - I wanted to zoom in on the detail. I absolutely love the colours. It's for a possible baby boy's room. I am loving crocheting baby blankets - JUST LOVE IT. I find it very relaxing. I've been working on this while watching a movie, TV, in school before class starts, on break from class, etc.

Got my 2nd postcard from My little Mochi's postcard swap. This one is very cute. It's from Nipper. I love it/ Very cute puppy. She was worried that she can't draw and so she did some digital work - but you know what? I can't draw either - so I collaged mine! I hope people start receiving them. I know Hanna in Sweden has received mine - she posted a comment thanking me. I am glad that she LOVED it! And Carole Browne in B.C. got hers also recently.
I went to Walmart. (EVIL EVIL PLACE). I originally went to find cotton Bernat yarn for the dishtowels I plan on making. Well, I ended up finding other yarn that I liked as well, and the Cotton yarn in like 4 different colours! Argh. And then on my way out, I noticed 3 lonely pairs of pants, which all happened to be in a size Medium (my new size) and well, they were calling my name. Under 20$ a pair, I couldn't say no. (They're black pants that can work as pants or exercise pants - weird, I know). They fit me nice, and I love them. Walmart = evil, evil place.
After Walmart I went to the gym and worked out. Instead of reading my book during my stationary bike session, I spoke to Laura on the phone. The gym was pretty dead, so I didn't mind talking on the phone, it wasn't disrupting anyone. I felt great after my workout, as usual. I love it. This is motivation enough to keep going! I got my first protein shake today after my workout. Andrew who works there, made it for me. Andrew's really funny - he's the one that sold me on extending my membership on Monday.
After, I came home, and worked on some things around the house. Jamie got home after the gym, and I made spaghetti for dinner. I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow - yey! Homemade sauce - mmm! I love it. On whole wheat pasta. Delicious.
Going to go to bed.