Thursday, April 30, 2009

april thirty

This morning when I brought Sean to daycare, it was a good drop off day. Some days are better than others and some days are still hard. He's starting to realize that Mack gets to spend the entire day with me at home. What he doesn't realize, is that Mack naps twice a day, and mommy works during the time that Mack's napping. I feel good that today was a good drop off day.

I came home and finished seaming Mack's Moss Block Cardigan, and sewed on the buttons, and voila, I have an FO for you:

Pattern: Moss Block Cardigan by Jennifer Lori
For: Mackenzie
Yarn: Flock of Feathers DK in Seagull
Needle: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Size: 6-12 months
Timeline: September 12, 2008 until April 30th, 2009 (Not consecutively). I was working on other projects and deadlines in between and unfortunately forgot to keep working on it. It's a super fast knit, it should not have taken me this long to finish it.
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Love it! Definitely hope he wears it for a while!

A special added touch of baseball buttons.

I am so happy with this project! Enjoy the photos!
I'm biased, but I have a super cute model.

I worked from home all morning today, as I was at home waiting for Bureau En Gros (Staples for those of you not in Quebec), to have them deliver only half my order. I'm so pissed! Now I have to stay home another day when they decide to deliver the other half. (Someone has to be there to sign for your package). I called to find out where my other half is, and they said those items are special order items, and will be coming from a different warehouse. Weird.

When my cleaning lady left at 1pm, I headed over to my mom's house to pick her up. I had a delivery to do for my shop, and I was meeting the girl's boyfriend at a metro station. Since I didn't feel comfortable doing this alone, my mother said she's come with me for the drive. Just for safety reasons. I'm always cautious when meeting up with strangers. Wouldn't you be?

So, after doing the delivery, we went to a near by mall so that I could go to the post office and my mother wanted to see something in another store in that shopping center. I go to the post office, and do a huge mailing. Mack gets restless in the stroller so my mother walks over to the other store she wanted with Mackenzie. The other store doesn't allow you to go in with parcels (or you leave them at the cash). So I decided to bring my empty reusable shopping bags back to my car before going into this other store, as they are the huge Costco reusable bags and I wanted to get them out of my hands. Upon returning to my car, I see a yellow paper under my windshield. I was like, "WTF!"....?

It's a "warning parking ticket"... from the "parking lot security". This guy has been working there at this parking lot for as far as I can remember. It's an outdoor strip mall around the corner from my old duplex. (The one we lived in until we moved where we are now). He's ALWAYS walking around the parking lot. You can always find him. He wears a black outfit and has the orange & yellow reflector jacket on.

What does my ticket say?

The date, my car model & my license plate. And what's checked off?

"Your vehicle is parked in a zone reserved for thes hopping centre's customers".


I just spent 352$ and change in the post office inside the Pharmaprix and I'm not a customer of your shopping center? I bet most people DO NOT spend that much in the little dinky strip mall. I do see where he's coming from writing tickets such as these, because people DO abuse the parking lot and park in there to use the metro which is in the same parking lot. It's illegal to park in the lot and leave. I have NEVER done that.

And where's parking lot security when you need to find him? No where to be found for 20-25 minutes. My mother and I searched the lot, and even the handful of stores in the lot.

The bottom of the ticket says "Your vehicle will be towed at your expense without further notice".... Ok, and if you tow my car, how will I know you towed it?? What was the point of leaving that on my windshield?

Anyhow, I'm writing a letter to the shopping centre's head office, their address and phone number is on the ticket, and I want in writing that there is no strikes again my license plate, and that my car will not be towed if I park again in their lot. I will be photocopying my bill that I indeed spent 352$ and change in their shopping centre at the time of this supposed "crime" that my car was commiting. I want an apology as well.

Where does this guy even come up with the fact that I parked there and left? I just don't get it.

We were going to do more shopping in this centre, but after that, I was worried that my car would get towed, so we decided to leave. Especially after wasting 20-25 minutes looking for the parking lot security with no luck. I still needed to get wrapping stuff for the Log Cabin Blanket that we are giving to our cousin on Saturday at her bridal shower.

I had an hour an home before I had to go pick up Sean from daycare, and I got some more stuff done around the house. Things are slowly coming together and getting organized.

This evening I chilled at home and finished picking up the stitches on my step-mother-in-law's Vest. I'm *hoping* to get it to her for Mother's Day next weekend. It was supposed to be part of her birthday present (her birthday was in December!) I'm a tad behind, but that's okay. She's not in any rush. I want to get that to her though, asap!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

april twenty-nine

This morning I ran into the nutritionist's office after picking up my mother. She sat in the car for a few minutes with both boys while I got weighed in. I had a very quick weigh in today. As of today, I'm down 25.6 lbs. It's coming along. I'm not officially below the last 10 lbs. It's like 9 and change... I can almost smell the finish line!

The next stop was at my cousin's house for her grandson's Brit Milah. (Above is myself with Mack and my sister holding Sean). (Both boys look so mature/older in this pic above.... gosh is time flying by).

I love this picture of Sean giving me a kiss. He's such a sweet boy. There's going to come a time where he is not going to want to give mommy kisses in public anymore, so I need to cherish these moments as they are here.

Sean had a good time playing with his Uncle today.

As well as with his cousin Oliver.

It was nice to have my mom's side of the family together for such a happy occasion and it was nice to meet my new cousin, Spencer, who's Brit Milah it was. There was a lot of food, good laughs, and lots of family. I love it.

Amy & I were wearing the same pants (but in different colors). I love these pants (which actually Amy picked out and brought home for me to try out). I love them because they are in a size that I haven't worn in years. I'm certainly not complaining! Amy insisted we take a picture of the two of us wearing our new pants.

This afternoon I was very blessed. I managed to get Mack down for a nap at the same time that I was getting Sean ready for his. I didn't send Sean to daycare today, since Jenn was bringing Jakob to the Brit Milah, I figured Sean could go play with Jakob and Oliver (whom are all 5 months apart. Oliver is 5 months older than Sean and Sean is 5 months older than Jakob). Mack is super easy to get down for a nap, he gets his bottle, and then his dream screen in bed (which plays for 15 minutes, but he's usually out cold before it's done). Sean on the other hand, has music going, (Baby Einstein Classic Lullaby), and gets 3 (yes, THREE) stories, before nap (or bed) time. Lucky kid. Sometimes he tries to con more stories, but I try to stick to no more than 3. So today, I read him his 3 stories, and well... he has started this new thing lately. He will now put his hand on my cheek, very lovingly and soft, and say "Lie down mommy"... so today, I did, and passed out. I don't even think I lasted 30 seconds awake, I was sooo pooped. I napped with Sean in his bed for a good 2 and a half hours. I cannot tell you the last time I napped. It was definitely before Mack was born. (I used to be able to take naps whenever Sean was napping - yeah, well with 2 kids, that doesn't work so easy). Even though Sean's in daycare, when Mack's napping there is 400 things to do around the house that I never get the chance just to close my eyes and nap. So today's nap was super nice, and very needed.

Sean woke up first, and woke me up. Shortly after we got up, Mack got up. I made sure to have Mack fed by the time Jamie got home from work. His only request on nights that I go out is that Mack is fed. (Apparently feeding both kids at the same time (Sean does feed himself) is hard to do. It's okay, it's the least I can do for a night off! So I fed Mack, Jamie got home, I got ready and headed out the door for my busy evening.

First I met up with West Island Knits/Crochet. I worked a bit on Mack's Moss Block Cardigan.

After being at knit night for about an hour, I left for about 2 hours and went to a mommy dinner for the ladies in Mack's new playgroup (the only playgroup I've been attending as of lately). Jenn was there at dinner too, and we had a good time. It's super nice to see these moms outside of playgroup and without any kids. The conversation was good and the food too. I hope we get to do this again sometime soon. I'm really glad to have met these moms.

Then after dinner, I headed back to knit night, and worked on the Moss Block Cardigan again. A nice sized group.

I came home and I finished the Moss Block Cardigan. Phew! Done! Tomorrow I will weave in the ends and sew on the buttons. I've got the most adorable buttons (Baseballs!) Stay tuned tomorrow for an FO!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

april twenty-eight :: 45 weeks old & 28 months old

Mack is 45 weeks old today.

As well, Sean is 28 months old today. 28 months on the 28th of April. Cute.

This morning I started a new music class with Mack, to get us out of the house for something fun once a week. It's early in the morning and we like the ladies who do the music part. It's half an hour gym and half an hour music. The moms in this class are all new to me, and are super nice. They're all 2nd or 3rd time moms, and I like this change of faces.

Mackenzie got to go in a swing for I think the first time ever. He was newborn last summer so he didn't get to go on swings last summer, and didn't go on any in the winter, that's for sure. He's loving the swing set!

And of course, he had to try on his fishie hat again. Don't you miss these adorable photos of him in that hat?? I sure did. His head is finally growing into the hat!

Then I had a few minutes to kill so I grabbed a tea and bagel from Tim Horton's drive-thru, and then sat in front of Sean's daycare for a bit knitting away on my last square for the Log Cabin Blanket. I had then at 10:45 am, Sean's Parent/Teacher interview. Honestly, there wasn't much I didn't already know about Sean's growth/learning/behavior. The things we need to work on are his anger management (yes, she used this word for a 2 year old!!!) and his colors.He's the only kid in his class who can recognize all the letters of the alphabet in and out of order and can sing the alphabet without any glitches. He can count to 13 and knows some more higher numbers too. Overall, I'm impressed and well... what 2 year old can control their anger management!? Seriously??

After the interview we came home and Mack had a nice nap. This allowed me to finish working on my 6 square for the Log Cabin Blanket.

Then I ran over to Jenn's house with both mine & Amy's squares so that Jenn could do the seaming. Mack played with some of Jakob & Henri's toys while we figured out the blanket.

Here are my 6 squares.

And here are all 16 squares together. So mine are the ones with the brown on the outside, Amy's are the ones with the green out the outside and Jenn's arethe ones with the white on the outside.

It's definitely looking good! I cannot wait to see it finished! And to give it as a gift on Saturday.

Mack is super attached to his bunny. Though, we need a name for it. Any suggestions? Sean has his "Nunu", but this bunny came with a tag that said "Nunu" as well. We cannot have 2 Nunu's in the house, that would just be very confusing to the kids. So... my mom suggestions Tutu, but my husband doesn't like it. Then bunbun was suggested, as it's a bunny... but that's just... well... blah. Anyhow, I'm willing to send a little gift (not sure what yet), to the person who suggests the winning name for Mack's bunny blanket. So here's a contest for you! Suggest away!

This evening was a chill night, since both Jamie and I wanted to take it easy. Next project is to pick up the stitches on my step-mother-in-law's vest so that I can finish that one already!

Monday, April 27, 2009

april twenty-seven

Sean had a meltdown at daycare this morning when I brought him. He wanted to wear his white sneakers. He was wearing his blue ones. His blue ones matched what he was wearing today. (Yes, white matches everything but it's rare he gets to wear his blue shoes because they don't match everything). He threw such a tantrum for those white shoes. Not sure how, but we finally got him distracted and on with his day. He couldn't have thrown the fit at home? I would have changed his shoes immediately at home. At daycare, I don't have what to change them with...!

Next stop was my nutritionist's office. I'm now down 25.4 lbs. This is good because I pretty much eat out every meal this weekend, because we were out of town. So for that, and being a bit down on the scale, I'm totally okay with that! I need to start losing more weight. I need to reach my goal by May 29th.

I worked at home all afternoon, and my sister came over for a bit to help me out. I had a bunch of cakes to wind... as you can see above. Wow, what a job that was! I hope my arm is at least toned from the amount of winding we did this afternoon. (Thanks sis!)

I started working on the guest list for Mack's 1st birthday party. Oh wow, it's quite the list. It's basically Sean's 1st birthday party list and now Mack has friends. You see, I never was in a playgroup with Sean after he was born. I didn't know anyone who had babies once he was born, and all my friends had babies around the same time Mack was born. So now, Mack has friends to come to his first birthday party when Sean's 1st birthday party was all just family. (Sean started classes at the local Y just a few days after his party and made friends). Anyhow, I'm kinda afraid to get my replies back! At least my parents have a decent sized home, and it'll be June, there's always outside too.

Tonight Jamie and I sat on the couch and watched a ton of TV, as there was a bunch of shows that were ending tonight. (Heroes, Chuck, all the jazz...) What a good TV night. And once again, I plugged away at knitting those squares.... gotta have them to Jenn by tomorrow. I'm almost there.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

april twenty-six :: 121 weeks old

We had brunch at Miriam's house before heading on the road back home. Her husband picked up bagels for us, and we sat around talking for a bit before heading out the door to pack up the car.

It was so nice to spend some time with Miriam, as it had been way too long. I invited them to come stay with us whenever they wanted, and I'm hoping they take us up on our offer.

Mack was in good spirits again this morning, but little did he know that he was in for another 6-7 hour drive ahead of him!

Mack & myself before we headed on the road home.

Somehow, even with all the shopping we did this past weekend, the stuff fit better in our car on the way home, than it did on the way to Toronto. Weird.

Somewhere on the 401 just outside of Oshawa, we met up with our cousins on the highway. They had been down in Toronto visiting as well. We tried to meet up with them late afternoon yesterday, but it just didn't work out.

We stopped in Kingston to get gas, eat, do a little bit of shopping and switch drivers. Amy had driven from Toronto to Kingston, and I was doing the second half, Kingston to home.

Mackie was in a good mood because he practically slept the entire way to Kingston. That was nice, because I got to chug away at the Log Cabin Blanket squares.

We actually got some pretty decent service (finally!) at Denny's which is where we ate for lunch.

Back on the road and Mack slept again. He was an angel the entire way home. I'm so happy about that. Music was good, Amy napped a bit and knit a bit, so it was nice and peaceful in the car. For a bit near home we had to sing a bit to Mack, but it wasn't so bad. He really was truly an awesome baby in the car. I couldn't have asked for any different.

Got home to see my Sean, whom I missed a lot this weekend away from him. (Miss the hubby too, of course!) Sean's 121 weeks old today, my is he getting bigger! I go away for 2 nights and I feel like he's grown since the last time I saw him. I can't believe he's almost 2 and a half. Where does time go??

Family dinner was cancelled tonight as my father wasn't feeling well. That was fine by me as after spending as many hours in the car that I did, I'm pooped.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

april twenty-five :: frolic

This morning we got up bright & early and headed out the door to the Knitter's Frolic in mid-town Toronto. Mack actually woke up like clockwork 5 minutes before our alarm was set - which was for 7 am. Though, setting an alarm is useless when sleeping in the same room (or house) as a child who gets up at (around) the same time every day.

Mack was in a super good mood and all smiles.

We finally got to Frolic, and the main parking lot was full. This was not even 30 minutes after the event started. We had to park in "over flow" parking. I couldn't believe how many people (and cars!) there were. And no, we didn't plan to wear similar colored shirts today. It just happened.

The three of us today. Mack had a LOT to look at! He wanted to touch everything!

There was lots of things to look at! Lots of people to watch too. (I've always been a huge people watcher). What can I say, I love to look/admire other people.

Even caught a picture of the lovely Laura Chau, who was working at the Lettuce Knits booth. I saw her around at Rhinebeck, but never got the chance to introduce myself. I finally did introduce myself to her today. She's super sweet.

I also got to meet my swap pal Lillian. We were pals (I sent to her) in a swap last year, I believe it was the Falling For Ewe Swap and have kept in touch since. She's leaving to Shanghai (did I get that right Lillian?) for good soon, and I finally got the chance to meet her before she leaves Canada. It was awesome to get the opportunity to meet a swap pal in the flesh! It was great to meet you Lillian!

The fabulous Tanis ( of Tanis Fiber Arts) was in Toronto too with a booth and Frolic. She brought some new stuff, and indulged in her laceweights. (Pictures later on in this picture heavy post). Go on, go shop in her store. Tell her I sent you. You won't regret your purchase. I can vouch for that.

Tanis is super tiny and super cute. I am glad that I've gotten to work with her through my shop, and recommend her yarns 150%. Her stuff is just awesome. Really. I'd love to own every weight in every color. And then roll around in it.

I also got to meet knitter Leigh.

And got to see Michelle again! Who is looking great!

I got to see Glenna again, met her for the first time at Rhinebeck. It was nice to see her again.

She modeled her Oyster Bay in Tanis' yarn. It's really gorgeous!

Mack was in a good mood all day - which was fabulous. He's such a good baby.

Look at that smile!

I also got to see and speak to Amy Singer, Trish Moon, Lori Law, and a few knitty bloggers that I've met before. I even got to see Ginette, who is in the Montreal Knitting Guild. She was in Toronto with some friends, and it was funny running into her there! Apparently the Yarn Harlot was supposed to be there (according to Twitter - though I'm NOT on twitter - I'm not caving), but we didn't see her at all. (And the place wasn't that big).

After Frolic we decided to grab some lunch. We settled on Centerpoint mall (Steeles & Yonge) and decided to get some Subways. We got really bad customer service there. I really think that Amy & I just have bad luck with customer service in restaurants. That and people working in the service industry in Toronto are just rude! I asked for whole wheat bread, she gave me whole wheat with honey or something. Amy asked for whole wheat as well, and got the whole wheat. When I asked the chick for regular whole wheat, she gave me a dirty look, but did switch my bread. I asked TWICE for Swiss, she kept putting in regular cheese (not sure what it is, but it's the other cheese option they have at Subways). Then I asked for what I wanted on my sandwich and she tossed in a few of each. Nothing like at home. I asked for extras pickles, she put in 3. I asked for more pickles she put in 3 more slices of pickles. I told her no really, put on more. She gave me a dirty look. I also asked for the combo with soup, which in Quebec they have. (You can pay a few cents more and have a soup instead of chips). She looked at me like I was crazy and told me it doesn't exist. Okay, fine, whatever. I'll pay for each individually. I was so hungry I didn't care. Amy then got uttered at under the girls' breath, and when we both asked her to repeat what she said she bit her tongue and said "nothing, nevermind". She even asked Amy if she wanted to pay for the girl's sandwich who was standing behind us in line. Uhm, no thanks. We've never met her, why would we pay for her lunch. Weirdos. I do not recommend eating at the Subways at Centerpoint mall. Really rude employees.

Amy, Mack & I at Centerpoint. We decided to walk around a little bit to kill some time.

We then headed back to Miriam's house and as we got there she was leaving for a few hours. Amy & I organized our stuff while Mack made faces at us from the inside of his playpen. How funny is he!?? Got me to laugh so hard!

So my loot from today:

Gorgeous buttons for my future February Lady Sweater.

Two gorgeous hand sewn project bags. They have measuring tapes all over it!

I got a needle gauge that has US 00, US 000 and US 0000 on it, which I needed. I could have sworn I had one that has for those tiny sizes, but of course when I needed it, I couldn't find it. It's no where to be found, and I've ransaked my office looking for it. Oh well. Now that I have a new one, I bet you, my old one will show up, because I no longer need it!

I picked up some Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra Handpaints in SU0903-W.

And some Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra Handpaints in SU0903-C.

I had tried to find their booth at Rhinebeck this past fall and couldn't find them. It was too crazy busy there, and with both kids it was hard to do everything and see everything there. So I definitely did NOT want to miss their booth this time around!

My Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label Laceweight in Plum.

And my Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label Laceweight in Peacock.

Her laceweight has 1000 yards. How delicious!

The Purple Purl gave out pretty recyclable bags with purchase, which was awesome for the environment. I love reusable bags. I am glad that grocery stores are starting to charge to get plastic bags. Some in Montreal started charging as of Earth Day this past week. Great idea. It'll get people to stop using plastic bags.

At The Purple Purl I got some Misti Alpaca Sock Yarn in Venecia (#16).

Alpaca with a Twist - Fino - #9007 (875 yards of laceweight)

And some Malabrigo Sock Yarn in a colorway that I cannot get in my shop, and had to have - Violeta Africana. Come on - had to get a Purple colorway from the Purple Purl!

Her is my progress on my squares for the Log Cabin Blanket that I'm knitting with Amy & Jenn for our cousin Caryn. Her bridal shower is next Saturday. I've got 3 squares completely done of 6. The started square is number 4. I need to have them all done by Tuesday, to get to Jenn whom will be doing the seaming and a crochet border. (She's the crocheter in the family).

Around 5 pm a NASTY storm hit up our area. It was very windy, pouring rain, and we even lost power for a few minutes. It wasn't looking too good outside. I captured this from one of the bedrooms in Miriam's house.

And unfortunately, one of the houses on her street didn't make the storm.

I hope the people had no intentions of moving in soon! This is going to set them back a while!

Amy and decided to leave the house as we were starting to get hungry. I didn't want to start making food at Miriam's house, since she keeps a kosher home, and with my diet, it's kind of tricky to bring food into someone's home. In any case, we wanted to get out for a bit and go to Michaels in Miriam's area. I still had something on my to-get list, that I wanted to see if her Michaels had it.

So on our way to Michaels, we started looking out for a restaurant that both of us could eat at. Amy is lactose, fruitose and sorbitol intolerant, and only likes certain restaurants that can cater to what she can eat. We settled on Kelsey's, since we've both eaten at the one in Montreal before, and knew that we could each find something on the menu that we could eat. There was a bit of wait, as we$ were told it would be about 15 minutes for a table of 2. No problem, we said we would wait. Then, about 10 minutes later a couple walked in, said they were seated right away. Why?? We were next in line for a table for 2. WTF! So I asked Amy to go speak to the guy standing by the "hostess booth" and he said he honestly doesn't know who was next as he is not the hostess! Ha ha, last night the chick was "just the hostess".... Not too much after that, we finally we were seated, at a table that had been empty the entire time, and the hostess did not have an answer as to why they were seating before us. And the waiter was just not all there either. I ordered a starter salad, and it came with her meal. Starter salad. Meaning it's supposed to come before my meal. That's when I wanted it. Not with my meal. I also had to ask twice for guacamole, which was supposed to come with my meal. And we had to ask twice to get our bill, and then again for separate bills. Ugh. We just wanted a simple meal.

After dinner we hit up the local Michaels, and stocked up with some of our fave craft supplies. It was WAY past Mack's bedtime, but he was in good spirits.

Afterwards we went back to Miriam's house and watched a bit of TV with her and her husband, while knitting on the Log Cabin Blanket. I can now no longer keep my eyes open so I'll be going to bed. Sleeping next to my little cutie Mack who is sound asleep (snoring!) in his playpen!