Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Sean started Kindergarten today. We only had a 45 minute integration today, we met his teacher, Mme Fran├žoise (whom my brother & sister both had as a Kindergarten teacher in the late 80’s) and tomorrow he goes for a few hours without me. I think tomorrow will be harder than today was. We sang some songs, we heard a story, Mme Fran├žoise played some piano for the kids and we talked about the date, weather and we put all his school supply items in his cubby. Kindergarten is all French in the school (Kindergarten through grade 2 is all French and then in grades 3-6 you get half a day in French and half a day in English (I believe)). We also colored a picture (well, Sean did), about his first day of school experience. Tomorrow he gets to even take the bus home from school.


I can’t believe I have a Kindergartener!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

‘Twas the day before Kindergarten


‘Twas the day before kindergarten and fresh haircuts were done.


A certain 5 and a half year old looks handsome and ready to make new friends.


Last minute labeling was done.


And last minute pencil sharpening was exciting.


Homework was completed just in time.
(Poster board with pictures from his summer vacation).


School supplies were all loaded into his school bag (not pictured here).

I do have to tell you that the school supplies for kindergarten are insane!

o 1 school bag (easy to close, big enough to carry books, duotangs, pocket folders)
o 1 lunch box
o 1 good pair of running shoes with non-skid soles (for indoor use and gym)
o 1 smock with long sleeves for painting with elastic wrists
o 2 white erasers
o 1 box of sharpened coloring pencils ALL identified (minimum 24) (PLEASE Prismacolour, Laurentian or Crayola coloring pencils only)
o 12 sharpened HB2 lead pencils ALL identified
o 1 good metal sharpener with container
o 1 large zipped pencil case (no box please) - big enough for easy access to all coloring pencils, pencils, and erasers
o 3 glue sticks (40grams each) PRITT or LEPAGE only
o 1 big box of kleenex
o 1 box of medium Ziploc bags
o 1 box of large Ziploc bags
o 2 wallet size pictures of your child (birthday bulletin board)
o 2 packages of stickers - students love to see that we are using them for incentives
o 2 strong pocket folders with 2 pockets (top loading pockets are preferable and much easier when papers are longer)
o 1 regular sized binder (1" or 1 ½" for worksheets - no zips necessary)
o 1 package of dividers for the binder
o 1 bottle of antibacterial soap with pump
o 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
o 1 box of antibacterial wipes (ex Wet Ones, Clorox, Mr Clean, etc…)
o 1 small coloring book (nothing violent) for rainy days (lunch program and recess)
o 1 pillow case
o 1 big recyclable grocery bag for art projects
o 1 large ziploc bag with a change of clothes (underwear, pants, socks, shirt - does not have to be uniform colors)
o 1 $30.00 merchandise/gift card to cover the processing cost of digital pictures since regular films or disposable cameras are being discontinued. PLEASE WAIT TO BUY THE CARD UNTIL THE TEACHERS INDICATE THEIR CHOICE OF STORES WHERE THEY SEND THE PICTURES TO BE PROCESSED

Some of these items are ABSURD! The main one is the 30$ gift card for digital printing. There are 20 students in the class. That’s 600$!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30$ divided by .08 cent prints (one of our local stores now has 8 cent prints ALL the time… that’s 375 pictures per kid. Is the teacher really going to be printing 7500 photos?? To me this is an unnecessary item. I can’t believe I have to supply Sean’s reward stickers for his work! And a coloring book for rainy days for recess & lunch.

In any case, Sean’s all ready for school tomorrow! He’s got his backpack packed, his school outfit laid out and ready to go, and he’s super excited. Mommy on the other hand is nervous, excited, emotional and will probably cry tomorrow. I can’t believe he’s starting Kindergarten. It’s a whole new chapter of our life starting.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love these bears in a bubble bath!
- Love this punch box idea for a birthday party instead of a pinata!
- Totally want to try this with my hair!
- Love this kid quote book tutorial!
- Love this station rotation idea.
- Love this Q-tip art!
- Love this lego play & storage idea.
- Be-YOU-tiful!
- This is an awesome bookcase!
- Gorgeous journal page!
- Love this little crochet bracelet.
- This is a great way to store your knitting needles (circular and DPNs) in a CD case!
- Love this doodle coloring page.
- This is a STUNNING bead bracelet.
- Oh wow, beaded shoes?!
- These pumps are hysterical!
- What a fun idea for flip flops!
- Ok... now I've seen it all... Swarovski crystal-embellished satin pump?!
- WOW! What a stunning necklace!
- Love this self portrait!
- Ok, this is what I'll be doing with my kids scribble drawings!
- Love the idea of ziplocking outfits.
- As a mom of all boys, this looks to be a great list of books for boys!
- As soon as Quentin's done with our crib, I'm totally converting the side rails into a bookshelf!
- How to be a fun mom!
- I think I need to make a fun wallet to keep Quentin occupied in restaurants, while waiting for apts, etc!
- Swimming pool Scrabble looks like fun!
- So does this Sponge Tower idea.
- Love these DIY scrabble tiles!
- This bike parking is a genius idea!
- Love this ruffled lamp shade makeover.
- I know summer is just about over, but I like this idea for next year :: a gutter garden!
- Love this wooden airplane project!
- Wishing I could cuddle up in this couch right about now.
- Where was the GO-POD 5 years ago? I could have used this with all 3 kids! It's awesome.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sean’s Big Hit

Today was the last day for baseball for Sean of this summer. They played a “real” game today (he did an initiation program this summer). I caught Sean up at bat on video… the kid can hit the ball! I’m impressed.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Eye Appointment – Check!


This morning I took Sean & his best friend (not pictured in this post) for an eye exam as a back-to-school check up. Sean starts Kindergarten next week (I’m still not ready for this reality) and his best friend (who is 9 months older than him) will be entering the 1st grade. Since we’ve been watching his best friend all week and we had an appointment for Sean anyhow, we got both boys checked at the same time.


Sean looked so cute in the glasses that they made him wear during one of the exams. I had to snap a picture.


Sean & his friend both have 20/20 vision and have no other issues that sometimes kids have with their eyes. The optometrist wished them good luck with school next week & sent us on our merry way. Both boys had never been to an eye doctor before, and they said upon walking out that they had fun at the eye doctor. I think it was all the cool gadgets the optometrist’s assistant used. We’ll check-in again next end of summer when Sean starts grade one and we’ll bring Mackenzie along next time as he’ll be starting kindergarten. (They’re seriously growing waaay too fast).


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting There


I’ve been working hard on my Favorite Cardigan whenever I get the chance to sit down and knit, I do. I’ve finally started to do the ribbing at the bottom of the Cardigan. I think it calls for 4 or 4.5 inches of ribbing. Still have the sleeves to do (I think I’ve settled on full length sleeves for our Canadian cold winters) and then the front button band on both sides. I do have to say that it’s super hard (even in a mirror) to take a picture of your back…! I wanted to show the length where the sweater comes to so far, and I tried… with my iPhone). It’s fitting great, don’t you agree? I am kind of in between 2 sizes in the pattern (my measurements fall between the small and medium), so I went with the medium but did some other adjustment in the waist shape decreases (I decreased half way more between the small and medium size to get a great fit). I can’t wait for this to be done so I can wear it. I’m loving it! What are you currently knitting?


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Update


We've had such a bad summer (weather wise) for garden produce. Our cucumbers haven't been doing well at all (we've had 1 so far all summer), our spinach didn't make it, neither did some of our beans. (Also, my fault, I let the radish stay too long in the ground, as we got busy/distracted and didn't pick it, and those weren't good anymore either). We did get lettuce though, all throughout June and July. But we didn't have any tomatoes or cucumbers to go with it to make a salad unfortunately.  We're finally now getting some beans, a LOT of the larger variety of tomatoes (I'm thinking about making sauce very soon!) and the cherry tomatoes are coming too. We certainly do not have as many zucchinis and cherry tomatoes as we did last summer, unfortunately. Here's to hoping for some more growth before the summer is through. How's your garden growing?


Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I totally want to get a pair of onion glasses. I HATE cutting onions!
- These strong men card/pen holders are hysterical!
- Connectagon toys are pretty neat!
- This glass table is stunning!
- These Spring Flower Pot Mini Muffins are really adorable.
- Love Martha Stewart's Tangle-proof yarn case.
- Have you seen this booster seat/diaper bag? Where were products like these 3 kids ago?
- Love this image!
- All you need is books & tea!
- Are you old enough to remember these awesome star stickers? We used to get rewarded with these in school! Brings back such memories!
- I'd love to spice up my shoes like this!
- This photo is adorable!
- Love this bag!
- Kool Aid popcorn looks like fun to eat!
- Love this dress!
- Japan, Nagano Hotel, tunnel of lights...on the "to go" list!
- Love this zipper heart necklace!
- Fun nail ideas!
- Love these shoes.
- Love all these different melted crayon art ideas.
- What a neat way to remember to drink all your water!
- Love love love love love these shoes. Don't love the price though.
- This power bar is awesome!
- I think I'd like to try this recipe for Forgotten Chicken.
- Love this idea for a REMINDER board!
- Love this idea for a "car washer" to entertain kids.
- I think I need to make some magnets!
- Love this iPad Toddler App list.
- Love these tips for freezing food.
- Don't throw out old markers, make watercolors instead!
- Zucchini lasagna looks delicious!
- Fun ways to wrap gifts!
- These are fun nails!
- LOVE this shelving unit!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Decisions in Length


My sweater is coming along wonderfully.  I keep trying it on as I go, and the biggest debate I'm having right now is how long to make it, and when to stop to start the 4" (or was it 4.5") ribbing at the end. After that's done, I then will have to decide how long to make the sleeves (do I make the 3/4 like the pattern or make them full length for our brutally cold Canadian winters). Then, I'll pick up stitches for the button and button holes, on either side of the front. Still a lot of work to do, but it's making great progress. I'm extremely happy with the way it's turning out so far. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it soon, so I can start wearing it in a couple of weeks when sadly it'll start getting cooler.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beautiful Angel 2010-2012

Today was an extremely hard day. I watched a friend say goodbye to her two and a half year old angel. Kaitlin passed away in her sleep on August 9th. I can't even imagine what it must be like for any parent to say goodbye to a young child. I didn't bring enough Kleenex to the services today, and I am glad that I had a mutual friend there to lean on for support for strength to get through it. I hope my friend finds strength in knowing her little girl is at peace.

I will forever see little Kaitlin whenever I see a butterfly, knowing she is watching over her wonderful family. There is a beautiful tribute online that someone made, and I teared up all over again watching it.

Monday Morning Link Love

-  LOVE this Rio tea set for 2.
- Love this iPhone back-up battery.
- Next time the kids end up with Toys R Us Money, I think the entire family would love to play Creationary!
- I can't find a toothbrush holder that holds more than 4 brushes (we need for 5). I'm thinking this might do?
- Loving this lego watch, this one, and this one too.
- What a pretty necklace.
- Love this superhero in a box kit.
- LOVE these awesome construction fork, spoon & "knife".
- Intrigued by both Monopoly Zapped and LIFE Zapped. Has anyone played either?
- I want to see if our local library has a copy of Darth Vader & Son, I think the boys would like it.
- Love this mustache pacifier. Too bad my boys never took a paci really.
- Would love to get a copy of Knit Red. Too bad it's not available as an ebook.
- Love the conceal book shelf. And this Turf Shelf.
- What a neat watch, GPS for golf courses!
- Once the boys need a desk in their room for school, we will have to look into getting them a raised bed, this one is quite neat!
- Love love love love love this button box.
- These personalized bottles are awesome.
- This handmade crochet hand puppet is awesome!
- My boys would flip for these Star Wars Cookie Cutters!
- Has anyone tried the Zeno Hot Spot? Any good? Looks neat!
- Hmmmm, crayons that don't roll? YES PLEASE! Great for restaurants!
- This Dwink holder is a neat idea.
- The Infant travel high chair is awesome, we have one like it, but haven't had an opportunity to use it yet.
- This lego camera is pretty fun for kids. Too bad it's only 3MP.
- Love this custom Name Alphabet Print.
- We are a huge fan of the Coleman Puddle Jumpers, Mackenzie swims with one, and next summer Quentin will too.
- The Little Tikes Tire Swing looks like fun!
- These kid socks are genius!
- LOVE this outdoor swing chair.
- With Sean starting kindergarten shortly, I'm looking into re-useable sandwich and snack bags. Though, I fear he'd accidentally throw it out, instead of bring it back home. Do you use re-useable bags? Thoughts?
- Love these Elephant bookends.
- This mail set looks really cute for kids to play with.
- We LOVE our Boon Frog Pod.
- LOVE these quiet books. I think I need some quiet, hmmm!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

12 on 12


9 am.


10 am.


11 am.


12 pm.


1 pm.


2 pm.


3 pm.


4 pm.


5 pm.


6 pm.


7 pm.


8 pm.

This is my 12 on 12 project for August.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 on 10 :: August


10 am.
Golf tees on liquidation.


11 am.
After the rain.


12 pm.
Bold ‘n spicy deli mustard makes everything taste better.


1 pm.
Checking in on work.


2 pm.
Mailman brought some goodies.


3 pm.
Afternoon snack.


4 pm.
Rainy day.


5 pm.
Sean’s final moments at daycare.
Today was his last day ever.


6 pm.


7 pm.
Hanging out before bed.

Here’s my 10 on 10 project for yesterday. I don’t have my home office computer right now, it’s in the shop being repaired so I couldn’t get this up last night. Tomorrow is 12 on 12, so stay tuned (I forgot 12 on 12 last month, so I will make sure I don’t forget tomorrow!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Oh, I'd love a dress-up station!
- This would be a great organization piece!
- Too bad this iPhone ultrasound machine wasn't available when I was pregnant!
- This is gross yet cool at the same time.
- This poem is so sweet.
- I think there might be some toilet roll painting in my future.
- Almond cream stuffed strawberries, 'nuff said.
- Cookies and cream cheesecake, another 'nuff said.
- I think this will be one of my next knitting projects, it's sooo cute.
- My boys would love this crochet car track!
- Love this red!
- Meal measure is genius!
- 50+ Recycled Tshirt projects.
- A cute way to display peppers & hummus for a party.
- Any mother of a toddler or who has had a toddler, would agree to this.
- Love this giraffe painting.
- This bench & these cushions are gorgeous.'
- One reason I wish I had a daughter, soooo cute!
- These raspberry cookies look delicious.
- I like this magnetic chore chart.
- This beer pong pool game looks like fun!
- I love love love love love love love this bracelet.
- I love this summer dress from Spain.
- LOVE this dress, but not so much the color.
- And THIS dress is gorgeous!
- This is what I'd like to be doing right about now.
- Oh yes, I agree.
- Very cute dress. Ok, I'm on a dress kick now that I have lost all the baby weight (and them some!)
- These pinata cookies look fun to make & eat!
- Love this palette plate.
- Spend your summer by the pool? These waterproof playing cards are pretty awesome!
- I'm on the lookout for a waist pack for when I jog, this one looks interesting.
- The toddler Vinci tablet looks interesting!
- Love these Kiko Ashiato flip flops for kids. Would be cool to go stamp up a beach!
- Can't wait for Sean (and the other boys) to start spelling more, so that we can play games like Bananagrams!

Friday, August 03, 2012

It looks like a sweater


I’ve finally been making great progress on my Cardigan. It’s actually starting to come together and look like something wearable now! I’ve been working on it at home while watching TV (sadly, not the Olympics) with Jamie, and been actually knitting more than getting distracted at knit nights lately too.


The cables are easy & fun, and the sweater is taking great shape. The pattern itself is extremely easy to read, I was a tad nervous starting it, I don’t know why. So far, it’s coming along great. If you’re looking for an easy top-down seamless cardigan, this is the one to go with. I will be altering the pattern though, and making it a lot longer in length than what the actual pattern calls for. I find it too short on the model in the pattern, and I wear my cardigans/sweaters longer than this. But other than that, it’s the only alteration I’m making.


I love the little cables that run down the front and the sleeves. Button band is added on after by picking up stitches along the front from top to bottom on both sides to close the cardigan. I can't wait for it to be done, though don't want the cooler weather to wear it yet.

What do you have on your needles? Are you finding your summer knitting slower than your fall/winter/spring knitting?