Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Day of the Year

Here are some pictures to share:

My father-in-law took this one of Sean, he does not look 3 day old here. (It's from yesterday). He looks much older than that!

I love this little guy sooooo damn much.

This is a picture of the three of us from tonight, we went to Jamie's step-Aunt & step-Uncle's house for dinner. I felt great tonight in "dressed up" clothing and with jewelry on, and out of the house. It was MUCH needed!

A recap of what's been going on, (and then I'm going to sleep) (I need sleep). Yesterday we had visitors all day. Sean got spoiled by his grandparents and by mommy's friends. Mommy also got spoiled. Angela replaced the ring that I flushed down the toilet with the exact same one - that made mommy's day. Angela also got me a pair of pj pants - so that I don't have to live in Jamie's.

Yesterday was just overwhelming with guests. Today we had a few too, but not as many as yesterday. Tomorrow we're not allowing any visitors. We need an US day. We havent had one since going into the hospital on Tuesday night.

Today, while checking his diaper, I got peed on for the first time. That was quite funny, and my sister saw the whole thing go down! It's hard changing a boy! LOL. I think I need to invent some pee-pee tee-pee's!

Last night I had a little frustration in the middle of the night for an hour, Sean just wouldn't latch on to feed, and he was screaming for a good hour. It was really intense, and being over tired now, I just couldn't handle it, and it was very emotional. Today we're doing a lot better, and I think my milk is starting to come in, instead of colostrum. That is just beautiful actually, because Sean needs to gain a few more ounces so that he's at a healthy weight for his bris (circumcision) this week. He checked out of the hospital at 4 lbs 14 ounces (he lost 7.9% of his birth weight - up to 10% is considered an okay loss). This happens to all babies, so I was told not to worry. They wouldn't have let me out of the hospital otherwise. Sean needs to be at least (or VERY close to) 5 lbs 8 ounces - which is 5 and a half pounds.

Today Sean didn't make a poop at all - but he has peed. Should I be worried? If there is no bowel movement by tomorrow, I think I'll call the CLSC. I just don't want to call if it's nothing, because one place I think I read that during babies first few days, it could be 1-2 poops.... if at all. Ugh, so frustrating! I just hope he's not constipated, but he's eating enough, so it's not lack of food. He's quite the eater once latched. (We're still working on that.... sometimes he takes right away, sometimes he takes a few moments).

Today we caught Zeus in the basinette. And then later we caught him under the baby's crib, he snuck into the baby's room. I am getting very frustrated with Zeus. Jazz has no problems, and is chill. Zeus on the other hand, I think is VERY jealous of my attention to Sean, and lack of attention to him. I need to make it up to him. I really do. But he is frustrating us.

All the chores are getting very neglected, but that's normal, right? The only chore we're not ignoring is Sean's laundry, because of the lack of outfits he fits into right now because of his size. Those items need to be washed. I was totally NOT expecting a small baby, I totally was thinking that I had WAY too much newborn sized clothing, but to be honest, he actually WILL get to wear all of it!

Between my mother, sister and father-in-law (oh, ok, and a little bit me too), this kid does NOT have a lack of pictures. I've been slowly uploading pictures to my FLICKR account - so do go and check on my sidebar.

This is one spoiled kid let me tell you. He keeps getting presents and presents and presents. I wonder if there is anything he doesn't have! LOL

Alright, it's almost midnight and I should go ring in the new year with my hubby and newborn. I just wanted to come down after a feeding before bed and have a few minutes of ME time. I haven't had any lately. I hope to actually get some knitting done tomorrow. I'm jonesing to knit!

Happy NEW YEAR Everyone! May 2007 bring you everything you wish for and deserve!

In 2006 I:
Got pregnant.
Went to Vegas.
Went to Europe on my belated honeymoon.
Kicked tenants out of my apartment.
Graduated from Graphic Design School.
Learned to use my sewing machine.
Learned to cross stitch.
Learned to cable.
Learned to knit socks.
Gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

In 2007 I will:
Be the best mother any son could ever ask for. And that's all that matters.

Birth story is still in progress. There is 30 hours to cover! Check back soon!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

What My Son Doesn't Fit Into Today

Here is a picture of Sean, in a NEWBORN outfit. His feet reach the CROTCH area of the outfit and the legs have nothing to fill them! He's that tiny! In search of some preemie outfits :)

In other news...

What a fluke - Halloween Lover and I both gave birth to boys on the same exact date! Her son was born at 1:15pm, a couple of hours after my son was born! Too cute. View her beautiful son here.

In other news, I noticed that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's new book is coming out in March! So very excited:

Casts Off : The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting (Paperback) March 30th, 2007 . I will definitely HAVE to pre-order this book. It's just a must.

More to come soon on my first full day home as a mother.

New Tete A Claques: Le père Noël

Click here. This is HYSTERICAL
(Warning, it's in French).

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sean Edward

If you've wondered where I've been.... (no wifi at the Jewish General Hospital!)

Introducing Sean Edward!
Born Thursday, December 28th, 2006 at 4:44 a.m.
Weight; 5 lbs 5 oz.
Length; 19.25 inches
(Yes, mommy is knitting!)

Birth story to follow shortly.

Monday, December 25, 2006

What a Jew Does on Christmas

Today is my reflection of what a Jewish gal like me, does to entertain herself, at 9 months pregnant, on Christmas Day.

I first of all, slept in. That felt great. I woke up just after noon at some point, I can't recall the time exactly.

Upon getting up, I ate a bowl of yummy Sugar Crisp cereal. That stuff is full of sugar and fatening, but I'm in my 9th month of pregnancy and well, I just don't care!

Then I checked my loto ticket from Friday night:

Jamie had purchased tickets a few weeks ago, and since then we've won free tickets for the next week's drawing just for having 3 matching numbers. Wouldn't it be funny if we just keep winning free tickets until we randomly win the lottery? Ok, knock on wood, I'll keep dreaming. I have to go claim my free lottery ticket.

I made a bunch more stitch markers, and after one picture I got lazy to photograph more, so I'll have to do that tomorrow and then upload them all to my Etsy Shop for sale. Here is a sample of one of the sets I made:

These also come in pink and white (instead of the purple). I plan on selling a set of 5 stitch markers for 5.00$US plus shipping. Shipping will be very minimal as it can go as lettermail.

I also got a LOT accomplished on my baby checklist. I went to make sure that I had everything on the baby list:

Baby list is complete. The only items NOT checked off are breast milk storage bags (need to look into that and make sure also that the breast bump that I have works properly and all the pieces are there - it was a hand-me-down that was never used, but who knows if everything is there). Also, I don't have a swing for the baby or an entertainment center thingy, called an exercauser. Those two are not that important for the first few months of Sean's life. I do have 2 vibrating chairs, one upstairs and one in my office, so those can keep him napping while I'm in other rooms of the house, plus also - I have the basinette. He's not really going to "play" for the first few months anyhow. Not until he can sit up and keep his head stable anyhow.

I also worked on my hospital bag. A lot of the items are last minute anyhow, like the popsicles for during labor, my slippers which I wear regularly, plus clothes to wear there after giving birth, and to come home in (for me)... because I wear the limited amount of clothes that still fit me, I can't pack them yet. But all of Sean's hospital outfits and his perfect "coming home from the hospital outfit" are packed and ready to go.

Today I worked on some knitting. I realized that my knitting needles match my nail polish! I am quite concerned though, I don't think my nail polish is going to last long, I notcied after getting home that the polish didn't go quite to the edges of my nail, she did a good job, but my nails have been growing SUPER fast, now that I'm pregnant, and it just won't last long at all. Oh well, what can I do?

Both cats joined me today while I knit on the couch. I watched a bit of the Eagles vs. Cowboys game with Jamie (he's a HUGE Eagles fan) GO EAGLES! And then after the game (and a delicious dinner prepared by my hubby so I didn't have to stand on my swollen feet), we watched Deal or No Deal and then 1 vs. 100 on NBC. There was nothing else on.

Here is the progress of casting on the Column of Leaves Pattern, which the awesome woman I'm spoiling in SP9 kindly emailed me, and even though it's a pattern you REALLY need to concentrate on, I can follow it and watch TV at the same time! But it really required concentration. I have no idea how the pattern author mentions that after a few repeats you get the hang of it and memorize it, because it's an 8 row pattern repeat, and NO TWO ROWS ARE THE SAME! Is she mental for suggesting it's memorizable? (Is that even a word??)

As promised:

4th Day of my 38th week of Pregnancy! Wow - I'm busting! I have been in PJ's since Friday night when we got home from dinner, (yes, I change my pj's daily!) and just to show, this Habs tshirt is a medium. I have it in Medium (which is mine) and in Large (which is Jamie's). (I got them both for free for filling out credit card applications at the Habs game - lol... they never sent me a credit card though - ha ha - but I got these 2 free tshirts in the process. (I've been living in them literally! I do wash them - don't worry!) But above, I'm barely fitting in my size Medium anymore, Jamie's Large fits well over my son in my belly!

And just for fun - here is a shot of my face being exfoliated with that wonderful face mask stuff I purchased the other day when I picked up my antibiotics.

Notes to mention:

- I did NOT yet finish Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston but I did get to read a bunch more pages. Maybe tonight I'll finish it. It's such an easy and quick read - but I fell asleep last night reading.

- I FOUND the missing baby sock. I had lost a baby sock while doing a load of reds. There was a bunch of sweaters, tshirts, socks, pants, shorts, all reds, done in a load together. 4 socks went into the dryer, but upon folding them, I only found 3. Today, I inspected every arm and every foot, and found the missing sock.

- Speaking of missing socks, I even found one of MY socks in the foot of a baby sleeper. A sock that went missing a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what happened to it! Found!

- However, I am still missing one Winnie the Pooh scratch mitten - that got lost in the wash, and I can't find. Maybe it'll eventually turn up. Just like the sock did!

I have not left the house since Friday night upon returning from dinner for my mother's birthday. It feels great to just veg around the house. It also feels great to NOT spend money. While I was *thinking* about going to the opening of Fabricville around the corner from my house tomorrow, I decided against it. I had a dream last night that I bought material there at their grand opening, to make a handbag that matches my diaper bag. I do not need any more material, and I actually have material that matches my diaper bag, and could make a nice tote bag from it, as well as a skirt that I want to make - once my child bearing hips go back to normal. So, I will STAY in tomorrow, and not go anywhere. I do not need the sales that are going on in ANY stores... so I will stay in, because I don't need to spend money for the sake of spending money. This plan sounds great to me.

So, this is how I spent my Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. I hope Santa brought you everything you asked for! Whether it be knitting related or not!

ps - My Knitting & Crochet Library are now listed on my sidebar, with links (incase you want more information on the book!)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

And We Have a Heel

I forgot to post the other day, my friend Cynthia, who kicks ass, received my Xmas package that I sent her. Here are the contents of her awesome package:

I sure packed the box full.

Last night I started the book Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston and I read HALF of it in one shot. There is just over 200 pages, and I've read about 100. It's such an easy read, and it's a good book. It's just too bad that the main character is on 'bed rest' due to the fact that she has low amniotic fluid and it's crucial to the development of her baby. I hope to finish reading the rest of it tonight! I'll let you know my opinion once done, but so far, so good!

I slept in today until about 1pm. As soon as I get up I took my antibiotics, which was actually an hour late in taking them, and my body knew it - because I woke up in a coughing fit. Damn this bronchitis. I hope it clears up fast and soon. My uterus can't take the coughing anymore!

This afternoon Jamie and I watched the movie Invincible. It was fantastic. I really recommend it. This afternoon after the movie, I took care of chores, and did a major clean up in my bedroom closet. (Jamie and I each have our own closet. My fave part of our bedroom!) Anyhow, I also got a lot of Sean's laundry done, and his "coming home from the hospital" outfit (as well as some outfits for him to wear in the hospital) are clean and in my hospital bag, which I plan on finishing tomorrow (as best as I can - some items are last minute to be packed - because they are my comfort items I used daily - like my slippers, etc..) I have some games packed - travel scrabble, cards (travel cribbige board) so that Jamie and I can play - depending on my mood and how easy this labor will be. I still need to pack some reading material, and some knitting - of course! I am still not sure what I should knit while in labor. Should I finish an easy WIP? Should I start a brand new project? Still debating!

This evening Jamie and I watched yet another movie (after he made a delicious pot roast for dinner, with some potatos - it was delicious. So delicious I was starving while it was cooking, it smelled soooo damn good!) We watched the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. It was exactly what we needed, a light, dumb comedy. Boy was it dumb. But it was funny.

Today, I have progress on my "married sock":

We have a heel!


Tomorrow I shall start on the heel on Jamie's "married" sock. (Gotta keep the same progress!) The only difference between the two socks, are the fact that he wanted a longer length on the heel part. But besides that, they're identical (besides the color of the yarn!).

Some images I promised to post:

This is the bib and burp cloth that I got as a gift from my friend the other night for Chanukah.

And this is the onesie that she got me for Chanukah as well. It's funny that once you get pregnant, even though you're getting gifts for your birthday, or chanukah, or whatnot, that the gifts are really for your baby! That's two chanukah gifts I've received, that are completely for Sean! (This one above, plus my brother and his girlfriend got Sean his name in hockey player letters (I'll photograph them once I glue them to his toy box), but the gift was "for me"... lol)

I did get one gift that was for myself (and for Jamie):

And the reason I'm showing you this gift, is because of the way it was given to me. A note on a post-it note! My grandmother is too cute. I just had to share this cute gift. I have to tell you, I've never received a card on a post-it note! This is definitely the first!

To all my friends who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a happy and merry one!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lazy Saturday

Today was a lazy Saturday. I slept in until noon. Got up, putzed around. Eventually Jamie and I watched the movie Man of the Year, the new Robin Williams flick. I really enjoyed it. I am a huge Robin Williams fan. It was a really good comedy.

I worked on my step-mother-in-law's crochet purse while watching the movie.

Then, we chilled a bit, I watched some Intervention show on A&E about a girl who is only 23 years old and 50,000$US in debt. She's a shopaholic. This episode made me NOT want to buy the Lorna's Laces colorway I was watching on ebay. Actually, I was watching about 4-5 different colorways, and went and deleted them after that episode was over. I decided that I do not NEED another skein of Lorna's Laces, even though I WANTED another skein of the yarn. There is a huge difference between need and want. I feel good about my decision!

This evening Jamie and I watched the Habs get creamed by the Bruins 4-2. It was not a good game tonight. I don't know what was wrong with Huet. It's very possible that the Habs 5 game winning streak got to their heads, and they let their guard down. I guess they can't win them all, right?

After the Habs game, Jamie and I started to watch the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, the 2nd movie. Just over an hour into it, I shut it off, Jamie was passing out on the couch, so I sent him to bed, and I decided to come online, check my email, blog and now I'm going to go crawl into bed and start reading Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston, which I borrowed from my brother's girlfriend. It looks cute, and I didn't want to spend almost 20$ on a hardcover, for a book that I'll only read once. I had started reading the book Confessions of a Supermom by Melanie Hauser, but it turns out it's a little "out there" and I just can't get into it. It's just not realistic fiction and actually, I just can't follow the writing. A mother who gets super cleaning powers? What the fuck is this garbage? LOL. So, onto a new book.

Tomorrow I'll photograph the purse for my step-MIL, and show you the progress. I have no pattern, I'm inventing it as I go. I just wanted to make her a nice little handbag, and I know she's just love it!

I've picked out yarn to make myself the Column of Leaves Scarf. I am going to use the yarn that I picked up in Vigo, Spain this past September. The author of the pattern suggests that it would look nicer in a solid color rather than the variegated that she made it in, as it would show the leaves a lot better. I think the 100% pink lana merino extrafina will be perfect for this scarf, and I have just enough yarn for it!

Tomorrow Jamie and I are planning on watching the movie Invincible, it looks really good. It's with Mark Wahlberg and Greg Kinnear, and that's all the names I recognize.

I can't believe the countdown to D-day (due day) is LESS than 20 now! 19 days left... Wow. If Sean isn't born early, and make it to the single digit countdown, I think that's when I will get really anxious. I think I must start trying all those things that may be myths.... Spicey foods, walking, maybe even that word that rhymes with hex...?? Do these actually induce labor? There are a whole list of "labor inducors" and I'm definitely NOT trying castor oil.... just the thought of that makes me ill...!

Bed time with a good book, goodnight!

Friday, December 22, 2006

News Report: Flushed Ring Not Rescued

This morning I couldn't sleep in. I woke up with a coughing fit. I hope that just means that my meds are working, as I need this cough to go away. I can't be coughing and in labor at the same time - I just don't think I would be able to get through both at the same time!

This morning all that came in the mail was an issue of Woman's Day Magazine (which is my substitute for 3 issues since For Me Magazine went under - they lasted just about a year - and then folded, too bad, I liked that magazine) and we also got a Chanukah card from my friends Lauren & Seth in Philadelphia.

So this morning I did the STUPIDEST thing I've done so far during my pregnancy. My new ring that Angela got me for Chanukah.... well, I kind of flushed it down the toilet. Yeah, you heard me right. Down the toilet. Let me explain....

I went to pee. I didn't flush right away. I took my rings off to wash my hands, putting them on the ledge of the cabinet above the toilet - my cabinet (Jamie has his own above the sink). Anyhow, I washed my hands. I dried my hands. I blew my nose. I then flushed the toilet (I was waiting to blow my nose, so I'd only have to flush once). Then as I flushed, I went to grab my 2 rings to put back on, and the new one got knocked into the toilet, as the water was whirling, and down it went. I swear to god, everything happened in slow motion.

I kicked myself. I am so mad. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this ring. And it was a gift. I'm going to go replace it, because I loved it, and felt really bad.

I told Angela this afternoon what happened. She said she got herself one in another colour, at the same time as purchasing mine, and she got home, and has not seen hers since. She swears these rings are cursed. I didn't even have mine a full week. I got it last Friday night. I am so mad. I can't believe it happened.

Jamie said he wanted to tell me that "He told me so".... but he didn't. He knew I'd learn my lesson when I flushed something down the toilet. He says I've been putting my rings and stuff there, and I told him that he should have told me. That maybe I'd have listened, lol.

I did some blog reading and emailing, and then prepared to leave my house for my manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax. It felt SO great to have my eyebrows waxed. Like you wouldn't believe! It was definitely very uplifting, as I've been feeling very "down" lately. Not depressed, just ready to give birth and get that part over with - and well, with the gloomy weather outside... it's very "down" lately. Gloomy. Droopy. You know it. Winter blues. LOL. And I don't do much these days... so...

My manicure and pedicure were great as well. I got my fingers and toes painted a dark shade of red. I love red. Red nails are awesome. I own red nail polish but NEVER wear, because frankly I can't apply it to myself. Impossible. Just doesn't work. Doesn't look nice when I try to do it myself. I leave it up to the professionals to do a good job:

Those spots are not smudges, it's the light reflecting onto my nails from the ceiling.

Zeus snuck by this photo (above!)
After my appointments, I went next door to the bookstore to browse around. I came across them selling this Szechuan Scarf kit. I would have gotten one, but unfortunately it was 100% Acrylic (NASTY!)

Tonight we went to a Grill for dinner with my entire family. It's my mother's birthday today, and it was my sister's birthday on Tuesday, (the 19th), so we went out to celebrate. Above, is a picture of Jamie and I. I think it's alright. I can't wait to give birth and to lose all the swolleness. I'm swollen everywhere. My hands, my fingers, my face, my legs (really badly), and my feet and ankles are HORRID. Water retention is bad. I really don't want to have problems, so I'm going to try and keep my feet up as much as possible.

I took these cookies from my parents house tonight. My dad got this huge gift basket, and he gets sick from mint, and my mother hates mint, so I got these DELICIOUS mint cookies. They are to die for. I gave up chocolate cake tonight (I'm not a chocolate fan to begin with), and so these mint cookies were a treat! I loved them soo much I took the rest home with me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 7C (45F). Sunday, 5C (41F). Looks like it's going to be a green Xmas in Montreal. I wonder if that's ever happened before! LOL. No snow here. How sad and disappointing!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Three Times' a Charm [500 Blog Posts!]

I went to my GP this morning. I have bronchitis. Again. Blech. I'm on antibiotics, it is NOT contagious, and it's only in the front of my lungs, not the back. What the heck does that mean?? Damn my lungs. I think after I give birth I'm going to hunt down a lung specialist. This is not normal, to get bronchitis THREE times in ONE YEAR. Especially since all three times have been after getting pregnant. (End of May 2006, End of September 2006 and now). In the past I've gotten bronchitis two times a year, It's been consistantly like that since 1999. I think it's about time I see a specialist. Is a lung specialist what I'm looking for? I don't know. I'm going to start asking around, and I'll speak to my doctor the next time I see him.

At the pharmacy filling my prescription I bought myself 1 trashy magazine, some face maks that feel soooo good on the face, as well as, some juice and my meds. I love reading trashy magazines once in a very blue moon. Being sick and feeling like crap, I figured today was a good day.

Look at these nasty nasty horse pills!

Upon getting back from the doctor (stopping on the way home to fill my prescription for Biaxin and Vitamin C, which I have to take twice a day for a week, exactly 12 hours apart), I came home, and started doing a few things on my computer. And then I lost internet and cable. Look what happened:

This cable that you see, is hanging off my house. It USED to be attached from pole to pole... giving my house internet (my tenants too lost cable/internet). Within 5 minutes of me getting off the phone with Videotron, and going outside and taking a picture of what fell down, a service guy showed up. That was fast. Especially when the guy on the phone told me it could be anytime between now (when I was on the phone with him) and 9pm. The last TWO times I've called for service, they've shown up immediately. This is now the third. I am VERY impressed with them. Maybe I'll write them a letter for their great service.

So, I have my calendars on my bookshelf in my office, ready to go. That's two 2007 calendars and one perpetual. All knitting:

I hope I never lose track of what day it is - LOL!

I signed up on to be notified when they are allowing customers to pre-order the next Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I believe it's the last book. I wonder when in 2007 it'll be released. That is a darn good question.

Today Jamie and I received a really nice gift from someone Jamie works with for Chanukah:

An awesome baby monitor. Now, I have no idea how good this one is, as I've never seen it before, but I do plan on taking it out of the box this weekend and testing it... hopefully it'll be good, to work in the basement while Sean's sleeping upstairs.

Private Connection™ Monitor with Dual Receivers
Product: : J2457
Ages: Birth & up

For parents who want their connection with baby to be as private as possible, this monitor gives you a choice of 10 channels to reduce the likelihood of someone picking up your transmissión. Plus, 900 MHz technology offers a more powerful signal, with excellent clarity and greater range than most nursery monitors.

So with sound lights, superior range and 10 channels, you get a closer, more private connection with your baby. And with rechargeable batteries, you’re also saving money! Includes dual receivers for added convenience. Includes two 3.6 volt V (3 X 1.2V) Rechargeable NiCd Battery Pack. Compatible charger power adaptor included.

I really want one of these two:

13 cupcake holder.

Or the 23 cup cake holder.

I saw them at Walmart the other day. But I don't make cupcakes. So why do I want this? I couldn't tell you? Can it work just the same for muffins? I make muffins. LOL.

Today I did a HUGE de-clutter in my office. I cleaned up (almost all) of my craft supplies (non-knitting related). I feel sooo good about this de-clutter. A lot of it was collage/scrapbooking stuff, that I just decided I am NOT going to use. I always feel great after a de-clutter, don't you?? I think it's part of my nesting. I'm sick with bronchitis, and I still am managing to clean!

My growing belly is moving my stretch marks up my belly (not too happy about that), and I've gone some around my still-innie belly button. It's very itchy as my son grows inside of me.

Tomorrow I look forward to my manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax in the afternoon. I am soooo darn excited. Ahhh - a foot massage! (My hubby hates feet - so no massage from him).

I was feeling too sick today to do belly shots for the start of my 38th week. I will get to those tomorrow - after my manicure! How's that!

I'm expecting a bunch of packages in the mail, and tomorrow is the last mail day before Xmas. Then, there is no mail on Monday (Christmas Day) and usually not the day after Christmas (Boxing Day, December 26th). So, there probably won't be any mail until Wednesday of next week - what a bummer. I hate holidays for that 1 reason. NO MAIL! And then the same thing will happen the week after, as well - with New Years' Day being on a Monday, there probably won't be any mail on the 1st or the 2nd. In the mail, I'm expecting:

- a package from my secret pal
- a package from knitswap (I traded a ball of yarn for a ball of yarn)
- 2 set of stitch markers from the swap I hosted
- a package from Raesha
- and the destash yarn I purchased (knit picks and regia)
- also my yarn from the destash swap that Patty hosted
- eventually, the sock blockers I ordered on ebay. (They only custom make them once you buy and pay, which I did - so I'll probably only get those in the new year) (But it's on my list of mail I'm waiting for!)

Alright, I'm coughing. I'm going to go take my meds and head to bed. Why do I feel like this is going to be a long weekend, since I have NOTHING to do, and I can't do much? :( We're not going anywhere for Christmas (even though we've been invited to parties and dinners and such) but Jamie and I are taking a quiet evening to ourselves. I hope it's nice.

This is my 500th blog post in a year and 2 months. Actually, I think I started this blog exactly a year and 2 months ago (Oct. 21st 2005 I think!) Wow, that's 1.36 posts per day. (Hee hee!)

ps - I made an earring sale last night (thank you Jennie!) and another stitch maker sale today (thanks Barb!). My Etsy shop is doing well - whether the orders be through there or through email or in person, this was such a good idea on my part - and it's keeping me busy!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taco Bell Opens in Quebec!! (Oh and Mary got Opal!)

So now I'm going through a phase where I'm not sleeping in. I just can't sleep in anymore. Jamie leaves for work, and poof - I'm up! No alarm - nothing. Just wide-awakeness!

Today I loaded up my images and posted in my Etsy Shop. I'm now online. Once I've finished all the tons and tons of stitch markers that are in progress, I think I may offer to Secret Pal 9, that I've got stitch markers for sale, and I can mail them directly to their secret pals. Maybe some of my stuff will sell - that would be really cool. Hopefully over the next couple of days I'll finish everything up (beading) and get those on track.

Just MINUTES after posting my sales, Marga bought my Firefly Stitch Markers. Thanks Marga! They're already in the mail to you! Enjoy! (And I even added in a little something extra for her!) I'll be making more Firefly Stitch Markers incase anyone is interested.

I was browsing Etsy today, and came across this: (So simple to make, and kinda funny actually!)

Sean will be giving Nana & Zayda (Zayda is yiddish for Grandpa) this above gift for the holidays. It's now wrapped, but I wanted to photograph it before it went into the bag. It's a poker picture frame, with his picture in it. I thought it was really cute. Jamie's dad and step-mom are HUGE texas hold'em players.... I thought it was appropriate!

Guess what???????????? The FIRST EVER Taco Bell is now open in Quebec. Now I don't have to go to Ottawa, Ontario or Plattsburgh, New York for Taco Bell. They opened up minutes from my parents house - (like 20 minutes without traffic from my house). Oh, I think I'm having a taco craving. I kid you not. I believe they opened yesterday. They are in alliance with KFC (or rather PFK in Quebec!)

I finally took Sean's Lobster out of the packaging today. This Lobster, is a laundry basket or toy basket. It'll be a toy basket for him to keep his toys in, to play with in our basement. Isn't it just ADORABLE????

In other news before I talk about going to our local Stitch 'N Bitch tonight, I went back again to my local police station, AFTER CALLING THIS TIME - to make sure there was someone there trained to install a newborn carrier into my car. The guy who answered the phone said that there was. I said I would be by shortly. I think I was there like 45 minutes later, and yet again, like yesterday, I JUST MISSED the person or people who are trained to install the seat. Now, I probably could read the instructions and do it myself, but - there is NO wiggle room with those, and well - with my belly - there is no room for me to do it! And to be honest, I'd rather the police station to do it - not my procrastinating hubby.... (he's said a couple of times he'd do it, and well - hasn't!) I was told someone should be there between 11 am - 1pm tomorrow and I will call and RESERVE the person before going in. The station - is LITERALLY around the corner from my house. I kid you not. THAT close!

Today, I discovered what a REALLY BAD period cramp must feel like. I've never had a really bad one, (just mild), but I had a contraction while in the parking lot of the post office around the corner from my house (had a few things to mail out for Jamie) and well - it was awful - but I did some breathing, and then it passed. I think it lasted almost a minute. It was this awful pain, and my uterus got really really really hard. Harder than I've ever felt it go. So - I guess they're starting! But they're not regular at all - and not all as bad. I think I've had a few today, but nothing to start me into labor, not yet anyhow!

This afternoon I beaded a bit more, and I started working on a secret knitting project (I'll reveal it once done - it'll be a quick knit). I'll give all the details afterwards.

Tonight, I had a good time at the Montreal Knits Meetup (SNB). We were a nice little crowd. (Angela, Alison P, Peggy, Jennie E., Deawn, Kadi & Mary showed up for a few minutes with some goodies! More about that below). It was Alison's first meeting, and she had a really good time, especially since she drove all the way into town from Terrebonne in traffic nonetheless!!!

These Teething Pain Relievers are from Deawn. She brought them to me for Sean, for when he's teething and is crying. You give him one dose, and apparently it's supposed to let the baby stop crying. Anyhow, she got them for free from Pharmaprix near her, so I told her to grab a few more boxes for me!

This is a picture of Deawn taking a picture of me taking a picture. Do you follow? It was funny.

Jamie asked me for 8 inches in his sock before I turned the heel. Finally - I've knit 8 inches of sock number one, and I'll add a few more to my sock, before turning the heels on both. I do not want my socks to be 8 inches tall - because USUALLY - I only wear ankle socks (tennis socks). But for some reason, this pregnancy has allowed me to want to knit a pair of socks a little bit longer than just ankle socks. So mine will be maybe half of Jamie's length - so let's say 4 inches or so for mine. I'll be working on mine tomorrow, so I will post some pictures. Tomorrow, I have nothing going on - but some more chores, so I hope to watch a movie or something, relax and get some knitting done! And maybe some more in that Cross Stitch for my mother. I also have a sock monkey that I want to make for Sean.

So, Mary (who lives just above the coffee shop - lucky girl!), stopped by our Stitch 'N Bitch tonight, as the Opal yarn I INSISTED her brand new company (Online Yarn Shop - called Ariadne Knits) HAD to order! Ariadne was supposed to get online tonight, but it has not yet been uploaded. Maybe tomorrow??? Anyhow, I was telling Mary that I have been eyeing two different colorways from Opal's Rainforest Collection, and she was able to get both! However, she was only able to get it in 6 ply (which is a good thing, because it'll make for a more durable sock), and not in 4 ply - which is what I'm used to knitting with for sock yarn. So without any more delay - I present to you - my 2 new fave balls of yarn:

Above - Opal Rain Forest Flamingo!

And Opal Rain Forest Ladybug.

Now, to be honest, I find that 18.60$ is a LOT for a ball of yarn (cost me 38$ for both with my 10% off Montreal Knits Discount) (Thank goodness for Paypal payments for their online shop, so I could pay for it by Visa! Hee hee!) But still - that's a lot for a sock yarn. That's why I only bought 1 ball of each - lol... I can't wait to finish my married socks, and my mother-in-law's birthday purse (which I should get cracking on - her birthday is Saturday - thank goodness I have some lee-way time - as they're going to be in Toronto from Friday morning - Wednesday or Thursday for Xmas - so I have some extra knitting time) and then I have a scarf I want to knit for myself - my secret project to finish knitting - and then perhaps another pair of socks with my new yarn!

My good friend Lainie, in California, sent me this picture of her at Starbucks today with her daughter. It's such a sweet picture, and I love it. I can't wait to have my own son to kiss and hug and give my heart to! I'm sure he'll win my heart the instant he's born. I have no doubt about it. Something about this image of Lainie and her daughter, just made me want to cry (tears of love and laughter of course!)

Isn't it just precious?

And with that... I bid you a good night and sweet dreams.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Nasty Soup

This morning I made that concoction that my doctor gave me. (He didn't want me taking antibiotics so far into my pregnancy). So, I boiled it up:

Looks pretty gross, eh? You then strain it - and then drink it with lots of honey! It's a mixture of:

- 2 bags of Cammomile tea
- 2 bags of Linden (Tilleul in french) tea
- 3 onion skins (not the onion, just the dry onion skins)
- 10 walnut shells (not the walnut itself just the shells)

Boil. Strain. Add honey. Drink.

And you know what? I felt a lot better all day. I think I'm going to drink one more glass before going to bed tonight. The amount I have is for 2 days worth of tea apparently. Hey - whatever works right?

I've finished all my Xmas shopping. Well - almost anyhow! I just need to figure out something for my father-in-law and then I'm all set.

Angela gave me a gift card to Omer DeSerres for Chanukah, so I went over there today, and found this awesome bead kit (on sale for 24.95$). I picked one up. (It also comes in blue). I've been beading a lot lately (earrings & stitch markers mainly). Anyhow, I wanted the beads for beading, and the case..... for this:

An organizer for my stitch marker collection! Hee hee. So far, the ones in here, I've made some and some are from stitch marker swapping. I'm ADDICTED to collecting stitch markers. My case will be a LOT fuller once I finished my Clapotis, which has about 20 stitch markers for that project.

Thank you Angela for the awesome present!

I also stopped by the Bead Emporium today, and picked up some beads. With those beads, I made some earrings. I plan on posting them on Etsy to sell (probably tomorrow). If anyone is interested in a pair - let me know! They're for sale! Two different size earrings. The larger are 1"2/8th large and the smaller are 7/8ths of an inch big. I am very excited to set up shop - but I can sell them privately as well!

I also made some stitch markers today for my new Etsy shop (coming soon to my sidebar). These above are a set of 5 fireflies (I thought of you Marga!) I haven't figured out a price for them yet, but they'll be available in my Etsy shop.

Here is one more set of stitch markers (set of 6) that I made today. I have been having fun crafting.

Speaking of Stitch Markers - here are some that were received in my swap:

Above, I gave these to my swap partner Angela (who is technically blogless). She's had them since last Wednesday's SNB meetup.

And these above, I sent to Lainie, in California. She has received them, but I guess not blogged them yet.

Speaking of Mail received - my Secret Pal has received her Xmas Package that I put together for her. Here is what I sent her:

I love love love the sheep notebook that I picked up for her! If I didn't have a collection of journals already (I kid you not - impulse buys and addiction!) then I'd buy one for myself, because it was just tooo cute. I just have way tooo many blank journals, and now that I'm journaling online, instead of paper - I do NOT need any more journals! I could probably open up a store with the amount of journals that I own. (Ok, I know I'm exaggerating, but still! (Some of them are just too gorgeous that I don't want to use them!) My pal emailed me to tell me that she plans on sleeping with the scarf I sent her, as it is just TOO soft and comfortable. I agree - I almost didn't want to part with it!

Here is some other mail my SP9 pal received from me this week. I sent her these out in 2 different envelopes. She just blogged that she receives about 2-3 pieces of mail from me each week. Yep - that sounds about correct. It's all about spoiling now isn't it?? I sent my pal some awesome magnets, some more of my handmade stitch markers (Yep - I'm obsessed with making them!), some recipes and and Xmas card. I love funny Xmas cards - even though I'm Jewish and don't celebrate Xmas - they're soooo much fun!

Tonight my friend Saskia came over and had dinner with me. I gave her an Xmas present (we exchange one every year) and I'll photograph and post tomorrow what she got me (or rather for Sean!)

However, I do have to admit a snag with preparing her Xmas present. I was supposed to go to her house for a housewarming/Xmas tree decorating party, and she wanted everyone to come to that party with an ornament for her Xmas tree. This is her first apartment. Anyhow, I found these really nice picture frame ornaments, and wanted to pick a picture of the two of us into the frame. (She was a bridesmaid at my wedding, so I wanted to put a picture of the two of us from then). However, when I went to print one out on 4x6 paper (to fit into the 2x2 slot in the ornament), my printer was doing fuzzy weird stuff:

As if the ink was NOT drying on the photo paper. So, after different tests, and maintenace in my control panel on my computer, I settled with going to Pharmaprix and printing out on their digital machine. Here is the end result:

Now, I had done this on my home printer if it was working properly, I would have sized the image properly to fit more hair and more of my wedding veil, etc, into the picture. But I had to settle with what the photo machine printed out at the shop. I am not sure if it was my printer, the printer paper, the ink I'm using - or what. But, it's REALLY frustrating - let me tell you!

Saskia loved the rest of her presents, and I will blog about Sean's gifts tomorrow.

Tonight I gave in and purchased on ebay some Sock Blockers. I've been eyeing them online for about 3 months. But the seller I've been watching didn't have the ones I wanted up. Anyhow, needless to say, I contacted them, and she did have what I wanted, just didn't realize that they weren't listed. I really wanted the yarn and needles one (not one of the other 10-12 ones she has in stock - woolie the ram, aids ribbon, cat, dog, moose, etc...) Nope, I wanted this one in specific:

And I can't wait to get them in the mail! I sent a request for the amount with shipping, and will pay immediately, so that I can get them soon! I ordered a size Medium (which covers shoe sizes 7.5-9.5 women's). I'm a size 8 - so it's perfect!

This evening I watched the movie Over the Hedge. It was really cute. I was shocked on how short it is - 1 hour and 23 minutes. Are kids movies really that short these days?