Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31 of 31

Today I had the crabbiest crankiest non-cooperative baby ever. How did I deal? I let it go in one ear and out the other. I got NOTHING done today. I had a lot of stuff to get done (more about that tomorrow). Besides the fact that it was so damn hot today, to want to do anything was probably crazy!

This evening when Jamie got home from work, Sean all of a sudden cheered up. I think he wanted his daddy. Today of all days. When I have a list of things to get done, and he doesn't want me to get any of it done.

I finally opened a bottle of wine tonight and pretty much drank most of it myself. Jamie had about a glass before he started having heart burn (not sure if it was dinner or the wine?) The wine to me was nice, a nice Argentinian wine.

No knitting today. Sean wouldn't allow it.

He took a 20 minute nap, woke up screaming. An hour later, I tried again, he feel asleep in my arms, (like the first time), put him in his crib after a good enough time in my arms, woke up. SCREAMING. as. soon. as. I put. him. down. Tried again an hour later, he slept maybe 30 minutes. And. woke. up. screaming. again.

Poor kid. I tried little teethers (like oragel or whatever it's called), I gave him a little bit of tempra in case his gums were hurting. Poor kid. I wanted to make him feel better. He just wasn't allowing it tonight.

And now, he's fast asleep. I hope he sleeps the night. I hope it's just teething. I hope that first tooth pops out soon!

Tomorrow I'm doing work at my mom's house so my mom can watch Sean and I can get some work done. Lots of work to do! I'll get ya up to date tomorrow!

I can't believe tomorrow is August 1st. Where does time go? August will be fun. We have my parents wedding anniversary, my cousin Oliver's 1st birthday, a weekend in Mississauga, Ontario for a 70th birthday in Jamie's extended family, and some other fun stuff going on. I hope the heat dies down (I can't stand this heat) and I look forward to a good month. (Oh and my tenants move in at the end of the month). (Gotta make them keys.)

I am glad now, I'm relaxed and no longer want to pull out my hair. That is how I felt today. Never felt like that before. I hope this is not the experience I have when Sean goes through his terrible twos.... Because anything worse than today, and I may actually rip out my hair!

...okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but that's sure how I felt. Poor guy. It tore my heart his foul mood today. Maybe's he's had a bad day. Maybe he's teething. Maybe a combination of both.. Who knows? But it sure broke my heart.

ps- Last night I tried the little lamp in the first picture, and it did not bother Jamie at all while I read. I got about 30 pages read into the new book I'm reading, Torn Skirt. I had too much wine tonight to read, so tomorrow night I'll test out the other little book light I got!

Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30 of 31

Last night I decided to try on my two socks. They don't match, but they wanted to be loved by my feet. No problem. So soft! So nice! I can't wait to complete the other two socks that match!

Late morning, my mother came over to watch Sean for a bit so I could get things done at home. I grouted more in my bathroom, and did laundry. I baked some muffins (blueberry!) and cleaned up in the kitchen. I washed Sean's bottles (I wash and then sterilize them still), and cleaned up in my bedroom. I got a lot accomplished. I assessed the situation in the bathroom upstairs, and spoke to my real estate agent (who remembered me!) about the mould issues in the wall. He says that I'll have to get it inspected and it will result in one of three options:

1- It's the previous owner's fault and he'll be sued for it.
2- It's something my insurance company will cover.
3- It's normal to happen in an old house over the years and I'll be screwed...

Hoping it does NOT end up being number 3.

Also - I spoke to him about a house I saw listed online, that I'd like to see (just to compare for price - is it a good price because it's a fixer upper, or is it a damn good price!) and to evaluate with all the upgrades we did in the house since he found us this house, how much he thinks we would be able to list this house for. (I know, I have 5 months and 2 days left until I'm allowed to bring this up again with Jamie - but he's made progress since last week, and even initiated a conversation about it while he was installing my dinning room curtains and I was watching him!)

Tonight I'm doing a test. I like to read in bed. It's usually after Jamie goes to bed. I've been using a flaslight, but it's been eating batteries. So, I'm dying to try out this one above and this one below. Both are L.E.D. batteries and can last HOURS before even needing a replacement.

I'll let you know which one works better in two days. Tonight I'll test one, and I'll test the other tomorrow night.

I also found this while out today. It's so cute and tiny. It's 30 wipes in a Habs container. I think I just wanted the container. I think after the wipes that are in there are done, I can replenish it with others. I bought one for myself (for my car) one for Jamie's car, and one for Sean's diaper bag. It takes up NO space at all!

Sean was all smiles today when we went out. Here's your daily dose of smiles. Always with a smile!

Gosh, I love these toes. I could kiss them and eat them all up if I was able to. He likes it when I pretend to eat his feet. It makes him giggle in the cutest way ever.

Sean feel asleep while we were out today, and so I sat outside with him (still in his car seat - which ways a ton now, that he's over 18 lbs and the car seat is the heaviest thing ever!)

And when we got home, from some errands (I needed to get out of the house this afternoon), he was waking up from a nap he took in the car. I thought rubbing the eyes was because he was tired. Oh no, he does it too when he wakes up!

Yeah, I noticed this today. Someone keyed my car. WTF??! So pissed! Thank goodness I have a touch up pen in the color of my car. I wish I knew where this happened and who did it! GRRRR!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29 of 31

This morning we put Sean in his playpen and we installed the new curtains in the dinning room. He loves to play in his playpen. Just loves being surrounded by a lot of toys! He never knows what to touch first!

This was the ugly 1970's curtains. They needed a good washing, which I wasn't doing because I knew I wanted to change them. They actually can spread along the whole entire wall. Right now it's bunched up so it doesn't block that little display cabinet we have next to the curtains, but it can go further.

Jamie took down the ugly curtains and started to work. Yes it's a rather large window, but for a front room, it's kind of small, in my opinion. This house has really tiny windows and I find there is never enough "natural light" in this house. I hate it!

And voila. The after! I did them exactly like the den, the only difference was here we had to install a rod, and in the den, it already had one. Before the rod we installed here, the old curtains were mounted on the ceiling. (A half ass job from the previous owner of this house). The new curtains brighten up the room and make the space look larger as well.

The upgrades we did, just cost us in materials. We did the labour ourselves, (mainly me!) and instead of paying over 1100$ from a quote we got from a blind/curtain company, we paid just over 100$ for material, the tassles to pull the curtains to the side and for the rod. A job well done, I think!

Tonight we went to my parents house for a BBQ. Sean is always full of smiles. Especially out in public - he likes to show his gums (no teeth yet!) Tonight, Sean tried Sweet Potatos with Turkey. His very first meat. Though, I am hoping to either make some chicken myself, or something, because I cannot find turkey or chicken jarred puree by itself. I've only seen it mixed in with stuff.

Tonight I finished grafting close my "Married Sock". It's coming along great! I will not cast on the second sock until I am done Jamie's anniversary cotton socks. I cast on last night for those and did a few rows of ribbing, but I must say that I am not really impressed with the Regia Cotton Surf. The yarn just feels loose. I will knit a few more rows and decide. We'll see what happens.

Speaking of our anniversary, Jamie told me that if I want that necklace, that we should order it. Here is my question though, when it comes to carrots of diamonds. What's the difference between ct and ctw. Ct I know is carrot. (Or is it carot when it's a diamond?) I tried googling this for information, but I came with with nothing. Does anyone know? Like if something is listed as ctw does it mean carot weight? Or it is a lesser quality of carot because it's ctw and not ct?

Found Zeus on the hutch of my desk today. Not sure what made him go up there, but I don't think he's ever hung out up there before.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

7 Months

Sean is 7 months old today. I already listed the new things he learned on Thursday's 30 week post. (Scroll down). I'm not in a gushing mood tonight, so there is no need to repeat. Today he was going through a growth spurt (I think), and wanted to eat every hour almost. That or he was just really really hungry today. Also - he napped for approx. 30 minutes this afternoon, and then again for 24 minutes this evening. I know it's 24 minutes exactly, because Jamie and I started a movie and we paused it at 24 minutes, after starting it just after transferring him into his crib. The movie - Premonition. It was alright. I'm a huge Julian McMahon (from Nip/Tuck) and Sandra Bullock, I like her too. The movie was just alright. Nothing great, but not boring either.

I've been working today on my Chevron Scarf. I've completed 33 pattern repeats. I've got about 19 inches knit so far, and only about 10g per color used up. I've calculated this out. The pattern says it's approx. a 77 and a half inch scarf. 19 inches gets me 10 grams used. The skeins are 150 gram (mediumweight). So I figured it out, and I need approx about 40 grams each per color more. Which means I should have about or around 100 grams left of each color when the scarf is done. I'm thinking there may be enough for a pair of socks with the Rhodonite (since no one was able to locate me a skein, and I refuse to pay 22$US to ship 1 x 19$ skein to Canada). I may have to do the heel in another colorway (which is fine by me), but I think I have enough for socks!!! This makes me happy. I think I may even try them toe up! (This way I'm guaranteed to know how long I can make the leg part). Anyhow, we'll see how much the Chevron Scarf uses. I might just have enough leftovers!

I'm a bad bad bad girl. I cast on for Sophia and knit the first 4 rows. Oh, she's going to be beautiful. A sweater for me! Finally!

I must start on Jamie's anniversary socks. Time's ticking! 52 Days left until they need to be in a gift box, wrapped. (If I'm done early, he ain't getting them early!)

This evening while watching the movie, Sean was having a bottle in our bed, and he was rubbing his feet and pressing them against Jazz. I cannot believe that Jazz was letting him do this! I was shocked. Jazz gets annoyed when we try to nuzzle him with our feet. But Sean, he was letting! Unreal!

Plastic Bags

On 'Drea's blog I saw information she shared about plastic bags: (sited here)

- According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually. An estimated 12 million barrels of oil is required to make that many plastic bags.

- Plastic bags cause over 100,000 sea turtle and other marine animal deaths every year when animals mistake them for food.

- The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store.

The next time I go to my local grocery store, where I always shop, I'm going to invest in a few reuseable bags, which, like in the USA cost 1$ per bag. I will ask if that store offeres a credit like Drea mentioned on her blog, as the bag will pay for itself if your grocery store offers a $.05 or $.10 credit per bag for bringing your own bags (which you got from them).

There are different options for bags. You can get an eco-bag or even knit one yourself. I saw a great bag that was beaded even, that Janet who goes to my SNB made. I am not sure if that was a free pattern or not. I tried googling a knitting pattern to make one, but didn't find what I was looking for. Plus, I don't think I'd knit one for myself, I'd perfer a bag that didn't have holes in it, like the eco-bag does. [Edited: I found this pattern online. It's cute. Thanks to Dogged (a blog I just started reading) for the link of the bag.]

I find this fact interesting:

-In 2001, Ireland used 1.2 billion disposable plastic bags, or 316 per person. An extremely successful plastic bag tax, or PlasTax, introduced in 2002 reduced consumption by 90%.

Ways we use plastic bags now:

- We use them to change the cat liter before putting it into the big garbage bag on garbage day.
- Jamie takes his lunch to work on the few days he takes lunch. He does bring them back home with the dirty tupperwear in them, but the plastic bag is dirty at that point, and not reusable for lunch a second day.

Stores that we shop at usually double bag stuff. What a waste. However, the bags are sooo cheaply made that for some purchases (like soda) they have to double bag, or it would probably break.

I will invest in some reuseable bags. Though, I will sometimes accept a plastic bag so that we have some in the house for the cat liter. Most plastic bags have the recycling symbol on the bottom, so I will put the dirty ones that Jamie brings back home from lunch into the recycling box instead of into the trash.

I have eliminated a LOT of garbage on garbage day by recycling. This also cuts my cost on buying green garbage bags, which I only use Glad Easy-ties. I've noticed how little trash I'm producing now, and how much I'm actually recycling. On recycling morning, I'm seeing my bin OVERFLOWING! That's a good thing. I feel so good about it!

I've been thinking for a while now about the situation with plastic bags. I've been trying to go as much "green" as possible, and now I'm cracking down on the plastic bags. One step at a time, right?

Camera Cozy Information

I've been left comments about the camera cozy case I made. Here is the information:

Pattern is from Not An Artist on her blog here.

Instead of sock yarn, like she used, I went with a thicker weight yarn using Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine in color 263 (Lot 0010) (I love Italian yarn). It's 100% cotton, 50 gram ball, 136 yards. You need between 9-10 grams per case. I have made 4 cases from this one ball and I'm going to see if I can squeeze 1 more case out of it. So that means you need about 27.2 yards per case, approximetely, seeing as though that my 136 yard ball divded by 5 cases equals 27.2 yards per case. And that's an approximate. I am casting on for my own cases (I need two for my two pocket/purse cameras) so I'll let you know if I can get 5 cases out of this ball. I also have some balls in color 9551 of the same brand of yarn. I am using some of the color 9551 for my woven trellis scarf, but I have more than enough balls to make some into cases.

I did alter the pattern from Not An Artist to adjust for the different weight of yarn. I cast on 40 stitches instead of 48. But otherwise, I followed her pattern, also ajusting the number of stitches in the decrease at the end, because I didn't have as much on the needles as Michelle did in her pattern for sock-weight yarn.

Any questions, leave a comment or email me.

Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27 of 31

I finished the camera case for Jamie's cousin Melanie. She's turning 30 next Saturday, and I wanted to make it for her, as a surprise, since she hinted on my birthday at that family bbq that we had that she liked my father-in-laws. So I'm popping it into the mail tomorrow, to her house, as a surprise. I hope she likes it. I think I have enough yarn to make a 5th case. It takes about 9-10g for a case, and from a 50g ball I have about 9-10g left. The scale was tethering between 9 and 10 g. Couldn't make up it's mind. So I hope to see enough yarn to make 1 more. However, I have more of this same yarn in a different colorway of variegation. I want to next make one for my Fuji Z1 camera and one for my canon SD1000. I throw my camera into my bag, and I think it needs to get cozy. It's on the list.

Voila. Case number 4. Such an easy and quick knit! I love it! I just hate grafting, so that took a while to get done, but now it's done, so I'm happy!

I was looking for an entertainment center/table for Sean. I wanted something that he can stand up against, and "play". Something with learning and music and this Leap Frog toy was perfect for the job. I picked it up at Toys R Us for Sean yesterday.

He just loves it! He was having a field day playing with all the buttons. I am glad that this purchase was a successful one, and that he likes it.

Today for lunch we had Jamie's ex-coworkers over for a bbq, and it was so hot outside. The weather was so disgusting out today, I didn't want to do anything at all.

This evening Jamie had baseball and I put Sean in his playpen to play and I got a lot of sewing done. I finished the curtains for the front room, I'm hoping Jamie will install that tomorrow, and take down the old ugliness. I'll do a before & after picture. I also sewed some pouches, which are going in the mail tomorrow. One was a prize I need to mail out, and the other was for a special order. I can't show pictures until they're received, as they are both surprises, so I will show pictures soon.

I'm in the middle of watching the movie Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler right now. So far, it's a very sad movie, but very well done. Don Cheadle is also in the movie, Liv Tyler, Jada Pinkett Smith. It's a good cast, and even though it's not really a chick flick, I don't think it's the type of movie Jamie would like, so I am watching it without him. I'm enjoying it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

30 Weeks

So I've put a new ticker on my blog. The countdown until I'm allowed to start house hunting. I try to drop hints sometimes around the house to see if maybe Jamie will change his mind and start hous hunting now, like today I was like "I can't stand this heat, I need central air..." but it's not really sparking his interest right now. So I'll shut up, and watch my countdown. 5 months, 6 days until I can start looking for a new house. I hope it'll be worth the wait.

Sean is now 30 weeks old. Saturday he turns 7 months old. He's now saying "dada" (not my personal choice for a first word (mama would have been perferred) but apparently most babies first words are dada, so I'll be okay, as long as the next one is mama!) He crawls a bit now. He rolls around and rolls in circles, and is trying to figure out how to pull himself up. This little bugger will be walking in no time, I'm sure of it. Wow, he's growing up. He's no longer a baby, but a big boy, in my eyes. He amazes us daily with new things he can do.

As promised here is my finished Jaywalker. I want to cast on number 2, but according to my sidebar, I've got 54 days to go until my 2 year wedding anniversary. I better get crackalacking on Jamie's Cotton socks. I have to figure out what else to get him along with the socks I'm knitting him, as I've requested a specific necklace. (Something like this). I just can't figure out what to get him. He's really hard to shop for. Anyhow, back to the sock, I love my first jaywalker. And trying it on complete - it fits better now than when it was still on the needles. So I'm happy!

Today we went to my parents house for the afternoon. It was way too hot in my house to do anything at all. A steam bath, I tell you. (Central air, central air, oh do I wish for central air).

Ain't this the life? Lounging in a pool raft, drinking a bottle... couldn't ask for anything better!
I finished reading Girl Most Likely To by Poonam Sharma. It was really good, and cute. I'm starting another one, Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey before starting Harry Potter. I'm not ready to indulge in Harry yet. But don't worry - I will soon, I promise. Torn Skirt is only about 200 pages, so I'll be done it in no time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25 of 31

This morning I prepared dinner (took me about 45 minutes to prepare everything) and just dumped all the ingredients into this crock pot. Set it for 8 hours and left the house for the day. Gosh, I am in LOVE with my crock pot. And it was a gift that I got over & over again. I think between my engagement party, bridal shower & wedding, we received about 8 or 9 crock pots in total. Do people not look at registries to see that I already had one? Most were exchangeable for other items and I kep the best one. This one doesn;'t just have low, medium & high, this one has time settings, etc. It's more "fancy" in the crock-pot world from the ones I've seen. Then again, this crock pot is probably about 3 years old (our engagement party was October 2004, and I'm thinking that possibly maybe be "old" in technology years for a cookware item that is electronical. Who knows. Anyhow, I love love love my crock pot. You can just dump items in and walk away. I think I may have used this once before, but I don't really recall the details. It's been sitting at the back of the cupboard for years. Finally... I found a recipe that I wanted to make, and it was damn delicious. Jamie's excited there are leftovers for his lunch at work tomorrow. I'm excited that he loves that I cooked! (And it really took no effort besides the preparation. (Thinly sliced carrots, cabbage and onion, and I had to take the fat off the stewing beef).

While I was preparing dinner, Sean played nicely in his playpen. He doesn't mind being in there as long as he's surrounded by toys.

This afternoon my mom was done her errands on time, so we made it to the Starz & Stoller movie. This week they were showing I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Cute, and a lot of laughs, but not the best movie ever. But very cute. And I sure laughed a lot. We ended up bumping into my cousin Jenn and my aunt there, and of course little Jakob. Next week is Harry Potter and I'm not up to date with the movies either (I only saw the first and half of the 2nd movie), so I will not be going to see Harry Potter in the theater. I want to actually read all the books first before watching movie 1 again, along with the others. It's just the way I want to do it. Usually - the books are better than the movies. But I don't really know about the Harry Potter ones. Anyone read the books and see the movies? Your opinion? Books better? Movies better?

After the movie I went back to my parents house to swim. There was knitting involved.

Yeah, knitting in the pool. You read correctly and see correctly. I'm nutty - what can I say?

Sean was having fun splashing around in the water with my dad. My mom came swimming as well. Today was soo damn hot outside, and their pool was pretty warm as well. I'm just glad that I was not at home with no central air. Instead I enjoyed the central air and pool at my parents house. Tomorrow I want to sew my new curtains for my front room and sew some needle cases, but if it's this hot out tomorrow, I'm going back to the pool, because the house will be too unbearable.

Again, on the way home, there was bumper to bumper traffic, so my Jaywalkers came out for a walk. And tonight, while watching some TV with Jamie (an episode of Bones, and Sunday night's episode of Entourage (Rhoda were you talking about the mall were Lloyd's ex-boyfriend worked in the sports store?) and then Monday night's HBO Big Love as well), I finished my first Jaywalker. I hope I don't get 2nd sock syndrome, so I'll cast on tomorrow. Pictures will come tomorrow, I already put away my camera for the night, and I don't feel like re-opening photoshop to re-size my image for the blog, etc. Tomorrow a picture, I promise.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24 of 31

This afternoon I took Sean to the park around the corner for the first time, despite myself not feeling well still, from last night. Last night was brutal. I am feeling better today, and I'm not going to get into the disgusting details, but I'm still not 100% and I've had a nasty headache all day long.

Sean absolutely LOVED the swings. I definitely will take him back as much as I possibly can.

He even loved the slide. I held him all the way down, but at the end I let him sit there for a photograph. He was actually talking here in this photo... he likes to talk very loudly sometimes!

I also introduced him to sand. He likes sand. So much he wanted to put it in his mouth. (Ew gross). I think next time I decide to introduce him to sand I should come a lot more prepared (with wet-ones) to clean after! (I did learn there is a little baby waiting pool that I will go with Sean this week to. I can go in it with my shorts or pant legs rolled up and Sean I'll just probably put his bathing suit on. It looks like a lot of fun. But there was no time for that today (since he had Aquababies this morning. Aquababies was quiet because of the construction holidays - people must be on vacation).

Sean's feet enjoyed running through the sand. He liked that feeling on his feet! It was so messy!

This evening I went to the post office and Sean helped me mail a package of images to their new owner. My images will be going up in a studio - how cool is that? I am very excited!

And while at the post office I picked up my copy of Harry Potter Book 7, that I missed while we were out at the park. I have been waiting for this last book to come out so I can read them all in order in one shot (Yeah, I'm a geek!) Anyhow, I have about 2 chapters left in the book I'm currently reading, and then I have 1 more book I want to read before this series, and then I'm going to dig in! I can't wait!

To Laura who left me the comment about the Thuja socks (I used the Thuja sock pattern for Jamie's "Married Socks"). Do you have a blog outside of blogger? Because your profile shows that you're part of two KAL's but no blog. If you do have one, leave me a comment, I wanted to email you back from your Thuja comment, but have no info on who you are.

So while I've been working on 'Ma-ma' with Sean, yesterday in the grocery store he gets this burst of energy and starts screaming 'da-da-da-da-da' really loud - Jamie must be practicing behind my back!

Monday, July 23, 2007

July 23 of 31

So there's been progress on my father-in-law's Irish Hiking Scarf. I am hoping that if I work on it, it'll be done by October. You see, my knitting A.D.D. has taken over my life, and I have way too many projects on the needles. But there's been progress.

I've been trying to figure out what pattern to use to make Jamie's anniversary socks. I have two possible patterns in mind, one from Knitting Vintage Socks and one from Favorite Socks (Interweave). I'm still not sure though. Only because the sock yarn is variagated, and the patterns I've been finding are for solids. Anyone have any good sock patterns for variagated sock yarn, but for men's socks? I do not want to do simple ribbing, nor stockinette stitch.

This evening Sean and I hung out on the couch, I knitted and he played with his toys. We watched some TV and then he fell asleep at a decent hour this evening, which is good because he has aquababies tomorrow morning.

I watched the pilot episode of Bones with Jamie this evening when he got back from softball. We were looking for something to watch, since it's summer and all we're currently watching is Big Brother 8. (Nothing else on!) The show was pretty good. Jamie met the real woman the show was based on. Jamie used to work for a company that produced a software that allows police/law enforcement to make computerized sketches of "bad guys" (for a lack of a better word). Anyhow, Jamie was a work christmas party while he was working for that company, and got to meet the real "Bones" forensic anthropologist (I think that's what she is). Pretty cool. Ok, just IMDB'ed her name. Kathy Reichs, is an anthropologist who actually is a producer and writer on the show Bones. She actually guest starred in 1 of the episodes. Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec. She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials. How pretty damn cool. In the pilot episode, the main character was saying that the closest anthropologist to D.C. (where the character was), is in Montreal. Which is actually true. It's a very rare profession. She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. And that's what I learned today! (Rhoda - here's something for you to learn today - since you always say that you always learn something new on my blog!)

This evening I also watched the movie Trust the Man. I had won free passes to go see this movie last year, or was it in 2005 (?) but when we got to the theater, they were sold out (they always give away more free passes than seats, incase of no-shows. Well, for a movie that was just okay, I'm shocked it was sold out. Instead we were allowed to either a) come back another time to see the movie, or b) go see another FOX movie, so we went to see Little Miss Sunshine instead (which was a much better choice back then, because now seeing Trust the Man, Jamie would have shot me for taking him to see that movie! 100% chick flick, and not the greatest movie out there!)

I'm not feeling so good tonight (stomach), so I'm going to go read and see maybe if we have any pepto in the house. Gosh, I haven't had stomach queasiness in a long time. What sucks is the cramps I have too.

Oh, and you want to know what I hate? People who stare at you while you're struggling with a door and trying to push your stroller through. Why do they just stare? Why don't they take the door and hold it for you?? Sometimes I just want to open my mouth and say something, but I think that if I have nothing nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. So I bite my tongue and I walk away. Kharma baby... kharma!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 22 of 31

I went to go see Transformers today with Jamie after a brunch at my parents house. It was really nice to go on a date with Jamie and not have to think about anything else for a couple of hours. I do have to say that I wish that Josh Duhamel was in more of the movie, but overall, this movie, at 2 hours and 24 minutes long (or so) was absoutely fantastic. It was also very nice of my parents to give us a movie pass to enter for free as well as two free drinks and a popcorn. What a treat.

I am in love with this sweater from Debbie Bliss' pattern book Rialto. (Does anyone have it?) I am thinking about purchasing the book, but have a couple of questions before I buy it, if anyone actually has it? (If so, please leave me a comment or email me here.)
This evening we just chilled and watched Big Brother 8 at 8pm and then back to back episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. (I love Gene Simmons!) I was feeling too hot (and bloated) to knit, so the only knitting I got done today was a couple of rows this afternoon at my parents house on my Jaywalkers. I love the way they are turning out, I'm just a little upset about the tightness of them. I thought I'd be okay, but I hope they'll be okay in the end.

Tomorrow the nurse from McGill is coming back (belated) to finish off the questionnaire for the research study I participated in while at the hospital, when he was a week or two old, and then again when Sean was about 2 months old. They were supposed to come back when Sean was 4 months old, but I called and called and left messages for them to call me back, so I thought maybe the study was over, etc. Finally on Thursday I got a call, the nurse is coming tomorrow. Apparently they lost 1 nurse in the research study and they were all trying to catch up on their work plus hers. So, finally, they are coming tomorrow. This last visit will pay 20$, which I'll put along with the 20$ that his great-grandmother gave him today and I'll find him a toy to buy. I really want to get him a play station that is musical that he can pull himself onto. He loves standing up, and I want him to be able to stand and be entertained. Anyone have any good suggestions on a musical station? The one that I picked out for him, I ended up having to return because the thing wasn't bilingual, but all in French! (Leapfrog). I wish I could find the same thing, but in English! I'll check ToysRus.ca and see what I can find for him.

This week I will: finish grouting my bathroom tub (the rest of the bathroom will happen over time), grout the bathroom tub upstairs in the apartment, make the curtains for my dining room, and sew some pouches. That's on the list! Oh, and finish my book, and knit a lot! This week I hope to make as relaxing as possible. We deserve a really relaxing week here in this household!

Better get some sleep.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 21 of 31

Today was really muggy, and at the end of the evening, when it was Sean's bedtime, this is what his hair looked like:

CRAZY! I think it's going to curl once it gets longer. No doubt about it. His dad's hair looks like Kramer's hair from Seinfeld when it's due time for a haircut, so without a doubt, with my wavy hair, and his daddy's curly hair, his will most probably be blonde curls!

You know he's really fast asleep when he spits out the suss.... He barely takes the thing, which I am happy about, but uses it for comfort sometimes. I'd rather give him the suss than him suck his thumb. The suss you CAN control, the thumb, you cannot. So far, he doesn't really suck his thumb. Yeah, from time to time when he doesn't have anything in site to gnaw on, he sucks on his fingers, (teething!) but not actual thumb sucking.

After having to rip back 10 rows after turning the heel, I ripped back to the heel flap, and re-started the shaping of the heel. I don't recommend knitting after midnight. I was half asleep and I started working on shaping the heel last night. Instead of SSK, I was doing slip slip knit the next stitch, and passed the two slipped stitches over the knit stitch. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. It's slip, slip and knit those two stitches together. Ugh. I was thinking of another project while knititng those. And I couldnt figure out why I only had 3 stitches left on one side and 6 on the other, or something like that, and then I realized I was double decreasing on one side. Anyhow, I left it for this morning, and undid the 10 rows, and restarted. When I got back to the heel flap, I realized there was a dropped stitch (thank goodness I ripped it back!) got my stitch back into the row and now everthing is good. Phew! And voila... today's work, I have a completely turned heel. I now just have to work the length of the foot, and then close it up!

I decided to try it on. (Don't you love my Pooh dressed up as a Sheep pj's?) It's a little snug, but it fits. I just have to make sure it never get shrunk or it really won't ever fit! I know people have had issues with this pattern and the sock fitting snug, so I think next time, I would maybe cast on a few extra stitches, and alter the pattern. I was thinking about possibly adjusting the sock to make it for Jamie, but now i'm thinking against it. I'll find him another pattern.

Jamie did pick out which cotton yarn he wants for his 2nd Wedding Anniversary socks. Modern gift for 2nd anniversary is cotton. (Though he knows I want a necklace, and which one!) He picked out this Cotton Regia from the balls of cotton sock yarn I gave him choice from. It's a nice brown/beige/blue combo. I can't wait to see how it knits up. I just need to figure out what sock pattern I'll be using. Anyone have any man sock suggestions?

My friend Vera has her jewerly online as well. I checked our her site today, she makes beautiful stuff. What's really cool is that Vera's going to take Yoga Teacher classes in August, and in order to graduate she needs guinea pigs. I'm going to help her out, as I really want to try it out again.

Today we watched two movies, and last week's episode of Entourage. The two movies we watched were Blood Diamond which was pretty good, but long. And the other one was 16 Blocks which was a "Meh" movie and short but felt long!

Tomorrow we're doing Brunch with my family and then leaving Sean for a few hours with my parents, while we go see Transformers. We haven't been on a date in a while, and I told him he's not allowed to see this movie without me. So we're off to go see it tomorrow. I can't wait. Looks good. I am a huge Josh Duhamel fan, and he's playing Captain Lennox! (Whoever Captain Lennox is! LOL)

I've already read on a few blogs that people have spent all day today reading the final installment of Harry Potter, and have finished it. I have yet to read any. I have them all, book 7 has been shipped to me (I got notice today - I didn't pay to have it at my door today, I didn't mind), and have been waiting for the final book to then go ahead and sit down and read all of them. Mind you, I started listening to the first book on audio tape not too long ago, but then got distracted from it. I wanted to read them all in one shot... and not have to wait inbetween books. Does that make sense? Anyhow, I'm far along in the book I'm currently reading, so I think there is one or two other books I want to read first, and then I'll start reading the Harry Potter Series. And Sherrie - call me a Geek - see if I care!

I'm jonesing for a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rhodonite in lightweight. I want to make socks with it. (It's the color I have in mediumweight for my Chevron Scarf). However, I refuse to pay 22$ to ship a 19$ skein of yarn to Canada and I refuse to pay duty on it. Anyone have one in their stash they are willing to swap/trade/let me buy? :) If so, leave a comment/email me.