Sunday, July 31, 2011



Shopping carts totally gross me out.


And so do high chairs in restaurants.


A while ago (not sure if it was with Sean as an infant or Mackenzie), I picked up a Jolly Jumper Sani-Shopper. Best invention ever. Bought it at Walmart, and do not regret this purchase. I keep it in the car, and love it. This way we always have it handy when in a store or at a restaurant. Whomever invented this - props to you. And, it even covers the handle that I have to push at the store, so I am saved from the dirty cart too! Bonus. Really! (And why yes, Quentin was being lazy while at Costco and was lying down in the top of the cart drinking his bottle.)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Teething to Tooth


There's been some major teething going on around our house...


Eating high chairs, sucking on cold wash cloths, putting all toys in his mouth....


And then this past Tuesday morning, there was a sighting of one point of the tip of a tooth-to-be. This was very exciting! Almost 8 months old (actually, 8 months old today - but this was Tuesday), and he's finally about to cut his first tooth!


And by Thursday, the tooth was making itself shown. (See inside white circle, it's there!) Yesterday, I was actually able to feel the entire top of the tooth. I hope to get some more shots as his very first tooth grows! Stay tuned for another update soon!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing Star


When it's not too hot out, I've been working on the Star Afghan. It's growing perfect size for Quentin's stroller. I'm thinking it'll be done shortly. (So I've already been pondering my next project). I find that my knitting and crochet in the summer always slows down, and picks back up in the fall for fall-winter-spring. Are you like that too? Or is it just me?


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Key to Taking Pictures

Heads up to my readers:

The ebook The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer by Katie Evans will be increasing in price on August 1st, 2011. If you've been on the fence about buying the book now is a great time to head over to the website and buy now! The cost is only $16.95 ...but not for long.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

-Love this pop tab picture hanging idea.
- Want heart shape cup cakes? A marble will do the trick.
- Such a beautiful image.
- Love this jersey headband.
- What neat ideas to do with old cards & letters.
- Love this button calendar tutorial.
- Awesome button craft.
- Love the light in this image.
- Button monogram!
- Just because.
- Baseball cupcake recipe.
- This photo craft is fun - I wonder if you can use a wipe marker and change up what you write?
- Candyland cake!
- 52 reasons why I love you.
- Love this button necklace. I've got a thing for buttons lately.
- What a neat way to organize your stuff.
- Hungry caterpillar sandwich!
- This bookshelf is awesome!
- Love this camera from this craft tutorial.
- What a cute idea for tan lines!
- What a great free pattern - too bad I don't have any girls to knit for.
- A fun ring (pipe cleaner) tutorial.
- A fun scavenger hunt to do with the kids!
- Spice rack (from Ikea) book shelves - what a neat idea!
- Love these birth announcement posters for the kids rooms.
- Henri's French Onion Soup recipe. (Onion soup is by fave my fave soup).
- Freezer meal ideas. Freezer meal tips for dummies. And freezer meal recipe list.
- These Coraline Cookies are awesome.
- 3 boys and a girl. If my tubes weren't tied, would I have a girl after 3 boys?
- Happiest picture ever.
- Since I don't have a daughter, I'll have to do this one day with a granddaughter. One of my 3 boys will have to give me a granddaughter, right?
- What a neat iphone case. One day - when I get my iphone, I want one.
- This cake is awesome. (Thinking about what to do for Quentin's 1st birthday in a few months).
- Be yourself.
- This onesie is hysterical!
- Looks like heaven.
- I love the face pillows from Vintage Jane.
- Thinks it's awesome there is a Star Wars Craft Book. Must check it out.
- These recycled crayons are awesome too.
- Remember skip it? This new toy for kids looks awesome.
- Loving NieNie's photo of her family.
- Lovin' some oldies.
- Love love love this tree of cups.

Friday, July 22, 2011



Yesterday morning we babysat Quentin's best friend for a few hours in the morning.


I'm sort of glad I was blessed with only one baby instead of twins.
Moms of multiples, how on earth do you do it?

Surround Yourself


The other night I got "dressed up" (à la summer style) and picked up a friend.
(I love my new shirt!)


We met up with 3 other ladies (so we were 5 in total) and went out for ladies night. Is it just me, or are "legal" girls (here legal age is 18), looking more and more like 12 year olds these days? I swear everyone at the bar/pub (whatever you want to call it) looked 12. And since when are martinis 10$ at a pub? I expect that at a club, but at a bar? I stuck to a "sex on the beach" and then vodka & (diet) coke once it was 10 pm and it was ladies night as they were 2$ drinks for simple drinks like vodka & coke, gin & 7up, etc. We had fun dancing on the "dance floor" and screaming to each other across the table, as the music after 10 pm got so loud. I'm quite certain I came home screaming instead of talking, and it was after midnight. But we had fun, and it was just so nice to be out without any kids for a change.


Every person needs to surround themselves with a great group of people and have fun. I'm so blessed to have a fantastic group of girlfriends. We all have babies within days of each other (Quentin is the oldest in this group (Nov 30th) and the youngest is Dec 24th. Between us we have 4 boys and 1 girl. Something in the water?). I see these girls a few times a week, (playgroup, swimming lessons, baby aqua, music (which is currently over but starting up again soon) sometimes we go to the movies, the mall, out for lunch, hanging at each others houses). We'd be so bored on maternity leave without each other. We laugh, we joke, we have a good time. Good girlfriends are a unique bunch. I'm so proud to call these ladies my friends. And I hope our kids are friends for years to come too. Too bad they all won't end up in daycare or school together, some of us don't live in the same neighborhood for that to happen.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Booties in Action

Remember these booties? I made them back in September 2010.
(Booty pattern source)


Well, this week they came out of the drawer and onto the feet of my babe.


They fit nicely on him in size.


The only issue I have with them, is that the front that goes over his foot is not stretchy, so it was a tad difficult to get them on his feet, but once they were on, they stayed on nicely. If I were ever to sew them again, I'd make an alteration to that part of the booty. Glad I pulled them out and we didn't forget about them before they were too small on Quentin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goji Pop


Someone recently recommended to me Goji Pop.
(Was it you? I can't remember who?)
So the last time I was at the mall, I ran over to David's Teas.
(My new fave tea place).


Came home, and prepared some in the kettle.


Poured over ice, and have been addicted to it since.

:: Summer bliss ::

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Case of Fire

Mack's class at circle time today were discussing 9-1-1 and when you would need to call them. The teacher asked and one kid said "if your house is on fire". Mack's teacher said "that's right". Mack then pipped in and said "if my house is on fire I need marshmallows and chocolate sauce". He made his teachers laugh so hard, I'm sure they almost cried. I was told today by Mack's teacher that if my house is ever on fire to look out for Mack eating marshmallows in the kitchen.

Monday, July 18, 2011

From the Garden

A little update from my little garden:


It's almost time to eat!

Monday Morning Link Love

- This coffee mug is awesome.
- One day when my brother gets married, he totally has to pull off this shot. (He's a superhero fan)
- I love this image.
- This stuffed green pepper recipe sounds so yummy!
- This blanket is inspiring colorwise. I need to get a kick start again on my babette v.1, v.2 & v.3.
- This onesie is hysterical!
- These shoes are GORGEOUS!
- What a cutie!
- What a cute teacher appreciation gift.
- I don't know what on earth you do with these, but they're cute little people.
- Aren't these triplets adorable? I got this hat for Quentin, he's finally fitting in it now, but it's hot summer now. I can't wait for him to wear it in the fall. It's from this exact shop, she's a wonderful seller!
- I love this bracelet!
- Love this hop scotch rug tutorial.
- This growth chart is awesome.
- I love the idea to use garden baskets for toy storage.
- Awesome cutting board!
- This homemade sprinkler system is really neat. Fun for the kids to play in!
- This tire garden is fun!
- This looks so peaceful, for the backyard.
- What a cute gift idea.
- Love this colorful image.
- Caterpillar hotdogs!
- Recipe for balsamic vinaigrette.
- These button cards look simple to make.
- These pillow case mats are awesome. It's five pillow cases sewn together, with inserted pillows.
- I wish I had more time to journal pen & paper style.
- I love this headband.
- Love this nightstand!
- Gotta remember this Valentine idea for February 2012.
- Love this image.
- Sometimes we just need a reminder.
- This bike rack is awesome!
- This article on Ravelry is awesome.
- Great for a Halloween party!
- I am not a wedding photographer, but this image is adorable. What a cute idea.
- Built-in Wall Extension Cord : Truly genius! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before.
- Laundry today or naked tomorrow.
- Love this chevron necklace - bet could make it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Knitting with Julia

Cute! Enjoy!

The Thoughtful Gardener


I (still) have a ridiculous amount of gift cards to Chapters. The other day, while there with a friend, I realized they sell other stuff besides books, music, movies, kids' toys. They also sell random stuff. While there, I saw this gardening set, and I actually needed a new set. That was fine, but what was even better, it was 75% off. I picked up a few books as well, and I still have gift cards left over. I love my new gardening set though.


The fork reads "Reap what you sow".


And the shovel reads "Despite the Gardener's Best Intentions, Nature will Improvise".


Friday, July 15, 2011

Back on Track


Back on track. Took this photo before working a bit more on it last night. I'm working on the next 2 rounds of blue now. (2 round blue, 2 rounds yellow, 2 rounds blue, etc....) So far, so good. 8 points - check. I'm thinking this will be a throw for Quentin's stroller. Perfect for fall.


I received my July 2011 installment of Tanis Fiber Arts' Year in Color Yarn Club. This colorway is called Aquarium. Not sure what I'll knit with it yet, but it's a really nice combination of colors.

Quentin Part 2

So you came back to see photos of Quentin... I know it. I can't resist this cutie, either..!

cuteasleep asleepoutside angelsleep

Quentin will seriously sleep anywhere. He took a snooze in the park (above).

anotherschrinch bubbieq cutieqsippy

He has spent some time with his great-grandmother, and has been doing this most adorable scrunched up face with a huge smile (which is unbelievably adorable seeing as though he still has no teeth). Makes me want to eat him up!

emrqswim qmenewswim

Our next swimming session has started and a bunch of our friends are taking the class with us. I've been taking some pictures in the water, so I have to dump those from my waterproof camera (new toy!) to my PC, so I'll get those photos on my blog as soon as I have a minute.


The weather has been unbelievable gorgeous lately, so we've been spending as much time as possible in the pool with friends. Our playgroups have been held now weekly in the pool. Ah, summer joy. Bliss.


My cool dude. Look at that attitude in his face & the spiky hair! Love it.

gummysmile mummum1st

Quentin's tried Mum Mums too lately and loves them. It's his first non-pureed food item that he had tried. He's had all 3 flavors now and just loves them. They are very messy though, which is no fun at all.

eatingfood nomnom

Quentin's quite the good eater, and has been trying everything. I plan to start some meats with him this weekend, I'm quite certain he's going to love eating meat. (And seriously, these Munchkin Feeding Bags are the best invention ever... took me to the 3rd kid to discover them).


I just realized that most of Quentin's friends are boys. It seems most people (except a handful) have been having boys. We do have a few friends with baby girls, but they're rare. Must be something in the water, eh? That's okay though, boys rock!

schrinchface spikesQ Qsillyface

Quentin's quite silly. I love it. There's that scrunched up face again...! Too freakin' cute, if you ask me! He's still quite the king of faces!

Quentin has turned 28, 29, 30, 7 months old, 31, and 32 weeks old recently. It truly is going quite too fast for my liking. I really am trying to soak in ever moment and enjoy everything. I'm having a blast on my maternity leave, and truly don't want it to end. Wouldn't it be nice if the government paid you to stay home with your children until they went off to Kindergarten? Eh.. I can dream, right?