Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 30 of 30

Sears delivered my new washer & dryer this morning. They were supposed to take the old ones upstairs to the apartment we rent out - but they didn't. They said "Oh no ma'am, there's no time for that today" dumped my washer & dryer in my garage and ran.... Now I have "Oh no ma'am" ringing through my head. Never really been called "ma'am" before...!

Jamie wasn't home, and the units are in my garage now. At least I have my old ones to use until Tuesday when the handy guy comes to install the new ones (when he comes to finish the work upstairs in the apartment)(he need to put aluminum to vent the new dryer outside rather than what we have now).

I noticed my flowers in my backyard started to bloom! They're looking fabulous. These two flowers, the purple ones above and the orange ones below came with our house.

I just love photographing them. They're just so rich in color, both plants of flowers!

This afternoon I was going to sit outside and knit, but it started raining just as I was about to eat my lunch outside, so I packed everything up and went inside. So Jamie & I decided to play cribbige instead. We gave Sean a whole ton of toys to play with in our den, next to us.

I won the first game, and then Jamie won the 2nd. In the first game though, I really kicked his butt! By a long shot!

Of course Sean was more interested in checking out everything, and wanted to see my cards. He gripped my cards so hard he almost ripped one. So I gave him the jokers to play with and now they're soaked from his mouth. I hope we don't ever need this deck's jokers to play anything... they're ruined. (We have other decks, I'm not worried about jokers, lol)...

After the game of cribbige, I gave Sean a bath, and then got him ready to go out this evening. He was just too cute in this outfit, I had to take a picture. (When am I without camera?) Anyhow, this 6-9 month outfit is fitting him nicely, but the hat is a tad too big...

And then I got ready to go out tonight. I let me hair curl tonight, instead of straightening it. I hate my hair in the summer. Even when I do straighten it, sometimes if it's too hot, it gets ruined anyhow, so there is not much to do with it. The necklace I am wearing has broken twice this week already, even with attempts of trying to fix it. I got it while we were in Vigo, Spain. I think the beads will look good as stitch markers, so that's the plan.

I tried on a pair of new shoes today, to wear out (Today is the last day of NOT BUYING IT, and I am going to be careful in the future and not go crazy with shopping like I used to - but I won't restrict myself like I did this month). However, I think I need to wear in these shoes, they killed my feet in the 5 minutes I wore them in the house. They're really cute though. Gotta love buy one get one half off at payless! They always have the cutest shoes. And I'm totally into slip on shoes right now... especially with a baby that is usually in my arms when leaving out the door to go wherever... (car seat stays in the car now).

My parents picked us up in my dad's new car, and we went down to the old port for dinner. We started walking around a bit first, after giving our name to the restaurant, because they told us it would be a 2 hour wait. We were going to see if there was anywhere else to eat, but when we checked back about half an hour later, the time went down to just about an hour's wait.

I love the old port, and we live so close to here (maybe 10-15 minutes max), and we hardly ever go. I should definitely get out more to the old port with Sean, he loves looking at things now, and checking everything out.

Sean was attaracting both women & men while we were walking around downtown, who thought he was just the cutest little guy ever... I have to agree!

Tonight we went to The Keg for dinner with my mom & dad. I had heard on the radio that they were advertising Lobster Fest. I've been craving Lobster all week long. I had been craving lobster all week long, and I finally fulfilled that craving tonight. I had an entire 2 lb lobster. It was fantastic. I've never eaten it like this before, I've always had it prepared for me. It was fun digging around inside and cracking parts open to get the meat out of it. I think I'll be dreaming of lobster tonight!

Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29 of 30

Thank you so much Celena for the awesome stitch markers I received in the mail today. I am really into butterflies right now, and I just love them! Thanks again!

Sean & I went for a walk today to the post office, so I could mail off an Etsy Order. He was just delighted to check everything out on our walk. And I mean everything.

I received my SP10 Reveal package today! I have been spoiled by Tammy of KnitoneInsane2. I have been reading her blog since SP8, since she was my hostess in SP8! Thank you Tammy for spoiling me during SP10. It's been fun. For flash backs, here is package 1 and package 2. Above, in package 3, I've received a tote bag that reads "Life is Too Short To Use Cheap Yarn"... I just love it! I got my first pair ever of handknit socks that someone else knit for me. I've never received any before! They fit perfect! I got some gum (I'm addicted to gum!), some tea, (looks yummy!), some DPN ends so I don't drop stitches when not working on my project, some cute labels to sew into Sean's next sweater, and a Habs Hat (love it! Thanks to Tammy's hubby for getting it for me!) It's been a fun round SP10, and I look forward to SP11. Sign ups start Sunday, July 1st, and run for the month of July. SP11 starts on August 15th, and runs September, October & November.

Tonight my in-laws came over for dinner and then I played poker again this week. I had bad luck this week (Unlike last week) and was the first out of the game. Thank goodness Jamie came in first place, so he made the money back that he spent on me that I lost (10$).

Tomorrow our new washer & dryer are being delivered from Sears. I can't wait. I'll take pictures, of course. I'm in the middle of finishing up some loads because the new washer can't use regular detergent, only H.E. (High Efficiency) detergent, because it suds less, and so I am using what I have for the loads I have to do. I do have 2 full bottles of detergent, I'm going to see if I can just exchange them at Walmart (I have the bill) apparently H.E. costs the same. Price is not my concern.... I do have 1 concern. Baby laundry detergent. I've never seen a high effiency baby laundry detergent?? I know Tide makes H.E. detergent, but it's for children/adults, not babies. Grr... what do I do? I have to call up Sears first thing in the morning and ask. This question/concern only started to dawn on me now.

I just did some research on the internet, and people are stating that they wash their baby's clothing in regular detergent, just frangrance-free. That's fine with me, I don't mind doing that. I'm assuming that I can get H.E. detergent, that is fragrance-free. And some people even just do a second rinse (which is an option on my new washing machine) with regular detergent, with no problems. Sean's already 6 months old, I'm not worried about this too much, I'm just curious. I don't really know how long I should be washing his clothing in baby detergent anyhow, and even the no-name brand I'm using (from Zellers Truly Brand), is still expensive. (19 loads (liquid) for $4.99 or $5.99 depending if it's on sale - compared to Ivory Snow which is 23 loads (powder) for like 8.99$. (I don't use powder anymore, I find it gross when it doesn't wash out completely). Anyhow, last sale on Tide for cold-water (since I wash everything cold-water) I got the huge jug, 48 loads (which usually lasts me longer, because I don't use a lot of soap, you don't need to follow their "lines to fill up to" (less soap is better apparently) for under 10$ a jug on sale at Walmart. (Usually I think they're like $12.96 a jug, I think it was on sale for $9.96 or something). Anyhow, anyone have any insight on front loading washing machines, with high efficiency laundry detergent for babies? Please do share if you know anything!

I finished reading Knitting Under the Influence today. I definitely do not recommend this book. What a waste of almost 400 pages and months of reading. (Yeah, I started it when we left New Jersey on the way home back in March!) I'm not usually this slow in reading books, I guess life with a baby will do that to your reading! I do plan on starting another book tonight, I'll let you know which one tomorrow. I haven't decided yet. Anyhow, the book was okay, enough to keep me reading it - I wanted to know how it turned out in the end, but I wouldn't read it again, that's for sure.

Here is what I'd look like in the world of the Simpsons. If you want to create your own, click here. How cool is this?

I saw this funny and I thought I'd share it with you today. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

6 Months

Sean is 6 months old today. SIX MONTHS! That's a half a year. Has it really been half a year since he was born? Feels like he was just born yesterday. I look back at pictures of Sean from January/February, and I can't believe how small he was. I also can't believe all the things he can now do. Like sitting. He can sit. Like feed himself his bottle. Yep, he doesn't need his mommy anymore for that.

I am just amazed at the little man my son is becoming. More & more his personality and his characteristics are showing, and I just love what he is, and who he is.

We went over to my parents house this afternoon and stayed for supper and Sean wanted to check out grandpa's vintage car. He decided that since he outfit matched the car, he should sit in the driver's seat. This car is wicked. I'll to post a full picture sometime. The car is so awesome, my dad wants to be buried in it one day, he doesn't want to part with that car. Not thinking about that though... (g-d forbid, knock on wood).

I stopped by the LYS near my mom's house, and they fell in love with Sean. The girl there remembered me from coming with with Jenn while I was still pregnant with Sean. I had been to this LYS before, since giving birth, with Sean, but that girl wasn't there. I picked up with my gift certificate some Addi Turbo lace needles (for my Shaeffer yarn that I got in Toronto, did I spell that right?) and then I picked up some Paton's Decor for my Father-in-Law's hat & scarf, which I'm re-starting because I cannot stand the feel of the Red Heart Soft stuff that I got to try out for this project. You see - it has to be machine washable, and Paton's was at least 25% wool, so I didn't mind the bit of acrylic that is in there. It does NOT feel as fake as the red heart shit does. So I'll be casting on for his hat & scarf soon. Scarf will be Irish Hiking Scarf, and hat from Stitch and Bitch Nation (a cabled pattern hat). I choose medium grey, as grey matches everything, since black doesn't show cables too well. I wanted something that did. I will make them for him for his birthday, which is in October. I better start now though. (July - August - September.... then October). Yep, better start now. I also want to make a camera cozy for Jamie's cousin Melanie who is turning 30 this year. She kinda hinted at one for her big birthday while we were at the BBQ on my birthday this year. I'll make her one. Need to cast on for that too.

If anyone is interested, I'm doing custom orders only for DPN cases. I sold two tonight, purchase includes free stitch markers. If you are interested, you need to tell me what colors you like, etc, so I can custom make it for you. I had no intentions of selling them, however, someone saw the one I made Sabrina for the Notions Bag Swap, and requested two from me! If you're interested, toss me an email, or leave a comment.

I received no mail today. Not even lettermail. Hopefully a good chunk of mail will arrive tomorrow, because Monday is another "no mail" day, due to Sunday being Canada Day (July the 1st - which is actually Montreal's official Moving Day). Thank goodness we're not involved in that madness!

So, my ex-tenant, has received a registered letter at the beginning of June (which I only recently found out about), stating that we were holding her responsible for the damage upstairs for the improper installation of the washer & dryer, and then a second letter was mailed out yesterday, (she'd have gotten it today, or at latest tomorrow) with the amount due for the damages. ($800). The work is being carried out tomorrow, finally! The lawyer's letter states that she has 7 days to pay the money via my lawyer (who is my father's best friend). If she fails to do so, I'll be taking further action against her, in which, if that's the case, I hope she realizes that it's going to cost her not only the $800 in damages, but all my fees as well for any further action that would be taken.

This can go one of two ways:

1) She's scared shitless in her panties that I actually "hired" a lawyer (she doesn't know it's my father's best friend), and pays him money, because she's afraid,


2) She tries to stupidly fight it, because she's stupid and I have to take her to the rental board for a "hearing".

I will get the money from her. It may just take me longer than anticipated to get it. We'll see what happens. But, I have all my legal documents, stating that she is responsible for the damages since she was supposed to properly install it in the first place, since it's in her SIGNED rules & regulations portion of her lease from last year.

This is more stress I don't need or want, so we'll find out in about a week, if she sends a check to my lawyer or not. But if she doesn't pay up, boy will she regret it... it's only going to cost her more!

On that note, I'm going to go read some more in Knitting Under the Influence, and relax in bed. Sean and I took a 2 hour nap this evening in my bed upon returning home from my parents house. However, for him it wasn't a nap, I was able to put him to sleep in his crib upon myself waking up. The nap for me was very much needed. But, now I'm off to read & hit the pillows soon after. I'm sooo close to being finished this book, I want to finish it already!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 27 of 30

I got some lovely stitch markers from Franney today in the mail. They were sent all the way from Surrey, England. Thank you Franney, I love them!

For the summer swap, I'm just missing two sets of stitch markers, one set from Sara, and one set from Celena, whom are both in my SP10 group. I can't wait to see what they send. And then, I'll get working on collecting sign ups for the fall exchange, which is taking sign ups now until August 31st. You can exchange with as many partners as you want, so if you want 1 or 5 or 10 partners, this swap is for you! (Providing you like to make stitch markers! Handmade only!)

Today Sean tried carrots for he first time ever. His doctor asked me to wait until he was 6 months old for carrots, potato, turnips and beets. (I won't be feeding him turnips or beets, why give him what I don't even eat? Unless someone can tell me any benefits of turnips or beets, Sean probably will never eat them.) He had a weird reaction to the carrots. I'm hoping it grows on him, because carrots are a huge hit in this house. Both myself & Jamie are huge carrot eaters.

Because he was making faces to the carrots, I gave him peaches, which he's been eating for a while now. Well, he was making faces to that too, which is weird, because he likes peaches. So I'm thinking, he was just doing it to be silly, or to get a reaction from me, or I just don't know why. So, we'll try again tomorrow with the carrots. However, this time, I think I'll put him naked (just in a diaper) and his solids bib (plastic bib), because today, we stained a bib and a onesie, and carrots make a huge mess. Especially with this kid. I mean, look at his face in both photos. Eating is just the messiest thing right now....

So we eat, and hop into a bath right after. A bath was welcomed due to this heat we're having. This is Sean's first time in the duck tub. He figured out, while sitting, how to scoot himself foward, so he can get closer to the duck's head. When did he learn to do that? I do not know.

He just absolutely loved the duck tub. And he fits into it so well. It's not too big, and he can't "go" anywhere in it. I'm very happy that I got this a while ago, I was just waiting until he could sit properly to use it.

Ruber ducky, you're the one.... rubber ducky, you're so much fun... rubber ducky, you make bath time so much fun... I don't know the rest of the words, or if I'm even getting it right, so I'll quit while I'm ahead!

Washer & Dryer were ordered today. Sears is delivering between 8 am and 6 pm on Saturday. (That's quite the block of time). I recall when I got my gaz stove from Sears, they said the same thing for time, and they showed up at 5:45 pm. I had to wait home all day for them. At least Jamie will be home if I should have to run out for anything.

Today I started going through my Sean photos and I put dates on all the backs. I want to put them in order in his photo album, and make prints (since Loblaws has photos on sale), and I'm almost done going through, and deciding which recent photos to print to add to his album. I don't want Sean to wonder why there are 100 photo albums of his nephew Merlyn, but 1 album of him as a baby... so I want to keep up before I get too behind on photo printing. Ok, I don't really have 100 photo albums of my nephew Merlyn, but for example, his first birthday I think is 2 or 3 albums.... I kid you not. I'll have to make sure to take a lot of Sean's first birthday! Don't forget, he was the first "baby" in the family (Jamie's sister's kid) and I was in photo school at the time, so I was snap happy... that's for sure.

Tomorrow, I plan on possibly going to the LYS near my parents to pick up something with my gift certificate that my cousin Jenn got me for my birthday. I know exactly 1 item I want to get with it, the rest, we'll see what I happen to see while there! I don't know if I'll make it out there though. I neglected a whole bunch of chores today since it was spiking hot, I just didn't want to get anything done, and Sean and I took a long nap in the morning, as well as a long nap in the afternoon (about 3 hours each nap!) (I love cuddling with him), and then I was going to walk over (Sean in stroller) to the shopping center around the corner from my house, but it was just too humid for Sean, so I packed him up in the car, and we drove over, and then we went to the pharmacy, and then to the grocery store to pick up a few things including dinner.

This evening Jamie & I watched Stranger Than Fiction. Finally! A good version. It was better than I was expecting, but it wasn't the greatest movie ever. It was cute though. And the scene that I saw on the corrupt version that the talking doesn't line up with the mouths ..... that scene wasn't even in the movie!?? So I have no idea what I was even watching.... Weird!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26 of 30

Something sad did happen today. I got some mail from Sulah as part of the stitch marker exchange, and it was ripped/damaged. As was the letter from Sulah:

It was inside this above plastic from Canada Post. There was supposed to be stitch markers in there. And I've been in AWE of the stitch markers that Sulah makes, so I was very disappointed to see this in the mail this morning. The notepad she sent arrived but badly damaged, and the pen that was with it was "smushed" flat. Sulah reassures me that she's sending out new stitch markers. Thank you Sulah - I can't wait.

I also received stitch markers from Hattie today in the mail. I love them! Silver is definitely my fave over gold - that's for sure.

And I got my stitch markers from Robin. They are like little flying saucers, I love them!

And Robin also makes handmade soap, and sent me some of her very own handmade stuff. It smells soooo delicious. Thank you!

I took this photo this afternoon on my way to do errands. I wanted to capture the earrings I made, but like the photo that turned out. For now, it's my new profile photo on blogger. I know I'm not smiling, but that doesn't mean I'm unhappy. Quite the opposite. I just love this photo.

Sean, my mother & I went over to my cousin Jenn's house this afternoon to see her new house, and visit baby Jakob. I took a bunch of photos of the two cousins together.

Now, I'm not sure what Sean's intentions are in the above photo. But at one point, for one second, Sean grabbed Jakob's hair. I guess he was admiring that Jakob has more hair than him?

And here Sean is making nice with Jakob. They were too cute together, it was adorable!

Jenn gave me a gift certificate to the LYS by her for my birthday, thank you Jenn! I know exactly what I'm getting (stay tuned!) Speaking of LYS' - I went to the new one by me today to exchange the 2nd ball of Love It by Berroco that I got, and she was "closed" for lunch. Apparently closes between 11:15 am-1pm everyday. I wish she'd told me this on the phone when I called first thing in the morning, I wouldn't have showed up at 12:05pm, paid for parking, and then find out she wasn't there. I wasn't sitting there for 55 minutes, yeah right. So, I'll go back tomorrow, ugh!

After a long day out with his mom & grandmother, looking at washing machines & dryers (and helping mommy select a Kenmore set at Sears), Sean passed out at dinner in his high chair.

Ok, so I found my 10 items with tags still on it, and I'll be using them. Here they are:

1. Necklace bought in Vegas
2. Gap Purse (underneath everything) bought on ebay
3. Blue hair elastics
4. Cement Glue
5. 5 pack of black socks
6. Pair of earrings
7. Green Shawl bought in Portugal
8. Two sheep rubber stamps
9. Mannequin the movie (Kim Cattrall!) I can't wait to watch it.
10. Champion Shoes (below)

Since they all still have the tags on them, I will be taking them off and using them this week. I'll let you know how it goes. (Today I wore the Champion Shoes & broke them in!)

Other than that, nothing much else is going on. Too hot to knit, so Jamie & I sat in our air conditioned bedroom and watched two episodes of Entourage (HBO) from the last two weeks. I was supposed to have a "date" night with him tonight, but a friend got stuck in the city with no where to go, so he came over, and I took my time not rushing home from my parents, where we had BBQ for dinner, swam in my parents pool, and my parents ended up ordering Sean both the booster seat, and a wagon on airmiles. Anyone have that wagon? Like it?

Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Years

Last night I gave downloading Stranger Than Fiction one last shot. Guess what? I have no idea what the F@#! we were watching. The file must have been playing from a scene in middle or near the end of the movie, and then the audio was starting from the beginning. So obviously NOTHING lined up correctly! We'll be watching the movie again, hopefully tomorrow night, this time, correctly! I showed Jamie the file we actually downloaded correctly tonight, and he was shocked at what we've been trying to watch. No wonder I thought the movie was "whacked!"

This afternoon Jamie & I ran some errands. Jamie was home today, because yesterday was St. Jean Baptiste (June 24th). But because the holiday happened to be on a weekend this year, employers are obligated to give employees (full-time employees) either Friday off, or today off. Since most of the suppliers that Jamie deals with were closed today, he had today off, because there wouldn't be much work for him with Quebec contacts. (The holiday was only in Quebec, not the rest of Canada). Anyhow, Jamie has also next Monday off, because Canada Day (July 1st) happens to fall on Sunday, he has next Monday off as well. So due to this holiday business, there was no mail delivery or pick-up today, since it was a "holiday" for the postmen too. Dang it. I love checking the mailbox in the morning. I love not having anyone living above us right now, because I love being the first one to check the mail. I hated it when we had our first tenants living above us, since our mail goes into the same box in the door, if my tenant would be up or home, she'd go to check the mail. I hated that. I love peeking in the box and checking for the mail! (I'm a geek - what can I say). My last tenant, psycho, whom we just got rid of, barely ever got any mail, so she didn't ever check the mailbox and touch anything (unless I was out of town and I asked her to). I'm a geek who loves it when the postman rings twice!

Today, while out doing errands, I went to get a credit at Zellers. The stuff I bought Sean with my gift certificate on Friday went on Sale on Saturday for a few days. What I didn't know, was that ALL baby clothing was on sale, at 30% off. So, she credited me all the baby clothing I bought Sean. Anyhow, during this credit she was doing, I noticed that there was something odd on my bill. I was supposed to have only 7 tshirts at $6.97 (before the sale price) on the bill. Well, apparently there was 8 items at 6.97$ (which I did NOT realize on Friday during the check-out). And it said "MAILLOT DE BAIN" at $6.97. I did not buy Sean a bathing suit. Nor did I buy myself one. I bought Sean a while ago, 2 bathing suits for 8.97$ each at Walmart and he's been using them all spring/summer so far. I'm still wearing my maternity bathing suit. (It's not really maternity, but I wore it during my entire pregnancy and it's time to get a new one, eventually - but there is no way I'd find a bathing suit for 6.97$ for myself - I wish they were that cheap). What I thought was really nice, she didn't even ask any further questions, she refunded the $6.97 for me. Wow, that was nice of her. But now I'm kind of upset that this even happened, because I swear I was watching her scan every item. There was just nothing else that I purchased Sean at that price. Anyhow, I'm glad she refunded me that purchase. It would have sucked paying for something I didn't acutally get. And I'm very happy to learn that ALL baby clothes were on sale, and instead of walking out with a 20$ approx. credit for the 7 shirts that I bought Sean (in more than one style in more than 1 size because they were so cute), I ended up with over a 40$ credit. I'll never say no to saving money! Especially when kids out grow clothing SO darn fast!

I've chosen my yarn and wound a cake for my Jaywalkers. I just need to find the right needles (DPN's most probably) (I don't have circs for socks) and figure out if the pattern is the right size for my feet. I've started the KAL a bit ago, and I finally chose my yarn. Are you ready to cast on Angela?

I've added 4 new items to my Etsy Shop. Some Lucky Dice Stitch Markers, Some Butterfly earrings, as well as two different sets of matching earrings to stitch markers. All orders until July 15th, 2007 will be sent with free stitch markers! So go on - order your favourites! I do combine shipping as well.

I am loving Sean's new set of PJ's. I love that this kid is now in 6-12 month size - because he has received some adorable stuff as gifts. These pj's were bought a while ago by me, though, hee hee. They do say I Love Mommy. Because it's true, he does love me most. (Hey, he does spend most of his time with me, since I'm with him most of his day. Of course he spends time with daddy and other family members, but it's me he sees most. I don't mind that he loves me most, though! I won't complain! So here's your daily dose of Sean smiles.

And here is your daily dose of Sean the Stud. I don't know where on earth he gets this from, but he's got poses that he does, as if he knows he's the stud...! Girls - Beware!

And tonight, he got into Mommy's things. Of course, his toys are tossed behind him, as you can see, and he's 100% more interested in mommy's tape measure!

No knitting today. I actually napped this afternoon upon returning home from the errands, with Sean in my arms, on the couch. That could have been used for knitting time, but to be honest, napping was far more important today.

Today marks 5 years that Jamie & I have been together. Here's to many more years to come. We're having dinner together tomorrow night, we're BBQing pork chops and we'll crack open a bottle of Yellow Label. Tonight Jamie had baseball (every monday night at 7pm he's got his team's home games). HAPPY 5 YEARS BABE! (We acknowledge how long we've been together, but only "really" celebrate our wedding anniversaries now, when we used to celebrate our "dating anniversaries". But I still wanted to acknowledge a nice number like 5 years!)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24 of 30

This afternoon I worked on my Etsy Shop. All my images were photographed, I just had to edited them in Photoshop and then load them all one by one into Etsy. As I mentioned in my previous post, all orders until July 15th will be accompanied by free stitch markers! I do combine ship, so if you want to order more than one set, it's more economical!

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner, and Sean & I took a quick dip in the pool. I got him this really cute hooded towel the other day at Zellers (with my gift card that I got for my birthday - yep - spent most of it on Sean!) It was originally 24.97$ and I saw a sign that said it was 17.97$ on sale. I was willing for some odd reason to spend 18$ on this. Come on, it's cute, right? Anyhow, when I got the cash, it turns out it scanned at 8.93$! Right on, now I definitely wanted it! Lucky Sean. And he looks absolutely ADORABLE in it!

Tonight I had my father blow up with his electric machine (I certainly wasn't doing it by hand) Sean's new duck bath. If you touch the beak, it quacks. Totally funny. I put Sean in it, to test out size, etc... and it's just perfect. This will be SO much better in the bath, instead of the other tub I was using, which he no longer fits into properly. He's too long in length for it, and it's not comfy for him to sit up in it, just using the tub. So this duck solution, is grand. I can't wait for his next bath (tomorrow) to test it out! Rubber ducky, you're the one.... rubber ducky, you're so much fun!

And tonight, upon returning from my parents house, I dug out another pair of pj's for Sean. These are also 6-12 month size (I cannot believe he fits into this size!) These ones were a gift Sean got for his Brit Milah back in January. They're from Old Navy and totally adorable on him. It's kind of chilly out here (the last few days have been) so he won't be sweating in long sleeves tonight, but I didn't want to put him in a sleeper with feet - because it's not that cold.

Tonight after Sean went to bed, Jamie & I tried watching Stranger than Fiction yet again. Yeah... I dono about that movie. Really. It's bizarre. And maybe it's the file I downloaded, I don't know. It just doesn't seem right. None of the words, ever match up with the mouths. Now, I know, that you're supposed to be hearing what's going on inside of his head, but for the entire movie? None of the words EVER match up? Last time we gave the movie like 10 minutes. This time, we gave it like 25 minutes, and then after that even tried fast forwarding the file, to check out another part.... still the same thing. We're wondering if it's a bad file, and it's meant to not match up together with the mouths? If that's the case, and it's meant to be like that, I don't think I will EVER be able to sit through that movie again... So, I put on another movie. Upon hearing about this movie from Patty, I watched 10 Items or Less, which is a short 1 hour 20 minute indepedant film. Morgan Freeman is in it, and so is Paz Vega, who was in Spanglish, as the girl who was the main character pretty much, opposite to Adam Sandler. Jamie fell asleep, as I expected, and I worked on Sean's Cabled Pullover while watching the movie. It's coming along, but I have a lot more rows to go before 14 inches (which seems like a lot, but I'm doing it in 18 month size). So hopefully it will fit in the late fall/winter this year. And if its' too big he'll wear it later on. Progress picture soon, when there is more progress to show since the last time. Right now it doesn't look like much bigger than the last project update on it.

Tomorrow Jamie & I have some errands to run. Jamie's off from work since today was a holiday in Quebec. We will be spending the day together before he has baseball tomorrow night, since tomorrow is 5 years we've been together. I hope to crack open a bottle of wine, since after returning from our errands, I won't have to drive anywhere else.

Now, I'm going to hop into bed and read some more in Knitting Under the Influence so maybe I can finish the book one of these days!

Etsy Shop Update

My Etsy shop has been updated with 2 pages of new earring & stitch marker items. That's 19 new items. I have a great new line of stuff with Hematite Healing Beads. If you want to learn more about these healing powers, you can click here to read about them.

Orders until July 15th, will include a suprise package of stitch markers. You don't have to mention it in your order, it's an automatic give away!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23 of 30

Last night I finished Calorimetry. (Still can't say the word properly unless I say it with a French accent. Is it meant to be a french word?) Above, is the weird way it looks on the needles while you're knitting it. I couldn't see how that was to turn into this below:

It's an "eye"! I just have to finish adding on a buton, and sew in the 2 ends, and I'm done. I'll get to that tomorrow. I think if I make it again, I'm going to do a few rows less in the middle of the pattern, so it doesn't become to wide. I aletered the pattern to my head size, (It's to cast on for a 24 inch head, and mine is 21 inches, and so I cast on 100 stitches instead of 120 stitches, so maybe I should have also have done a few less rows in the pattern.

Pattern: Calorimetry from Knitty (free pattern)
Needles: US8
Yarn: Love It by Berroco Color 3293 Dye Lot 1348
Materials Leftover: 19g left form 49g ball. Used 30g for Calorimetry.
Timeline: Wednesday, June 20 - Friday June 22, 2007

Today I went to visit Angela. Usually she comes over to my house since she works on the Island of Montreal, so it's easier for her to come to me to hang out, rather than her go home, and then me go over the bridge during rush hour to hang out there. You'd think on a Saturday, there'd be no traffic. WRONG! Here you can see the traffic, bumper to bumper, at noon on a Saturday. On a weekend! I think it's all the people going to Quebec City for the St. Jean Baptiste celebrations tonight. Above the car in front of me, you can see the "Montreal Skyline".

And then I got stuck in traffic again, crossing the bridge to get to Longueuil. This is the same bridge you'd take if you were going to go to New York State to get off the Island of Montreal.

It was nice hanging out with Angela. We had a really good salad for lunch, and then I wound some of her yarn into cakes for her. Then we went to Chaton Beads so I can spend the 8$ I made in recycling bottles, and the 10$ I won last night in poker. (Forgot to tell you! Last night I played Texas Hold'em for the first time in a while, with Jamie, my in-laws and Daniel (Jamie's friend). Anyhow, Jamie paid the 10$ fee for me to play. The last two people left in the game were Jamie and I. I asked him if he wanted to split the winning (50$ would have been 25$ each) and he said no way. Originally it's 10$ for 2nd place, and the winner gets 40$. He's like "How is this fair? I put in your 10$ and mine, and that's 20$, so all I'd be making is 5$?". So I looked at it this way. I can play him out and try to win 40$, or I could lose against him (he had more of a chip stack than me), and still gain 10$, because I put no money in to begin with!) .... so of course he won, BY ONE OVER CARD and I won 10$ and he won his 40$ fair & square!

Anyhow, so I basically picked up stitch marker supplies from Chaton Beads for my Etsy Shop. (Update being done tomorrow afternoon!)

After Chaton Beads we went to Zellers so I could do a return and then I dropped Angela back off at home, because by then it was almost 4pm, and we had a birthday dinner to attend.

The birthday dinner was alright. It was for Jamie's friend Shel's 40th. His girlfriend Vera, who is a friend of mine, planned it. I don't think he was expecting all of us there! Dinner was alright, and I have leftover ribs for lunch tomorrow. The ribs there are alright, service is always shit, and you get nothing to drink when you ask for a coke. (The size for 2.60$ is digustingly small). And the waitor seemed to keep disappearing. If I want ribs, I go to Hymie's Grill near my parents house. I rarely go anywhere else, unless for an occasion of someone's birthday. Baton Rouge first off is expensive, bad service, and when you're in a large group, they stick several round tables next to each other, and it makes the people at the complete other end really far away from each other. I don't recommend this restaurant at all, but that's my opinion.

Sean was a really good boy while we were at the restaurant, and was being passed around to all the girls there. I sat next to one girl who is 14 weeks pregnant, and we talked "shop"... They all couldn't believe how well behaved, what good disposition, how friendly, Sean was.

Tonight when we got home, I took out a pair of pj's I'd gotten Sean at baby gap a while ago, with a gift certificate. I couldn't believe, though a little big, that the 6-12 month size fit him. It's meant for 17-22 lbs, and he's just a little over 16 lbs now. The elastic at the waist was a little loose, but that's okay, it'll probably shrink in the wash after a couple of washes. Clothes tend to do that to me!

He just looks too cute in it. So I had to pose him for a picture. Way past his bedtime, and really cranky and rubbing his eyes because he only napped in the morning and not this afternoon, and he was still able to give a smile!

Tomorrow we're taking it easy in the afternoon, and then I think we're having dinner at my parents house. Not 100% sure though. Monday is 5 years that Jamie & I have been together, (not married for 5 years, it'll be 2 years in September), but together 5 years. Since Jamie has ball Monday night, we're not sure when we're "celebrating" it. By celebrating I mean crack open a bottle of wine and toast to another many years ahead... and maybe watch a movie.