Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!



It’s raining outside so we’ve decided not to go trick or treating tonight. The kids are a bit disappointed but it’s pouring outside and as I type this the lights are flickering. I promised them tomorrow we’ll go out and pick up candies/chocolates to fill their pumpkin bucket that all year round, providing they finish their entire dinner, they can choose something for dessert from their bucket. (During the year when it runs low, I replenish it with treats anyhow). I managed to get a picture of Quentin in his costume before school today, and Mackenzie’s class party was photographed by my sister today (I cannot wait to get the DVD of pictures from her to see what I missed while at work). I did not get a picture of Sean in his costume, as he only got into his costume after lunch for his class party and he refused this evening to put it on for me to take a picture. I feel like there was no Halloween spirit today.


Mackenzie is in love. He’s known this cutie since  he was 18 months old, as he’s been in daycare with her for 4 years before starting Kindergarten, and now they’re in the same class again this year. It’s sooooo cute the way he is with her.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cameo Ruffle Scarf


This scarf yarn is popular with the clientele at my shop. Out of curiosity I knit one up for my grandmother for her upcoming 85th birthday. It’s totally something she would wear. Quick project, took no time at all to knit up. I used 10mm needles and you cast on 3 stitches and it’s pretty cool the way you knit this up.


The yarn is Estelle Frill Seeker Cameo in Colorway Q51808.


The pattern is for free on Estelle’s website here.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Neckwarmer for Coreen

I know I’ve been awol for a while. This is my 6th week owning a yarn shop and the time is flying. I am really enjoying work, being at work, I honestly can say that I love my job. I enjoy waking up in the morning and knowing that I will be going to a yarn shop to talk knitting and crochet and fondle yarn all day. I do have to admit, that I don’t actually knit at work. Maybe one day I’ll get to… but not right now. Too much other work to be doing. I do have some finished projects to show you. I’ve been re-working my cowl pattern for an upcoming class that we will have at my shop.


So the first one I knit up was in this amazing yarn called Punta MeriTwist, which is no longer available. Unfortunately the mill burned down and they tried to get funding to re-build the mill but their request was turned down. The MeriTwist is so nice to work with, it’s so unfortunate. Since I cannot get this yarn in anymore, I had to re-knit the pattern in a yarn that we carry in the shop, since I’d like to display my pattern in a yarn available in the shop. So I decided to go with the absolutely soft Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Sport. It’s so nice to work with.


This is my store sample on Ravelry.

I absolutely love this pattern, these are my 5th & 6th ones I’ve knit up over the last few years. It’s such a great knit for a quick gift, it doesn’t really don’t take long at all to knit up. Here are some other ones that I’ve knit up: The Original for Coreen herself, Lisa’s, My mom’s, and one for me.