Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mustard Scarf

mustard1 mustard2

I recently knit up the Mustard Scarf by Jane Richmond. I absolutely loved working with the Diamond Luxury Collection Merino Lux. It’s very soft and really nice to work with. And the colors are just stunning. I’m already thinking about what I can knit next with this yarn.

mustard3 mustard4

The pattern is super easy to remember. This was also a very quick knit. I really enjoyed this project. I could see myself knitting up more of these. It’s a worsted weight yarn that is knit up on US15/10mm needles. I used just over 1 skein (1.11 skeins) so I have a bit leftover. With another ball I could get another one for a gift. This one is a store sample currently on display at my shop.

mustard5 mustard6

This also was a super quick knit that took me less than 2 days to knit up. I would recommend this project as well for a Christmas/Holiday gift.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rainbow Twist

twist1 twist3

I recently finished Rainbow Twist as a store sample. It was a quick knit, using up 63% of  a skein of Katia New Nepal on US17/12mm needles. This was a fun afternoon project, very quick to knit. I haven’t ever done a 14 stitch cable before - that was quite interesting!

twist4 twist5

These would make up great Christmas gifts for friends, family or your child’s teacher.


You start with a provisional cast on so that you can have live stitches at the end to join the end by grafting it shut. This is not the first time I’ve done grafting with a provisional cast on, and I absolutely love the end result. This one is a win-win!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Melissa’s Gaptastic Cowl


My friend Melissa turned 40 this year and had asked me for a handknit cowl so I decided to knit her a Gaptastic for her as a birthday present. I sent her the James C Brett color card online and she picked out the Marble Chunky color she liked, MC19.


Because Melissa is petite, I decided that knitting the Gaptastic to 15” wide would be way too big on her, so I only knitted to 10” wide before casting off. This used up .69 of the skein. I knit this up on 9mm (circular) needles.


I actually absolutely love this color and the 10” wide as well, that I think I am going to make one for myself, probably in the same color. I kind of want one in the purple (MC19) and the grey/black tonal one as well, MC11, shade card here).

This one was a really quick knit, in under a week. I am sure if I had a full weekend to myself I could have knit this one in one weekend, but with 3 kids, 2 of them in sports, that’s not an option!

Happy 40th Melissa!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Banks of Certain Rivers

The Banks of Certain Rivers is now out on paperback! The kindle price is under 4$ as well. I read this book back in the spring of 2013, and gave it a 5 star rating. I remember having read a bunch of crappy novels before it, and was pleased to have read something good.

At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about Neil, a father of a teenage boy, whose wife was in an accident which led her to become a vegetable in a comatose state. Neil started seeing his mother-in-law's nurse, behind his son's back. I can understand that he wants to move on with his life, as his wife would never come out of her coma. As the story went on, I became more and more understanding of his situation, and no longer considered him cheating. If I ever end up (knock on wood) as a vegetable, I would want my husband to move on, providing that it was for sure that I wouldn't be able to rebound back out of the coma. I also wouldn't want to be kept alive if I were a vegetable, but that's not what I am talking about here. I was immediately drawn in to this story and wanted to know how it all played out. It wasn't predictable and could have gone in different directions, which had me guessing throughout the novel. Was he going to lose his job after the video of him went viral on youtube? Would his son Christopher accept his apology? Where was Chris after he ran away? I am glad that everything worked out the way it did, in the end. The story all came together nicely. 

The supporting characters were very likable and realistic. They all drew me in as we met them in the book and was drawn into the book right from the prologue - wanting to know more, as the novel was set up very well. 

I liked the use of the emails from Neil to Wendy at the end of some of the chapters. I liked how it added a little extra to the story by giving us some more private/personal thoughts. I was sad to see the emails end once the email account that Neil's friend set up (so that he wouldn't know the password) expired and the emails he was sending bounced back. 

I also liked the way the story wrapped up in the end in the last chapter, giving you information about what the characters were now up to. I hate it when a novel leaves you guessing at the end, but this story doesn't do that to you, and I appreciated that. 

I really loved this novel and it was well written. I was able to connect with all the characters and the storyline was realistic. I enjoyed reading this and recommend this novel. I cannot wait to see more by Jon Harrison.