Monday, July 31, 2006


Last night I stayed up til 2 am, COULD NOT SLEEP and wanted to get the friggin' huge ass knot out of this yarn. I put in probably about 5-6 hours of detangling, and finally got it undone, and into a cake. I can't believe my dedication to this yarn. Had it been some yarn that was bought from a store, I would have given up, and gone to buy a new ball. But this yarn was specially hand dyed for me, and well, I was determined! I can't wait to see how it knits up.

Today was a LONG day with only 4 and a half hours of sleep.

I got my photoshop final project about 93% finished, and I am so happy about that. I just have a few final touches to do, and I'll hand it in next Monday and not have to worry about it any longer.

In my afternoon class I got some troubles fixed in my Quark Assignment (16 page brochure that I'm doing a travel guide on)... and tomorrow my teacher said I could bring my nephew with me as I can't find a babysitter.

This evening I tried lying in bed tonight at 8:15 until about now, but couldn't fall asleep. I am beyond exhausted due to lack of sleep and school and my 3 1/2 year old nephew whom tires me out! Boy does that kid have energy!

I am going to try to get my hand on this book, because I own the second one, A Good Yarn, which apparently is the sequel to this book! Ugh. Oh well, I will keep my eye open for it, but says 4-7 weeks for shipping! What is this! Books that I want, I can't seem to get delivery in a decent amount of time! Has anyone read it, any good?

Today I got a bill from the government saying that because I'm married now, they paid me too much in returns at tax time. WTF??? I am going to speak to my father-in-law about it, but I don't want to pay them the money they originally said was mine! Ugh! (And that money is long gone on bill payments, anyhow!)

Rent is due tomorrow, and I hope I do not have issues with my *new* tenants whom have not moved in yet. I forgot on Saturday to write about the cigarette smoke that we were smelling in our bathroom and our hallway of our place. Someone was upstairs smoking in their bathroom. We share the EXACT same air ventilation shaft in our bathrooms, and you can actually hear the people upstairs loud and clear. (That's the only downfall of the way that was built). Anyhow, who smokes in the bathroom? So I went upstairs, and rang the bell. Rang the bell again. Heard someone in there, but no one was answering. Knocked. Someone finally came to te door, still not opening it, asking who it was. I said I was the landlord. They opened the door, she had a cigarette in hand. I had no idea who this person was. Anyhow, turns out, she's a cousin who came to clean. When I told her that I didn't mind if she smokes in the apartment (I do mind, but whatever, I had no idea that smokers were inhabiting the place, and that will be a clause for the next lease for whomever rents - that it is a NON-SMOKING PLACE) but to not smoke in the bathroom, since we share the same airshaft. I told her I was pregnant and the smells was making me nauseas. SO GROSS. She apologized and was all friendly, etc.

Ugh. Didn't even think to ask if they were smokers, and I will have them clean the apartment from head to toe to my satisfaction before they clear out their stuff, and wash the walls, etc, to get as much smoke out as they can. The shit stays! I really hope that I do not have a problem with the smoke. I hadn't smelled it up til now. And I realized later on that evening when it sounded like the water upstairs was running for 2 hours, I thought someone was cleaning something at first, but it was the toilet running, and no one was there. Anyhow, I went up to check it out, and knocked, no answer, so I entered with my key. Fixed the toilet. On my way out I noticed that there was a matress on the floor in one of the rooms with a TV on the floor was well, with a packet of smokes on the bed, and trash all over the floor. Geez! Ugh. How dirty. So I was right! She's been bringing back gentleman callers in the middle of the night. FUN!

Anyhow, getting back to how I started this whole subject, if I don't hear from her by 6pm tomorrow, I'm calling her to ask where the rent is, and if I have to, I'll threaten to deposit the check I have from her. (She says she wants to pay me cash, well it's due on the 1st of the month!) I am really starting to get a really bad feeling about these tenants. I hope they only stay one year and I have the joy of finding new tenants next year, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Mood swings have really taken over this week, and I'm finding a lot of things irritating me. I should just let things slide. I hope this is just a phase and it goes away. It could also be because I'm over tired. That is a HUGE possibility.

I just got off the phone with my grandmother, it was really nice talking to her. It's been a while because school has been so busy. I'm picking her up Saturday night to go out for dinner for my cousin Jenn's bachelorette dinner, should be nice. (My grandmother doesn't drive at night anymore, if she doesn't have to, or can avoid it, so I figured I'd offer her a lift to dinner and back afterwards). It'll be good to see her.

Alright, it's WAY past my bed time. And I'm struggling to keep my eyes open anyhow.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Letter Magnets, Homework & A Bigger Belly

This morning I got up and Jamie was taking care of Merlyn, so I got to get a lot of work done. I managed to get a big leap ahead in my project that is technically due tomorrow, but I technically can hand it in as late as Friday. I kinda wanted to have it almost done for tomorrow, so that I can get it out of the way, and get cracking on my assignment that is due on Thursday, and then after that's done, I can concentrate on my assignment due on Friday. So much going on this week, I feel there is sooo little time.

Jamie's mom and her wife came over this afternoon for lunch. Jamie BBQ'ed and I only had lunch with them, the rest of the time I was working on my assignment, and I did not feel anti-social and they understand that I only have TWO weeks of school left, and that all my final assignments are due this week, and that I have finals the week after. Ahhhh!
Today, I took some more pictures of my belly bump! It's REALLY getting big fast! I can't believe it! Before, there was NOTHING, and now... there's something!
Don't you just love that belly. I can't believe I am almost half way through my pregnancy! Almost 18 of 40 weeks. Just about half! Time flies!

I love my belly bump!

Today I was playing with letter magnets. I love letter magnets. I actually went out today for 15 minutes when I was at the point of frustration with Quark Xpress, the software I've been using for MOST of my final projects, and just needed a break, so I went out to this shop around the corner from my house, and picked up some more letter magnets.

Oh, Jamie and I decided on a boy's name, and a girl's name (which the girl's name has been decided on for months.... it was the boy's name that I couldn't decide on - as I had decided that I didn't like ANY boys names but Zachary, but Jamie didn't want a girl and a boy with both the letter Z.....) So.... drum roll please... here are our two names (first name and middle name) that we have decided on!

Sean (which has grown on me), and Zoey, are not named after anyone. The two middle names, are Edward for Jamie's late grandfather Edward and Rose after Jamie's late grandmother (on the other side of the family), Rose. Rose can also be after my grandmother's sister Rachel who passed away in a concentration camp during the war. I didn't like any H names, not boy's nor girl's after my late grandfather Hymie.... which is unfortunate, and I have all the rest of my grandparents still alive and relatively healthy, so, in the Jewish "Faith" we don't name babies after people whom are still alive. It's bad luck or something.

We'll have to see on August 17th, if I'm having a Sean or a Zoey! I can't wait for my ultra sound!

I couldn't stop at just names on the front of our fridge... on the side, I wrote a little note to my hubby...

Well, it's late.... Jamie and I just watched Big Brother, and he's been asleep for a while. I am *THIS* close to untangling the Neopolitan coloured yarn, and want to finish that before going to bed. (I've put about 3-4 hours of untangling time into ungtangling this yarn! I'm determined to get it done tonight). I know I have to get up SUPER early tomorrow, but I'll be okay. TWO more Monday classes and I'm DONE with 8 am classes! WOOHOO!

I sense this week is going to be a LONG LONG week, so I'm going to take a deep breath, and take it one day at a time....

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Swimming & BBQ Dinner

This afternoon Jamie & I got to his step-sister's house and I went swimming. The kids were already in the pool for a long while, apparently. They were having a good time, and I'm glad. Nana & Zayda picked up Merlyn, and went earlier than us!

Merlyn was having a good time, (even though in a life-jacket)

Little Jamie was having a good time too. (We call her little Jamie because my Jamie is "big" Jamie (LOL)

Merlyn was so cold coming out of the pool, I caught him unhappy in this really cute frog towel. I've got to get my future child one of these, soooo cute!

He really seemed unhappy after getting out of the pool, mainly because he didn't want to get out of the pool!

Dinner was fantastic, we had a HUGE BBQ of a LOT of things... There was... Sausage, Chicken, Salad (my favourite dressing from my MIL), beans, rice, corn on the cob - it was a FEAST! I love it. Baby loved it too. And homemade dessert from my MIL, mmmm, to die for!

We hung out there for a bit, and on the way home, Merlyn fell asleep in the car. My turn for bed. (No knitting today).

Hugs xx


I just ordered myself a swift from ! Woohoo. You can use a 40% off coupon online on 1 single item. So it was 69.99$ - 40% - Wowee! Only one problem. They don't ship to Canada. Problem solved though. My friend Lauren and her hubby Seth are coming in the weekend of August 18th to Montreal to visit, and I'm shipping it to her house. What's retarded, is you can have a Canadian billing address, you just can't ship to Canada..... (It actually has Quebec in the pull down menu for the billing address State/Province, etc!) Weird.... Anyhow, I can't wait to get it - hopefully it will help me solve my hank tangling problems!

Oh beautiful swift - I can't wait to receive you!

Off to my step-sister-in-law's shortly to swim and for a BBQ, Merlyn's already there with Nana & Zayda, who picked him up a few hours ago (to give Jamie and I some time to relax and get things done around the house, which wasn't much, lol.... Oh well. Tomorrow will be a homework day, I promise. I HAVE TO! Everything's due this week. (Gotta kick myself in the arse to get things done!) I am the queen of procrastination!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Long Long Day

Today was a very long day. First off, I had a make-up class after our regular class, and so I was i in school from 9am-3pm instead of 9am-12pm. But, it's air conditioned at school, (I only have portable A/C units at home, no central air (which I'm DYING for!) so I didn't mind being at school. Also, with Merlyn at home, I have had no time to concentrate on my school work, except for when he's asleep, which is past my bedtime too - lol (as it is now, but it's Friday night, so I'm pushing my limits). I've been soooo tired lately, it's unreal.

I got a LOT accomplished today at school. I am very happy about that. I also, handed in my final assignment for my Estimation course, and have NOTHING left to do in that class. I await my mark on that final assignment, which actually will give me my final mark in that class. I am so positive that my teacher will give me back my mark next week, as she's a very fast marker, but I probably won't get to take home my assignment, because the others still have until Thursday, August 10th to hand it in, so I won't be able to get mine back, so that others can see it...etc..... Not that I'd show it to any of them, but still... I completely understand. I'm hoping for a 100% on that assignment, which will give me a very high mark in that class. I think if I get perfect on that assignment, I will have a 95% in that class. So hopefully that is my mark! I'm totally not worried, and that assignment was a breeze once I sat down and finished it, so I'm pretty happy about that. 1 of 6 assignments done, phew! 2 of those remaining 5 are almost done, and 2 are actually not even started, but they're not due til the week after next so I'm not even worried!
One last assignment that I have not started yet, is to do a die-cut, and re-design a box. Originally it was supposed to be a die-cut for a VHS casette box, but since this semester we already did a DVD cover, and who uses VHS anymore, she changed it to ANY box we want. So I think I'm going to do a travel size Q-tip box, it's really tiny and cute. It's about the length of a credit card. Should be easy. Not too sure yet what I'm going to do with it - but I'm either going to re-vamp it - or do something completely not Q-tip to go in the box. Not really too sure what the assignment is really about.

This evening Jamie had ball so I took Merlyn to McDonalds at Walmart for dinner (I had to return something to Walmart and pick up a few things there). He gave me a hard time because he was over tired and because he wanted to go to a McDonalds that has the playground there. Well, this McDonalds doesn't even have a full menu, so definitely no park there!

Quite the apetite this kid has, he wanted nuggets AND a burger!

Making faces at the camera.

French fry moustache!

After, while doing my errands in Walmart, had a few things to pick up, Merlyn wanted to go see the toys, so I don't know why, but I took him. Of course he wanted a toy that was 75$. This kid doesn't understand money..... and cried because he WANTED that specific toy. I tried explaining to him that it cost 75$ and that I don't have the money for that right now, and he bawled.... in the end, he settled for a .97 cent toy, which as you can see, he fell asleep 5 minutes after getting home, on the couch, with the toy in his hand...

Tomorrow Jamie's got a meeting in the morning, which I didn't realize, and was hoping he'd watch him so I could do some homework. But Nana & Zayda will eventually pick him up and take him to my step-sister-in-law's house for some swimming and we'll join up later, for some more swimming and a BBQ! Sunday Jamie's mom and her wife are coming over for lunch, and there goes my entire weekend, I shit you not!

Today, in this nasty nasty heat I'm feeling more fat than pregnant, and I don't like this feeling. Mood swings, I guess! It's been another long long day today, with no knitting to report. HOPEFULLY SOON - I'm dying to start Jamie's 2nd sock...

It's passed my bedtime. Goodnight.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

UPS, Yarn & The Remote Control

Last night I forgot to write about our trusty remote control....! Remember on Tuesday night I couldn't find it, and swore that it was thrown out? Well, for some odd reason, at 10:45pm after lying in bed watching some TV, I decided to check to see whether or not the garbage had been picked up or not. It had not. So.... I dragged the garbage bah down to our garage, and with a fresh pair of yellow rubber gloves, and a new garbage bag, I tore apart the bag I knew it had to be in, and what do we have? The remote control in the exact spot that I ripped the bag open.... My luck - because now I did not have to dig through the garbage bag! Phew!

This morning, after Merlyn got picked up by Nana for the day, I worked a bit on school things, and then hopped into a shower to get ready for school. As I was done rinsing out the shampoo from my hair, the doorbells rings. So I spring out the shower (knowing that I was expecting UPS as I had tracked the package since my pal had given me the tracking number) and in a towel I answered the door. It was UPS. He had my one skein package, and was also questioning me about the transaction from June 16th (my birthday) (it was the same UPS guy, the one that had forgotten my expiry date). Anyhow, He wanted my expiry date now. I was like "Uhm, NO!" So, I ran to my office and got all my paper work (still in my towel just to let you know) and provided him with the information that I had received a bill, etc, and the people I had spoken to when I called UPS on June 16th, and all that jazz. He said he would look into it. I also told him, that on top of my payment, that my pal in the USA was called and also charged for my import tax. WHAT? How stupid is UPS? They are sooooo dumb, let me tell you. And that is why I do not ever deal with them!

On a horrible note, my new yarn is in a tangle. Not too sure how that happened, but I do need one of those swift thingies, that would be a great fanstastic purchase, but I heard they can be quite expensive, so I will be holding off on that purchase for now

Today was a VERY productive day at school. I got a lot done, and I'm very happy. I've now (as of this evening, maybe 30 minutes ago) have 1 of 6 assignments done. 3 are due next week and the other 2 are due the week after. I also have 3 exams the week of August 7th. I'll manage. I'll do fine.

I also finished printing up pieces for my portfolio, as tomorrow in class our teacher is giving us each 30 minutes to go over our portfolio with us. I wanted to have a lot accomplished before going in tomorrow, so that I'm not empty handed. I'm very happy with my progress on that, and that I have 1 full assignment ready to be handed in (and it's actually the last thing that I have to do for that class, so as soon as I get the mark for that back, which will probably be next Thursday, (when I have that teacher next), then I'll know my final mark for that class. (WOOHOO!) I like knowing final marks upon completion of final assignments. Makes me worry less!

Alright, that detangle is calling my name.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Swimming & Rain

Today Merlyn was dropped off at about 8 am. He right away asked to watch Wizard of Oz (his fave movie) so I put that on, and fell asleep on the couch next to him. Then, once that was done, since it was icky outside, he asked to watch Madagascar. He watched, I napped on the couch, and he also played with the toys in the den.

After Madagascar was done, the weather got nicer, so we slowly started getting things together and then evetually headed over to my parents house, where I had promised Merlyn we'd go swimming.

And so we swam for a good hour.And boy did that tire me out. (The sun, using up energy I don't have), but a good time was had by all. On our way home, we stopped off to get some groceries at the store, and then came home, ate dinner, and then decided to go watch Jamie play baseball.
We left, shortly after 7pm, the game started at 7pm, but I had a few things to do before leaving the house. On the way, after dropping back off a rental to blockbuster, Merlyn fell asleep in the car. I would have woken him up, but it started pouring rain. So much for watching Jamie's ball game, or playing on the cement at the park with chalk..... I was in the mood to colour!
Robyn's tired from entertaining a 3 year old all day (and probably got way too much sun!) To bed I said!
(No knitting today, even though I had it in my bag). I hope to have some time to knit, but right now Merlyn and my homework are both my priorities. So we'll see... I did start winding that Neopolitan coloured yarn on my ball winder just now, but half-way through got hit with a huge knot, that I've been working at for the last half hour... I hope I don't have to cut the yarn, what a shame that would be. I could weigh the yarn to see if it's exactly half the weight, so that I could wind two seperate balls.... but I'll leave that one for tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Exhausted... Yarn Arrived Though!

Today was an exhausting day. My nephew left to spend the day with nana at around 8:15 am. Since I was up and couldn't go back to sleep, I had a ton of work to catch up on (for school) so I got right to it. I started organizing my work, in a folder, made a list of what needed to get done, and what all the due dates were, and I seem to have everything under control. I am the master of deadlines and working under pressure and I seem to think that everything will get done. I'm hoping to get a lot of work done tonight while Merlyn's at his nana & zayda's place, and that way I can spend the day with him tomorrow, maybe swimming if it doesn't rain, (it's calling for rain all week). (I'm not really sure what's up with the weather this summer, but it's been raining all summer long and I'm not really too happy about that)! But I guess it beats the heat!

Today I realized how exhausted I am from watching my 3 year old nephew. I'm sure it will only be worse (exhaustion) once the baby is born, but that's a different kind of exhaustion. I am really glad that Merlyn slept through the night though, and it wasn't a repeat of Sunday night.

This morning while packing Merlyn up in Nana's car, the mail lady was delivering the mail. I received my "Neopolitan" Ice Cream yarn from Knitpastis. It's handdyed yarn, especially for me! She also sent a few more goodies, which I love! Thank you Knitpastis! What I'm curious is how she wound it up into a skein. Is there a trick to do that? Does anyone know how to do it? I've been SOOOO curious lately about hand dying yarn, I'm soooo interested in getting into that. Trying it out, figure out how to do it, all that jazz. Here is a close up of the yummy (SUPERWASH!) sockyarn! Delicious!

Today in class I worked really hard. We had a "make-up" class for a missed class this afternoon, and I stayed a bit longer working on my assignments. I got a lot accomplished today, I think, anyhow. But I do have a lot more work to do. (Ugh!) At least I have some flexibility with my due dates next week, some assignments I have until the end of the week (phew!) (All good!) I plan to get a lot more work done on Thursday in school, and maybe even Thursday night since Merlyn will be at Nana's and Zayda's.

Tonight I actually worked on my portfolio, getting all my assignments that I want printed for my portfolio touched up and corrected, and some organized so that I can speak to my teachers about it. (Questions I may have on them)... etc.

Alright. I'm off to play a little Bejweled to relax and then off to bed, as I'm ZONKED. We can't find the remote control for the VCR in the bedroom, so there goes using the VCR anymore, because we can't access TV/VCR so we can't tape anything but the channel it's stuck on, and we can't watch anything because that means we have to get up at each commercial to fast forward. UGH! I am sure it fell into the garbage can and went out with the trash tonight. As digusting as this sounds, I am going to go check to see if the garbage has NOT been picked up yet, I *may* be able to rescue the remote control?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Jem, Frou Frou & Curls

Last night my nephew woke up at 3:30 am crying for his mother. Since she was in New Jersey already for her business meeting this morning, we couldn't exactly do anything for him, so Jamie went into bed with Merlyn, and stayed there until he fell asleep. I hope this does not happen again. I hope it was only because he wet himself and was not sure where he was. Tonight I made sure he made before going to bed. Hopefully that is enough.

Today, we got up at 9 am (Jamie had already left to work). We ate breakfast and then he watched Wizard of Oz while I napped on the couch. Then we did a few things around the house including laundry, and eventually it was time to leave the house. We went to the bank first, and then to get some hot dogs, as that is what Merlyn wanted. Then we went to Walmart, and I did a return, and then spent more money. Jamie had promised Merlyn some new toys so we got him a few things.

After Walmart, I went to Blockbuster to see about Xbox games appropriate for 3 year olds, and the guy there was helpful. Then, to the dollar store, as I needed a jumbo gift bag, and I let Merlyn pick out one more toy.

Upon getting home, I put on Madagascar for Merlyn, and then started making my homemade meat sauce. I made 2 big batches in 2 pots, and that is what we ate for dinner with pasta. Now we have plenty of meat sauce to last us a while. (I'm very happy about this).

After dinner, Merlyn got a bath, and then played an hour of video games with Jamie. Tomorrow nana is picking up Merlyn at about 8:15 am, or so, and I've got a TON of stuff to do before going to school. Tomorrow night is a HOMEWORK NIGHT (since I procrastinated on Saturday night and didn't get a single stitch done. I kinda half to, since all my final projects are due next week! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I introduced myself to two new artists today:

Their music is very nice.

It is so humid today, that my hair is curling! Isn't this curl really cute?

Lately I have felt like wearing my yellow glasses instead of my new pink & black ones. No reason. Just like that! No knitting today. I hope this isn't the case when I have kids. I wouldn't be able to go days without knitting! Hopefully Jamie will be a big help when we have kids. He has been a big help with Merlyn, but still! It's TIRING! (Good practice though).

Alright, laundry needs tending to, and I need sleep!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tam Tam Jam

This morning I got woken up at about 10:30 am, by my sister-in-law ringing my bell. They had arrived from Beauce, to drop off my nephew, as he'll be staying with us for 2 weeks. (Mainly with us, but staying a few nights at Nana & Zayda's house as well). You see, I was tired getting up, because knowing my hubby was getting home late last night, I tried staying up for a bit (I hate being in bed alone with no one home), and I was only able to make it up til about 3:30 am. Jamie came in last night at about 4:40am, but with good reason! He came in first place in a poker tournament amongst friends and their co-workers, and won 80$! (They were 7 guys, at 20$ a piece, with first prize 80$, second prize 40$ and third prize money back (20$)). So because he won, I didn't mind him staying out THAT late! I couldn't believe how long the game took! (They were 7 guys, at 20$ a piece, with first prize 80$, second prize 40$ and third prize money back (20$)). So because he won, I didn't mind him staying out THAT late! I couldn't believe how long the game took!

So as my SIL promised her son, and her ex's daughter (she came in with her ex and his daughter as well), we went to Tam Tam's (which is held at Mount Royal every Sunday during the Montreal summer), with a picnic lunch of McDonalds (as per request of the kids). I had no issues as I was craving cheeseburger anyhow!

By 2pm, it was crowded with dancers, drummers, etc.
Merlyn, my almost 4 year old nephew (he'll be 4 in November),
decided that he had to take off his shoes and play in the mud:

His cute little feet all dirty:

Then it was time for some dancing, so this really nice man gave Merlyn a music thingy (not sure what it's called) to play with. As you can see, the instrument has been modified with shakers taped on to each side:

After leaving Tam's (thank goodness for the wonderful Montreal day today, we stopped at Dairy Queen for some ice cream, which Merlyn of course got all over his face. Next stop was home, where I napped for about an hour, (headache/overtired). Then my in-law's came over for a BBQ dinner, and then we bathed the muddy and dirty Merlyn, and set him up in our den (his bed, his things) and put on some Caillou, and now he's fast asleep. Tomorrow brings a whole new day, who knows what's in store. Jamie and I just finished watching tonight's episode of Big Brother (which we taped) and I did some laundry, and now it's time for bed. Hopefully Merlyn will sleep in a bit longer these days than he used to, and tomorrow will be a nice day (calling for 40% showers) but maybe we can go swimming at my parents house.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Socks & Cooking

Last night before we left to to the show I managed to find some time to finish Jamie's first sock. I really want to learn how to do the heel the "other way" as now I'm doing a short-row wrap & turn heel, and I'm sure the other way is better and nicer. My sock turned out good in the end, but I'd love to learn the "other way".

So, voila - what I wanted to post yesterday, was a picture of my lovely sock. But - upon getting home from the Gala last night, I was so excited about how close we were to Jason Alexander, and being a huge Seinfeld fan, I kinda forgot about my sock).

This afternoon Jamie and I watched the movie Last Holiday (which was on the dish). Well, I watched it and Jamie napped on the couch. I thought it was cute. A few laughs, some sad moments, but overall, I enjoyed it. I tried casting on for the 2nd sock to match the one above, but for some reason my hands were being very dislexic, and I didn't get a chance to actually cast on to my DPN's today. I'll take a look at it later.

This evening I went over to my in-law's for dinner, as Jamie went out to play poker with the boys at someone else's house. My mother-in-law made cabbage rolls, and my fave salad, so I was in heaven. I helped my father-in-law with something on the computer, talked with both of them about our plans for my nephew (their grandson) for the next two weeks (he's coming in tomorrow and staying with mainly us, but also with his grandparents a bit) and then did some groceries on the way home from their house and I'm about to go make some cabbage rolls myself, and also possibly some meat sauce. If the meatsauce doesn't get done tonight, it'll get done tomorrow. I must make some. We have no sauce in the house, and I've been craving pasta lately, (we've been BBQ'ing a lot lately).

I should be working on homework. All my final projects are due the week of July 31st (not this monday, next monday). But I think once I get the food that I'm going to cook on the stove, ready to be cooked without my watching over, I'm going to install Bejeweled, and play. I played a few rounds at my in-law's house tonight, and it's soooo damn addictive!

Friday, July 21, 2006

16 Weeks & Jason Alexander

This morning I had a review in class for our exam on Friday, August 11th (my third of three exams) and then 45 minutes later we were in another part of town (Plateau Area) on St-Urbain (the street where Mordecai Richler grew up on) at a printing place where we saw the pre-press department where all their graphic designers work, and also their printing area. It was kinda cool, but I had to stay out of two rooms because of chemicals in those rooms (because I'm pregnant). It ran longer than I wanted to be on my feet, and I could have done without this field trip.

Upon getting home, I took this picture of my stomach, since people have been asking to see my "bump" It's tiny, but it's there. This is me at 16 weeks (and 1 day) pregnant.

This afternoon I briefly saw Katie, an old old old friend, whom I haven't seen in probably 6 years. She passed by on her way to her grandmother's for dinner, as her grandmother lives around the corner (off my street). She doesn't live here anymore, Katie, she's living in Hamilton, Ontario now, and was in town house sitting (and I think dog sitting) at her parents house. It was really good catching up with her, and finding out what was going on in her life, and reminiscing about old times. Hopefully we'll keep in touch. I can't remember how or why we stopped talking, or even when it was, but all I know, is that I forgive her for all the boyfriends she's stolen from me in the past, lol.
This evening we got picked up by a white limo, that looks exactly like this: (This is the stock photo off the limo company that we hired's website - it was too dark when I was picked up to photograph quickly the limo as we were pressed for time):

I have not been in a limo since grad (June 1998) and the limo that we had for grad was crappy. It was a 6 seater limo, and we were squished into it, and there was NOTHING fancy about it at all. The limo tonight was fantastic, and really nice.
My dad hired the limo because we were 8 people, (my mom, dad, brother, sister, myself, Jamie, my brother's girlfriend and my sister's boyfriend). My dad's Lincoln Navigator only seats 7 people... so that was the dilema. And on top of it, the lot that my father always had priority parking in (for all nights of the show), was torn down to build some huge office building, so parking was in question as well. Limo it is! What a fantastic idea.
What found out - is that there is a new law now, that you can only have 8 people in a limo. That is the law. You can't have a 10 or 12 person limo. Well, you can rent the stretch limos, or lincoln navigator limo, but you can't have more than 8 people in it. I'm not sure if this is a Canadian law, but it's certainly a Quebec law.
The show was great. We sat front row. (Click image below to see seating chart properly).
Jamie sat in seat 8, and I sat in seat 6. Next to me was my mom, then my dad. Then my sister, then my sister's boyfriend, then my brother, and then my brother's girlfriend in the last seat (seat 7). We sat in those exact same seats last year for one show, and for another show we had almost all of row AA (but we were only 6 people, not 8). Last year since my sister was still living at home, and my brother had just just moved out with his girlfriend, only Jamie was invited, as he was almost my husband (two months later). This year, since everyone is out living with their significant others, my mom included them too. I can't remember how my mother got this hook-up for excellent seats, and priority advance purchasing, but I love the fact the my parents love comedy and that they have the hook-up! My mom's got connections!

I had Jamie's little digital camera with me. Our ticket reads that you can't use cameras. So, I decided to be a little devil, and use mine, with no flash. Most of the pictures came out great.
Jason Alexander came out at the beginning of the show, flying on cables, pretending to be "Jewperman" as Jewish Action Figure. This is how close we were sitting:

Here's a full length picture of Jason's outfit:

After the first act came out, Jason changed and came back after that act, dressed normally:

The show was okay, Jason Alexander was my favourite part, and he only hosted. The line-up of other comedians were:

July 21
10:00 PM (There was a 7 pm show with different comedians)
Tim Minchin
Willie Barcena
Mike Britt
Lachlan Patterson
Pete Zedlacher
Kristeen Von Hagen
Dov Davidoff

At the end of the show, Jason Alexander needed a volunteer and chose my brother out of the audience. I guess it pays to be front row, and in a yellow shirt (stands out!)

So my brother got to be right next to Jason and was having a good time pretending to be a crippled child for this song/skit Jason wanted to do.

After the show, we got picked up by the same limo company, but this time in a black limo, with a new driver. What excitment!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jamie's Socks

Today, I couldn't get out of bed before 10 am. At that point, I showered, did a few things in my office to prepare for school today, put together my lunch for today (thank goodness for leftover pasta from dinner last night - which I made a portion for Angela to take to work for lunch as well - I hope she enjoyed that!) and got my butt out of the door to get to the bank, then off to school.

School was long, and boring, but I got some work done on my session project in my Adobe Illustrator class, and then in my late afternoon class, I got my project back from last week (my estimation project that I worked on ALL of last Wednesday, and got 18.5/20 on that project. I'm very happy with this mark. There were a few errors that I wasn't happy with - that I made, but what can I do? In this class I so far have a mark of 65%/70%. Our final project is worth 30%, so that will hopefully get me a nice 30/30, since I know my mistakes from this project that I just did now, it's the same format for the final project, but we just have to do the work on our own, instead of the teacher helping us out. If I get 30/30 or close to it, my final mark out of 100, would be 95% (if I get 30/30) and if not, somewhere close to that! I hope to get that finished so that maybe I don't have to show up to the final class! Maybe get some time off to study for the exam the following day. We'll see. I don't think it will take me 3 weeks to do this project, I just want to get it over and done with - so that I don't have to think about it anymore, you know? Work on other things. So much to do in the final three weeks of school!

- Think about portfolio (& correct mistakes on pieces that I want to include)
- Finish IPOD creation for Photoshop- Finish Poster for Adobe Illustrator
- Finish 12 page brochure for my imposition class
- Finish 16 page brochure for my Quark Class- Finish Die Cut project (and start it) for Montage Class
- Finish Estimation project for this class I had today
- Study for Illustrator Exam (which we were given the 10 questions and the 10 answers for it, today in class)
- Study for Imposition exam (we're reviewing it tomorrow)
- Study for Quark Exam (revision will be given hopefully next week, since I wont be there Monday). (If not, I hope to get it from someone).

Anyhow, I'm sure the next three weeks will go by with a breeze. Just a lot of things that need to accompany the actual final project, (research, thumbnails, sketches, etc) and just little details that I need to think about - so I hope to get things done properly and correctly.

This evening I made dinner for both Jamie and I, we had salmon, with some rice, and homemade salad, (I attempted and I think I did a good job at mimicking my mother-in-law's homemade salad dressing recipe), and it was a nice dinner.

We watched Big Brother tonight on TV, and other mindless TV, and I worked on closing the toes on Jamie's sock. It's done, except the grafting. Here's me modelling his sock (which is slightly loose on me!)

I love the way the sock turned out (pattern & all!) Can't wait to finish sock #2!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Maternity Parking

Today I got a late (and grumpy) start to my day. Eventually I got my day started and headed out to do my errands. My first stop was Zellers, where I went to do a return, and decided that I was well into my 16 weeks of pregnancy (as of tomorrow) and decided I was allowed to park in maternity parking!

The sign reads as follows: Parking reserved for Pregnant Women and to parents who are accompagnied by young children.

Ahhh, one perk of pregnancy... parking up close and always having a spot! I love it! (Not all places have maternity parking, but some places do!

At Zellers, after doing my return, I picked up some bed sheets in this gorgeous shade of green, as well as a new vacuum cleaner (very excited about that) and some new dishes for the kitchen, seeing as though our bowls and plates get HEATED by the microwaves instead of the food, when we try to heat things up. So many times I've burned my fingers trying to remove the plate from the kitchen. I'm going to test out the plates, and see if these new ones (which are square-ish and gorgeous - plain white) are good, if not they will be marching right back to the store for a refund.
What I am most excited about is my new vacuum cleaner!

After Zellers I headed to Costco to pick up a bunch of stuff, and of course, couldn't walk out without spending almost 300$. (Today has been a very expensive day!) I love Costco. They tried to con me into buying a membership, but it's not worth it for me, since both my parents and Jamie's dad and step-mom have memberships. I got to Costco once a year, so it's just not worth the 50$ membership. Especially since anyone who is a member can just go in and purchase a gift card for me, for even just 10$ and then I can get in, without a membership. So why bother? Did I say I heart Costco? I picked up some Lifesavers lollipops for myself, some candy for Jamie, some Salmon and Talapia (which has been cut up and prepackaged into portion for meals for 2 so that I can just un-freeze and viola, dinner! I picked up a copy of the Da Vinci Code and also a book by Debbie Macomber (whom I don't usually read) but, the title of the book caught my eye: "A Good Yarn" a story about a woman who owns a yarn shop! (The shop on Blossom Street called The Good Yarn has now been open for a year, and Lydia Hoffman is starting a new session of knitting classes. Once again, a disparate group of women find friendship and comfort as they learn the age-old craft of knitting.) - Sounds good to me!
After finishing my order at Costco, I went over to a "friend's" place and she gave me a few more items for my future child. She has been giving me clothing and items baby related, since her daughter has outgrown them, or doesn't need them. I told her I would make sure they went to good use, (and that every little bit of donation helps, as money doesn't grow on trees). Today I got a baby bathtub, a bottle holder, a bottle warmer, amongst other great hand-me-downs. She also told me that when her daughter outgrows a few more items, she'll let me know to come pick them up. I am really glad to have such supportive people and people willing to help me out - in my life.

After leaving there, I was lucky to not get stuck in traffic, did a return at Walmart, and met up with Angela. Instead of going knitting this evening, Angela and I made dinner at my place, and stayed in and watched the movie Failure To Launch while knitting. It was cute, but not the most wonderful movie I've ever seen, and I loved Sarah Jessica Parker in it. I am not that big of a fan of Matthew McConaughey. I did like Zooey Deschanel in this movie, she was also in another fave movie of mine, Eulogy (Eugene Levy was in that one). She was also in Elf, The New Guy, Almost Famous and Mumford. She was in some other movies that I've seen her in, but I think this is the first time she has had such a big role. I love her name, seeing as though our first daughter's name will be Zoey. However, I find that it's odd with a "oo" spelling (Zooey).... Hmmm, It's a very Franny and Zooey spelling (J.D. Salinger). I feel bad that I was in a bit of an anti-social mood this evening, but hey - it happens to the best of us.... right?

While watching the movie I worked on closing the toes on Jamie's sock, and after getting to the "end", which I thought was the end, before grafting, I realized I did the pattern on the toe wrong, so I had to rip out just the toe and re-start. Thanks to Angela for helping me catch all my stitches, I was having a little problem this evening seeing all the individual stitches. I was just missing out on all the plain knitting rows every other row, and instead of:
Round 1:k1, ssk, knit til end of needle 1, knit til almost end of needle 2, k2tog, k1, k1, ssk, til end of needle 3, then knit all of needle 4 until k2tog at end.then Round 2: a row of stockinette.
Repeat rounds 1 & 2, until there are 8 stitches left on each needle.

I was just doing round 1 over and over and over again....... and wondered why it was very pointy! Oooops! Too frustrated to knit ANY more after that, I'm putting it away until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Women Fully Clothed

Today was a little bit better of a day. Even though I was in a little bit of a grumpy mood from yesterday, I am feeling a tad better today. I went to class today, worked on my 1 colour poster, which was due by the end of the period today, and even though I had compatibility issues between softwares (QuarkXpress didn't want to import my Adobe Illustrator Illustrations properly in regards to the colour (even though it was the exact same Pantone shade)), I was right on time with handing in my project.

On my way home from school today, I returned the shoes to Aldo that I had gotten for Jenn's wedding (I felt they were too pointy at the toe - which I usually don't mind, but my feet are starting to swell up - so I'm going to wear the shoes I got the other day, the sandles, I'll take a picture soon of those and blog them!) Since Walmart was next door, I did a return at Walmart. And stupidly decided to go into Payless to see if they had anything bronze for Jenn's wedding (just in case). But instead, I picked up some airwalk flip flops, LOVE THEM, and a new purse:

The airwalks were on sale for 13$ a pair! So I bought 2 in the pink/yellow and 1 in the blue/orange. I'm going to start with one pair and put away the rest for when the first pair are finito. So cheap and soooo worth it. The purse I got 10% off on (which was already on sale) because of my CAA (AAA for you americans!) membership. Gotta love owning memberships that give you discounts at other places.

Tonight I went with the women in my family (my mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, cousin Jenn and Jenn's aunt) to see Women Fully Clothed. I had a really good time at the show, and it was REALLY funny. Good laughs. There was a lot of menopause jokes, lesbian references (hey, they show was with 5 women), breastfeeding and bringing up children, cooking, anything "women related". The women in the show were awesome, and our seats were awesome too. It's a good thing that Jenn and I brought our knitting along, we got to knit before the show (and Jenn at intermission). I would have knitted at intermission, but I got to the row before I would close the heel, and I needed Jamie's foot for measurement!

I can't wait to have my day off tomorrow, I'm going to do some errands in the West Island (Return at Zellers, Costco, pick up more baby items from Tina - my sister's friend) and possibly go knitting at night with Montreal Knits (we'll see tomorrow how I'm feeling).

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rotten Day

So today, after a long day at school (and handing in my DVD cover - which I am very proud of by the way), I have come to realize that I can't wait to finish school because I no longer want to be involved with that school in any which way.
During our afternoon class, our teacher blew up at us.

Let's start from the beginning.

A few weeks ago we gave the school a really bad evaluation when asked to fill one out. We also (like we do each semester), fill out evaluations on the teachers. Teachers are NOT supposed to see the evaluations until AFTER the semester is over. Even if said teacher is also our coordinator.

Somehow, our teacher of 3 classes got a hold of our evaluations, and even though she doesn't know who wrote what..... she blew up in class today saying that someone wrote on the school's evaluation that all the teachers are lazy, and she took offence to it, and that we are the class that gave her the worst evaluation of her career, and that we're horrible, and all that jazz.

Then she also mentioned that the Gala being held on August 11th (the night that we graduate), which was supposed to be our "vernissage" turns out that non of our work is being shown, it's not a diploma ceremony (as marks wont be in yet, and they don't give out diploma's unless you graduate) and no one in our group is getting an award (because apparently we don't deserve any) and so, why should I go waste 2-3 hours of my life, to watch everyone else drink cocktails I can't drink because I'm pregnant, and to bring my family for what? To watch one of the Fashion or Interior Design or 3d Animation students get awards?

... a waste of my time.

So I'm not going. I've decided.

In other bad news today, Jamie's Uncle's really good friend Dave's son Mackenzie died yesterday up north. He was 4 years old. He drowned in the lake. I don't know all details, only some, and all I know is that the funeral is tomorrow morning at 9:30 am. I've met the father once, but that's about it, and their elder daughter. I don't think I will be going to the funeral tomorrow as I have class at noon and stuff to prepare for class. Plus, I didn't know the family at all, besides one brief meeting, and just feel like I'd be awkward there. There is an article in today's Gazette (page A7), but no details and no names are mentioned. Just some facts of the incident.

Tonight I rented the movie Firewall and Jamie and I just finishe watching it. I should have been doing some homework, but I just couldn't look at my computer screen anymore, and had to go knit in front of a movie. The movie was not bad, but typical. Harrison Ford was the main actor. The girl who played his daughter, almost 16 year old Carly Schroeder, the whole movie I was trying to place her, and I just looked her name up on IMDB and she was in Mean Creek, a movie with Rory Culkin that I watched two summers ago. I really liked that movie, and she was one of the main characters in it.

Alright, I'm off to bed. I want to wake up tomorrow in a better mood and with no stress, no worries about school or fears of children dying by water. (I emailed Jamie's sister tonight to make sure that my nephew can swim, or what floatation devices he owns, to pack so that if we should* go near any water, I don't have to worry that he'll drown.

*I'm really feaked out and he's not my child, and I don't want to have any problems for the two weeks that he's staying with me for, in regards to water and not knowing how to swim. I mean, he's only 3 1/2! Who knows at what age kids can swim properly these days? I don't know? I was reassured that he was in the water all last week and he just wears those floaties on his arms (the ones that blow up) and he doesn't need a lifevest and that he puts his head under the water all by himself, etc., and that I should STAY near the water if it's hot (like it's been) and to NOT avoid it! Well, I'll tell you one thing, he won't be unattended near any water.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Those Damn Squirrels!

This morning I got woken up at 9:30 am by Videotron, who came to fix our internet. Our service has been intermitten since Friday, and we weren't sure why. Turns out that those damn squirrels have been eating our cable line and that is why the internet has been goofy. I was soooo happy that the guy came today (we were expecting him at 8am-11:30 am tomorrow morning, and Jamie was going to stay home from work tomorrow morning until our internet was fixed. (Cable TV was still working, but apparently cable can work bare, but the internet cable needs to be coated). DAMN THOSE SQUIRRELS. They really are no good! Useless animal!

After the guy left, (and waved his finger at us for splitting the cable to more than 1 TV - but he said people do it anyhow, but that if our CABLE TV signal is ever weak, to not call, because they'll investigate and probably back charge us for splitting to more than 1 tv (we're only paying for cable for 1 tv hook-up and it's being split to 3 tv's (bedroom, den & basement). But the guy didn't seem to care that our cable internet was being split between my PC and my laptop in the basement which Jamie uses - unless he just didn't notice the router... who knows..... so after the guy left, we went to Jamie's dad for breakfast and boy was it a feast! I wasn't that hungry at first, seeing as though dinner only came to us around 10:45 pm last night. (I never eat late! So this morning I was feeling blech!) Jamie's step-mom was in a cooking mood, so she baked and cooked up a storm. There were scrambled eggs, bagels, lox (mmm - they picked it up b/c they knew I loved it!) and apple cinnamon pancakes (and not apple flavored pancakes, there were actual CHUNKS of apple in the pancakes!) Everything was sooo delicious, and as soon as I started eating my appetite came. Jamie's dad also surprised me with this tub of raspberry sorbet that he picked up for me at the Market - I have been looking like crazy for it - and he found it! That was very nice of him.

Click on DVD COVER to open a new window to view it larger with all the beautiful yummy details I've been working SOOOO hard on all week!

Got home, and finished my DVD cover, which is due tomorrow at 8 am. I think I did a great job on it (the freaking thing is 60MB!) There are soooooo many layers, and EVERYTHING is from scratch. I think I did a very good job on it - and I hope to get an excellent mark on it. So far my average in Photoshop is 85% overall, and I'm hoping that this assignment will bring up my mark. Also, thre is only 1 more assignment left in this class, and that is for me to re-create my own "i-pod" machine from scratch. My own brand of the "i-pod". Should be interesting. There is also no exam in this class, so I should be able to pull off a good mark. Also -I think for the DVD cover that I'm handing in tomorrow, I think that I covered a lot of the techniques that we've learned this semester in his class, so that should count. I made my own brush (the stars that you see glowing off Ariel and the clam shell on the cover) and used it. I also, applied layer styles to a lot of my layers, playing around with Bevel & Emboss, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Gradient Styles, Colour Overlay, Satin Overlay, you name it.... I had fun with it. And all the characters were traced in Adobe Illustrator, and I think I did a mighty FINE job!
Been organizing my office to be the baby's room. If I don't start now, the baby's room will never be done by January, lol... There are some onesies hanging in the closet: (Yes, that's still my yarn in the background on the shelf! Gotta find another place for it!)

And finally moved my treasure chest of yarn from the little nook in the baby's future room, and placed the rocking chair there:

Doesn't it just look great where it is?? I love the little nook. Now, once we find out the sex of the baby in a month from now, (If the baby is not shy!) I can make blue or pink cushions for the rocking chair - for more comfort when breastfeeding.

Off shortly to my parents place to go swimming and for dinner, so I'll check ya later. (Gotta get out of this heat and into the pool!)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

And She Wins @ The Casino Again!

This afternoon, being frustrated with our interrupted internet service (can't figure out why the signal is sooooooo weak) and Videotron (our service provider for our cable TV and internet), couldn't send anyone today, so they have someone coming first thing monday morning, sometime between 8 am - 11:30 am - so Jamie will stay home a bit from work & go in late, I worked on my DVD cover, and I am VERY DAMN proud of the way it's turning out. It's due on Monday morning so I will finish it up (last finishing touches) tomorrow, and all will be good to go. I can't believe it's down to the grind of only 4 weeks left of school! Arrrhhhh!

Tonight we picked up Sherrie & Brad from the Sheraton Four Points Downtown Montreal, and headed out to the casino first. Here is a picture of Jamie & I at the casino:

I love love love my new shirt - it's not maternity, but I bought it in a larger size, so for now, it fits! I actually wore a skirt out tonight - though you can't see it in this picture.

This is Sherrie & Brad. They're sunburned from rafting today in Montreal (got caught a little in the rain though - poor them - especially since it was lightning and they had metal oars!)

This evening was fun at the casino, since I won some money! Jamie had given me 40$ to play, but I didn't want to even spend that much. So, while Brad was losing money on craps, and Jamie watching & trying to figure out how to play, Sherrie first lost 5$ on a poker slot machine, and then 20$ more on Roulette, and then we picked a video slot machine for me to sit down at. I found a Draw Poker (where you have three lines to have more of a chance to win). Sherrie sat down at the same Draw Poker machine one machine over from me (there was a guy inbetween us at a different game). We both wanted to play poker. So I put in 20$ (which gave me 80 credits on a .25 cent machine). I didn't know what I was doing at first, so I accidently bet only 1 credit and lost that one quarter. Then I realized what I was doing, and of course you have to bet the max (15 credits, which is $3.75) or you don't actually win anything if you win. So the way you play is, when cards come up that you want to keep, you press the corresponding "HOLD" button, to hold the cards, then you hit the "DRAW" button, and it replaces the cards you don't want to keep, hoping to match up cards. You get only 5 cards per line, and let's say you hold to Kings then it holds two kings on EACH of the lines (three lines in total) so you have three chances to pull three of a kinfd or four of a kind. With two kings, though, you win your 15 credits back, because you win 5 credits per line - totalling 5x3 lines = 15 credits. About the 8th or 9th hand in, FOUR 10's come up on the line, so I HOLD them all. Not realizing what this meant - I hit draw (knowing that I can't get five of a kind, because that just doesn't exist in a deck, but that four 10's is a GOOD combo to have), I won 250 credits PER line, and for a total of 750 credits! I cashed out right then, at a total of 779 credits! 779 credits equals 194.75$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only one machine I sit down at - just my luck!

So we went out for a very expensive dinner (on me of course) to Vargas - this REALLY good steak & sushi place. (The bill for the 4 of us was 250$ with tip)! Crazy. Sherrie & Brad felt so bad that I was paying, because they ordered 60$ worth of wine between the two of them. But they treated us REALLY good while we were in Boston back in March, and it was our turn to pay back. Had I not won though, at the casino, it may have been another story in regards to going to this restaurant! LOL.... I had a pretty good salad, and an amazing dish of Linguini Pescatore (Linguini with muscles, shrimp and scallops in a white wine sauce - Mmmmmmmmmmmm!) Delish! It was a little late to be eating (10:45pm) so I took the rest home with me.

I had a really good time tonight, and that is a good thing. I'm usually a lazy bum, and prefer to sit at home watch movie & knit. I am glad we got out of the house!

I'm still shocked at my winnings!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mason-Dixon Knitting

Today I started knitting the Baby Kimono (knitted in ONE piece) from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. I just got it in the mail today, when I got in from school.

Today was a very blah day. Worked on a project (after some theory) in my class this morning, and then had a make-up class after that class, so I was in class later than usual for a Friday. That's okay though. Got home, hubby brought me a salad from my fave salad place right now (Marathon's - Mmmm!) and I then headed to Walmart - where I ended up spending more money than I should have - BUT - I took home a few things in a few different sizes, since I don't like to try on stuff at Walmart. So I do have some things now to return. (Sometime soon).
In-law's came for dinner, (BBQ with my mother-in-law's salad on the side - I HEART her salad dressing - Mmmmmm delish!) and while Jamie & gang played poker, I watched Corpse Bride (Cynthia - you were right, Nightmare Before Xmas was Sooooooooooooo much better!) and started knitting the above kimono. I really don't like the circulars I'm using, I find they are wayyyy to stiff. I am thinking about changing them to bamboo's - but I'm afraid the baby soft yarn (whatever it is I'm using) will stick to the bamboo needles (that's why bamboo is not always the greatest) and then, that won't be good.
Tomorrow night we're getting together with my friend Sherrie who is in from out of town, and that will be nice to see her. I am upset with her for not staying with us (she blames it on two things 1- Brad's never been to Montreal before, and she wants to be downtown to show him downtown) and also, 2- she blames her partying/drinking/smoking bad for the baby, so she doesn't want that bad influence on me. Pooh her! I would have loved to have them stay with us. Sherrie says she's coming back in the fall when Brad goes off to service for 3 months (he's a US Coast Guard) and will have time free, so she'll come down before the baby is born and then again when the baby is born to meet the little one. I love that Boston is only about a 5 1/2 hour drive, and that it's accessible for us to see each other every couple of months.
Other than that, I will be working on my DVD cover all weekend, as I have to finish it up - it's due on Monday morning at 8 am!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some Gifts & Other Stuff

Yesterday when I was at home doing homework all day before the baby shower, (and photographed some objects for my dad on a white background so he could cut them out and place them on his website) (Since I'm the professional photographer in the family I didn't mind doing it for him).... I received this wonderful package from Cynthia - which I was way too busy to photograph (unfortunately I ran out of time).

I had requested another ball of Lanett pink yarn - since Cynthia only sent me one ball, and depends on the length of the sock I make, it takes 2 balls of 50 grams for 1 pair of socks. I fell in LOVE with the pink and white mix of the yarn (and it's superwash so I can throw the socks into the washing machine/dryer - woohoo!) So I got me a 2nd ball! Cynthia also sent off some more pink goodies (I HEART ANYTHING PINK!) and I got some material, some zebra striped funky tape (tres cool!) a little elephant (that I think goes on top of a pencil? - he's to the left of the zebra tape - can you see him?) and some awesome flower decoration (for maybe a future handbag!) Some alphabet stickers, 2 really cool cups, a pink note pad w/pen, some really cool pencils, some ribbon and a really cool pink nightlight..... (which if we're having a girl - will go in the baby's room.... and if not, it will go in my office!) (Along with the zebra tape is 2 decorative umbrella's!) THANK YOU CYNTHIA! I can't wait til she gets my little package I sent her - as as thank you for sending me extra yarn! (And some things that didn't fit into the box that I sent her not too long ago...!)

Last night I also received this yellow baby book. It is a gift from some cousins in California (they sent it along with my grandmother's sister - who gave it to my grandmother, who gave it to me last night before going into the baby shower). It's an early baby gift, as well, Jamie and I got a gift as a belated wedding present, or an early anniversary gift, as they couldn't make it in for our wedding (my cousin is afraid of flying, so whenever she visits her mother in Montreal (my grandmother's sister) she comes by train from California! Crazy!) The cash gift will be nice to use for our honeymoon - which is coming up soon - I can't wait! I wrote them out a thank you card, and it's already in the mail. (To show you how fast I am with things like that - my thank you's for the wedding gifts were mailed out a day and a half after our wedding - to our entire 225 guests that attended our wedding. Mind you - there wasn't 225 cards written, beacause more than half the guests came in parties of 2, 3, 4 even families of 5.... so.... I think there was just over a 100 thank you card's sent. Give or take.) I don't like waiting - I always get thank you cards taken care of immediately. I get compliments on how fast I send thank you's for things like that...! (Engagement party, wedding, my bridal shower, etc...!)

On the subject of receiving gifts, Jamie & I received this not too long ago from Jamie's ex-co-workers from his old job (where he used to work at - educational toys). They had come over for a BBQ - but our BBQ wasn't working, so we ended up going out for lunch, and it wasn't until a few days later, Jamie showed me that they had brought this over - I had nooooooooo idea. It is sooo cute. This baby isn't even born yet, and it's very spoiled already.

I caught Jazz in the bathtub today. Just chillin' there. I thought it was really cute, so I took a picture of him in there.
Today was a long day at school, and I got home late, because I worked all day yesterday on my project and was on the ball - getting things done, I finished my project (there were a few things I had to correct upon getting to school today) (mistakes noticed upon proof reading it, and discussing the project with classmates) and the teacher had TOOO many students to see in the period that was class time, so since she checked over my project and it seemed that I had done it correctly, she sent me around the class answering classmates' questions. Class was over at 5:30pm, I didn't get out of class til 5:50pm. Ugh.
Tonight Jamie and I watched Big Brother on TV from 8-9pm, and then we just finished the movie Momentum. Eh, it was okay. It was with Teri Hatcher and Louis Gossett Jr. It was about a man with telekinetic abilities and he meets a group of people with similair powers. Some FBI involved, etc.... According to user ratings, it was rated a 4.6/10. Yeah - that seems just about right!