Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Calendar's are back! I kinda missed out on doing an August one, as other things were going on in my life, and it slipped my mind. But I have one in for September, so enjoy! From left to right you have Flowers by Carol, Pink Flower by Robyn (me!) Houses by Cynthia, Sunflower by ScoutJ. Open the image you’d like, right click on the image, and save as your desktop background. Voila! Let me know if you use one, which one that is!

I've got yet another new Pampers Gifts to Grow Code that you can add to your account. Head on over to their website and enter this code: 20 point code: HangOn2Summer20

Today I love:
- My new bag from Zip It. I got this one (in black). (Just wish there were pockets, my cell gets lost at the bottom of it). Totally awesome bag though, I do have to say. Very funky. I do need to now look for a new wallet, mine ripped where my cards go in.
- Love my new van. Love that I can charge my cell at the same time the kids are watching a DVD (I couldn't do that in my old car). Love that the kids can watch their DVD on wireless headsets (must convince Mr. Mack to wear the headset). Love that my car tells me the outside temperature. Love that my car tells me what direction I am going in. I love that I have built in bluetooth. Ah, yes, I heart technology. (I've however already gotten into an argument with my U-Connect lady. For some reason when I asked her to call my grandmother's house (one of my pre-programmed numbers), she decided she wanted to call 9-1-1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
- One of my best friends Sherrie got engaged tonight at dinner. MAZAL TOV SHERRIE! I am so happy for you!
- Love that there is a city in Québec with this name, see this for a picture of the sign. Too funny. Ha ha!

Tonight I finished Roar. Tomorrow I sew on all the spikes and weave in the ends. Then I'll start sample knit #2. Can't wait to move on to the next project.

Still no name for baby boy number 3. Every name we come up with, we can't use as it's either a name already used in the family with people we see, or they have the same last name, or we can't use it out of respect for not offending someone else in the process. So we're back to square one. Looking for good baby boy names. Nothing plain. Nothing boring. Nothing top 10. This is difficult! Why is it so hard to name a 3rd child (of the same gender?!) Please give us more suggestions. I hate that we haven't named him yet. (Damn my hormones too! It's making me upset).

I can't believe tomorrow is September. SEPTEMBER!


I have 2 swaps going on, and sign ups have been extended until Sept 6th, 2010. I'm wondering if Back to School has anything to do with the lack of sign ups. Hmm! If you're interested, please join us! It's going to be fun! Click on the buttons below to access the swap (on Ravelry - you must be a member).

Happy Swapping!

Monday, August 30, 2010

08.30.10 :: 191 weeks old


Sean is 191 weeks old today.

I've made progress on this Roar. I finished the hat this evening (save for grafting in the last 10 stitches at the top of the head). Tomorrow I'll make the spikes and voila, sample knit 1 complete. I will cast on tomorrow for the 2nd sample knit. Then I have one more to do after that.

I am in the middle of moving Sean's wardrobe into Mack's drawers and putting Mack's clothing into baby boy #3's nursery closet for him to one day use. I started pulling out Sean's 4T wardrobe to see what we have and what we need. I had been working on his 4T and 5T wardrobe for a while now when I find things at good prices, and the last couple of times that my mom has gone to the USA she's picked up stuff as well for him. He also got stuff last year for his birthday and Christmas/Chanukah in 4T. While he's clearly in 4T shirts, the bottom situation is a little different. He is too tall for 3T, and so far, the 3x has been okay. He's tall and skinny. (No waist!) So I think 4T pants will be too big on him. He's not turning 4 until December, but he's definitely a growing boy. I did weigh him out of curiosity the other day, as I wanted to see if he's big enough yet for the next stage car seat (booster seat with the full back piece - I do not trust those booster seats that don't have the back for smaller children), but for now, he still has to be in the forward facing car seat, as he's no where near the 40 lbs he has to be in order to switch. He's tinkering around 35 lbs. I don't think he'll hit 40 lbs by his 4th birthday. And Mr. Mack, fits nicely now in 3T shirts, but has a tiny waist as well, and although he's outgrown his 24 month size stuff, he still needs his 2T pants (for now), due to his tiny little waist. They're growing too fast. I'm not ready.

I've got nothing to wear. Yesterday I picked up a bunch of stuff at Thyme Maternity but upon trying them on at home (it was way too hot in the store to try on anything), I didn't like the way anything fit. It's mainly the maternity that I am not a fan of, unfortunately. So that all went back to the store, and I started back at square one today. I did find a few more pieces today (tops is what I'm looking for - mainly fall stuff), at Walmart, (one of the last few Walmarts that actually has a maternity section in my area), but I'll try those all on tomorrow morning when I get ready for the day. If not, not sure what to do. I hate the feeling of going into my closet and not having anything to wear. Less than 4 months to go, I really don't want to be spending too much money on maternity clothes either.

I also picked up some supplies I was missing for an art project that I want to work on over the next few days - details on that coming this week. I hope it works out like I want it to.

Tomorrow is Mr. Mack's last day in the youngest class in his daycare. He moves on Wednesday (Sept 1st), to the next class, the class that Sean moved out of in June 2010. Sean's excited as some of his friends will be moving out of that class into his class, so he gets to be reunited with them again. I have a gift ready for each of Mack's teachers, I got them each a gift card to the local bookstore (I figured that if they didn't have any books that they wanted for themselves, then they could always buy books for the classroom). I wrapped them wrote a little card and Mack will bring each of them one tomorrow. I can't believe how fast it goes... that he's already moving up classes. It really goes way too fast. I do find that life is going faster and faster as I am getting older. The big 3-0 is coming up next year, and I bet it'll come before I know it. (And I'll have a 6-7 month old in my arms). Not too sure yet how I feel about the whole 3-0 thing... yet.

Alright, off to go read in bed, and drift off into la la land...

Sunday, August 29, 2010



Sean's got an obsession with taking pictures on my camera these days.
Future photographer? Just like his mom?

The boys needed a haircut badly, so we took care of that today:


Mack before (flattened hat hair).


Mackie lookin' handsome after.


Sean before his new 'do was finished.


Sean rockin' some hair gel after his cut was done.
My boys look so handsome with their hair cuts.
Their hair grows so fast.
Seems like we're getting it cut every 3 months.
How often do you take your kids to get their hair cut? Trimmed?

I saw this on Ravelry and found it very interesting (Source Here):

I have kept every issue of VK since its revival in 1982. In this issue editor Trisha Malcolm says that print will never die and that 95% of readers keep every issue. So, when I went to look at the pattern for my favorite piece - Irina Shabayeva’s coat - it wasn’t there. It was on the website! I spend all day at the computer. Knitting is my chance to get away from that. I don’t want 1/2 my pattern in the magazine and 1/2 online. I refuse to offset VK’s print costs by paying to print out color charts AND proving to Kinko’s that I am not printing copyrighted material as I had to do once. I don’t want to return to a pattern two years from now to find that it is no longer on the website. There is no mention that patterns are incomplete in the issue until p. 10 where there is a mention than SOME LARGE charts are available online and doesn’t say EXCLUSIVELY on line. I went through the issue and 11 of the 31 patterns are either online or continued online. That is 35%. We are paying for 100% of content and getting 65%. I would rather have all patterns and less editorial (really, icon that she was, how many more times can we read about Elizabeth Zimmerman). I sent a scathing email to VK last night and hope others who feel as I do will too.

That sucks. Makes me not want to buy the magazine anymore, if they're not going to put the whole pattern in their issues. What do you think?

I found a few items I want to get Baby Boy #3. Aren't they so cute? There's a store in Montreal that carries them, somewhere in the city. Park Avenue, Green Avenue.. something like that. Too bad I can't order them online from Amazon.com, they don't ship to Canada.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

08.28.10 :: 44 months old :: 23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant.

Sean is 44 months old today.
I can't believe his birthday is in 4 months.
(And Christmas is in 3 days shy of 4 months)
(Have you started your shopping yet?)


This morning we had my cousin's son's 4th birthday party.


A lady from the local eco-museum was there with some animals.


A really pretty owl.


A cute bunny rabbit.


Jennifer the snake.


A turtle.


We all had a great time. Sean touched all the animals. Mack wouldn't go near them to touch but enjoyed looking at them. Definitely a neat thing to do for a kid's birthday party. We even got coupons to go for free to the Ecomuseum, which is not far from our house, so I might just have to take the boys there sometime soon. They're open 364 days a year.


It was really nice this afternoon so we took the boys to the park.



They enjoyed sliding down.

And climbing up things too.


Caught my belly in the sun...!


I've been making good progress on Roar the 3rd. I should be able to have it finished very soon so I can start on the next sample knit for Knitting with Sandra. I have 2 more to do. (And then I have a whole other list of things I want to knit, of course).

Conversation with my 3 and a half year old:
Sean: "Mommy, when I'm older, will you teach me how to knit?"
Me: "Uhm, sure, what did you want to make?"
Sean: "I want to make hockey players."

This evening I got to enjoy a long nice bath, and read some more in my book. I'm about 60% through the book. I'm really enjoying it - review to come as soon as I finish it (also hoping to get that finished this week). I even tackled some of the laundry too - because well, you know... it just never ends. I've also been flipping through a couple of books of baby names I got from the library - though they're a little outdated unfortunately. I also worked on getting some of my contacts into my new cell phone - very happy that I now have a SIM card - (my first one!) so now I won't have to keep re-entering this info if in the future I ever get a new phone. I really enjoyed my evening... just the peace & quiet I needed (after the kids were in bed, of course).

Friday, August 27, 2010



My new baby. I love it.


When I got into my car this morning, I tried to sync my cell phone to the bluetooth in my car called U-connect. Well, what do you know... my cell phone has absolutely NO bluetooth capabilities. Uh... a cell phone that has no bluetooth capabilities? I didn't even realize this, because I didn't have a bluetooth device in my car before, as whenever I've tried to use one in the past, no one could ever hear me and I ended up shooting into the thing so damn loudly "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!??" (like that commercial for whatever cell company). So I never used my cell in the car while driving. (If I needed to make a phone call I pulled over and parked). But now that my new car was coming with bluetooth built into the car, I thought I would actually use it.

So I called up my cell phone provider. They weren't able to do anything for me. I talked to the girl on the phone and she gave me some info on a small data plan if I were to go with a new phone (but pay for the phone in full as I didn't have the option to upgrade my contract until November 2010 (for a partial upgrade credit) or wait until May 2011 (for a full upgrade credit) as I still as of today had 14 and a half months left on my contract.

Well, when I went into the provider's store, on my way home from work today, the girl behind the counter was able to give me en even better deal. It was cheaper to pay out the rest of my contract and I saved money on the new phone, and now I have a brand new contract with a data plan. And my new phone, the INQ Chat 3G is really neat. It's charging right now, so I will only get to play around with it tomorrow, but I can access my email on it, as well as go on facebook. FUN! I haven't had a fun electronic toy to play with in a while... so this will be neat!


My current knitting project is the hat Roar. I've made not one, but two of these before. This time, it's for a store sample for a yarn shop in Riverside, California called Knitting with Sandra. I don't love the yarn that I was sent for this project, but it was part of the swap that I did so, I'm doing it. The yarn is Ella Rae Amity, which is 75% Acrylic, 25% wool. IIIIIICK! Yep, Acrylic. The dirty word... feh! Thank heavens it a quick knit. I'm already 4" into the hat, 2" away from starting the crown decreases. I should be able to finish this hat over the weekend and start my next sample knit for the yarn shop.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

08.26.10 :: 114 weeks old


Mack is 114 weeks old.


Today, I pulled my Destroyed Cowl off the blocking mats.


Pattern: Destroyed Cowl by Martha Merzig (My Ravelry Project)
For: Myself
Yarn: 0.78 skein of Dream in Color Classy
: US 8 - 5.0 mm
: 46" round
Timeline: August 14-25 2010
Modifications: Twisted stitches 2, 6, 29 & 33 (cast on 34 stitches) to keep body smooth after dropping stitches. On right side I ktbl those 6 stitches and on the wrong side I ptbl those 6 stitches. (You can just purl all the way back, but I wanted perfection).
Opinion: I love it. I can’t wait for cooler weather to wear it. Looking for an easy mindless project to get your knitting mojo back? This project helped bring my knitting mojo back.

My garden update:


There is a huge cucumber ready to be picked. However, this cucumber plant grew up the wall of the house, and I will need Jamie to get a ladder to take it down. It's almost at the roof of the house. I love how the plant is growing up the wall of the house.


Another discovery is that our spaghetti squash plant is now growing out of the yard on the other side of the fence. I am not sure how this plant even made it to this side of the yard, as it's planted on the other side of the garden. However, there is a LARGE spaghetti squash growing near the ground as you can see. I'm curious to see if we'll get anything else off that side of the fence before the frost starts coming again.


Today's Loot. 4 Cucumbers, 1 small Zucchini, Stringless Beans, some cherry tomatoes, 1 green pepper, 1 red tomato, and a bunch of lemon boy tomatoes (yellow tomatoes). My neighbor got a cucumber and some tomatoes. I also gave one cucumber to Sean's teacher (as she was away when I brought the last batch of cucumbers to daycare when I had my last large loot). The rest, I plan to make a cucumber/tomato salad to go with my lunch for work tomorrow. I can taste is already. And I plan to bake something with the zucchini.


Today I worked on getting together my scrabble letter earrings. Some of the letters I had already made, but I was missing more than half of the letters since the last craft fair they were brought to. They'll be brought soon to a craft fair and a friend will be selling them for me. I hope they sell! I always enjoy making them.


Tonight I said goodbye to an old friend.
Oct 20, 2005 - August 26, 2010
I picked up my brand new baby from the dealership.
It was after sunset by the time we got home, so I'll take pictures tomorrow.
I'm in love already. Though, I'll have to get used to driving her.
She's a LOT bigger than this car, so it'll take some getting used to.
Also, learning all her buttons. Very excited.
Very excited to see what the kids think tomorrow.

I'm officially a mini van driving momma!

Today’s link Love:
- Neat tutorial on how to make your own hula hoop.
- This awesome necklace tutorial.
- Definitely plan to make a fridge organizer like this one. (Must find old ruler!)
- What a cute gift these crochet hair clips would make!

I leave you tonight with this funny video. I've never seen a surfing Alpaca, have you?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't believe how big Mack is getting.
He just looks like a big boy now instead of a toddler.
And is starting to really be a big talker like his brother.


Mack's been wearing the necklace that Sean made him, since he received it the other day. Mack calls it a "neck-a-neck". (He's working on the word "necklace"). However, he hasn't been wearing it around his neck, but on his head, like a headband.

I was supposed to have a play date with a friend this afternoon with her 2 boys. Originally we had plans to go to her house to go swimming. Though, it being end of August, I knew there was a chance of the weather being not-so-great. Then I was diagnosed with full placenta previa. So I asked her to come over to my house instead, that it’s easier here because of my modified activity. (In someone else’s home I have to be on top of my kids, at home, they have free reign of the house – they know what to touch and what not to touch and respect our boundaries and limits). The plan was always to get the kids early from daycare, (After nap time) and then meet up at her house. Well, now because it’s not at her house, it’s an inconvenience to her. She doesn’t want to go pick up her kids from school, then go home, then come over. She asked me to keep my kids home from daycare so that she could come at the time that was good for her. I explained to her that Sean only naps at daycare, he doesn’t nap at home anymore, and there wasn’t going to be a functional play date if Sean hadn’t napped. So I told her another time. I am starting to get annoyed at the fact that people are becoming more self-centered. No one cares about going out of their way to maybe make things easier for other people. Is it just me? I wasn’t even asking much from her, except to move the play date from her house to mine because of my restrictions due to the pregnancy. I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

Still playing the waiting game. Waiting for the insurance to be sent over so that I can pick up my car tomorrow evening, I don't see why it wouldn't be ready on time. I’ve never been this excited about getting a mini van. Never thought the day would come. However, with a 3rd child on the way, a mini van is very needed. There simply isn’t any room in my car for a 3rd child. Must finish cleaning out my car before tomorrow evening. I'm kinda sad to say bye to my trusty Acura EL - but that time has come, and I must. She was very good to me while I had her (since Oct 21, 2005).

I did hear back via email from my supplier in regards to my printer. I have a “case” number and I am waiting to hear back from them within 48 hours for “product management approval” for a replacement or servicing. I just want my printer back, working, I love it. I guess I’ll have to wait to see what happens next. If they can’t do anything, then I’ll have to go to the manufacturer to see if they can fix it or replace it. It’s not even old (From May 2010).

Wait, wait, wait. Tap... tap... tap....


I watched Grown-Ups today while finishing my Destroyed Cowl. I also watched The Back-Up Plan while finishing the last touches on the cowl. Now it's wet blocking. Hoping to wear her tomorrow. Looks like it might be a chilly day again (with showers). Grown-Ups was funny, and it was nice seeing all those main characters together (Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider). It was mindless entertainment to pass time. The Back-Up Plan was cute but upsetting at the same time, as the main character's name was Zoe and she got pregnant in the film with not one, but TWIN girls. I'd still like to know how to have a girl!? And it seems like (almost) everyone I know is having boys.

I started knitting a test/sample knit tonight, for a yarn shop in California. We did a swap, some Cascade 220 I wanted, for 3 test knits. Two are already published patterns and one is her own design. I will talk more tomorrow about the project/yarn, as I don't think it's a secret. They're just samples for her shop. There is always a way to barter for what you want, especially if it's yarn. Just sayin'.

I realized another item I need for the baby is a new bassinet. The one I used with Sean & Mack we discovered grew a LOT of mold while in storage (not entirely sure how that happened, as it was put in storage dry and covered in plastic garbage bags). I have been checking craigslist to see if there are any that I like for sale, I don't mind picking up one 2nd hand (or even borrowing one from a friend). Babies usually only stay in one until max 18 lbs, so it wouldn't be for that long. (Sean hated the bassinet, but Mack actually used it). I certainly don't need to buy one brand new, so I'm going to keep my eyes open for one.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today is the waiting game. Waiting for the dealership to finalize the paperwork on my new car. Waiting to hear back from my supplier to see if I can get a replacement on my color laser printer that (I've apparently only had since May 2010) (I swear I've had it longer than May 2010, but Jamie's only ever ordered 2 of them, one for me, and one for my office at work, so mine at home has to be the earlier ordered one, though I feel like I got it way before then). My printer started with a simple paper jam just before we left for vacation. I thought I took out the jam, but every other sheet was still jamming. I thought maybe there was a spec of paper stuck somewhere where I can't see it. So I finally got around to bringing it in today to have one of my guys look at it. Well, there's nothing inside, but now it's telling me there is an error with the yellow ink toner cartridge. We put in a new toner, still doing it. So there's got to be a problem with the the contact or something. We tried cleaning it out with air, thinking maybe there was dust. Still showing the same error. Anyhow, I tossed an email to my supplier, (since that's my job at work anyhow) and I am waiting to hear back from them. Not sure what our warranty period is with this specific supplier on printers. If they reject it (outside of warranty period) then I'm going to just set up a return/servicing request with the manufacturer, it's no problem at all. Just upsetting that I have to be without a printer for a bit. For now, anything that I do need printed, I've been emailing myself at work, and printing there.

Besides waiting for the finalization on my new car, and to hear about my printer, I just feel like I've been doing a lot of waiting lately. Since being diagnosed with full placenta previa, I feel useless. I can't lift. I can't bend. I can't do this. I can't do that. It's nice having Jamie help out a lot more with the chores (we used to share them), but now all I'm doing is the laundry (he's carrying the baskets up and down the stairs though, I'm not doing any lifting, don't worry). But I feel useless. It sucks. I feel like I'm getting bored of not doing much.

I tend to not be a very patient person. I'm working on it. I think by the end of this pregnancy, maybe I'll learn some patience. Maybe that's actually a good thing.

Mackenzie moved up to the next class next Wednesday. I can't believe my baby is growing up! He really is turning into a real little man, and is far from my baby anymore. Sean will stay in the class he's in until sometime late spring/early summer next year (due to when his birthday is). He's got 2 "school years" left at the daycare. Either I'll have a 2-3 month overlap with 3 kids attending the same daycare, or baby number 3 will take Sean's spot (guaranteed) when Sean starts kindergarten (not sure if it's late August 2012, or early September 2012). Either way, if I don't get a spot at 18 months for baby number 3, he'll start around 20-21 months in September 2012 for sure.

I've been making progress on my Destroyed Cowl, I should have it done very soon. I think my next picture of it will be a finished one. It's so super hard to photograph it, as right now the edges are just curling up.

My nephew's 8th birthday is coming up. Sadly, I think my boys will be attending the party (out of town) without me this year (due to my placenta previa with this pregnancy). I can't figure out what to get my nephew this year, though, I think in addition to whatever I do get him, I'll knit him (providing there's enough time) this Robot hat. For his 6th birthday, I knit him this Skull hat, and he loved it. This past winter I saw that it was over loved, and had some holes in it. I think I'll knit him a new one. I have some Cascade Superwash that would be perfect for it. Must get on that. But what do I get him to go along with the hat? Anyone with an 8 year old have any suggestions? If I can't figure it out, I think I'll speak to my in-laws to see what they are doing for him. I don't have any 8 year old boys (yet)... so I have no idea what they are into these days.

Besides knitting, I've been reading too. I am working my way through the book, not as fast as I'd like but I'm getting there. I am still really enjoying this book though. I can't wait to see how it ends. I would say that I am just over half-way finished. (Can't remember what page I was at last). Definitely not my usual genre of books that I read, but I am glad that I decided to try this one out. I will be doing a review of the book once finished.

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Today’s free Pampers.ca (or dot com) points:

Well, I'm off to go read some more in bed before falling asleep. I've been getting a good amount read lately as I've been going to bed quite early (from what I'm used to). I'm usually a night owl, but with 2 toddlers and being pregnant, I find myself extremely exhausted at night. Time to start a new routine, I think. It's overdue.

Monday, August 23, 2010

08.23.10 :: 190 weeks old

Sean is 190 weeks old today.
Mack was making silly faces at the camera while I was taking my self portrait with Sean, and asked to be photographed as well. Mack was pretty much "copy-catting" what Sean would do on my self portrait day with Mack. Sean would stand behind the camera making faces trying to get Mack to look at the camera - so Mack thought it would be his turn today to make faces back at Sean. Too cute.

Told you I'd have some photos of my Destroyed Cowl.
Hoping to have a finished object for you VERY soon.


Today I spent most of my day at the dealership. First I went this afternoon to see what they had on the lot or what they could order for me. I found a car, rather a van, and then went back this evening with my dad, to get the paperwork done. (Wanted my dad there to make sure I wasn't being screwed over with the price). I even got to draw an envelope (the promotion they have going this week for Back to School) and I won a prize of a gift certificate to Bureau En Gros (to you non-Québecers, that's Staples). I will know more tomorrow after my paperwork is finalized, but it looks like I'll have my new Dodge Caravan SXT by the end of the week, latest. (It's already on the lot). They're even buying back my 2005 Acura EL, which saves me the headache of having to sell it. I'm one step closer to being a mini-van momma.


Today's deal of the day :: I got a box of 192 size 1-2 Huggies Diapers, for 3.50$ (including free tw0-day shipping, which is another current promotion going on with amazon.com right now). That's less than 2¢ a diaper. Coupons on amazon.com are apparently stackable. I got to use 3 x 20% off coupons, on top of "subscribing" to the diapers (I chose the every 6 month option to save another 30% - 15% to subscribe + an additional 15% off promotion they're having right now on top of it). With the 3 x 20% off coupons (that were in different parenting magazines - though I was only able to use one of each code that started with another letter), I was able to get= 30% + 20% + 20% + 20% = 90% off. 35$ to begin with - 31.50$ (90% of 35$) = 3.50$ for an entire JUMBO box of diapers. Had there been any online amazon coupons for Huggies at the moment, I could have gotten the diapers for cheaper, but there were only some online for select Pampers diapers. I learned about this deal here, and this girl even got a box of pampers instead of huggies (in a different size than I ordered) for .66¢. Crazy deal! (I couldn't get my box down that cheap, but I am certainly NOT complaining about the deal I did get). They ONLY ship to the USA (not to Canada, sorry my Canadian friends) and so I shipped it to my great-uncle's place in Florida, which is 2 apartments over from my grandmother's and my mother will bring them home from me late fall when she visits. What a smokin' hot deal. I couldn't pass it up. So much, that I actually ordered 2 boxes, at 3.50$ each (so 7$ total for 384 diapers) as I had enough coupon codes thanks to a friend of mine who also gets the magazine and gave me her codes. Now, once the diapers have shipped, I have to go back to amazon and cancel my "subscription" of every 6 months, so they don't re-issue me another box of newborn diapers for full price. As long as I do it before 6 months, I'm fine. (I'll take care of that later this week once I know the diapers have arrived safely. Talk about a great deal... I am all for great deals! I don't think I've ever paid less than 15-16¢ a diaper, and that's when the jumbo box at Costco goes on sale.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Mack likes to play "naptime". You can often find him tucking himself in.

Sean on the other hand likes to hang out in boxes.
(I think he's getting a little too big for this one).


It was a rainy day today, so while Mack took a nice 3 hour nap, Sean & I did some crafting. Sean made himself a necklace and then we made Mack one too (which Sean somehow misplaced before Mack woke up from his nap - and he can't remember where he put it). I might have boys, but they can do crafts too.


Sean & his new necklace. He was so proud of it. Wore it all evening.

Hey sock knitters - check out this new book - One Skein Wonders for Sock Yarn. I can’t wait for it to come out in November. Speaking of knitting, since it was icky out today, progress photos will hopefully come tomorrow of my Destroyed Cowl. I've got 65% complete. (30" of 46"). Getting there! I'll work on it more tonight before bed. Hubby and I are going to catch up on Big Brother. I hope to get a little bit more reading before falling asleep tonight too. I really want to finish up Two Years, No Rain. I'm really enjoying it so far. I am really glad I'm reading outside of my usual 'genre' of books. Totally worth being open to new styles.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

08.21.10 :: 22 weeks pregnant


22 weeks pregnant today.

It was too icky outside today to take any updated photos of my destroyed cowl. They're calling for more icky rain tomorrow too - so we'll see what the natural light situation outside is like tomorrow as well. That's what doing on the knitting front. As soon as this project is done, besides the WIPs I have outstanding, I have 3 test knits to do for a yarn shop in California, that I better get cracking on. I have everything ready to go - just need to right mojo to get that started.

I started doing a little organizing in baby boy's room, as the nursery has been used as a dumping zone for stuff that Mack has outgrown. I'm just about to change over the boys wardrobe as well. Sean is starting to outgrow his size 3 stuff as he is nearing his 4th birthday in 4 months from now. Mack's skinny waist is still holding up the size 2 pants nicely, but I think he's ready for size 3 shirts. I find that a lot of the stuff he's wearing is getting tight on him. (Especially the 24 month stuff). I will need to have Jamie bring up all the boxes of clothes that we have in storage (I've kept all Sean & Mack's outgrown stuff), so baby boy will have a full wardrobe. Hopefully we won't get too much in the clothing department, because I still have stuff that both Sean & Mack got as gifts that have never been warn, and the tags are still on it. Definitely do not need clothes. (I do need other stuff, but not clothing). Baby boy will have a bris shortly after he's born, and I hope people won't get me clothes for a third son. Diapers would be greatly appreciated! Gift cards too. I will eventually have to replace ALL bottles, as we have none. I got rid of them after Mackenzie used them as they weren't BPA free. I do need a new changing pad to go on the changing table as the one we have is completely warn after 2 boys. That type of thing. I don't think I got rid of anything from either boy if it was in good working condition, so I still have things like my baby tub, the bumbo, my slings to baby wear, etc. I am doing an inventory in his room to see what he'll need. All of the outgrown stuff from Sean & Mack were kinda just shoved into boxes after Mack was done with it, so I do need to have Jamie bring those all up so I can sort by size, and start washing the smallest stuff first. Luckily this baby is due around the same time Sean was born, so it's "same season" stuff.

Some people are lucky if they get twice the usage out of baby clothes. We're not only getting twice, but now THREE times the usage. Despite the fact that I would love to have a daughter of my own, one of my three sons will have to give me a girl one day, a granddaughter that I will spoil until there is no tomorrow.

And this baby boy still has no name. Sean & Mackenzie were named as soon as we found out the sex. We've known now for a while (since my Ultrasound on July 30th) that it's a boy (even though for 6 and a half weeks we thought we were having a girl - 12 week ultrasound sounds are NOT accurate for anatomy of a baby, as the boy parts don't drop until after 12 weeks. Everyone is having what looks like a girl at 12 weeks) and maybe this time around, we'll have to look at baby boy's face to see what he looks like and name him after he's born. We just cannot agree on anything we like. And maybe this is a sign that we'll be having our last child later this year, as if we try again for a girl, and have another boy, we will be 150% out of names.

I've been reading more in the book I am currently reading. I am really enjoying it. While it's not my usual 'genre' of reading (usual genre = chick lit), I am quite enjoying this author. Once I am done reading this book, I will review it, and then I have another book giveaway to do for you guys, so stay tuned! I know you all like contests!

Today's Link Love:
- I love these decals. Too bad my husband wouldn't like it, so I won't do that in our den.
- Oh, I heart these little spoon earrings!
- This sounds delicious even though it is soap!
- Love this pendant.
- This is such a cute gift idea for any mother!
- I love this photograph and the designs in Phydeaux shop are fun! I have a few patterns in mind that I want to knit!
- I love these shoes. And they are in my size.
- LOVE these boots!
- Love these cloud earrings.
- Too bad I am on a yarn diet - the Yarn Outlet looks like a fun place to shop!
- What a fun ring!
- I love method's foaming soap. We'd run out and I just got some more in a few scents.
- This print.

Friday, August 20, 2010



Today's garden loot! Our lemon boy tomatoes (yellow tomatoes) are finally ready! (We also picked a ton of cherry tomatoes and it looks like a ton more will be ripe soon). We have a few cucumbers that we picked today as well, and more almost big enough to cut of the plant. Oh and we got one more Spaghetti Squash today too. Some zucchinis look just about ready, and the celery is growing quite nicely, though isn't exactly thick yet (like you'd get it in a store).


Today's lunch consisted of the delicious Halishke's (Yiddish for Cabbage Rolls) I made yesterday. They are absolutely yummy. I love my Second Helpings Please cookbook. I really should make these more often, they're so simple to make. Really.

I promise you some knitting progress photos tomorrow. I've been working on my destroyed cowl. I want to get that finished up asap as I have some test knits to do for someone and want to get that done as well. After that I have a few WIPS to get done :: (Drop Stitch Scarf, The Newborn Girl Cap (since it's already started, I might as well make it for the gift pile), Vestee, a few different versions of Babette, Jamie's Socks, and La Novia. I also need to upsize this sweater I knit for Sean, which Mack will get the one already knit, and I want to get the new size done for Sean before late fall). Oh, and I want to knit something new for baby boy #3. So much to knit... so little time. (Even on modified activity, I still find there is still so little time!) As for the progress on my Destroyed Cowl, I'm at 24" of 46" (what the pattern calls for), so I'm 52% complete.


My boys were just too precious tonight.


I couldn't decide which photo I liked better, so you're getting a dose of both.