Tuesday, March 31, 2009

march thirty-one :: 41 weeks old

Mack is 41 weeks old today.

Mack & I stayed in today, and I did a lot of work. I worked until there was about half an hour left before having to go pick up Sean from daycare, and used the treadmill for 20 minutes (I can now run 2 full minutes at 6.5 miles per hour) and when not running, I do a very fast walk at 5.5 miles per hour, while reading my book (I'm almost done reading Addition by Toni Jordan).

Both boys were in a good mood upon coming home from picking up Sean from daycare.

Mack's just been a bundle of smiles today.

Sean, had two separate issues today at daycare. I got a phone call around 11 am from the daycare coordinator. Apparently Sean was crying for me and saying that his eyes hurt. They found no crust, no puss, nothing from his eyes, not even any redness (nor any pink eye) and he was crying for me. He was currently getting ready to have lunch, so she said she'd see how he did during nap time, and if anything she'd call me back. Nothing. He was fine after. I'm wondering if it was just a plot to get me to come pick him up, as he knew that he got to stay home yesterday, that maybe he'd get to stay home today. Smart kid. I wasn't buying it.

Then, 5 minutes before I picked him up from daycare, he was hugging his friend Noah, and they bashed heads. Not sure if it was an accident or on purpose, but Sean got the bloody nose (Noah was okay). It was still bloody when I went to pick him up, and has been a little bloody off and on during the evening tonight. I am sure he'll be okay.

Wow, I realized tonight, I don't even know what to do for a bloody nose. Head up? Head down? Pinch the bottom of the nose? Pinch the top of the nose?? Well, that got me to google it to see what to do. I am sure this won't be our first bloody nose...

Oh, and a trick? Remember I talked about getting Sean out of daycare at the end of the day, and all he wants to do is run to the side door of the daycare where the playground is? Well, I now bribe him with happy face stickers (I got a bunch at the local Walmart the last time I was there, they give them to kids for free).... well now, I bribe him with 1 Happy Face sticker, to get his jacket and hat on, and into the car. He only gets it once we're in the car. Hey, it works.

I finally got the chance today to take a picture of the progress of my step-mother-in-law's vest. I even picked out a button for it, I'll photograph that tomorrow and see what you all think (and email it to my step-mother-in-law to see what she thinks of the button as well). I guess it's really only her opinion that matters, right? She'll be the one wearing it. Though, I think the button that I chose is a good one.

Tonight, Jamie picked up dinner on his way home from work, I wasn't in the mood to cook. Not one bit. Anyhow, after we got the boys to bed, we sat down on the couch and watched the Habs game. what a good game. We won against the Chicago Blackhawks, 4 to 1. What a game!

Monday, March 30, 2009

march thirty

This morning I kept Sean home from daycare. It was just one of those mornings, where we all (me and the 2 kids) all slept in. We are usually up by 7 am, maybe 7:30 am latest, but we just all over slept. I do not feel right sending Sean to daycare after waking up so late, because there is no way he'll nap at noon (12-3pm is nap time at daycare). It just wouldn't be right, so I kept him home. So this morning I packed up both kids once we were ready and headed to the nutritionists office. I've now lost 19.2 lbs. I am so freakin' excited to hit the 20 lbs lost mark... soooo close. And then I only have 15 more lbs to go to reach my goal. I can do it, I can do it.... but it's sooo freakin' hard... let me tell you.

This afternoon I picked up my mom and we headed west just across the bridge, off the island of Montreal for a change of scenery. I had some errands to run, and some items to cross of my to-do list, or rather to-get list, and it was a nice change of scenery indeed. I picked up this very cute Habs hat for Mack while we were out. The original Habs hat, that he would have inherited, has been missing for a very long time (still upset about it)... (Sean however still wears the habs gloves that came with that habs hat, they're hanging in his winter jacket now, as I type).

On our way home (it was about a 30 minute drive) both kids passed out. I dropped my mother off at her house, and I knew that if I went home, Sean would wake up. So I drove around for about another half hour, before he woke up and then headed home. There is no transferring Sean anymore. Once he's woken up, he's up.... it's a disaster. I wanted him to nap, no questions about it. I couldn't even go into the driveway, park the car, get my laptop and come back and sit in the car. I had to keep the car moving in order to keep him asleep. Oy, this is getting even more trickier. So I drove around, checking out houses for sale, checking out new streets that I didn't even know existed... that sort of thing. Oy, the things I'll do to keep Sean asleep. (Mack still is very easy to keep asleep, as he's still in his bucket, but once he's in a big boy car seat, it'll be a whole other story!)

For no reason at all - a self portrait of Mackie & I.

No teeth, but he eats cherioes.

Or so I think he eats his cherioes?

Tonight at dinner, Sean was not a good boy. Jamie had to work late, and I had to deal with this on my own, while trying to feed Mack who was freaking out because I was not feeding him fast enough. Ah.... I wanted to rip my hair out. I put Sean in time out, and told him to think about what he did. I had to run back to the kitchen and continue to shovel food into Mack's mouth as he was screaming his head off (when do they learn to feed themselves again?). Ah, that was fun. Jamie got home not too much later, (I did call him to find out when he'd be home and he was actually leaving in 5 minutes), and I took Sean out of time out once Jamie got home. Though, he was being all "in my face" "I think it's funny" and wouldn't listen to me when I went to go pull him out of time out, and so I told him when he's done acting silly, to come talk to me, and left him. I just wasn't in the mood to continue that conversation. Jamie somehow got him to calm down, and come over to me and apologize and give me a hug. He's super cute with his "I'm sorry mommy". How can I resist staying mad at him? Though, I'm sure throwing his bowl against the wall won't be the last time he'll do something like this.

This evening I worked on my step-mother-in-law's vest. It's coming along! Getting there! So close. I can see an end coming! I've also picked up the stitches for the button band on Mack's Moss Block Cardigan, which I should get done hopefully this week. It'll be sweater weather before I know it, and he'll need his new sweater!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

march twenty-nine :: 117 weeks old

Sean is 117 weeks old today.

This morning was another sleep in day. I managed to convince Mack to go back to sleep after his initial morning wake up, so we cuddled in bed together for a few more hours. Oh, I'm a happy mommy! Sean does his own this on weekend mornings, as he has free reign (for a long time now) of the house. He even knows how to put on his tv shows on the tv (smart kid!) and either Jamie hangs out with him, or Jamie does whatever else he does in the mornings, as Jamie's not a "sleeping-in" type of person. I think I'll always be a night owl, and love my morning sleep ins.

Apparently while I was sleeping, Sean & Jamie had a huge breakfast (I thought I smelled eggs frying in the kitchen), and Jamie told me after I got up that Sean was pretending to cut his pieces of cheese that he was eating with his fake kitchen set. And he would cut a piece for daddy to eat, cut a piece for himself to eat, and then he cut a piece for mommy. He proceeded to get off of his chair (he's been sitting on a big chair with just a phone book these days - what a big boy!) and tell Jamie that he was going to bring the cheese to mommy. Jamie had to stop him, as I was still sleeping - but it was too cute, even if hearing it and not seeing it. Oy, Sean is just too cute.

The rest of the day was lazy though, just doing a bit of this and a bit of that around the house. I'm in the middle of starting to organize myself for a spring clean, I have a lot of things that I want to tidy up around the house and get rid of. Broken toys can go in the garbage, clothing that doesn't fit anymore can go into storage (for the kids) or donation (my old BIG! clothes)... that sort of thing. I also need to finish getting organized to set up my seeds for the summer for my garden. I need to get them started by this week. At least the seeds that take 8-10 weeks indoors. (Tomatoes, cucumbers, I can't think of which other ones I started early last spring).

This evening after the boys napped (it took a LONG time to get Sean to nap today, he kept coming up with every reason and excuse in the book to NOT sleep), we headed over to my parents house for dinner (our usual Sunday night dinner at their place). My grandmother (mom's mom) whom we visited this past January in Florida is now back in Montreal until November, so she came for dinner tonight as well, it was nice to see her, it had been a while.

Jamie and I are deciding whether to hire our snow removal guy to maintain our lawn this summer or to have him just do an initial clean up and then have Jamie mow the lawn, etc.... I told Jamie it's really up to him, because it would be him mowing the lawn (not me!) and it's if he wants to do it at least every other weekend. Hmm.. decisions, decisions.

My best friend Robyn's cousin Josh's band won a juno tonight! I'd say he's more of an aquaintance of mine. I've meet him a bunch of times, and he's friends with friends of mine as well - but he's actually my best-friend-since-kindergarten's cousin. He's in the Sam Roberts band, and he's their drummer. Sam Roberts band is actually local, from Montreal. Yey for local boys! My friend Robyn however, moved out of Montreal in the 6th grade and has been living in the USA since. They're still close though, I think. That's so awesome that they won a juno! I guess I should be honored that Josh has me as a friend on Facebook? Maybe I should feel special? LOL.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

march twenty-eight :: 27 Months Old

Sean is 27 months old today. Don't you love his new haircut?

He really really really needed it. Look at this head of hair! Almost as bad as his daddy's hair when he needs a haircut badly. Both my boys get "Kramer" style hair when they need a haircut badly. Ah, the joys of curls.

The haircut came only late afternoon, after a nice sleep in this morning. (I'm not complaining!) My mom picked us up upon getting ready and we first went back to my parents house for some lunch with my dad too. After lunch, we headed out for a haircut and some errands. The haircut we had to wait for as we just walked in, and didn't have an appointment. The children's hair place was sure "happening" today. I also had the hairdresser snip above Mack's ears as the hair there was just growing over it, and it was looking rediculous. I saved the snippet from the hair for his curl box, but I'm not counting this as his first haircut.... I was just too afraid to trim above his ears. I didn't want it to look rediculous. Mack doesn't have enough hair to have a full haircut, so we'll wait, probably sometime after his first birthday (Sean's first real haircut was at about 14 months old).

On the way home we did some grocery shopping and at the store some cheerleeders were having a book sale a nd I got a ton of kids books for the boys for .25 cents each. A lot of the books were in excellent condition as well. There was also a few books that I had my eye on at the bookstore.

After the boys had at quick nap at home, we had dinner and tonight I just did my own thing. Jamie had hockey tonight, as he usually does, and I just wanted to do my own thing. I'm actually going to go back and plop down on the couch and watch some tv and knit. Have a good one!

Friday, March 27, 2009

march twenty-seven

This morning after dropping Sean off at daycare, I headed (as usual) to my nutritionsist. As of today, I've lost a total of 33.7 inches over all off my body. Wow! I'm impressed. (And let me tell you I'm very happy with my new curves...!) I'm only up .2 lbs from last week (I had gained 1.8 lbs but then lost 1.6 lbs this week) due to a little bloatiness from a friend (Ms. Aunt Flo) who will visit next week. I'm super happy it was just 1.8 lbs, and not more. My nutritionist says that some women gain even 4 lbs when it's that time of the month. Phew. Not me. I'd get depressed probably if the scale jumped 4 lbs. And then I'd probably want to shove my face with food. Yes, not only was I pregnant 18 months out of the last 36 (Sean is now 27 months old + 9 months of pregnancy = 36 months) but I love food. I felt while pregnant that I could eat whatever I wanted because I had the excuse that I was pregnant. Let's just say I don't recommend that. And if we should ever have a 3rd child (probably not, because Jamie's so set on just having 2 kids as this world if made for families for 4)..... that I would do things differently (way differently) should I get pregnant again. Ok, rant over. And next week.... I'll be better, do better, and lose more. Though, I'm still very happy that I've lost 5 inches over all from last week and that's huge. Still losing inches even if I'm bloated. I guess I'm okay with that.

When we got in from the nutritionist, I got Mack to take a nap. Doesn't this image just make you want to jump into his crib with him and cuddle and nap too? He looks so super cozy. I love it.

While Mack napped, I ran on the treadmill and showered before having to wake up Mack for his music class.

On our way out, I caught Jazz hanging out under Mack's jumperoo, catching some Zzzz, and thought I'd snap a photo of him. I rarely photograph the cats anymore, since the kids have been born.

Music was fun. Mack was being Mr. Independant and took off crawling his way over to the music teacher. He sat on her lap for a while until he decided to crawl off.

And then he went to go sit by someone else and hung out there for a while. He's too funny.

After music I went to the mall with one of the moms in the music class and her son, I had lunch, and we just talked for a bit. We also walked around for a little bit, it was nice. I didn't have a stroller on me, so I wore Mack in one of my slings. (Boy is he getting heavy).

After I left the mall, I went to go pick up Sean from daycare. He was a really good boy today, he listened and didn't hit or push any kids (maybe that girl pushing him down was the best thing!) We'll see how next week goes.

It was so nice outside when we got home that I stayed outside for about an hour with both kids and enjoyed the weather. I asked Sean to shove some snow for me. I told him I didn't want it on our lawn anymore, so he had to fill up his bucket. He was so cute shoveling the snow into the little bucket.

Mack & his crazy hair!

My boys!

My step-mother-in-law and father-in-law came from dinner tonight. My mother-in-law brought her homemade meat sauce, which I haven't made in a while (due to my eating plan) and it was nice to have. I don't usually eat starches after 5pm but I made an exception to have it for dinner tonight (spaghetti). MMm, it was good!

My step-MIL found some scrabble tiles at a Value Village for me, but unfortunately they smell like mold. She tried washing them, though that didn't really work. Does anyone know of a trick for getting a moldy smell out of wood tiles? If I can't get the smell out, they were not expensive, she told me just to throw them out - but I figured there is no harm in trying, and worse case, I throw them out as I just said. Maybe bleach?? CLR??

Thursday, March 26, 2009

march twenty-six

Mack likes to crawl under things and this morning he decided to sit under his leap frog musical bench. It was too cute to not take a picture!

While my cleaning lady was here today, I take care of folding the laundry which took all morning. There was just so much of it! I just don't understand how the laundry is never ending. Especially since most of us in this house (even Mack these days) only wears 1 outfit all day, and pj's at night. I'm confused. Where does all this laundry come from??

This afternoon I went out to see about ordering some magazines at my local newstand place. They told me that if I brought in the barcodes to the magazines I was looking for they'd be able to order them for me monthly/quarterly, or as often as they are out. So we'll see if they can do that for me. I brought in scans of the covers to 4 different magazines, and we'll see if he can get them.

I picked up some groceries while out today and one of the items was mini cucumbers. They are soooo good. I picked up 2 packages since they were on sale, and each package comes with 6 mini cucumbers. I've already finished off almost both packages. They are soooo good. What a healthy snack too!

Tonight for dinner I tried a new recipe. We tried a stew but in the oven instead of how I usually make stew in my slow cooker. It was actually not so bad. Jamie's request is that next time it tastes a little bit less tomato-y. No problem. Basically I'd taken a recipe off the web for making stew in the oven and changed around a few things here or there to our liking for spices, vegetables, etc. I've become a little daring in the kitchen since seeing the nutritionist. And no one in my house is complaining, seeing as though they're getting a home cooked meal almost every night of the week.

Today Sean didn't push or hit anyone at daycare, but he wasn't the best listener during the morning. He decided he didn't feel like participating in circle time, so he was a bit rambunctious. All I have to say is that I'm glad he didn't push anyone today. It's a start.

Jamie went out tonight to watch the Habs game with some friends, so by the time I put both kids to bed, I watched the 3rd period of the game (2-0 at the start of 3rd period and we ended up winning in overtime 3-2, did you see Saku's awesome goal to end the game?).

I then caught up on some tv shows and knit on my mother-in-law's vest. It's coming along. I really want to get it to her before the Jewish holidays the second week of April.

I'll leave you with this cute picture of Mack trying to knock over the garbage can (the green on in the bathroom is for recycling). My son has an obsession with the flip lid on the garbage can... he likes to play with it, and then knock down the garbage can. Let's just say I usually try to keep the bathroom door shut, though he still manages to find his way in there.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

march twenty-five

Are you a plastic, metal or bamboo blocking pin user? I've got all three in my knitting supplies, and I seem to prefer the bamboo! The bamboos are from my shop (though currently out of stock). The metal ones are pretty good too, but the plastic ones, which I believe I picked up on liquidation at Walmart a long time ago, seem to bend when I try to put them into my foam blocking boards. I've chucked a bunch in the garbage because they got ruined from bending. Just curious what your preference is, if you have one??

This morning after I dropped Sean off at daycare I ran to the nutritionists office to get weighed in. I'm not talking about my check-in's this week really because Aunt Flo' is visiting shortly and well, she likes to leave me with some bloating and well, it's normal, but the scale will go up. Though, whatever I'd gained on Monday I've almost lost all of it, so I'm still about the same as a week ago. I'm hoping on Friday there's at least some inches lost.... since this week there won't be any weight loss, I don't think. My nutritionist says that I should be happy that I didn't gain 4lbs + as some girls do the week before their visitor comes. Wow... 4 lbs. That would drive me nuts. Thank goodness my body doesn't behave that way! I need to talk to my nutritionist about Pesach (Passover) and how that will be manageable. Pesach is the 2nd week of April (around the same time as Easter). And what's worse, is that the same week of Pesach (which is Wednesday/Thursday the 8th/9th for 8 days), that weekend is Easter, and we have a huge Easter party at Jamie's step-aunt & step-uncle's house on the Saturday of Easter weekend. The Wednesday night of Passover we're with my parents and Thursday we're actually going to see Jamie's dad's brother's family. Very excited to finally meet little Hannah-Rose, whom I knit the Meathead hat for, as well as Boheme. (She was born mid-November and will be almost 5 months old around Pesach). Anyhow, the week of Pesach & Easter is going to KILL me. I swear, I just have to be ├╝ber good, and just watch everyone else eat. (And the secretly go home and want (WANT) to shove my face with food. Take out cucumbers from the fridge and pretend they're potato chips or ice cream - how pathetic, I've actually done that)... doesn't really hit the spot, but I love cucumbers. I really do. They're my fave vegetable.

After getting home from the nutritionist, Mack was fast asleep, so I let him sleep in the bucket in the house by the garage door, while I used the treadmill. I can see the landing by the garage door from the treadmill, but Mack was clearly out cold. I quickly showered, just had enough time to hop into a shower before getting picked up by my mother. Mack woke up just as my mother showed up. Talk about good timing.

I went to go see the movie Duplicity with my mom, and as well Jenn was there with her mother (my aunt) & son Henri. The movie was one that you had to really pay attention to, and was enjoyable. My ticket was for free because I had enough Scene points, but if I had to pay for the movie I'd probably have been a little disappointed. Not one of the best. I really do like Julia Roberts though, and Clive Owen is pretty good himself. Though, I don't think I'll watch this movie again. Mack was pretty good today during the movie. Maybe there is a good chance I'll take him again the movies. (It's getting harder as he's getting older).

On our way home from the theater we picked up Sean since it was just easier than going out twice. So today, Sean got pushed down by the tiniest girl in his class. Apparently he was SHOCKED that she did this and was totally confused by it at the same time. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that this will have taught him a lesson, and he won't push kids around again...? Here's to hoping?? Maybe it took a little girl to push him down.... we'll see how the next few days go at daycare. Can I only dream that his pushing days are over?? Apparently this tiny little girl is one tough cookie....!

Tonight I went out with the West Island Knits/Crochet group to our usual spot. We were a nice sized group tonight. We always have great conversation, and I love getting out of the house once a week for knit night. Tonight I worked on my mother-in-law's Vest. (After some frustration with winding the ball of yarn at the coffee shop - never again - I'll have to remember to do it at home first. But my sister was a lovely sport in helping me - thank you!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

march twenty-four :: 40 weeks old

Mack is 40 weeks old today.

The reason Mack's wearing his Habs jersey today, is because (besides there being a game tonight that he had to wear his jersey during), I took Mack to Walmart today for a photo session in the studio. A friend of mine and her son joined as well. I went an hour before the session to do a return and pick up a few things I needed, but made sure I had enough time before the 11:30 am photo session appointment. We had a lot of fun, and both boys cooperated during their own sessions. (We didn't do the boys together). In the end, I ended up ordering 1 pose as the package (8x10, some 5x7's, some 3.5x5's, some wallets and some mini's) they were offering for 7.99$ and another adorable pose at just 1 sheet with a 5x7 and some wallets. I cannot wait to get the photos. They are just too freakin' adorable. I had taken Sean back in August of 2007 for a photoshoot at Walmart when they had an even cheaper package than the 7.99$ one I got today, and did a "sailor" type shoot. (I never ended up re-doing those shots) I have no idea why I didn't do that Habs one with Sean like I did today with Mack. When I get the photos back (they said two and a half weeks - which seems LONG to me for digital prints), I will definitely show you! Though, Sean's pics were taken at 8 months and about a week old, Mack's were done at just over 9 months old. You can tell the difference with the 2 boys' weights. Sean has a double chin in those photos, and Mack's still a tiny little pisher.

I've got some knitting progress for you! I've finished all the main knitting for Mack's Moss Block Cardigan. For some odd reason I thought that it was a 6 month size sweater, but it's actually 6-12 months size and since Mack's the tiny little pisher that he is, it'll be perfect for this spring! I just need to crack down and finish it. Once it's done blocking, I need to pick up stitches for the button band, and then seam it together. I cannot wait for it to be done. I cannot wait for him to wear it!

Tonight I went to the Habs game with Jamie. I managed to finish sock one tonight of my GO HABS GO SOCKS. It looks awesome let me tell you! We won tonight's game, 6-3 against Atlanta. We needed to win to secure our spot in the playoffs. We're currently in 8th position. We actually need to keep winning. But what an awesome game tonight. It was very enjoyable to go watch!

Unfortunately I do not think I'll get to finish them this season, as tonight was my last set of season tickets. My sister has invited me to her game on April 6th, so I will get to work on sock number 2 that I cast on tonight after finishing sock number 1, (and even kitchener stitching it closed at the game!) but I don't think I'll have enough game time to finish the second sock. If we make the playoffs and I get to go to a game during playoffs, then maybe I'll get the chance to finish them. But I thnik I may be dreaming in technicolor. We may also have one set of tickets (not sure when though) from a supplier, since they were supposed to give Jamie & I tickets for this past Saturday night, and the guy promised he'd make it up to us, but we're not sure if that'll be this season or next. So I guess you'll have to stay tuned to see if I finish these socks this hockey season or next. (I'm only working on them at games. Watching games at home does not count - I have to be in the Bell Center to work on them! It's the rule I set when I casted on!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

march twenty-three

Mack had a late nap today after we got back home from dropping off Sean at daycare and going to the nutritionist. So we missed out on playgroup today. I definitely want to see if maybe the morning playgroup can be pushed to later on, as a lot of the babies take late morning naps.

I've been wanting to show you my March Sock Club yarn (pattern to follow soon!). It's Tanis Fiber Arts in Baie de Sureau. It's a lovely purple colorway. I think Tanis' yarn is by far one of my fave yarns ever. Her stuff just ROCKS!

And here is the first installment of my Mini Skein of the Month Club (for the Blanket Project). Are they just delicious? I love the mini skeins. They just rock! And the colors are yummy delicious! My club is running March-April-May, and is sold out. I'll let you know if I choose to run it in June-July-August, and when I open up new sign ups.

I hate picking up Sean from daycare these days. All I hear is that he pushed this kid, or threw that toy. It's starting to bother me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong that he's behaving like this. And I have to keep reminding myself that he's a boy and he's only just turned 2. It's hard. I always thought that I would raise these well behaved boys, and then I have Sean who is a very active (hyper?) kid, who doesn't always listen. I'm hoping he outgrows this soon.

This evening I worked on some knitting while watching some TV with Jamie. I've been so tired lately by the time both kids are in bed. It's just exhausting having 2 kids 2 years old and under (even when 1 goes to daycare during the day). Mack's on the go now, and it's now a whole other ballgame.

I've been using the treadmill on a very regular basis. I even started running on it. I want to add on about 15 seconds of runnning every time I use the treadmill, and see how long I can last runnning. Right now, I can do about a minute at 6.5 miles per hour. (I usually speed walk on it at about 5.0-5.5. I've grown up with mild asthma, so I'm trying to train myself slowly. I'll get there!

Some Robyn's Nest news, I have re-stocked the shop with Stitch Savers. I've also got a few April 2009 Sock Club kits left in stock, which I will be doing the dying (Flock of Feathers Sock), so please come by and support me by purchasing a kit. You will NOT regret it! (May's sock club is sold out, so if you want to get your hands on an April kit - please do so before it's sold out as well!) Even my husband who is not a knitter, was pretty darn impressed with April's sock club yarn. Please come support the club! Also, Zen Yarn Garden Bling yarn is currently on sale from 29$ to 21$.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

march twenty-two :: 116 weeks old

Sean is 116 weeks old today.

Today was another day full of some errands. First stop was to the Hardware Store. Sean took interest in one of the magazines that was there. I needed to pick up some last minute seeds for my garden (last year I planted my seeds on March 19th in my indoor greenhouse, and this year, I decided I was going to wait another week or so, as I'm going to plant another week or two later than I did last year so none of my plants die. (Last year there was still some frost in late May after I planted so some of my plants died).

Ahhh, the joys of having 2 boys. Boy toys. Everywhere. Even in the window of my car...!

We took the boys to the pet store this afternoon so Sean could look at the animals. He was so funny in the pet store, asking the names of all the animals he saw. I think his fave one today was the rats. Ew. I hope he never asks to get one.

Tonight we had my family over for dinner. We usually go to my parents house for dinner (or go out sometimes) but my parents dog has some sort of infection on his foot (he had minor surgery for it last week or so) and my parents ended up having to wash all the carpets in their home because of it. Since I do not want Mack crawling on their carpets until all the rooms are done, we decided it would be easier to have them all here. My dad's parents came out to see the kids, and brought some clothing for the boys with them from their recent trip to Florida. Something for Mack in 18 month size and something for Sean in size 3. Perfect. Neither of them are in that size yet, so they'll eventually grow into it.

Going to go plop on the couch, knit & watch Desperate Housewives.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

march twenty-one

This is where I found Mack this morning. In my bedroom closet. EATING my yarn. Oh my. (And yes, my husband is okay with the fact that I have yarn in our walk-in bedroom closet).

Today I wore a pair of pants, for the first time, in TWO sizes smaller than when I started my diet back in January. Woohoo! It feels good.

Today I went out with Jamie and the boys. We had some errands to run, and places to go.

One of the stops was to my uncle's shop. Jamie was picking up his new glasses and I fell in love with these purple ones. What do you think? I'm thinking about ordering them. Yes, I can't believe they're purple as well. (People who know me long enough know I used to detest purple).

And we promised Sean that we'd go by the toy store while out (maybe it was a bribe?) and get him a new toy. This is what he picked out. A silly ball and a happy face ball. Whatever makes the boy happy!

He just loved it!

I made Jamie drive today, so I could knit in the passenger's seat. I wanted to get finished with the last sleeve on Mack's Moss Block Cardigan. It's almost done! Getting there!!!

Mack loves to stand. He'll stand and grab onto anything. So I brought his Leap Frog bench from his bedroom into my bedroom since we spend a lot more time in my bedroom then we do in his. I swear, I'll be catching him walking from one thing to another (grasping with dear life) but I think it'll be any day now...! He really wants to run after Sean!

Tonight we went to go see the movie The Watchmen. Holy wow, what a fantastic movie. I think Patrick Wilson who played Dan Dreiberg is hot! I also loved Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played The Comedian. (He has been playing Denny Duquette on Grey's Anantomy). And Billy Crudup played Dr. Manhattan who let his "thing" hang almost the entire movie, and let's just say it's a little big to not notice. WOW! Thanks Tara for letting me know to look for it. LOL. It's almost 3 hours long, but so worth it. But seriously, now I know why I don't go out much....

Dinner... 84.76$ (with tip)
Movie... 21$
Popcorn & Drinks ... 16$
For everything else there's mastercard.

Holy crap. $121.76 to go out for dinner & a movie. Thank heavens my parents babysat, and I didn't have to pay a sitter! Otherwise the evening would have cost easily $150+. What do babysitters cost these days anyhow? I know when I used to babysit in the mid nineties, I got paid about 5-8$ an hour. And these days, almost 15 years later... I don't even think I want to know what babysitters charge... what do you pay your babysitter?

Friday, March 20, 2009

march twenty

After dropping Sean off at daycare (late) this morning, (still not sure how to get out of the house with 2 kids - if you have a secret please share it), I went to see my nutritionist. I am down 18.2 lbs and I've lost almost (just under) 30 inches all over my body. Every Friday she does my measurements, and I seem to be losing 2-4 inches across my body (1 inch here, 1 in there, etc), each week. I'm pretty happy about this - let me tell you. I'm starting to see my stomach again as a stomach and not as a lot of pregnancy flab... Oh it feels great.

This morning while Mack took a nice nap, I watched the movie Bride Wars, while doing some work (stuffing envelopes!) What a cute movie. I am a huge Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway fan. And don't get me started with Bryan Greenberg who was in the movie as well. I became a huge fan of his (what a cutie!) in October Road, which he did with Laura Pepron (That 70's Show), which lasted 2 Seasons. Wish they hadn't cancelled that one.

At lunch Mack had his music class, and as usual, he loved it. I love that he gets so excited when she takes out the instruments and the animal puppets, etc! It's so cute.

After music I went with four of the moms for lunch at the local mall. It was nice to have lunch and chat. After eating, three of us stayed to walk around for a bit. I wanted to pop into Telus in the mall to see if they can do anything about my wall charger for my cell. It kept going back and forth between "CHARGING / NOT CHARGING" and was defective. There is a 1 year warranty, so they replaced it on the spot. Phew.

While at the mall we ended up running into immature mom from playgroup. I put on a fake smile and chatted. What is really funny, is that we (the three of us left after lunch) were openly talking about her. I was filled in from the other 2 moms about what happened Monday since I wasn't there... and that no one in playgroup likes her, etc... Oh, I'm so super happy that I'm slowly drifting away from that group. I really do not need that kind of high school stupidity in my life. And it seems like everyone just talks about everyone behind their back. Why? I don't know. I wish I did. There is no point. I thought we were all so way past this type of behavior years ago. Apparently not. Well then, no thank you.

It was really nice talking openly with those 2 moms though. I really hope that since I'm distancing myself from this one playgroup, that I'll still keep in touch with these 2 moms (one of which I know from high school - she was a grade below me and the other, a new friend, since having our boys this past year).

I went into Payless while in the mall to have Mack's foot measured. While I thought he was still in a size 2, he's foot is now over the line for size 2, and he should be in a size 3. Time to take out the size 3 ziplock and put away the size 2. I could have sworn that I told someone that I'd look through our shoebag and give them a ton of size 2 sandals, but now I can't seem to remember who I promised this to? I'm sure I'll figure that out. Freakin' mommy brain is getting to me bad some times.

Picked up Sean from daycare, and he was a good boy today in school. Phew. We've been having issues with him pushing kids and throwing toys. I'm glad though it's not just my son who has been pushing and throwing, that other kids in the class are like that too, and it's not just the spotlight on Sean. Though, I'm not happy with this - and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it? Any advice? Whenever he pushing or throws or hits at home, we put him immediately into time out - though, he's not really sure what this time out business is, but we're keeping at it. And this is how our conversation will go....

Me: Think about what you did Sean, while you're in time out, I'll be back soon.
Sean: Okay, mommy. (While crying)
I leave the room.
I give it a few minutes (toss in some laundry into the machine or do some chore).
Go back to his room.
Me: Did you think about what you did?
Sean: Yes, mommy.
Me: What did you do?
Sean: Push Mack. (Or insert whatever else he did wrong instead of what he just said).
Me: We don't push Mack. We don't push, we don't kick, we don't hit and we don't throw in this house. If you want to kick, you kick a ball in the basement. If you want to throw, you only throw a ball, in the basemenet or outside. Do you understand?
Sean: Yes mommy.
Me: Will you push Mack again? (Or do whatever action it is that he did wrong)....
Sean: Yes.

Well... at least he's honest.

Tonight, I was craving Scores, so we went out for dinner. I am not sure how I convinced Jamie to go out just the 2 of us with the 2 kids, but I do not think he'll ever do that again. If we're more of us (more family members, or what not) then at least we'd have help with the kids while out. But alone... oy.... we cannot enjoy our own meal, while out with the 2 kids. It's just not fun. Though, I do have to say that my meal hit the spot.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

march nineteen

Today my cleaning lady came. Phew! She was sick last week and I missed her. I really did. She helps me clean the parts of the house that I just can't. There is only so much I can do in a day, with two kids (though Sean does go to daycare) and I don't know what I would do without her. I would need more hours in each day.... seriously.

I got a lot of work done today while she was here, and worked after she left until about 4pm when I headed out to the grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner, and then went to pick up Sean from daycare. I like that while I am working I can catch up on my tv shows, though, not fully paying attention to my tv shows. I don't know when else I'd really have time to catch up on the stuff that I watch that Jamie won't watch with me. We have some shows we watch together, but there are shows that he has absolutely no interest in watching... (like the more girly drama stuff). Maybe I do need more hours in the day...!

Today I got a YUMMY order of yarn in the mail from Twilight Knits. I ordered a bunch of her Superwash Merino Sock Yarn.

Tonight I made a meatloaf for dinner, seemed like it was a hit with both Sean & Jamie. Hmm! Something I could most definitely make again. Which is a good thing. Sean completely devoured dinner tonight. Meatloaf = good.

Tonight I sat on the couch and worked on my MIL's vest. We watched the Habs game, which we completely got killed by one of the shittiest teams in the league - the Ottawa Senators. Oy. We really need to start winning games to keep our spot in the playoffs. It's getting pretty bad... it's pretty embarrasing where the season has ended up. So much for our 100th year being a good one... eh?