Tuesday, September 30, 2008

september thirty :: 15 weeks old

Mack is 15 weeks old today.

(Do you like his apple pj's? First thing, I call him MacIntosh sometimes, so the apple pjs are perfect, and secondly, It's the Jewish New Year, and you eat apples with honey for a sweet new Year - how perfect are these pjs now?!) I love this set - they're from Joe at Loblaws.

He spent most of his day lounging around on the sofa.

Sean was kept home today from daycare as he woke up with a fever of 101.5, which was down from the 103.1 he went to bed with last night. Sean got up at 5:30 am this morning, got some tempra, had some milk and then slept in until 10 am. Mack, slept in until 7 am this morning. (Yesterday it was 6 am). I'm loving this sleeping through the night business. Finally! Sean still had slight temperature at 10 am when waking up, but it went away by noon and stayed away all day/evening. I took it again this evening before he went to bed - and nothing. He's cutting his 2 year old molars. (The 2nd set of molars for kids). I am hoping it's not a long process for all four to come in.

Today's earrings of the day! Now that I have the haircut to show off earrings - I'm taking advantage. I'll wear a different pair each day for the month of October... I think this will be fun!

I got some lovely mail today, which is my angel package from the Fave Color Swap 3 that I got burned in. This lovely package that I received today was a mixture of things from different people who wanted to help out to put it together.

This skein of Mama Llama Squish in Vino is from Lillian.

The skein of All Things Heather in Deep Raspberry is from Rhoda.

This gorgeous project bag is also from Rhoda.

And these hand knit Cherries are from Rhoda.
(Thanks Rhoda, I love them!)

And the rest is from donations from J.P.
(whom I spoiled in this swap back in the spring)
and from Sunny.

Panda Silk in 3011.

Orbit Gum - YUM!

"R" note cards and really cute sock needle caps.

And of course, in spirit of Halloween - Halloween themed cookie cutters. MMM, I smell cookies!

Thank you to Rhoda, Lillian, J.P. & Sunny for your thoughtfulness in being my angels for this swap. I love everything that was sent and can't wait to use it all! Also a thanks to the hostess for taking care of organizing this! I really appreciate it!

I've been tagged by I'm Loving Motherhood. Now I must share seven weird and crazy facts about myself.

1. I check the car at least 3 times before leaving it to make sure it's locked. And I always press the lock button on the clicker 3 times.

2. I use 2 wash cloths every morning to wash my face (one wet one dry). I then use another 1 in the shower. They have to be of a certain texture, or I don't like them.

3. (Just like Kelly does): I have to sleep on the left side of the bed (when you are looking at it from the foot of the bed). Because I sleep mostly on my right side and that allows me to face the edge of the bed.

4. I keep a cap on my toothbrush (like the travel ones) so that no dirt or dust will touch my toothbrush.

5. I'm a disorganized person, but my messes are organized in neat piles.

6. I check my mailbox in the morning obsessively, even though I know what time my mailman comes. Usually he rings my bell anyhow to say hello and see the kiddies.

7. I like it when links open up in a new window or new tab (Firefox). I can't stand it when you're on a website and the link opens in the same window. I can't explain why I like new windows/tabs, I just do!

I tag: Cynthia, Rhoda, Tara, Bertha, Lillian, Andrea & Caroline. (Amy, I'd tag you but you were tagged by Kelly, and Bea, I'd tag you too - but I think you were just tagged? If not, tag you're both it!)

This evening we went to my Aunt's house for dinner. It was great to see everyone. Sean was upset when we got there, I think there was way too many people for his liking. I'm not really sure what's going on - but maybe he's still not feeling 100%, maybe his molar is cutting and hurting, or maybe starting daycare is having negative effects on him (like maybe he thinks I may leave him places whenever we go out). I really cannot wait until this "getting used to" daycare phase is over with..... because it's just killing me inside. Poor little guy. He has to understand that I am coming back to pick him up! Also - he has fun at daycare playing and such, so I hope it doesn't take too much longer for him to get adjusted. It just sucks that he missed out today (because of the fever) and he's missing out tomorrow because we have a lunch for Rosh Hashanah with Jamie's mom's side of the family.

Thursday I do not have a babysitter for Mack in the morning, so Sean will be going to daycare instead of the program at the Y... which brought me to my decision that I'm pulling Sean out of the Y, unfortunately, and he'll just be going to daycare only. It'll be too much to bring him to the Y twice a week to drop him off for 2 hours, to then have to go back and pick him up to bring him to daycare. It's a schlep for no reason. I've emailed the coordinator of the Y, to find out how much they'll be refunding me, (I've already given a deposit plus 2 payments, I'll be losing my deposit and they'll figure out how much I owe for the 3 classes we did attend). It's too bad, but I can't see it working by leaving him in the class there as well. It's just too much.

I'm off to feed Mack and close my eyes. I started a new book, but I'm too tired to read tonight.

Monday, September 29, 2008

september twenty-nine


Again I forgot Sean's Nunu at home today. As long as I got it there before nap time, I was safe. So I ran back there on my way to do errands and dropped it off to the administrator who gave it to Sean's teacher. I am able to pick in from the outside into his classroom (It's painted up until neck/head length (depending on your height)), and so I peaked in. He wasn't crying! (Though he did cry when I left him this morning) The teacher exchanged his blankie (that he uses for nap time) for his Nunu and he didn't even cry. (Though I was told he carried it everywhere in school today). I need another one. Exactly like it. It comes from Carters in the USA. I hope they still have it. I'd love to buy another one (at least 1 other one), so I can leave one at daycare and I don't have to worry about forgetting it there or here. (One day after picking him up I forgot it at daycare for the night). We're off to Rhinebeck in 18 days, so I'm hoping to find another one at the outlet malls when we go. My mom got it when Sean was newborn ish - so I'm hoping they still have this one!! I've tried Ebay, and Carters online, no luck. (Carters online apparently only has clothes?)

I returned home after some errands to some mail. I got my Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Rockin' Sock Club kit - with a tape measure as well! The colorway is called Tide Pooling. I love it!

This afternoon we had a mini playgroup because tonight everyone was busy with Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). We told the girl we didn't want there that there was no point in her coming from the city to my part of town (she's one of 3 people from the city in playgroup) for playgroup today, and she agreed not to come. At least we get to avoid her for one week. We had an interesting discussion at playgroup today about her, and what to do - and everyone feels that we shouldn't boot her (Karma or something), even if we all don't like her. I don't get it.

Tonight we went to my in-laws (Jamie's dad and step-mom's) for Rosh Hashanah Dinner. My new haircut is fabulous for showing off dangle earrings. I love it. I love earrings.

Mack was dressed super cute (and because he didn't soil this outfit, he'll be re-wearing it tomorrow night for Rosh Hashanah dinner at my Aunt's house (Jenn's mom & dad's house).

And Sean was looking super cute as well even though he wasn't feeling well. I got a call mid-afternoon to come get Sean from daycare, as he had a fever. (I was actually on my way out the door when they called to go pick him up anyhow). When he got home he had 101.5 fever. Poor guy. Before he went to bed this evening he had 103.1. I think he's cutting a molar. I'll check tomorrow. He was really out of it this evening. Poor guy.

To those of you celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Shana Tova!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

september twenty-eight :: 21 months old

Last night I finally finished reading Beyond Stitch & Bitch by Afi-Odelia Scruggs. I really enjoyed it. It had a lot of history on knitting in it - and reflections on knitting & life. There were 3 patterns or so in the book, but nothing that I would really knit.

Last night was fabulous. I put Mack in his crib sometime around 10-10:15 pm. He slept until 6 am in the crib. I am so happy and impressed. It's fabulous. We may have an easy transition from the swing sleeping to the crib. This makes me one happy mama!

Sean is 21 months old today.
3 months left until his 2nd birthday.
That means there is just under 3 months left until Xmas. (3 days before his bday!)

21 months old with Mommy & Auntie Amy.

I got a haircut today. I love it. It feels good. I hope it looks as good after I wash it and style it myself. Crossing my fingers. Sometimes it just doesn't work out the way the stylist did it!

Totally love my new 'do. It was a must need. I really needed to get rid of my split ends, and I really don't have time to "do" my hair. Just to show you how much I cut off, this is what my hair length was.

I also decided to wear my contacts for the first time since my pregnancy with Sean. I used to wear them everyday. I used to not be able to leave the house without them in. But being pregnant (your eye sight can change) and working in front of a computer for like 12-14 hours a day while in Graphic Design School in an intensive 1 year program can kill your eyes, and I started getting head aches while wearing my contacts. NOT GOOD! So I stopped wearing them. Felt like trying them out again today.... so far... so good!

This evening we had dinner at my parents house, and I got some knitting done today on the October Sock Club Kit pattern. It's just about done. The kits will be going out mid-month on schedule. They are still on sale until Tuesday night, Sept 30th. It's a smokin' fun colorway, so get your hands on it while you can!

Has anyone ever had to kick someone out of their playgroup? If so, how did you do it? We want to tell a girl to not come anymore, (I don't even care being the one to tell her, I won't lose sleep over her not talking to me anymore), but how do we tell her? Her son is colicky, doesn't stop crying every playgroup, she talks about her son's bowel movements (and takes pictures of it yet too, which she wanted to show us, wtf?!) and all the stories that come out of her mouth are not so pleasant (like she talks in detail about her menstrual cycle - uhm... we don't want to know that information!) We want to kick her out. Is there a nice way to do it? We all find her annoying, and we're not really sure how she ended up in playgroup to begin with....

Off to go fold even more laundry (I think I did about a hundred loads tonight. Does the laundry ever end?)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

september twenty-seven

This morning Mack slept in until 6 am. I'm okay with 6 am (or any time after that). I've been getting decent sleep at night, though I wish it could be longer. Hopefully in due time!

We had swimming class this morning, Mack's from 8:30-9 am and Sean's from 9 am - 9:30 am. This morning Mack was really good again. I'm really happy about this. And he doesn't freak out when I dunk him under water. In Sean's class, I discovered with the teacher that he's in the wrong class. Apparently the class Sean's in is for 13-18 month olds. They did NOT tell me this at registration. All it said was 13 months +. Ugh. Anyhow, I have a choice to make. Either I keep him in the class he's in - so I do back to back lessons then get to go home after, and the teacher will give me more advanced things to do for Sean to work on to prepare him for the next level next session, (as Sean is SUPER comfortable in the water), or I move him to his level, which is from 9:30-10 am, and I don't really want to sit on the side of the pool for half an hour to wait for Sean's class. So I think we're going to probably stay in the level he's in now - and get more advanced stuff from his teacher for him to work on. I think I'm okay with that. Next session I'll do Mack's swim class during the week while Sean's in daycare, and Sean's class on the weekend alone, and Jamie will stay home with Mack. It's super hard to do them together on the same morning. Besides, I'm WIPED by the time I get home. So super tired.

So, being that tired, I napped all afternoon. Much needed. I think for the rest of the session of swimming, I'll be napping most Saturdays! Oh wow does it tire me out!

In knitting news, I have some updates that I've been meaning to add to Ravelry and what not, so I'll show you:

My Chevron Scarf (which I hadn't knitted on in a while), needed a new picture in Ravelry. The last updated pictures was rows ago. I did have to take out a bit, as I had an error in it, and it was bothering me. Once I get through the deadlines I have, I plan on finishing my Chevron Scarf, once & for all. I've been working on this scarf since July of 2007. Way too long! Must get some of these WIPS as FO's...

Close up of the Chevron Scarf.

I had cast on the Drop Stitch Scarf, but it got forgotten about, and I'll pick it up after my deadlines are up. It's a great project, and I love the colorway of Cherry Tree Hill that I chose for it. I had no image for it in Ravelry, so I wanted to include something, even if it's just barely started.

And I've been asked to see my Misty Garden Scarf. Here it is!!! This scarf was supposed to be for a woman in the Ravelry Scarf Exchange, but she got booted after some really rude emails that she sent to both myself & the hostess of the swap. So, I get to keep it all for myself now! Which is good, because I'd fallen in love with this scarf during the time I was knitting it. I will be picking it back up to finish it off after my deadlines are met. This scarf is so super soft. It's got angora in it!

The current progress/length of my Misty Garden Scarf.

And here are two more Halloween progress photos:

The Spider Web that Sean picked out.

And Casper the Ghost by our front door.

Still got more decorations to hang up. Just haven't gotten to them yet. Soon!

This evening we ordered in food, and I had a hair in my veal parmasean. Gross! I called back the restaurant and they sent me a new one. By the time it got here and I gave them back the old one, I wasn't hungry anymore, and so now I have food in my fridge for one of the next few days. Gross. I swear, I lost my appetite. It's a restaurant we order from on a regular basis, so I'm sort of grossed out right now. And it was definitely NOT my hair, because I pulled it out from in between the veal and the cheese. No way my hair was baked into it while at the restaurant still. Gross!

Tonight we're trying Mack in his crib. He's been sleeping through the night, but in the swing. I'm crossing my fingers that he makes it through until at least 6-7 am tomorrow morning, in the crib. If so, I'll be super happy. That would be super.

This evening I knit (working on the October Sock Club Pattern for the kit still on sale until Tuesday night). It's coming along fabulously. I watched Terminator from Monday night with Jamie, and then we caught up on some Chuck. Jamie went up to bed and I'm just watching some King of Queens while I blog. I plan on going to bed now and trying to finish (finally) the book I'm reading. I have exactly 15 pages left to read. I can do it. (If I can keep my eyes open that is!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

september twenty-six :: 91 weeks old

Never finished the book I'm reading last night. I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I couldn't even read a sentence. I was passing out on the couch while watching TV with Jamie last night. I've been so tired lately, it's unbelievable. But, good news is, last night Mack slept until 6 am this morning. He did start kvetching around 5:15 am but dozed in an out of sleep until 6 am. (Yesterday morning I got up with my alarm at 7:30 am and Mack was still sleeping from the night before! I'm not complaining). So, I'll hopefully get to finish the book soon. I like to read before going to sleep at night, but lately, it's just not happening.

Sean is 91 weeks old today.

Sean went to daycare today. Now the crying starts in the parking lot when he realizes where he is. It's upsetting to me. I'm hoping that in another week or two he'll want to go and not want to come home - type of thing! Today I dropped him off at 8:30 am and squeezed out while his teacher was distracting him with a toy. When I picked him up this afternoon they said that he cried off an on all morning, but after nap time (which they moved him to the back of the room because they said he's a light sleeper), he was really good this afternoon and didn't cry. Today's lunch was soup & sandwiches which they said he ate really well. He told me he had a great time today, and played with his friends. I'm glad that there was no crying this afternoon, makes me feel better after a rough week of crying - there's hope!

Today I ran errands in the city, had to pick up some medication for Bosco (my mom's dog) at the vet (It's unreal how much meds cost for animals!) and did some Robyn's Nest drop offs/deliveries too. I wish I could have stayed longer at both my destinations, but just couldn't stay to chat today. (Thanks Melanie for the Pecan cookies, they were absolutely DELICIOUS! and ended up being my lunch).

I ended up getting into very heavy traffic on the way home, even after taking a shortcut to get to the highway to avoid even more traffic. Ugh. I hate traffic. But with only Mack in the car I got to listen music. When Sean's in the car, it's Elmo all the way. Sean loves Elmo. Big time.

Picked up Sean on my way home, and then once we got in, it was bath time for Mr. Mack.

He was all smiles during his bath time today. He's getting better and better in the bath. It was the same way with Sean, cried the first few weeks of bath time - but then started to like it. Swimming lessons also help with water liking. Mack just doesn't like the "entering" of the water. For bath or swim lessons. He pouts and cries a little fake cry (what a little con-artist!) at initial contact with water but then is okay.

Tonight Jamie & I had Habs tickets. They played the Ottawa Senators. Upon getting to our seats, we were welcomed with this HUGE new screen, which is a new high definition scoreboard that is the league's largest, at 25 feet by 40 feet of video space. It is five times larger than the Habs previous screen. The Habs, are celebrating their 100th season this year. The Habs were created on December 4th, 1909. Their official hundredth birthday will be next December. The festivities celebrating their 100th season have started, and will go on until December 4th, 2009. We won the game tonight 5-0. GO HABS GO!

Yep, there was knitting at the game. Though, I took the shot this way on purpose, as I can't show you (yet) what I'm working on. It's for the October Sock Club - which is on sale only a few more days until September 30th. So get it while it's still available! The yarn is being dyed by Anne-Marie of Sprouty25. It's super delicious!

I haven't done a garden update in a while. The most exciting thing in my garden is my almost fully orange pumpkin! How cool is this? Now here's the question. Do I take it off the patch and let it ripen or do I leave it on the patch until it's fully orange? I have no idea? Do I leave it on the vine until the week before Halloween, when I plan on carving it? Anyone, tips? Advice on pumpkins? Also - anyone have any good pumpkin pie recipes for when I do go and carve? I probably will make both a pumkin pie and as well, roast the seeds.

I'm tired. I'm off to bed.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

september twenty-five

This morning Sean had his class at the Y. He got down & dirty with the paint. Never fails, every week, he's in the paints.... The kid never comes home clean, but a dirty kid is a happy kid, right?

Today I inquired about the cancellation policy at the Y for the separation program he's in. I'm not sure that the class is necessary as Sean is now in full time daycare. But, if it's not worth it to cancel, then I'm just going to keep him in there - as his friends are in there, and I think he'd enjoy the little change of scenery at the Y twice a week, instead of just daycare. I'm not decided on what I want to do, but I need to make a decision shortly.

After the Y, I dropped Sean off at Daycare. He cried and tried to cling. He was distracted by the teachers, but still crying. I ran home because I forgot his blankie and his Nunu at home, so I went to pick them up and bring them back. I had someone call out one of the teachers to get them from me, so he wouldn't see me. I gave them to her, and then before getting into my car, I peeked into the classroom over the painted window, and saw that he snatched the blankie & Nunu from his teachers hand when she came back into the room. He wasn't bawling, but he was still sniffling. They were just about to feed the kids lunch, so I got into my car and headed out.

I came home to some mail.
I received my September Vesper Sock Club yarn.
It's called Pumpkin Spice.

This afternoon I ran some errands with a mommy in Mack's playgroup and got some of the items on my to-get list. More errands will be ran tomorrow to finish off the to-get list for items that are needed.

I picked up Sean after doing some groceries for dinner. They were playing on the playground when I went to get him. I noticed that one of the teachers was holding him. He was a little upset, and SUPER happy to see me. I got greeted with a super huge hug. (And a few tears). Oh, I can't wait until this period is over, and he loves going into daycare and wants to be there because he does indeed have a good time - he tells me he does. He's very good about using the word "NO" now... so when asking him if he had a good time at school/or did you have fun playing with your friends - he could have easily told me no... but chooses to tell me yes. I'm hoping in a week or two time, he'll depart from me in the morning with a "bye mom"....

Some Halloween decorations are popping up around our house. There are 3 that are "put up" already. Today, I showcase the pumpkin that sits on the ledge of my bedroom balcony on the front of the house. This "light up" pumpkin dates back to when I was a kid - my mom found it in her house. Just over a month left until Halloween. Very excited.

Tonight, Jamie & I watched some Survivor, it was the 2 hour premiere, and I am about to crash. Maybe I'll get to read a few pages in the book I'm currently reading (so I can finish it), I'll talk about the book when I'm finished reading it - I'll save that for tomorrow's post.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

september twenty-four

When I woke up this morning to my alarm I was a little bit confused. Mack slept through the night, and I got up before him with the alarm. I am not complaining though, as he slept He did wake up when I was changing Sean and was in a good mood. We gave him a bottle and was still drinking it when I left to take Sean to daycare.

This morning's drop off was harder than yesterday. He realized where he was. He was easily distracted though by toys. I was able to sneak out, but there was some crying. I started talking to another mother who has a 2 year old in Sean's class. She has a 2 month old, and she said that they need 5 names to start a 12-18 month class at the daycare. Hmm, I may be interested - we'll see. She also asked me about playgroup and I may be interested in starting up a 2nd playgroup with other people, for a change of scenery. I got her info and I told her I'd be in touch. And she did tell me that (in regards to the crying), that it gets easier.

This morning I had Aqua Strollers with Mack. The towel idea worked great. I put a hand towel sized one in front of him to help him stay propped up in the floating device. He did have a life jacket behind him propping him up from behind. No fussing from him today while in the pool, which is great.

After aqua, I picked up my mom and met another mom from playgroup at the movies. Mack enjoyed (fast asleep) his first movie with one of his friends. We saw My Best Friend's Girl. It was cute, funny and very vulgar!

Picking up Sean from daycare, he saw me, started crying and ran to me. I was with my mom and he couldn't decide who to cling to. (My mom and I look alike and he spends a lot of time with my mom (and dad) so he's very clingy to my mom as well. They said that he cried off and on all morning, was easily distracted by the toys, he LOVED playing outside, he didn't eat breakfast as he was too upset, and ate lunch while crying, but napped (without fuss!) for the 3 hours from 12-3, falling asleep super easily! Wow! I'm impressed and very happy.

This evening I headed out with Mack, my sister & her friend Julie to the Laval Knit Night. I had 2 deliveries to make and wanted to meet the girls. The cafe we were in was really nice, inside a book store. In the picture above you have (left to right) Nathalie, Sandra & Audrey. I worked on a square on the blanket and on another project after that. It was great to get out of the house. Marie-Michèle was there with her 5 month old son Albert as well.

We started decorating the house for Halloween. I'm getting some more stuff tomorrow (from my mother who has leftover stuff (in great condition) from when I was a kid, so I didn't buy too much today. I'm starting to get very excited for Halloween. I should go outside in the backyard tomorrow to check on my pumpkin. I keep forgetting to see what's doing with it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

september twenty-three :: 14 weeks old

Sean's first day of daycare. I decided that I was going to take Sean to daycare before Jamie leaves to work for the day. This morning we were lucky and Mack was sleeping still, so I was able to get dressed, get Sean dressed, and after Sean finished his milk, we headed off to daycare. I wasn't sure how long it was going to take this morning, but surprisingly I was home in 20 minutes. We got there, he was a little hesitant at first, as he's never been there before. We get to his classroom, he gets a little clingy. I give his teacher his crib sheet (for his mat during nap time), a crochet blanket (for nap time) (the blanket was a gift from a family friend), his diapers, his bib, his sippy cup, etc. I gave him a kiss goodbye (gave the teacher my house & cell number in case anything) and while he was distracted with a toy telephone, I snuck out telling him that I was going to put his backpack away and I'd see him later. No tears. Just some clingyness. I was totally expecting tears. I think I was sad there were no tears. But he's a very outgoing kid - this shyness is new, and I'm hoping a phase.

I was told to pick him up just before nap time today. They had a girl there today whose parents work, the girl just started yesterday and she was freaking out during nap time. They said that they couldn't deal with 2 new kids freaking out at nap time in one day, as it would disrupt the other kids. Not saying Sean would disrupt nap time, but just in case. They said we'll try nap time tomorrow.

I came home and folded laundry, fed Mack, and did a few things around the house. I got Mack ready and headed out to do some errands including some groceries & the bank.

When I went back to pick him up, he was just finishing his lunch, and before I entered that class room, I peeked in. He was smiling with the teacher, she was cleaning his face from lunch (which was fish sticks, mashed potatoes & vegetables), and enjoying himself. As soon as I opened the door and he saw me, he teared up, yelled "Mommy, mommy, mommy" and hugged me. He was HAPPY to see me. I told him that I was coming back for him, and that I would never ever leave him anywhere to never come back. I kept asking him if he had a good time, and he told me yes. I asked him if he was going to go tomorrow to play at school again, and he said yes. He's very good at saying no, so these yes answers are great.

We came home, I let him watch a little bit of TV while I cleaned up and put the groceries away, and then Sean went down for his afternoon nap.

This afternoon instead of going out for my "meeting", it was held at my house, as I had to pick up Sean and he had to take his afternoon nap. Two moms from playgroup came over as we had some playgroup issues to discuss. Myself with the other two mothers that were here, we are the ones who "started up" playgroup. Anyhow, we're having a few issues with some of the moms/babies that attend, and we are trying to work out to make playgroup go more smoothly, and hopefully it'll all work out and regulate after the Jewish holidays, which are next week.

Sean woke up while the two moms were over and charmed them both. He's such a flirt that kid.

This evening I made Cheese & Spinach Ravioli for Sean & I. Jamie worked late and then went to visit his uncle in the hospital (more about that in a minute). We both really enjoyed the Ravioli, and it was just delicious. I definitely hope to make it again sometime. Feeding pasta in any shape or kind to a kid with sauce is not good. Sean makes a HUGE mess each time. So much so, that even if it's not bath night (he gets a bath every other night), we have to give him a bath because he gets sooooo dirty from pasta sauce. He had sauce in his hair, in his ears, all over his face, all over his clothes, wedged in the booster seat, on the floor. I love eating pasta, but it's such a freakin' mess!

Mr. Mack is 14 weeks old today. I really love this picture of the two of us today.

This evening I did a lot of laundry folding and watched the first televised Habs game of the season. We beat Buffalo 3-2. I see some potential in some guys that were brought up. We'll see what happens though. I also caught up on tonight's episode of House and Law & Order SVU. I love that the new seasons are starting up!

I wound some more mini skeins for the blanket project. I need to sit down and count out how many there are. I'm not repeating any color ways in the blanket, so I need to make sure each one is unique! I however didn't get a single chance to knit a stitch today. I did however (before dinner) get a chance to close my eyes for a little bit with Mack sleeping on me, while Sean destroyed the playroom (I napped on the playroom couch), as he dumped out the entire toy bin, rearranged the furniture, etc. Funny kid. Loves to make mess. It's funny too how he cleans up his messes at other people's houses (like my mother's), but not at his own house. Fun.

Tomorrow, Sean's off to daycare in the morning and is staying for nap time as well, Mack & I have Aqua class, and then we made plans last week to go see an afternoon Mom & Baby movie (Starz & Strollers program) with my mom and another mommy from Mack's playgroup, with her son, one of Mack's 2 best friends. What's funny is that Mackie's 2 best friends both have names that start with the letter J. Lots of babies with J names this summer! And tomorrow night I've also got plans and I'm taking Mack with me. Busy busy day tomorrow, and before I know it, it'll be Friday already, the weekend will go by really quickly and then Monday-Tues-Wednesday are the Jewish Holidays = family & good food!

Monday, September 22, 2008

september twenty-two :: apple picking

This morning we got up bright and early to go apple picking. We picked up my sister, and headed on out. We got lost. Like 3 times. We had directions from the school and directions from Google Maps. I've now in my life gotten lost with both Mapquest and Google Maps. So those who tell me to use Google Maps because Mapquest sucks and they've never had an issue with Google Maps.... well, I hate to say it - Google Maps sucks too! LOL. We were late, took the scenic route there (half way around the island) and eventually met up with Sean's class.

Sean checking out the truck in the parking lot. From Sean's class there was only 2 other kids (from the 10 that are in his class including him). There were a lot of the older kids. I don't know why no one else came out. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed. Now I have 2 full bags of apples, one that I picked and one that Sean picked.

At one point Sean plopped himself down on the grass and started to eat some apples. Too Cute!

Sean & Auntie Amy

Sean, Auntie Amy, Robyn & Mack in the sling

And Mr. Mack who cried the entire time we were out there (except when we were on the tractor ride - this kid loves white noise) and finally fell asleep just before we were going to leave.

This afternoon I had playgroup with Mack. If you want to read about Sean's adventure while I was at playgroup - please read Amy's blog post from today here. Above, from left to right: Kennedy, Ella, Marshall, Nicolas, Jake, Mack, Y-Y, Dylan.

Stash update: I've uploaded my BMFA's Socks That Rock stash, and right now so far, in total I'm at 34504.5 yards. I'm not done uploading my stash. So you can still post your answers on my contest post, until I announce that I'm almost done uploading my stash. People have been asking how far along I am - or when I'll be done. I'm not yet. But I will soon be! It's a lengthy process to photograph and upload stash when you have a nice size stash... so I'll get there.

I am glad that everyone is liking my new blog look. I thought it was about time for an update. I'm slowly updating and re-adding sidebar stuff, so eventually everything that I want back will be put back. I'm liking the clean look to it - and I get to play around with banners and do what I want - so it's great!

Tonight there was the season premiere of Heroes, so Jamie & I plopped ourselves on the couch after Sean went to bed (and Mack asleep in the swing) and watched it. I'm so happy that shows are starting up again, I'm such a TV junkie!

Tonight I prepared Sean's stuff for Daycare tomorrow. I'm emotionally prepared for him to start tomorrow. Though, I don't know how he'll react. I'm expecting there to be crying. Also - I've been telling him all day that he's going to school tomorrow and that he'll get to play with his friends and play at school, and he shakes his head yes. I don't know if he understands me, but I'm totally ready. I'm staying close to home tomorrow in case the daycare needs to reach me. However, if I'm good to go tomorrow, and they don't need me - then I have a list of errands I need to do since I won't have Sean with me, which will be super easy to accomplish with just Mack. I've also been summoned for a meeting at 1pm, but more details about that tomorrow, as I'm not sure what it's about.

Oh - I forgot to tell you! I've been given the duties of Montreal Knitting Guild Newsletter. I'm very excited and happy that I get to do some graphic work! The first newsletter deadline I have is kind of short notice - (due October 1st) but I plan on making huge improvements for the November 1st issue. Very excited.