Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sh*t Knitters Say


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mack’s Guitar Debut

Mack has been obsessed with this guitar that I found him while we were in Florida. It was the best thing I found, he absolutely loves it. I see guitar lessons in his future. Mack's my artistic/musically inclined child. It's just too cute. He swears this is a Raffi song, but I've never heard it before.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Night Out


Hubby and I got to go out last night for a friends birthday. My parents took the kids for dinner, and we had a nice evening out. It was nice to get dressed up in non-mommy clothes, and wear my nice pink boots and wear make-up (which apparently is so natural you can barely see it in this photo). We had good laughs with new people (we only knew the birthday boy and his girlfriend). Once we picked up the kids, and got them to bed, about an hour later, I started to feel ill. At first I thought it was the wine, but Jamie reminded me that I really didn't drink that much, which I thought to begin with. Let's just say, I'll spare you the details, I definitely had food poisoning. I was the only one to eat this dish at the restaurant (and we were the only table at the restaurant). I have never eaten there before, and while we thought maybe we'd go back again sometime while we were actually still there, I don't think we'll ever be going back there again. And I'm darn glad it's not gastro, that's 10x worse than food poisoning, let me tell you!

Monday Morning Link Love

- Wish I saw this car seat blanket cover tutorial when Sean was in the baby bucket... or even Mack... or even Quentin! This is genius!
- Love this hex puff quilt idea.
- What an awesome earring holder.
- Reusable swiffer covers tutorial.
- Love this ladder bookcase!
- Love this shirt.
- Totally have to make these.
- Doritos Casserole? Interesting!
- Number 9 made me laugh out loud. Too funny!
- Love this mitten pocket shirt!
- These little boy shoes are beyond awesome!
- Must make the boys some apple sandwiches.
- Must make some cozy crockpot minestrone.
- This card is cute.
- Love these bracelets.
- Love these awesome pyrex dishes.
- Vintage toy fisher prices cameras are awesome.
- Must make some apple pancakes.
- Love this hot lava rug game. Fun for a rainy day.
- Quinoa Stuffed peppers - yum!
- Thinking about a little man's upcoming birthday party... lego theme maybe? I really love these lego bowls.
- Love bakerella's instagram cookies.
- I heart this owl apron. Does it come in adult sizes?
- Totally making a fruit arrangement like this!
- I want to make some twine button bracelets!
- Love these toilet paper gift boxes.
- Loving this crocodile crochet stitch.
- An emergency binder is probably a good idea!
- Tried this Lemony Pork Scallopini recipe last week - it was a huge hit! (Though, I altered a few things).
- I love this plug-in charging shelf.
- Love these toilet paper roll superheroes!
- Love these fabric monster bookmarks!
- Love these ♥ shaped nesting bowls.
- Tanis' inspired me to make some doily art.
- I am still uncertain if Doritos Taco bake would be any good?
- Three super simple easy to make baby gifts. Blankets & burp cloths, etc.
- A fun wreath project - so pretty!
- Love these playdoh tins.
- I ♥ this Coin-O-Saur! I want one!!
- Easy & fun popsicle ABC's!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lite Brite Fun


I got the boys a second hand lite brite recently.


I picked up refill pages at ToysRUs and we've been having fun this week making images. I had picked up some generic images as well as some Tonka truck ones and Transformers. Hopefully the generic pages aren't too girly.


I used to have a lite brite as a child. I wonder if my mom still has it.
(I think she actually might... I'll find out later!)


Do you do lite brite with your kids? What kind of images have you made?



So after seeing Sandra's Hitchhiker, I was inspired to knit one as well. I totally thought I had the same colorway in my stash (fell in love with the way it knits up), but I do have that colorway, just not in worsted weight. I have it in fingering weight, and the worsted I have is another colorway. So after some careful stash pondering, I decided to cast on for Hitchhiker by Martina Behm using some Sweet Georgia Worsted that I picked up in Vancouver back in 2010. This yarn was intended to be a baby girl sweater (I bought it a few days after finding out I was carrying baby #3 - however baby #3 turned out to be Quentin!) (I even had picked up the matching colorway in sock yarn, so I could make myself something to match the baby sweater... but that plan never panned out). I felt that this colorway, which is called Boheme, would be perfect for hitchhiker.


So I cast on Thursday night ... and started knitting away.


And this is where I'm at now. And loving it. I currently have 14 "teeth" on the shawl. Pattern calls for 41 teeth, we'll see how many I can make before running out of yarn. (I have two balls of this colorway).

Just a reminder that you have until February 29th, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST to enter my Colouring Wallet contest!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bedroom Chatter

Tonight, at bedtime, this was my conversation with Sean:

Me: "What book should we read tonight?"
Sean: "I don't know."
Me: "How about Madeline loves Animals?"
Sean: "No, that book gives me nightmares. How about the one with the Pigeon and the hot dog?"
So we read The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog.

Uhm... nightmares? What on earth is he talking about.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Writing Clinics

I'm very excited to announce that in April, my 2 fave authors will be giving a writing workshop. Catherine McKenzie (author of Spin & Arranged) and Shawn Klomparens (author of Jessica Z. and Two Years No Rain), will be teaming up and I am very excited. I've met Catherine a handful of times, (at book signings), but haven't met Shawn yet. I'm looking forward to attending a workshop of 2 authors that I admire. I'll be attending the Friday workshop only. There are some spaces left, so if you're interested in writing, or already are an aspiring writer, maybe these workshop are for you! Come join me! I have always thought about writing... and have many stories floating around in my head, and I'm hoping the workshop will help me start in the right direction.

Here's the details:

WRITING CLINIC: Writing Great Dialogue – APRIL 20, 2012

Great dialogue brings life to fiction, but how is it written? How can passages of dialogue feel realistic without being dull, or convey action without seeming forced? Join authors Catherine McKenzie (Spin, Arranged) and Shawn Klomparens (Jessica Z., Two Years, No Rain) for a workshop on crafting tight, narrative-propelling dialogue. Participants are welcomed (but not required) to submit up to five pages via email by March 15 for possible discussion during the session.

Date: Friday April 20, 4:30 to 6pm

Location: Atwater Library Auditorium: 1200 Atwater Ave, Montreal

Price: $25

Contact: to register and submit materials.


WRITING CLINIC: How to Write A Query Letter – APRIL 21, 2012

Getting an agent to represent you can be a difficult process. An essential tool is drafting the right query letter to get an agent’s attention and make her want to read your work. Join authors Catherine McKenzie (Spin, Arranged) Shawn Klomparens (Jessica Z., Two Years, No Rain) for a workshop on crafting compelling query letters. Successful queries will be broken down, and a five-step template (Introduction, Summary, Hype, Conclusion and Closing) will be discussed. Participants are welcomed (but not required) to submit a sample query letter via email by March 15 for possible discussion during the session.

Date: Saturday April 21, 10:30am to 12pm,

Location: Atwater Library Auditorium: 1200 Atwater Ave., Montreal

Price: $25

Contact: to register and submit materials.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colours to Go


Colours To Go owner Susannah Findlay and I bonded over the fact that we were both reading the same book (I'm still reading it... as I got distracted from it). I asked her if I could review one of her products, and that an upcoming trip with the kids was a perfect time to do so, and not only am I reviewing this product, Susannah has donated not one, but TWO colouring wallets (with gel pens) for me to giveaway to 2 lucky readers!


These crayon (or gel pen) colouring wallets are very well made, and are in super bold colors.


They fit nicely into your purse, diaper bag, or into a kid's backpack. This product is fantastic and a great thing to bring along to keep kids entertained.They are super handy and I was glad to test out this product. They also make a great gift.

atairport mackatairport coloringwhilewaitcoloring2 planetimecolor onplane

My boys absolutely loved it, and kept going to the pad in the wallet to color on, instead of the colouring book that was in their carry on bag. It was a great hit! If you'd like to win one for your child, or if you don't have a kid, to give away as a gift to a kid you love, here are some ways to win:

- Leave a comment on this post only, after subscribing to my blog & let me know you are now a subscriber!
- Leave a comment on this post only, after following Colours To Go on Facebook & let me know you are now a follower.
- Leave a comment on this post only, after following Colours To Go on Twitter & let me know you are now a follower.
- Leave a comment on this post only, after following Me on Twitter & let me know you are now a follower.
- If you are not on facebook or twitter, please go to Colours To Go's website, and let me know which of her products besides the colouring wallet (which I am giving away) you just love!

You can leave ONE comment for EACH thing you do. If you do all of them, that's 5 ENTRIES! You have until February 29th (a leap year this year!) to enter this comment, at midnight EST. I will announce the winner shortly after that time.

Another Cowl for Mom



Pattern:Seaweed Cowl by Elizabeth Blake (My Ravelry Link)
For: Mom
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash in black
Needle: US 8 - 5.0 mm
Size: Just Right.
Timeline: February 9-21, 2012 (Working on it when I can sneak in a few minutes).
Modifications & Notes: Knitted pattern as written. When my mom asked me to knit her a 2nd cowl (exactly like the first, just in another color, to match her other jacket), I made sure to get it done before this winter was over. It's been mild lately, so who knows how long that would be.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this USB cable - the only one you'll ever need!
- I want this product!
- How to tie a bow-tie!
- 30 Super Secret iPhone tricks.
- Love this stamp! (My tattoo on my right leg is almost identical!)
- Love this desk!
- Totally love this ipad case!
- Love this chalkboard calendar!
- Love this wooden bookcase!
- I must try these lasagna roll-ups!
- Love this puppy set!
- I totally want a secret message ring! Love it!
- Love this adorable owl crinkle toy.
- I love this homemade abacus idea!
- Love this on the wall fish bowl idea. I wonder if it's easy to clean!?
- Love this lego storage bin... how appropriate for my house!
- Stunning dress!
- Love this fruit display!
- Love this wood bench - stunning!
- Love this "Hold it Together" kid product.
- Still one of my favorites!
- Adore this book shelf!
- Love these "leg warmers"... you get the cute look of long socks without all that extra bunchy-ness!
- What an awesome chair!
- My all time fave flower.
- Love this 5-minute pony-tail.
- I don't have a dog, but this is a really cute idea for a dog bed.
- Love this homemade baby board book idea.
- This is so adorable. Great shot too!
- Love this 7 days of love idea!
- Love this solar system craft idea. Sean's really into space these days.
- A sleeping bag for Barbie.
- 50 iphone apps for kids.
- These are the chopsticks I use. They're awesome.
- What a stunning dress.
- Love this DIY busy wallet idea.
- Cell phone number bracelet, when traveling with little ones in airports, large amusement parks...Great idea!
- Love these quiet time ideas.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

MD Now


While we were in Florida last week, we lost a day on Monday after Sean woke up with a rash from head to toe. To be sure that it was indeed a rash due to an allergic reaction, and not anything else, we called up Blue Cross, filed a claim & headed over to MD Now in Boca Raton.


We are not 100% sure what caused his reaction, but he woke up with it on Monday morning (and it got a bit worse than what you see in these images). We first tried Benadryl, and it got worse. We waited the recommended amount of time, and gave him another dose of Benadryl, this time the 6-11 year old dose on the box, like the hospital did when he had his allergic reaction to Peaches a few weeks ago. This reaction wasn't the same, the peach reaction became hives, and this stayed as a rash, but from head to toe. It was all over his body. We finally decided that we'd seek medical attention just to be sure, so after some phone calls & some recommendations to MD Now, we headed over there. We saw a doctor, and she told us that it was indeed an allergic reaction, and to keep giving him benadryl until it clears. She also said that it could take up to 1-2 days to clear. And it did take an entire full 2 days to clear 100%. She also mentioned that he will indeed need the 6-11 year old dose of Benadryl, and not the 3-5 year old dose which I started out by giving him, but since he's not a small boy for his age (just turned 5, but in size 6/7 clothing), that the 6-11 year old dose would help him better.


I made a note of everything he ate on Sunday, (multigrain cheerios with milk for breakfast, a salami sandwich, potato chips for lunch, anniversary cake, 2 strawberries, and then chicken nuggets for dinner with chocolate pudding for dessert). We think it might have been the strawberries. We had a fruit salad out on the table on Sunday at my great-aunt & great-uncle's place in Florida, where we went for lunch. Originally someone was going to give him some strawberries out of the bowl, but I said not to, because there were some mangoes, and possibly another fruit, which could have been nectarine, we are not sure. So to be safe, since the strawberries were mixed in the same fruit salad, I told him to not eat them. But then my great-uncle said he had a brand new box of strawberries, that did not touch any of that stuff, so we washed him 4 strawberries, and then my grandmother removed 2 from his plate, and she cut up 2 for him and he ate the 2 and never asked for the other 2. If he had eaten more, and it was the strawberries that caused the allergic reaction, then who knows how he would have woken up on Monday morning. He said that he didn't itch as much as the peach allergic reaction. And he had no issues at all this time with discomfort breathing.

The doc at MD Now told us to avoid all fruits now until he sees the allergist (which we have an appointment at the beginning of March). However, since we were home on Friday (the boys convinced me to play hookey from daycare), and Sean begged me to try apples, his fave fruit, I peeled him an apple and with Benadryl handy I let him try it. He was fine, no reaction, and no reaction since. So I've let him have apple juice again, (always diluted with water anyhow) and he accidentally tried orange juice yesterday, but was okay after drinking orange juice as well. He's so happy to not have to eliminate those out of his life, unless he develops an allergy to them later on, that's another story. I guess we'll see exactly what is causing these reactions soon, March is not that far away.

Another Cowl for Mom


Another Cowl for my mom. She asked for one in black for her other jacket. (She already wears & loves this one). It should be a quick knit, but life with 3 boys makes everything that is supposed to be quick, into long. I have just over 1 repeat left to do. I will finish it soon, I'd like my mom to have it before winter is over, and we've already been seeing quite mild days already.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So I have a funny story to tell you. After we boarded the plane to leave to Florida last Wednesday, just after we took off in the air, once the seat belt sign was taken off, both boys had to go to the bathroom. So I took them to the front of the plane as there was only one gentleman waiting for the bathroom as opposed to the 3 people waiting for a turn to use the washroom at the back of the plane. Sean kept saying while we were waiting that he "couldn't hold it in any longer" numerous times. The gentleman in front of us didn't care and didn't let us use the washroom ahead of him. So Sean peed a bit in his underwear. Anyhow finally it was our turn. Sean finished his business in the toilet and a nice flight attendant got me Sean's backpack with his change of underwear. Luckily his pants were dry. Sean changed his underwear, got back dressed and I sent him back to our seats, in the middle of the plane. My mom was at the seats with Quentin. Then it was Mack's turn to pee. However we discovered that he could not reach the toilet seat, he is a too short. If I lift him, he becomes stiff and can't pee (we tried. He is also too heavy for me to lift anyhow & obviously there is no stool on the plane, so I asked the flight attendant if she had any ideas (while telling Mackenzie to hold it in). She said "hang on" and left to go get something. She then came back with a "barf bag" (you know, the white ones that are in the seat pocket in front of you on airplanes) as they are leak proof. So I convinced Mackenzie to pee in the bag and then I dumped the pee in the toilet. Creative & got the job done. Later on during the flight he went to the bathroom again the same way. He thought it was funny. Then, while we were descending to Fort Lauderdale airport he said he had to pee very badly "now". He said he couldn't hold it. So I pulled out the barf bag from the pocket of the seat in front of us, got him to stand up and pee in the bag quickly to be able to get him back into his seat for landing. As he was peeing though, he had to announce it several times quite loudly for everyone to hear (as the plane was quite silent besides the normal humming of the plane), "I'm peeing in a bag! I'm peeing in a bag!" He had everyone in the rows in front and in back of us laughing hysterically. I almost died!

(If you were in my situation - what would you have done? Let your child pee in the leak proof bag or let your child pee on himself, all over the airplane seat too? Going to the bathroom at the front or back of the airplane, was NOT an option).

And during the rest of the trip, Mack has had to go to the bathroom at the oddest times. So he has now been marking his territory on trees and poles outside too. I love how easy it is to take a boy to the bathroom while out! For this, I am glad I don't have any girls. Girls can't just whip it out and pee on a tree/grass. I fear that when we get home and his teacher asks him what he did in Florida, I fear he will tell them he "peed in bags and peed on trees & poles".

He was very excited to pee in the bag again today on our flight home. I don't know why this was exciting, but I guess to a 3 and a half year old... it must be quite funny.

More tales of my adventures with all 3 boys (with my mother! we both left our hubbies at home) coming right up! I've got lots to talk about/tell you about!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

I am not the most romantic person in the world, but for Valentine's Day, I make an effort. I gave Jamie this card today:

This card is totally me! Scrabble! I love Scrabble. It came an entire tile set with the card and I was able to write whatever I wanted. It even came with glue dots. I kept it simple and wrote hubby a note in the card.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Beka Weaving Loom

I received my Beka RH-10 Beginner's loom this week. I actually ordered this one and it was shipped before I discovered the Spear's Weaving Loom that a lady was selling on Kijiji. The nice thing about this one that I just got, is that it comes with 2 heddles, for both a 4" project and a 10" project. The Spears one I got only has 1 heddle but accommodates wider projects. I am looking forward to using them both.

Ain't she a beauty? She came with a starter project, so I can get the feel of how she works. I will be playing around with her soon. I fear this will take over my precious knitting time!

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this clip & bow holder.
- I totally want to send someone a hug!
- This Taco Bake looks yummy!
- Knitting on a comb?
- Ever wonder if your child has already been given her medicine?? In this case, it was twice/day for 10 days. Just an idea - use a sharpie & mark it right on the bottle!
- Gorgeous dress... is it really a prom dress?
- Matching game for toddlers that you can make yourself.
- Good way to organize in the kitchen - Magazine racks for cans in the pantry!
- These post it note watches look good to write reminders on!
- Lego cookies using M&M's!
- This made me laugh!
- Have your DNA & eat it too! Fun project for students.
- Love these little Carrot Patch Cookies.
- I think I have to make some popcorn cake. Looks beyond delicious!
- This pumpkin & cream bread looks delicious!
- Love this tote bag (tutorial)!
- A list of 5$ meals.
- Love this idea of preparing snacks.
- Love this cute idea for a Valentine's Day card. Better get on that, V-day is tomorrow!
- Love this romantic hair do!
- These skinny whole wheat snickerdoodles look yummy!
- I totally need an iPad wall mount for my kitchen - it would be so great to use when cooking/baking!
- Love this upside-down braid.
- These crescent pepperoni roll-ups look yummy! I totally should try this for the kids!
- Love this car seat cover. I wonder if there is a pattern online somewhere. Such a great idea for sprucing up an old car seat or as a cover that is washable!
- Dried apple chip recipe. Yum!
- Up-cycled tshirt dress tutorial.
- I ♥ this button bag tutorial!
- LOVE this iphone/camera case!
- Too bad I'm done having babies, this would have made an awesome maternity shirt!
- What a genius product for car nap time.
- Masking tape hotwheel tracks - a fun idea for a rainy day.
- Love this cute kid card idea.
- I have a thing for elephants... love this kids shirt!
- Oh my - do you remember pogo balls!? I had one as a kid! Do they still sell them? I'd love to get one for my boys.
- For the daughter I will never have... lace leggings! So incredibly cute.
- Love these adorable fortune cookie shoes!!
- This made me laugh!
- Love this portable hopscotch!
- Sweater day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 on 12

Here's my 12 on 12 post for today.

9 am.

10 am (more on this loom tomorrow!)

11 am.

12 pm.

1 pm.

2 pm.

3 pm.

4 pm.

5 pm.

6 pm.

7 pm.

8 pm.

Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10

8 am

9 am

10 am

11 am

12 pm

1 pm

2 pm


4 pm