Saturday, October 31, 2009

october thirty-one

I didn't take Sean to his swimming lesson this morning because his cough was still there. I really hope it goes away soon. It doesn't even sound bad. It's just still there. I hate this time of the year, everyone seems to get sick.

This morning we hung out in the playroom a bit, I did a bit of work when Mack went for a nap. At one point I had all three boys napping at the same time... that was a really nice point during the day - complete silence.

My in-laws came over for a bit this afternoon to see the kids. It was raining when they got here and really icky outside, and even though I wasn't sure if kids would go trick or treating, I prepared treat bags:

I had 2 bowls, one peanut-free and the other with chocolate peanut treats. Just to be safe for any trick-or-treaters with allergies. Better be safe than sorry.

I prepared the bowls by the door, and waited for the bell to ring.

The sky was GORGEOUS after it stopped raining.
The rain stopping was a good sign that maybe trick-or-treaters would show up!

Before dinner, we had our first set of trick-or-treaters. Mack's best friend (in our frog costume) with his mom & older brother. Aren't they adorable??

I got the boys to dress up for a bit to answer the door to trick-or-treaters. I wasn't going out with them this year, as I didn't want them to get any more sick than they are. Sean's cough will for sure come back if I had taken them.

My mom & dad as well as sister came over tonight to bring Sean & Mack some goodies since they weren't going trick or treating tonight. That was very nice of them. They ate a little bit too much junk before bed, but they still managed to get to bed at a decent time - not too much of a sugar rush, thankfully.

There were only about 6 sets of trick-or-treaters over the entire evening. Very disappointing. Where are all the kids? Do they not go out anymore? We put up some halloween decorations, put out Sean's pumpkin and left all the outside lights on, plus visible lights in the front windows.

Tonight after the kids were in bed, we watched the Habs game. We won in a shootout 5-4 against Toronto. They wore really hideous outfits tonight on the ice, which they wore to the Feb 1st, 2009 game that I attended. It's a vintage uniform for the, quite ugly if you ask me.

I did some catch-up and am almost 100% up-to-date with my blog reading for those blogs I do read. It's quite nice actually to start being on top of everything and up-to-date. I still have a long list of things that I want to do now that both kids are in full time daycare, but slowly I am sure they will get done when I don't have to be working or in my class that I am taking.

To be honest, it doesn't really feel like halloween at all. Does it/did it to you?


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Friday, October 30, 2009

october thirty

Mack was the first one in his costume this morning.

Of course now Mack is obsessed with hockey just like Sean is, and can't put the stick down.

Next, I managed to get Sean into his costume. That was a little more trickier. It took me about 15-20 minutes to get him to put it on. It took a little bribing to be honest.

I managed to get them to sit on the hallway stairs to take a few pictures.
I don't like picture with flash, so Sean liked the idea to go outside to take some natural pics.

The first few pictures were nice, but it took a few minutes before they warmed up.

I got some cute shots, and the boys warmed up to each other.

This is one of my new fave photos. My tiger & my lion.

And I love this one too.

Such cute photos. Halloween time rocks. I can't wait to get these printed.

This morning when I got Sean's daycare to drop him off the daycare Coordinator asked me to see her in her office after I left Sean off with his class. My first instinct was "oh no, what did Sean do...?" Well, it was actually good news. She wants to see my in her office on Monday, to talk about which of 2 dates Mack will start there! THIS IS AMAZING! No more 2 drop offs. I love it. It's going to make things so much easier. I am not going to say anything yet at Mack's daycare until I've signed the paperwork at Sean's daycare. Oh, this news made my day. When I go on Monday I will be prepared with all of Mack's papers (birth certificate, medical records, etc) so that I am prepared 100%. I want this all to go 100% smoothly. No derails, no delays.

Before I left to work I called Sean's daycare to make sure that he was okay to stay, and they assured me that he was doing fine, so I headed to work. Work was pretty relaxed today and I went to lunch with Jamie and our manager next door for some Chinese Food. The food was alright.

I did groceries on my way home from work, checking out a grocery store that I had never been to before. I only had a certain amount of time before I had to go pick up both kids. The groceries were needed for dinner, so I needed them then and I didn't feel like doing groceries with one or both kids. Taking them into a grocery store isn't so much fun these days. They both like to touch everything.

When we all came home, I did a dishwasher load just in time before our first guest showed up. We had 3 of Jamie's ex-coworkers over for dinner. One was really late, as she was coming from work not exactly in the area. We were all starving by the time she got there, and Mack was already in bed.

Dinner was nice. It's always nice to have guests over for dinner. We had Chinese Fondu and it was really good. I love it. Every time. Sean was pretty much well behaved, but wouldn't go to bed because there were people over. As usual. He's like that whenever people are over. Feels like he's going to be missing out on the party. I once had someone over and had to have them pretend to leave and go hide in the front foyer of the house until he was in bed, so that I could still hang out with them after he went to bed.

It was really nice to catch up iwht them. Only one of them 3 of them that came tonight still work at the company that they all used to work at together. So they did still talk shop a bit, and I felt a little left out when they did. I had no idea who any of these people are that they were talking about or any of the things about the job that they discussed. I still enjoyed myself, but I wish I could have contributed more to the conversation.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

october twenty-nine

Today I kept both boys home. Sean's still coughing. Mack has a slight cough, so to be safe, I kept them both home today. I am hoping they are both okay to go to daycare tomorrow, as I don't want them to miss their halloween party at school.

I had my sewing class this afternoon and I was lucky to have my mother babysit the boys while I went to class. I got to class and I accidentally forgot part of my sewing project at home. My teacher suggested that I start working on the next part, and since my mom was home she was going to run to my house and pick up what I forgot. I called my mom and she put it in my mailbox (since Mack was napping). It was really nice that my teacher went to pick up the piece that I forgot. It's amazing how time flies in the class. We have so much fun chatting and working, I love it. She's such an awesome teacher.

On my way home, I made a stop for some groceries and then ran home to relieve my mom of babysitting duties. I made dinner and baked a few other goodies:

I made 3 apple cakes (whole wheat), 2 which are for each of the kid's classes tomorrow for their Halloween Parties and 1 of our dinner guests tomorrow night. I also made a whole wheat zucchini bread for us to have. I was on a baking fix tonight... no idea what got into me tonight.

I finally pulled out what I wanted to have as my blogaversary contest prize. For my 8121st commenter, they will receive 1 skein of Zen Yarn Garden's Squooshy in "Robyn's Gold" as well as some dangle-free stitch markers, 2.25mm Robyn's Nest Circular Needles, a sample of SOAK, and a pair of scrabble earrings in the winners initials. I will also throw in a pattern, just haven't figured it out yet, which one. Happy Commenting!

Hubby had hockey tonight so I did work in my office after the kids went to bed. I really wanted to just sit on the couch and watch mindless tv, and knit - but I just had some work that needed to get taken care of. I'm almost caught up, maybe next week I can watch my Thursday night Chick Flick line up!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

october twenty eight :: 71 weeks old & 34 Months Old

Mack is 71 Weeks Old today.

And Sean is 34 Months Old today.

Last night I finished my nephew's birthday socks:

Pattern: Toddler's Tube Sock by Leah Falana (Rav Link)
For: My Nephew's 7th Birthday
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Sassy Stripes Color #714
Needles: 2.75 mm
Size: 3.5 boys shoe size
Timeline: September 26th, 2009 - October 27th, 2009
Modifications: Altered the pattern and did 2x2 ribbing for the whole leg/foot and did my usual toe decreases instead of the decreases suggested in the pattern. Like the way I do them better.
Opinion: Hope my nephew loves them for his birthday!

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Today I was in a lot of pain. I think it's possible that I pulled a stomach muscle. I couldn't sit in any position. It just was sore to. I also wasn't comfortable to drive either. I did have to go into work today after dropping the kids off at daycare. This morning I asked the coordinator at Sean's daycare why there was an empty spot near Sean's cubby. I told her that Mack is coming up on 17 months and she told me to start reminding her about getting Mack a spot at Sean's daycare. And I left it at that. We'll see what she can do for me, she told me that she would get back to me and see if she can figure things out.

At Mack's drop off, his teacher asked me why he was late. Does it really matter? They are sooo freakin' nosey at Mack's daycare, they ask questions they really shouldn't. He's late because I took my time in the morning getting the boys ready and folded 3 loads of laundry and let the kids play and watch tv while I did that... Does it really matter why he's late? Does your child's daycare ask four million questions when you drop off your child?

When I got to work, my computer didn't work. It seems that someone over the weekend used my computer and it caught a virus. It just stopped working. It took about 2 hours to get it back to working mode again today. But the new stage guy did a wonderful job fixing my computer and then I was able to do a bit of work after he was done.

After work I picked up the kids and Sean was really good today, but didn't nap. At least he had a good day otherwise.

Tonight I went to knit night. We went to a pub, but we won't be going back there. It was loud, we couldn't hear each other speak, and there were like 80 old men playing cards. After I ate and knit a little bit, I went home. They all left too. Some went back to Amy's house to continue knit night, but I wasn't feeling well at all - with my pulled stomach muscle.

Now I've been home for a bit, I've been catching up on some blog reading. I've been hanging out in bed relaxing hoping to rest up so that I am not in pain still tomorrow. That would be nice. Jamie has friends over tonight to watch the Habs game (we lost badly tonight).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

october twenty-seven

I kept Sean home again today. His cough still doesn't sound too good. I am hoping I can send him to daycare tomorrow, because I have to go into work since I didn't go today. I was able to have my mom pick up Mackenzie again today and take him to daycare. He missed his music class today because I just wasn't feeling too hot myself this morning, and my mother had stuff to do today and couldn't take him either.

I worked at home all morning, managed to get Sean to watch tv in the den quietly, which is next to my office. He did cause a bit of trouble here and there, but I managed to still get some work done.

This afternoon I had to take him out for a little bit, so I dressed him very warmly. I had a couple of errands I had to do - including getting groceries. Also, I checked a few stores for size 3 pants for Sean, with very little success until the last place. Why is so hard to find stuff that fits him? What I really needed was size 2x, but even that is impossible. I did manage to also find today (finally!) some 12-18 months pants for Mack. The length is perfect, though, trying them on him tonight, the waist is still a tad to big for my tiny little pisher. Hopefully he'll grow into them eventually. Though, I can tell you that he's still wearing some 9-12 month pj's (with no feet) and he's 16 and a half months old...

I picked up some Halloween candies, in case our doorbell does ring... I think I am going to go to the dollar store and pick up halloween treat bags. Make little bags for any trick-or-treaters. Should be fun!

So, today I looked around for Jamie's soap. He uses Irish Spring Sport. Apparently all of a sudden no one in Montreal carries it anymore. I asked at Jean Coutu - they will no longer be stocking their shelves anymore. Neither at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart for the rest of Canada). None at Zellers, none at Walmart. These are all places I used to buy it before. If I would have known, I would have stocked up for him! I'm wondering if maybe I can get it in the USA. (If I would have known this last week, I would have looked when at Rhinebeck! Too late now). I don't understand why a soap like this is hard to find, when they still have other types of Irish Spring on the shelves. Anyhow, same thing like his hair gel going MIA, and I found some and stocked up (he's still got another year's worth about, as each bottle lasts him about 2 months or so and I think there's at least 6 bottles left in the storage closet). If ANYONE see Irish Spring Sport, do let me know where please! I picked up on sale today a 3 pack of 2 other kinds of Irish Spring for Jamie to try, but he wasn't impressed by the smell. I told him, just his luck. First the hair gel, now the soap... I hope not his shampoo or toothpaste he uses won't be next!

Oh - good news! My grandfather is out of ICU! That was shocking news! They moved him out! He's in his own room now. Not sure how long he'll be in the hospital for, but this is very good news. On the road to recovery!

The tree across from my house that I've been showing you that was gorgeous a week and a half ago, then lost it's leaves not too long after, is now got almost no leaves. I WAS going to go take nice pictures of the boys in the leaves.... as you see on the ground, but some woman & her son came and raked it all up. Why? I have no idea... because it's public property and not hers. So upset!!! Oh well... Maybe more leaves will fall...

Tonight Jamie & I chilled and watched some tv. I worked on my nephew's birthday socks, and actually finished them! I will post pictures tomorrow! They look great! I hope he likes them.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

october twenty-six

Sean got to stay home today. My mom was able to take Mack to daycare, so I didn't have to take Sean out of the house. He's got this wicked bad cough that has seemed to have gotten worse over the weekend. While I worked in my office today, somehow he managed to get a hold of one of my packs of post-it notes and stuck them everywhere behind me in my office. This pile he's got going on is actually contained after the mess he made. The unfortunate part is now he knows where I keep my office supplies and has been digging with his little fingers to see what fun he can find.

At lunch we made together a banana bread. It's super delicious. I don't see it making it passed tomorrow night. It'll be gone. Sean's already had 2 slices in one shot. It's that yummy and whole wheat too!

This evening after bath time and the kids were in bed, Jamie and I watched first the Habs game (We won again against the New York Islanders - we played them last week and won as well). I worked on my nephew's tube socks and made great progress on them. I am now just at the part before the toe decreases (which I am doing my own decreases, which I altered from the pattern I chose to follow - mind you - I modified the whole pattern actually and am doing the entire sock in 2x2 ribbing). After the Habs game we watched Heroes and then I watched last night's Desperate Housewives while Jamie went to go play on his computer for a bit. Now we're both going to go to bed. I think Sean will stay home again tomorrow - his cough hasn't really gotten any better since this morning, but at least it's certainly not any worse.

Oh, before I go, I wanted to tell you what happened to my cousin's kids (on my dad's side of the family). My (ex)Aunt (my dad's brother's ex-wife) called me up the other day to tell me that she washed her grandkids baby blankets, which my grandmother (their great-grandmother) crochet for them. One is almost 5 years old, and has had hers that long and the other has had his almost all his life as well, and he's 12 days younger than Sean. Anyhow, so she washed them, and hung them out to dry on hangers, since it was a nice October day. SOMEONE STOLE THEM! Can you believe it?? I can't either. It's freakin' disgusting. I told her it has to be teenagers/kids. She was like "Why would anyone want my grandkids used baby blankets?". She said they clearly looked loved and used... Anyhow, people in this world are truly sick and disturbed to do something like that. She asked me if she paid for the yarn, if I would make them each a new one. I will, I told her, but only have I am done with a few deadlines I am working on, which she said was okay. So I've picked out the yarn... and am almost done with a few deadlines and will get them done as soon as I can for her. She said that her grandchildren (who would be my 2nd cousins, as they are my first cousin's kids) haven't slept properly since they were stolen. I don't blame them... and I still can't believe someone would steal them - including the hangers they were on....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

october twenty-five :: 147 Weeks Old

Sean is 147 weeks old today.

The kids came back around lunch today (it was nice to sleep in until then!), being dropped off by my sister after she took Sean out for brunch, and my mother brought Mack back on her way to the hospital today. My grandfather is doing well, and by the looks of it, his respirator should come out tomorrow. They've brought his oxygen level from 30% to 8% today, and slowly the will bring it down until he doesn't need it anymore, and he's breathing on his own. This is such good news.

This afternoon the lovely Tara came by for a little bit. Sean is absolutely smitten with Tara and they shared some laughs while coloring. We had a cup of tea and then Tara had to go. It was nice catching up with her again.

This afternoon the boys had fun playing sports in the basement. Sean goes from hockey to basketball to bowling back to hockey, then to baseball... it never ends!

Mack has taken a liking to hockey - that's my boy!

And Sean is getting super at scoring at basketball!

Like I said yesterday, Sean is obsessed with these goggles. I do have to admit - they're freaking cute on him. I can't even remember where they came from? I think they were a gift.

This afternoon Sean decided he wanted to be an alien and walk around my bedroom without pants on and with my flip flops on his hands. I love kids and their imagination! It's awesome.

The progress on my Go Habs Go Socks.
Almost there!

And my nephew's birthday tube socks.

Getting there on my projects! Working on deadlines mainly, actually. After this I have another deadline, and then a few baby blankets to whip up - I'll talk about those tomorrow.

I worked on the never ending laundry until we went to my parents house for dinner tonight. Both my grandmothers were there tonight, it was nice to see them both. It was nice for my dad's mom to come over and be away from the hospital for a bit and to see my kids (her great-grandsons). Dinner was great, but I can see how tired my parents are from this past week. I really hope that this upcoming week is a better week and things start to go better.

Holy... it's October 25th? Next weekend is Halloween?? This is the last week of October? Where on earth has time gone? I can't believe that there is only 2 months left of the year....!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

october twenty-four

I am not really too sure what happened, but I couldn't couldn't get my act together this morning to take Sean to his swim class. Partly I overslept and then Sean wasn't cooperating in the morning to actually get out the door on time. So instead, I got him dressed and we headed out to run some errands. First, Jamie wanted breakfast, so I picked him up what he wanted and then brought it back to him at home. Then Sean and I went to the post office to mail a few things. After that we went to the local market where there is a magazine store, and they had a few different issues of Simply Knitting waiting for me. It turns out I already had August, but they had September & October's waiting for me there. The guy special orders them for me now, he doesn't keep them in stock. He says he has been trying to reach me, I think there might be a problem with our answering machine, which I need to look into. Then we picked up Sean a pumpkin (he picked it out all by himself) and we got some groceries next door. He got a little scared by a little kid wearing a "scary" halloween costume... Oy, am I going to have problems on Halloween night? I am wondering if he's going to be scared.

We then stopped by the library on the way home to pick up a book that they called me that they received as an inter-library transfer, a book I'd requested when I went with Sean on October 3rd. The only reason I know this date, is because our books were due today, and they're 3 week loaners. It's a behavioral book, and it hails from the National Library of Canada. Wow, I am really impressed that I am able to take out a book from Ottawa, in my own city. It's pretty neat if you ask me. I am just glad that if I am looking for a book that my own library doesn't have - they can search anywhere for it. I wonder if it's limited to just Canada, or if they can search for a book outside of Canada. We also renewed the books that Sean took out, he really likes them, so I figured I'd keep them for another 3 weeks.

We headed home after all that to have some lunch. After lunch, I worked in my office until our visitors arrived.

Mona came with Egg to visit us.

Recently it was Egg's 1st birthday. My boys got her a doll to play with, since she didn't have a doll yet and every girl needs a doll. Egg decided to kiss the doll upon seeing it!

Sean was a little goofy and lately has been obsessed with wearing these googles. Cute, I know.

They stayed for a while, and the kids played, had popcorn and made a mess in the playroom (what else is new...!) Egg loved her birthday gifts. I am totally in love with this shawl that Egg is wearing above. It's Mona's design, Kamouraska. It's on Ravelry here. Or if you're not on Ravelry, it's on her sidebar of her blog here.

Shortly after Mona & Egg left, I packed up the kids for the evening. My sister came to pick up Sean, as they were going to decorate pumpkins and then he is sleeping over at my sister's place tonight. Mack got picked up by my mother and he's spending the night at their house. It's rare that we get an evening to ourselves. Though, we had a fun packed evening ahead of us.

We went to a Habs game! And I got to work on my Go Habs Go socks, which I am only working on at games. Tonight was session number 7, and I honestly think that one more session and I will be done... I made great progress tonight. I might actually be able to finish them at just about the one year mark. I cast them on November 24th, 2008 and I am going to a game at the end of November, in about a month's time... and I am going to knit-knit-knit all that game to get them done! It's a challenge. The history of all the games they've been knit on at, is on the project page on Ravelry. I even have the scores of the games, etc! Talk about statistics!

Jamie & I had a great time - the Habs won 5-4 in overtime against the New York Rangers. The first period really sucked, but then they came back big time... it was quite the game in the end!

I even got kinneared at tonight's hockey game. Mack's friends parents have Habs tickets two seats over from ours. We arranged it so that we would both be at tonight's game so we could see each other. Well... apparently she finds it amusing that I knit at games. Her husband has been making fun of me for months. He goes to all the games, she just goes when she can get a babysitter for their son. Anyhow, at intermission he asked to see my sock. And then he felt it. And he as like "Oh wow... that's soft"... and "Oh, wow, that's pretty impressive, their vintage colors..." Yeah! How do you like them apples?? I guess he won't be making fun of me knitting at games anymore? I barely look at my stitches when I knit, so I told him multi-tasking is not a problem, and I've still got my eye on the game! He shut up quite quickly...! I'm waiting to see how long it takes him to ask me for a pair of socks for himself.

It was nice to come home to a quiet house. We watched an episode of Dexter, and we were able to put the TV as loud as we wanted. Rare occurance around here. Now, I was going to watch some shows in bed that are .avi's - but I cannot find our Sling Box remote (the machine that plays those .avi's off my USB key....) One of the kids stashed it somewhere and I just cannot find it. It sucks!

Friday, October 23, 2009

october twenty-three

My grandfather had his surgery this morning to repair his broken vertebrae. It went well. They are very hopeful at the hospital. They did not remove the ventilator during surgery, so they don't know yet if there is any damage to any of the nerves where it's swollen in his neck (or something like that). They did find fractured parts in his neck, which they can't do anything about and should heal on their own. I guess that means that his fever left in time, for them to do the surgery. He's had a long week but it's looking hopeful! He's in for a long recovery, but he will recover. Good news is always great!

Today I worked at home until it was time to go into work. I got my husband's cousin's daughter's first birthday invite in the mail today. It's in Ottawa. We'll be going, but it's going to be a tight squeeze. Sean has swimming 9:30 - 10 am, which I do not want to miss, and then we'll leave straight away to Ottawa to get there for the 12:30pm party. I'm taking my mom with me. I don't want to drive alone and Jamie has Habs tickets that day, and doesn't want to risk being late. Then, after that party, upon getting back to Montreal I have my step-mother-in-law's sister's 70th birthday party, which I will be taking the kids alone to, since Jamie's got those Habs tickets. What a busy day. For the first birthday party, we need to have each of my kids color in the number 1. (I guess number 1 for her first birthday). Sean will be able to do that no problem, and I am hoping that Mack doesn't eat the crayons. It's an activity I can have them do together. I think it'll be cute.

After work, I stopped off at my friend Dara's house as she has a 7 year old. However her 7 year old has small feet, so she told me that her son's friend would be over. I wanted to try on my nephew's tube socks to make sure they would fit him. Phew - they fit an average 7 year old! That's good news. Now I can cast on sock number 2! I didn't want to proceed without checking that the first one would fit, you know??? I stayed a bit and chatted with my friend and her friend who was over and then headed to pick up the boys.

Upon picking up Sean, they both decided to sit in the cubbies. It was too cute.

Sean was a good boy all week until today. Today he just wasn't listening. Ugh, I hope he's not backtracking from the improvement we've had over the last week. That would really suck. I was really hoping that phase was over. I guess we'll see next week.

I got the chance to photograph sock number 1 for my nephew's tube socks. I like how they turned out. I really hope he likes them!

And I got really lucky! I managed to find the RIGHT spot to start them to match...! I did work it out, to try to get the right spot, and it worked...! Not complicated at all. I can't wait to finish them.

This evening my in-laws came for dinner. My step-mother-in-law brought her home made lasagna, it was fabulous as always. And I'm super happy that there are leftovers for tomorrow. I'm claiming them for me....! It's just too freakin' good.

Tomorrow Mona is coming by with Egg, to pick up some yarn & so that Mack and Egg can play. They haven't seen each other in a while. Egg's birthday just passed and we got her a gift, but I wanted to make her something as well. This is what I came up with:

See Jane Frog. Rip It, Jane, Rip It!

Got Gauge?And her initial with a strawberry.

I made them all on size 2 (Egg just turned 1 but is bigger than Mack), so to be safe, I bought size 2. They are all on turtlenecks, which are great for cold Montreal winters. I hope she likes them!

I worked more on my nephew's tube socks this evening while Jamie & I watched Survivor from last night as well as 30 Rock from the last 2 weeks. That show is getting really bad. Not even funny anymore... I like Tina Fey, but come on! I also watched Grey's Anatomy which Jamie half watched with me. I'm not sure if I like the merger thing that's going on... but it's definitely bringing some new characters. Does anyone know if Izzy got fired or wanted to leave the show? I wonder if she's coming back - I like her.

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