Friday, March 31, 2006

A Possible Job

I went to class this morning and worked on the Geisha image that we need to "trace" for 4 hours. My Geisha is coming along pretty good - I have no complaints. It's a little tough, but I will be able to get it accomplished in good time. I am not worried. Things are going to start being due soon, so I want to stay on top of things, that's for sure.

After class, I came home and napped. I laid down on the couch, thinking I'd watch some TV but that didn't really happen.

Tomorrow will be a huge clean up day and Jamie has promised his help all day - for whatever chore I need him to do. Hopefully things will get accomplished.

I got an email back today from the photographer whom I sent an email to. He said he would get back to me next week regarding the position available. This photographer I think is looking for office help - but I could be wrong? Someone I graduated with is currently working for him, and he's leaving and so someone is needed. This photographer looking for help is a long time friend of my mother's brother, and he also photographed my cousin's bar mitzvah's, and sweet 16, etc... and I ran into him at a wedding in November of 2004 - Jamie's best friend's sister was getting married and he was the photographer at the wedding. We spoke briefly, and haven't seen him since. I didn't hire him for my wedding - though I did consider it - but I ended up going with the photographer I did for her style - etc. Anyhow - we'll see what happens, but this could mean part time work! That would be fantastic.

Tonight Jamie had people over to play poker when I got home from renting Chicken Little and Memoirs of a Geisha and doing a huge grocery order when I went to the store to pick up my photos from my trip to Boston. This week was .12 cents a digital print, so I submitted my photos online on Wednesday and made time tonight to pick them up. I can't wait to put them in my album, I don't think I am going to scrapbook them - there aren't enough photos to scrapbook. My trip to Vegas I'll probably scrapbook.

This evening I made myself a really good salad and opened a bottle of wine. I watched most of Memoirs of a Geisha - but I'll finish the rest of it tomorrow - I'm too tired to watch any more right now. So far, it's a really good movie. A little long though - it's 2hr 24 minutes or something like that.

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Five

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Five.
Be part of something extraoRdinary. Today is an extraordinary day, beautiful weather and all around good mood. Life is starting to get a lot more beautiful, and I love it.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Four

Day Four. {21 Day Challenge}
Wow. This is a hard project to keep up with - but I just know that in the end I will be very happy that I stuck with it. It's been 4 days with no drinking soda, and back on the G.I. Diet. I have had no sugar, and I think that is why I am so tired and just plain exhausted. I can't wait to sleep all weekend long.
I am battling with 1 problem though - hunger. Really bad too. All I think about is eating and wanted to eat and the need to eat, and I keep going back into the kitchen for more food. I can't stand it - I hate it. All I think about is eating/food. Why? I need to conquer it. And when I'm at school, all I want to do it eat... I always need to make sure that I have enough snacks on me to keep my belly fed. What has gotten into me? 11-15 lbs to lose by my birthday in June - I think I can do it. I know I can do it. Keep focused. 11 lbs is more doable in 2.5 months - but I can try for 15 lbs, now can't I?

Swatching Noro & Presenting Menu

I slept in this morning until 9:30 am - had set my alarm for 8:30 am - but just couldn't get out of bed. I finally kicked my ass out of bed, and finished up (just in the knick of time) my menu project for my Typography class. I had just enough time to hop into a quick shower, get dressed, grab a banana and a yogurt and get a parking spot around the corner from school and slide into my seat just as class was starting.

My presentation went really well - I think. I am a little worried about her correcting my assignment, as this is my first project for this teacher and I am not so sure about it - but we'll see how it goes. This is the class where the original teacher just came back from having breast cancer and couldn't take on so many classes, our next replacement teacher got into a ski accident over winter break, and our sub for her we got him fired, and now we have Andrea, who seems like a tough marker. I was one of the only people who handed my assignemnt in to her today, in full. Anyone who actually presented their assignment today, has until next week to hand in prints, as the school is having a huge problem with their printers (I don't even want to get into it right now) and almost no one was 100% finished their project. Most people were at least able to present their project via the projecter and their digital file. It wasn't the best way - but at least if they presented, they won't lose 10% off for handing their prints in next week.

I started swatching my Noro Kabuto last night at the knitting meetup - however, I've swatched it with US 6 needles - and didn't get 4 inches across, then tried last night (finishing it today) a swatch with US 7 needles, and then a third attempt with US 8 needles. I can get with US 8 the 16 stitches (4 inches) but I can't get 20 rows - 20 rows is just way to short of 4 inches. So I guess I will NOT be making the sweater from Knit 'n Style with this yarn. I need to find a project to use the yarn for... can't let 15 hanks of Noro go to waste!

My noro stash... Isn't she beautiful? Just need something nice to make with it!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Gin Mill

Today I'm in love with these notecards:

I got more knitting note cards - ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! The blue yarn shown here is Elite Classic yarn - in Fundy Bay Blue. I actually want some more - as one hank that I got (I already turned it into a cake via my ball winder) is not enough to make anything.

Today I spent some of the day working on my menu that is due tomorrow at 12:30pm. My menu that I created is for a drink bar - which I've called the Gin Mill - a small design that I found off the internet and then re-created in Adobe Illustrator. It's pretty cool the way it came out and I am very happy with the results. I did step out this afternoon to go pick up 11x17 paper so that I can print up my menu (it's document size is 9x14). I hope that my menu works out in the end, and is what my teacher is looking for. I will finalize the last finishing touches tomorrow morning, as I'm skipping my morning class (Bad girl, I know), so that I can finalize my menu, as I wanted to go to the Montreal Knitting Meetup tonight, instead of staying in and working on my menu.

Some of my postcards have been arriving at their destinations. This one was sent via Swap-bot for the Pass the Postcard Please swap:

I don't know why the postcard was ripped? Can't figure it out.

I met my cousin Jenn early at 2nd Cup near me for the Montreal Knits meetup tonight. We got there early to a) secure seats, and because b) the meeting doesn't start officially until 7pm, but Jenn gets off work at 6pm, and has time to kill, as it's way too far for her to go home and then come back, so I met her there early. Tonight was an "unofficial" meeting. We all assumed that there was one tonight, as there wasn't one last week. Well, March has 3 Wednesdays this year, and the knitting meeting is supposed to be the first and third Wednesday of every month, so next week is our "official" meeting. We actually had a very good turn out for a non-meeting. We had, Heather, Caroline, Emma, Angela, Jenn, myself, Mona, Christine, and Jennifer. 9 of us. It was fun. We talked, laughed, and even had this guy Daniel whom I've known since diapers ask me if I was pregnant because I was knitting. What? I don't have to be pregnant to knit. He asked me what baby accessory I was knitting so I told him I was working on a sweater for myself. He then asked how far I got into it - and then I told him that I was actually swatching for it - it went over his head.

I am going to get a good night's sleep (so happy I can sleep in tomorrow).

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Three

Day three. So far so good with no soft drinks. Well - my fridge is stocked up with water bottles - so that's good. I got 2 packages of 12 on sale at the pharmacy the other day, and they're taking over my fridge - which is a good thing - because if it's there - I'll drink it. Off to Montreal Knits Meetup. More later.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Run Down - Again.

I went to bed last night at a decent time - and got about 6 hours of sleep - but apparently 6 hours isn't enough, as I couldn't even make it until lunch. At lunch, I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, so I took off and headed home. I stopped on my way home and got my purse fixed - the zipper that busted on my new bag on Saturday. I can't wait to start using the new purse, now that it's fixed. It only cost 10$ to fix - which I find expensive just to replace the metal part - but whatever, I wanted the bag fixed so I could use it.

This is my new love!

I sat on my couch all afternoon, half catching up on 2 weeks worth of The O.C, some Desperate Housewives, amongst other shows that I've been taping and not watching because I haven't had the time. The fire was going, and well frankly I dozed off a couple of times.

This evening I wound some balls into cakes on my new ball winder.

First I started with a hank of Noro Kabuto - as I have a pattern in Knit 'n Style June 2006 that I want to see if I can make the Noro into a sweater. I was going to swatch it tonight, but then I ended up doing a mad woman spring cleaning - I was on a roll - and didn't want to stop (will continue tomorrow). HUGE To Do List for tomorrow.

Here is everything I turned into cakes tonight.

Well I'm going to go crash. Long day - exhausted. I don't know why I'm so run down lately - it sucks. I hate this feeling. And my throat has been bugging me lately.
I am also wondering how soon I can put a sign up in my window that we have an apartment for Rent. I want to see if my window sign will bring us anyone - that's how I got my last tenants. I really want to avoid paying for advertisment - if I can!

{21 Day Challenge} : Day Two

Day two of the {21 Day Challenge} for me is detoxing from sugar and thinking H2O instead of soda. I am thinking health. I want to grow into a better person, and transform myself.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Vegas Baby, Here We Come!

I booked my airline tickets (for Jamie & I) as well as our hotel for our trip to Vegas next month. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to go. I've never been. I'm so excited to see all the lights and nightlife, and sightsee, see shows (free or not, whatever works) and see what else there is in the city. (I wonder how close there is a Target to the Strip - we're staying a quarter mile off the strip - or even a Michaels? LOL - gotta get my fix!) I can't believe I'm finally going to Las Vegas! I had enough airmiles for Jamie & I to go for free, all we had to do was pay the applicable taxes, which were sooo worth it. Wow - I'm going to Vegas. I even found a great cheap deal on a hotel. It's a quarter mile off the strip - but cheaper than staying on the strip.

Worked and accomplished a lot in class today, and my portfolio project got moved to next week being due, instead of at the end of today's class, it'll be for the beginning of class next Monday. Fine by me - because a) I forgot a CD-R to burn my files onto - and b) I really wanted to print it up in colour - and c) the b&w printer wasn't even working properly in class.

After class I came home and started cleaning up the house like crazy. I don't know whay got into me, but I even cleaned up a bit in the backyard! It was GORGEOUS outside today, wanted to take advantage of the weather.

I had to kick my self in the ass to get to the gym, but I did go! I am very proud of myself. I knew I had my face project to work on tonight, but I knew I had to get to the gym and blow off some steam. I felt GREAT afterwards, even though I was tired during my workout.

I got my ball winder in the mail today - here's my first cake! So exciting! I have sooo much to wind!

Finished during watching 24 on TV, my version of the kittyville hat (sans ears and flaps for my first one - just wanted a plain hat) and here's me modelling it:

My tenants called me while I was picking out broccoli in the grocery store to make along side fish for dinner. They will not be renewing their lease - so I need to find new tenants. WAS NOT expecting this. However, she said that her son will be going to University and they need to find a cheaper place, as Univeristy costs money. Right, I understand that. Ugh, I dreaded having to have this conversation with them - but I hope that we get lucky and find new tenants soon and fast and easy. One more stress on my shoulder.
Right now I am fighting the urge to eat junk. I just ate a pear and then a banana. But I'm still not satisfied. Still hungry. I think I'll pop some bread into the toaster. Don't know why I am so hungry, but I'm fighting it. Trying to fight it anyhow.
I ended up finishing my face project - but not 100% to my liking. It's due tomorrow - it doesn't have to be 100% finished, but it has to be started and certain details incorporated. This is what I ended up with - I can't for the life of me do mouths, and I doubt I'll ever do something like this again, seeing as though I didn't really enjoy this! So - here it is:

{21 Day Challenge} : Day One

I have decided for my habit change for the 21 Day Challenge - I will not drink any soda for the 21 days, and see if I can eliminate it from my life for a while. Even though I'm drinking diet soft drinks, they are still bad for you - and do not help in the weight loss department.

Here is the book I chose for the journal for Rhoana's {21 Day Challenge}:

Here is my entry for day one: It's all about setting your goals and reaching them:

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Do Men Hate Waiting?

Today we got up around 10 am, and started slowly getting ready to leave to come home. We finally left (after saying all our goodbyes) around 11am. I stopped off for a bagel (whole wheat of course) and then headed on the road. Had I known that this bagel would be all I'd be eating until dinner once we got home from the USA - then I would have maybe gotten 2!

I drove the first bit - all the way until we hit Vermont. (I drove MA, NH and then just a little past the VT border). We stopped at the Sharon Rest Area, to go use the washroom and then I asked Jamie to drive (I'd already driven almost 2.5 hours) and my eyes were drawing tired.

I wrote a bit in my journal while Jamie drove, and then we finally hit Burlington, Vermont, and I wanted to get off at the exit for Route 2, and Jamie thought we had passed it already, and got all angry, and then I was angry, because he said he wasn't turning back, and that I should have mapquested it (I only printed up the map for Michael's off their site) and well, luckily, we hadn't passed it - and I quickly got to run into Michael's to look for a few things, (Found the main thing I was looking for, but nothing else). However, Jamie was impatiently waiting in the car and I literally had to RUN throughout the store. What is it with men and them hating to wait for ANYTHING a woman wants to do? Especially if it involves a store of some sort to shop in.

Jamie drove the rest of the way home, and was very impatient to get home. He also didn't want to stop anywhere for lunch even, and since Burlington is only about 2 hours from Montreal - I didn't care.

There was no wait at the border really, besides a few cars, and of course we chose the slowest line. The border patrol woman was very nice, and let us through no problems at all.

Glad to be home. Here's my progress of my kittyville hat - I worked on it in the car once we left Burlington.

I am VERY impressed with her progress (Not sure if I'm going to do the kitty ears though - I may just want it plain). Time for Sopranos. More later.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Downtown Boston

Today we slept in a little bit and then Sherrie went to go pick up bagels for us at a local bagel shop. That was super sweet of her. She even picked up whole wheat bagels for Lauren & I (Lauren is trying to lose weight as well).

Eventually I ran out with Sherrie to the post office, to stand it the longest line I've ever seen - so that I can mail my Geography Package to Lainie in California. I can't wait for her to get it - I hope she likes it. I FORGOT to take a picture of it before mailing it - so I will wait for Lainie to take care of that for me! (Sorry Lainie - counting on you for pictures). I didn't have time before leaving for Boston, and it was packaged and ready to ship before departing my house.

We picked came back and ended up watching an episode of Big Love - the new HBO show about Mormons and polygamists. I am a huge Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloƫ Sevigny and even Ginnifer Goodwin fan. I was a huge fan of Ginnifer Goodwin in ED on NBC when it aired as well as her role in Mona Lisa Smile.

Eventually we made it Downtown, and walked around, saw some sites, check out my FLICKR account for more pictures, but this is the most interesting thing we saw Downtown Boston:

Girls walking around with balloons in their hair? Will they fly away?

Here is a close-up of the girls with the balloons attached to their hair.
WTF? I'd like to know what they were thinking!

We walked around, stopped for some beers, did a little bit of shopping (I got a purse and a pair of PJ pants (with Cherries on them - I love cherries!) at Filene's Basement (some liquidation store - they say they're "Not" affiliated with Filene's department store in anyway).
Then we went for some pre-game beers and appetizers at O'Reilly's bar next to the Boston Garden where the hockey game was being held.
This was our gang - left to right - Brad, Sherrie, myself, Jamie, Lauren & Seth.

After O'Reilly's - which Sherrie snuck in and picked up the tab - what is with these people! (Brad yet again picked up the tab at the afternoon bar we were at), and Sherrie kept bringing me beers - it was fun - but I hadn't had this much beer in AGES (I'm not usually a beer drinker - but hey - I am on vacation! Sort of!)
Upon entering the game, we were told no plastic bags allowed. Brad had purchased something from Urban Outfitters and another 2 shirts from Filene's Basement - he actually went in while Jamie & Seth stood outside pissed off that the women wanted to go shopping - ugh - men! Anyhow, so somehow it ended up being me - who was putting the tshirts into my new purse, with all my stuff inside, and well, as I was going to close the bag - the zipper popped right off.
BOY WAS I MAD. And then Sherrie kept telling me that she'd take care of the purse (I'm going to see if I can take it to get fixed back home - it's just a zipper - how much could it cost to get fixed?)
MY NEW PURSE! Broken! ON THE FIRST DAY of using it - not even 2 hours after buying it! Wow. Mad! FUMING! Furious! Frustrating. What a bitch!
Just my luck.
Always bad luck.
This kind of thing ALWAYS happens to me. WHY??
And it's such a nice bag. 90$ knocked down to 59.99$ knocked down to 44.99$ - so not a cheap purse. Well, I don't think so anyhow. It better not cost much to change the zipper. I wonder if I can fix it myself?
Sherrie kept bringing me beer after beer during the game, boy, I haven't had beer like this in a long time. The beer helped me not be so mad about my purse. Really - how sad is that?
Boston game was kinda boring, even though they won 5-4 against the Sabres. Jamie & I kept checking the Montreal vs. Toronto score, we won 5-1. And Lauren kept checking the Philly vs. Ottawa score - they won 6-1 ( and Ottawa is in number 1 position).
After the game we went to Boston Legal for every kind of seafood you can image. I ate lobster, muscles, shrimp, etc... (except for Oysters - not into Oysters) and I tried something else- but I can't recall what it's called now. I did NOT drink any more after getting to the restaurant. Seth and I decided to split the bill seeing as though Brad & Sherrie have been so kind as to pick up every other single tab in the last day and a half - and the bill was 194$ WOW! So I gave Seth 100$. Wow. The Oysters alone were 45$. We also couldn't believe that the waitress added on an 18% tip to the bill. I didn't think it was legal with small parties. We were only 6 people. Oh and in Boston - seperate bills don't exist. The waiter/waitress will always bring 1 bill to the table. It does suck in a case where you want to pay seperately.
I also paid for the taxi ride back to Sherrie's car - and as well the 10$ parking fee for the downtwon lot/garage - didn't think it was fair for Sherrie & Brad to keep paying for our stuff!
When it came to cars - Sherrie took Lauren & I, and Brad took the boys... can't fit 6 people into a 5 seater car (so we split up 3 and 3). I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy and relieved that Jamie got along REALLY well with Brad and Seth I knew they were cool from meeting at their wedding/our wedding last year).
I had a nice day today. I can't wait to get to Michael's tomorrow! I found one in Burlington on my way home from Boston.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Long Drive Down

We finally got our act together and started to head out on the road by 9:56 am. The mail hadn't come yet - I was a little upset about that - sometimes our mail comes by 9 am, and other days it's not until later. First stop gas. Filled up the car. Second stop, Tim Horton's for some breakfast. I got a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and a tea (didn't win with Roll Up the Rim to Win - neither did Jamie on his coffee cup). I drove the first 3 hours about. The border was fun. The guy was asking a LOT of questions. Where were we going, how long were we staying, how did I meet the person we were staying with, how I knew Jamie, what I did, what he did, if I was bringing in any gifts - told him that I was bringing in a gift for my friend who we were staying with (of serving trays), and then he asked to pop the trunk. He shuffled around the trunk a bit, I couldn't believe how many questions just to get across the border, but I guess he was just doing his job.
I drove until almost New Hampshire, and then Jamie took over. I napped about 1 hour or so, and then after waking up I worked a bit on my kittyville hat.

We finally got there, after forgetting to stop for lunch, we got into Boston, after a few little minor mapquest mix ups, and my gas light turning on and us freaking out with no gas stations in sight!

But at last, we pulled into my friend Sherrie's condo complex JUST as my friend Lauren & Seth were pulling in from Philly. What a coincidence! We got in, chilled, ate some food (we were starving) and at this point, I decided to try to be good with food all weekend, but to fuck it if I had to - and had some tostitos, with salsa - mmmm!

Eventually Brad got there - Sherrie's boyfriend, and we got to meet him, hadn't before. We eventually got ready and headed out to Providence, Rhode Island to Joe's Bar and Grill. We ordered food, Jamie wasn't feeling too good at this point, was tired, nauseas, and had the sweats, so he got his food to go - he felt bad for ordering, since it was Brad who ended up picking up the tab, and wouldn't let any of us pay. Dinner was fab - I ordered Angel hair Primavera, it was delicious. I also tried Spinach & Artichoke Dip - with tostitos, DELICIOUS. My new fave!

(Jamie's feeling a little better now - thank goodness) going to go watch TV with everyone, and then get some sleep - we're going into Boston (downtown) tomorrow. Right now we're in Canton, MA, just 20 minutes outside of Boston.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Everything today has been frustrating. All I want to say, because I don't feel like reliving it - is that I butchered my nice prints that I had to hand in today, when trying to mount and cut them. What a horrible experience. I am very dissapointed in myself for the job I did - but hey, what can you do - it's too late now.

All day, every project that I seemed to be working on was working in Quark Xpress. Well - I HATE Quark right now, with a passion. It just wouldn't obey. Missing fonts, not being able to change opacities... argh - my worse nightmare. I was soooooooooo glad to get my butt back home this afternoon after class. I have A LOT due next week, but I will be dealing with that all NEXT WEEK. I am right now claiming that this weekend will be a NO HOMEWORK weekend (aren't they all?) and will not do a stitch of homework, nor will I bring a stitch of homework with me at all.

I thought I'd fall asleep this afternoon upon getting home, I did only get about 4.5 hours of sleep last night, due to my huge ass project due this morning (a poster, magazine ad, magazine back and front cover, and an invitation all to whatever exhibit we wanted to create on any artist). Because of the colours and mediums she works with - I chose to do it on Sabrina Ward Harrison, even though when I met her the summer before last, she left a really bad taste in my mouth from meeting her. I still like her art though.

Anyhow, I came home, plopped myself on the couch, watched the movie In Her Shoes (very cute - but the first hour is very slow) and I love Mark Feuerstein who played a lead role, I used to love him as Jake Silver on Good morning, Miami. And I just saw the he played in other stuff that I love him in as well! What a hottie!

While watching the movie, I worked on my kittyville hat. Here's the progress.

I made a small error for about 2-3 rows, I added a stitch, but that's okay - you don't really see it. Only I really know it's there, and it bugs the hell out of me, because well, I'm a perfectionist, but anyhow... what can I do? It's there, and I'm not frogging a couple of rows, nor the whole hat. No way. It's a black hat, and hopefully no one else will notice it. Plus, it's where needles 1 & 4 meet up - and there is already something weird going on - because it's the end of the row, and during the seed stitch, because it was even amount it went purl purl, or knit knit depending on what row... if you follow what I mean.
This evening I passed out watching the hockey game on my couch (Jamie fell asleep too) and we won though - kicked Toronto's ass 5-1. Nice! We're fighting for 8th spot for the playoffs... we can do it. Let's kick Toronto's butt again on Saturday night's game.
Alright, I'm off to bed. Big day tomorrow! Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On The Knitting Front

I tried on my sock today, to see where I was at - and I still need to do a few more rows of stockinette before I start decreasing for the toe. I hope the toe works out for me, right now I'm not soo sure about SSK (slip-slip-knit) {PLEASE EXCUSE MY UGLY FEET! I HATE THEM}

Got stitch markers in the mail today, I absolutely LOVE them, they are from a knitter named Ragan. Thanks again Ragan!

I am going to go do a few chores, and clean up the kitchen (I made my apricot roast recipe for dinner tonight - it was delicious!) before LOST starts. I want to knit a bit, watch Lost, then come back to the computer and I have a few more things to vent about tonight. So see ya later.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kittyville Hat

Classes today were honestly a waste of time. I could have sat at home and picked out a website for the project that we're doing in photoshop, didn't have to be sitting in class to do that, I could have easily of done that from home. This is the site I chose to base my final project on.

My afternoon web class was a waste of my time, and I napped during a lecture he was giving using the projector, so the lights were out, and I crashed... lol... I was tired.

Ran home, baked muffins for Angela (blueberry muffins - mmmm!) and cleaned up my kitchen, did garbages (garbage day today) and loaded up my dishwasher to do a load, I threw in laundry and took a quick shower, then went to meet Angela. I mailed a few things at the post office, and then came home and hung out with Angela all evening.

This is the start of my Kittyville hat. I worked more on it today (started it last night) and during the movie Prime, which I watched with Angela, who came over to my house tonight , instead of us going to 2nd Cup since no one else wanted to come knitting with us. Prime was really cute, I enjoyed it. Angela notcied I had Legally Blonde, and never had seen the 2nd movie, so I gave her my copies... I don't think I'll ever watch it again - and I'm all about spring cleaning right now, and I probably should go through more of my movies and see what I don't want anymore. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow (amongst all the homework I HAVE to do tomorrow).

Time for bed. A LOT OF HOMEWORK catching up to do tomorrow.

Monday, March 20, 2006


I get my act together, and go to the bank first on my way out, and then to Walmart (evil evil place!) I ended up getting 4.5mm DPN's at walmart instead of going to circular root for the kittyville hat, because first off, I know how to use DPN's and like them. Not too sure about the whole circular thing yet, and I can't find 16" ones, only 29". So I bought some really nice Red Boye DPN's and gold ones too - because I need 5 to knit and the dumb packaging only gives you 4? Weird. Why not 5? Maybe I should write to Boye and find out why we need to buy 2 packages? But then again - that's how they make money right? But why not charge a LITTLE bit more to get a 5th needle?

Class was actually pretty productive today, and I got an extention on my face project so I am in a great mood. Well - I am actually in a great mood because the sun is out more hours in the day, and today was the first day that I actually started feeling like I was coming out of my winter rut... the little depression that I was in for a while. It's all good now. Slowly coming back to normal! I worked on my portfolio project that is due next week at the end of class. I really like the progress I made today, and I'm starting to feel better about the assignments I am currently working on. I am less stressed right now, and hopefully the two little pimples that emmerged on my face will go away.

Earlier at Walmart along with the Boye needles I got some clothes (oops). I saw some awesome shirts on sale - so I bought a few - also didn't try it on - I perfer trying on at home, Walmart takes back. I don't do changing rooms in stores. So I usually only buy from places that have a 100% money back return policy. I will let you know tomorrow how those Walmart articles make out. And you know what - I don't care to say that some of my wardrobe comes from Walmart. BUM and 725 make GREAT clothing! I am not ashamed. I can afford labelled clothing, but I chose comfort over brand names and labels. Not my style.

After the gym (good workout - so happy I went) I watched 24 with Jamie, and Adam & Marc came over to watch it. Then Jamie and I caught last night's episode of Sopranos that we missed (as we totally forgot it was even on last night) and now I'm here infront of my computer...

Alright, must go shower and get to bed. 8 am class tomorrow morning, and must be alert. Angela is coming over tomorrow night to knit with me at my house instead of at the coffee shop, since no one seems to be free tomorrow night to come knitting. So we're doing free tea and free muffins at my place. YEY! Can't wait.

And that's where my day went....!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Aggrevated Day

Today I am just aggrevated. I got woken up earlier than I wanted because Jamie thought it would be funny to have my nephew Merlyn jump on my bed to wake me and then jump on me. Not funny. I am not laughing. I finally went back to bed for a little bit, but it wasn't that great of a sleep and I am just annoyed at everything today.

Since Lainie let me know that she received my stitch markers from the swap she held, I am posting all the stitch markers I made, because none of the other people read my blog, so here they are:

These word stitch markers were sent to Lainie (the last one even has her nickname on them - "Lain") Aren't they beautiful? I am glad she loved them!

These green ones were sent to a knitter name Miriam.

These animal stitch markers were sent to a knitter named Angie.

The button stitch markers were sent to a knitter name Kimberly.

And then I was an angel for a knitter named Angel, I just just sent those out, so I am hoping she gets them soon! (The original person she was supposed to receive from got into a car accident or something and couldn't fulfill her duties on the swap).

I mailed off my 10 postcards for the postcard swap today. Here's a picture of the 10 I sent off!

I only had 9 Superhero ones, so 1 of them was a travel postcard (bus depot) photography one that I had from another set. Oh well. I think they're pretty cool these postcards. 3 are going to Canada, 1 to England, 1 to Australia and the rest to the USA. I can't wait to see what kind of postcards I get back in the mail!
I put a pot of sauce on the stove to cook and I am making it with Tofu today instead of meat. I want to see how it will come out - and it'll be a little bit of a change than from meat sauce, which is all we've been eating. Time for some variety - right? I hope the sauce will be good for some meals and lunches this week - I hope the tofu idea works out! I will let you know how it turns out in the end.
I am trying to do homework - but it's just not working. I can't find in my notes what I KNOW I wrote.... and I am just very FRUSTRATED. That doesn't help either. We have to be 7 pm at dinner for my dad's birthday (which was March 8th) and we're going to a restaurant not too far from my place, maybe an 8 minute drive. Afterwards, I'm coming back home and I don't plan on doing any homework, I just don't care anymore. I'll finish up tomorrow, I have nothing due tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am also back at the gym, fresh start with that too.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I Don't Do Nail Polish

I usually don't DO nail polish. I hate it. I can't apply it properly and it sucks. And it chips easily and it doesn't look nice at that point and then when you try to take it off, it doesn't 100% come off, so I usually say "to the heck with it" and don't wear any. But I had fallen in love with this colour at the pharmacy, so I bought it one night. (Don't ask me what I was doing in the cosmetics section, because I don't wear makeup - so I have no idea what I was looking in that section for).

But today, out of no where, I decided I want to put on nailpolish. I have a party tonight, for 3 people in Jamie's family turning 40. His step-sister Karen, her husband Mark and Jamie's step-cousin Valerie. (Val turned 40 on February 18th, Mark turns 40 on March 26th and Karen turns 40 on April 15th). So tonight's the party. For some odd reason I tried on a skirt that I have never worn yet (got it in two colours, black and turquoise for 5$ a piece at the end of fall for this upcoming summer) and I don't even know what possessed me to buy them, as I don't normally "do" skirts either. (Nor dresses - besides my wedding dress I wore on my wedding night, I hate dresses!) Maybe it's because I hate my legs. Anyhow. So I applied Lycra's Colour #381 Russet Flame. I did AN EXCELLENT JOB on my left hand (picture above) seeing as though I'm a righty and did a shit job on my right hand, cuz I can't paint with my left hand. I think I fixed it up okay, but once my sister-in-law gets back shortly from visiting family with my nephew, then she said she'll take a look and see if she can fix it up even more.

I caught Zeus just before sitting like a turtle in the corner of my office. He always likes to be in the room that I am in. He follows me around. I give him attention. Maybe that's why he likes me. He's still a scardy cat. If you walk near him, he jumps up and moves, afraid that you will step on him or something. I don't get it. I don't know what his previous owner did to him (Jamie's good friend Marc) but he's scared shitless most of the time. I thought the legs tucked under in this weird way made him look like a turtle, so I had to photograph him.
I am wearing all black tonight, but I'm adding colour by wearing a funky new necklace I got the other day. I will get Jamie to photograph me later and post a pic! I need to pick out what earrings I will wear tonight.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sick Day.

I left class early today as I was not feeling well whatsoever. I had a headache and I was cold, and my stomach was upset. Just all around not feeling too good. We did get our final project in that class I was in - I can't believe it's already that time - final project handout time! Ahhhh! Where did the semester go? I think I will be okay. But time flies.

After leaving school I stopped by a few stores to see if I could find a certain length circular needle but indeed not. Oh well. I want to make the kitty hat. It requires 16" 7US circulars, which is 4.5mm metric. I have 5mm 16" but the circular part of the needle is thicker than all the other circs I own and it's VERY hard to knit with. So - either I do the magic loop trick with longer inch circs or I wait until I find the proper size. I checked out Walmart in LaSalle as well as Zellers in LaSalle and Jeanette's near me. (Jeanettes I didn't know sells yarn and needles- but someone mentioned it to me the other day so I went into to check and they do! But not a lot - just a small section. And a LOT of Paton's yarn - I was going to link Jeanette's address info but apparently I must be spelling it wrong, because I can't find the number in the phone book online. Maybe it's in my yellowpages book?). I was going to check the Walmart around the corner from me but didnt have the time - I wasn't feeling good and had to come home.

I chilled at home all afternoon and then went grocery shopping for a few items once Jamie's sister Andrea got here with Merlyn (my nephew). Andrea wanted to cook us dinner, but I helped out. We made salmon, with a cauliflower sidedish (topped with cheese and other stuff) and some rice. Dinner looked good, but I started feeling really nauseas.

After dinner I laid down for a bit, tried to knit - but didn't get very far. I wasn't feeling good still, had a bit of fever, so I will go into bed now, watch some TV and hopefully get a good night's sleep. Jamie has some people over for our usual Friday night poker game.

Daniel and Merlyn playing my guitar. Merlyn was "helping" Daniel play.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Over Tired. Burned Out. Exhausted.

Today I love:

Merino yarn from an Uruguay Ebay Store. (Which Christine and I are trying to coordinate a Co-Op, so that we can order yarn for a better price. I think we need to order 100 hanks, so if anyone is interested please contact me). I am drooling over these colours:

Winter Joy

Red Deep

and Negro Fantasia.

I couldn't resist - I bought myself a ball winder today on ebay. Got it for a good price - around 30$US plus 6$ shipping. CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT IN THE MAIL. It's by Royal. I can't wait to turn those hanks into cakes! I love just saying that as well! Ha ha.
I was going to blog about weird people that we encountered last night, and then I saw that my cousin Jenn wrote about it, so I'm quoting her: "...when we first got there we were right about to sit down when the comfy couch-chairs became available. The 3 of us (Robyn, myself and Mary) got there and put our stuff down right as this solitary woman was about to set her coffee down. I explained that we'd be a rather large group and needed the space. She walked away, but I think I heard French expletives under her breath. We pushed the big chairs to the side and pulled in 2 of the round tables and about 6 more chairs to prepare for the group. We deliberately left one table and 2 chairs where the original grouping was so a couple could sit down. Sure enough, a few minutes later a man and woman come in, buy coffee and sit down at that table. Apparently it wasn't enough room for them, as they put their coats down on the chairs that we'd moved over to form our large grouping. We asked them, quite politely I thought, to move their coats. I explained that we had a large group coming and needed the chairs. The guy started arguing with me about how we didn't have a right to take over the whole place. I tried to explain that was why we'd left the other chairs and table, and he keeps going off about how he's there every day so he has more of a right to the chairs that us knitters, who are only there every week. I don't get it- they were only 2 people and he was arguing about not getting more than 2 chairs. They wound up moving to the wall not long after, and I was very happy that once the knitters started swarming in we not only filled the seats we'd put aside, but had to pull more over and around. Ha! See, we did need the chairs!" (End quote - lol)
MY SOCK PROGRESS - Just over 50% of the sock is done! WHOOHOO. I can't wait to finish and start sock 2!!! Then I may start Jamie's brown socks - now that I know how to knit socks... or I think he may perfer wool socks - but winter's almost over - so maybe not...

Ain't she a beauty? I am still very shocked and impressed that I can do this!

Nothing as on TV tonight, so Jamie and I watched garbage on TV. Should get to bed though, as I have class early tomorrow (9 am). I should get some sleep though - I'm zonked, exhausted, burned out, wiped out.... over tired. Life, school, etc... it's catching up to me!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Heart Yarn

Found this scarf this morning - kinda knew where it was - just didn't feel like getting it out - but it was a 50$ scarf. I got 1 skein as a gift a few years ago from a friend, but 1 skein didn't get me very far - so I went out and bought 3 more (and 10$ a skein!) and then needed 1 more, so this ended up costing me 40$ plus applicable taxes. Anyhow, I decided that this yarn will look nice now that I know how to knit - rather than in the knit stitch/garter ridge that I used for this scarf that I made e-ons ago! (The yarn is from my LYS on Rachel St. in Montreal).

Up close; Ain't it gorgeous?

I got this nice colour yarn today, I'm thinking maybe for a sweater?

I have decided that I am possibly going to make Rogue with it.
I hope that 10 skeins is enough. If not, I'll have to find more!

So here is a picture of my bathroom before any work was done on the floors. The ugly tiles {white and green} are the original tiles from the 1950's when the house was built) (And a picture of my "did-it-myself" stick-on-tile floor (with my nephew "reading" the sports section on the toilet while we babysat him last July) - it was the only picture I think I had of the blue/green stick on tiles for the floor. I laid them out when I moved in last year.

(May) they were nice for about 2-3 months then they just started getting gross, and corners started peeling - etc.

My bathroom now - with no sink (below). I am WAY TOO aggrevated to go into it now - but I'll give you the short version now - When the plumber came today to put my toilet back he noticed the pipe under the sink was broke, as the tiler took the vanity out from under the sink and left my sink hanging by a bolt from the wall. My HEAVY ceramic sink can't be supported just by that, so it bust the pipe. We're going to talk to the tiler tomorrow morning about it - he broke it - he pays for it. I am so mad and angry right now, and as soon as he was done - (the plumber - who wouldn't put my sink back in tonight, as he said he needs to do a PROPER job tomorrow rather than doing a half-ass job and then leaving knowing that my sink could burst the pipes out from the wall one day if I lean on the sink too hard. So after the plumber was done, I cleaned up the bathroom fast of most of the dust, hoped into a quick shower and headed off to the Montreal Knitting Meetup. HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I got some stitch markers in the mail today from the Stitch Marker Swap. I signed up to swap with 4 people and these are 2 of the 4 so far. These purple, cream and pink ones are from Celia in Australia. Of course I emailed her to thank her for them. She was happy that they arrived to me without damage. These stitch markers to your right are from Lillian in Canton, Ma - which is where my best friend Sherrie is currently living - so I asked her if she knew a Lillian so-and-so - but no. Oh well. Emailed Lillian a thank you - also - to let her know I received them!

Montreal Knitting Meetup tonight at 2nd Cup on Monkland:

My new friend Angela working on a kittyville hat at the Knitting Meetup.

My cousin Jenn winding up some yarn for Angela at the Knitting Meetup. I need a ball winder! I have hanks that need to turn into cakes! I love this shot - wow!
I stopped by my friend Julie's house last night to pick up my T4 (for my taxes) and stayed a little bit talking to her. Now I'm zonked and MUST go to sleep.