Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bad Mood Wednesday

Where did November go? Where? I can't believe tomorrow is December 1st. Jamie turns 30 in 10 days, on the 10th of December. I am not ready for his party yet on Saturday night, a lot of cleaning to do beforehand. I am sure all will work out. Jamie's best friend Dan turns 30 tomorrow, Cindy turns 32 on Friday, My mom's birthday is at the end of the month, my sister turns 21 on the 19th, my mother-in-law's birthday is the day after my mother's.... a month full of birthdays.

Woke up in a HORRID mood this morning.

Right now, I'm feeling a lot better. The day got better after my late lunch around 3pm.

Today when I got home from school I was furious. The Rabbi I share a driveway with, is not supposed to park in the driveway to block my right of passage to my garage, now that I park in the garage for the winter. Anyhow, I probably will be parking there all year round from now on, but that's a whole other story. Anyhow, the car that was in my drive-way blocking, was not my rabbi neighbor's usual car. I didn't recognize it, period. LUCKILY I just wanted to get into my garage, and not out, otherwise I would have called to have the car towed, because there was no one answering the door (I rang numerous times) and no one answered the phone, I called a few times, and finally left a message that I was blocking them in, by blocking the driveway - there were NO spots available on my street. During the day, my street is a hot parking area, because of the senior's home, golden age, the CJA building, the Jewish library, the YMHA, all around the corner. Anyhow, I called the police, (not 9-1-1, but the local number) and asked them what to do, because I don't recognize the car in my driveway, and my neighbor whom I share the driveway with, is supposed to be home if he's blocking my right of passage. (I WILL NEVER BUY A HOUSE AGAIN WITH A SHARED DRIVEWAY - Lesson #1). I go inside, do a few things, then a spot on the street opens up. So I take it. I call my dad, ask him what to do about the unknown car in MY driveway, as I want to put my car in my garage to unload the stuff I have in my trunk. (I couldn't reach Jamie to get his opinion - if I should call the other police number that the first police officer gave me, or towing). As my dad is about to tell me to go re-park my car to block this car, so that they have the pain of finding me, once they are ready to move their car - the guy shows up for his car. I run out my house, to catch him. As he's pulling away, I tap on his window. I find out, it's my neighbor's son-in-law, and his wife left the car in the driveway, and he walked over to pick it up, when he was done doing whatever it was he had to do. Anyhow, I explain to him that I could have towed his car, as I have right of passage to my garage, and I tell him that now I park in my garage, and the rabbi is aware that he can't leave a car in the driveway without being around and reachable to MOVE IT, if I need it moved. Anyhow, he told me that there was no car in the driveway, so they didn't think they were blocking anyone in. I pretended as if my car were stuck in the garage, and told him, that he can't see my car because it's behind my CLOSED garage door. IDIOT! Anyhow, he told me he would tell his wife and that he knows now for next time, not to leave a car there without anyone around. I told him, that if this happens again, that I will have no choice but to call the tow company, to have the car towed so I can get out of my garage. I told him it was a good thing that I didn't have work or anywhere to be, otherwise the tow bill would be sent to him, not my expense.

... I swear, I will NEVER get another place with a shared driveway. My next place will be a house, not a duplex.... with NO ONE AROUND!! That's the plan. I don't recommend for anyone to buy a place with a shared driveway. WHAT AGGREVATION!

Here's the scarf that I crochet for my sister. I love it. It's gorgeous. I finished it last night while watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Jamie. I hope she likes it, I'm very impressed with myself right now!

As I was cleaning out my cubby hole in my bathroom today, the phone rang, and when I got back from answering it, Jazz was sitting in my cubby - the little bugger. This cubby is my favourite thing about my bathroom. Don't you just love my green tiles? I am thinking of painting the wall above the tiles french vanilla cream, since it's right now, the same mint green as my tiles.

Jamie went to see a hockey movie with 2 friends tonight, and I just worked on my chores, forgot about dinner (ended up making some miso soup not too long ago) and I'm shortly ready for bed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hunted Down The Yarn

I got up this morning when my mother-in-law called me (8:45 am) to tell me she was outside with the cakes she baked for Jamie's birthday. All I have to do is keep it in the freezer until Friday, and then on Saturday, ice it, however I want. I need to pick up icing, but I am going to wait until my sister-in-law comes into town on Friday night, to buy icing, as I've never iced a cake before. Doesn't look that hard though. I am not worried.

I started doing stuff, and getting things accomplished. Around 11 am I was ready to leave my house. I headed out on the hunt for the yarn for my sister's scarf. I foudn what I needed, but only by random, at a random location I spotted on the way home, after trying my luck at like 8 Dollarama's. Some Dollarama's were well stocked, a huge store, but just didn't have any in stock. Some were crappy small stores, that didn't even carry yarn at all. Boy was I frustrated. I even tried going to La Tricoteuse, a store that a friend got me an expensive ball of yarn from once, and I needed more, so she gave me the information. However, they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Bummer! They probably would ahve had something close enough, yet expensive. BUT... trying to find my way home, I stumbled upon a Dollarama, that I didn't see an address for in the directory when I looked up Dollarama yesterday on - oh well. But just my luck - they had what I needed, and more! They had other kinds of gorgeous colours, of the same soft yarn. So I picked up to make 2 other scarves. Here are the colours:

I was the HAPPIEST girl ever, when I found that random store, with the balls of yarn. I definitely have enough now to make 2 more scarves AND finish my sister's, and make hers even thicker than I was going to! PHEW! (And now I know where to find more, if I need!)At 2pm I got an eyebrow wax and boy did my face (and my spirit) feel SOOOOO much better after getting my eyebrows done! Much needed! The girl that I go to is the only person I trust to wax my eyebrows! I've tried other people before, and she's the only person I like.

I met my mom back at my house after running around the city, she had gone to the vet (our cousin) with Bosco. He now weighs 32.5 pounds! I gave him a tug toy that I got for him this morning out on my adventures around town, and he likes it, but he was pooped from his outing, so mom said she'll let me know later how he likes my toy. I can't wait to photograph him lots lost more.

I got groceries, for dinner and for other stuff to keep in the cupboards, etc... and then headed home. I spoke on the phone with Laura, in my class, and we went over the assignment that is due tomorrow. I just completed it, phew! All done!

I am addicted to these Campbell's Soup at Hand. They are fantastic. I bought myself a few flavors to try, and so far I love the Garden Tomato one. They can be cheap, but they can be expensive, depending on where you buy them. I have my dad looking to see if I can get a case of them at Costco, I asked him to check the next time he goes (since I don't have a Costco membership). I love discovering new things. I am wondering, though, if I can find a case of it at Costco, if it's going to be just one flavor, or if it's going to be assorted. I don't like all the flavors, so assorted may suck!

I finally got a chance to scan my Graphic Design Layout Quiz, which I got 10/10. I am very happy with my mark! We had to include 6 elements: 1 image (rainbow brite), 1 pattern (stars), 1 cropped font (the letter G), 1 line (the blue dotted line), 1 text element (shown by lines) and 1 shape (the green triangle). I really like the work I did here.

Tonight for dinner Jamie and I are having:

1 can (14-1/2 oz.) diced tomatoes, undrained
1 pkg. (6 oz.) STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix for Chicken
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup Water
1-1/2 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces
1 tsp. dried basil leaves
1 cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese or Marble Cheese

PREHEAT oven to 400°F. Place tomatoes with their liquid in medium bowl. Add stuffing mix, water and garlic; stir just until stuffing mix is moistened. Set aside.
PLACE chicken in 13x9-inch baking dish; sprinkle with the basil and cheese.
Top with the stuffing mixture.
BAKE 30 min. or until chicken is cooked through.

Prep Time: 10 min
Total Time: 40 min
Makes: 6 servings

It's in the oven right now baking, and tonight we're having date night. We're going to watch the movie Mr & Mrs. Smith, perhaps play some cards if there is time, and at 10pm, Nip/Tuck is on tv. We haven't had date night in ages, so tonight it's date night!

Dog Annual Update


I spoke to Lori-Ann last night, and she told me that she gave me full permission to do what I want with my negative of the dog Tanman, which is actually her mom's dog - but that she was babysitting and training at the same time, when I photographed him at her house. She even remembers giving me the permissions, 2 years ago, Fall 2003. She is curious as to how her mother found out that the dog's picture was in the magazine, because her mother is not part of the dog school, and isn't into doggy things besides owning one. Anyhow, she apologized to me for any inconvenience, as she does NOT get along with her mother, and her mother she said, is a pain in the butt. She said her mother likes to cause trouble where there's trouble to be caused. UGH! Why me! But luckily for me, Lori-Ann gave me full rights to use the pictures for my portfolio, any exhibition purposes, website, print... and she remembers! Phew!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Dogs & Yarn

Two things are upsetting me at the moment, bothering me to no end. One is completely rediculous and totally not urgent or important whatsoever. The other things is more major, so which do I talk about first?

I guess I will talk about the stupid thing that is bothering me. My sister's scarf. I started it and it's coming along beautifully. It looks fantastic. However, I could only find 3 balls of the yarn at the store that I bought it at originally. Silly thing is, I got it at a dollar store called Dollarama. Each ball of yarn was 1$. The yarn, pretty good quality for a dollar store. Anyhow, I have been to about 4 Dollarama's since I left my mother's house on Tuesday when I babysat Bosco, first looking for the perfect yarn, then not being able to find enough of it. At first, I thought 3 balls was enough, but it certainly is not. I need atleast 1-2 more of it. If I find more, I'd purchase 3 more, just in case. That's the plan. I have a list of 9 more Dollaramas to either call or search tomorrow. I am hoping that I find some more of this yarn. I don't understand why there isn't any more in stock. I did find some of the same company, but in neon colours like blue, pink, orange and yellow. Nothing that even goes with beige. You know? Hiddeous colours, is what reamins on shelves. I guess I was very lucky to find the beige one at that random location. Anyhow, I'm hoping there is atleast one ball left - somewhere. I even checked Zellers today, they didn't even have anything remotely close to match. I may check out Walmart after I get my flu shot tonight, which I am expecting a lift to (from my dad) shortly. I really don't want to take apart this scarf, I really like it, and I'm hoping that I can finish it. I really don't want to restart a new one for my sister. If that's what it comes down to - if I really CAN'T find any more yarn, I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll undo some of it, put another soft beige or white in the middle, then finish it off with the resst of what I unravelled. I dont know. I havent decided yet. I just didn't think it would be an issue to find this yarn.

The major thing that is bothering me right now, is that I got a call today from Dogs in Canada (don't worry I'm still getting paid of the photograph I submitted) but they got a call from Purina, asking about the photograph I submitted. Apparently a lady named Judy called up and bitched about her dog being in a magazine, and how do I have the right... etc... I do have the right! I photographed her dog, yes, she wasn't around, but her daugheter who was dog sitting at the time, gave me full rights to the images I was taking. So - this is exactly how I explained it to the woman, Beverly, that I've been dealing with at Dogs in Canada.

I photographed a dog named Mojo - through the Lakeshore Dog Training Association. I was photographing dogs for a black & white (fiber base - I left out Fiber base, beacause I'm sure she has no idea that this is a kind of photographic paper) portfolio for school in my 2nd year of a 3 year program. When I went over to photograph Mojo - to owner Lori Ann's house, she was babysitting her mom's dog, or mother-in-law's dog, TanMan. She asked me if I wanted to photograph both, and I said yes, if she didn mind, as the more the merrier for my portfolio. She gave me the right (concent) to use these images for my portfolio, exhibition, web usage or in any other way that I choose. Now, this was a verbal concent, which is okay. (It doesn't have to be in writting, but from now on, boy, will I be having anyone I photograph sign a contract for usage of the images). These were images that I used for a school portfolio, and I was given rights to do with them as I please.

So, now, I'm hunting down Lori-Ann, my mother gave me her phone number, she's expected home around 8pm, so I will try calling back soon, and I will remind her that she gave me the rights to the pictures. I would have thought that her mother, or mother-in-law would have been super happy that the image was in a reputable DOG magazine?

My mother told me to be polite when I call - apparently sometimes when I'm angry I don't sound nice, so I will try very hard and be very nice. I will update you after I get my flu shot and call Lori-Ann.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tea Cup Cabinet

I started working on my sister's beige scarf. The yarn is a little difficult to work with, but I'm managing. Once it is really coming along, I will photograph it! I'm crocheting it, as knitting is no good for me in the winter when my joints in my hands kill. I slept in today until almost 1pm. (I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I've been majorly sleeping in on the weekends, trying to catch up for lost sleep during the week on school nights). I've also been napping a lot lately too, take 1 hour cat naps here and there.

... My next crochet project will probably be the baby pink baby blanket... for no one particular in mind. I don't know anyone pregnant at the moment, and I'm certainly not...

After getting up, I putzed around for about half an hour and then Jamie and I left to go out for breakfast. I enjoy going out for breakfast, we have our favourite bagel place (St. Viateur bagel).

Jamie put together the tall curio cabinet that I got as a wedding present from my brother and his girlfriend. I LOVE IT. I put all my tea cups that I wanted to put on display in it. Finally, our home is coming together! Here are pictures:

This is a picture of the shelf with the tea cups from my tennants upstairs. It was so nice of them to get us a wedding present after only knowing us for about 3 months. Aren't they gorgeous?

This is a picture of the tea cups from my tennants close up. I love that they are pink!

This is shelf number 2 (above). I got these Tea Cups from my cousins Berel and Idinha in Brazil. They are absolutely GORGEOUS. They hail from Copacabana! (Somewhere I'd love to visit!)

Close up of the tea cup from Brazil. I love the detail work on the cup.

On the bottom shelf I put this set that I got from Jamie's step-Aunt and step-Uncle as a wedding present. It comes with a tray, in the same pewter, but it didn't fit in the cabinet by not even an inch, so I put the tray away in my walunet and decided to put the pot, creamer and sugar pot on display in here. These are more "modern" than the tea cups, and they look like a completely different era, but oh well - it's what I have! I think it looks nice, and I'm very excited that I have my tea cups on display, finally!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's Nice To Have Dinner Guests

Once I got up today, I started doing chores on my list of things to do - I wanted my house to be tidy clean for the guests that we had over this evening. I actually accomplished more laundry, put the laundry away, vaccumed all three of our carpeted rooms, dust busted up the cat hair all throughout the house, tidied my office up, cleaned the kitchen stove (which has been on my list of things to do for a while....) but to sit there and scrub the stove with the special cleaner really killed my hand. (I'll be okay)

I sent Jamie out to do groceries, to pick up a few things that we needed for dinner, and he also went to buy a dead bolt for our garage door, since my father and him built a ramp this morning (while I was sleeping) so now we can park in our garage. However, the dead bolt that was on the garage door to the house was useless as we had no key for it, and we weren't going to leave the door unlocked, so we had to replace it. (I love having my car in my garage! This is my first time ever having my own garage spot. When I lived at my parents house, I didn't ever get to park in the garage - just my mother's car got access to the garage.) My car is going to be very nice and cozy this winter.

I did a lot of cleaning today, I'm very impressed with myself. I really set my mind to it - and got stuff accomplished.

Our dinner guests arrived 15 minutes early, and I still hadn't changed yet into my nicer clothes, I was still wearing my track pants and t-shirt that I was cooking in and cleaning in. But they were forgiving and understanding, we gave them a tour of the house, I quickly changed, and voila, ready for the evening to begin.

It was really nice to have Fritz and his girlfriend Karine over. I graduated in photography with Fritz this past May, so I've known him for the past 3 years. He's a really nice guy, photographer and professional chef as well.. and they are super sweet.

During dinner my brother called to ask me if he could pass by that he had something for us. Our cabinet for our tea cups! Finally - it arrived. I can't wait for Jamie to put it together tomorrow, and then I am going to place the tea cups I got in it. I got a set of tea cups from my tennants upstairs and also, from cousins in Brazil.

Well, I'm off for now.

Friday, November 25, 2005

What is he doing?

Last night I fell asleep in the den watching TV (nothing much was on because of American Thanksgiving). It was so nice to have a fire going, tucked under a nice cozy blanket and to just fall asleep. I was very good last night, and as soon as I got off the computer, I shut it down and didn't use it for the rest of the evening. I am very proud of myself. Somtimes I need to PRY myself away from the computer!

I finally got in touch with my wedding photographer last night. WOOHOO! Sooo happy about that! I managed to find out that I will have my photos in 2-3 weeks tops. My images are at the lab being printed. (I've worked in a lab and it doesn't take 2-3 weeks to get 1200 photos done)! She took 2000 images at my wedding, and 1200 approx were sent to make proofs. (4x6's which I get to keep). I can't wait to see them! Next week she said she'll call me with the password to view about 25 images on her website... I can't wait to see those. I am dying to see any of the wedding pictures! YEY! So, over xmas break I will be able to go through them and pick out which ones I want for an album... Yey!

This morning, my illustrator project was due, and the teacher collected them. Then half way through the class, while we were working on our final project, one of the kids in my class (and I say kid - because he's not older than 18-19), Olivier, starts wandering around, and happens to "end up" next to the pile of assignments that were collected. This is all next to my computer station - in the middle of the class. He "puts down" a piece of paper on top of the pile of assignments, and then he thinks no one is watching him, he starts peeking at all the assignments. This pissed me off. Especially since Olivier gets up randomly, even during exams, and walks around any classroom he's in, and LOOKS at other people's work. This pisses us ALL off. Anyhow...

I said to him "What are you doing?"
He said "Isn't this the sample that the teacher lets us look at?"
I said, "Uhm, no... those are our finished projects, do you mind?"
He said "Oh, I can't look at them?"
I said "No, go back to your seat and finished yours"

After he was dumbfounded that I knew what he was doing, I went over to the teacher and I asked her to kindly put our finished (and handed in assignments on time) into her book bag, so that Olivier can't look at them "to get ideas". She understood, because she knows what he does, we keep telling teachers that it bothers us (his walking around class looking at people's work) and she put them in her bag. (Olivier isn't passing, so I don't expect him to be back in class in January, but I have to put up with him for atleast another 3 weeks)....He has yet to get a passing mark on a single assignment. I kid you not. This guy is dumb. He cannot follow instructions or directions or even specifications on a handout.

Ok, I'm done venting about Olivier, and I don't want to think about him anymore.
So, we now have to make sure that we keep the toilet seat down, completely.... because Zeus has been going into the toilet. And I'm not talking about just sitting on the seat drinking the water - I'm talking about actually going into the toilet. What a dumb cat! It's cute and funny, but annoying at the same time.

I got home, did a few things, then decided that I was going to walk to lunch to meet up with Jamie and his ex-coworkers that became our friends. It ended up being a 20 minute walk to where I had to go, and I had to pick the coldest day ever! It was freezing! I just wanted exercise. Jamie thinks I'm nuts for walking there, but I just wanted fresh air and exercise. Never again in this weather will I walk that far!
After lunch we watched Survivor and Apprentice from last night, which I taped, and I kind of started dosing near the end. We were on the couch in the den, fireplace going (Oh - I'm going to be LOVING my fireplace this winter!) and it was just so cozy and warm, I had to snooze! I snoozed for over an hour after the shows were over, on the couch.

We had our usual gang over for poker tonight. Jamie won the first game, and neither of us won the second. It was fun though. I love having our regular poker games. It's a nice get together with friends. Next weekend the game is on Saturday night, since it's for Jamie's 30th birthday. I can't believe he's turning 30. It's my 4th birthday of his during our relationship. I celebrated his 27th, 28th, 29th, and now his 30th with him! Time flies! I have to start organizing things for his party.

Tomorrow we have a ton of stuff to do, and I have some chores and house cleaning and groceries to do. We're having 2 of my friends over for dinner tomorrow night, Fritz (whom I graduated in photography with) and his girlfriend Karine.

I started the beige crochet scarf for my sister. It's a harder wool to work with, but I think I will be okay. So far it's coming along very nicely.

Time for bed.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Project Completed

Almost no one showed up to school today - about half the class.. not even. There was a LOT of people missing, which sucks, because it was a workshop, and it was a workshop for our final project, which we have to create our alter ego and a dream world, and I HATE DRAWING, and I CANT DRAW - so this assignment is a difficult one for me - if you can't see! I suck at drawing, I hate drawing, especially humans. I just can't do it. And because there was less than half the class there today, she was able to give more attention to each student, and generally this is a good thing - however, since we were drawing, she focused on drawing today and I just didn't feel comfortable. Do you know what I mean??? Everyone must be sick? Which sucks, because I hope it's not going around, I don't want to get sick. Not at this time of the year, and not with 3 weeks of school left. I finish on December 16th, for this semester. If I get sick - then it can wait until after I hand in my final project - that I don't mind. But I also don't want to be sick over the holidays, I want to be able to ENJOY my holidays, take long baths, watch lots of movies, go out and play in the snow with anyone who wants to join me.... (lol)... (I don't own snow pants so I guess this one's out of the question).

It turns out that there is MORE work involved in my final project for my creativity class. Thank goodness that I finished my creativity journal already, that's due next Thursday, because I don't know if I would have any time to do all my final projects and still work on stuff that has been given at the beginning of the semester, but with an almost end of the semester due date. I am sure that one journal would have even been sufficient, however, I had the time, so I worked on two, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! I hope that she doesn't take 2 weeks to correct mine, because I will miss them while they're in her possession. I can't decided if she's going to "correct" and look at mine first, because she's so excited to look at mine, I wouldn't even give her a peak at them in class - lol - or if she's save mine for last ... to savour and enjoy. (I think I am also the only one who put ANY work in my creativity journal). Laura I think is going to do a decent job - but I think I am the only one who was truly passionate about this project. I even got this really cute little gift bag - to put both journals in to hand them in together, like a package. It's all pink with a girl on it with her cat, a purse and a shopping bag in hand.... Just like me! Same colour hair - same length hair - it's sooo me! LOL... So far the more work involved - I thought it was just 15 sketches that we had to hand in - and 6 of them colour. (Draw about 8 alter-egos and then photocopy 7 of them (8+7=15) and colour them in). However, I got that wrong. We have to do 15 DIFFERENT sketches, and then take 1 of them, and photocopy it 6 times and then colour it in - testing colours and playing with colours, etc. So that's 21 sketches to hand in - but 6 are photocopies from one pencil sketch - then coloured in. We then have to do the SAME exact thing for the landscape dream world that we have to create. Oh, am I loathing this assignment, especially since I HATE drawing! FOR 2.5 HOURS! I definitely perfer other mediums. That's for sure. I wish I could do the landscapes at home - but then what am I going to do in class next Thursday for 2.5 hours? I could prepare my landscapes and then do my photocopies of my 1 alter-ego and my 1 landscape, and then spend 2.5 hours colouring them in next week? That is also an option. But I feel like I should leave the landscape drawings to do in class, and also come prepared with my photocopies of my alter-ego - and colour that in, in class as well. I guess I will see how much time I have to work on it, and if I want to work on it - and figure it out from there, if I want to do it beforehand or not.

I am working on my illustrator project that's due tomorrow. I'm making the changes that are needed to the ones I've already done, (I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to use grey and that it has to be all in black & white), but those changes are very easy to do - so I am working on them! Then I have 4 more to create - I can do it! I should be able to finish it this afternoon.

Next week on DVD is March of the Penguins. I'm dying to see it. It's a documentary I believe, but still, I love penguins! Not enough to collect them though. I collect statues of elephants (and I've given up on my shot glass collection - it was getting way too out of control!) I love going to see the penguins at the biodome here in Montreal. They are sooooo cute, and I love watching them walk and swim and play and slide... I feel sad though, that they are contained in a building for people to see them and stare at them and all that... I mean, would you want to be stared at? I wouldn't want to be disturbed! So, I'm looking forward to this documentary coming onto DVD. I'll be runing to the video store to rent it - let me tell you. I hope that the 1$ rental place near my house will have it in stock. They are like a vending machine where you pop in a pre-paid card, and select the movie you want to rent, and it pops out of the machine like a coca-cola would at a vending machine! Whoever invented this - is genius! Let me tell you! Genius!

I finished my illustrator project. All done. PHEW! It's due tomorrow morning at 8h00 am, and I'm all set to hand it in! I just need to "research" a colour, and then I'm all set! These are all the 10 images that I created for this assignment.

I am really happy with the final results, and when I ran out to do errands after I was done, I looked for number stickers (at 2 pharmacies and 2 different dollar stores, and couldn't find). Why can I never find what I'm looking for when I need it?
Dinner smells ready. Goodnight.
Oh and ps- Troy's name is now Bosco. He's been bossy and just like the character on Third Watch, so my parents think Bosco is a more fitting name. On top of it - my mom wanted a 2 sylable name for the dog, and Troy just isn't. Whenever I thought of Troy, I think of the Brad Pitt movie, and I don't like Brad Pitt, so anything is better than Troy! But my sister says that Bosco is 99% his name. Sounds cute.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Movie Wednesday

I worked on my thumbnails in class for the final project. I think it's coming along great. I'm doing a magazine cover and a 2 page spread. What I chose to do it on - is a dog magazine, and I'm using cartoon images of dogs for it. I hope it turns out the way I want it. There has to be certain elements in it - and I'm sure it's going to turn out okay. I got my quiz back (I'm going to scan it and show you, but at a later date!) and I got 10/10 on that. I also got back my font crop assignment, and I also got a 9/10 - like Laura did (I was sure I was going to get 100% on it). Laura lost a mark because her black marker ran, I lost a mark because you were able to see my pencil marks on some of the areas. Hmm! 9/10. I'll accept that! (LOL). Now it's time to concentrate on my final projects. I have about 3 weeks of school left, and I've got to pull all my attention towards my 4 final projects!

This afternoon I watched 2 movies. First I started with the movie Me & You & Everyone We Know. What a very interesting movie. I really liked it - but it's a weird one. You can check the description here. Then I decided that I wanted to watch another movie, so I popped in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I cried. It was a very cute chick movie. I'll let you know how it is. Nothing else on TV tonight! And Jamie's in the mood for a movie - for a change!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dog Sitting & The Gorgeous Journal

I went to my 9:45 am eye doctor apt first, and my eye sight has NOT changed since 2000, and I'm considering Lasik. My eye doctor recommended me the name of a specialist, (his office is near my house), so I am going to book an apt and see how much it costs and if I'm a candidate. I'd love to not have to wear contacts or glasses ever again!

I tried calling Wendy again, my wedding photographer, and yet again, she did NOT answer her phone. I don't know if she is avoiding my call, or what? But I am starting to get really pissed off.

After my eye doctor apt, I babysat Troy (that's his name officially now, I think). He is sooooo cute. Most of the time I was there he slept, but for about an hour, we both passed out on a rug on the floor in the middle of the kitchen, cuddling. He likes body heat - as he misses sleeping on/with/around his siblings from his litter - which was pure body heat when they were all together.

Think he has enough toys? My mom won't allow him to have any toys unless it's rubber (because he's teething!)

Troy thinks he's a lap dog. In this picture I am lying on the floor and he's in in my lap!

My sister gave me my Chanukah present (a month early) since I was at her house when it came in the mail. She ordered me a journal with a personalized picture on the front. It's more like a notebook, but I love it! The inside cover is personalized as well. Very cute, see below.
I finally got home, from being out all day. I started working on my illustrator project again, and now got 2 more done, so I've got a total of 6 of 10 accomplished. I am not worried. I can do the rest tomorrow, or even if I wanted to - I could do 2 tomorrow and 2 on Thursday and then I'm done before Friday morning at 8h00 am on Friday morning. For now, I am very happy with 60% of my project completed. I am a little stressed, and probably will be okay in the end.

I just finished watching Nip/Tuck - one of the few shows I watch currently on TV. I've eliminated a few shows that I'm getting sick of.. (Regular Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent are now blech - the only one I follow now is Special Victims Unit... it's the only one I enjoy anymore.)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Cranberry Brisket

For dinner tonight I made:

Cranberry Brisket

1 (3 pound) beef brisket
1 cup Catalina salad dressing
1 (1 ounce) envelope dry onion soup mix
1 (12 ounce) package fresh cranberries

DIRECTIONS:Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Place brisket in 9x13 inch pan.

In a medium bowl, combine dressing, soup mix, and cranberries. Pour over brisket, and cover pan with foil.

Cook for 3 to 4 hours, or until brisket is extremely tender. Brisket will get very dark/caramelized; this adds flavor, and doesn't mean that you have overcooked it.

It came out very well, and it only needed 3 hours of cooking, not 3-4 hours. Jamie was really impressed with my cooking lately, and at first wasn't really sure if Catalina dressing would work, on brisket, but in the end, he eat every last bite on his plate. Sorry, no photos of this dish, Jamie pretty much dug into it as soon as the oven was ready to beep that time was up for cooking, as it was getting late already, and he was hungry. Compliments to the new chef! (hee hee!)

Tomorrow, I have an early day, a 9:45 am eye doctor apt, finally getting that over with, but I must stop by my dad's office beforehand and do some photocopies. I have some errands to take care of tomorrow as well, but I'm going to only do that after I babysit the new puppy for my mom, so she can go get her hair done. (Still no name for the puppy - maybe by tomorrow!) I really don't want to babysit a dog that I don't know what to call it! I am so excited to see the little guy.

I got a lot accomplished today, 4 of my 10 pages are now done for my Illustrator Project that is due on Friday. 40% is done, and it's only Monday. I am very impressed with myself. I hope to get a lot more accomplished tomorrow. I aslo finished my Quark Express assignment in class this morning, it's due at 8h00 am next Monday morning. One more project to go in that class. I can't believe the semester is almost over. I'll be a graduate before I know it! I also just finished my CREATIVITY JOURNAL! It's not due until Thurs, Dec. 1st (next Thursday) but I was able to work on the last final pages while I was watching Las Vegas & CSI: Miami this evening. Jamie had a friend over to watch some hockey game on TV, and I had peace & quiet upstairs in the den.

I discovered today that in my pantry I have:

  • 17 kleenex boxes
  • 24 paper towel rolls
  • 64 rolls of toilet paper

You think I'm okay until 2006?

I finished my scarf today, the one that I crochet (my first crochet item!) I will take pictures tomorrow and post them, I'm zonked right now (still running on 4 hours of sleep from last night, as I never got to take that nap today).

I did watch the HBO movie The Girl in the Cafe. I thought I would have liked it a lot more than I actually did. It was just okay. Cute love story, but too political for me. I also started watching My So Called Life - the only season that aired, from 1994-1995 (19 episodes). I have it on DVD, someone downloaded them and passed them on to me, and it's bringing back old memories and horrid fashion! I am going to watch all of it, and then I'm passing it onto my friend Sherrie. I got through the first three episodes today (they are 48 minute episodes each!) The quality is very pixalated, but still clear enough to watch!

I found this gorgeous baby pink yarn today, for a VERY good price (1$/ball) and I'm totally thinking of learning a new stitch and making a baby blanket. (No not pregnant yet!) But I need to get a blanket done - so I can perfect it. My first scarf came out okay, but my next one will be better. Need to do the same w/a blanket. No sense in making that afghan for my bed, until I get a smaller one 100% perfect! Right? I need to find the perfect brown yarn for my sister's scarf that she wants. I haven't found it yet. I need to match it to her coat!

I forgot to mention, I went by the Multimags on my walk from my car to school and asked the guy what time he gets in his Monday delivery for new magazines. He told me in an hour, and then asked me what magazine I was looking for.

I said "Dogs in Canada Annual"

and he said "We got it in already".

So I said, "Two copies please".

I then asked "When did you get these in?"

He replied, "Just after you left last Monday!"

I wish I had known!

I would have picked it up last week! Or all during the week. And I didn't see it in any other magazine shop this past week - mind you - I wasn't really looking. But boy am I excited. I bought one to keep and one to cut out my image and frame! I'm going to hang it up in my office. I think I'm going to colour photocopy it and start creating a portfolio. Oh, it's soooo exciting!

On another note, I feel so lost, I forgot my cell phone at home. I have a few phone calls to make today, and I feel useless without it! I need to call my eye doctor this morning and make an apointment for tomorrow morning, as I'll be in the area of his office, since mom wants me to babysit the puppy for a few hours while she goes to get her hair done.

I hope I get back my marks from my other class from my teacher this morning. I have her twice a week, and since I missed her Wednesday class last week, I hope she can give me my 2 assignments that I should have gotten back. I'm dying to know how I did, although I'm assuming that I did well, as she likes my work and Laura got a 9/10 for hers, and she lost a mark because of her marker/pen running a bit of ink, which I know mine didn't... so as long as I get my concept right, I know that I've atleast gotten a 9/10 if not 10/10. And for my quiz... I know she really liked mine, and since I did mine in inpecable timing, I even did two, which she liked both, which I know I did well on.... just need to see my actual results in writing.

Wow, I can't believe we're on week 12 of 15 weeks of this semester. Where does time go?? 4 weeks left, and SOOO much to do. Assignments here and assignments there. I have 2 more semesters to go, and I'm loving every minute of my new career path!

Off to bed. Jamie just made fruit salad, so I'm going to go enjoy!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

New Puppy

Introducing the new puppy... (He still has no name... Mom likes Tucker, Dad wants Troy.... I like Tucker... we'll see what his name is!)

(above) Me and the puppy (he's nibbling on my ear hence my weird face)

(above) ins't he adorable?

I'm babysitting the little guy on Tuesday when my mom goes to get her hair done. I am so excited to see him again - he's sooo cute and tiny! His birthday is September 11th, 2005, so he's 9 weeks old (He was born 1 week before I got married!) September 11th is also my cousin Jenn's birthday and the day my sister got her driver's lisence a couple of years ago!


Zeus asleep on my bed. I love it when he put his hands over his eyes.

Hopefully when I get to the magazine shop tomorrow after my class, there will be a copy of Dogs in Canada Annual waiting for me, so I can purchase it. I am thinking of purchasing 2 copies - one to keep and one to frame. After all, it's my FIRST published image ever.

Last night was uncomfortable and awkward. First off, the party didn't end up being a suprise in the end, Jamie and I were the 2nd couple to arrive to the dinner at the restaurant, when Jamie thought we were going to be late, was mad at me for leaving 5 minutes late, yet I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant at the time (precisely) that we were expected to be there. The birthday boy was supposed to arrive at 6:15pm, but they didn't show up (and were with the rest of the people attending the party) at around 6:30pm. So we sat at the table at the restaurant with a couple that we didn't know, and it was very awkward. Dinner was okay, and then we went back to see their new apartment and for some birthday cake, and by 10pm I wanted to leave. We had been sitting there for over an hour on their couch, and pretty much bored. I should NOT have eaten the piece of cheese cake that I did... I regret it now, as it wasn't even that good. I was disapointed that we lost the hockey game (5-1) and that sucked too. (It was on the TV for background picture (with music on) and it was sad to lose). I was sooo happy to get home to my pj's and crocheting and desperate housewives! This is my scarf below, I can wrap is around 2-3 times around my neck, that's how long I made it. I like it that length. It's perfect.

Shortly I'm going over to my parents house to meet Troy. (They decided on Troy over Tucker or Austin or Jackson). I liked Tucker best, but whatever, it's not my dog. I can't wait to meet the little guy! Anyhow, I will NOT forget my camera!

I slept in today until almost 2pm. I couldn't believe it was about 1:44 when I got up. I was just zonked, and didn't set an alarm. I haven't slept this late in ages! Maybe even years! I should get ready soon, to go over to my parents, but I'm still in my pj's. My crochet scarf is coming along very well.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Almost Done My TV Marathon

I watched 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives of Season 2 (I finished Season 1 last night almost done my marathon!) and worked on my scarf that I'm crocheting. It's coming along very nicely. I think that 2 balls of yarn might be okay. If not, I can always get more.

After lunch, we went over to Jamie's grandmother's house to visit her, since she just got back from a week's stay in the hospital. She had a reaction to a medication that they changed on her recently.

We stayed there for a while, it was nice to see Jamie's cousins, and I had a nice chat with Jamie's Aunt Tania. She's very sweet and we always have good conversation.

We stopped off at the liquor commission on the way home, and picked up a port gift for my dad for the holidays, some bottles of wine for our house as well as a bottle of wine for Michel, who's birthday we're going out for shortly. On that note, I must go get ready. (Just finished watching another episode of Desperate Housewives, which means I only have 4 more episodes left to catch up to the episode airing tomorrow. I think I can do it!!!

If I'm back early enough I'll write later. I don't know what time we'll be home as we're going for dinner and then we're going back to the birthday boy's house. And they don't exactly live around the corner (about half an hour away... if not more).

Friday, November 18, 2005

2 Month Anniversary

Today is my 2 months anniversary with my husband! Wow, I've been married for two months!
Class this morning was productive, I got some more of my illustrator project done. It's due next Friday, so I have more time to work on it, still. I have Tuesdays off and every afternoon, so I am not worried about getting it done! Not at all!

After class I came home and watched some Desperate Housewives, then after lunch I watched Survivor and Apprentice from last night with Jamie, and then more Desperate Housewives. I have 2 episodes left of Season 1 and then onto Season 2 to catch up to where it's on TV at the moment.

We have guests over for poker at the moment and and I played the first game (didn't win) and now game 2 is on, but I didn't feel like playing the second game.

There is a party going on upstairs - (I was asked permission if it was okay - since his parents are on vacation for 3 weeks) and they're doing some awful kareoke. It's the son's girlfriends birthday and she just graduated from nursing, so he thought since his parents were out of town he would throw a party.

I'm going to get back to the last 2 episodes of Season 1 of Desperate Housewives, and take the scarf I'm crocheting (it's turning out really nice) into bed with me! I absolutely LOVE crocheting! So much more than knitting, only because knitting is really hard on my "early-arthritis" as I call it. I have really bad joint pain in my hands.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The dead scarf

Jazz likes to sit on my chair with me when I use my computer. At first I thought it was cute, so I took some pictures today. But now I find it very annoying! If I don't sit back completely in my chair, he jumps behind me and rubs himself against my back as if I am a scratching post for an itch on his back... or something! Anyhow, I like the way these pictures came out.

After class today, I came home and watched some Desperate Housewives (2 discs left to go, and I'm loving it and addicted!) while watching it, I took care of some stuff around my office.

I worked a bit on my mother-in-law's scarf - however it is now pronounced dead. When I changed the colour for the first time from red to brown, when tying this velour yarn, it ripped. Anyhow, I figured that I could just sew it, and give it some stitches to hold it together. Well, it started unravelling. And after working really hard on it, it's an unfinished project... in the garbage. I swear, I will never ever work with velour yarn ever again.

So I feel really bad, but I am sure that my mother-in-law will understand. I picked up some other yarn and worked a bit on this crochet thing. I understand what to do- but I think I am forgetting to do something, because as I go up the rows, it's getting thiner and narrower by the row... so obviously I am forgetting to do something! What a piss off! I think I am going to google "how to crochet" and figure out what I am doing wrong!

Tomorrow I have any early class again, 8 am every morning 4 days a week, and I am zonked. It's a workshop period tomorrow, so I have to get work done on my illustrator project that is due next Friday. Wow - it's due next Friday - already.

Tomorrow afternoon Jamie & I are going to visit his grandmother in the hospital (a medication she was on - she reacted to - she's going to be okay).

I have a ton of stuff that I want to get accomplished tomorrow, and then tomorrow night we're having friends over for poker. Our usual Friday night gang.

Saturday night we were supposed to have my friend Fritz (whom I graduated from photography with) and his long time girlfriend. However, Jamie forgot to mention to me that we have his friend's birthday dinner at some restaurant off the island (where they live) and we're going. So, reluctantly, I emailed Fritz and asked him to come the following weekend, and he emailed me back to tell me that it's okay, that next weekend is okay! I feel really bad, but Jamie said he would take the blame for it - it's his fault he forgot to tell me, and well... yeah. I called the restaurant we're going to - to ask if they have whole wheat pasta (it's italian we're going to), and they said that they don't have whole wheat meals right now, but Monday they are getting their new menus in, and as of next week, they will have whole wheat. Not until Monday? I hope they have something for me to eat on Saturday night!

I cooked dinner tonight. Jamie was VERY impressed and he said he can no longer say that he's the only one that cooks. I have been very daring and trying lately. I found this recipe today, altered it a little bit and voila... it was FANTASTIC!

Mediterranean Chicken and Pasta Bake

Chicken cut up in pieces (as much as you want to fill the bottom
of your 8x8 or so sized cooking pan)
1 tbsp Bertolli Olive Oil or Canola Oil
4 cups baby spinach leaves
1 pkg Lipton SoupWorks Minestrone Soup
1 can diced tomatoes 796 mL
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
2 tbsp finely sliced black olives (optional)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese or marble cheese

Preheat oven to 350° F (180° C). In a large, nonstick skillet set over medium-high heat, brown the chicken in olive oil. Remove the chicken from the skillet and arrange in a single layer in a well-greased 8-inch (20 cm) baking dish. Place the spinach evenly over the chicken. Combine Lipton Soupworks Minestrone Soup mix with the tomatoes, basil and black olives. Spread this mixture evenly over top off the spinach. Add on top the green, red, yellow or orange pepper. Cover with foil and bake for 55 minutes. Uncover and sprinkle with cheese. Bake 10 minutes more or until the cheese is bubbly.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's a Boy!

And his name might be Tucker or Jackson or Austin... still trying to figure it out. And he's 9 weeks old!

Yes! He has a funny cone on his head. It's for his ears - so they stand up.
This new puppy - who will come into my mom's arms next week at some point - will become a champion too.. just like our beloved (RIP) Tyson. (Who left us at the age of 2 and a half of a heart attack - I'll get into that another time - don't have the energy to type that up right now. Maybe tomorrow).

I can't wait to meet the little guy! Straight from CT, USA.

(I wish Jamie loved these kinds of dogs too - and he does - just doesn't want a dog this big as a pet. When I'm ready for a dog - It'll definitely have to be a medium to big sized dog. I can't STAND yappers like my grandmother's dog, like my brother's girlfriend's dog - or like my aunt's dog. Small dogs are yappers! Ugh!)

Isn't he beautiful?

Finally ... but not!

I finally got my check in the mail this morning from Dogs in Canada Annual for Purina using my photograph. Small problem though - even though the check is written out to someone at my address - I am definitely not "Gwenn Armode" and I have no idea who that person is. So someone out there probably has my check to their address... unless my check was the only mistake. So I called the woman that I deal with at Dogs in Canada, and left her a voicemail regarding this situation, and I have no idea what to do. This is totally not cool, what they have done. I can't really cash it - since the check is not in my name. I wish I knew this person, so I could have it endorsed and then cash it. The lady called me back - but I missed her call, and she asked me to call her back with the other person's name, so that they could figure out what to do about the situation. I just am going to laugh about this situation.

I finished my aprons for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law for Xmas. I wrapped them up with wooden spoons and rolled it and tied it with a ribbon. I bought "wine bag" gift bags - cuz they were rolled long, and it fit right in, and it looks great!

I have been feeling very Martha Stewart lately. Kinda funny, actually. I have been crafting things, creating things, making homemade gifts and crafts, cooking a lot more than usual. Is there something wrong with me or is this normal? I'm kind of laughing about it... I don't know why?

I need to sit down and start my wedding scrapbook - with the pictures from the disposable cameras. Also - my wedding photographer has until this Friday to call me with the news that my proofs are ready - or I'm calling her and telling her when I will be swinging by for them. She told me 3-4 weeks I'd have proofs, and now it's 2 months on the 18th (Friday). Wow.. I can't believe I've been married for 2 months already. And married life is not really that different from life before being married. I wasn't sure what to expect. But things are great, as usual. (Knock on wood).

Other projects I need to finish asap - my mother-in-law's scarf. The scarf I started for myself. The gift basket for my father-in-law for Xmas (I finally came up with an idea for him for a gift - now I just need to figure out what to get my dad - WHY are men so HARD to shop for?)

On another note - I made fish for dinner tonight, it was really good. I love making salmon. I figure out just the right (and super easy) way to make it.

Sleep tight.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bedroom Ghost

Last night I had the weirdest dream/experience. I woke up whaling, and stunned/shocked I felt as though - in the pitch black - that there was a presence standing over me, coming at me, closer and closer. It was the weirdest thing I think I've ever experienced. I don't know if there is ANY meaning to this - but it was weird. I still have chills just thinking about it. Jamie was freaked out by the way I was whaling. It was so weird I had to turn on my night table lamp to make sure that there wasn't actually someone standing over me. And on my way to turning on my lamp I threw my hands around, feeling the air to make sure I didn't feel anything. I think there is a ghost in my bedroom.

I started on some more laundry once I got home, and then decided I was going to star watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 while cleaning up my closet of clothes. I managed to get a lot cleaned.

I am LOVING Desperate Housewives. I've gotten through 3 episodes so far. I have all of season 1 on DVD and I started downloading (off the episodes from this season. Torrent is absolutely free, and I rely on it if I ever miss an episode on tv that I wanted to watch.

Jamie and I had cabbage rolls for dinner tonight, they were soooo good. (Made by my mother-in-law). And then we headed off to the hockey game. We won 4-3 in Overtime and it was an absolutely AWESOME GAME! I love going to games, so much fun!

Now I'm about to watch Nip/Tuck on FX. All new (and longer than usual) episode. Check ya later.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Apricot Roast

I went to Walmart after class today and I picked up a crochet kit for my mother-in-law for her birthday and some yarn that is variegated. (Gorgeous colours!) I also picked up some blue yarn, pink yarn and grey yarn for myself. I want to figure out how to crochet an afghan for my bedroom (In blue and grey) and use the pink for a scarf for my new jacket.

I got fabric markers at Walmart so I can finally finish the project I've been meaning to work on. I wanted to make my sister-in-law and mother-in-law aprons (with a personalized design) on the front. I found plain white aprons and I am writing "Andrea's Kitchen" on my sister-in-law's and "Norma's Kitchen" on the other. I will post pictures when I'm done! I also bought an extra one to make for myself. I am going to wrap theirs up all pretty in a nice gift bag with some wooden spoons. My mother-in-law taught me that it's best to cook with wooden spoons when making her family's meat sauce recipe. One can never have too many wooden spoons!

This evening Jamie and I just chilled out. I watched with him Trump's Apprentice which we had on tape, Las Vegas at 9pm and CSI:Miami at 10pm. I'm gong to crawl into bed now and watch Without a Trace from Thursday night which is on tape.

Tomorrow I have a ton of stuff to do during the day and then I'm off to the hockey game tomorrow night. For dinner, I decided to try a new recipe. So I found something online as a start and altered it. I ended up with:


2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1.5-2 pounds meat for roasting
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 (1 ounce) package dry onion soup mix
1 package of dried apricots

DIRECTIONS:In a large heavy skillet, heat oil over medium high heat. When the oil is hot, brown the meat on all sides. If the meat is too large, cut it in half first, and brown in two stages. Place the meat in a suitable oven safe cooking container.

Add onions to the drippings in the skillet. Saute over medium heat until the onions are beginning to brown. Stir in garlic, and cook for 2 or 3 more minutes. Pour over the meat in the container.

Empty one package of dry, instant onion soup mix over the browned onions and meat. Arrange all of the apricots on top of the soup mix. Pour enough water around outside of meat, not on top, to cover the sides of the meat. Cover.

Bake at 325 degrees F (160 degrees C) for 1 hour. Check liquid; if dish is starting to look dry, add a bit more water around meat. Cover, and cook another hour. Remove lid, and stir apricots into gravy. Leave uncovered, and cook for about 20 more minutes. Meat should be very tender.

I served this with whole grain brown rice. It was delicious. I'm starting to get a knack for this cooking business. I did however set off the smoke detector. That was kinda funny!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Smart & Not Smart Cats

I just cleaned up my bathtub so I could take a shower, as our cats left us pee in the bathtub and we came home to another surprise of poop in Jamie's office on his chair and on the floor. You see - when Jamie's dad came Friday night to re-set our alarm since it went off - (I'm going to have to call the alarm guy tomorrow) he accidently closed the door in the basement that blocks off the laundry room- which holds the 2 cat litters. So the cats had no access to their litter on Saturday nor today until we got home. I think my cats are absolutely SMART to pee in the bathtub - and not like on my bedroom or den or office carpet floors. Also - why did they choose Jamie's office to go number two? That I don't know - but I'm thinking it's the closest room to their litter box - maybe that was a decision. I feel like I'm going to find a surprise somewhere that I haven't been in the house yet.... but so far - we've cleaned up all the messes we could find. Poor cats. They barely even touched any of their food in their normal dishes nor in the food feeder which I got for when we go on weekend trips. (I would never leave the cats alone while we're on our honeymoon for 2 weeks though - but for a weekend - no problemo!)

Well, I'm going to go blowdry my hair (I think) and hop into bed. It's almost midnight and I have an 8 am class tomorrow. I like having a morning class only on Mondays, and then off until Wednesday morning 8am. It's like a mini vacation at the beginning of the week - right after a weekend. I love it!

Weekend Photos

This is the scarf that I'm working on for my mother-in-law. It's coming along pretty nice, I think. My mother-in-law likes it - that's all that counts. I need to figure out how to treat this material - it's called Velour. (I think) Anyone have any suggestions? I need so that it doesn't shed little pieces all over my mother-in-law's jacket when she wears it. I'm new to knitting and new to this kind of yarn - so any help would be fantastic.

Above is a picture of myself with my nephew.

Merlyn taking a picture of me taking a picture. He has his own camera now, the one he's holding, however, it doesnt take actual pictures, you need to fill it up with water, and when you pretend to take someone's picture, it splashes water out of the lens area. Very funny. I thought it was really cute, that's why I got it!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

3rd Birthday Party

Last night we got a call on Jamie's cell phone from the alarm company, that our alarm was going off. So we called Jamie's dad - we would have gotten the next call on the list, and he ran over to our place to shut off the alarm. Anyhow, it was a false alarm, with the motion detector - which we're sure was set off because one of the cats - so when I get back home, I'm going to have to call the alarm guy and get him to come back and fix it - again. He already adjusted it after the cat set off the alarm a few days after we got the alarm system installed. Thank goodness it was just a false alarm - and thank goodness Jamie's dad and step-mom where able to go to our place (we live close to them) and investigate for us. Such annoyance. I am starting to really hate this alarm system unit. We've already used our false alarm with the police due to an error in turning on the panic button and it's just non-stop problems. The alarm guy is going to have to come and fix it. I couldn't go to sleep until Jamie's dad called us back after checking out our house. Thank goodness everything is fine. Such a relief!

The party & the food was fantastic - curtosey of my mother-in-law and I helped set up and clean up, and felt useful (as I didn't cook or bake anything for the party).

My nephew got some nice birthday presents for his 3rd birthday - the lucky guy. And after he opened each gift, he went over and thanked the person who gave him the present by giving them a hug and a kiss. It was cute. When he got to our present (he opened ours last - saved the best for last - lol), he opened the card, looked at it so seriously and said "Happy Birthday Jungle Monkey". We all laughed hysterically because there was monkeys on the card that had a big number 3 on it! It was cute. I guess you had to be there.

I worked on my mother-in-law's scarf - and it's now officially coming along great! I was able to get a lot accomplished. My sister-in-law showed me how to crochet a very simple stitch, which I was able to do the casting on. Then when it came to the part where I had to start doing the first row... yeah, that was fun.. Seems easier on the hands than knitting, but I don't know... Maybe I need a bit more time to sit down and do it to learn it. I did have my mother-in-law sitting next to me over my shoulder because she wanted to learn how to do it as well, so that also wasn't exactly the best learning situation. Maybe after I'm done her scarf (I'll post pictures later when I get home - the progress is coming along GREAT) I'll work on the crochet thing. However as far as my scarf for my mother-in-law, I need to figure out some way to treat it. It's a velour yarn (that's what the packaging says) and it's like "shedding" when I am actually knitting it. Little pieces of fuzz are coming off, and I am not liking it. So, I need to figure out what to do... Anyone know anything??

Dinner was fantastic - my mother-in-law's home made lasagna (I know the recipe now to her meat sauce, so now I can make it perfectly). After the "extra" people left - we had dinner just close family, and with 2 of my sister-in-law's good friends. It was nice, had some wine, and everything was great.

Everyone has left now, and I see that the episode of Nip/Tuck that I missed on Tuesday night because I was at the hockey game is on CTV in just a few minutes, so I'm going to go put my pj's on and sit down in front of the TV, and veg.

...And maybe work a little more on the scarf...

Friday, November 11, 2005


I got my illustrator exam back this morning, the one I took 2 weeks ago, I'm pretty happy with my mark - I got 16.5/20 (82.5%). I am very happy with that mark. I think I got a higher mark because I decided to do all 5 logos instead of just 4 that were required. This morning I sat through my illustrator class basically looking for images to use to recreate and turn simple shapes into this image. Sounds easy - but it's really not. I was able to find an image of a really cute bug, and I'm going to re-create it, but I started it, got frustrated and then decided to surf the web for the rest of the class. I didn't want to leave early as it would cont as an absence (rather a half absence) and I already missed last week, so I didn't want to miss anymore. I saw her attendance records and I only have 2 absences (The friday before my wedding and last friday) Basically, there is a problem if you've missed more than 3 classes in a row, or 5 classes over the 15 weeks course period. So I am okay, so far, in ALL my classes. I don't usually tend to miss class. However, this morning I was sitting in class thinking, "How long til I get to go home pack up my car and leave for my nephew's house?"

The drive wasn't so bad. 3 hours exactly. We left at 1:30pm, and got there around 4:30pm, chilled with my sister-in-law for a bit, and then went to go pick up my nephew from daycare. He was excited to see us.

Took a nap for almost 2 hours after picking up my nephew and then was woken for dinner. I was really happy to have been able to take that nap, because I am not sure how I drove for 3 hours as I had only gotten 6 hours of sleep on Thursday night, and was up very early for class.

Dinner was fantastic - a tofu stir-fry on noodles (and for me on whole grain brown rice), I actually don't mind tofu. I am not a vegetarian, but I don't mind different stuff.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Spiderman Balloons

My oral exam this morning went good, better than I expected. I didn't like the topic though - we had a brainstorm on ideas on the "perfect video game". I'm not a gamer. I contributed enough, and when she let us out on break, I asked her I was okay on my contribution and it was a-okay! Three people didn't show up for class this morning, which sucks to be them, as the oral exam was worth 20% of our final mark. Two of them pleaded to be allowed back into the class after break, teacher allowed, but she said it wouldn't affect their 0% for the exam. She was even very lenient, allowing class to start at 8h15 am instead of 8h00 am. And people were still late. I have no respect for those. After break, she actually didn't keep us more than 10 minutes. We wrapped up and got to leave.

I went out looking for Spiderman Balloons for my nephew’s 3rd birthday party this upcoming weekend. However I couldn’t find any, anywhere. I found a ton of other spiderman stuff, which I purchased for the Spiderman party on Saturday. I checked 2 pharmacies, 2 dollar stores and Walmart. I remembered a store near my parents house that I saw Spiderman Balloons at the other day, and I called my friend Laura in my class who lives around the corner from the store I saw them at, and she happened to be in the shopping center I was thinking of, and she went and picked me up the last package of Spiderman balloons. Phew! Task accomplished. All I need tomorrow is bagels, chopped liver and Jamaican patties (if I can find) to bring to my sister-in-law. (She can’t get any of those in the town she lives in). I will see what I can do after class and before leaving.

This evening Jamie picked up dinner, and now he has two friends over for the hockey game (The Canadiens are playing in Pittsburg tonight, I think). I cleaned my desk and my corkboard (long overdue), finished some laundry, half packed my bag for the weekend (so we can leave asap tomorrow after my class) and wrote out the addresses for my Chanukah Cards (Xmas cards are next on the list – yeah I like taking care of things early!) and also wrote out the addresses on the invitations for Jamie’s 30th birthday party – which I’m holding a texas hold’em night. I hope he likes his party! The invite list keeps growing, but I think it’ll all be good.

I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop now, watching The O.C., CSI and now ER is about to start. I’ve also managed to wrap my sister and mother’s birthday presents (their birthdays are in December, but I got their gifts so I decided to wrap them).

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Library Memberships Cost?

Class this morning was absolutely freezing (note to self - bring in an extra sweater next week (and I was wearing a long sleeved shirt today with a sweater!)) We were handed out the handouts for the final project and we went over it in detail. Our teacher went around going over everyone's subject for the final project and she approved of mine - I just have to remember that if I am going to do the subject of dogs, and I'm planning on using cartoon dogs, then I must keep the material (body copy) light, and not too heavy. I don't to have the images fun and the text heavy reading. That wouldn't be good.

This afternoon I worked a bit on my creativity journal, I just want to finish it already so that I can have it done before it's due. Technically I have one journal that is done - but I took it to the next level and decided to work on a second one - since I finished the first one. My second one is coming along very nicely. I am loving this project!

After parking my car back home I took a walk (in the rain) around the corner to the Jewish Public Library. I inquired about a membership - I had no idea that it costs money to join a library. I walked around - deciding if I wanted a membership or not - but they didn't have the greatest selection, and I tend to like to own books, so I decided that I wasn't going to sign up today. If I sign up in the month of November, I get 20% off my membership, and since I'm a student, that would be 20$ instead of 25$. Regular membership for non-students is 50$. INSANE! When I lived at my parents house, the local library cost nothing for a membership - you just had to live in the area. I'll think about it. November (for the special) isn't over yet.... so... I'm not worried. But I really wasn't impressed with their selection.

Jamie just got home from work, but he went to his mom's place first to pick up some stuff that we're bringing to his sister's place for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. His mom was cleaning out her house - and we're each loading up our car to bring stuff to his sister. Jamie's dad just dropped by with the cake for Merlyn's 3rd birthday, and some home baked goodies for us! Jamie wants to play cribbige (card game) and watch some tv. So I'm off for the night.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm a Bridesmaid!

Today I took my car in for my winter tires and did a bunch of errands - what a long day!
Jamie and I then left for the hockey game tonight. What an exciting game! We won 3-2 (Canadiens vs. Tampa Bay) and it was a good game. I had a lot of fun.

My cousin Jenn called me today and asked me to be a bridesmaid for her September 3rd wedding. I am sooooo very excited! On top of it - the colour that she chose, Chocolate Brown - will TOTALLY suit me! Very pleased about that! Thank you Jenn! Thank you!

Jamie's calling me to go to bed - it's past my bedtime as I have to get up early for class tomorrow. Not in the mood to wake up early again - but it's got to be done. I just searched the web for some images for class tomorrow - we're starting our final project - which is a magazine cover or contents page, plus a 2 page spread. So I've decided to use a 'dog' theme, and I'm bringing in my last year's copy of Dogs in Canada Annual, as well as some pictures of Scooby-doo. I haven't really decided what I'm going to do yet - but I think this project will be really cool. (And I can't use a subject that I've used in the past - which is understandable, but I haven't used a dog theme with her yet - so I'm hoping this idea pans out!)

Goodnight. Sleep tight.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Slow Cookers. Can one have too many?

On top of not being able to sleep last night, I had a dream that I was pregnant - or rather getting pregnant. I know that I'm ready to have a baby - and I want a baby - but not until I'm done school. And I know that I am not pregnant but the dream felt so real. (I've never experienced pregnancy before - so the dream is as real as I can imagine it to be real.. you know?) But waking up from that dream - wow. I really want to have a baby! It was such a magical feeling. One day.... maybe one day soon.... but not until I'm done school! That's for sure!

I raked up all the leaves on my front walkway and trashed all the garbage that has blown onto our property (so gross). I even found a really wet newspaper (from who knows when - which probably couldn't have been ours - because Jamie has me calling up the Gazette the second his paper is late in the morning!). Took me almost an hour - but I cleaned up the outside quite nicely. I am very impressed with the clean up job I did. And I felt good afterwards.

Made plans this evening to see a friend - my friend Julie - that I used to work with. I hadn't seen her since my wedding, even though I didn't really hang out with her at my wedding - since there was soooo many people there for us. I did hang out with her at my bachelorette - that was nice. We used to work together, for 1 year, but I met her before I started working at the video store in August of 2004. I used to have a locker next to hers back in college when I was doing my creative arts degree (so even before my 3 year program in photography that I just graduated from in May). So I've known her since about 2000-2001. She's actually really good friends with my aunt's sister's son Jon. Small world.

I went over to her place, and we ordered dinner. I hadn't seen Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (the movie that's released on DVD tomorrow) with Johnny Depp (OH DO I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!) Anyhow, I had it on my list - and they mailed it out to me - I got it in the mail today. I figured it wasn't Jamie's type of movie - he couldn't care less for these types - so I knew that I could watch it on my own or with a friend. So now I can mail it back to and get a new movie! (I love this dvd mailing membership - don't really have to leave the house, besides returning it via mail - but there is a mailbox really close to my house!) Now I just need to watch the original - Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - apparently it's better than Johnny Depp's version. I hope to get to that this week. I have so many movies and TV shows on my "want to watch list" it's nuts!

Julie gave me Jamie's & my belated wedding present. She had come to the wedding - but the gift was too big and too heavy for her to bring to the wedding. I opened it up just now - a slow cooker. NOT ANOTHER SLOW COOKER! What am I to do? I got THREE for our engagement party. I returned 2. I got another 2 for my bridal shower. I returned those 2. I got 2 for the wedding (including this belated one). Ugh! That was why I registered. If people would have looked at my wedding registry - they would have known that I received one already, and don't need 7! How many of these things do I need? JUST ONE! LOL. I feel bad - because I will thank her for the gift - but what am i supposed to do about it? I already have one that is opened, and that has been used. There was no gift receipt with it - and I will NOT ask her for one.

Well - I'm going to crawl into bed and watch Las Vegas which I taped this evening. So happy that I have the day off tomorrow. I have to go to Goodyear tomorrow and put winter tires on my car. I think I'll have lunch with Jamie since I'll be near where he works!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Continuation of Star Wars Marathon

I slept in today, and then watched Episode 1 The Phantom Menace from Star Wars. I am really enjoying the series. I worked on my creativity journal while watching.
I got a bit more laundry finished today, my last load for a while - woohoo! And I thought that laundry never ends! For now it has! And god bless the Clorox Bleach Pen - it got a stain out of a shirt that I love! (I think it was pasta sauce!)

This afternoon I was glued to the game bejeweled for a couple of hours and then Jamie and I had a family dinner for my brother's birthday tomorrow, as well as my grandmother's birthday tomorrow and to kill another bird with the same stone, we celebrated my grandfather's birthday - which is November 16th. We went to this pasta restaurant near my place that now started serving whole wheat - so it was great for me!

My grandmother (my dad's mom) knitted some scarves and I got to pick one for myself, but there was an all pink one and a pink one that had some white in it - so I went for both! She had made like 10 scarves, a purple one, a blue one, a red one.. etc.. and the 2 pink ones.... my sister took the blue one, and I wanted both pinks! LOL. They were both awesome, I just couldn't decide. I have to start knitting again the scarf I'm working on for my mother-in-law. I promised her it would be done by my newphew's birthday party - which is next Saturday. I think I can find time to finish it.

When we got home, I tried watching Star Wars Episode II, but it wouldn't play on my computer, so I will try on my dvd player tomorrow - it was getting late and Episode II seems to be longer than I, which was longer than VI which was longer than V which was longer than IV... crazy! Each episode keeps getting longer and longer! I will try to get through the last 2 movies tomorrow.... 4 down, 2 to go.

I just finished watching OC from Thursday night, and now I'm going to crawl into bed and watch CSI from Thursday night as well, and try to fall asleep. I've got to get up early tomorrow for my 8 am class.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Star Wars Marathon Begins

This morning I slept in. Much needed. Then I drove Jamie right away to pick up his car from the garage, and he had something fixed on it. Then on my way home I stopped off at the Deli around the corner from our house, and picked up some goodies for lunch and for sandwiches for school, etc...

Then I started on Episode IV A New Hope, of Star Wars. I liked it. I wasn't sure if I was going to or not. Then I took a break, started up some laundry, and then started Episode V Empire Strikes Back. Watched that one in complete. Ate dinner, folded some laundry, took care of a few things, and right now I'm in the middle of Episode VI Return of the Jedi. I watched exactly about half of the movie, then got this urge that must go to the pharmacy and pick up windshield washer fluid (as it is on sale for .99 cents) and bleach. While there, I was only able to find one random bottle of windshield washer fluid (SOLD OUT ON THE FIRST DATE OF THE SALE! - They're getting in more on Monday) and one random misplaced bottle of bleach. So weird. Both items were not where they were supposed to be! Jamie requested 5$ worth of chocolate for him and Daniel (who came over this evening to watch the hockey game).

Now I am going to go back to watching the end of Episode VI, and *maybe* start and see if I can finish Episode I. It's tough - when they're close to 2 hour movies, some even a little more than 2 hours. (Episode VI is 2h13 minutes!) Crazy! But I'm enjoying them, and now people can stop looking at me funny that I've never seen an episode ever in my entire life.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Just Another Friday Night

I'm listening to a cd by Donavon Frankenreiter. My friend Erin who got back from Australia a couple of months ago had the cd and told me I had to listen to it as it was "so good". So she gave me a copy and I'm listening to it. I had totally forgotten about it - and since I've been doing a clean-up lately, I've been finding stuff. I am actually hoping that I find a few other things that I've been looking for, but don't you usually find stuff when you're not actually looking for it?

This morning I did bubkiss - and that's the way I wanted it to be - even though I had a bunch of chores that I should have done. (Laundry, cleaning my bathroom, cleaning my kitchen blinds, etc)... I did manage to do a bunch of little things around my office, since I was doing bubkiss in my office.

Met Jamie at his garage before lunch to drop off his car (getting 2 things fixed) and then we went for lunch with some ex-co-woker of Jamie's (one who is coming tonight for poker). After lunch I dropped Jamie off at home (his car will only be ready tomorrow) and I went to the post office to mail a few items and pick up chips for this evening.

Ah - doorbell... Check ya later.


Aaaah! Breathe that ice-cold air, a sure sign that winter’s on its way. Step outside, and you’ll be assaulted by shivers and chills. It’s time for our over-sized hand me down jackets and bulky woolen sweaters. It’s hard sometimes to even tell the guys from the girls.

But we of Canada are used to this. Here, all year round snow and cold are assets. Just think what would happen to our igloos if it got warmer. They would melt! Then where would we live?

Winter is a very important part of our lives. It’s what makes us distinct. (Forget the whole sovereignty issue!) Who else do you know that arrives to school on a dogsled? (Dogsleds by the way, are much better for the environment than cars). We also learn how to treat colds, frostbite and hypothermia much better and much more effectively than any other nation in the world. We save lots of money and electricity by not needing refrigerators and we get all the ice cream and Popsicles we can eat! Hunting for food teaches valuable survival skills, and we know how to use ice and snow in everything from table legs to toilet paper. (Hey, it’s not so bad once you get used to the initial shock!)

The best Olympic skiers are Canadian. (Ok, so they’re Russian, but they’re Canadian at heart). Figure and speed skating originated here when one of our ancestors decided to race a penguin. (The penguin won, as our ancestor fell through the ice). Our snowmobiles are the fastest in the nation.

Snowstorms? Hah! We laugh at snowstorms! The last one only took us three days to shovel to the bottom.

Maybe we don’t get radio or television signals, but for entertainment we have rowdy snowball fights. Our ice sculptures are always intricate and extremely detailed.

Our children don’t have to worry about losing their beloved snowmen since they never melt, nor do we have to worry about them tobogganing into the streets, since we have no roads (or cars) to speak of. Hot chocolate is always in season, and instead of having to buy our little ones teddy bears, they get to sleep with live polar bear cubs.

We have Christmas year-round for those Non-Jewish kids, and Santa Claus comes for them here first, as we are the closest to the North Pole. In fact, his little helpers come here for vacation!

We’re really lucky to have winter. Without it, our whole lives would be different. We’d breathe in smog-filled, muggy air, and we would have to wear to wear jeans instead of our super-insulated sweatpants with feet. We’d learn useless information in school. (Who needs math?) instead of our super important classes such as “Make it or Break it: Which Ice Pick is Best for You?” or “Five Things Never To Do When Dealing With A Porpoise.”

So the next time you begin to get depressed over our lengthy expanses of crystal white snow, remember how luck we are to have it. More importantly, don’t cry, because your tears will freeze to your face, and it’s a real pain (literally) to chip them off.

Be proud of winter. After all, we’re Canadian, eh?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Madness!

What a crazy day, I feel like I just haven’t stopped. And it’s not because there was important things to do, I Just pretty much invented stuff to do, and kept busy all day, and felt like I just didn’t stop.

Today, I got via email, the codes for the 10$ gift certificates that I ordered with my points. I tried using them all (30$) in one order, but for some reason, amazon wouldn’t let me and so I had to do it in three shots – three orders. Now, I had to make sure that all three of my orders had at least 39$ in the order, so I can qualify for the free shipping. No problem, I had a book for school that I wanted on logos, I also realized that a book by one of my favourite artists Sabrina Ward Harrison was now available for 24 hour shipping (for the longest time it was 1-3 month waiting time for dispatching for shipping), so I ordered her latest book. I absolutely love her work. I discovered her when I was doing my creative arts degree back in 1998-2001. I did a final research paper to graduate comparing Sabrina Ward Harrison to 2 other artists. Last summer, July 2004, I had the opportunity to meet Sabrina on one of her workshop weekends, in Portland, Maine. On top of this great opportunity, I thought I was sooooo lucky to be staying at the same bed & breakfast that Sabrina was staying at – since we booked early (my friend Saskia & I) for this weekend. The only other people who had rooms at the workshop were Sabrina, her assistant had one room, 2 other girls shared a room for the workshop, and Saskia & I had the last room. We thought it was cool to spend extra time with her, having breakfast with her, etc. However, we discover that she was a little weird, and the things she was telling us, were a little weird. For example, she shared a story, that at one point in her life, she was sooo broke, tie in the “starving artist” label and she was living in the back corner of her studio (so she wouldn’t have to pay rent in 2 places), and since there was no bathroom there, she was going to the bathroom in a bucket. Showering at friends houses, and all that jazz, but she was telling us how at times, there were times where she didn’t leave her studio for days. Eating raman noodles which were like 5/1$ and scrounging to survive. I really didn’t need to hear about the going to the bathroom in a bucket – or not leaving her studio for days – not even to shower. GROSS! Weird. Who shares this! And to make matters worse, some of the girls who were at this workshop were even weirder. One girl, said she lived in the woods, and had no extra money, (but the money for the workshop) because she needed money to buy an axe so she can chop down wood to finish her fort, which she called home. She didn’t shave her legs nor her armpits, and didn’t wear deodorant or perfume. Very weird people. However, despite that weird weekend, Saskia & I made the most of our weekend, since we had spent close to 400$ Canadian just to attend the workshop, and not including gas or the cost of the bed & breakfast, as well as food to eat the other meals that we were there… and so we had to make the most of our weekend, since we couldn’t just leave and go home. (Not with a 7 hour drive to get home).

This is a polaroid of Sabrina giving the workshop.

This is a polaroid I took of part of the work at the workshop!

I also ordered from amazon a copy of the music for the broadway RENT. My CD is badly scratched – I can’t believe how badly I’ve taken care of it. I am very disappointed in myself, especially since it was one of my favourite albums. When ordering a new copy (as almost more than half the songs skip) I realized that they released a new edition for the movie release (November 23rd). However, I wanted to make sure that I had the original cast (broadway) version, so that’s the one that I ordered. I’m not interested in hearing Rosario Dawson singing Mimi’s role! (Even though I’m running to see the movie with her as Mimi almost immediately after it’s released!).

Creativity Class was very interesting this morning. We did a trial run for our brainstorming exam next week, and I think it’s going to be a piece of cake, however the teacher said I need to give more ideas and participate more, however it was a little hard because I was the secretary this morning and was writing down everyone’s ideas. So it was hard to write AND think of my own ideas, because I was working on writing everyone else’s ideas, trying to keep up with the speed that people were talking. Well, I don’t plan on being secretary next week because I don’t want to jeopardize my mark for the oral exam. What was really ridiculous is that every association that people in school made this morning for our trial run, was sexual or something sexually oriented. These people that I’m going to school with are immature losers when it comes to things like that. It was absolutely obnoxious and it was driving me insane. I was actually embarrassed by some of the things people were saying.

I got 2 assignments back, well 3 actually, but one of them I had already known the mark (the association assignment that I got 18/20 – and the highest mark under my mark was Laura’s 15/20). I got my acrylic painting back – which I got 10/10 on, and as well another assignment which was done in class, another 10/10. I am very happy so far with al my marks in school, and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

I went to go check out this store that I learned about on someone’s knitting blog. It’s called Banzai and it’s on Decarie, but on the opposite end from where I just was. I found some great finds in this store – some funky stationery, a really cool back scratcher (I’m always itchy in places that I can’t reach) and some stuff for my creativity journal. A cute little store, and I am glad that I explored new ground today. It’s this cute little shop attached to a grocery store – very cute. I am always up to exploring new places – and when I read about this place on someone else’s blog I decided that I just had to get out there to check it out.

This evening Jamie and I had some chicken for dinner, and now we’ve just finished watching Survivor & Apprentice from last week and then we watched Survivor & Apprentice from this week (which we taped while watching last weeks). We’ve been pretty busy and got behind on watching the shows we usually watch. I’m backed up on Law & Order from Tuesday & Wednesday night, OC from this evening, CSI, ER and Without a Trace from tonight as well, which I just taped. I will catch up. I’m a tv junkie! I watch a lot of tv.

I decided that this Saturday I am starting my Star Wars marathon. I have never seen an entire episode (except for kinda seeing Episode II in theaters, but I was on a date and do you actually think I was watching the movie? The date was going VERY well! LOL)…. So since people look at me funny because I’ve never seen an episode before of star wars – I’m going to change that and try to start bright and early on Saturday…. And just keep on watching.

That’s the plan. I am off to bed shortly, and tomorrow I’m taking a self-day. I have a lot of things that I want to get accomplished, I’m going to have lunch with Jamie and his friends from his old job, and we’re having friends over tomorrow night to play poker.