Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jet Lagged

It's 6:16pm. I just ate some dinner. Got home just before 10 am, and my brother picked us up from the airpot, and I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. I didn't sleep on the red eye home, I just couldn't. It was a packed flight, and I was really not comfrotable. It was the worst 4 hour flight of my life. The guy sitting to my right, at the window seat first off snored, and his head kept leaning towards me - in the middle seat. Ew. Jamie was on my left. He perfers the aisle seat.

In the airport, Jamie & I had gotten there early, so we killed 2 hours and watched the movie Saw II on my dad's portable DVD player, that we borred (we have one, but he has 2 extra batteries for his - for extra play time). What a crazy movie. CRAZY!

Before starting the movie, I was eyeing this Guess purse at the duty free shop across from our Gate. MAN. I wanted to buy it, but Jamie wouldn't let me. Said I didn't need any more purses. Damn It! The entire time we were watching the movie, I kept turning back to eye the purse at the front of the shop. It was 85$US and I could not justify paying that. Plus taxes I think. Even though it's duty free, I think you still need to pay taxes. I'll check online for it later.

Then, on the plane, we watched the movie Jarhead. It was also really good. I really enjoyed it. Killed another 2 hours (of a 4 hours flight that I couldn't sleep on).

The rest of the flight I watcehd Animal Planet on the Canadian Satellite TV (each seat had their own!) And then after that, custom forms were handed out, filled out and by the time after adding up bills, etc, it was time to prepare for landing.

I slep for about 45 minutes on the 2nd flight, which was probably a bad idea, as it made me even more cranky when we landed in Montreal from Toronto. Our lugguage was one of the first ones off, thank goodness.

While standing waiting for our lugguage though, Jamie's dad took a chance and called my cell. I had it on already, incase my brother (who picked us up) was trying to get in touch with us. Turns out, he was at my house, because my alarm went off. And it was the second time this week, that it had gone off, a motion detector IN the house. (No break-ins). The first time, Thursday morning, Jamie's dad - who is the number one call on the list while we were out of town, was in the dentist's chair when it happened, so the police were sent. They couldn't find anything, so they left. (They obviously could not get into the house).

... The alarm company is going to hear about this. And they're going to get a mouthful. This is not the first trip we've taken that the cats have set off the alarm.

I am sooooo glad to be home. It felt great to sleep today from 10 am - 5pm in my own bed. It felt so good I was out cold! I have NO idea how I'm going to sleep tonight, and I have an 8 am class tomorrow morning.

Laundry to go sort. Fun fun! Later!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shoes & Shopping

Today was our last day in Vegas. I'm now in the airport waiting for the plane home. We got to the airport quite early and I just finished watching a movie with Jamie. We watched the movie Saw II (SICK SICK Movie!) but I really enjoyed the way it was done, and recommend it to anyone who has the stomach for it!

Today, Jamie and I had lunch at the Wynn. We bought a 24 hour pass last night for the bus, and headed down to the Wynn first. There was a line up at the buffet - but that was okay - it was WELL worth the wait! I really admit that as the truth. What I didn't know is that it was only 150 points for 2 meals - I thought it was 150 points per meal. So basically I gambled money for nothing - losing it - (hoping to win of course) but thinking that I needed 300 points for 2 meals (worth about 50$ each!)

After lunch - I headed to the Fashion Show Mall while Jamie went to the Flamingo Casino & Hotel - our fave spot) to gamble in the poker room (Texas Hold'em). At the mall, I found a payless - as there was some shoes that I was eyeing back home, and really wanted.

So I bought them. I got 4 pairs of shoes for 40$ US - all using money that I won! So technically I got them for free! It was buy one get one half off at Payless.

So I got the champion flip flops that I'd been eyeing in red (I had them a few years ago until this past year in black - but I accidently left them out on our back patio last winter and when I went to get them this spring - there was animal doodoo on them - so they went straight into the trash.

I also got these really cute pink shoes - I LOVE THEM!!!

And fake crocs - which I was thinking about buying the originals - there was a stand in the Fashion Show Mall selling them - but decided for half the price - I liked the colour of the airwalk ones better than the original ones! I can't find the colour of mine online - but they're a GORGEOUS Hot Pink!
The last pair of sandals I got - have no picture online, I'll have to photograph them someday when I wear them - after I paint my toes. I do not plan on wearing them unless my toes are painted!
I went into a few other stores, picked up a few other items that I wanted or needed - got a few more souvenirs that I wanted, and needed, hoping I'm not forgetting anyone.
Here is one last look at the Strip - I'm going to surely miss it.

Oh - and this is the ONLY picutre of Jamie and I - zoomed in and cropped (from the image below it) of the two of us in Vegas. I'm lazy and kept forgetting to get people to take pictures of the two of us together (I have a bunch of each of us in Vegas alone though - but not together - silly me!)

But the one picutre of the two of us - it is cute nonetheless. This picture was taken about 10 minutes before we got back to the hotel to pick up our stuff to head to the airport. I guess the entire trip I was just paranoid that if I gave someone my camera to take a picture of the two of us, that they'd run off with it - call me a worry-wart - it's true, that's me.

The rest of the afternoon in Vegas, was fun. I met Jamie at the Flamingo - and put down 100$ at the poker room - at the end of that sitting - I walked out with my 100$ turning into 294$. Wow - what a fun time that was - and now, we've pretty much spent nothing on our trip in Vegas. The only thing we'll have to pay for is the hotel and the taxes on the plane tickets - which we took out of our honeymoon money, which was a present from Jamie's dad.
I've had a really good time in Vegas. I ate like a champ but got a good work out. I have nasty blisters on my feet from all the walking (three blisters on the bottom of my feet - and one on each heel). I thought my good nike shoes would serve me good - but they didn't. And Jamie didn't get a SINGLE blister from the NEW sneakers he bought before we left to Vegas - lucky dog!
Alright, see you back in Montreal - we should be boarding any minute now to fly back - over night to Toronto then to Montreal.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Local Yarn Shop Too Far - But Met at Chippendale!

So upon getting up this morning, Jamie and I had decided that he would get over to the MGM Grand to play in the poker room and I would go over to the LYS and to Michaels and then meet him there.

Got ready, took my time, took a nice hot shower, and then went down to the lobby. Decided since there was no on on the internet in the lobby, to check my email and toss my friend Miriam an email - since it was her birthday yesterday, and I kept trying to get to a phone, but never did.

I then asked the front desk about the LYS. Turns out - we were at 3100 Tropicana West and the LYS - Wolly Wonders was at 3421 EAST Tropicana! Apparently it was on the other side of the airport, and the airport was a 19$ cab ride. That went that.

Then I inquired about Michaels. Apparently the closest one by cab was about a 4 mile drive, which would have been a 20$ cab ride at least each way. (The airport was not even 2 miles from the strip, but you had to take the highway to get over to where our hotel was - so it was a little more than 2-3 miles driven to get around). There was NO WAY that I was going to pay 40$ round trip and spend 80$ in cabs to get to and from the LYS and Michaels.

I was a little disappointed.

On my way to the MGM Grand to meet Jamie - I got my picture taken just outside the Tropicana Hotel for 20$ for a 5x7 with a Chippendale! Good laughs!

Met Jamie at the MGM grand and played some Texas Hold'em. I lost 100$ so I walked away from the table. Wasn't really too happy about that.

Today we spent the afternoon at the Flamingo for a bit, and then for dinner we took the bus over to the Old Strip on Fremont Street just off of the new strip which is Las Vegas Blvd. We walked around a bit over there, and then ate dinner at the Upper Deck restaurant in the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

At the Upper Deck restaurant - they have the 9 lb burger. 9 POUNDS! (For size referance, take a look at the FULL SIZE ketchup bottle behind the burger!)

For those non-diet conscious carnivores who consider a half-pound hamburger a mere appetizer, the Upper Deck Restaurant at the Vegas Club Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas has just the hamburger: the 9 pound "Big Daddy Burger." Served with a bun 12" in diameter, a half head of lettuce, two tomatoes, two onions, four pickles, mayo, mustard and 12 slices of American cheese, the burger big enough to feed a softball team is available for $49.99. If one person finishes the burger within 24 hours, it is free!

CRAZY! I'd like to see the person who can eat this. In 24 hours.

Tonight was fun, I bought some more souvenirs for people at home, and some for friends (which I will ship off to them in their next package) and had a good time walking around. Took the bus back to our hotel street (then it was another 10 minute walk from the bus stop) and took some pictures from the front row of the top deck of the bus. The ride from downtown is so ghetto between downtown and the Wynn hotel. (Ghetto includes Circus Circus, the Stardust, etc.... it's looks like a scene from some white trash movie where people get killed). I kid you not. We were scared to get off the bus.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shopping in Vegas is Great!

This morning I was up only 201$US (I had lost 300$ last night at the Wynn - not very proud of that) and then this morning I did a ton of shopping. But atleast the shopping won't be coming out of my pockets. I bought myself:

- 2 long sleeved shirts at the Rainforst Cafe (they were on sale, and did not say Rainforest Cafe on them - didn't really want to advertise for them, they're food ain't the best).- 1 sweater that says Las Vegas on it in a small heart in one of the top corners by the hoodie strings- 1 3/4 length CSI: Las Vegas Unit shirt in pink - very cute- 1 CSI: Las Vegas Unit baseball cap - got one for my brother as well - since he's picking us up from the airport, I got him this as a little extra- 1 pair of 24$ sunglasses. (I honestly forgot mine at home, and was interested in a 5$ pair, but I couldn't find anything I liked). I have nice sunglasses at home, from my uncle's glasses shop, so the pair was really just for the trip.- 2 pairs of dice earrings (tres cute) one in red for myself, and one in a nice baby blue for my sister- I also picked up 10 postcards - 2 which I'll keep for my scrapbook, and 8 to send out to friends.

Then, after doing my shopping, I lost 100$ in the poker room at the MGM grand. My mind just WASN'T there. I probably would have been up more money, but I didn't call a guy, and had a lot of money in the pot already, and had Ace, Jack in my hand, and there was an Ace on the table, and I was worried he'd had something better in his hand, and he had an Ace, Nine, which means, I had the higher kicker, and would have won the pot. He showed me his cards after I folded his bet. FUCK. I am really mad at myself for that one. I really need to be more confident when I play, however, it's different playing a friendly house game with friends and family for 10$, than playing with "REAL" money, in a casino in Vegas with "The Big Boys". You know? This was my FIRST time sitting down at the casinos and playing Texas Hold'em (which is my favourite poker game) in Vegas in the "poker" rooms - which house only Texas Hold'em.

But later on, at the Flamingo Casino (Jamie's and my new favourite place), I won my money back and then some, by putting 100$ down to get chips, and walking out with over 200$ in winnings after being done today in that room.I am having a great time! So is Jamie. Mind you, he isn't eating much. He is a cheap date! I kid you not. When Jamie flies, his stomach gets all weird, and it always takes him a couple of days to get back to normal. He says he's not even hungry, but it makes me worry, I feel really bad. And here, I'm being a pig, eating like crazy, you'd think I was pregnant. (Who knows, maybe I am). But, gosh, it's really odd. This is the second time it's happened, but the first time, is when we went to Boston to visit Sherrie, the first night, his stomach was just not feeling well, and he barely ate, until Saturday night. (We had left Friday morning).

This evening, after leaving the Flamingo, we walked around outside, checking out more hotels (just to say we saw inside almost every casino!) and we saw some free shows (the water show at the Belagio and also, the pirate show at Treasure Island). Both were very nice, and we enjoyed watching them. I really want to do a dinner show while we're here, but I don't think we'll have the time, since tomorrow night we're going down to the "old" strip at Freemont Street, to see the original casinos.

We also stopped in to check prices at Madamme Tussauds, but it was about 40$ a person to get in or something rediculous like that. So we took pictures outside with the wax statues there. I also saw Lucy from I love Lucy and Gerard Depardue (or however you spell his name) and Princess Di, so I took pictures of those as well. Those should be on my Flickr site when I return home).

Tomorrow morning I'm off to check out Michaels and a LYS here called Wolly Wonders. They're on my street - Tropicana, and apparently really close by! How could I not!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not Too Fond of the Wynn (In Regards to Gambling)

This afternoon we checked out a few more hotels. We also, had dinner at Margaritaville, which I fulfilled my craving for a burger. I don't know why, but I was dying for a cheeseburger.

Alcohol and Pregnancy Don't Mix
Drinking alcohol while you're pregnant puts your baby in danger.
Common consequences of drinking alcohol include:

-Fetal alcohol syndrome, the most common cause of mental retardation
-Physical defects such as bent, fused, webbed, or missing fingers or toes; facial and organ deformities; and curved spine and hip dislocations
-Low birth weight
-Decreased attention span
And this is why I've decided to not drink on my trip. Just incase I could be pregnant, and well, I shouldn't be drinking anyhow, if I want to get pregnant if I am not yet.
Tonight, we walked all the way over the Wynn hotel. Jamie wanted to play poker there. So I decided to play a little bit of slots. However, little did I realized, that I kept losing 100$ bills there, so, I was down 300$ when I left there. I don't know what possessed me to keep trying to win money, but the good thing is - that I signed up for a Wynn Player's card, and have some free meals on the card for their All You Can Eat Buffet. Which is a value of approx. 25-35$ plus taxes, depending on when you go there, per person. (Expensive hotel - expensive buffet). It's 150 pointes per meal, and I have just over 360 points. Sucks to lose, lol... (You get points for losing).
As you can see, I hate the Wynn. Not very fond of gambling there. Oh well. Still up though on my winnings, so that's good. At least I gambled away "Free" money.

Winning Money in Vegas!

I'm sitting in the MGM Grand. Typing away on my palm pilot keyboard. This is the ONE time I use my palm pilot. It just usually sits on the charger. Not sure why I upgraded my old one for the m515 which is now pretty much obsolete, but anyhow.

My luck is great, already and it's only noon (3pm EST).

I put 1$ into a .05¢ slot machine and won 6,000 credits - so I cashed out at $300.40.

I put 5$ into another slot machine at .o5¢ and doubled my money, so I cashed out at $10.45.

I put another 1$ into another .05¢ slot machine and won 3800 credits, and cashed out at $190.75.

I am up over 500$ right now.

Jamie's in the poker room.

I'm not feeling 100% though. My stomach hurts a little. I am not sure what it is?

It's very warm here, about 85F. We're staying at the Golden Palms hotel - a 1/4 mile off the strip (about a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the corner of Tropicana/Las Vegas Blvd. which houses The Excalibur, MGM Grand, New York New York and Tropicana Hotels and Casinos.

The only thing I find DISGUSTING here is the smoke. People smoke at the tables, at the slots, walking around, in the bathroom. GROSS. The only area that is smoke free is the poker rooms. I'm not sure I want to play poker with the big boys.

Jamie said he needs half an hour more and then we'll move on to the next hotel. We plan on visiting all of them - not necessarily gambling in all of them though. We just want to see the different themes in all of them! There is sooooo much to do here, it's crazy.

I still can't believe I'm up over 500$ US. FANTASTIC.

I'm hungry. I had a cinnamon scone from Starbucks around 9:30-10 o'clock this morning, for breakfast, and I'm hungry again.

There is a Lion Habitat right here and I just took pictures of 3 gorgeous lions. It's funny, they're just huge cats. Just like my cats playing and fighting with each other - they do the same.

I'm a HUGE PEOPLE watcher, and this the perfect city to people watch! Let me tell you! Lots of people, pretty, ugly, skinny, fat, trendy, trashy.... lots to look at.

I just witnessed a lady breastfeeding in the middle of the casino. WEIRD. In the casino. At least go to the gorgeous resteooms that they have here!?

People her are friendly, which is good.

This morning I was talking to this lady and she asked me whre I was from. I said Montreal. She's from Virginia - EAST COAST AS WELL - and not even a 14 hour drive from Montreal. Anyways, during that conversation - the short conversation that we had - so said "So is there any casinos in British Columbia where you live?" B.C.? Is this lady retarded? Is she fucking kidding me? I told her that I live on the east coast, just above New York State. So she goes "Oh you live across the border?" What the fuck? Who is this dumb woman? Really weird.

Yesterday, at Pharmaprix by my house, before being picked up to go to the airport by Jamie's step-mom, I bought 1 x 1 liter pepsi for Jamie, 1 x 1 liter diet coke for myself, 1 bag of doritos for Jamie, 1 bag of ketchup lays for myself, one Maxim magazine for Jamie - he likes that one for airplane reading - and 1 People magazine for me - wanted to read up on the TomKat baby. So the girl at the cash says "Going on a trip?" and I said yes, to Vegas. She said she was going too, leaving today, actually and staying at Excalibur. Maybe I'll run into her in Vegas. Funny.

Yesterday flying down here - oy fun fun fun. There was a huge confusion when we landed in Toronto. First off, we were late landing. Then we thought we had to wait by the regular carousel to pick up our lugguage. Turns out it was on the connection belt and we had to go elsewhere to retrieve it - all in under 30 minutes, and go through customs to enter the United States. It was the last Canadian city we're touching base on before entering the USA - so that's where we have to go through customs. Thank goodness there was no line up at this time of the evening, and we got to the airplane just as they were preparing to call Final Boarding call. Just in the knick of time.

What an adventure.

When we landed our lugguage was the first off the plane, as we were the last ones on. Glad our bagguage made it on!

We had our very own TV's on the plane, with Satelite TV. Movies cost 5$ each. WestJet only hs ONE section on the plane and it's all considered first class. For the entire flight, I watched A&E - Dog the Bounty Hunter and also some Animal Planet with some rescue show in Houston, Texas (so sad). Also - I worked on knitting my sock, and got well advanced into it. I had NO issues bringing those plastic DPN's I found in my stash at the last minute.

Going to go cash in my 500$ and check up on Jamie. More later.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Errands Done, Almost Ready to Leave

Got up. My grandmother came over to pick up the keys to my place and go over everything with me.. She's watching my cats (feeding them, etc) and bringing in my mail, while I'm in Vegas. It was very nice of her to do this for me, I better pick her up something extra special in Vegas.

After she left, I finished doing some laundry and finished packing my bags. I AM VERY IMPRESSED ON HOW LIGHT I HAVE PACKED! I usually overpack! This is new for me! LOL. The new Robyn!

Went to do some errands with Jamie. First, I picked up some soda, bags of chips, a trashy magazine for myself (I only read those on the plane) and a Maxum for Jamie. Jamie Lynn Sigler of Sopranos is on the cover, I am sure he'll love that! (He also only get Maxum when on plane rides).

Next stop was Payless. Jamie needed new sneakers, so he got a new pair by Champion.

Anyhow, it's 2:33pm now, and we're being picked up at 4pm by Jamie's step-mother. My brother - if he remembers, will be picking us up at the airport on Sunday. We land at 9:18 am (red eye Sat night home).


Need to go fill up the cat food container so my grandmother doesn't have to lift a huge bag to feed the cats, and also since we still have time, I want to shower and maybe watch 24 from last night with Jamie.

I HOPE to have net access in Vegas. If not I'll probably go nuts! So check back for updates! Have a good week everyone!

Monday, April 24, 2006

No Cavities & Bamboo or Plastic DPN's

Slept in a little today. I finally got up when the post lady rang my bell - she had something that wouldn't fit into my mail slot. It was a good thing I was home, usually she leaves it on my doorstep and I find it - or my tennants find it and place it by my door - OR someone actually takes my mail (It's happened before!).

I got my 2nd package of bamboo knitting needles today, the 40cm and the 100cm. I finally now have an entire collection. And you know what? I SHOULD have ordered a complete set of bamboo DPN's - as I went INSANE today calling around, running around, looking for either bamboo or plastic DPN's for my sock project that I am working on - so that I can work on them on my flight tomorrow. It's the only project that I really want to knit - and I really didn't want to have to start a new project, so I tried out circulars - but the bamboo ones are NO good for the sock yarn I'm using - it doesn't slide easily, so that is no good, and I wish I could bring my regular circulars, but the tips are metal, and you're not allowed metal needles through security. I printed off a paper incase I have problems with plastic or bamboo - but those are allowed. According to the American transport online. Click here to see information. (The airline I'm flying - Westjet allows all types of knitting on board- but I won't necesarrily get it through airport security, so I want to play by their rules:

Transporting Knitting Needles & Needlepoint

Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. However, there is a possibility that the needles can be perceived as a possible weapon by the TSA screener. TSA Screeners have the authority to determine if an item could be used as a weapon and may not allow said item to pass through security. TSA recommends the following when bring knitting needles on an airplane:

  • Circular knitting needles are recommended to be less than 31 inches in total lengthWe recommend that the needles be made of bamboo or plastic (Not Metal)Scissors must have blunt points
  • In case the screener does not allow your knitting tools through security it is recommended that you carry a self addressed envelope so that you can mail your tools back to yourself as opposed to surrendering them at the security check point.
  • As a precautionary measure it is recommended that you carry a crochet hook with yarn to save the work you have already done in case your knitting tools are surrendered at the checkpoint.

In the end - this evening, I managed to find assorted (non matching - but the same size - US size 2) DPN's that were all made out of plastic. Four are different shades of cream, white, beige, and one if turqouise, but they're all 3mm (US 2) so as long as they're the right size, I don't care about length or colour. THEY WORK! I dug through the pile of knitting needles I got at Value Village - SOOOO glad that I didn't throw them out!

Today I had my dentist apt at 2pm, with my sister (whom I picked up at work) and NO CAVITIES! (I never have and hopefully never will get!).

The dentist's assistant - whom we've known for years, told me it was time for an xray. With the possibility that I could have gotten pregnant - won't know until I get my period or not (around the 4th of May) I asked her if I could hold off on the xray. She said "Why, are you pregnant?" And before I could respond - my sister jumped in and said "YOU'RE PREGNANT?"

So I told her that I'm not pregnant yet (because there is a huge possibility that I am not yet) but that I'm off the pill and that we're letting it happen when it happens.

She PROMISED and PINKY SWORE that she would not tell a soul and wouldn't tell anyone until after people started to know.

I made a promise to my sister though, that she would be the second to know (first being Jamie) that I'm pregnant. That I don't mind doing - as long as she keeps it... which I am sure she can. I HOPE.

Next stop, my mom's house. Had to drop off the leaf blower we had borrowed from my parents, they needed to borrow it back, as my parent's neighbor's tree is shedding flowers into my parents back yard and Bosco (my parent's puppy Great Dane) is eating them. GROSS. My mom hopes that they don't last long, as it's only for a few weeks every summer that this tree sheds the flower buds, or something.

Next stop, Jenn's house. She helped me with showing me the magic loop thingy, in circular knitting socks, BUT my bamboo circs, the only ones safe to travel are NOT good for the yarn I'm using, as I stated before.

Next stop, Walmart, they didn't have what I needed, (haven't been to the Walmart near my parents place in a while, wanted to see if they had anything different than the Walmart near me).

On my way home I picked up dinner for Jamie and I from our fave Souvlaki place - Marathon's. It was delicious and hit the spot!

My tennant called me today while I was getting dinner - it was the husband - to tell me that he's freezing, if we can put the heat back on. Well - to be honest, we had shut down the heat, as it was getting really warm outside. I agree, that lately, it's been rainy, so it's a little colder, but it's the end of APRIL! Anyhow, I turned the heat back on, but I think we're going to turn if off while we're out of town, because I check on the Regie du Lodgement, and there is no date that I have to keep the heat on until, and if it's going to be nice while we're away - then I'm not leaving the heat on - to pay for it. It was even to the point that we turned off the pilot light, and everything was shut down. Just checked the Weather Network dot com, and it's going to be nice all week. I wonder what the weather in Vegas will be like? (Googled it - and it's going to be around 80F degrees). I like 80F degrees. That just right. I wish it were just 80F degrees all year round. 80F is about 26.5C - that's great.

This evening Jamie and I taped 24 as the Canadiens were playing Carolina again. The game was insane - we went into over-time - as they caught up by the end of the 3rd period and the score was 5-5. We scored the winning goal in overtime - winning the game 2 of the playoff series with 6-5. We need to win two more games to go to round 2. I think we CAN do it. As long as they don't get cocky now that they've won 2 in a row, and don't lose their confidence. I have faith. I'll send out a prayer for our boys to win!

Finished packing and did a little bit of laundry. Cleaned my bathroom - it was dirty with mud on the floor from Jamie coming in with his shoes this weekend, after working in our backyard (bad bad boy!) and started preparing Garbage for tomorrow - it's garbage day, etc).

Can't wait to get to Vegas! Sooo excited!

Have a good night.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dragged Out of The House - Worth It!

This morning I showed the apartment to this girl named Micheline at noon. She was coming to check it out for her brother. Well - her brother is 18 this summer, and is graduating high school in Mont-Tremblant and wants to move to Montreal. He has worked since he was 13, and now has been running a grocery store for a couple of years. Obcviously not full time - since he's still a student. Anyhow - it's for him, and his 2 x 18 year old friends. UHM - NO. Oh my! I can't believe the type of people that I am attracting. SERIOUSLY. This is NOT cool. Who are these YOUNG people, and why can't I get mature older people to rent my place??? I am having such bad luck. I really hope that the guy from yesterday pans out - or even worse comes to worse - the 3 x 21 year old students are better than 3 x 18 year olds! You know? Anyhow, I will re-post and ad on Craigslist once I get back from Vegas - and hope something comes out of this! I really don't want to have to spend money and place an ad in the Montreal Gazette. Spending money is not what I want to do for this. You know?

I had sent Angela an email - as I wasn't feeling too well - and she did not get it - so she showed up at my house around 12:20 and she, along with her boyfriend J.F. convinced me to get off my ass and go knitting downtown with them. If I would have stayed at home, I would have vegged in front of the TV/Computer all day, and wasted the day away. Not what I wanted to do. Sooooo... I agreed to going out - grabbed some yarn and some needles and left my house. Jamie was having a friend over anyhow, to watch hockey playoffs today.

Today at the Knitting Meetup - that Angela and her boyfriend J.F. dragged me out of the house for, I swatched up my Gedifra Donatella. I LOVE what it gives after swatching.

I had a really good time at the knitting meeting. I got to meet the famous Deawn. What a hysterical woman. She told us stories about knitting in the nude - working in a mortuary. That takes courage. What a woman! Check out her blog for other stories.

After Knitting Downtown, I had to make a stop at Walmart. I was with Angela and JF, who came with me in my car (left JF's car at my house - it was stupid to take 2 cars downtown. I was in the mood to drive, so I offered - even if it was pouring rain). I had to stop at Walmart to pick up plastic for Jamie, so that he can cover a pile of rocks on the side of our house while we're away in Vegas. He wanted to protect them from the rain, and also, from blowing over onto the Rabbi's side of the driveway - we want no complaints. (You know?)

Anyhow, so - Angela and I walked out of Walmart with free cotton yarn. (We're BOTH not complaining).

Here's what happened. The yarn was on sale at 5.50$. Had a sticker on it for 5.50$. However, it scanned at the cash at 7.47$ - it's original price (for the big ball of cotton yarn) Anyhow, in Quebec, it's a law, that if an item under 10$ scans at a higher price than what it's advertised for - then it's free for the customer. (If it's over 10$ and this happens - then you get 10$ off the item.

That was all Angela was planning on buying - so she walked out of there with free yarn. I bought 2 other balls - that actually scanned at 5.50$ - so those I had to pay for - amongst some other items that I was purchasing. I am not complaining. Free Cotton Yarn. What a deal! I have a ton of dishcloths that I want to whip up!

So - in retro spect, it was WORTH being dragged out of the house today. REALLY!

This evening we ordered Tasty Food Pizza and watched Sopranos and Big Love on HBO. I taped Grey's Anatomy but it was some sort of recap show or something, so I watched the first few minutes, realized what it was and turned it off.

Going to go crawl into bed with Jamie. Got the dentist tomorrow and a million things to do!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Backwards Knitting - Don't Try This At Home

This morning I HAD to sleep in. Even though it wasn't late, it was still something. I got up near 10:30 am, and at this point, it was just on time to show the apartment to Adam of Toronto. He was supposed to get into Montreal last night, but since protesters set fire to the train tracks in Ontario, he had to be bussed from Toronto, until after that fire, and then take the train into Montreal, delaying him by hours. Indians are fighting for some land that is theirs, so it won't be built on. Click here for the story.

I felt a good vibe from Adam. On top of it - he REALLY liked the place. It was just a shame that my tennants were sleeping, and, well, he didn't get to see the master bedroom. I did show him mine though, since it was the same size, and I really want him to like the place, and want to sign a lease. I'd rather him - alone with his small dog - than 3 x 21 year old university students. He filled out an application - but said he would get back to me after seeing other places that he had lined up for his trip. Of course he has to cover ground, since he won't be in town very long. He will be leaving Monday, so if all is well, he will need to sign a lease before he leaves.

I really hope it works out with him. He seems like a nice person to have living upstairs from you.
This afternoon my 2pm didn't even bother to show up. Around 4pm, upstairs called, to ask me if they were showing up - because they wanted to leave. At that point, I said "I guess they're not showing up" and was royally annoyed that they "waited" at home just because I was supposed to show the place. I am the landlord. I DO OWN a key to their door. They DON'T have to stay home waiting for people to show up. I can't control people making appointments and then not keeping them. (on a side note - I usually take a call back number for apt's I make - but this one I just forgot... and just took the guy's name).

Here is my backyard, as of yesterday:

(It was nice and sunny yesterday)
Today, Jamie and his friend Michel spent the afternoon in our backyard working:

This is what my backyard looks like now:

This area (above) that is within the wood border, will be our patio area, where the tiles are being moved from the center of the "lawn" to the side of the house, where will be put a patio table with an umbrella - once we buy one - which I am hoping is soon. I hope to get a 6-8 seater table. (Hoping more for the 8 seater - for more guests!) We love to BBQ in the summer, and what's a BBQ without family & friends.

Jamie has Michel coming back tomorrow morning around 8 am - I hope it doesn't rain - for their sake! I wonder how long it will take to finish our backyard? I want to be able to plant in our garden around mother's day - which is when you should be planting!
This evening Jamie and I watched the hockey game. WE WON 6-1! Go MONTREAL! It's game one of the Playoff Series, and we're playing Carolina. I hope we win the series, that would be friggin' awesome.
During the game, I knitted...

At first I was not really too sure what I did though - because I was knitting - (not purling, but only after 3-4 rows did I realize - that it was showing that I was purling, but I wasn't?
Took me some time to realize what I had done. Instead of knittting counter clock wise - I knitted clockwise. So basically, I was still knitting in the round, but instead of the project facing me as it is in the picture, I was actually looking at the inside while knitting. And because I had JUST turned the heel - the yarn should have been crossed back over from purling to knitting. So since I had put the project down and away (after turning the heel) when I picked it back up - I continued on from where the string was - without paying attention - I was knitting inside out. HAD I purled the way I was going - it would have shown as a knit stitch - on the outside of the sock. (Follow?)
So..... had to frog it for a second time - and since I couldn't figure out where the end of my turned heel was - I had to frog it to just before the heel turning. Which actually was fine by me - because I had made a small error in the turning of the heel again - and this way - I knew for sure, that I wouldn't make that same mistake again!
I was honestly thinking about considering to rib the foot - three rows knit, three rows purl, etc.... HOWEVER..... I wasn't sure if that was going to be at all bumpy, and also - because this was an error, one side had an extra row than the side before.... so it was uneven. Fun, fun.
Don't try that at home. I do not recommend it!
Pretty Woman was on ABC tonight. Gosh, I love that movie. Richard Gere - Mmmm! Julia Roberts - Ahhh! What a great movie. I watched it from where it was - after the hockey game. It had already started.
Going to go crawl into bed with Jamie.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Spontaneous Hair Cutting

My exam this morning was a joke. But I had previously known that it was going to be a joke. It was 10 questions, and I had them, along with the 10 answers. Two weeks ago (not last week, because last week was Easter Friday and we had no school). I know for sure, that I got 10/10 on that exam. A piece of cake. I knew all 10 answers off by heart, as I studied them. Between last night and this morning.

But now... I'm ALL DONE school until May 1st. I am so relieved, and I'm going to relax and take it easy and HAVE FUN IN VEGAS on Tuesday!!!

Speaking of Vegas, as soon as I pulled out my suitcase - guess who found himself a new sleeping area..... None other than Zeus. (This below, is the red suitcase that Jamie got my for my birthday a couple of years ago)

I spontaneously got a hair cut today. What do you think?

I cut off more than 4 inches. My hair was below my boobies. But now, my hair looks healthier, not all different lengths, and LIGHTER! The guy who cut my hair - and blow dried it - also... what's the word.... thinned out my hair? He used this special comb that cuts, to thin out my heavy hair. I think it looks very cute. He also layered it a bit - so that it gives shape!

When I had gotten to the hair salon, which is next to my grocery store - in the same out door strip mall, I had never been there before, so I didn't know what to expect. Anyhow, I got faught over, as three people wanted to cut my hair. 1- an old jewish guy named Shlomo, 2 - this nice hip lady (would probably have preferred she did it) and 3- this really gay morrocain jewish guy named Sam- who owned the place. In reality, I did get bounced between all of them - Shlomo washed my hair and put in a treatment, the hip lady combed out my hair (huge knots, hopefully now that my hair is thinned out and shorter, I won't have that problem?) and then Sam took over. He "appologized" for me being bounced around, even though I didn't really care, but he said it was unprofessional of his people, and I shouldn't be treated that way, etc. I don't know if I will ever go back there. It's conveniently close, but we'll see.

When I was leaving, the hip lady, who had previously (while combing out my hair) told me that she loves my hair colour, asked if it was natural - YES IT IS - I haven't touched my hair (colour) since before I met Jamie and chopped all my hair off (in 2002 I cut it VERY short) and have not colour treated my hair one bit since growing it out).... that she loves and it wants to find a dye to match it to, so she can dye her hair. As I was leaving, SHE SERIOUSLY TOOK A PIECE OF MY CUT OFF HAIR AND PUT IT INTO AN ENVELOPE. HOW NASTY!!!!!!!!!! She was serious about finding a colour to dye her hair similar. Oh my gosh... WEIRD. Maybe I don't want her cutting my hair in the future.....

I have another thing to say about the hair cutting in just a bit... let me continue on in my day.

Got home, Jamie didn't even notice that my hair was cut.... I asked him if he noticed anything different, and he asked me if I got new pants. They actually were my first time wearing them, but huh?? Men. I swear... blind. In the end, after telling him I cut my hair, he noticed. And liked it... even though he loves SUPER LONG HAIR!

I got this purse a while back. LOVE THE COLOUR and Love hobo!

However, I wasn't fond of the sequins on the bag. Not one bit.... Took me about a week, little by little while watching TV, talking on the phone, etc... and I cut each one off.... one by one...

Now, I have a super cute brown bag, that I LOVE. What do you think???
The last picture I have to show today, it the progress on my sock. I am in love with the sockotta yarn that I got in the booty swap from my partner Melissa. I am hoping to find more ... soon! I am still addicted to sock yarn. Very very terrible.

I just turned the heel. Very proud of myself, I've mastered Short Row heels with Wrap & Turn.

This evening, we had our usual gang over for poker, and I actually played tonight. I was actually very impressed with myself, I came in third. It was fun - and it was a practice run for Vegas - not sure I am going to play the tables though - but if I did - it would be Texas Hold'em. I don't really know any other game. I like the slot machines though. LOVE slots. They're fun. They make fun noises. LOL.

So, Jamie's dad and step-mom came over early for dinner, and we made a chicken salad, it was delicious. Fresh BBQ chicken, amazing homemade dressing (I love my mother in law's salad dressing) and we got to talking. I told them about my sponteaneous hair cutting today, while Jamie was out of the room, and Jamie's father turns to me and says. "Robyn, did you know that Jami's mom cut a lot of her hair off the day she found out she was pregnant with Jamie?"

Jamie's step-mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday. (June 16th - still a month and three weeks). Hmm, that's a very good question. What do I want for my birthday? I am really NOT sure. I will have to get back to her on that one. I already asked Jamie for a vaccum cleaner - We have a vaccum cleaner, it's just old and falling apart. I'm waiting until we run out of bags for it - and then I'm getting a new one. One that will work 100% of the time and pick up EVERYTHING! (And won't smell like burned carpet!)

Ok, I'm going to go watch some TV and knit. Jamie's playing game two right now (I only played game one)... but there was no way I had the attention span for two games tonight. Goodnight.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Long Day From Hell

I took this photograph this morning before leaving the house for my long day of hell. Spring is coming and I am getting sooooo excited about that! I love spring - one of my favourite seasons. That is for sure.

This morning I had a bunch of things to print out before leaving the house for school, and I also had to make sure that I had all my files burned onto CD and all my supplies and parts to my project. It took a while to make sure everything was in order, but it was well worth it - because I didn't forget anything that I needed at home - which sometimes happens, and is the case with me. But not today - I had everything and people were coming to me for supplies. It's their fault for not bringing shit - and I only loaned out my supplies to certain people. Some people I just didn't care if they finished or not - hey this is a competitive field, you know?? They'd do the same, so it wasn't like it wasn't fair.

My morning's class was in two parts. Part 1 - do the exam. Part 2 - finish and hand in projects. My exam, which was corrected on screen in front of us, was a major joke. I got 20/20 - of course, really was not worried about that exam. (Using the software Quark Xpress). As far as my project goes, everything was done, I just had to get help from my teacher to cut the "pochette" we made, and fold it and put everything all together in the "pochette". I was very happy when it was done and handed in. I also got my project back that I did on Sabrina Ward Harrison. The "Artist" project. We had to create an invite, poster, magazine ad, magazine cover for an exhibit of an artist of our choice. Since I love the colours that Sabrina works with - I chose her. I got 16.83/20 on that project, which is not too shabby.

The exam in typography - was wicked hard. I didn't know the shortcuts to certain things in Quark - which I probably should have - but I'm the type of person that finds the function in the tool bar, and doesn't really use shortcuts (unless it's copy, paste, undo move, or like save, print, etc.. THE EASY ONES! Oh and I do know apple (or control on a pc) zero and apple T (transform) , apple d (deselect) in photoshop). I didn't even think to study shortcuts for Stylesheet, etc... for the exam. Oh well. I am sure I passed, but maybe not by much. Oh well. I just need to pass that class, that's all. Which I am sure I did. That - I am not worried about.

Handed in my project, and I was out of there. (I did go through about 4 cd-r's which I kept bumming off people, as I kept remembering to fix something after burning the info to my CD). I wanted to kick myself for that stupidity, and the stupidity of not bringing extra blanks to class. I should have known better!

Today was the longest day in hell at school... but I told myself at the beginning of the week that if I made it through to today... then I would survive! And voila - I made it through today! ALIVE!

This evening Jamie and I just vegged out on the couch watching TV. Didn't feel like doing much. We watched Survivor, and then CSI and Without A Trace.

Well, off to bed. Have one more exam tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Took Time To Knit!

Today, my only day off during the week, I spent doing homework, ALL DAY LONG. By about 3pm I had finished my project that is due tomorrow at 8 am. By the time 6pm came along, I was well along in my project that is due tomorrow by 6:30pm. I had plugged in all the photos, Angela whom I went knitting with tonight helped me turn some of the photos into duotones, and all I had left at that point was to type up my information on what the subject of the pamphlet was on. My text boxes were already placed, and ready to go. My first completed project was a "pochette" which we had to create using a template with the subject "WELCOME TO MY WORLD"... so I chose to do it on KNITTING! What else! Lol... Its my world now! My project due tomorrow afternoon is an informational pamphlet on breastfeeding. I wanted to learn more on the subject, that's why I chose to do my pamphlet on that subject.

I went knitting tonight for three hours. It was nice to get out of the house. I really had to. I was going crazy by the time 6pm came along. Angela came over to my place, and came with me to knitting. First though, we made a pit stop at Walmart as I had a return to do. I had a shirt that I didn't like the way it fit to return as well as some yarn that I didn't need. YES - I RETURNED YARN. I didn't need those colours, and there was no point in keeping them if I really didn't need them, you know? If I should ever need to use those colours in the future - then I will purchase them again. But for now, Walmart only takes back up to 90 days, and well, the yarn was just sitting here, without any use for it. So.... better to have it returned and if I will need it again, well, then I'll go purchase it again. That's the plan.

Knitting tonight was fun, until some guy went to the bathroom (we got stuck at tables near the bathroom) and well - to be blunt - took a dump. Whenever the men's bathroom door after that opened and closed... well - you get the picture...... I wanted to vomit. Emma - who was there sitting next to me, also - got to the point where she wanted to puke as well. It was kind of gross... let me tell you. So, I finally got really annoyed and moved seats. I sat next to some new members who came to join us, and it was really nice getting to know them. Meeting new people is always fun. You know? I love it.

I met Veronik tonight, a long time Montreal knitter with Montreal Knits, but we just hadn't met yet, since i'm a new knitter. Anyhow, since I'm new, and screwed up, Veronik was a doll and helped me to just frog the heel on the new socks I'm making. I didn't want to frog anymore than that - so she showed me how to stick your needle in a couple of rows back and then pull out the stitches. Works well. I'm happy. I was obviously distracted at some point and well, made an error when doing a short row heel and there was a hole. Wanted to fix that up and start over, but didn't want to frog the entire heel. I will post pictures soon, as soon as I'm out of school for this semester and I finish turning my heel (which I started again tonight).

I had to skip off at 10pm, as I had to still type up my information for my breastfeeding pamphlet (which I think looks great by the way). I just needed to spell check and do a last few things. And now I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Feeling Better Today...!

I am feeling a lot better today, about a lot of things. First off, 2 exams are done, and 4 assignments are now handed in. 2 more assignments to finish (tomorrow) and 3 more exams. Thurs morning's exam will be easy, Thursday afternoon's a tad tougher and Friday morning's will be a joke.
I got a preview of my schedule for next semester, courtosey of our coordinator Phillipe, and so far, he's missing one class that he doesn't know when it will be - BUT so far - I HAVE FRIDAYS OFF FROM SCHOOL. FRIDAY'S! GO ME AND MY LONG WEEKEND. Also, my birthday happens to fall during next semester, on a Friday! That would be so nice not to have to go in for my birthday. I really don't mind school Mondays to Friday. That's fine by me. And as of now we start Monday's at 1pm. Wow - this is the life! REALLY.
My morning exam this morning in photoshop was a complete joke. 9 questions, 2 to be done in Photoshop - which she corrected one part already on screen in front of us, and I got 6/6 on it - GO ME. And, the rest, I'm sure I did very well on. I know I may have gotten 1 or 2 mistakes, at max 3 mistakes, but I'm guessing I will end up with 18/20, which is worth 20% of my final grade. I am doing a lot better in my photoshop class than I thought... Phew. I am sure I won't get a high high mark, but I am sure I am doing okay.
Then in my HTML class - this afternoon, what a joke. I handed in my assignment, and wrote the exam. I was the first one done the written part of the exam, which I'm sure I got at least 13/15 (but it's only worth 5% of our final grade) and I am not sure what the second part of the exam is worth, but we had to create a website in Dreamweaver, using a layout that he had given to us - we had to slice it - do rollovers in dreamweaver, and also have 3 pages. One page had text and an image. The second page had text and an image. The third page had text and the titles of the text if you cliked on them had to open an image up in an i-frame on the right hand side of the screen. We were allowed using notes, so I got that done pretty efficiently and did a very nice job. Thanks to Angela though - a friend - who helped me out and actually showed me how to use dreamweaver, because my teacher was useless and I didn't get very far learning from him.
This afternoon I had my job interview with a local photographer. Anyhow, I wasn't too impressed with him, and his wife, who isn't a photographer, sat with us the entire interview, what a weird lady, with a very weak handshake (shook their hands upon coming in, and leaving as well). I felt like if I did my regular handshake, I'd break her hands.... Anyhow, Shira, whom I went to photography school with - but who is graduating now, as she took a year off) works there, and was there today, when I showed up. Daniel, whom I actually graduated with - works there and is going from full time to part time - that's why they need to hire a full-timer. I was under the impression that they were willing to hire a part- time, that's why I sent in my CV. But they aren't. So, we'll see what happens.
Anyhow, this evening, Jamie's friends Michel & Louise (whom we sat on Saturday night) came by to look at our backyard and start making plans for the weekend and all the work that needs to be done in the backyard. I've booked 2 people to show the apartment to this weekend - one to a guy named Adam from Toronto, he's a web site guru or something, lives with his dog - and is looking for a place to live/for his home office. I wonder if a 6 1/2 will be too big for 1 person, but it would be nice and quiet for a change, maybe. I think Adam is coming on Friday to see the place. Saturday, I have someone who called me today, coming to look at it - his name is Collin. I really hope that I get a lease signed soon, I don't want to have to think about it anymore. I just want to go on living life, and not having to worry about renting out my apartment for July 1st.
After dinner I kicked my butt over to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical - I love that machine, while listening to my music. I then started in the abs room, where I started a bit on my routine from the trainer. In the middle of my routine, a guy, named Gino - started telling me that he likes my shoes. Asked where I got them, and then kept on talking to me. It took me a while to realize I was being PICKED UP! It's been a while since that has happened to me, being married and all - but it was very flattering. He asked me what I did today - I was being nice, so I told him I was at school, and did 2 exams, and he told me that I looked like I had a good head on my shoulders and that I was very smart. He also told me that he likes my dimples (which come out only when I smile or blush!) He told me that he thinks I have a good sense of humor, etc... He asked me how long I've been coming to the gym, etc.... We talked about the trainers a bit. During conversing, I tried to do my routine in the abs room, but it was getting to be distracting, so I started to leave, and he said - "So is that it?" and I was like "What do you mean?" and he's like "Will I get to see you again?" And I was like "I work out here, you'll see me around" and he was like "Is that it?" and I'm like "Well, I'm married, so I don't know what you want from me..." and walked away.
But yet, flattering.....
I definitely would not have given this guy my number... that's for sure. Not even to be friends.....
Too creepy! But I didn't mind making small talk with him a the gym.
Serves me right for going to the gym at 8:30pm, instead of earlier when it's crowded business people and everyone minds their own business!
I did some more of my routine, not 100% all of it today as it really tired me out, and then headed home.
I told Jamie abou this and he finds it amusing I think. I am not even flattered - this guy was creepy.
Now I'm going to go hop into a shower, and hop into bed.

Orange Slippers Rock

Thanks to Jen B. of scissorspaperglue, Jen rocks! I received this from her in the mail today - and left her a message on her blog to let her know! They are already cozy on my feet!

Monday, April 17, 2006

School Projects

I absolutely love this photograph - ain't it gorgeous? I did a selection in Photoshop and used it in my website re-creation project that is due tomorrow morning. But this picture is just what Spring is all about - lively and vibrant!
Today I ran into Margaret, Jamie's step-aunt at Walmart, I went to do a return, and she was on her way in while I was on my way out. It was very nice to talk to her, for a few minutes, before I had to run off to school.
Laura and I handed in our organ poster project, and the teacher really really liked it. I am so glad. I think I am going to get a really good mark in my Visual Communications class. Phew! I got my portfolio project back today and I got 23/25, and I am very happy with my mark. It was also the best mark in the class. Go me!
On my way home, I stopped and did some groceries and picked up some art supplies for my project that is due on Thursday. I needed Bristol Board, Manilla Construction paper, Vellum, Acetate, amongst some other items. I found some at the art store near me house and some other items at the dollar store (good dollar store) around the corner from my house.
I worked on my project that is due tomorrow and then ate dinner with Jamie. We had chicken wings as well as nachos with cheese and salsa melted on it. Delicious. I kinda copied what we had on Saturday night at Michel & Louise (the way she made the nachos) and it was soo good. Not very on track with my diet - but very good nonetheless.
We watched 24 this evening, and then I worked a bit more on my project. I worked on both my photoshop assignment and my website that is due tomorrow. I realized that I can't have any lorem ipsum in the project, so I had to put in real text. That was nothing to fix up. I should probably have made my project more "graphic design-y" but I left it as is - as I didn't have any more time to keep working more on it - after all it was very nice - so I think.
Going to go hop into bed now.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Slack Weekend

I found this image on the internet when searching for images for my pamphlet on breastfeeding that is due on Thursday. Anyhow, it's really odd, if you ask me. I don't think I'd ever want to see my child like that when pregnant. You know what I mean? Odd. Really odd.

I decided against doing any homework all day today. I probably should have, but didn't want to. I did a little bit of cleaning, and surfing the web. I organized a bit here, and a bit there.

By the time the evening rolled around, I was REALLY bored. But, I did NOT want to do a stitch of homework. I even went through my wardrobe and started pulling out everything I HATE and don't wear - which was a lot. Maybe I can start becoming a minimalist when it comes to clothes. I have my favourites that I wear - and that's all... I don't need anything more, now do I? Purses and shoes on the other hand - those I love. Because they don't make you look fat! HA HA.

Going to go watch Sopranos and Big Love with Jamie. And then crawl into bed, and maybe make a baby?

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Twenty-One

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Twenty-One
Finally made it. Can't believe I stuck to something for 21 days. It actually wasn't that bad at all. I am very impressed with myself actually. Took discipline, but I DID IT!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Visiting Friends & Movie Day

Today upon getting up (after sleeping in) and taking my car to the shops, we decided to watch Walk The Line. It was rainy outside, and we had wanted to work in the garden today, but the wetness outside prevented us from doing so. So after returning from dropping my car off at the shop (to get my front windshield replaceed - due to a crack that kept running) we watched the movie. What an excellent movie - we both really enjoyed it.

We hung out all afternoon, pretty much doing nothing exciting. I had to pick up my car shortly after watching the movie, and then I had to show the apartment upstairs at 2pm, to a couple who seemed to really like the place - and took an application. They said they'd drop off the application sometime soon, if they were still interested.

I showed the apartment around 3:30pm again, this time to a guy named Xavier, who is only 21. He will be moving in with 2 roommates and possibly his girlfriend. They are all 21 and University de Montreal students. I am not too sure that they are exactly who I want to rent the place, but if they are quiet and don't bother us too much, and pay on time, then what could the problem be? I just don't want parties going on every weekend where I can't sleep because of noise, and also, I don't want to have to "baby-sit" them, and have them call us for every single little thing, considering they are inexperienced on living on their own. Anyhow, he said he was very interested in the place, and just needs to convince his roommates, and will call me back this evening (which he didn't).

After he left, I ran over to the licquor commission to pick up a bottle of wine for our dinner party this evening at Michel & Louise's place. And eventually we got packed up and went over to their place.

Dinner was nice. We stayed for a bit after dinner - had some dessert and eventually headed home.

I'm now going to go crawl into bed with Jamie -and watch the movie Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart. Looks funny.

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Twenty

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Twenty

Friday, April 14, 2006

3 Done, 3 to go + 5 Exams

This morning I slept in as much as I could. I was zonked, had to sleep in.

At 1pm, I showed my apartment upstairs to this guy named Carl who seemed to be interested in the place. He said he would call me back by tomorrow or Sunday with an answer if he was going to apply or not for the apartment.

After Carl left, I went to go meet Laura at Tim Horton's not too far from my house. There, I ran into Jimmy and Denise, who are Jamie's step-aunt and step-uncle, it was nice chatting with them for a bit, before they left, and it was good timing with when Laura showed up!

While at Tim Horton's working on my assignment, I had a very good bagel; 12 grain bagel from Tim Horton's are very good.

We worked on the poster until it got so cold in Tim Horton's, I think they made it that cold in there on purpose, so that you'd get cold and then want to leave, so you don't loiter. So after we were done working on the poster we moved to my backyard to finish the typed portion of the assignment (brainstorming process, etc.) We finally finished but as Laura was leaving, it was when Daniel (Jamie's friend) showed up - Jamie now has people over now for poker.

So that's 3 assignments done (Visual Communications, Illustration (Adobe Illustrator class) and Web Site Design) and 3 more to finish (Photoshop II, Editions II (Quark Xpress class), and Typography assignment) and 5 exams to study for next week. (Two on Tuesday, Two on Thursday and One on Friday!) FUN FUN FUN FUN!

Tonight I watched Lost from Wednesday night and The OC from Thursday night on my computer as I forgot to tape them while we went to the Passover Seder's and so I downloaded them yesterday/today. Lost was just okay, and I find the OC is going downhill... I am not enjoying it much like I used to.

For dinner tonight, I ate leftover passover food that my mother sent us home with last night. Usually it's Jamie's dad and step-mom whom send us home with food - but this time of the year, my mom has extra food - it was still tasty and delicious.

I chilled out in the den after cleaning my office and watched the movie, Flightplan. Eh, it was just okay. Wasn't really impressed. Jodie Foster did a good job, but the story was just far fetched.

Going to bed early, Jamie still has people over playing poker, our usual Friday night gang and I just am zonked, so I'm going to lie in bed and watch TV or a movie or something, haven't decided yet. Tomorrow I have to get up early to take my car to get a new windshield installed as there is a crack in the one on my car now. What a bummer.

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Nineteen

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Nineteen

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Apparently I Eat Too Many Pickles For My Own Good

The seder last night at Jamie's cousin's house was very nice. We had a nice time, and I probably ate too much, as I came home feeling very stuffed. It was nice to have a good conversation with Jamie's cousin Erin, who is now 18. She's a cute tiny little girl - but 18 nonetheless! That's crazy. And I can't believe she smokes, and her parents know it. She smokes in front of them - I can't believe they let her smoke in front of their house! I hope one day, my children chose not to smoke.Kathleen's class this morning was a waste of time... let me tell you. I sat there, working on my project, but wasn't really into it.

Typo class this afternoon was very productive, and I'm on my way to a nice pamphlet, know what I want to do with it, and I will get it done on time for next Thursday. Well I don't really have a choice, next week is my final week of school. AHhhhhhhh! Final week of schoool.... WOWO!

After school, I ran home, (after picking up cat liter on the way home - wow didn't think I carry a 40 lb bag of clay clumping cat liter to my car - but I did it - all block and a half that I had to carry it!) and I quickly showered and got ready to go to my parent's house.

I was able to get a ride into the West Island with my cousin Jenn as she works in town and lives not too far from my parents. It was just stupid for me to drive into the west and have Jamie and I each have a car at my parents house - as he works 5 minutes away from my parents house, and wasn't going to come back into town, and pick me up and then go back into the west - sitting in traffic doing so - probably both ways. So, I got a ride with Jenn. It was nice to chat with her in the car.

Stopped by Jenn's for her to change at get Yannick. Holy cow yarn stash! CRAZY. And I didn't even see all of it! Next time I go over, I need to check out what she's got stashed in her trunk!

We eventually made it to the seder at my mom and dad's place. It was nice, evening went by fast, but uhm, what's with the pregnancy harrassment? "Why am I not drinking wine?" Because I hate kosher wine. Then because I LOVE pickles and usually get extra extra pickles when ordering a sub at subways, everyone assumed because I was eating pickles, that's I'm pregnant. And then, because I ate two small pieces of gefelte fish - instead of just one, because I LOVE gefelte fish - even though it's the hot dog of fish - (bad ingredients, lol), apparently I'm eating for two. And then because Jenn and I were knitting afterwards in my mother's living room - I'm knitting what? Baby clothes? NO SOCKS FOR ME! I don't even know how my sister sensed anything - but it was kind of funny - actually. And it wasn't even Jenn - who knows now that we're trying who started on this! It was between my sister, my aunt and my cousin Laura (Jenn's sister). IT WAS FUNNY! I am laughing about it now, even though shy then when they were laughing at me.

Oh - speaking of the knitting front - I have started knitting with the sock yarn that I got from the booty swap - it's knitting up really nice. It's using other DPN's than my first pair of socks (first pair on US 1 (2.25mm) and second pair on US 2 (2.75mm). So I still need to close the toes on my first pair of socks, I'm just waiting for Jenn I guess, to show her - to make sure I'm at the right spot, before closing them. I don't want to ruin them - they are my first pair of socks!

Well, I'm off to bed. Got a LOT to do tomorrow. Homework, etc.

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Eighteen

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Eighteen

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Seventeen

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Seventeen

Geisha Done & Elle Canada Jury

Last night I napped from 6pm until about 8pm - oh did it feel great. I don't udnerstand what has gotten into me lately - but I have been napping a great deal. I feel like I have constant fatigue.

This morning I got up, expecting Peter at 8:30 am to finish the sealant in my bathroom - the job that he started. But he didn't show up at 8:30 am so I started to clean up my office.

Steve ended up showing up and not Peter by 9:45 am. I didn't even realize it was Steve, until it was time to write out the check at the end of the job (got it done for half price, due to Peter's stupidities two weeks ago about) and was soooo happy that it was Steve that ended up finishing the job, and not Peter fuckface.

As Steve was leaving, the people to see my apartment for rent showed up. They seemed interested - but didn't say anything, so I guess I have to wait to see if the agent calls me back or something? I'm not really too sure what that was all about - because the housing agent came with the guy's mother, and it's for the son the apartment or something, so I have no idea. They also have a dog - but a small one, so that I don't mind at all... as long as they know that the dog will be walked and not put out in my backyard to shit on my grass. No way. Thank goodness my front lawn there is no access - as it's blocked in by bushes. Phew.

I got my parcel from ELLE CANADA Magazine. I had entered and got a spot on their Jury. I have a bunch of products to test - which should be interesting, seeing as though I have 3 categories. Face Moisterizer - okay, cool, but then the last two categories - are NOT my thing.... Eye Makeup remover (I don't wear makeup) and also Shampoo and Conditioner for Colour Treated hair. I don't have colour treated hair - but I do have dry hair - so maybe it'll work on my hair because it's dry (so says the girl who called me back when I called to tell them that I think I'm on the wrong jury because I don't have colour treated hair. I have until June 19th to use up all the products and in the booklet I have to fill out there is a certain amount of time I'm supposed to test out each product. Each bottle they sent is stickered over with ELLE stickers so I can't see the brand - but a few of the products, by the way the bottle is - I can tell what brand it is... ANd some of the bottles - the ELLE stickers are easy to get off - but they leave the bottle sticky, so I'm not going to pull them off. YEY! I have 5 free bottle of shampoo and 5 free bottles of conditioner - as well as 5 free bottles of eye makeup remover and 5 free bottles of face moisterizer, which if I like them, I can use more than just the 1 weeks trial - because it's full size tubes and stuff! Pretty neat. I wonder if I have a friend or someone who wears makeup on a regular basis who wants to try out the eye makeup remover for me. I really don't want to start wearing eye makeup - cuz then that means wearing my contacts instead of my glasses - and I'm not really into that. Anyone want to help the jury? Free bottles of eyemake up remover! LOL.

I just just just just finished my Geisha image - it's due tomorrow at noon. I have some other homework to prepare for 8 am tomorrow morning, but I will start on that a little now, and then I will finish whatever I can tonight after I get back in from the Passover Seder at Jamie's cousin Lori & David's house. We'll be seeing Jamie's mom's side of the family tonight. I made sure pack with the present that we're bringing to their house - a copy of my wedding video that I have for Jamie's mom. Everyone else has a copy (my parents, Jamie's dad & Step-mom, Jamie's sister Andrea has a copy too) that last person left was Jamie's mom and her wife. I have been hanging on to it for a while, finally seeing them tonight. (It's been a while since we've seen them last - can't even recall the last time I've seen them - I'm thinking not since Jamie's birthday in December, I can't think of another time we have seen them since...). And that was the beginning of December. Wow - I haven't seen them yet this year. That's crazy. There have been no birthdays, and we didn't get together with them for Jamie's mom's birthday - which I thought we would have - but didn't - and there have been no other special occasions since....)

Well, I have some other homework to try and prepare for tomorrow - so I will get to that - and then I still need to get myself ready for dinner tonight at Jamie's cousin's house. More later!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Geisha Progress

As promised, a progress report on my Geisha drawing for my Adobe Illustrator Class.

This is the image we have to "trace" - too bad we can't use live trace! Ha ha - Wouldn't that be easy - but the teacher would know. Live trace uses WAY TOO MANY POINTS - and we have to stay within the range of points that she accomplished the image in. I think the teacher did it in 1346 points.

This is my progress - so far:

Getting there- but not quite done yet. That's what my day off tomorrow is for. I have Peter coming to finish my bathroom floor (finally!) at 8:30 am and then I'm showing the apartment at 10:30 am to some housing agent and some guy's mother - the guy is being transfered from another country and his mom and this agent are trying to find him a place - so maybe that will go great - and I keep getting calls and emails - I just want to get a lease signed already - and not have to worry about having tenants for July 1st anymore! I need that stress off my shoulders.

More later about my day.

Jenn & Yannick's Engagement Party

As promised - some pictures from Saturday night!

Jenn! The engagement girl!

The Mr. and Mrs. (Myself & Jamie!) (Apparently this was my Hallowe'en skirt according to my husband, sister and mother? They couldn't decide if they liked it - but I got compliments all night!)

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Sixteen

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Sixteen

Monday, April 10, 2006

Still Overtired :: {A nice snooze}

I slept in a little this morning, and then did my shtick and eventually got dressed and headed over to school. Class was long, and I worked on the poster about Organ selling (yes bodily organs) with Laura - as it was a group project. We don't have a choice - but to work with another person. It would have been so much easier to just do this project myself, as some of the things I want to do - she doesn't and vice-versa. I guess that's what working on a group project is all about. Ugh. It's due next Monday and I have no idea when we're going to finish working on it?
After class today I took a nap from about 4:30pm until about 7pm on my couch in the den. It was such a nice nap. Very much needed. I don't understand why I've been soooooooo tired lately - it's insane. I can't explain it - but anyhow.

This evening Jamie and I hung out on the couch in the den, watching the hockey game, and then at 9pm, 24 was on. Dinner was fish - and I made it pretty quickly and now the house really smells of fish badly. I don't understand why? This didn't happen before? I've never smelled fish in the house after the fact. Oh well.

Still tired - so I'm off to bed. Early class tomorrow anyhow.

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Fifteen

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Fifteen

Sunday, April 09, 2006

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Fourteen

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Fourteen

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Being Stood Up

This morning I got up about 45 minutes before prospective tenants were supposed to come over to view my apartment for rent, did a couple of things around the house, and basically hung out until they were supposed to show up. I sat outside in the front of my house, as Jamie was working in the front of the house in the yard, so I sat on the stairs talking with him.

My grandmother had a thing at the golden age center around the corner from my house, so she had parked her car on my street. I just so happened to be outside as my grandmother and her two sisters were walking back to their car - so I chatted with them a little bit and then my grandmother realized she had a gift for me in her car, from her trip to Florida this past winter (she brought each grandchild back a gift - we all got the same item, just in different colours!) I was soooo excited to get a pink watch! Just me favourite colour in the entire world!

I love it. I will wear it well.

So those people stood me up. I was stood up yesterday and again today. What is wrong with these people? If they're going to book an appointment with me to see my place for rent, show up or call to say that you're not going to make it - or that you've found another place. But no - people just don't care. However, I did get another phone call - and they showed up right away after calling. 5 people (I'm guessing that two are a couple because it's only a 4 bedroom place) and a German Sherpard/Newfoundland dog. Uhm.. yeah, I don't think so. I think they thought that the place was a little small for them - but they said it's an option and they'll call me later on if they decide to take the place. I'm not holding my breath - I don't think I want 5 people around my age living above me - with a dog. Not even a small dog - it's a pretty large dog!
I was sad that I couldn't go to the knitting meetup downtown today, but I had WAY too much homework to take care of - look over and also - a lot of laundry to do, house chores as well. House chores - they will never end.
I worked on my Geisha assignment for my Adobe Illustrator class, and that is coming along great. I have some more work to do on it - of course, but it will come along in the end and get done. I hope I get a good mark on this assignment - afterall - it's simply just tracing the template of a geisha girl with an umbrella - etc. How hard can that be? LOL...I will post a picture once I have accomplished more of the image.
Jamie had a friend over this afternoon and he (Daniel) stayed for Soprano's this evening. I watched Sopranos and Big Love on HBO while working on my socks, and actually are at the same point in both socks right now. I got a LOT of knitting done on my second sock between the 1 hour drive up north last night (my dad drove) up to my cousin Jenn's engagement party at Camp B'nai Brith of Montreal, and today during Sopranos/Big Love. I just need to see how much more I need to knit before closing the toe- and then close the toe! I am JUST ABOUT DONE my first pair of socks! WOOHOO! So excited. I can't wait to start pair number 2!
Speaking of the engagement party, I had a good time last night. The room was very nice, (wasn't sure what to expect as I had never been into the Retirement Retreat Center, and I haven't been to the camp since in 10 years (since 1996! - wow - I can't believe it's been 10 years!) I brought my camera up - but didn't take a single picture. I did use the disposable camera that was on the table at the party though. Can't wait to see what turns out from those crazy pictures. My mom did take pictures though, a ton of them - so I'm waiting for those pictures, and then I'll post some on here.

Angela's Super Duper Help

This morning I got up at 8:45 am and started to get ready for my day, shower, and then by 9:30 am I was at the metro station near my house picking up Angela, as she was coming over to help me with my HTML project and do her laundry as part of a "reward" for helping me. I enticed her with a home cooked meal - which I made last night - a lasagna (made two, one for sometime next week for dinner for Jamie & I). It was delicious.

We worked really hard all morning, and then once we finally (ok Angela) got the HTML project done, we decided to go and do a little shopping. We went to Value Village first - as per Angela's request, since it's around the corner from my place, and we found some awesome yarn there - so at least I think so anyhow!

This is the sock yarn that I got from my Booty Swap partner - I turned it into a cake today, since I was kind of just sitting there while Angela helped me with my HTML work...

I took Angela to Value Village, we checked out Jeanette's and didn't buy anything there - but we wanted to look. We came home, checked on Angela's laundry and then we headed off to Walmart. What a bad idea to go to Walmart on a Saturday less than an hour before closing! What a bad, bad mistake.

Anyhow, we dropped off Angela at the metro, and are now getting ready to go up north to my cousin Jenn's engagement party.

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Thirteen

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Thirteen

Friday, April 07, 2006

Geisha & My Messy Office

I worked on my Geisha image in my Adobe Illustrator class all morning. I'm actually making quite the progess with it. It's due on Thursday, April 13th, so in less than a week. The teacher wants us to hand it in next week - so that she can correct it and get it back to us before the end of the semester, and so that we have time the week after to study for our 10 question written exam - in which she GAVE US THE ANSWERS TO - by going over the exam itself with us - this morning. And those students WHO DID NOT show up to class this morning, we're forbiden to give them the questions/answers. Fuck them - they didn't show up - their tough loss. I spent time with my teacher and she looked at my Geisha (we're tracing over a template) and she says mine is coming along great. Good! Phew! I'm on the right track. It's kind of tough and complicated - as we have to do drawings on about 6 different layers, and there is a LOT to trace.... but it's coming along great - so far. I'm getting used to it. It's a bid tedious, but I think worth it in the end. I am going to work on it hopefully this weekend - if not, I have all day Wednesday to work on it - as it's the first project that is due for the final projects and it's due Thursday, so worse comes to worse, there's Wednesday for it. Wednesday (if not before) I must also work on my 3 different options for my Welcome to My (Knitting) World project - so that my teacher can go over them and get back to me about which one I should go foward on - next Thursday as well. That's the only thing that I must really work on this week. Oh - and my pamphlet. By tomorrow my HTML website will be done, as my friend Angela is coming over to help me. I've enticed her with a home cooked meal (just prepared lasagna for her) and yarn and the usage of my washer and drier! Didn't know it was going to be this easy to get HTML/Dreamweaver help! Not sure yet what I am going to do as far as a layout/subject, but I am sure it will all come together once Angela gets here tomorrow.

This afternoon I ran from school home - to pick up my mail, and then headed off to get my eyebrows waxed. I go to the same girl every time (Just started waxing my eye brows maybe a year and a half ago - use to always just pluck) and while in the mall ran into two people I knew. First, I saw an old friend Karene - whom I haven't seen since she got married in August - so it's been probably a year since I've seen her last - she mentioned she was trying to get pregnant - good for her. Next, in IGA picking up a few groceries (including Whole Wheat Matzah) I ran into my grandfather in one of the aisles. I talked to him for a good 10-15 minutes and then had to leave to get home to pick up my wedding album and then go get my friend Mindy - whom I had lunch with today.

After lunch, came home, and did some things in my office. Did homework and cleaned it up a little - I'm trying to organize it so that I can get things off the floors so that I can vaccum in here. Right now there is way too many things disorganized in my office and I can't see the floor in most places - lol... I need to get everything off the floors - so that I can organize and vaccum the carpets. And that's pretty much what I spent doing all evening. Laundry, (so that I could free up the washer and drier for Angela tomorrow). I did a little bit of homework, not much, and went to the post office after dinner to mail off some stuff for Jamie. I finally got a hold of Peter - and he's going to come on Wednesday to finish in my bathroom (he has to do the sealant on the floors over the grout).

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Twelve

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Twelve

Thursday, April 06, 2006

CraigList & Welcome to My World

This morning I discovered CraigList and listed my apartment for rent on there. All of a sudden I started receiving emails about the apartment for rent. This may be a good thing afterall! I had never known about craiglist before, but now all of a sudden, people are talking about it and I decided to check it out.

This morning I started working on a project for my Quark Express class - in which we are putting together a "petite pochette" that is called "Welcome to My World". I dicussed with the teacher doing something about my "knitting" and she totally loved the idea. By next week I need to come up with three different ways of showing my world, and then she will pick the best one for me to go with. I started surfing the web for styles of knitting pictures, and have come up with some pretty good stuff. I'm very impressed, very happy with my research and my brainstorming.

Today was a very long day. I was at school from 7:30 am for my 8 am class and stayed until almost 5:30pm (when I should have been there until 6:30pm). We had a make-up class for our typography class as we had 2 to make up and today was make-up class number 1. (The next one is in 2 week and if we hand in our assignment that is due at the beginning of the class then we don't have to stay after we're done her written exam).

I left early because I wasn't feeling well at all.

After leaving class, I went straight to get my purse fixed at the hand bag shop near my house. I went in and he fixed it for me right away, no problems, and now there is apparently a thicker sturdier zipper - from what I gather, on my purse. While I was in the bag repair shop, some asshole came and double parked behind me, blocking me into a single parking spot. Basically my car was surrounded by a car behind me and 3 brick walls, but half walls - not full walls - just about the height up to my knees about. I sat in my car for 25 minutes until buddy decided to emerge from where he had gone, blocking me in. I had no idea who the person was who owned this car - so I couldn't even start looking for them to move their car. WHAT ANNOYANCE! I was soooo mad. Sitting in my car I was really pissed off. I even tried honking a couple of times, but didn't really get that far doing so.

Did some errands then came home. Ordered Tasty Food's Pizza with Jamie for dinner (had my whole wheat green pepper pizza with low fat cheese) and we just chilled at watched some TV. Half way through Survivor Jamie's uncle called - so Jamie had to leave to go pick up something from his house not too far from us - and so, I ran out to the post office.

When we both got back - we watched a bit of American Inventor, which is really funny - flipping back and forth from the hockey game to that. We actually WON tonight! We kicked Ottawa butt's big time - the best team in our conference! What a game. After those two were finished, we watched the rest of Survivor and then CSI.

Now I'm off to bed.