Tuesday, June 30, 2009

june thirty

Today was Sean's last day in the ladybug class. On Thursday (tomorrow is a holiday) he will be in the busy bee class. So far, he's excited to go, we'll see what happens on Thursday. I gave both his teachers a gift this morning, I hope they like them. It was a parting gift. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to give one, but it felt right. I messaged Sean's friend's mom (whom I'm in playgroup with for Mack) to see if she did anything. If she didn't, I hope I don't make her feel like she should have.

I went this morning to the nutritionist, as tomorrow they're closed. Thank goodness there aren't any more holidays for a while, to interrupt my Monday-Wednesday-Friday check-ins. As soon as I'm done stabilization at the end of July, (it's a 6 week process), then I will only have to check in once a week while I'm in maintenance. I'm so looking forward to not going three times a week anymore. I'm kinda getting sick of that place. Very sick of it! I was back down on the scale this morning, which I knew I would be, and I apologized for my bad mood yesterday. I was pissed off at the scale, lol... and my body. It was my fault for having more wine than I should have at the wedding! Oh well... I don't do it often. But being up on the scale when you're trying to keep it off, or lose more, is very discouraging. Let me tell you! It feels better to be back at my goal weight today.

I dropped Mack off at my parents house after the check-in and then headed to work. I worked until 4:30pm or so, and then left to pick up Sean from daycare. He likes coming with me to do groceries, but it's super difficult to take both boys to do that, so since I was alone with Sean, I decided to take him with me to pick up what I needed.

Before picking up Mackenzie, I went back into the nutritionist's office, to ask a few more questions about a product that could help me with my stomach fat. I'm debating whether trying it out or not. It's all natural, so we'll see. I'm really debating it. I think what I may do, is give it the summer, and see if I'm able to get rid of the last bit of pregnancy flab on my own, and if not, then maybe look into it after the summer is over.

While Jamie was barbecuing dinner, I took a peak at what was doing in my garden:

Peppers are starting to flower!

The stringless beans are starting to grow tall, but I have yet to see a stringless bean.

The cauliflower plants are growing huge! No cauliflowers yet though.

Some tomatoes are turning red....! Soon we'll have these red fantastics to eat.

Little cucumbers are growing!

Zucchinis are coming too!
I'm very excited about the zucchinis!

Just before it rained, we had some silly fun at the window. We were all making faces at each other, it was too funny. Silly moments are what life is all about!

I love this "family portrait" you've got all 4 of us in this shot!

My silly son likes to take the pillow case off the pillow and use it as a sleeping bag. Not sure where he got this idea from, but this is how you can often find him.

Jamie and I chilled in bed tonight after the kids went to sleep. We watched some TV (Weeds, etc) and I worked on a design of my own I'm currently knitting. We were going to go see Stevie Wonder tonight, maybe with the kids (Jamie's insane) or maybe without, but they were calling for rain (I think it drizzled a little the evening while the concert was going on), and I didn't want to take the chance of getting caught in the rain. Too bad. It would have been awesome to go to a FREE Stevie Wonder concert. He's opening for the Montreal Jazz Fest.

Monday, June 29, 2009

june twenty-nine

I was in a bit of a bad mood when I went to the nutritionist this morning. First off I was a tad hungover from the wedding last night. (Reminder, don't walk away from the table, the waiter WILL refill your wine - don't even look away from your glass while you're sitting at the table!) and probably because of the wine, I was up on the scale today and it made me upset. I know that I will always probably gain one or two pounds on the weekend, but then lose it during the week, and that is what they will teach me during maintenance, which I will be starting in a few weeks. (I'm still in stabilization). They will teach me how if I want to have a cheat day on the weekend, to then lose that weight during the week, so that I could cheat again on the following weekend. The goal is lose any weekend cheat weight gained, before doing it again. Because if you gain 3 lbs but then only lose 1 before "cheating" again, that's how pounds add up and you will have gained 2 lbs here and 3 lbs there, and the next thing you know it, you're up 10 lbs.... I NEVER want to be the weight I was before I started this diet ever again..... and I'm happy for this lifestyle change. As long as I can control my cheat days once in maintenance, then I'll be good. I want to be able to maintain my weight within 5 lbs. Though, I still want to lose about 7 more from my goal weight, but no rush. I think that last 7 lbs will take more work now that I'm at the end.

Today we had a brunch at the bride's parents house. It was a brunch for out of town guests and immediate family. The kids weren't invited to the wedding, so they met today for the first time. Sean immediately had fun playing with his
I can count on Sean for a silly picture anytime!
He LOVES to be upside down.

I don't take very many pictures with my brother, but I like how nice this one came out. Definitely frame worthy.

When we got home from the brunch, Sean REFUSED to nap. He wanted to watch TV in my bedroom. The next thing I know it, he's OUT cold...! The boy really needed his nap. We let him sleep until just before supper, or he'd never go to bed tonight. He naps every day in daycare, but at home, always is fighting his naps. Drives me insane. But clearly, he needs his nap.

I did some work from home while both boys napped late afternoon. When Jamie got home from work we made a bbq for supper. (Regular occurrence in summer, might as well take advantage).

This evening because I was feeling guilty for being up on the scale this morning at the nutritionist's office, I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. (Well walked fast, with a bit of running). I have been so busy lately to use the treadmill, and I do feel guilty about that. But I have been biking. So I have been getting exercise, that's for sure.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

june twenty-eight :: 30 Months Old & 130 weeks old

Sean is 130 weeks old today as well as exactly 30 Months Old - which is 2 and a half. Two and a half! I can't believe he'll be 3 before I know it!

This morning I went to a local salon to redeem a gift certificate that I had from my birthday last year, to get a manicure and pedicure for tonight's wedding.

I love this shade of red that I chose. I always go with red.

This afternoon as I was getting ready for the wedding, Sean decided he needed to try on some of my heels. Apparently this is completely normal for a boy to want to try on his mother's heels. Too cute. Had to take pictures. He'll for sure kill me one day when I show these to his future girlfriends.

These are the high heels I wore to the wedding tonight. Not sure how, but he managed to walk in them around my bedroom. I'm impressed! These pictures make me laugh.

Tonight we had my cousin's wedding. My in-laws came over to babysit my kids.

Our cozy little table at the wedding. Good times were had.

It was a bad idea putting us next to the bar. We ended up reaching over and serving ourselves since the wine was just "left" there...!

My siblings and I being our goofy selves. Our mother wanted a nice photos. When she says nice we say goofy. We start off by smiling and then when she's about to take the picture, we make faces...!

Amy and I!

And since Jamie barely likes to be in pictures, I made him take some with me tonight.
Especially since I'm all dressed up.
I've got to show off my new body (36 lbs lost!) Come on!

When we got in, Sean was "waiting" for us in the den. My in-laws were watching TV in the playroom and Sean was on the couch (our den faces the garage door). He had his blankets and his pillow and his stuffed animals with him on the couch. He didn't want to "go to sleep" (he was fast asleep when we got in) until we got home. We don't usually have issues with him with babysitters, this is the first time he was "waiting" for us. Weird. I hope it's not something he'll continue to do when there is a babysitter (whether it's family or not).

I had a great time at the wedding tonight. It is fun to dress up and go out! I don't get to do it often, so it's definitely a treat.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

june twenty-seven

It was sooooo nice to wake up this morning and have no kids in the house. I was disappointed that a really loud thunder woke me up around 6 am. I could have down without that. We've been having really sucky weather lately, it's been a very disappointing summer so far (weather wise).

Late morning I went to pick up the kidlets from my parents house. I think my parents needed a break! It was great to see the kids again. The kids were happy to see us again too.

Since it was a bit of a rainy day today, we didn't do much except for lounge around in our pj's and hang out. We were lucky to get a little break around dinner time from the rain, so we were able still barbecue supper. Tonight I had my first salad for dinner that 75% of the salad was from my garden. From the lettuce, cucumbers, tomato and shallots, the only thing that wasn't from my garden was the cucumbers (they're not ready yet). There is 1 more tomato (large one) that will be ready soon, it's very exciting. What a delicious tomato that was.

Even though looks can be deceiving, I had two absolutely CRANKY kids before their bedtime tonight. Mackie, my little photography poser, will stop out of his crankiness, to pose for a picture for you. See above and below pictures. I can't believe the little bugger.

He certainly does NOT look like a cranky child to me. But he certainly was. I was super happy this evening once they were both in bed. It was just one of those days. I wonder if it was payback for sending both of them to my parents house last night to sleep over?

I've got some new stuff in the shop! First, we have some freakin' awesome Knitting & Crochet Decals which you can put on any surface, but most common, on your car!! They are removable but not reusable. It comes with application instructions of course. I can't decide which one to put on my car! And in what spot!?? Next, in the shop, we now have Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn. Oh my - this stuff is absolutely delicious and super soft!! We have 14 colors which include solids & variegated. Very affordable price for a sock yarn with great yarddage! Yum! Happy Shopping!

Jamie has hockey tonight, so I'm about to go plop myself into bed, watch some re-runs of Law & Order and knit.

Friday, June 26, 2009

june twenty-six

This morning I went to the nutritionist and I started phase 2 of my stabilization. I'm now allowed an extra portion of protein and an extra portion of vegetables as well as an extra portion of dairy to my daily menu. I am doing very well with everything, and I'm even still at my goal weight! Which is amazing! I'm so super happy. I really want to lose a few more - but if it doesn't happen right away, I'm okay with that too. Hopefully by the end of the summer, I can knock off another 5-7 lbs. Here's to hoping!

I dropped off Mackenzie at my parents house, my mom babysat him today while I went into work. I don't usually work on Fridays but this week was a busy week, especially with a holiday smack in the middle of it, so today was the day my mom agreed to watch Mackenzie so I could go into work. It'll be so much easier once he starts daycare, whenever that is.

After work I dropped Sean off at my parents house, where Mack still was hanging out. Both of them had supper there tonight and are sleeping over. Woohoo! A night with no kids! (RARE!)

Mack is very clingy to either myself or my mother if my mother is around. If my mother is around, he'll barely come over to me! He'll ask for her to hold him (wiggling his way out of my arms!)

Before I left my parents house this evening to head home, I found Sean in his fave spot. In front of my parents tv in the basement playing the Wii. (Boxing). The kid is obsessed.

Tonight we had an ex-coworker of Jamie's over for dinner, who is going through a divorce. We also had two other of his ex-coworkers over - as the 4 of them were friends when they were all working at the same place (only 1 still works there) and all kept in touch after going their separate ways from that job. We were going to enjoy the backyard for once, since it was finally cleaned up on Wednesday while I was in Ottawa (Jamie did a fantastic job!) and just our luck - it rained while we were about to go eat, so we decided to eat inside instead. What a bummer! We had good conversation, some good wine, and it was a nice evening all around. Especially since we didn't have any of the kids at home!

I have some new stuff being listed into the shop tomorrow - stay tuned!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

june twenty-five :: seven years

I got some gifts yesterday while I was in Ottawa:
Madeleine gave me a bottle of white wine that she can't find in Quebec. She picked up a case while we were in Ottawa, and insisted that I have a bottle to try. It's in my fridge now, and I'm saving it for a special occasion or something! Thank you Madeleine!

My stash enhancement from Ottawa:
I picked up a skein of SWS in the Natural Violet Colorway at Yarn Forward. I needed 1 more skein to go with the 1 skein that I still have at home. I can't really do something with 1 skein (80g) so with 2 atleast I could make another scarf or something. I used about a skein and a half to make the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf. I picked up at Wool-Tyme a skein of Misti Alpaca Lace in red. Also at Wool-Tyme I picked up a ball of Berroco Sox Metallic, which I've always wanted to try. And the last thing I picked up at Wool-Tyme was 2 balls (50g each) of Regia Design in the Carribean Landscape color. I already have 2 skeins in the Landscape Fire color and I love the colors. I love that they stripe as well. Both those colors will be stockinette stitch socks for sure. And at Knit-Knackers Warehouse, I picked up 2 skeins (50g each) of Diamond Yarn Foot Loose in a tonal red colorway. I cannot believe that Michael Jackson passed away today. Farrach Fawcett died today as well after a long hard battle with cancer. But Michael Jackson? I was never a Michael Jackson fan, but it's still sad that he passed away. I also learned that Ed McMahon passed away 2 days ago (June 23rd). I used to watch Star Search all the time as a kid! After I dropped off Sean at daycare today, I went for an eyebrow wax. I always feel so much better after getting my eyebrows waxed. It was very interesting getting them done with Mack there. I had to hold him - as I couldn't put him down in the room, in fear that he would touch everything. I go to someone who works out of her basement, so I couldn't exactly go with my stroller. He was very fascinated in what she was doing. I miss the days when I was able to put him down on the floor and he wouldn't move. Today I worked from home. I had a yummy salad for lunch from lettuce from my garden. Eventually the full salad will be from my garden, but the cucumbers and the tomatoes are not ready yet. I did a postal run today as well as checking out what Omer deSerres has. I have had a gift certificate from Melanie in my wallet for a while now, and I wanted to stock up on some beading supplies. Thank you Melanie for the very generous gift certificate. I also got a really nice picture frame. Before picking up Sean from daycare I did some groceries. It's scorching hot out today, and really disgusting. I really am not a fan of the extreme heat or extreme cold. (I like the middle ground!) We barbecued some souvlaki tonight as well as some zucchinis. We will soon start seeing a lot of zukes in the garden - I cannot wait. We also tried for the first time grilling onions on the BBQ. Oh, delicious! I'm a huge onion eater - bring on the heart burn (which is rare for me to get heart burn!) I hung out with Jamie this evening - today marks being together 7 years. I cannot believe it's been that long - feels like a lot longer though! It's not our wedding anniversary (that's in September) but our "dating" anniversary. We agreed we'd do something special when we've been together 10 years (of dating), but we really only celebrate wedding anniversaries since marrying. (We will be married 4 years this September). We chilled on the couch, watched some Gene Simmons Family Jewels (We love Gene!) and I worked on Ishbel. I also worked a bit on the design I'm currently working on - have not been neglecting that one at all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

june twenty-four :: 53 weeks old

Today I headed out to Ottawa just after 8 am. Madeleine met me at my house and we headed from there. We picked up some Tim Horton's for breakfast and headed on our way. We made pretty good timing, and picked up Andrea from her parents house in Ottawa. She lives in Winnipeg now, but is "home" visiting.

Our first stop (after a quick diaper change for Mack) was to Knit Knackers. We were told this was a Yarn Warehouse - but they call themselves that because they offer "warehouse pricing if you buy a full back of 10 skeins). I picked up 2 50g skeins of sock yarn in a colorway I was drawn to at Knit Knackers. (Yarn pictures and gifts that were received today, will be blogged about tomorrow). This yarn shop was the size of a small squared room. A tad claustrophobic in there, but the nice thing is that they carry Hiya needles. Though, the had none in stock in the size I usually knit socks on, so I didn't buy any. Maybe next time.

Our next stop was to Yarn Forward. Huge shop, not that great selection. I did end up buying 1 skein of yarn, to go along with another skein of yarn I already have at home. But other than that - I didn't find anything unique or different here.

Mack enjoyed some kids toys that they had at Yarn Forward.

Next was lunch for us hungry ladies. We ended up going to Kelsey's for lunch. Mack's kids meal came with unlimited refill of soda, but since he doesn't drink soda (not sure what mother would give a child soda anyhow, unless they're older).... so I took advantage of Mack's free refills, and drank diet coke out of a little kids cup. I wasn't going to order myself a diet coke when his meal came with one. Madeleine treated us to lunch - which was very nice of her - thank you very much!

Next stop was at Wool-Tyme. It wasn't originally on our list of places to go - but we added to it when we were disappointed with the first two shops we went to. We got a little lost on our way there, as the woman who worked there didn't tell us that Highway 16 was called Prince of Wales Street, and we ended up at the 416, thinking that's what she meant, which lead us onto the 417 and we ended up near bayshore shopping mall completely out of the way. I ended up getting some yarn here (details to come tomorrow!)

On our way out, in the parking lot - we saw this licence plate. How awesome is that??

Myself & Madeleine (who is a good travel buddy by the way!)

Myself & Andrea

Andrea & myself and our Ishbels (mine, hers). We're both moderators of the Ishbel Knit-Along group on Ravelry, and we thought that even though we didn't get a minute even to sit down and knit today (too busy shopping!) that we should at least take a picture of us with our Ishbels.

Mack was a really patient boy today and was in a good mood for most of the day. He had a little cranky moment this morning when he wanted to eat and we were lost trying to maneuver around some construction to get to Knit Knackers. (Bank street was closed for a good portion of it, except for foot traffic).

At this point we dropped off Andrea back at her parents house, since she had to be home for dinner, and we then headed over to my husband's 1st cousin's house to pick her up. We were going for dinner with her.

Our first stop was back to Michaels (where I had just been shopping with Madeleine & Andrea). Bonnie had saved me some Michaels coupons for 40% off of one item. So I went back to return the most expensive item on my previous invoice and re-buy it at 40% off. The most expensive item ended up being a collector's frame for Jamie for our basement. He had been looking for something of the sort and I thought he'd really like it. It was already 50% off, and I got another 40% off of the sale price. Full price it wouldn't have been worth it - but on sale and with an additional coupon, why not. I also needed to find a gift for Sean's teachers. I want to get them each something as a parting gift as next week (part of the week) will be his last few days in their class before he moves onto the next age group at daycare the day after Canada Day. Mack figured out how to climb out of the straps on his stroller - and this is how I found him - standing up! The little bugger! I ended up getting a gift for each of his teachers.
Then we went for dinner with my husband's 1st cousin and her daughter.

Mack was in a good mood. I love this picture of the two of us.

Mackie enjoyed seeing his cousin, and it was great to see them.

We headed back to Montreal just after dropping off my husband's cousin back at her place after dinner. We had good conversation on the way home and it was a great day over all today!

I was disappointed not to find Cascade 109 Bulky (or even 128 Bulky) today. I'm looking for about 4-5 skeins in black (#8555). I want to make a pattern that calls for a chunky (or even super chunky yarn). I really like Cascade 109. No one in Ottawa had it in stock. (And there's not much on destash on Ravelry either). Anyone know where I could get some? (Webs doesn't have black left in stock). Have 5 or so skeins in your stash you want to destash?

While I was in Ottawa today, Sean had fun swimming at my parents house with my sister. Above he's practicing closing his mouth under water. What a good boy! He's learning quickly!

Looks like he had a nice day swimming in the beautiful weather. Hope you had a great day whatever you were doing. It was St. Jean Baptiste in Quebec today, so we had the day off!