Sunday, May 31, 2009

may thirty-one :: 126 weeks old

Sean is 126 weeks old today.

Something must be going on, because Sean woke up every 45 minutes last night and cried out for me. I am very tired today. He did wake up this morning with a slight fever, but we're talking really slight. I'm hoping it's nothing. I gave him tempra as soon as he woke up.

At 11 am I went with my mom and the 2 boys to the synagogue around the corner from my house for a Children's Concert. We went to see Jennifer Gasoi. She's originally from Vancouver but now lives in Montreal. She is very jazzy, and has a beautiful voice.

Sean even got up and danced near the stage! He's in the blue shirt and jeans. He was too cute.

There was lots of bubbles for the kids. She had this really neat bubble gun.

And after the concert she signed our CD that we bought, and it was really neat to meet her.

Sean was not interested in looking at the camera, of course.

I really recommend her CD. You can download it off the website here for 10$ or you can buy it as well if you need a hard copy. The kids music is a lot of fun and really enjoyable for adults as well. I caught myself listening to it today in the car while the boys watched their DVD. It's that good.

On the way home we stopped off at Botanix. I really want to go back there and walk around - there is such awesome stuff there and I only got to take a sneak peak. It's too unfortunate I didn't have more time. Basically, I picked up a pot of zucchini plants as well as 3 different types of cucumbers. A few of my plants died. (I am so mad). I also got Jamie to extend the vegetable garden in one year where there was just weeds before, so I can now plant 3 more zucchini plants there. I really hope that these new plants don't die. I really hate this weather and how cold it's been at night and all the rain which is just flooding.

While I was working in the garden, Sean played some ball. He looks like such a pro athlete in this picture above, the way he's holding his ball in the mitt. I swear, he's going to be my star athlete. He'll be the jock of the two boys, I'm sure.

Sean loves any sport. If I had to guess his four favorite sports are hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer. He has a sick hockey slapshot and he can kick that ball pretty good. He's still working on his swing (baseball) and he is pretty good at getting the basketball into the net. I'm impressed.

Sean really wasn't feeling well all day. He barely ate lunch, we gave him some toast with butter and peanut butter. He still had a slight temperature at nap time and I gave him some tempra. Usually I ready him 3 or 4 stories before he goes for his nap, but today he was passing out after 1 book.

Mack got up as Sean was going down for his nap. It's really super hard to get them both to nap at the same time unfortunately. Sometimes we are SUPER lucky and can get that to happen, but today it just wasn't possible.

My mother and grandmother came over for dinner this evening. My sister came by for a bit too, but didn't stay for supper. I am kind of upset, because we got pizza from a restaurant in the city (my mom went to go pick up my grandmother to bring her over) and the restaurant screwed up on my pizza and didn't make it whole wheat. I am so mad. I was craving this pizza, and couldn't eat it. I called the restaurant and the first time got nowhere with the girl I spoke to. I called back a little bit after and spoke to the manager and the only thing he'd do for me is if I brought the pizza back tonight he'd exchange it for me. I was not running back into the city to exchange the pizza. That was not an option. Apparently the owner does not give credits. I tried explaining to him that I don't live near by and we drove into the city to pick up the pizzas. I will have to go back soon and get my craving fix! I used to order from there a lot when I lived in the city. We were supposed to go to my grandmother's place tonight for dinner, but because Sean had a slight fever, we decided to stay in. It was much better this way. Jamie had a poker night for my uncle's birthday tonight with the boys in my family (dad, brother, husband, etc), so he wasn't home this evening.

I'm hosting a knit-a-long on Ravelry for the Ishbel pattern. Here is the link to the group. Please come by and join us. We're officially starting to cast on June 19th, 2009. It's going to be fun, and I've been itching to cast on this project. I need to dig through my stash and see what I would like to use. There are a couple of options!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

may thirty

I was able to sleep in today until 10:30 am but after a 2 am wake-up from Sean and then a 6 am wake-up from Mack. Sean's 2 am wake-up - I think he had a bad dream and he woke up and couldn't find his Nunu. Once I gave him back his Nunu he was able to get himself back to sleep fairly quickly. I didn't hear another peep out of him. I was also able to get Mack back to sleep right after having a bottle at his 6 am wake-up.

After waking up we had a late brunch and then I got organized to leave the house for a bit. I took Mack with me and went to go do a postal run. It's really quiet there on Saturdays. If I can, I would totally do my postal runs on Saturdays. There was no one standing in line after me, and no one standing in line before me. When I have many packages to mail, it's really annoying to have people behind you in line cursing you because you're taking too long.

I did some groceries and did a few other quick errands and then headed home. Mack needed to go down for a nap. While Mack napped Jamie's step-uncle & step-aunt came over to drop something off for Jamie and pick something up. They haven't been to our new house yet, (well, new, I guess it's still new, we moved in November 2007), so I gave Jamie's step-aunt a tour of the house and backyard while Jamie talked with his step-uncle. It was a nice visit.

Tonight Jamie & I barbecued souvlaki and had a nice huge salad for supper. After dinner after putting the kids to bed, we watched the hockey game (it's the playoffs for the stanley cup) and after a bit I went into my office to clean up a bit. I also took care of a bit of the never ending laundry. After the hockey game, we watched 2 more episodes of of Damages Season 2. I worked on knitting on my Chevron Scarf, and I am so sure it will be a finished object by tomorrow. By the end of working on it this evening, I now have 71" complete of approximately 77.5 inches. My goal of finishing it off by tomorrow is totally obtainable.

Today I managed to plant (I kept forgetting to do it) my Basil (Cinnamon) and Parsley. I'm doing it in my windowsill and I'm hoping it works! We'll see what comes of it! I also want to plant Chives and Oregano but I need to do buy some more windowsill pots and I need to find Oregano seeds. I have Chives seeds, those are here already. Anyone know where I can find Oregano seeds? I've honestly never seen them and I've been looking around. Maybe I am not looking in the right places?

My goal weight is 155 pounds. DO YOU SEE THAT ON THE SCALE???!! Though, there is a 2.8 lbs discrepancy from my scale and the scale at the nutritionist's office. I am always 2.8 lbs more on her scale. (DAMN IT!) So I need to be 152.2 lbs on my scale to be 155 on their scale. (Which is why I do not like their scale anymore, LOL!) Though, I am totally 100% happy with what my scale says, I still need to hit 155 on their scale. I do hope that once I reach my goal and I am in the 6 week stabilization period, that I do lose a bit more. My nutritionist says that it is totally possible that I will lose a few more pounds when I am in trying to stabilize my weight. She mentioned that some people lose 2 more pounds and some people lose even 5 pounds during the 6 week period. If I can get down to 150 lbs on their scale (148.2 on my scale - though I'm totally okay with hitting 145 lbs on my scale too - if it's even possible), I would totally be okay with that too. But honestly, if I don't - I'm totally happy where I am now. I am back in a medium and feeling great! (I do want to tone certain areas of my body though... but I am not allowed to use weights until I reach my goal weight - but that is not far off!) (For my height I believe I should be somewhere between 135-145 lbs - though after 2 kids I don't know if 135-145 lbs is possible for me, but I am not ruling it out!)

Today it really hit me that there isn't enough hours in a day. Just so much that I want to accomplish, but so little time. I am a list writer, so there is always an ongoing list of things I need to do or that I want to do. Whether it be for work, for the kids, for the house, for myself, there is just always a lot of things to do, some more important than others.

I'll leave you today with Sean's new quote. Cracks me up every single time he says it. I'll ask him anything. For example, "Would you like more juice Sean?" He'll respond: "Sean is fine, no thank you". Cute stuff.

Friday, May 29, 2009

may twenty-nine

This morning I snuck my mom into the house so she could stay here while Mack slept so I could take Sean to daycare and go to the nutritionist. I put Sean in the car, and my mom waited outside in front of our house in my dad's car, until I pulled out of the driveway, and then she went into my house until I got home. I did NOT want Sean to see my mother, as I didn't want him to freak out that he was going to daycare and didn't get to see her. I dealt with that the other day, and it wasn't pretty. So I opted for sneaking her into my house!

At the nutritionist I am down 30 and a half lbs. Slowly... it's coming off. It's also a bit of a "bloated" time for me right now, and that affects my weight totally. Some months it affects it by 2 lbs, sometimes 4 lbs and sometimes not at all. Hopefully I'll see a difference after I'm no longer bloated next week. Today was my "goal date" to have lost the 35 lbs, but since I am bloated, it got extended. I am sure I will reach that goal date very soon. I have faith!

I did a post office run before going home and got that taken care of. When there is lots of mail to go out - I feel so much better once it's not all over my office anymore, and on it's way to my customers. Sometimes there's just a lot of mail! The post office here knows me very well and knows how I like to ship things, which is good, so they don't even ask anymore when I go. I like that kind of service. Though, they were upset that I didn't have Mack with me - they love to see him!

When I got home my mother & I sat down for a bit to figure out the menu for Mack's first birthday party, which is coming up in just over 2 weeks. I'm going to be in charge of making a pasta salad (my aunt's recipe, which is yummy!), an apple cake and cupcakes for the kids. I still have the Elmo edible faces from December when I got them for Sean's birthday party, and never got around to using them for the 4 kids that came to his party due to the storm. I now have a beautiful cupcake stand that I finally got and want to use it! I have a list of stuff that I have to talk to my step-mother-in-law about making as well, she's the true baker in the family! She's making Mack's birthday cake. I just need to figure out if I want to put anything on the cake. For Sean's 2nd birthday there was no question about it - it was Elmo all the way. But, for Mack, he's not really into anything yet. So maybe I'll just keep it simple and get some cute candles.

I bought Knit Simple Holiday 2006 on Ravelry off of someone since I was looking for the Arrowhead Scarf pattern by Iris Schreier. It's a damn neat pattern! I hope to have some time soon to make one! I got the issue in the mail today.

I got Mack to take another really nice nap today and did a lot of work again. Things have been busy around here lately. Today is actually my last day of maternity leave, and next week I start back at the office. I will be working part time in the office (and following up on things from home). I think it'll be a perfect balance. And since Mack won't be able to start at Sean's daycare until he's 18 months old (the youngest they accept is 18 months), my mom will be taking Mack while I'm at the office. I will make sure he's all tired out so that he naps while he's there. While Mack napped today I prepared another huge mailing for the post office for tomorrow. I've been on a roll with getting things accomplished.

Mack cut his 6th and 7th tooth either last night or this morning. He woke up with the upper 2 teeth (next to the middle ones) poking through the gums. There is also a white hole in his gums on the bottom, for his 8th tooth to come in (He already has 3 on the bottom). I'm really hoping that once his 8th tooth cuts, he calms down a bit. He's been a tad cranky lately. But I'm sure it's attributed to his teeth cutting, for sure.

I really felt like today flew by. When I looked at the clock and it was 5pm already and I had to leave to go get Sean from daycare... I was just shocked. I really have no idea where the time goes. Flies by way too quickly for my liking.

For dinner tonight Jamie ordered in BBQ Chicken for him & Sean (and Mack too!) and I just made some fish and a huge salad for myself. Usually Friday nights my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law come for dinner. However my FIL has a cold and doesn't want to get the kids sick. Totally understandable.

I don't know how, but I screwed up my printer today. I hope it's fixable. I was printing a whole bunch of sheets and halfway through a paper got stuck. So I pulled out the stuck paper. Usually that's all it takes. I am certain I got the entire sheet out. I was able to piece it back together in "full". However, my printer still thinks that there is a paper stuck in there and won't work now. I'm going to bring it into work on Tuesday when I start back, and see if someone can take a look at it. If not, I'll see if I can RMA it. (Return Merchandise). That's the job I will be going to be doing next week when I start back. I'll be at our store just off the island of Montreal. Jamie and I both own it, but he runs it. I am going to do work in the office, behind the scenes.

I think some of the rain we've been having this week killed some of my cucumber plants and maybe my zucchini. I really hope they make it! I'm so upset. If they die, it's not the end of the world, I'll just got to the local greenhouse and pick up some started plants, so that I don't have to wait and lose 2 months worth of growing plants. But still, it blows this weather we've been having.

This evening after the kids were in bed, we put on Damages. We're so close to finishing up the season. I got to work some more on my Chevron Scarf and as of tonight I have 66 inches of the scarf complete. It's coming along! I should definitely be able to finish it before the weekend (and the month) is over!

I leave you tonight with some nice colorful pictures. I picked up some scarves and this is the way they came! Aren't they neat all twisted up?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

may twenty-eight :: 29 Months Old

Sean is 29 Months Old today! I can't believe in one month my baby will be exactly two and a half years old. Where does time go?

My cleaning lady is back from her vacation from Europe, and it was soooo good to have her deep clean the house today. I was able to maintain some cleaning in the house while she was away (it's been 3 weeks since she was last here). It's super hard to find time to clean the house in full with 2 kids 2 years of age and younger. I really don't know what I would do without my cleaning lady. That is one thing that I wanted to make sure we budgeted for, because our house would be a serious disaster without her. I can honestly say I missed her while she was gone! She's been cleaning our house since shortly after we moved which was back in November of 2007. I was planning to tell her this morning about Jazz passing away, but she already knew when she came over. I guess my sister must have mentioned something when she cleaned her house earlier this week. I guess all that planning on how to break the news to her was for nothing. She loves our cats and always brings them treats and plays with them, etc... as if they were her own cats. I guess I just kind of wanted to tell her myself about what happened. Oh well. She ended up staying an extra hour today to really deep clean everything. It was well worth it.

After taking Sean to daycare today, I stayed home and worked all day. Mack took a nice nap from about noon until almost 4pm. He's down to 1 nap today, and it's usually around lunch time. His long nap allowed me to work all afternoon. I was able to prepare a huge mailing for the shop.

I got my Fave Things Swap Round 3 package in the mail today from CaribbeanKnitter. I got some gorgeous O-wool, which I've been dying to check out. A shop here in Montreal carries it, and I just hadn't gotten around to buying any yet. She made a hat for a newborn, but unfortunately it was too small for Mackenzie. I'm going to give it to a friend who is having a girl, since the purple suits a girl more than it would a boy. A got a pair of Clover knitting needles, and Burt's Bee's lipbalm (a fave of mine too!) I also got rainbow goldfish for Sean and chocolate covered espresso beans, which I'm curious to try. I'll have to wait for a day when I will allow myself to eat some sweets. They look really good though! Thanks Aimee for the package! It came all the way from Puerto Rico!

Here's a close up of the O-Wool Classic. It's color number 430204 which is Olive. Gorgeous! It's 100% certified organic merino. I can't wait to try it out. Anyone use this yarn before? Any good projects for 1 skein? I've got about 198 yards (which is a lot!)

As you can see Sean really enjoyed his rainbow goldfish. (Ignore the ketchup on his face, he'd just finished dinner). It's way too bad that we cannot get rainbow goldfish here in Canada, because I know that's all Sean's going to ask for in the next few days. Our plain orange colored ones won't be good enough anymore. Since dinner, he's already asked for more!

Late afternoon I was doing some groceries after picking up Sean from daycare, and ran into my cousin that I don't see at all. He was doing some groceries with his almost 3 and a half year old daughter. I hadn't seen her in ages either. I'm not close with my father's side of the family. We chatted for a few minutes, and then headed on our separate ways. He was actually really nice to me while we were there. (We've had issues with him & his father in the past, which is why we don't talk to them at all and barely see them).

It's rainy out, but Jamie still had baseball tonight. So I'm just doing my own thing until he got home from ball. After he got home we watched 2 episodes of Damages and I worked on my Chevron Scarf. I want to be able to finish this scarf before the end of May. I know I can do it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

may twenty-seven

Today I picked up my mother and then dropped Sean off at daycare. I don't know what was easier. Having my mom in the car so I could leave Mack in the car while I brought Sean in (Since Mack's not walking yet, I have to bring Mack in with me by carrying him, and it gives me one less hand to get Sean out of his sweater or even jacket if it's a chilly day) and I can't put Mack down because he's fast and crawls off. So because I had my mother in the car this morning to drop off Sean, Sean threw a fit at daycare because he didn't want to go, he wanted to go with out with us today. Maybe it would have been easier to drop off Sean before picking up my mother, so he wouldn't have thrown this fit, and just struggled with one less hand (Oh I cannot wait for Mack to start walking for instances like this - yet I'm not ready for my baby to walk yet, you know?) but I was going straight to the nutritionist from the daycare since it's right around the corner, and it would have been out of my way to go back and pick up my mother to go back to the nutritionist. This way when I went into the nutritionist this morning, I had my mom in the car, so I could leave Mack in the car again, it's just so much easier.

I'm officially down 30 lbs today! It's a nice round number. 5 more pounds to go.

Today I did some shopping with my mom. She had some errands to do, and I tagged along. Though, we were in luck. While in the Baie, they were having a surprise sale (they do that a lot according to my mother, pro shopper (hee hee)) and ALL bathing suits were on sale for 19.99$ no matter what the price was. I figured I'd check out a few. I am indeed in search of a new bathing suit - I mean, after losing 30 lbs, I don't have one to wear. I ended up getting a gorgeous black bathing suit. Too bad I couldn't find any others that I like, 19.99$ was such a good deal. (Especially since the one I did buy was about 64.99$ originally price). For sales like that at the Baie, they don't advertise it, so you have to be in the right place at the right time. I feel great in my new bathing suit. I was actually checking myself out! I've got a waist again! I actually look decent in a bathing suit. I wish I could get a 2 piece, but unfortunately 2 pregnancies took a toll on my belly and I'm a tad embarrased about my stretch marks. As soon as I'm done losing weight, maybe I'll see if there is anything I could about them? Maybe a firming cream that will help fade them? Does anyone have any advice on that?

We walked around the mall for a bit, and I ended up getting a whole ton of pants and shorts for myself at Old Navy. What's wicked awesome is that I am now a size Medium. I love it. I haven't been in a size Medium in years. Honestly, it feels great to be back in a size like that. And I feel great too. I have more energy to play with my kids, and all that jazz. I find my asthma (which was mild to begin with) doesn't bother me at all anymore (another fantastic reason to lose weight!) I also got Mack some shorts, finally found some in 6-12 months size, as I don't know how long the 6 months shorts that I have from Sean's first summer (he was 6 months in June of 07) and I cannot find 9 month shorts anywhere at all. 9 month shorts would most probably be the best fit. But the 6-12 month ones work. I just need to try them on him to make sure.

We went to the Costco where we were and I found the Yoga Blue capri's I was looking for in the brown/black color. They didn't have them at the Costco by me, and we even had checked their overstock boxes. We found them here, but in the overstock in the size that I wanted. They had plenty of them in other sizes, but they had only ONE pack if them in my size and we had to dig for them. I love these pants, they are so comfortable. Too bad I'm not into Yoga. I just like the style of capri's. I found at this Costco some tshirt/short sleepers for Mack. They're not onesies, but actual sleepers that just are tshirt/shorts. I have never seen these at our Costco by us. And they're by Carter's nonetheless. I love Carter's stuff.

I also checked the Zellers out where we were, they had no SWS either. I think I'm done searching anyhow, because I have yarn on it's way to me, but I was still curious. Someone had told me that their Zellers carries it, but I've checked a few Zellers now, and nothing by me.

My mom had to get something at Walmart, so I walked around and saw that all the beads and a lot of the crafts were on liquidation. Does anyone know if Walmart is getting rid of their crafts department? Or part of it anyhow?

Mack was soooo tired during our excursion that he fell asleep in the car on the way home, while drinking his bottle. He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

Tonight I went to knit night with the West Island Knits/Crochet. We went to Dunn's. I really like that restaurant, and they have a perfect round table that is just awesome. We were a small group tonight, and I worked on my Chevron Scarf while there.

Here is the loot I got in the Swap on a Budget that I participated in on Ravelry. I got some blue silk yarn, some natural wool/mohair (that has a bag knitted out of the same stuff)(Too bad I cannot knit with Mohair) and some Knit Picks yarn. Oh and some really cute stitch markers. Thanks Arlene & Roving1 for spoiling me!

While I was out tonight, Jamie told me that Sean came up to him with his Diego Computer Laptop and said "Daddy, Sean check email".... I wish I'd seen that... it's tooooo funny.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

may twenty-six :: 49 weeks old

Mack is 49 weeks old today.

This morning I biked to daycare to drop off Sean, and then I'm not sure how I made it to Mack's music class by bike. I was beat up by half way between Sean's daycare and the music class. It was quite the workout - but I'm glad that I did it. I felt great afterwards, just not during. I do plan on keeping up this biking routine - as it's very good exercise. It's just about an 8-10 minute bike ride to daycare (takes about 20 minutes to walk to daycare) and back.

After music this morning Mack & I biked over to my parents house and we put Mack in the stroller to go for a walk. My mom needed to walk Bosco (her Great Dane) and I wanted more exercise. Mack didn't make it to the end of the walk, he was out cold. The walk was about 45 minutes long. My mom has a few routes she does with the dog, today was the longest route that she does on nice days.

After the walk I managed to get Mack into the buggy and biked home. I got him into his crib and he took a nice long nap (which shocked me for the length of it - but I'm so not complaining). I didn't realize I had a 2 hour season finale of Ugly Betty on my PVR so I started to watch that and ended up falling asleep on the couch. I was woken up by Canada Post, with some packages. One of them was for my grandmother, something I ordered for her on ebay. The other, was my Swap on a Budget Package. I didn't end up opening the box for the swap until this evening, I had forgotten about it in my hallway (I went back onto the couch when I was done at the door) and so I will photograph the lovely loot I got from Arlene & Roving1 tomorrow and post pictures then.

When Mack got up he had a bottle in Sean's Caillou chair. (I guess what happens in the chair while Sean's in daycare will be mine & Mack's little secret?) I'll have to get a 2nd chair for Mack, for his birthday. (The other day Mack was in Sean's chair and Sean pushed him out of it - as it is Sean's chair). I'll add that to his wish list for his birthday. I'm sure some family member will want to know what to get him for his birthday (and lately, I just don't know what to tell them, because he has way more than enough clothes and he has way more than enough toys). I can't even tell people which books to get Mack because Sean has quite the collection. I have to see what Sean has and then maybe add a gift certificate to Chapters/Coles on Mack's birthday wishlist so I can take Mack to Chapters or Coles after his birthday and let him pick out some books that Sean doesn't have for his own library in his bedroom. I have to do a serious inventory of Sean's library first though.

Before going to get Sean from daycare today, Mack & I headed to Costco to pick up a few things. Since I was already in my car, I wasn't going to go home and get the bike and bike to daycare, since I was already out and Mack was already buckled in, etc. Though, it's supposed to rain the rest of the week, so maybe I should have biked again, to get in more biking time. Jamie picked up Marathons Souvlaki on his way home from work and it was delicious. Right now I can eat their chicken brochette and salad while on my diet. I get no dressing on their salad and add my own. It's still very delicious. I cannot wait to be able to eat rice again at dinner, or have a souvlaki in a pita instead of just having a chicken stick. Soon enough I'll be able to. But right now, I still have a few more pounds to lose, and I'm not eating starches after 5/6pm. (Or I'm trying not to anyhow).

This evening after the kids were in bed, Jamie & I watched 2 more episodes of Damages Season 2. There are only 13 episodes, so we should be able to catch up and finish soon. (Or at least we're hoping to). I worked on my Chevron Scarf and by the end of this evening I have a total of 48" done on the scarf. The pattern calls for 77.5 inches long. Hopefully I can finish this scarf soon. After I am done with this scarf, I want to knocked off another few WIPs and get them to be all FO's before starting anything new. It's a must. (Unless it's a work design, those are allowed in between!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

may twenty-five

Mack got up at at 6:45 am this morning, and then I woke up Sean at 7:15 am for daycare. (If Sean doesn't get up by latest 7:30 am, there won't be enough time between wake up and nap time at daycare, and when he doesn't nap at daycare he's a disaster.

This morning I went to the nutritionist and I'm down 29.8 lbs! Whoot! Feeling great, and I can't believe I'm so close to 30 lbs weight loss! I'm .2 lbs away! Then, only 5 more lbs to go for my goal of 35 lbs! I can so do this before my birthday!

After the nutritionist I did some errands. I picked up 3 pots for the backyard so that I can plant 3 more pepper plants (as I didn't want them to to go waste) and some little windowsill pots for planting basil & parsley. I want to try indoor planting them, and see how that goes.

I also picked up a new alarm clock (blue & silver one) as my trusty orange one (that I've had for years, since before moving out of my parents house, before even I met Jamie!) and the battery area on the bottom, the door is broken and Sean has played with it way too many times, that it's just not holding together anymore. I've tried taping the bottom to keep the batteries in, etc, but it was just time for a new alarm clock. Hopefully this new Timex one will not let me down!

I also got these (above & below) super cute floor mats for our 2 upstairs bathrooms. The grey one is for my ensuite bathroom, and the brown one is in the kids bathroom in the hallway. Aren't they super cute?

After our errands, we came home and Mack took a nap. I got a lot of work done during his nap, which is always good. I made myself a huge yummy salad for lunch, and got to work.

I also looked into maybe getting some SWS from WoolTyme in Kingston, as Ruby had an order that was shipping to her soon from there, but they do not have any SWS. I called the Wool Shop in Pointe-Claire, they have EVERY color but the one I need in stock. (The yarn is discontinued). I had a friend in the USA who's mom lives near me and is visiting her over the weekend check to see if they had any in her local Michaels. None. So, as a last resort (but I do have some leftovers coming from someone on Ravelry in the mail - though I'm not sure how far I'll get with those leftovers), I ended up having my ex-boyfriend's mother (whom I still talk to because she's crafty herself) order me a skein in with her order from Joann's, since she was placing an order and having it shipped to her friend's place in the USA. She said she'd let me know when she got it in her posession. Between this extra ball, and the leftovers, I definitly should have more than enough.

My mother came over this afternoon and took Mack out for a bit so I could do some more work without any distractions. She had some errands to run, so she took him with her. I ran some errands again, for the 2nd time today, and did a postal run, as well as get some groceries, picked up some top soil (earth) and picked up the Spring issue of Simply Knitting. I'm going to have to re-evaluate how badly I want this magazine. The price went up to 16.38$ with tax. That's expensive per issue! I know it's an imported magazine, but still!

I got myself all ready for a bike ride. I put my helmet on. Don't I just look sexy in my helmet?

And pulled my bike out of the garage, buggy and all.

Look - I even have trunk space in the buggy - how cool is that?

And then my mother dropped off Mack after their errands, and I put him in the buggy to go pick up Sean from daycare. Mack wasn't too impressed with the helmet at all. He struggled for the entire bike ride to figure out how to get it off his head.

And we picked up Sean!

What a work out that was! Oh my! My body is soooooo sore. I hope I won't be in pain tomorrow, but I definitely used muscles that I haven't used in years probably. I cannot tell you the last time I used my bike. (The one above, I've had probably close to 13 years (since I was about 15 or so). Still in great working condition too!

Sean wants to go to the park, so we stopped off at home to pick up the sand toy bag (which apparently has a bat in it too), and we walked across the street to the park that is infront of our house. We stayed for a bit until Jamie got home from work.

My baby blue eyes!

Mackie & Me

After dinner, we went outside to check out how the garden was doing, and we discovered a Boston Lettuce all dug up....

Seeing this peanut... makes me wonder who the culprit is...... those damn squirrels, I'm sure! Since the roots are still in tact, I re-planted it, and we'll see how it does.

This evening for dinner Jamie made steaks on the BBQ and he grilled up some zucchini. Jamie is not a fan of zucchini, so I got the 3 of them to myself. (And they weren't exactly tiny) Oh my, I can eat grilled zucchini all summer long, every night for lunch & dinner - I swear. It's super filling, and healthy! I love love love zucchini.

This evening I folded laundry (there was about 4 baskets worth to fold) and watched the premiere of the new season of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I wanted to see what the whole hoopla was all about. So... what do you think? Do you think they'll work out their marriage, or do you think they'll get divorced??

Sunday, May 24, 2009

may twenty-four :: 125 weeks old

Sean is 125 weeks old today.

This morning my sister accompanied me to Jakob's 2nd birthday party, so that I had extra hands (very important when you're out of the house with 2 kids!) Jamie couldn't make it to the party.

The kids had a great time.

Sean spent some time reading books.

And playing in the kitchen.

Mackie enjoyed the slide.

And clapping his hands. He just started clapping his hands a day or two ago! It's a new thing for him! It's so cute when he does it, he gets so excited.

Me multi-tasking holding both kids during the singing of "Happy Birthday".

Cousins with 2nd generation kids. (We have a picture of the three of us with our first borns. We just had to do it with our 2nd kids!) Babies from left to right are Mackenzie, Henri & Spencer.

The first generation sons from the three of us (left to right Oliver, Jakob & Sean), enjoying pirate cupcakes. Yum! Sean kept asking for more all day. 1 cupcake was the limit though.

Sean & Mack got a lootbag and in Sean's (along with some other stuff) he got these wicked Sunglasses & this happy face ball. Sean LOVES happy face things. And the sunglasses were a huge hit. (And super duper cute on him!)

Though, the sunglasses didn't make it into the house. As Sean was entering the house, he tripped on something and with the sunglasses in his hand they both fell to the ground and the sunglasses snapped. (Sean has a bad track record with sunglasses - they don't last very long in his possession).

We came home after the morning party so that Mack could take a quick nap (or he doesn't function) and we let him nap for 1 hour. Then after Mack's nap, we packed up the car and headed out again. First we stopped by Ariella's house to bring her some lettuce plants and a cucumber plant for her garden, as we had extras and I didn't want them to go to waste. Then we headed to Jenn's house, for Jakob's family party. Yes, two parties in one day for Jakob! Lucky kid! The boys had a good time again, had more food and more cake and then we headed home around 3pm so that both boys could nap.

Tonight we went to my parents house for dinner, our usual Sunday night dinner at my parents house. (Even though we saw them for most of the day!) Nothing wrong with a full day of family!

Now that both boys are in bed, I'm catching up on some laundry. The laundry that never ever ever ends. I swear, I really don't see an end in sight, which is very frustrating!