Sunday, August 24, 2014



I wanted to show off the new yarn we got in stock at the shop, so I knit up my cowl design, since fall/winter is just around the corner. 3 balls of Embrace will make 2 cowls. You need 1 and 1/3 ball to make a cowl.

For this cowl, I cast on 20 stitches instead of the 22 called for in the pattern and omitted the K1 after the first 3 stitches and the K1 before the last 3 (on RS), and the P1 after the first 3 stitches and the P1 before the last 3 stitches (on the WS). It was super bulky and I didn’t fear rolling in on the edges. For bulky yarn, you should leave the extra 2 stitches in to help prevent rolling.

Buttons are in stock in the shop! This pattern makes great Xmas gifts and it knits up in no time at all!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Head Start Hat


I knitted this Head Start hat in the round, instead of flat, as per the pattern on the ball band. I cast on 56 stitches instead of the 54 stitches so that the 2x2 ribbing would work out. I also knit it to 7” instead of 9” as I wanted it as a hat, not a slouch. I did the decreases as written on the ball band. I used up 44g of the 50g ball.

LOVE the way this color way knit up! It was a tad deceiving on the ball, but knits up very lovely!



Tuesday, August 19, 2014



I finished up Maderia, which is a free pattern by Berroco, for their yarn, Linus. This was an interesting knit. The yarn was interesting to work with - if you pull too hard, it tears easily. It has a nice drape to it, and I’ve worn it a few times since finishing it on August 3rd. The yarn feels nice in your hands, while knitting. Everything on the pattern was smooth sailing until I got to the front/back neck shaping. The instructions (even with the errata) was not 100% clear (poorly written). Being an experienced knitter, I was able to figure out what they meant but the instructions would throw a beginner off. I am actually working with a student in my drop-in classes at the shop who is knitting this as well, and I am going to have to re-write the instructions for her once we get to the top on her tank top.

I added about 3” to the length before shaping for the armholes. I like my t-shirts/tank tops to be longer.


It fits well. I made the medium size and it drapes/hangs nicely. I like the asymmetrical neck and bottom. It’s very different/unique and lovely at the same time.