Friday, April 30, 2010

04.30.10 :: Yarn P0rn Friday


Every Friday for the next little while, I am going to do Yarn P0rn Friday. I’m going to show you the gifts I received in Vancouver, B.C. for my birthday. Since I’m on a yarn diet for 2010, I am going to show you it over time, so that I can stretch it out, and it’ll be as if I am getting new yarn weekly. Why not. The first edition of YPF is the lovely Noro Shirakaba that I got with the gift certificate that was waiting for me at Three Bags Full in Vancouver from my sister. What a lovely gift idea. I picked up for the exact amount of the gift certificate, 4 skeins of Noro. The colors are just gorgeous. I picked up colorway 4 (pink) and colorway 6 (purple).

Thank you to my sister for the lovely gift. Exactly what I wanted!

I haven’t picked out a project yet. They’re considered worsted, so maybe a hat? It’s incredibly soft. Maybe some mittens. The composition is 42% silk, 40% cotton and 18% wool. So silky smooth. I love it. Maybe a cowl. We’ll see. I might just let them marinate in my stash for a while before deciding what to do with them.


I got a letter today from the Sherriff's department. In exact words it read:

"Your application for exemption, respecting disqualification or to be excused from attending in court as juror has been GRANTED. You need not therefore attend at the courthouse, as required in the summons that you have received."

So I don’t have to go to court anymore on June 7th for jury duty. Phew. I wasn’t really interested anyhow in serving. I just kept thinking horrible things about the guy or girl who gets convicted, sending someone after all the jurors and hunting them down for sending them to jail. I don’t know, I guess I watch too much Law & Order or CSI. In any case, I mailed off the correct paperwork within the 20 days of receiving the summons, and I am glad they accepted my reason for exemption. I am going to hang onto this letter for a while just in case my paperwork doesn’t get filed correctly and they hunt me down for not showing up. This paper is my proof. Just in case. It’ll be just my luck if I don’t hang onto it.

I had Sean & Mack’s parent teacher interviews yesterday. Both boys are doing very well in school. Mack’s still weak on his legs (he’s still walking on his tip toes, as if he’s still learning to walk, but that I noticed) but has exceptional upper body strength and a wicked throw (balls in gym class). He is the only kid in his class who can sit patiently for over 20 minutes and either color, or read a book. He has a love for both. Sean is the only child in his class who can count from 1 to 20 in order, without messing up. He also is the King of puzzles. (He LOVES puzzles). If a child in the class asks for help, Sean runs over and is glad to help them solve a puzzle. He also is the only classmate who is coordinated enough to catch a ball, and is very talented sports wise. (That was no surprise… my boys are both athletes…) I was very impressed with both their interviews, and their teachers had absolutely nothing to complain about. Sean however, is the last boy left in diapers. There is one other in pull-ups, but he’s the last in diapers. We talked about it though, and he is going to the bathroom whenever they do a bathroom run, but he’s still constantly wet in between. We cannot force him to potty train any more than he is, because it seems that he just has a small bladder and can’t control it yet. I am sure when he’s ready, his bladder will mature. This does frustrate me though, because he’s the last one left in his class (boys wise) in diapers. He’s almost 3 and a half (in June). I cannot push him though, since it’s not a mental thing, but a physical thing. I just hope his bladder will grow soon though. I don’t want him to be embarrassed because of still being in diapers when his friends aren’t. I am going to talk to the doctor when I go in June for Mack’s 2 year check-up. Maybe there is something I can be doing, that we’re not yet. Though, it’s not as if he can take medication to make his bladder larger, so that he can hold it in longer until he uses a toilet instead of going in his diaper. If that makes any sense whatsoever? Have you had a child (more specifically a boy) who was constantly wet? At what age did they finally potty train? Please share your experiences with me. It’ll be very comforting if you would.

Today’s link funnies:
- This ad.
- GO HABS GO. (The video is too funny).

Thursday, April 29, 2010



I came home from BC to tulips in my front yard. We’re actually doing work on our front yard starting in about 2 weeks. We’re revamping the entire front garden. Someone that Jamie works with works for his parents in the family landscaping business, so they will be doing the work for us. Very excited to see how it will look. What is there now, is a complete disaster and looks like a wild jungle. I hate it. I can’t wait for it to be re-done. I should have taken a picture 2 days ago of the snow on the tulips. It was funny. I didn’t think of it at the time. I knew there was a reason I didn’t take my winter tires off my car though, snow at the end of April, who knew.

I did a book swap with Bea while in Vancouver. She brought me these books above, and I brought her these books. The books that I have, I haven’t gotten to yet, but I will. She brought me Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews, The Go To Girl by Louise Bagshawe (which she actually specifically ordered for me off because I couldn’t find this book at all via Chapters or or anywhere else and I’m not a member of paperbackswap as it’s too expensive to ship books from Canada to partake in that). She also brought me The Man of my Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld,  Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews, Any place I hang my hat by Susan Isaacs as well as The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn. I’ve really gotten back into reading lately. I had a bit of a hiatus but lately I’ve been reading a lot, which is good, since I missed reading.

Link Love:

- I love this image.
- This novel sounds funny. (Apparently a comic answer to the best selling novel Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert).
- Love this sweetheart pin cushion.
- Love this ruffled necklace.
- Mackenzie goes nuts dancing to Fat Boy Slim’s Rockafella Skank song. It’s way too funny. I’ll try to catch a video of it later.
- These adorable quilted baby blocks.
- Need to make some sachets for the sock drawer. 
- After seeing the French Press slippers that Kerry made, I want to make my own. Must find more time to knit.
- I love love love love summit.

Just got off the couch, catching up on some shows that Jamie recorded while I was in Vancouver. I knocked off some more squares in for both my versions of babette (v.1 and v.2) and decided that Babette v.2 will be 4 round squares instead of 5 round squares like version 1 is. So the handful I’d done already, I pulled them back a round to make them equal to the others. Will show you progress of v.2 sometime this weekend. I have a handful now I can photograph.

My car hates me. Whenever I seem to go on vacation, when I start her up when I get back (only after a week) she doesn’t start. I had to boost my car last night before going out, and again when I wanted to leave the restaurant. I had to also boost the battery again this morning when taking the kids to daycare. Since then, she’s working fine. Apparently Jamie said she did the same thing when he went to start my car when I returned home from Florida and he was coming to pick us up from the airport. I think I need to bring my car in to have the battery looked at. It shouldn’t fail to start after just a week of sitting there. Shouldn’t a car battery last more than 4 years though? I’ve had the car just slightly over that. Maybe 4.5 years now. I don’t know what the life of a car battery is though.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

04.28.10 :: 40 months/173 weeks + 97 weeks too


Sean is 40 months old today. Since I didn’t get to see him on Monday as I was in Vancouver, this will count for his 173 week picture too. I got in way too late last night to be able to take a photo with him, unfortunately.


Mack is 96 weeks old today.

Sean asked to hang out with Mommy today, as he really missed me. Since I was keeping Mack home from daycare today as he is completely jet lagged, and our flight cancellation messed everything up yesterday, I agreed to keep Sean home today from school too. He loves the tool belt I made him in Vancouver, and wouldn’t take it off all day. This makes me so happy.


I am so glad it fits him nicely.
readcase I did some cleaning up today, and unpacking. I was doing some laundry and came upstairs to find Sean in my suitcase. He put in a pillow as it’s not a smooth bottom in my suitcase, and he started to read his magazine while watching some tv.


He’s too cute. It’s funny what kids will turn into “toys” and “play areas”.

Tonight I went out tonight with some friends to watch the Habs game, and couldn’t believe that WE WON! It was quite the intense end of the 3rd period let me tell you. I was sitting there on the edge of my seat. I’m so excited that the Habs are moving on to round 2 against Pittsburgh! Go Habs Go!!! What a game. I worked on some squares for Babette v.1 while I was out. I used up those little mini skeins that I dyed while in BC.

I can tell you that I think I’m a bit jet lagged as well. I’m zonked. I think it’s a combination of not stopping for almost a week straight with awesome people and amazing things to do. Plus my travel home plans didn’t go as planned and that messed me up a little I think.

I do have some yarn that I received as gifts while in BC. I got some from Bea, my sister, my mom & Jamie as well. I still need to photograph the yarn that I got, and will show you a bit at a time, once a week. This gives me something new to show you for a while, since I’m on a yarn diet, and haven’t bought yarn since the end of 2009. It’ll be like it’s my birthday every Friday until my actual birthday in June. I think I have enough yarn to stretch it over the next couple of weeks. Yey for birthday yarn! And thank you to those who got me these great birthday gifts. I love all of it if I do say so and can’t wait to knit it up… so stay tuned this Friday for the first of the birthday gifts I got.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Today started off on the wrong foot. Not sure how, but it just did. We got up on time though, actually earlier than expected. We got ourselves washed up, organized and out the door on time. We loaded the car up with all our luggage. We said our goodbyes to Tammi (my husband’s dad’s best friend), was told next time to come stay with her longer than just one night, and then headed to the airport. There was traffic on the highway, but somehow I managed to take a side road or something that landed us in the right lane to the airport ramp and straight into the car rental return lane. We returned the van, in the same exact condition we picked it up in. (All dents and scratches & knicks were pre-noted on my paperwork beforehand, so that I wouldn’t be held responsible).

Bea helped me get to domestic check-in. I checked my bags and car seat, and then said our goodbyes and I parted ways with her. She was flying back home to Texas later on today. I went through Security (the advantage of traveling with a child & stroller, is that you get to go through quicker) and Mack through a fit because Bunny had to go through the x-ray machine and he wasn’t having it.

We get to the gate in good timing. I have time before pre-boarding, which was to start in about 15-20 minutes. I go to Starbucks next to the gate and get a drink, sandwich, and banana (for Mackenzie. Banana number one of the day). 2 seconds before they’re about to call for pre-boarding, they get a call at the gate. Our flight has been cancelled. A bird flew into the engine and the aircraft has to be serviced. Are you kidding me??! People are not PISSED off. There are two different sets of people flying back for their parents funerals. One had to get home today and the other had a little bit of time to get back before the funeral. What a mess. It seems they gave priority to those going home for the funeral, anyone elderly/in a wheel chair and those traveling with infants/children. For a while they had no idea what was going on. Head office blocked any flights going into Montreal and were taking care of the passengers for the gate employees. So when our gate agents tried to move us onto flights, they couldn’t. And the only 2 options to land in Montreal were via Calgary and Toronto. I wanted to make sure that I was on the flight that landed in Montreal first. We had to wait our turn to find out how we were getting home. The only direct flight that was leaving today, was the one I was on, and cancelled. I booked the direct flight because I didn’t want to start doing more than one take off & landing nor have to switch planes with a baby. It’s not easy traveling alone with a very active toddler. I managed though, without any issues.

So, instead of being home for dinner (with the 3 hour time difference), I just got in. It’s almost midnight. It’s late. Mack’s messed up and singing in his crib. My mom & dad came to get us from the airport. I had to fly via Toronto with an hour and a half wait there before taking off. A really nice “hockey family” entertained Mack in the Toronto airport while I ate a quick salad with the meal vouchers they gave us, and Mack ate yet another banana. He’s eaten 3 bananas today. It’s all he wanted to eat, and I wasn’t complaining since he was actually eating something. We also made friends with this nice couple who were traveling with their 8 month old daughter. They’re Montrealers and live in the city. The husband had a familiar face but we tried playing “Jewish Geography” but couldn’t find a connection. Very nice couple. Helped me a bit since they were 2 and their daughter was fast asleep (lucky them!)

I’m glad to be home. Sean made Jamie promise I’d wake him up to say hello once I got home, but he had a nightmare just after I put Mack into his crib, so I went in to comfort him. I got the hugest hug from him ever. I missed him so much. I had a great time, but it’s nice to have my bed & shower back. Comfort of your own home. Off to go enjoy those now. I’m beat & Mack’s jet lagged.

Monday, April 26, 2010

04.26.10 :: 173 weeks old

Sean is 173 weeks old today. Since he’s in Montreal and I’m in Vancouver, I’ll take a weekly photo with him when I get home. Boy do I miss him. I’ve spoken to him a couple of times on the phone since I’ve been in Vancouver, but it’s not the same. I miss him, I miss Jamie, I miss my bed, I miss my things. I am having a great time, don’t get me wrong. Though, I do miss things about home and the people who are in my home.

Although I miss my car at home, I am loving this dodge caravan that we rented. The stow-n-go is awesome and it’s just spacious. I swore I’d never drive a mini van ever again (it was the first car I drove as my mom had one many moons ago), but I see myself already thinking about what color & what features I’d love to get one in/with. This car ran smoothly and numerous times between Vancouver and Mission before it required a fill-up.


This morning on our way to Urban Yarns in Vancouver (on West 10th Street), I saw across the street from the LYS, a HABS flag on the building across the street. I couldn’t believe it. GO HABS GO! (They played tonight and won!)

At Urban Yarns, not only did I get to meet the wonderful Kim Werker, whom met us there, but I got to meet Anina, who is my knit friend Christine’s sister-in-law. They’re working on moving their shop this week a few doors down, and I got a sneak peak at the new location.

Kim is the ex-editor of Interweave Crochet Magazine (the sister magazine to Interweave Knits). She also has a couple of books out. She’s a really awesome person.

I got her to autograph my new copy of Crochet Me.


Kim autographing!


After Urban Yarns, we headed to Jericho Beach.

Mack had fun on the beach, and I collected some sea shells at the sea shore.
(Try saying that 10 times fast).


After Jericho Beach, our next stop was Granville Island.

Mack got to talk to some birds.
He had entire conversations with them.


We did some sightseeing.


Took some photos.

Had a nap while in the Market.

We picked up some gifts and checked out Maiwa, a surprise yarn shop at the market!

After we were done at the market, we dropped off Cynthia at the bus stop that she had to go to, and headed into Richmond. Tonight Bea & I stayed at my husband’s dad’s best friend Tammi’s house, which is located not even 10 minutes from the airport. We wanted to be close to the airport as we both are flying home tomorrow, my flight being at 10 am, and to drive from Mission to Richmond tomorrow morning we’d have to get up super early and still get stuck in traffic. We didn’t want to take any chances, so we stayed closer to where we had to be.

Tammi had her son come over for dinner tonight with his wife & their 2 kids. Their daughter is almost 2 months older than Sean and their son is 2 months younger than Mack. Mack played really well with them tonight. It was so nice for them to come over to see us.


The kids had fun playing piano.


Bea & I tonight just before we headed up to bed.

What an awesome day & what an awesome trip.
It’s really been amazingly incredible.
I got to meet some really awesome cool people whom
I’ve been talking to online for what seems like forever.
I got to see new places & spend time with Mackenzie.

Sunday, April 25, 2010



Today Mack let me sleep in.
He’s been getting up at 6 am since we left home.
(I’m blaming that on the time zone change).
Getting up at 8 am this morning was a treat.


Today we had a tea party/craft afternoon.


The activity we worked on was a picture frame.


We had a nice group of girls here today :: Cynthia F., Bea, Kristy, Marg (Cyn’s mom), Laurie (Marg’s friend), Miranda, Kimli, Carol & Cynthia M. (who brought 5 month old Jack) as well as myself. We had a really good time. Mack luckily napped during the time we were crafting.


This is the awesome frame that I made.


It was a lovely afternoon.
Thank you Cyn for making this tea party / craft afternoon!

After everyone left Cyn, Bea & I (along with Mack) ran some errands.
Then we went back to Cyn’s place, picked up Starr & Cyn’s husband.
We then went to Heritage Park.


Mack played in the sandbox with a family of 6 kids.
(The mom had one more on the way!)


Then Mack ran around for a bit chasing Starr to get a ball back.


He had a good time running around.
So much, he didn’t want to leave.


It was such a nice park.
Very clean too.


And the view was just breathtaking.


I just love the mountains.

We came back to have some dinner, put Mack to sleep for the night, organize our suitcases (tomorrow Bea & I are sleeping at Jamie’s dad’s best friend’s house in Richmond, BC, to closer to the airport for our flights home on Tuesday. Luckily, everything I’ve acquired here in BC does fit into my suitcase. (Phew!) (There was a lot of craft supplies that came here to BC with me, that aren’t coming home with me, so it worked out).

Saturday, April 24, 2010



Somewhere on the way to Richmond, BC, there was these neat hub cap statues.

Today we met up with Carol in Richmond, BC, to go to Daiso.
Daiso was awesome.
I found some crafty stuff there as well as some toys for Sean & Mack.
It was a really fun/neat store.
I wish I had more time to wander the aisles in there. Maybe next time.


After Daiso we had some lunch.
I ordered a Chow Mein dish, and Mack wanted my lunch instead of his chicken strips & fries.
He thought he was funny.


Mackenzie wanted to show you his new tool belt.


Though, he wasn’t sure why it was wrapped around him.
I don’t think he likes to be confined in things. (Like strollers & car seats too).


This bathroom in the mall that Daiso is in, is the coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen.


Self-portrait with Bea.


In that same bathroom, they have the neatest hand dryer.
(It’s manufactured by Dyson).


After we headed to a mall across the street in the Yaohan Center to go grab a Bubble Tea.


While we waited for our bubble tea to be ready, Mack made some phone calls.


I ordered a Kiwi Bubble Tea with Coconut Jelly.


It was to die for. Wow.
Does anyone know if there is bubble tea in Montreal?
If so, where?


On our way back into Mission, we stopped at my friend Kristy’s house. She was reading my blog and had no idea I was in Mission. She invited us over for a playdate. Mack was so happy to play with other kids. Kristy’s kids are Kaylen who just turned 3 and Kenzie who just turned 1. (Yep, that’s Kenzie – not short for Mackenzie though). Ironically Kristy lives around the corner practically from Cynthia.


This is a picture of Mack & I with Kristy & Kaylen. Apparently Kaylen was so happy to have a playdate. After we left, she asked her mom all sorts of questions :: "Where's Mack?"  "Why did he have to go?"  "Where will he sleep tonight?"  "What toys will he play with?"  "Where does he live?" Too.cute.for.words.

Off to go do some more crafting & hang out with Cynthia & Bea.