Thursday, August 31, 2006

Charity Blanket

Today I finished the baby blanket for charity. I stayed in today, because I wasn’t feeling well. I got a lot accomplished in the house (chores - they never end!) and then finished seaming the baby blanket. I am really happy the way it came out. However, I think the colours are hidious! But that’s a whole other story! Anyhow, I am sure that whatever charity ends up getting these blankets that were made (I think they’re more like ‘throws’ than blankets) will like them regardless! The pattern is really cool though, and I think I will make one for baby S, but in yellows and blues! Just something to put down on the floor in the baby’s room… I think it would look nice. I’ll wait to see how things turn out and things place out in the room, but in the right colours, I think this ‘throw’ would look nice.

Last night I ended up not being able to sleep, so I watched the movie Just My Luck. My sister had loaned it to me, and well, I was in the mood for a chick flick, so why not. It was alright, a little on the cheesy side, and well, just okay...!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

This morning I had to sleep in. I had set my alarm, but I was just NOT getting up. I eventually got up, and had a bagel, got ready, and then headed to work for my dad. I got there just after 12, bringing a lunch for me and J. I worked until about 4:30pm, and then I met my mother at the mall across the street to see if the Baie had any sweaters. I am still on the quest for the perfect black zip down sweater. Why can’t I find a friggin’ sweater? No one seems to carry zip down sweaters these days! I am thinking about checking out Sears tomorrow, but I don’t know. I did manage to learn that the Baie has a small Maternity section, and got some stuff on sale at 50% off.

Tonight J and I had free passes to go to see Trust the Man. Unfortunately, it was sold out. (They send out more passes than the theater can hold, because usually most people don’t show up! Well, tonight, they were overbooked! And so, we had the option. Go see another Fox film that was playing, or use the pass for Trust the Man another night. We decided that we weren’t coming back, so we had the option between My Super Ex Girlfriend or Little Miss Sunshine. We chose Little Miss Sunshine. What a good decision that was. I am positive that we enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine WAY better than had we seen Trust the Man. I really recommend you going to see Little Miss Sunshine. I ended up bumping into my cousin and his wife upon exiting the building tonight. It was their first time out together in a month, since giving birth (see below for definition) to baby O. I am glad that they are coming to my cousin’s wedding this Sunday, with the baby, I’ve been dying to meet him. The baby’s bris was on the day I graduated, so I was unable to make it, and have not gotten the chance to meet him yet. They were very excited to hear that we were also having a boy, and that their son would have a cousin only 5 months younger than their boy! It’s always good to have cousins the same age!

Alright, I need to go seam the baby charity blanket - I’ve got to bring it with me tomorrow to my cousin’s house after her wedding rehearsal. I have to seam it, and then single crochet the border. I am not worried, it shall be done in time!

1. Brith - the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life
Berit, Berith, Bris, Briss circumcision - the act of circumcising performed on males eight days after birth as a Jewish and Muslim religious rite

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Final Grades & Maternity Shopping

I finally got my final grades, and let me tell you, I am VERY happy with EVERY single one of my marks.

Imposition - 86% (Class Average 83%)
Illustration - 92% (Class Average 85%)
Estimation - 93% (Class Average 79%)
Montage - 86% (Class Average 81%)
Edition - 91% (Class Average 82%)
Photoshop - 89% (Class Average 84%)

I did not make honors (which you had to get 90% and over fore all three semesters, but I did come DAMN close with an overall average of 88%. I am very happy with my achievements, and I can’t wait to get that diploma in my hands… (I’ll laminate it and mount it in my new office once I move downstairs into my new office to make way upstairs for baby S). As you can see, I did WELL over every class average. Not once this semester did I get below the class average, not once. I worked my butt off!

Today, I searched high and low for a sweater. If I had the time I’d knit myself one, but by the time I need it, I would not be finished it. I ended up checking out this new maternity shop I’d heard about called Motherhood Maternity and ended up not finding a sweater but a pair of maternity shorts, and three tops (1 fancier than the other 2). I am very happy with my new finds! I ended up spending 59$ (OUCH) on a sweater at Thyme Maternity, because the sweater just looked THAT good on me, really! I’d never spend that kind of money on a sweater, never in a million years, otherwise! I can’t walk around naked, so I had to figure something out. My mom found 2 nice sweaters (one in white and one in black - I was originally looking for black), that I will borrow, that make me look good, and I will keep them until my belly doesn’t fit in them anymore (can’t zip up anymore)… that will be the point she will get them back!

Tonight my family got together for my grandmother’s birthday dinner, it was really nice. I don’t see my family too often all together, so I love it when we do get a chance to all go out. Lately there has been plenty of occasions to celebrate, so it’s great!

Tomorrow night I am going to see the premiere of Trust the Man, with Billy Crudup, David Duchovny, Maggie Gyllenhall, Julianne Moore and Eva Mendes. It looks cute, and you’ll never believe that my dear husband agreed to go with me to see it! (You’ll never catch him in a theater in a chick flick. Maybe it’s because I won the free passes.. who knows!) I’ll let you know how it is.

On the knitting front, I am going to finish seaming the charity blanket, and then once it’s done, I will photograph it, and then I plan on starting Baby it’s Cold Outside from the Crochet Me site. It’s a baby kimono, that I had started from the Mason Dixon book, but I find that something like this will be much easier to crochet than knit. Maybe I’ll knit one and crochet one. We’ll see. I have some nice blue yarn, so I need to get started for some articles for baby S. (My little Monkey is what I’ve been calling him, cuz he’s always moving around!) I also have J’s sock number 2 to start…

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pre-Natal Aqua Fit

This morning I went to the Y and signed up for Pre-natal Yoga - but then since I joined for a 3 month membership (which bring me to the end of November), I have Pre-natal Aqua for free. I am also allowed to take the deep end water class, since we won’t be without a floating noodle device. That class is on Thursdays. I can’t go this Thursday as I have my cousin’s wedding rehearsal, but I can go next week to check that one out.

Upon getting back to my house (I walked over to the Y, it takes literally 45 seconds to walk there) my mom picked me up with my grandmother who just arrived at my house, to go to my final dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress. In the end, everything worked out for this dress (Phew!) and it looks really good on me, considering that I’m now 5 months pregnant!

After the dress fitting (which we were there for over an hour), I went for lunch with my mom and grandmother and then we headed over to Walmart, to see about some zipper attachments for my mom for her new purse, and I bumped into my photography professor there. He was so happy to see me pregnant and doing well! I ended up buying a scrapbook for my Vegas pictures, I realized that I did not have one, and I want to start scrapbooking if I have time, sometime soon.

I got home, did some chores around the house, and then went off to my Pre-natal Aqua fit class. Oh, was that a workout - but I had a good time. Today, there was 7 of us in the class, one girl who is due in 3 weeks (has no idea the sex of her baby) and the other is due in a month, and she is having a boy. I am so excited for next week’s class, and it felt great to be in the pool, even if I was wearing a really cheesy bathing cap!

This evening I’m just taking it easy. I’m rather tired. I think I am going to crash early tonight. I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, and I want to accomplish it all, especially if I might be working Wed-Thurs-Friday for my dad. He also wants me to look over an ad for a catalogue he’s advertising in - which is right up my alley! We’ll see what happens with that.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Family Golf Day

I got this really cute baby hat in the mail on Friday, and forgot to write about it. It came as part of a swap, and it’s really cute. It’s perfect for my soon to be son, whom will be born in the middle of winter! It has a little pink in it, but it’s mainly blue, so I hope baby S won’t mind.
I was told it was machine washable, so I guess it’s not 100% wool. I emailed to find out what it is made of, I’m curious. Isn’t it just adorable. It’s sooo tiny too! It’s no more than 5 and half inches long, with the button curled over.

Today, J did go golfing, but in the POURING rain. I think he’s nuts, to be honest, but so are the other 14 members of J’s step-family! I got up when he left, ate breakfast, and then went onto the couch in the den to read some magazines. I didn’t last too long, I ended up napping for a few hours. J eventually got home, warmed up (he was soaking wet!) and then we headed over to his step-sister’s place for an indoor BBQ.

J ended up watching golf on TV with some of the men, and I chatted with the ladies in the family around a plate of veggies & dip (so delicious!). Put a plate of veggies & dip infront of me, the veggies will be gone in no time!

This evening we got home, watched Big Brother, and then J fell asleep. I then plopped myself back on the couch and watched the movie The United States of Leland. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it. It’s about this kid who kills a mentally challenged kid, and goes to jeuvie, and his story.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Hair Cut & A Huge Wedding

This morning I got my hair cut…. off! My sister tells me that I look like a soccer mom. That’s alright though, I’m cool with that. Well, I’d perfer to be a hockey or baseball mom, but I’ll deal with soccer mom, I guess!

Here is a picture of J and I at the wedding this evening. I brought J’s little toy camera, as my camera isn’t a purse camera.

The wedding was very nice, the ceremony started at 1pm, and then we came home to hang out for a bit, and then headed to the reception for about 4:30pm (so it was an all day event). The reception, had 350 people there! The receiving line, was an hour and a half about! I could NOT believe it!!! I’ve never seen a wedding like this before! By 11pm I was just tired, so we left, to come home. J’s golfing tomorrow, it’s family golf day, but I am not, because my back’s been bothering me lately. I didn’t want to risk any more harm to my body, but it’s supposed to rain, so we’ll see what actually happens.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ferrari Knitting & Poker Winnings

Here’s a sports car you could pullover very smartly in — a Ferrari knitted from wool. (Wool generously supplied by Sirdar). Art student Lauren Porter spent ten months making the full-size replica using 12 MILES of yarn.

The car, a cross between a Testarossa and a 355, is made of more than 250 squares of garter stitch, the windows are V-shaped stocking stitch, while the details are crochet, over a steel frame which Lauren welded herself and the horse badge is hand-embroidered.She gets men admiring the racing lines and old women admiring the stitches!

Today, I slept in, until about quarter to one, when I was woken by Zeus puking next to me on the bed. That is the one thing about this cat…. he pukes. He finds things on the floor to eat (I try to keep this house as tidy as possible) but he still manages to find things to eat.This afternoon I watched the rest of Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVD set, and worked on finishing up the paid knitting project. I will hand it in first thing Monday morning and get rid of that. I need to now finish up the seaming on the blanket for charity, single crochet the border and then give it to my cousin so she can get it back to the Montreal Knitting Guild. I wonder where the blankets will get donated to. I will be missing the first meeting but perhaps I will find out at the second meeting in October. I will post pics when I am done the blanket for charity. Tonight I went to get my nails done, my nails are growing FAST because of the pregnancy. But it’s perfect timing, because, usually acrylics are done every 3 weeks, and my nails have been growing at that same rate in 2 weeks. But it’s perfect, because I have a wedding tomorrow and a wedding next weekend, and then I refill my nails again in 2 weeks before I leave, then take them off after I get back. Perfect timing. I like them, but I am rough with my hands (not that I broke a nail or anything, because I didn’t) but I don’t really need to keep them, and it’s hard to do any beading with them… knitting is okay, but beading is very difficult. I bought some beautiful stones for a necklace I want to make. And making my own stitch markers has proven to be hard too, due to my acrylic nails…. so you see, they can be a nuisance. Tonight upon getting back from being out, I played poker with Jamie, my in-laws’ and 2 of Jamie’s friends. I wasn’t expecting to win or anything, not with how my father-in-law always calls All-In and bluff’s big time, etc… but there was one hand, where I had an Ace, Two and on the flop and Ace and a Two came up, and then another Ace came up, so I had a full house (Aces over two’s). I called all-in - it was just the two of us left in the hand, and he called me on my all in- and of course, I won! I got him out of the game, and then it was just down to Jamie and I (who paid my 10$ to get in the game) I asked him if he wanted to split the winnings (instead of 50$ to the winner and 10$ to the 2nd place) but since he put my 10$ to start, he asked if instead of 30-30, that I’d take 20$ and he keep 40$. Deal.So I made myself 20$ tonight! (And I haven’t played poker in a while, only a little online - for fake money) so i was a bit rusty….! Just some luck! (But I broke even today, since I spent 20$ on my nails!)Alright, I’m off to go watch some TV and hang out. I have to get up super early for an early hair cut tomorrow morning, cutting my hair off! Hee hee….

{Conversation with Jamie earlier}

Robyn: I’m cutting my hair tomorrow.
Jamie: No you’re not.
Robyn: Yes, I am.
Jamie: No you’re not.
Robyn: Are you carrying our child? No, I didn’t think so. I’m cutting my hair tomorrow.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cats & Haircuts

Today, I met with my wedding photographer and went over the 75 images (from the 1300 proofs she gave me back last December), and was there a LOT longer than I wanted to be there. First off, she likes to talk, and her 17 month old son was there as well, as he had not gone into daycare yet, so she was also busy a little bit taking care of him.. Ugh, it was a long morning. But that’s alright, perhaps I will get my final album (the album I have just has my proofs in it) before my son is born, but I highly doubt it - because she could not promise it before Christmas. (But that’s alright. I’ve postponned getting it done, because of school, so I guess I can wait a little longer for it, right?)

I went for lunch with my hubby since I was in his area, and he seemed really stressed. I am glad that when he got home tonight, he chilled out, and we chilled out and hung out together. This afternoon I took care of chores (even though I really just wanted to nap), and organized my new filing cabinet, with all my files (phone bills, statements I need to keep, electricity bills, etc….)And now I don’t have to worry about all these files over taking my desk.

I’ve been finding Zeus in really funny sitting positions lately. Positions that cats should NOT be in. They are sooo funny, that I have to be documenting it…!

This above picture is from late last night. Zeus decided to sit next to the magazines I was flipping through on my bed (looking for a haircut I may be interested in).

Then, today, he was sitting on my un-made bed. I don’t understand how he finds these positions comfortable, but that’s his decision, right?

Today, I found three images of hair styles that I am interested in cutting my hair like. I finally have a hair cut and blow dry (but at 8:30 am on Saturday morning! My sister’s friend who is a hair stylist - who did my hair for my wedding (And did my makeup too! And did a FANTASTIC FANTASTIC job)). She is soooo busy and overbooked that she had to fit me in at 8:30, which is before the salon even opens. I will make sure that I am there early - because she will be pressed for time, and I do NOT want her to goof on my hair!I am soooooooooooooooooo fed up with hair maintenance, (I think it’s a pregnancy thing), and I’m soooooooooo ready to cut it off! Right now it’s just a little past shoulder length, and I have just been wearing it in a bun or in a clip, and don’t care to straighten it or do anything with it - because it’s just simply in my way……. (And I am usually low maintenance, anyhow!). Short hair, is low maintenance! So, as of Saturday, I’ll look kind of like one of those hairstyles above. I just love the middle one the most! What do you think? Which one do you think I should shape it like? Let me know what you think!!

Alright, Jamie and I are about to watch RV - the new Robin Williams movie. I am sure that it’s garbage, but…. sometimes you just need light entertainment, and a few silly stupid laughs. I’ll let you know tomorrow, how it is!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Free Movie Passes & Walmart

I slept in today. I kind of had to. I was up really late last night, as I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up, crying, watching Oprah’s 20th Anniversary Box Set (some of the stories are sooo touching it made me cry!) I am almost done watching it, and then I have so many other things I want to catch up on before the baby is born.

I got up today, it was well into the afternoon. I can’t even tell you what time it was that I got up. I did however, get a few chores done, and was very upset/depressed (pregnancy mood swings, feeling a little down), and you know what made me feel better? WALMART. I don’t even like Walmart’s background/history (not after watching that documentary on their organization) - BUT, they have good deals on things, and I needed things. I needed maternity pantyhose, maternity panties, a new bra (dang the engorgement of those things that fill a bra, due to pregnancy!) They also had a filing cabinet on sale, and I needed one of those desperately, so I bought the cabinet, with the cabinet accessories (yeah, there are “cabinet” accessories!) I also got a few other things (J requested some goodies) and some laundry detergent and closet storage organization thingies… Ah… organization… always makes me feel so much better! Weird, eh? Cleaning always makes me feel so much better. Very odd, I know. I agree. When I’m wired, or can’t sleep, or feeling down in the middle of the night, what do I do? Clean. I start on a cleaning binge. I kid you not. That’s what I did last night. I cleaned. I threw out a lot, that I knew that I had to let go of (that’s for you Lainie!). Stuff, I do not know what I was keeping. I also made another pile, of stuff to donate. I also started packing up books that I want to keep, but have already read, so I will store them properly, and keep them. (Those are objects I cannot part with. I love books. I love to read. I’d like to keep most of my books). (One day when I have a single unit house, I want a library or a study or a den with a library, where I can display all my books… in alphabetical order, why not! The books in my office right now are mainly in alphabetical order. As are the DVD movies we have in our den, alphabetical order. (Easier to find them that way!)

Today, after Walmart, I went to find bead crimps (for a necklace that I want to make) and ended up picking up some steaks for dinner, and coming home and actually made dinner. I now havge energy back to make dinner, and do house chores (although bending over to reach things has become a little hard lately, and when I do it, I usually feel movement in my stomach, so I stop… my son is telling me not to bend over to pick up something off the floor, or whatnot.
This evening J & I watched Big Brother which we had on tape from last night, and then we watched the movie Inside Man. It was REALLY good, and J even liked it (He’s really picky about movies and it’s rare for him to really like a movie).

While watching TV and the movie, I knitted up a storm. But, I was working on the paid job, so I can’t really talk about it. It’s coming along great, and it should be done by the end of this week, and handed in, so I can move on and finish up the blanket (seaming) for charity, and then I can move onto knitting J’s sock, and finish Clapotis, finish closing the toes on the first pair of socks I ever started (forgot I never ever closed the toe!) and then work on something for baby S! I have so many things that I want to knit for him!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Baby Stuff & Other Stuff

Last night on ebay I won a Maya Wrap. It's "2nd hand" to me, but the person thinks it's never been used. Anyhow, I'll wash it, and when I get it, I'll probably dye it to black: (The one I'm getting is a light blue like in the image below) (I really wanted a green one) ;


Today, my belly button is really oval rather than the circle it used to be. I’m trying to get used to it’s new shape. It feels different to me as well! I’ve been feeling more movement lately, more than just fluttering, but not yet kicking or punching (I hope I don’t get elbowed in the ribs!) I am trying to figure out what this new movement is, but it may not be anything more than him turning around. Who knows. He may still not bebig enough for me to feel a kick. Almost 21 weeks pregnant, I wonder when I’ll feel the first kick!

Lately I’ve been reading some Pregnancy Magazines that I got a while back, and also watching TLC a bit (baby story, etc) and it makes me wonder if I am going to be a good mother. I also have been watching Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVD box set, and I wonder if I will be as horrible as some of these mothers that Oprah has interviewed, etc… I hope not! But you know, it makes me very paranoid, that I am going to be responsible for the decisions of another human being. What if I don’t raise him properly? What if we send him to the wrong school? What if because of this he makes the wrong friends? What if he rebels against everything I say or do for him? I think it’s just a phase I’m going through, with all these thoughts in my mind…. knowing that every action I take, will affect the way he is brought up, raised, etc…. It’s a scary feeling right now. I am sure it will go away. I keep telling myself “I will be a good mother, I will be a good mother” but it will take a lot of love, patience, care and understanding to be a good mother, and I hope I have it in me. I wonder if all mother’s go through the exact same feelings when pregnant with their first child.

Today I spent some time with my mother-in-law and my in-law’s friend Tammy from Vancouver. I oddly ended up for a couple of hours at Maimonidies, an old age residence. (My grandfather lived there for a few years before he passed away in 1989). (I haven’t been there since). We sat outside a bit with Tammy’s father, and it smelled like piss. Eventually we took Tammy to the mall next door (where the Roots bear above was bought). Then we came back (I was stuck with no car) and we were in the dining area of the floor her father lives on, and it smelled like feces. Gosh, I hope that I don’t end up in a place like that. I don’t want to be old and smell other people’s uncontrollable bowel movements. I don’t think I would ever be able to even work in a place like that. The smell just got to me.

My mother-in-law made me dinner last night, and it was superb. I love her cooking. On my way home, I stopped and picked up my pictures, and then headed home. I’m about to go watch more Oprah (20th Anniversary DVD box set).

Monday, August 21, 2006

Do It Yourself Tshirts & The Tenant Story

Last night I could not sleep. It just wasn't happening. So I installed Pacific Poker, logged into my old account, and started playing poker. Not for real money (I'm not a gambler) but on my fake money account. They give you 1000$ to start. My account is at over 3100$. I guess I'm good?This morning I slept in until Canadapost rang my bell at 11:30 am with some mail. I got a package that I ordered from Chapters, as well as a package from my dear friend Lainie. I got some natural wool and some cotton too - and some packs of Kool Aid for some yarn dying! I am a little nervous to try it - but if Stitch N Bitch Book has it, and it's online - I don't think it will be a problem to do. I just need to find the time! I will keep you posted on how it turns out. Here is the goodies:


I need to find some green Kool Aid. Lainie said she couldn't find at the time she was looking, and I don't find Kool-Aid here. Someone mentioned to me they swore they said Kool-Aid in Canada, but I haven't seen it in YEARS!Thank you Lainie for the awesome swap package. (I sent her a goodie box with scrapbooking stuff galore, amongst other things). (But being pregnant, and a scatter brain, of course I forgot to photograph the huge loot!) Today, after getting up and doing some chores around the house, I sat down and finally made myself 2 tshirts. I think they're hysterical. You be the judge:



I was having way too much fun with the iron-on transfers and some tshirts I had lying around the house. Maybe I should go into business and sell tshirts! I can design anything! I think that would be a really cool job to have. Tshirt designer! I finally got my act together late in the afternoon and met up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while at one of my favourite pizza joints (where they have whole wheat pizza!) and had dinner with them. It was nice just to sit back and talk with girlfriends. Afterwards I headed over to Walmart (I needed some yoga pants and maternity tights (for the dress I'm wearing Saturday to a wedding) and then I headed to the gym. I worked out for 30 minutes (all my doctor said I should be doing at one time in cardio) and then headed home.Now I'm sitting here with my little container of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream (mmm, god bless pregnancy!) and I have time to write an update on my (god damn) tenants.Let me start at the beginning. (I've been putting off writing anything about them at all, because they have been a nightmare, and I didn't want to make myself ANY angrier than I was already, and I didn't need to have added stress by getting any angrier, I didn't want any stress related problems in my pregnancy. But now that I'm already in my 5th month of pregnancy, and I had my ultra sound, and the baby is in great health, and I'm not stressed by the situation anymore, I'm willing to share the story from beginning to end....Here I go. Let me call my tenant Ms. W.Ms. W's lease is from July 1st, 2006 - June 30th, 2007.When she signed the lease, back in May I believe, she wanted to know if my current tenants at the time were able to move out early, so she could start painting. She was sooooo eager to move in. The lease was for Ms. W, her mother Mrs. W and Ms. W's three kids (ages 7, 8, 10). The last week of June, she calls me up and asks if she could pay July's rent late, as her father Mr. W died, and she had a funeral to pay for. I stupidly told her that my mortgage was only due on every other Wednesday, and she had until July 5th to pay me the rent (though I wanted it before the 5th, as the 5th was the actual day it was being withdrawn from my account). That was my ONLY mistake... was letting her know when my mortgage was to be paid, even though the lease she signed says she has to pay her rent on the 1st of every month, or it's considered to be late. She agreed to pay it on the Sunday, July 2nd, at night. She was supposed to come pick up her keys and drop of rent in cash (I had a check for first month's rent, but she insisted she pay cash). Sunday night I got stood up. She called, but only after she was supposed to be here at 5pm, to say that she was going to be only able to come tomorrow night, so we made a time, for 6:30pm. That Monday, July 3rd, I her called at 6pm, left a message that I was on my way home, called at 7pm, left a message that I was waiting for her. I then called at 8pm and mentioned that if she doesn't show up and pay the cash that she wanted to, I will have to deposit the check that she gave me for first month's rent. (Now I'm starting to think that I should have gotten a post-dated check for last month's rent, which I will be doing from now on on new leases). Called a house number that I had (the other calls were to Ms. W's cell) and got someone who said she wasn't in, but "did she call me?" I said no, (confused) and told her to tell Ms. W to call me as soon as possible. Tried the cell at 9pm, no answer, and I did not leave a message. I swore that if I didn't hear from her by Tuesday morning that I would call the bank to see if the check she wrote me will be honoured (if there is enough money in the account) and if so, I would cash it. After that I don't care when she will decide to move in.That night, Monday, July 3rd, actually, Tuesday morning, July 4th, at 1 am, Ms. W called my cell phone. J and I had already been fast asleep. Let's just say it was really hard getting back to sleep after that... She "said" she was out of town, and couldn't get back in time. That was not right of her to stand me up - as I was at home waiting for her. Two days of being stood up, I'm not really happy about that at all.Tuesday, July 4th comes around, and she finally showed up, and I got my first month's rent from her and gave her the keys. She mentioned that she was going through a nasty custody battle for her children and was going to court on July 26th. She would be slowly moving her stuff into the apartment, but was not moving in right away. She mentioned that she needed the apartment to prove to the court that she had a place for her children.

August rolls around. Tuesday, August 1st. I don't hear from her all day. By dinner, I decide to find out what was going on, and I call her cell phone around, oh I don't know, maybe 6:00pm. The cell phone has been disconnected, the number is no longer in service. I'm fuming! She didn't even call me to give me her new contact number. I try calling the house line number that I have, no idea if she even lives at this number, but it's the phone number I tried calling last month, which is a number that I did reverse lookup on to get with the address off her check that she wrote me as a security deposit for first month's rent. I ask for Ms. W, she's not there, and the woman who answers says she doesn't have Ms. W's new cell number. (Now, if this is the address where Ms. W is still living at (which is where her checks go to) and she has three kids, and her three kids
DON'T always go where she goes, and if someone else in the family perhaps sometimes watches her kids, don't you think that someone should have Ms. W's cell number incase of an emergency? Anyhow, I told her to tell Ms. W to call me as soon as possible. I tried again at about 9:30pm, some guy answers the phone, I ask for Ms. W, and he hangs up the phone on me. I call back: ring, ring, ring, ring. I tried from my cell (incase of call display). I try blocking my number. All I get is: ring, ring, ring, ring. Ring, ring, ring, ring.Ok, whatever. I'm pissed. It's my last two weeks of school, I'm tired, and I'm drained, and don't need this added stress in my life, and well, she's just making me a worry-wart stress case.Wednesday morning, August 2nd. I call her just after leaving my OBGYN apointment, just shortly before 9:30 am. I tried that same phone number again, the one where the guy hung up the phone on me last night, and actually got her on the phone. She gives me her new cell number (she should have called me as soon as her contact number changed, especially since she has not moved in yet). I ask her where the rent is. She tells me that she is NOT late on paying. I told her that it's August 2nd, and she tells me that she's not late. I told her that her lease states that the rent is to be paid on the 1st of every month. She tells me that she has until the 5th of every month to pay. I ask her where she got this idea from? (Then I realized, because last month my mortgage, which I pay bi-weekly, on every other Wednesday (which knocks off thousands of dollars in interest over the long term (25 years) - I highly suggest this method if you're bank offers it), and that the 5th happened to be the Wednesday I owed me rent. So, Ms. W being dumb, assumed that every month she had until the 5th of the month to pay the rent.) UGH!

So, after trying to set things straight, she tells me she has to go to a doctor's apt, and that she would call me later. Ugh.... she was very insistant, and pretty much booted me off the phone. I gave it 45 minutes, and wanted to see if the new cell phone number that I had for her was legit, so I called it. I demanded a time for her to come and pay me August's rent. She told me she would be at my house for 5pm. So I re-arranged my day, to be home for 5pm. 5pm comes around, and she doesn't show up. 5:15, she's not answering her cell phone. 5:30pm, she tells me that she can't pack up her three kids and take them in the pouring rain (yes, it was pissing rain that day) onto the bus and metro (subway system) to come to pay the rent. My mouth dropped. I told her that if she lived upstairs, that she would just have to come down and pay the rent, and that she was making my life very stressful right now, that I had to chase her down to pay the rent. I gave her a warning. I reminded her again, that her lease states rent is due on the first of the month, and that I shouldn't have to chase her down for the rent.

Get this: I ask her when she plans on moving in, that I need to know. She tells me that she doesn't think she is going to keep the apartment, so she doesn't think she is officially going to move in. She wants to go back to school and doesn't think she can afford it. She tells me that she she will decide and get back to me. I ask her if she wants me to start looking for new tenants, she tells me that she will let me know. I tell her that she is responsible to pay the rent until I find someone new, but that once a new lease is a signed, she wouldn't have to pay anymore. She tells me that she doesn't think she will save money either way, so that she may just keep the place, but that she will let me know. HUH? Is she dumb??? If she keeps the apartment, she has 10 more months of rent to pay me. If I find new tenants, then she doesn't have to dish out money each month and will SAVE money.... yeah... I think she's dumb! She tells me she will be by at 10-10:15 am the next morning, before I leave to class, to pay rent.

As soon as I get off the phone with her, I go to research information on the internet, but tenants have all the rights in Quebec, Landlords have jack-all for rights. The list of Tenants rights are pages and pages, when the Landlord's rights, are like 2 sentences (just for comparision sake).

Thursday morning, August 3rd, 2006 comes along. 10 am... she doesn't show up. 10:15 am, still no sign of her. I call her. She's still asleep. GEEZ! She had NO intention of meeting me, did she! What a day August 3rd was. I didn't write about it then, because it was my last week of school, and it was the day J's grandmother passed away, and I had so much going on with final projects, I didn't want to make myself even more angry that I was.

She tells me that she is closer to downtown, and will meet me at some point outside of my school to pay rent. She wouldn't give me a time.

Now, I wish I had known she wasn't coming earlier, because I still had to drop my nephew (we were still babysitting at that time) off at Nana's house, as J's dad's car got broken into the night before, and the car was getting a new window put on, so Nana had no car for the day. I had to do this, (which was out of my way) and then get to school. So basically because of her, I was running late. I wish I had known she wasn't coming, I would have gotten an earlier start to my day. (That was the day that I ended up staying at school from 11 am until midnight, working on my final projects - school has A/C - my house has no A/C and well, school also has
MAC's, and at home, I only have a PC).... (Macs are soo much more suitable for the career I chose - graphic design). Anyhow, back onto subject...I called her after dropping off my nephew, demanding to know what time she was planning on meeting me, I had final projects to finish up, and I needed to know what time she was going to meet me. We agreed on 2pm, right outside of my school.That morning I prepared a statement that read:

I Ms. W, give R permission to search for new tenants. I will pay rent until new tenants are found. Once new tenants are found, I will not be responsible to pay rent after their new lease is signed.

I was smart in doing so.

2pm, I went upstairs. Sat and waited, and waited and waited. Got mad, called her cell phone at about 2:10pm. She told me qhere she was, (which was maybe a 2 minute walk away) and that she would be there in a few minutes. 2:20pm comes, I call her cell, it's off. Damn! 2:30pm she finally shows up (I think she was still at home when I called and busted her ass to leave when I called). There is NO WAY it takes that long to walk from where she said she was when I called her. And she even came walking up to my school in a different direction from where she said she was coming from. (WTF??)

She pays me rent. I show her the letter I prepared for her to sign. I asked her if she was serious about keeping the place. She kept saying "Oh I don' t know" over and over again. Her cousin, who was with her, kept telling her to sign the paper, that it was the best decision.

She signed the paper.

I was relieved! I was to find new tenants.

That day, I got home, I put the A LOUER/ FOR
RENT sign back up in the window with my number to call for inquiries. I put the ad back up on for rent.I got stood up by one person, another person made an apt, but then cancelled... and then I finally had an apt for Thursday, August 17th, right after my ultra sound.Wednesday afternoon, August 16th comes around, and in the afternoon I get a phone call from Ms. W. She tells me she has a new cell number, and so I start to mark it down, it's the one she gave me two weeks ago, when I finally tracked her down. Is she an idiot? Does she really not remember me asking her for it, because I needed to have her updated contact info? She also decides to tell me, that she started moving furniture into the place last night, and that she has decided to keep the apartment afterall. I tell her that rent is due on the first of the month, not on any other day. She tells me she will abide by that, and I will have my rent for September on the 1st, and that she should be all moved in by then.

MIND? I don't want to have to chase her down each month for rent. I don't want rent to be late each month,I had no way to reach the people who had the 10 am apt on Thursday, and I was running late from my Ultra sound, (since baby S didn't want to turn over in my stomach, and they couldn't get to see his heart for 2 hours, until he turned) and of course they were there when I showed up, waiting on the stoop. I had to tell them, that I am sorry I was late, and that unfortunately the place was rented out. (They made an apt for 2 days after calling - and usually when that happens, if someone calls and asks to see the place right away, it's first come first serve). It was 4 female students coming to see the place, that would have been ideal. I feel sooo bad that I had to turn them away.I really hope for my sake, that for the rest of the lease it works out with Ms. W. But all the hassle and mess I've gone through in the last 2 months, I wish could have been avoided. I do NOT need this stress in my life. Not at all. Not one bit. You know?

I hope I am not leaving anything out. I think I've captured the story of all the incidents very clearly. And this seems to be the LONGEST post I've ever written. I hope my luck turns around in the tenant department. It sucks that I get stuck with situations like this! I hope things turn around for the best for September, and I don't have to chase her down. (So far she's been only showing at really weird hours in the middle of the night - never during the day). Like she's up there right now, and she just just got there. It's almost midnight. Who lives a life like that??? Weird.....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Children's Books & A Cute Giraffe

Today, I slept in until after 1pm. I had to. I was zonked from babysitting late last night. They only got home at about 2 am. There was no way I was able to get up early this morning. That was not happening.This afternoon I watched Pirates of the Carribean (the first movie). I've already seen it, but J hasn't - so I watched it with him. I can't wait for the second movie to come onto DVD, so that I can rent it. That's one movie I really want to see.This evening we went to my parent's for dinner, and my mom found some old books of mine. She wouldn't let me take them all home, but I managed to convince her that these two - I had to have! They were Favourites of mine as a kid: But No Elephants by Jerry Smath & Henry’s Awful Mistake by Robert Quakenbush. It's amazing, what great condition my books are still in.My mom also found this, which she let me bring home:


It's not in the right position (as it's measure tape for measuring your kid's height) but I put it on the wall to see what it would look like, in the baby's room. It is sooooo cute, and I love it. The coloured squares are pockets! My old office is starting to turn into the baby's room. The bookshelf you see, has to go, I just haven't started packing up the books yet to bring them downstairs. I need J to empty his office first, before I can go ahead and bring the books down. That will probably happen sometime in October. Other things to do first, before taking care of that!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Babysitting Surprise

I keep finding Zeus in really funny spots in the house. His new place, lately, has been under the rocking chair in the baby's room. Soon as we get the screen door up, the cats won't be allowed anywhere near the baby's room. (So no cat hair gets in).

The carpet in the baby's room needs a shampooing, but I need to dump out everything that's on the floor, elsewhere, so I can do the entire floor. Eventually I will get around to it. Maybe this week. I borrowed from my parents, this vaccum cleaner that shampoos carpets. Pretty neat machine, just need the time and energy to do so! The walls in the baby's room will remain beige. I have a nice set from my sister-in-law that is all bears. It was in my nephew's room. It has curtains (I only need 1 as there is only 1 window in the baby's room) and the crib bumper, and the sheet set, and the comforter, etc.... it's gorgeous. I have almost all the pieces from her already, just waiting on the rest to be brought over.

I love the little nook in the baby's room. Right now I have the two pillows that Cynthia made me on the rocking chair, but I need to make padding for the chair. I have a 2nd curtain (pattern below - isn't it cute?) and only 1 window in the baby's room. I'm thinking about making the cushions for the chair out of the same pattern, but I am still new to my sewing machine, so maybe I'll get some help from someone with more experience!

Yey - the baby's room is starting to come along!

Today I worked on the sock that I am doing for the paid job. It's coming along great... I hope I'm not knitting it too tightly. I did swatch, and got the guage right on track, I am just worried it won't be to their liking and they won't ever hire me again. (Ok, I'm just a worry wart - what can I say)

This evening, for 5pm, I went babysitting. I don't do this often, but my dad's best friend was stuck. They had a 40th birthday dinner for someone, and needed a babysitter bad.

When I got there, I was shocked to be babysitting FOUR kids, instead of 2, and no one told me in advance, and I even spoke to my dad's best friend's wife the night before to find out what time to be there... no mention of the fact that her neices were sleeping over (they were there for the entire weekend).

I took the kids to the park, and then we came back and ate dinner. Then they attempted to play monopoly, which was hard with two younger kids (4 and 7) , it seemed the the two older kids (9 and 10) were telling the younger kids what to do, and how to play. I had to break up a few disagreements, but in the end, they gave up and decided to watch Cat in the Hat (with Mike Meyers). I worked on the paid knitting. After Cat in the Hat, we watched Lion King 1.5, which I had not seen yet, and which was very cute.

Three kids (the three youngest ones), fell asleep during Lion King, so the oldest one (10 year old girl) helped me put them to bed, and they went to bed. I am about to go watch Disc 2 of Oprah's 20th Anniversary Set.

My Aunt sent me this, it's really cute:


Your Clothes:
1st baby: You begin wearing maternity
clothes as soon as yourOB/GYN confirms your pregnancy.
2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as possible.
3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes.

Preparing for the Birth:
1st baby: You practice your breathing religiously.
2nd baby: You don't bother because you remember that last time, breathing didn't do a thing. 3rd baby: You ask for an epidural in your eighth month.

The Layette:
1st baby: You pre-wash newborn's clothes, color-coordinate them,
and fold them neatly in the baby's little bureau.
2nd baby: You check to make sure that the clothes are clean and
discard only the ones with the darkest stains.
3rd baby: Boys can wear pink, can't they?

1st baby: At the first sign of distress--a whimper, a frown--you pick up the baby.
2nd baby: You pick the baby up when her wails threaten to wake your firstborn.
3rd baby: You teach your three-year-old how to rewind the mechanical swing.

1st baby: If the pacifier falls on the floor,
you put it away until you can go home and wash and boil it.
2nd baby: When the pacifier falls on the floor, you squirt it off
with some juice from the baby's bottle.
3rd baby: You wipe it off on your shirt and pop it back in.

1st baby: You change your baby's diapers every hour, whether they need it or not.
2nd baby: You change their diaper every two to three hours, if needed.
3rd baby: You try to change their diaper before others start to
complain about the smell or you see it sagging to their knees.

1st baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics, Baby Swing, and Baby Story Hour.
2nd baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics.
3rd baby: You take your infant to the supermarket and the dry cleaner.

Going Out:
1st baby: The first time you leave your baby with a sitter, you call home five times.
2nd baby: Just before you walk out the door,
you remember to leave a number where you can be reached.
3rd baby: You leave instructions for the sitter to call only if she sees blood.

At Home:
1st baby: You spend a good bit of every day just gazing at the baby.
2nd baby: You spend a bit of everyday watching to be sure
your older child isn't squeezing, poking, or hitting the baby.
3rd baby: You spend a little bit of every day hiding from the children.

Swallowing Coins (a favorite):
1st child: When first child swallows a coin, you rush the child to the hospital and demand x-rays. 2nd child: When second child swallows a coin, you carefully watch for the coin to pass.
3rd child: When third child swallows a coin you deduct it from his allowance!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Do It Yourself Sheep

I took pictures of some of the awesome items that Angela made and got me for my birthday. Here are some of the homemade items:

I love cherries, and these homemade earrings are quite awesome! I can't wait to have somewhere to wear them to show them off!

Angela has a button maker, and so she made me three buttons. Cherries, an image of a sheep knitting it's coat into a sock (the image I drew for one of my classes in 2nd semester) and baby on board! Button makers are really cool!

While I was unwrapping the earrings, I saw the cherry bead, and the first thing that popped into my mind was - STITCH MARKERS! Angela was one step ahead of me, because there were stitch markers homemade by her, in my gift bag!

More gifts coming later.... (savoring the gifts!)
Here is a Do It Yourself Project I made for my Secret Pal 8:

First start off by drawing on the computer (and printing), or by hand, the outline of the sheep you want to use.

Then cut him out of the paper.

Tape a piece of yarn in the colour you want your sheep to be to the back.

Wrap the yarn around the body of the sheep until you get the thickness you want.

VOILA! Yourdecorative sheep is finished! I hope my secret pal likes it when she gets her final SP8 package. I think she's out of town right now, so hopefully she'll get it when she gets back in town, and it will be waiting there for her!

Today, I slept in a little bit, and then headed off to pick up some groceries for lunch. I was also out of Spray 'N Wash Dual Power (my FAVE product for getting out stains) and I've been getting out all the spit up stains in all the baby clothes that I have been getting from people. (All the pink clothes I've received before knowing if I was having a boy or girl has been packed up and will go into storage until we have a girl - which I hope will be our 2nd child!) I am not 100% sure, but I think my sister's friend who donated me all her daughter's old clothes, didn't ever use stain remover on anything, but luckily almost everything unisex was salvageable, and stains luckily came right out!!

For lunch, we had some ex-coworkers of Jamie's come over for a BBQ. It was really nice, and I've been cravings hot dogs lately, (with ketchup and diced onions on it only) so, that was super for me. It is always nice having people over.

This afternoon, I was working on the paid knitted item and something was NOT looking right, so I ran over to see my cousin who showed me what I was doing wrong, and I had to re-start the project. That's alright though. It's not due til Thursday, and I don't work and school's out - so perfect for me.

It's gotten really hot around here, I thought those days were over. I guess not. (Dang!) I can't take the heat, and especially with the added pregnancy weight - I'm dying here!!

This evening I did a return to Winners (baby girl clothes that I saw on sale, so I snagged them before they were sold, but since I'm not having a girl, I returned them. No sense in keeping them for a few years until I actually have a girl!) Then I went to Walmart, and they did not have what I was looking for (I'll have to go to a proper bead store for that I'm pretty sure) and then headed home. It was sooo muggy, I hoped into a hot shower and felt so much better after. It's funny how a HOT shower makes you feel COOLER after? Odd!

My friend Cindy came over tonight, I haven't seen her for maybe 2 months. Between school and being tired all the time, it's been hard for me to do things. But now that I'm no longer a student, I have more time for things like that!

I'm going to go hop into bed with some paid project knitting, and watch Disc 1 of Oprah's 20th Anniversary DVDs.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My First Ultra Sound: It's a Boy!

I had my very first (ever) Ultra Sound this morning. Let me tell you - I have a very stubborn child already. We had to go into the ultra sound room not once, not twice, but four times! HE (yes, you read correctly, we're having a boy), would not turn over. At that point we'd already seen his wee-wee, and knew he was a boy, but the technician would not let us leave until she saw and checked his heart. We had our 8:20 am apointment. We got there for 8 am. We went in around 8:40 am. (Thank god I brought my book!) The first time we learned nothing, except that he had 10 fingers and 10 toes: (1 foot below here, with 5 toes):

I was asked to go drink water. (I drank 3 full bottles full which was refilled with tap water - after drinking 1 full bottle before leaving the house this morning). We had to wait for 1 patient to go - and then we were called back in. The second time, Sean showed us his wee-wee. It was sticking right up! (As you can see below):

He still wouldn't turn over. I was told I can go pee now (boy was I dying - and ready to throw up water - I don't want to see that large quantity of water ever again!) and then we had to wait again for another patient to go, and then we were called back in again. This time, no such luck... he just wouldn't turn from his stomach to his back, or side. So, we waited again, and came back again after 1 more patient. This time, he had turned a bit, and I was a pro at what to do for the ultra-sound. (The gel really is cold, and tickly!)

Here is our baby boy: (Sean Edward!)

He totally has my nose!

I am in love with these pictures! They are great. I can't believe I had to pay for them though. It actually was 1 picture for 5$ or 3 different shots for 10$. I paid 10$ for the three images. But since we were in there so much today (watching people come and go for 2 hours!) the technician actually gave us 6 photos of the baby for no extra charge! The above 3 are my fave. His foot, proving that he's a boy, and the picture with his face/nose!

This afternoon after getting out of the house, (after the phone would not stop ringing), I went over to Angela's for lunch. I had not yet been to her new place. We were actually celebrating Angela's birthday in less than a week, and my belated birthday. We exchange birthday presents and I got some really awesome stuff from Angela. (I will post more tomorrow about that, it's getting late). I did happen to take a picture of the cherry car air freshner she got me (I HEART CHERRIES) and hung it in my car already. Smells so good! Angela and I went to a bead store near her place (Chaton Beads on Taschereau) and to Zellers to get me some HUGE tubs to store my yarn in once I move my office to the basement before the baby is born. (I've been accomplishing a LOT in my office, to transform it into the baby's room). I will take pictures of my awesome finds tomorrow.
Tonight Jamie & I ordered food in (too lazy to cook) and we watched Big Brother. Then, we decided to watch a movie, and watched Get Rich or Die Tryin'. It was alright. Not my style movie, nor type of music I listen to. (Plot Outline: A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue his passion, rap music.) Not my style at all. But okay movie. (Starring 50 cent)

I've been working on my paid knitting job, as it's due next Thursday. Once that item is done, I will finish Jamie's socks, and then I have a bunch of things to knit in blue (now that I know I'm having a boy!) hee hee! (I wont be knitting any bibs though, I have enough bibs to last me a lifetime, or feed an army of babies! I can't believe how many I actually have!)
Wow - I'm having a BABY BOY! 20 more weeks and he's here!
I need to update on my tenant situation. I'm beyond frustrated. I'll write about that tomorrow. I forgot to write about what happened last week, so I'll re-cap everything tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Errand Day & Knitting

This lady bug was on my car this morning. The first real one I've seen all year. (It's for you Jenn C.!)

This morning, I took my time getting ready to leave the house. However, I was very productive before leaving. I got a lot of laundry done, as well as a lot of chores in the house, especially in my office. I am so happy with all that I am getting done.

Today, I first went to my dad's store to photocopy some documents that I needed copies of. Then, I went to CAA to see my travel agent. I had some stuff to go over with her. After CAA (Canadian Automobile Association), I had Subways for lunch. I always get a whole wheat wrap with teriyaki chicken. But today, it was more of a pickle wrap with chicken - lol.. I love pickles. Delish! Next stop was to say hello to my sister and hubby (at work), and then head to my mom's house. We had to go over my wedding photos and decide which 75 we wanted for the official album (which we still have not done, almost a year later).

I stopped by and worked out at the gym on my way home, and after rinsing off (My first time showering at the gym instead of when I get home after working out - and I'm suprised on how clean it was in there), I met up with Angela, who came over for some knitting. There was a knititng meetup tonight, but I just didnt feel like going tonight. (Sorry guys!)

Angela and I watched the movie Paper Clips. It's actually a documentary. It's about Whitwell Middle School in rural Tennessee which is where an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education took place. Struggling to grasp the concept of six-million Holocaust victims, the students decide to collect six-million paper clips to better understand the extent of this crime against humanity. The film details how the students met Holocaust survivors from around the world and how the experience transformed them and their community. It was actually really good. I recommend watching it.

I actually got some knitting done, and I'm working on a sock for a paid assignment, so I cannot show any pictures, but I can say that I am totally in love with the yarn and the yarn colour. (The green shade I showed not too long ago). Love it! This sock will knit up very nicely I'm sure!

I am soooooooooooooooo excited for my first Ultra Sound tomorrow. It's really early (8:20 am). I bet I won't be able to sleep tonight! I'm that excited. I hope my child isn't shy and opens it's legs so mommy & daddy can see the sex! We really want to know (makes it sooo much easier for shopping and preparing for the baby!) Of course, I'd love to have a girl first, but I won't be disappointed if it's a boy. As long as there is 10 fingers and 10 toes, as well as a good heart beat and all other things in the right places, then we're good to go!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Dress Fitting

Today, I started a new book. I'm on this reading frenzy! Nothing wrong with some good literature! I am not too sure (Yet) about this novel, but it's called Tales from the Crib by Jennifer Coburn.

I did not go to the gym today. By the time I got up, I had to leave to go to my dress fitting for the dress for my cousin's wedding which is coming up. I had ordered the dress before getting pregnant (or before the thought of getting pregnant even entered my mind)! (That was back in January). Anyhow, I am hoping the dress will come out nice in the end, it's a nice dress, and it fits me well, it just depends on how it looks with the way they are going to adjust it for it to fit me and my (as of this Thursday) 5 month pregnant belly! (Wow - 5 months already?? 20 weeks - that's HALF my pregnancy and 5 months! Where has time gone?) I will have to wait and see when I go back for my next fitting (in two weeks) to see how it all fits together (what they were describing that they were going to do to fix it). On top of it, they were supposed to order a size 12 (because of my bust) but instead, they decided to order a size 10. Which - back in January did fit me (tightly, but I was still losing weight back in January). And, anyhow, the guy who owns the shop, said because of my bust, he was going to order a size 12, and then they would "take in" whtever was necessary lower down, because that would be too loose (I had originally tried on a size 10 in the store, as it's the only size they had near my size). Anyhow, we get there today, and guess what size they ordered in the colour that I needed the dress in? A SIZE 10! This doesn't help the situation any better because of my pregnancy! Anyhow, if they decide to charge us more because of extra work they had to do between a size 10 and a size 12 difference, I am going to open my mouth when we go back, because they were supposed to order me size 12 to begin with... Ugh... what frustration. I wonder what kind of jewelry accessories my cousin wants us to wear.... I will ask her the next time I speak to her - this way - I can see if I own something already, or if I should go out and buy some more fun pieces! I'll let you know in two weeks how it turns out!

After the fitting, (I was with my mother & grandmother) we were supposed to go straight to lunch (Tasty Foods). And, my mom decided since she was in a certain area to stop off at a store, to check out tops (to go with her new pants for my cousin's wedding). They said they were going to be 5 minutes, but half an hour later, with my stomach rumbling, I had to call my mother's cell phone to see what was keeping them in there so long. I was famished. You don't keep a pregnant woman waiting! LOL. Half an hour later, and they didn't even buy anything! (My grumpiness was my hunger talking). Lunch was good - but note to self, bring sweater next time - Tasty Foods is FREEZING inside! And we didn't want to sit on the terrace, outside, because people were allowed to smoke there, and I didn't want to inhale ANY of that!

After lunch I was going to go to the gym (after letting my stomach rest for a bit), but I started doing things around the house, and taking care of chores, and slowly but surely organizing the baby's room - (it's slowly coming along) and I am in the mist of trying to half organize my stuff to take it out of the my office, and half organizing the baby's stuff, to bring stuff into the baby's future room. The walls - which we were going to paint yellow - are a cream colour, and I think in the end, we're just going to end up leaving it that colour. It's pretty much freshly painted (not too much before we moved in). I just need to see if my shampooing vaccum cleaner will take out the stains in the carpet (from the cats) or if we will have to call in a carpet cleaner, or if we will need new carpets. I have three spots of stains, that won't go away.... (someone suggested to me water and vinegar? I wonder if that will work?)

Tonight, I hung out with Jamie watching Sunday night & tonight's episode of Big Brother. I really didn't want Janelle to win HOH - I was hoping that she wouldn't and that she would get booted out of the house. I can't stand her anymore.

Alright, I'm going to go check on the laundry (I've been getting even baby stuff washed!) and I will check ya later.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Silicone & Reading

Today I had a LOT of errands to run. I got up at a decent time, I headed to check out a crib that I saw for sale on craigslist, and it turns out that it was in worse condition than it was advertised for, so I didn't end up buying it. And the search for the perfect baby crib continues.

After that, I went to a mall that was next door, did a return that I had to do, and then picked up some all dressed bagels. I have been craving those for a while now, and when Jamie brought home only 2 yesterday (one for him, one for me) I just had to have more. They smelled sooo delicious and fresh, it was so good.

Afterwards I headed over to Marche Centrale to do two more returns and an exchange and I ended up bumping into my Aunt there at Omer DeSerres (an art store). I ended up picking up something that I had been eyeing for my cousin for her upcoming September birthday (to go along with the rest of the gift) and it was just funny bumping into her mom there!

I got a lot done today, and I even got to go to the gym, which I've been meaning to do for months now. But now that school is over, and I'm in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy with more energy, I have no excuse. I plan (try) to do half an hour - 45 minutes of cardio each day, Monday to Friday. I will try. I will do my best.

Today while out, I found these 2 silicone items. They are fantastic! I love silicone.

I somehow lost my "spoon rest" so, I found a silicone one, and it wipes sooo easy!

Also, I'm dying to try these silicone (REUSEABLE) muffin wrappers. I hope to make a batch of muffins sometime this week, so I will let you know how good they are.

Tonight I just hung out reading. I actually finished reading my book, Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be by Laura Wolf. It was really good. I can't believe how fast I read it. It was over 300 pages, and I started it technically Friday night (but only read the first few pages before crashing out on the couch) and then really only started to read it on Saturday. And Sunday I didn't get much reading time either. So technically, it only took me two days to read. I should have read Diary of a Mad Bride-To-Be first, but you didn't have to, to follow along in the story. That's alright though. I have some other books that I want to read first, before even reading her first novel (which has the same characters in mad mom-to-be).

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lazy Day, Amuzing Cheap Thrills & Family Dinner

It's amazing the cheap items that amuse me. I got this alligator (which is actually a stapler) at the dollar store on Thursday. Laura got very angry in class and had to step out, and needed to buy bristol board anyhow, so we decided to leave and go to the dollar store on the next block over. Anyhow, I saw this little guy, and for 1$ - I just HAD to have him! He's just so cute.

Today, I read a little, organized some DVD-Rom back ups (including my school files), took care of laundry, and watched some TV. It was a nice relax day. Lazy, but I got things done!
This evening, I went out for dinner with my family, to a very nice restaurant near my parents house, really enjoyed my ribs, and had a nice time out with my family. My sister's car got hit in the parking lot (with her in it) by a morron who decided to stop in the entrance way, and then start backing up (no damage to either car, and my sister is 100% okay - besides a little pain on her back because she decided to get a tattoo today! She finally did it - but needs to go back to finish it - I will get a photograph of it. At first she told me not to tell my mom, but then after dinner she showed it to my mom - so I guess it's not a secret anymore??) It's really cute.
I can't believe she had the guts to finally do it!
Tomorrow I'm going to look at a crib at 10 am, and I have a TON of errands to run. (Returns to 3 stores, pretty much). And then, I plan on taking it easy, the rest of the day. And hopefully finish the book I'm reading! Oh, and start knitting the sock that I need to knit (sock for pay!) I believe the deadline is Thursday, August 24th, so I have plenty of time to knit 1 sock.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thinking About Wedding Anniversary #1

Traditional Wedding Gifts
First - Paper
Second - Cotton
Third - Leather
Fourth - Fruit/Flowers
Fifth - Wood
Sixth - Candy/Iron
Seventh - Wool/Copper
Eighth - Bronze/Pottery
Ninth - Pottery/Willow
Tenth - Tin/Aluminum
Eleventh - Steel
Twelfth - Silk/Linen
Thirteenth - Lace
Fourteenth - Ivory
Fifteenth - Crystal
Twentieth - China
Twenty-Fifth - Silver
Thirtieth - Pearl
Thirty-Fifth - Coral
Fortieth - Ruby
Forty-Fifth - Sapphire
Fiftieth - Gold
Fifty-fifth - Emerald
Sixtieth - Diamond
Modern Wedding Gifts
First - Clocks
Second - China
Third - Crystal/Glass
Fourth - Appliances
Fifth - Silverware
Sixth - Candy/Iron
Seventh - Desk Sets
Eighth - Bronze/Pottery
Ninth - Linen/Lace
Tenth - Leather
Eleventh - Jewelry
Twelfth - Pearls
Thirteenth - Textiles/Furs
Fourteenth - Gold Jewelry
Fifteenth - Watches
Twentieth - Platinum
Twenty-Fifth - Silver
Thirtieth - Diamond
Thirty-Fifth - Jade
Fortieth - Ruby
Forty-Fifth - Sapphire
Fiftieth - Gold
Fifty-fifth - Emerald
Sixtieth - Diamond

So, I've been thinking about Wedding Anniversary Number 1... It's coming up in just over a month (September 18th). A traditional first anniversary gift, is paper.... a modern first anniversary gift is a clock. I don't really want a clock (we have enough in the house) so, paper it is? Paper? What an odd first anniversary gift! Paper... what could I get?

Books? He doesn't read. Board Games? I just got hime Star Wars Risk & Star Wars Monopoly for his 30th birthday. (And they're still in the box wrapped - he's "collecting" them or something). Stationery? He doesn't write. And when there is correspondance to take care of, it's me who does it. Tickets? (My family has season tickets to see the Montreal Canadiens, so we get to go to a lot of games - maybe buy tickets to a game we won't go to otherwise?) That's one idea.... Paintings? Naw - he's not into art. Coupons? Make him a coupon book? Nope. Did that for our one year anniversary. It's still in his drawer. (That was from June 2003). Write him a love letter? Bah - I'm not cheesy... Get him a Poster? Nope, he's got enough in the basement, and doesn't need anymore. (Nor is there wall room). Photograph? Of me? There are plenty around the house, where would he put it? Definitely not at his desk at work (where he works with my brother, sister and father!) A Calendar? We already have a few up in the house, and definitely won't put up one at work, even if it's one that I made with our pictures.....

Ugh... why is it SO hard to shop for a man. Especially for something PAPER oriented. I want to be creative, but if I get really stuck - I'm going to just buy Canadiens tickets for a game this upcoming season... What else to do?

I've been on the couch all afternoon reading Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be, and the main character in the story celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary with her hubby and 2nd anniversary is cotton, and she "got" him some autographed sports towel (that was cotton) signed by his fave NFL player or something, and that got my thinking about my first wedding anniversary coming up, and what to do... etc. I am half way done the book now (I read fast) and can't wait to continue on reading!

Tonight, shortly, we're going over to Jamie's dad & step-mom's for dinner, and then we'll probably come back home and I want to read! I'm sooo into this book! (It's probably because it's about a pregnant woman, and that's where I'm at in my life too - so I'm "connecting" with the character!

Friday, August 11, 2006


My exam this morning went better than I was expecting. I am positive that I atleast got an 80% on the exam. It was easier than I was expecting, and even though I honestly didn't really study, I still think I did well. Time will tell. I am allowed to email my teacher for our final exam and final assignment mark (which from there I can calculate my final grades, but she's not allowed apparently to give out our final class mark, I don't know why). I wonder how long it will take for our final marks to be posted on the gradeline.

I came home from my exam to find the two cats on our dining room table, cuddling together. It was cute. I had to snap a photo.

I left the house, got my eyebrows waxed (or rather "shaped") by some girl who was not my usual girl, as my usual girl was not there, and won't be back until next week, and let's just say I will be going back to my old girl, I won't ever go back to this new girl. My usual girl, charges me 8$ to clean up and shape my eyebrows. The new girl? 15$! WTF?

After leaving there, I decided I wanted to get my nails done. I figured I'd get them done for my grad, then get them re-filled before my cousin Jenn's wedding (labour day weekend) and then have them nice & pretty for my honeymoon (ATTN HOUSE ROBBERS: There WILL be someone staying at our house, and we have an alarm system with a police station directly around the corner from our house!).

This afternoon I went for lunch with Jamie, and two of his ex-coworkers (He usually meets up with three of them every Friday for lunch, but this week one couldn't make it) and I ran into my mom's Aunt, and cousins there (Mona, Stacey & Sybie) as they were having lunch with a cousin of my great-aunt's).

After lunch I came home and took a two and a half hour nap. Then, I got ready, and headed out to my graduation "Gala". What a waste of time that was... Before I go into details, here is some photos that were taken.

Jamie & I.

Me - very angry.... (because of the situation that went on with what the school calls a graduation). Jamie's dad caught me when I was bitching about what was going on!

Me & my 19 week pregnant Belly. (Had to show it off!)

The "graduation" was no graduation at all. There were no diplomas handed out (How can they when teachers still have yet to correct final assignments and final exams) and there was no food (except sushi I couldn't eat because I'm pregnant and quail eggs (ew) and salmon thingies - all which I could not eat) and drinks (like soda) cost money. I paid a LOT of money to attend this school, and this is what goes on? Then, on top of it, there was apparently WAY too many people in attendance, so everyone COULD NOT fit into the room where the graduation was being held in. How nice of them to know this in advance, they set up a secondary room, where they were "broadcasting" what was going on in the main room, so my family & I sat in the "other" room and got to watch what was going on. What went on you ask? Awards of Excellence were given out for those who kept above 90% average (I'm not sure if I yet have that - but I am sure I may - and if so, I'm going right back to the school once I get all my final marks and demanding my certificate, because 1 year ago, they told us that if we maintained 90% above and over, that we would be guaranteed a certificate of excellence. Then just a few weeks ago, we were then told only 1 person would get it, and if there was a tie-breaker, it would go to the person with the least amount of absences. WTF??

Anyhow, after we were told only 1 person would get it - TWO people ended up getting it tonight, and I'm pissed off. There is a very good chance that even with my mid-to-high 80's marks - with all the 90's and above I've received, that I will still be able to pull off more than a 90% overall average. I will then, if that is the case, march back to school and demand my certificate of excellence, which I am owed. If I deserve it, I want that fucking piece of paper!

My work (along with a few others in my class) got our work flashed on the screen next to the podium for like 10 seconds each. That's all my involvement for the evening.
My parents, who got stuck in traffic, ended up missing my 10 seconds of fame. (If you even want to call it that). So, after them getting there, and taking a bunch of family shots, we left, and went up the street for dinner. I didn't say goodbye to a single person I went to school with, or any of my two teachers (the only 2 that decided to show up) before leaving. (Laura, the only person I've been close with this past year, I spoke to on the phone afterwards - she was as pissed off as I was about tonight).

You'd think, that after collecting a LOT of money from each student's tuition, that at least they'd have a proper auditorium to hold graduations. I was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED with what they call a graduation gala. So poorly organized, and a complete waste of time to those who didn't receive an award. And they wanted my dad to donate a prize to a graduation student (my teacher harrassed me for a while about this), my father's response? (WHICH I STAND BY AND AGREE TO): "I spent so and so dollars on your education - they can afford it". I wish he had said "They can fucking afford it" - that would have been a little more apropriate in my books.

So, my little dinner party (minus my hubby who had to run to a 9pm ball game - his season is almost over), was SO MUCH better than had I stayed at the gala. There was honestly no point for me to even be there to begin with - no one would have ever noticed if I wasn't there, and it wouldn't have mattered. I'm just glad that Jamie found free parking, so at least that wasn't a waste.

You can say, that I am damn fucking happy, that I never have to take a class in the dungeon again (there are no windows in the basement of the school) and never have to see any of the student's faces again, (I didn't like more than half of them - and we were only 11 students) and never have to see the teachers again... phew! They really weren't that great. To be honest. I did learn some stuff, but why the fuck didn't I learn In Design?? AT GRAPHIC DESIGN SCHOOL? Guess what? The students graduation next semester will be learning it! And if we want to come back to learn just that - we have to fucking pay... WHAT THE HELL?

On the car ride home, my mom gave me this hankerchief, which was brought back for me, from Japan, from an ex-employee that used to work for my father. I worked with her for a number of years, and it was very nice of her to think of us, and bring us back something from Japan. It's gorgeous, and it's pink!

I am going to go get comfy on the couch and start reading more of my book. I have approx. 20 weeks before the baby will be born, and lots to read, lots to do, etc!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Exams Done, 1 More To Go!

This morning I got up at 8 am, as Jamie was leaving to work. I literally sprung out of bed, and was READY to take my 2 exams today. I've been quizzing myself with the 30 questions (10 for my Adobe Illustrator CS2 written exam, and 20 for my QuarkXpress Exam). We had been given the questions and answers, and just had to study them. I know all thirty questions and answers OFF BY HEART!

Needless to say, I got 100% on both my exams. How do I know this? Because my teacher corrected both my exams infront of me, and then handed over her red pen, and I corrected the other exams for the other 10 students in my class. My teacher was busy trying to finish up over-due corrections and basically was thanking me for helping her out. It was my pleasure. I actually had a field day correcting. I love it. So, it turns out that Laura & I are the only two who got 20/20 on both exams (and that's because I let her look at my exams) though, other people did get 100% on at least 1 of the 2 exams. The marks were fairly good otherwise (between 16-19 on 20) and on one exam someone actually failed with a 58% (11.5/20) (12/20 is a 60% - which is a pass). I am sure he will still get a passing grade in the class, providing his other marks were good. The exams today were only worth 20% of each final mark. I am sooo happy that I got 100% on both those exams.

That gives me a 91% in my Quark Class (with my assignment marks & exam mark being= 9/10, 26/30, 36/40 and 20/20 - add them all up, it gives you 91/100). And in my Adobe Illustrator class I have a 92% as my final mark (with my assignment marks & exam marks being = 18/20, 19/20, 35/40, 20/20 - add them all up and you get 92/100). Boy, am I really happy with those two marks. In my final class with this one teacher, my Montage class, I am waiting on my final mark on the Die-cut assignment that has not yet been corrected. I am going to give it a week and then email my teacher (I have no idea how soon my final marks will be posted on the gradeline on the internet). So far, out of 60, I have a 52/60. I am assuming I'll probably get around a 36/40 on that final assignment (I know the way my teacher marks, Maybe even I'll get a 37 or 38 on 40). In that case, I'll get around an 88-90% in that class. Somewhere around there. Then, all I am waiting on, is my final assignment mark in my Photoshop class (the teacher is on vacation now, out of town for 3 weeks, so I wont be able to get my mark until it's posted as my final mark on the gradeline), but I know I definitely passed, all my other assignments from him average to around an 85%. For my other 2 classes, Estimation and Impostion, I'm just waiting on my exam mark for Imposition and my final Estimation assignment mark. In Estimation, I'm expecting a REALLY high mark on my final assignment, and with a 30/30 on my final assignment (which I know is very possible), I will have a 95% in Estimation. I will only be able to confirm that maybe mid-week, when I e-mail my teacher. (I so far have a 65/70 on the rest of my assignments in the class, and with 30/30 it brings me to a 95.) In my other class with her, which was a MUCH tougher class, I could possible have around an 85% in that class. (I so far have a 20/20 on all the exercises that were worth 5% each and 14/20 on her mid-term (It was HARD!) and a 35/40 on my final project - which is a 69/80, which is NOT bad at all. I'm GUESSING that I'll be able to aim for around 16/20 on her final exam, as it should be a little easier than her mid-term). I'll be able to confirm that mid-week and after tomorrow after I take her final exam. But all in all, I will DEFINITELY graduate, as I have excellent marks.

I am soooooo relived that it's all almost over. Tonight I went with Jamie over to the shiva house for the final night. They will get up tomorrow, sit shiva for 1 hour, then walk around the block. The mourners acknowledge that the shiva is over by leaving the shiva house publicly for the first time, taking a short walk around the block with those who have come to comfort them.The house that the mourners live in for the week of shiva becomes a house of mourning. It takes on an ambience of solemnity, filled with memory, contemplation, and meditation. But it is a house where people will continue to dwell. The concrete act of physically stepping outside, walking around the block, and coming back in, says that this house and our relationship with this house will now be renewed. That will happen tomorrow. Jamie's mom and one of his uncle's didn't actually live there for the week, they went home each night, to their own respective homes, and slept there, coming back for a full day each day. It's been a long week for them, and they are ready to finish the last day tomorrow.

Tonight, I'll look at a bit at my notes for the exam tomorrow, but I've been more interested in reading a the book that I started months ago! I finally have 20 weeks now before the baby is born, and want to catch up on ALL the books I've been meaning to read! So, tonight I've pulled out Diary of a Mad Mom-to-be by Laura Wolf.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Final Secret Pal 8 Package Arrived & Book Shopping Spree!

My final SP8 Package has arrived today! I love it! Thank you Maggie (Whom has revealed herself!) I plan on checking out her blog this weekend after I graduate! (And have time!) This package included: A LOT of Cherrie flavored and themed items. (Chocolate covered cherries, jello, gum, candies, Maranchino, keychains, iron-0n/sew on patch, bracelet, and 3 awesome keychains! Also a pair of earrings - and yes, Maggie, I have my ears pierced - MORE than once! Including a TRAGUS piercing - 18 guage) I got a Koala bear magnet from the school she attends, and an elephant bookmark. I love elephants!) I also got LOVE YOU FOREVER by Robert Munsch. I already own this one - Munsch is my FAVE children's author. I actually have The Paper Bag Princess signed to me from him, and I even got a picture taken with him at Chapters when he came to Montreal (he's from Ontario). There is actually NOTHING wrong with owning 2 copies of a Children's book. Now I can have a copy for home, and a copy to keep in the car or travel bag - kids always need to be entertained!) I got some AWESOME Peaches & Cream yarn (she wanted to get Vesper Yarn from Lettuce Knits - but they were all sold out! Oh well, maybe the next time I'm in Toronto, they'll have some in stock!) BUT - this Peaches & Cream is GORGEOUS - I love the colours. She also sent some Trekking XXL sock yarn (I love sock yarn!) Thank you again Maggie - and enjoy Seasons 1 through 4 of ER, which I sent her as a thank you for being my secret pal, as she is a HUGE fan of the show, and actually has never seen season 1.

Today, I decided to buy myself a little graduation present. I went a little nuts on as well as - I will have from next week until the baby is born to read, read, read.... (I can tell you that I have NOT read a single personal book (except a little of What to Expect While Expecting AND a little of Pregnancy for Dummies) since I started school in September 2005. I have NOT had any time. I love to read. I read, read, read... and I plan to read, read, read... lots of books!

I bought on

From I bought:

- The Shop On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber
- Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum
- Baby Proof by Emily Giffin

I miss reading. I plan to get back into it starting Saturday! (Or maybe even Friday night!) Can't wait to get my new books in the mail! Oh - and I love getting mail - so that is a double whammy!

Today I ran around the city doing errands. I returned (recycled) 2 full garbage bags of bottles & cans back to the grocery store. I picked up a new jug of water for our water cooler. I went to Old Navy (they had no dresses or fancy things, just some tank tops and such on liquidation, which I picked up a bunch), I also went to 3 different Winners (TJ MAXX for you Americans) and found 3 skirts, and 2 are going back tomorrow or whenever I can do the return. I also did a bunch of things around my house, dropped off some stuff at my dad's office that I borrowed from my mom (so he could bring it to her tonight), went to the post office to mail my final SP8 package to my secret pal, as well as a swap pacakge to Lainie - and also my final One Skein Secret Pal package. (She requested yarn instead of something knitted - that was her choice - and fine by me, since I'm busy with graduating!) I even did groceries.

Today I got A LOT done. I even studied, and since my 2 exams tomorrow are 1 x 10 questions in multiple choice and 1 x 20 questions short answers, and our teacher gave us all the questions and all the answers (I KID YOU NOT!) I basically wrote them out on the computer, with no answers (even for the multiple choice - since I only know what the correct answer is - not what letter it'll correspond to on the exam) and I basically quized myself, by closing the answers, and actually "taking a fake test". I've tested myself 3 times already today, and each time I've gotten all the answers CORRECTLY on each exam! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for tomorrow's exams. (It's Friday's exams I am a LITTLE worried about).

Last night at the shiva house I got bitten up by mosquitos. (I was sitting outside for most of the night, on the porch talking with people). I can't stand those fuckers. I'm bitten up all over, and them seem to have swollen up. Ugh, all I want to do is scratch, which will just make it worse. Benadryl cream works, but only for a certain amount of time. Ugh. I'm going nuts. I hate bugs. I hate being bitten by bugs.

Alright, wish me luck for my exmas tomorrow, and THANK YOU AGAIN MAGGIE FOR THE AWESOME PACKAGE!