Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy Week & Changes


Tuesday Quentin was 17 weeks old (left picture) and on Wednesday he turned 4 months old (right picture). Yesterday we had his 4 month check up (vaccines are next week) and on the doctor's scale (which is old school) he was 10 lbs 13 oz. (I plan to get him weighed in tomorrow as per usual at the CLSC on the digital scales, so we'll see if that is any where near accurate). The doc said he feels that Quentin's Laryngomalacia is getting a lot better. (We'll see what ENT has to say later on this week).


This week on Monday Sean turned 51 months old (left picture) and on Tuesday he turned 221 weeks old (right picture). This week Sean told me that he tried Bananas at school and likes them and that he has now tried green beans, and says he'll eat them from time to time. I have been trying to get him to eat them for a while now, with no success. Daycare I guess had better luck. He used to love bananas as a baby (purée), but hasn't been a fan of them until now. The green beans thing surprised me.

Speaking of food, Mr. Mack at the dinner table Monday night asked Jamie what he was eating, so Jamie replied "Fish". Mack then proceeded to say "Can I try some please?". Both mine & Jamie's mouths DROPPED. What!? That's not Mackenzie? Who are you? What did you do to our Mack? Seriously though.. he tried it, and then said "I like fish". Wow... is this a start to a new eating pattern? Is our picky eater Mackenzie turning over a new leaf? If so, I welcome it very much.


Tuesday we walked (it was beautiful outside) to our music & gym class.
Quentin enjoyed being rolled around on a ball. He was all smiles.


Monday we had playgroup and had a nice time with friends.


And today, my happy baby started to get the hang of holding the bottle by himself.


Today we also visited another friend in the afternoon & her adorable son.
We had a nice cup of tea while the boys hung out together.


Then we ran off to watch the older boys in their swimming class.
One minute Quentin was awake, the next he was asleep.


And since he was asleep, I got some knitting done (left picture). After swimming I took the boys on an errand. I like stores that have a shopping cart that fits all 3 boys, plus has storage on the bottom to put my purchases (AND hold my diaper bag)! (The boys got a kick out of the car part of the shopping cart).

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- My March Shipment of the Tanis Fiber Arts Club. (It's my fave shade of green! Yippee!)
- Having fun with friends.
- Loving Spring Temperatures.
- Jamie & I finished Season 3 of How I Met Your Mother, and can't wait to start Season 4.
- I finally caught up on the last 3 episodes of the final season of Big Love. Have you watched it? What did you think of the way they ended the show? Talk to me!

If you're a google reader user or even bloglines user, or even if you follow blogs through don't forget to go and add my 365 Blog Project to your feeds, I often post pictures of the kids there that I don't post on this blog. My 365 project includes original photos (that was my challenge!)

Life's pretty hectic right now (with the kids & other projects I've taken on), so I will try to post as often as I can, but it will not be daily anymore. I just can't. Maybe one day I will be able to blog daily again, but right now, with 3 kids whom are a newborn & toddlers, I just don't have the time or energy. I used to journal (pen & paper) every night for years, and then I was introduced to blogging back in 2005. I have pretty much blogged daily since then (except for when I was in the hospital giving birth to all 3 kids and while I was in the hospital with Quentin back in January. I also think there was one family vacation we took that I didn't blog either that week until I got home). I think right now I'm just burned out, unfortunately. I hope that even though I won't be blogging daily, you'll still take the time to follow my blog. I will still be taking the boys weekly self portraits, and I will still work on my Project 365, but right now, I will be giving up daily blogging. I'm sure there will be extra posts when I have something crafty to show off, and stuff like that too (cooking, baking, crafting, etc). Maybe now, my email response time won't suffer anymore, as well as I might be able to get in some time to catch up on my blog reading (there's hope).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Round-Up.


On Friday I went to La Cabane a Sucre (sugaring off) with Sean's class.


We had a fabulous time.


And the skies were blue, but the weather was cold.
The kids had a good time too.
Here's a video of Sean having fun with one of his friends.


On Saturday we had our last skating lesson and the boys got to bring their hockey sticks. After skating, I took the boys and met up with a friend of Sean's and his family at a local restaurant. We had a good time, but it was a tad challenging to be alone with all 3. Luckily Sean's friends parents were with us, so it made it a tad easier.


Saturday night Jamie & I headed to the Habs game after having dinner just the 2 of us.
The Habs lost badly, which wasn't fun. They haven't won in 3 games.


Sunday we went to a Sports Celebrity Breakfast. There was supposed to be 4 Habs players coming however due to their losing streak, their coach called a practice that morning and they couldn't attend in the end. I was a tad disappointed as were the kids, however, they got to meet Youppi - so they were happy. They each got their Habs jersey signed by Youppi. (The highlight of their day).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3.24.11 :: 144 weeks old

Mack is 144 weeks old today.


This morning I took Quentin for his weekly weigh in, and my little guy is now 10 lbs 7 oz (4.74 kg or 4740 grams). He's gained 5.5 oz this week. (8 oz is half a pound).

I know 4 people turning 30 today. I think it's finally sinking in that there are exactly 12 weeks until my birthday. 30... wow. I think I'm starting to accept that I can't hide from it. 30. No longer in my 20's. It's a whole new level of life. 30's. A whole new level of respect.


This afternoon we headed out to the mall. It was nice to get out of the house and walk around after we were done eating. Jamie also sent me to get a pair of jeans for him at the mall, and when I went in, they had 2 pairs left on a sale rack. Then, from the sale price, they were 50% off. Then, if I used my store credit card, I got another additional 20% off. I got him 2 pairs of those jeans for not even half the price of one pair at regular price. If they had more of them in stock, I would have picked up extra. They better not be discontinuing his fave jeans. (His fave soap, hair gel, etc have already been discontinued...) (We seem to have not so good luck with doctors going on maternity leave and fave items getting discontinued). I think I might call around to other locations to see if they have these jeans in stock as well... (Quentin's been putting everything in his mouth lately, I think he's definitely teething. Above he's gnawing on his bib).

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011



After Quentin's swim class this morning (which I dunked him fully in water today & he handled it like a champ), Quentin and I took a drive into the city to my grandmother's condo. She got back yesterday from Florida from being there for the winter, and hadn't met Quentin yet. He was born exactly 3 weeks after she left (and he was 4 weeks early). I had heard a rumor that a certain hockey player bought a house across the street from my grandmother. It's true. And it's being renovated. Too bad his Hummer wasn't parked outside the house today. If it was, maybe I'd have taken Quentin (in his Habs bucket (though, that's Mack in the link)) and asked to uhm... borrow a cup of sugar? Maybe I ran out of eggs and needed to borrow one?

When I went to go pick up Mack today, one of his teachers tells me that one of the girls in the class today, turns to Mack and says "I like him, he's cute" and Mack turned back to her and said, "you're cute too". Oh my. I think we might have to watch out for those 2 later on! They used to be in playgroup together when I was on maternity leave with Mack. (The 2nd playgroup I was in). Sean's actually friends with her older brother, so we see them outside of daycare too. Oh, my heart melted when I heard that. Too.freakin'.cute.

seanswimless mackswim

The boys had swimming this afternoon. I had no issues getting either of them into the water.


Quentin however wanted to eat while they swam, so no knitting for me. Maybe next week.

Baby boy clothes (and other items) box #1 packed and ready to go to it's new owner. Why am I having separation issues? It's some stuff he's outgrown in NB size, depending on the company. There are still a few NB items lingering in his wardrobe that will go into the next box. Quentin's in 0-3 month size now finally. Also some extra blankets and stuff I don't need and some stuff wrong season. It's super hard. But I'm going to do it.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3.22.11 :: 220 weeks & 16 weeks

16wksQ 220wksS

Quentin is 16 weeks old & Sean is 220 weeks old today.

I had a wicked bad migraine today.
My head still hurts.
My eyes are blurred by the screen.
I know once I sleep it off, it'll be gone by morning.


Even thought my head hurt, we went to a new music class today.
I started a 4 week mini session at a synagogue near me.
I missed the ladies who do the music in this class.
They asked today who was new taking this class with their 1st child.
Everyone but me raised their hand.
Then they asked who was taking this class again with their 3rd child.
I raised my hand.
I wouldn't miss it for the world!

swingBT asleepswing

After 30 minutes of music we had half an hour in the gym - which was a lot of fun.
Quentin went on the swing for a bit... and uhm... fell asleep. Oops!
It was too cute.

My best friend since kindergarten turns 30 today. We've been friends for 25 years. Even though I can't be with her today on her 30th birthday, I hope she has an absolutely wonderful birthday. Less than 3 months until I hit "dirty 30"... silently, I'm freaking out inside. C'mon people... tell me the truth... 30... is it bad? One thing on my "list" was to be married & have 3 kids by 30... check. I can't really say that I had anything else on my list to do before I turned 30.

I'm off to go sleep off this migraine.
I can't even see the screen clearly anymore.
I have to squint to see it more in focus.
That's not good, is it?

Monday, March 21, 2011


Last night Quentin went to bed at 6:30pm. I looked at Jamie around 8:30 pm and said that we're either screwed because he'll sleep through the night now and wake up at 5/6 am, or he'll get up around 10-10:30 and then I might not be able to get him back to sleep for a while. We went to bed and he still hadn't gotten up. I was preparing myself to be woken up in the middle of the night or really early morning. What do you know... Quentin slept in until almost 8:30 am this morning from 6:30pm last night. 14 hours. Wow. I wish I could get sleep like that. I haven't slept like that since I was pregnant with Sean. How I miss sleep like that.

5boys QNathaniel

Today we had playgroup. I'm really enjoying this group of people. We were a small group today, 5 boys... there seems to be a lot of boys born! We also had 2 visitors join us today (on top of our 5 boys), someone I hadn't seen since 1992 when I went away to sleep away camp. She just had her 2nd son just over 2 weeks before I had Quentin. It was really nice to see her.

diapercover nappy


Pattern: Diaper Cover Photography Prop by Kristi Simpson (My Ravelry Link)
For: Photography Prop
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Gray
Hook: 6.0 mm (J)
Size: 0-3 months
Timeline: March 20, 2011
Modifications & Notes: Super quick project, great pattern, easy to follow. Followed instructions for the 0-3 month size. Came out WAY too small even with getting just about gauge going up to a size 6mm (J) hook (pattern calls for 5mm (H). Want to use this as a photography prop, however, I will have to re-try it again, with maybe a worsted yarn (Cashmerino Aran I thought would be thick enough). Modeled by Sean’s Cabbage Patch (boy) doll - which seems to be a perfect fit. Will retry again, to fit a newborn. I'm thinking next time, I'll try a worsted weight yarn... maybe Cascade Superwash or something.

Still can't show you my current design, but it's coming along nicely, and I've got my test knitters working away as well. Luckily I found some people with Tosh Sock in their stash (thank you Ravelry).

Second day of spring today, and we had a snowfall. C'mon Spring... don't let Winter let itself back in... I've already put away my winter boots for the season, I really have no interest in taking them back out.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


hatzgreen crochetgreen


Pattern: Crochet PomPom Baby Hat by Nikki Kirkwood (My Ravelry Link Hat 1 & Hat 2)
For: Photography Props
Yarn: Sean Sheep armytage (Wal-Mart Canada)
Hook: 10.0 mm (N/P)
: Newborn and 3-6 months size
Timeline: March 19, 2011 (about an hour each)
Modifications: For the newborn size, I chained the 28 as it called for, but I added the extra round that the 3-6 month size calls for in the pattern as I found without it, it was preemie size. Yarn was held double stranded on both hats.
Notes: I think I know this pattern off by heart now. It's super easy.

qballcrochethat cuteqballhat SMZChair

Today was a nice relaxing Sunday. We had a play date this morning for brunch with a friend of mine and her almost 6 year old and her almost 3 year old daughters (the almost 3 year old is 3 weeks younger than Mackenzie). It was nice to see the boys play with some girls for a change. It's rare we have girls over. But the rest of the afternoon we spent chilling at home. It was a nice day today, the first day of Spring. Though, they're actually calling for snow tomorrow... which is kind of depressing. At least today, the first day of spring was warm & sunny.


I played around with my new camera today (the Nikon D300S).
I spent quite some time this weekend reading the instruction manual.
It's quite the powerful camera and I wanted to learn how to use it properly.
A few features weren't set properly when I got the camera, but now it seems to be good.


Quentin makes the perfect model.
I love him in all whites. He's delicious!
I just want to eat him up.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011



Today was a chill day around the house.
We kept Sean and Mack home today from skating.
They're both still coughing slightly.


Quentin and I headed outside for a little bit today.
Do you recognize this outdoor wear? (That's Sean in Feb 2007)
Or this little cute bear in it too? (That's Mack in September 2008)


No later than 5 minutes after we put our old sofa to the curb (and said goodbye to it), did a friend call my cell phone (luckily I was back inside or I would not have heard it), to ask if I was still getting couches. I took down the "FREE COUCH" sign we taped to it, and about 30 minutes later the couch was gone, as well as another couch that was in my playroom that we were getting rid of. Two more couches in our basement to go. I think we'll put them to the curb tomorrow (where this black one was) and put back up the sign FREE COUCH! (Well, couches, as there are 2 more). This de-clutter feels good. Get 2 couches new, getting rid of 4 old couches. It's feel good spring cleaning! (And ps- I smell Spring!)

Can I tell you how incredibly smart Sean is? He knows the days of the week in order. He knows the 12 months of the year, in order. He can tell you the day of the week we are today, the month and the date of the month (so like Saturday, March 19th). He also told me that spring is coming on the 21st. Unreal. Do most 4 year olds know this information? I find it quite impressive.

I've been working on that new design of mine, I should be able to show you what it looks like about mid-April. Though... you should totally go on over and check out the Kit that I'm designing it for. It's for Nestucca Bay Yarns' Spring Lambs Yarn Club. The club looks like a lot of fun, and you should go sign up! You will be getting Madelinetosh yarn with at least one of the kits (not sure if all are knit up in Madelinetosh yarn), but I am very excited to be designing the sock pattern for the club. I actually might be designing both March & May's sock designs.. so go check it out!

I did take a few breaks from knitting that sock and today I whipped up 2 more of those Pompom Crochet hats this time in green. I'm not 100% in love with the yarn I used, but they're cute. Maybe someone will like them to have their newborn model in it. If not, that's okay too. My hat prop collection is growing, and I hope to have enough of a collection for moms to pick from. Pink, blue, neutral colors... you name it. I actually am looking for a newborn girl to photograph. I picked up the most deliciously gorgeous newborn size tutu that was handmade by a friend of mine, and I must find a baby to photograph in it. Too bad everyone I know who have recently given birth, all had boys. I have someone due shortly, but she hasn't given birth yet. Maybe I can wait...! For the crochet hats I did today, by the time I was done both of them, it was too dark to take any photos - (I'm a natural light snob) - so... photos are coming tomorrow. PROMISE!

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