Monday, June 30, 2008

june thirty

This morning my mom & sister came by before we left to do a day full of errands, to help me with the boys so I could get a few things together. Wow - does it take forever to get out of the house with 2 boys! And I thought it was bad with just Sean! It always took us forever to get organized and out of the house! And those times you were just about to walk out of the house and oh no - a diaper change is needed!

Mack was ready to go - and really peaceful. He looks like he's about to meditate here in this picture! I call him my yoga baby - some of the positions he likes to sleep in with his legs folded, etc.

This late morning we had Mack's first doctor's appointment. All went well, and his doctor is just a little concerned about his weight not going anywhere in the last week. (And he has been eating!) Here's the stats: (I used this online measurement converter).

Birth weight: 2845 g – is actually 6.27 lbs (6 lbs 3 oz. and not 6 lbs 4 oz which is what the hospital told me he was).

Discharge weight from hospital: 2555 g – which is 5.63 lbs (5 lbs 6 oz. - not the 5 lbs 10 oz. they marked in Mack's vaccination record book).

Last Monday the CLSC nurse came to our house to weigh Mack. She told me he was 2770g (minus about 20g for the diaper, so 2750g) and not the 2700 g – which is 5.95 lbs (5 lbs 10 oz) she marked down in this vaccination book. She weighed him in a cloth scale, and not on a digital scale like at the doctor's office. No two scales are ever the same, especially not even when it's not the same kind of scale even!

And she weighed Mack today and he was still at 2750 g – 6.06 lbs, which is 6 lbs and almost 1 oz. How is it that he has been eating like a champ, yes, I hear him swallowing and he's latching properly, and he's not gaining any weight?

She wants to see us on Thursday, just to weigh him, but I don't know if I want to run all the way into the city just to get him weighed, so I may see if I can go into the local CLSC here, where I know they DO have a digital scale, and get him weighed like that, and if he has not gained any weight, Dr. F wants us to go to the breastfeeding clinic at the hospital where she works on Fridays, and he may have to get his "tongue-tie" clipped. She said it's NOT painful and it WON'T bleed. (My 2 concerns). But that he may not actually be sucking properly due to this. Apparently it's an easy procedure to clip the membrane under the tongue. She said she felt under his tongue and he may have a small one that needs to be cut, if there is no weight gain. Bottle fed babies don't have symptoms with tongue-tie, it affects breastfeeding, however, I just read that it could cause speech problems, because the tip of the tongue cannot rise high enough to make (articulate) some sounds clearly, such as t, d, z, s, th, n, and l. Hmm! I don't want Mack to have any speech problems, maybe I should have the tongue-tie fixed anyhow? Have any of you experienced this with your child? Now I'm wondering if Sean has tongue-tie and if maybe that's why he didn't latch when trying to breastfeed. I wonder how to tell?? Now I'm getting paranoid!

After Mack's appointment, we went to the mall across the street and had lunch. Auntie Amy chased Sean around the jungle gym that the had in the food court for a bit after we finished lunch, while I fed Mack. Apparently Sean tires her out! LOL.

He had a grand 'ole time in the playground! He didn't want to leave - put up a fuss. Poor guy!

He was all kisses though when we went to Walmart to pick up a few items. Yes, it seems like I'm always at Walmart. What can I say? They have some decent stuff & a great baby section. (Today I picked up random items like baby wipes, some photo albums for the boys (I ran out of room in Sean's last photo album), and I can't remember what else. Oh yeah, some tank tops (great for breastfeeding).

I also stopped at another store and picked up 2 more breastfeeding pillow covers as well as some Gagou Tagou Preemie Sized outfits for Mack. He's still only 6 lbs and is not fitting into anything Newborn (NB) sized nor 0-3 month sized stuff. Even some of the preemie stuff is WAY too big on him! Just means he'll get to fit into EVERYTHING we have for him! I heart Gagou Tagou. It's like one of the only companies that I find fits Mack. I don't even know any other company that makes preemie sized stuff. And why is it impossible to find preemie sized shorts?? IMPOSSIBLE! I can't have Mack go naked, and some days are just too hot for pants!

I wasn't spending 5$ on this bib, as Mack has about 100 hand-me down bibs from Sean. But I thought it was just too cute, I had to get a pic of Mack with it!

The Tomato Garden section.... yep, it's HUGE!

Houston, we have a first tomato sighting! How cool are they??? I'm soooo freakin' excited! I did this all on my own! I planted from seeds...! And I'll be eating tomatoes soon enough!

My pumkin plant is OUT OF CONTROL! It's taking over as well. I've got to get Jamie to help me direct it properly. Right now it's just creeping along the garden. I hope to just get 2 pumpkins for Halloween, one for Sean & one for Mack.

I borrowed Jenn's breastfeeding pillow since she's not currently using it. On it, is one of the new covers I got for it today. I borrowed it for 2 reasons. 1) So I have one for upstairs and one for downstairs (I have my own also) and 2) so that Sean can have his own while I'm breastfeeding on the couch, as he has been trying to steal the pillow out from under Mack, and it's just not funny. So by borrowing Jenn's, we have an extra one that Sean can sit with, while I use the other.

Sean likes to give his little brother hugs & kisses. I caught him in the act giving Mack a kiss here, just as I was about to change Mack's diaper. How sweet. He's definitely still jealous of my time with Mack, but he does love his brother. He likes to "make nice" to Mack.

I leave you tonight with a little bundle I like to call my Sweet Pea.
I'm bad though, he's already gotten nicknames in this house:
Mac N Cheese
Mack Attack
Big Mac
Mack Truck
Mr. Mack (my personal fave)

He'll probably hate me when he's 18. But that's okay. He has no say now!

Just a few spots left in the August Sock Club. I'm totally insane for deciding to keep the sock club running, but hey, it's in demand, so I'm doing it for YOU! And you know what? It's ME designing the pattern for the August kit... so go on, order yourself one!!! (Once again, I know, I'm NUTS. I have a toddler & a newborn and I'm designing a sock pattern). I must be crazy!

Tonight, Jamie and I watched The Incredible Hulk which we'd gotten from someone. I liked it, but not as much as Iron Man or some other superhero movies I've seen lately/in my lifetime.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

june twenty-nine

This afternoon was an errand afternoon, and we basically ended up at Costco picking up everything that we were out of stock on at home. Costco is never cheap when we walk out of there. We ended up running into Jamie's dad & step-mom there while we sat down for a hot dog before leaving, and then as we were leaving my mom showed up at Costco to check something out.

When we were done, I had Jamie drop the boys & I off at my parents house. It was really hot out and I wanted Sean to be able to take advantage of this summer and get some swim time in. I cannot wait to be able to go swimming again. The hospital told me to wait 6 weeks to go into a public pool, but that 3-4 weeks should be okay for a private pool, like the one in my parents backyard. If I had to wait until 6 weeks, there goes the summer. (6 weeks brings me to the first week of August). Sean (above) is swimming with my sister.

Sean actually swam to the stairs ALL BY HIMSELF, with just the arm floaties on! What a big boy! I was really impressed! I couldn't believe it! He's getting more & more confident each time he's in the pool.

Sean loves to be thrown in the air. The kid has no fear!

Mack also enjoyed a little bit of time by the pool before a storm blew in for a bit (it poured rain!)

This evening we went out for dinner my immediate family & my boys. Jamie picked us up at my parents house, as we all couldn't fit in my parents car, not now that I have 2 kids and we went out to a local fave restaurant. We hadn't been there in a while, and it was good to get out. It was Mack's first outing to a restaurant!

Jamie & I chilled and watched some TV and I feel like I am going to pass out, so I'm going to go hit the sack. Tomorrow is a busy day (Mack has his first doctor's appointment & I have some errands to run). Always errands to run. Tuesday is a holiday here (Canada Day!) so I want to get a ton of things accomplished before then!

No knitting got done. So very sad. I need to make some more time for knitting & some more time for reading. I want to finish my book that I'm currently in the middle of. That's the plan.

There are just a few spots left in the August Sock Club! Sign up now before it's too late!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

june twenty-eight :: 18 months

Mack got his first real at home bath this morning (his umbilical cord fell off at 1 week old, but then we had to wait for the circumcision to heal, which brings us to today). I've been giving him sponge baths, but today was his first real bath. Above is what he had to say about it. (Just like his brother did almost 18 months ago!)

Sean is now 18 months old. 18 months! Wow, where does time go?? A year and a half. Finally, we've hit that milestone. Sean's not yet talking in sentences, but he does know a lot of words, and can say the first few letters of the alphabet. New words added to his vocabulary, are apple, ball, doggie, car. He now answers yes or no by shaking his head when you ask him a question (providing he understands what you are asking of him). To me, Sean is now huge! Enormous! A big boy indeed! Especially compared to Mack who is this teeny tiny thing! I can't get over how big Sean is!
This afternoon we finally got our act together (wow does getting ready to go out take on a WHOLE other meaning when you're a family of four which includes a newborn!) We were supposed to do a bunch of errands, but ended up just running around to about 3 sports stores for Jamie so he could find hockey pants (and skates too in the end), for the hockey game he played tonight with my brother. I had a ton of time in the car, and didn't bring my knitting or a book (silly me) as I thought I was actually doing the errands for me too, not just for him. So I started checking out my complexion in the mirror and realized that I had a ton of freckles. Wow, I never noticed that I had that many freckles on my face! I think it looks cute, I'm not knocking them!

This evening Angela came by and hung out with me while Jamie went to play ice hockey. We did get to watch the movie Definitely, Maybe, which I need to finish watching as I fell asleep watching it and then Angela had to go home. I did get a few rows knitted though after Sean went to sleep! YEY! I worked on my misty garden scarf. What I saw so far of it, I thought it was super cute. I'll let you know what I think once I'm done watching it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

june twenty-seven :: 78 weeks

Sean is 78 weeks old today. Boy do I love this kid. He's just too cute. I just feel so guilty that I cannot lift him up, so it's been a little tough around here. I'm not allowed lifting anything heavier than Mack for 6 weeks. (Which brings me to August 1st). (My 6 week check-up with my OB is set for August 5th).

Sean is just a bundle of laughs and I love it. I hope Mack is just as funny and smart as his brother!

Last night I received a really nice gift from Madeleine for Mackenzie. It's a really nice Classic Pooh dish set. It's very nice, and I think Sean already has his eye on it! Thank you Madeleine!

I also received a birthday gift from Jenn last night. She'd seen that I was dying to get a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk, and asked me on Friday, June 13th while I was out running errands to stop into the Pointe-Claire Wool Shop and pick one of the skeins (they only had 4 skeins in stock to choose from) and the one above is the one I chose, and I LOVE IT! Thank you thank you thank you! It will become a shawl - I'm sure. Something pretty!

I also received my Woolgirl Sock Club kit #2 today in the mail. While it's not really my colors (I'm not into the whole Hallowe'en color thing....), I have to see how it knits up before I go ahead and de-stash it. (I'm still also waiting to see what Rowing Home, the Scout's Swag Kit #1 looks like knit up, no one's posted it to Ravelry yet, and I'm darn curious as to how it knits up).

And lastly, I also received in the mail my first Vesper Yarn Sock Club kit. I love it. The colors are just gorgeous & bright. Totally me. It kind of reminds me of Colinette Jitterbug's Jewel.

This morning it was just Mack & I as Sean was still at my parents house and Jamie went golfing with a supplier from work. I got a lot of orders from the shop packaged up and ready to be shipped. It was great to be able to do it with Mack sleeping in the swing and Sean not trying to climb all over me! In the afternoon Jamie took Sean with him to work for a bit, so I got even more time to get a few things accomplished. I think I will need a day like that here and there so I can actually get stuff done. That would be great. And much needed!

This evening we took a relaxing night on the couch, and I managed to get some stitch marker orders done. (Ok, a lot of stitch marker orders done)! Very happy with the fact that I was able to finish them all, in between feedings and what not! I love making stitch markers, they are so much fun. I love working with beads, so it's just that much more fun! We watched Last Comic Standing from last night while I was working away, and it was a good episode. I was however very disappointed with some of the comedians that they chose to move on. There were some that were even funnier that didn't make it through...

Happy Birthday Tara!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

june twenty-six

This morning my cleaning lady came (DOUBLE BIG YEY!) And it felt four hundred percent fantastic to have a clean house once she left! (LET ME TELL YOU!) It even smells spotless!!

By lunch, Angela arrived, and we hung out for the afternoon. The welcome wagon (for the baby department) arrived around 2pm, and gave a wonderful gift basket for Mack. I got some samples and gifts, coupons, etc. It took her almost an hour to go through everything and show me what everything was, and do her "spiel". (Had to throw in some Yiddish for you there!)

After she left Angela and I got the boys ready to go for a walk. I wanted a blue slushie, and so it took an hour to get everyone dressed, and packed up (and Mack fed too) before leaving. I got to use my double stroller (Graco Quattro Duo) for the first time today, and it's an awesome stroller! I just love it.

We walked to the Dépaneur du Coin for slushies and then started to walk back. The Dépaneur wasn't far, and we stopped off at a friends house around the corner from my house to see if she was home so she could meet Mack. We chatted a few minutes with her, and then kept walking. Somewhere between her house and my house (one street!) Sean fell asleep in the stroller! PHEW! So Angela and I walked back to my house, I put the milk in my fridge (The reason actually for going for slushies was because we needed 3.25% milk for Sean) and Angela & I went into the park across from my house and sat there and talked while the boys (both!) slept.

While we were sitting in the park, a house on the other side of the park, a cop car brought the teenage son home. The father came out when the cops came, in his shorts with no t-shirt or socks or anything else on. Weird! I'm curious what the kid did...! Did he shoplift? Get into a fight? Vandalize??! I hope there aren't going to be problems in the area if this kid is a menace!!

This evening we went knitting with the West Island Knits. Here is a nice picture of myself & my sister, it actually came out really nice. It was good to get out of the house!

Though, I don't think Mack was too happy to be leaving the house! Look at that face!

But he was held by everyone and was happy to get some lovin'. I think he's going to be a thumb sucker (his brother isn't/wasn't).

I actually got some knitting done! I worked on my misty garden scarf, and it's coming along (slow but...) good. The food (pricey) was fantastic, and I tried Cheese Fondu for the first time ever! It was soooo good. I also got to sit back and enjoy some beer (Sleeman's Honey Brown). Mmmmmm! Beer & Knitting!

I am soon coming close (not telling you how close), to my 5000th comment! Just letting you all know that there will be a prize for my 5000th commenter, whenever that should happen!

SP12 Question of the Week #3

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

Am I allowed to answer this, considering that I own a yarn shop???

I think Mack looks really really really cozy in my arms. I can't believe how TINY he is....! I'm definitely enjoying EVERY moment with him.... he won't last this size very long will he? I wish I could bottle up this age & keep him this size forever! (And by this size - he's still in preemie outfits, size newborn is WAY to big on him, so forget even like 0-3 month size too!)

Sean went to my parents house tonight as Jamie had baseball and tomorrow is golfing (so jealous!) with a supplier really early in the morning. So since I can't lift Sean, he's sleeping over at my parents house. Tomorrow I am taking advantage of the house to myself (with Mack) and getting everything that I have to get done accomplished! Yey for some time to do so!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

june twenty-five :: Six Years & Mack's Bris

Today was Mack's Brit Milah. It's done on the 8th day of a Jewish boy's life.

Brit Milah is considered the sign of a new-born child's entry into the Jewish tradition. It is considered much more than a simple medical procedure. The procedure is extremely quick, and relatively painless. (Apparently!) Mack had a topical anaesthetic cream (EMLA®) which numbed the area. Mack was also "named" today, and his hebrew name is Matan Arieh. Matan is for the "M" in my late great-grandfather Moe's name, and Arieh means lion. We just liked the two together, and that's how we chose his hebrew name. Sean's hebrew name is Chaim Dov (Chaim was my late grandfather's hebrew name and Dov means Bear, so we stuck with the animal theme for the middle name for Mack!)

MATAN מתן : Means "gift" in Hebrew. ARIEH אריה : Means "lion" in Hebrew.

You can read more on Brit Milah here. (In case you are curious).

So, today, a very overwhelming day, my son was circumcised. Lots of family & friends were there, and it was nice, but tiring.

Jamie handing off Mackenzie to the Mohel (Rabbi) who did the circumcision. Jamie's dad sat in the big chair (not sure the symbolism on that) and held Mack during the procedure.

Jamie is a proud dad! Though, we couldn't really watch the circumcision being done, I stood to the side and hid behind my dad. Mack didn't cry at all, he handled it like a champ! Just like his older brother did almost 18 months ago. I guess the Emla cream really does work!

This is my new fave pic. I just love it. I still can't believe we're now a family of FOUR! 4! Quatre! How'd that come so fast, I'm not so sure. Seems like we just got married yesterday, let alone had 2 kids.

Me & Mack

Myself, my sister Amy & Mack

Myself, my best friend Angela & Mack. Go on over to Angela's blog and leave her a comment and tell her to blog. She needs a good butt whooping in that department.... (hint, hint, Ang!)

Mack all ready to go home after the overwhelming afternoon!

Sean opening up some gifts that he got today as well for being a big brother!

Mack taking a snooze...! What a life!

This morning my sister straightened my hair for me. I love my hair straight. It makes me feel like a completely different person when my hair is straightened. I love it! Thank you sis!

Late afternoon after running some errands (small ones) on the way home from Mack's Bris (thank you again Sis for being my chauffeur today - I cannot drive yet, so I have to rely on other people for lifts right now, even if it's in my own car!), some of my family came over and we opened up gifts that Mack got at his Bris today. The kid got spoiled, let me tell you! And apparently there are more gifts coming and on their way...! Lucky Mack!

This evening Jamie cooked me dinner, after all today is our 6 year anniversary! We officially started dating on June 25th, 2002. (Our wedding anniversary is in September). We cracked open a bottle of white wine, (a really nice one that I enjoyed) and it was a great dinner. We toasted and had a nice dinner (with both boys by our side!) Sean ate dinner with us, and Mack snoozed in his swing. I can't complain!

This evening we chilled in the den and watched TV. Mack's been out of it all afternoon/evening, probably because of what went on today. I gave him some tempra just before, hopefully he's not feeling too much pain anymore. I worked on preparing the July Sock Club kit, and as well as some orders. I also got some laundry and tidying taken care of as well! I've got to try and stay on top of things!

Tomorrow Angela is coming by to hang out with me, I have my cleaning lady coming as well in the morning (yey - my house is getting cleaned tomorrow!) and the Baby Welcome Wagon is coming to my house with a Baby Gift basket - how sweet of them! I'm curious to what's in the gift basket! I'll let you know tomorrow! Tomorrow night Sean's sleeping at my parents house so that Jamie can go to a business golf game on Friday morning with a supplier from work (and I dont have to worry about being alone with Sean - as I can't lift him) and I'm going tomorrow night with my sister, knitting with the West Island Knits group. Very excited to get out of the house with just Mack!

Jamie has to get some tests done at the hospital due to some family history with his mom's colon issues and his uncle as well, and he has to go for a colonoscopy. I know you don't usually have to go for one of these until you're much older, but due to his mom & uncle getting sick, it was recommended by our family doctor that he goes. Anyhow, I called today and finally got through and what do you know, there is a waiting list. FOR APRIL OF 2009!!!!!! Can you believe it? Anyhow, my dad has a connection with the doctor that the referral is for, so I'm going to see if my dad could hook Jamie up. If there is a problem, we'd like to catch it sooner rather than later. I just can't believe it's almost a 1 year wait!!! Isn't that insane?

Robyn's Nest has the Boye Knitting Needle Earrings on sale right now! Check it out! Also, the August Sock Club kits are flying off the shelves and I just listed them yesterday!! I had decided to take a break from the sock club, but since they are in such demand, I've decided that since I can get help with them that I will continue with them.

Happy Birthday Shelby!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

june twenty-four :: Mack 1 Week Old

Today is a holiday in Quebec, and so Jamie was off from work. (Mack's arrival is really good timing with today's holiday and Canada Day next week, since I need all the help I can get in the house, since I cannot lift Sean for 6 weeks due to having a C-section). So we packed up Mack in my Sling Rider (been dying to try it out) and we headed out to the park.

Mack was all cozy in the sling, I just loved wearing him. I got a bunch of new slings this time, so I cannot wait to try them out. It's really too bad that Sean is way too heavy for me to wear. He's just about 25 lbs now. Doesn't Mack look cozy also in his Baby Surprise Jacket that was made by his mommy? xoxo

We took time in our front yard to smell the roses.

And check out some new flowers that are blossoming.

We had fun at the park up the street from our house. Jamie got into the sand box with Sean, he just loved it (I think they both did!)

Sean had to test everything out in the park. Without fail, he loved everything!

Even Jamie got to try out some of the toys in the park! Boys will always be boys, eh?

Yesterday I received a bouquet of flowers from a friend of mine, Sherrie. I was a little confused at first because the card read that it was from "Cherry".... Thank you Sherrie, they are beautiful. I have them in the dinning room. The little vase it came in is really cute. I'm glad I get to keep it!

Mack is 1 week old today. Just like I did (and still do!) with Sean, I plan on doing weekly self-portrait photos with both my boys. Sean's weekly photos are on Friday, and Mack was born last Tuesday, so he'll get his photo take with me in the mirror on Tuesdays. I was just looking back at Sean's 2nd week photo, ahhhh, does time fly. I only started to think about doing self-portraits with Sean when he was 2 weeks old. But I have PLENTY of pics from his first week anyhow, I'm not worried!

We hit our first milestone today, Mack lost the stump from his umbilical cord! Woohoo! Finally! Now hw can get proper baths instead of sponge baths.

A while back I won a gift certificate from Jenn for a contest she held on her blog. With that gift certificate I ordered 2 knit books. I got Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Larissa Brown and Toilet Roll Covers by Pat Ashforth. Thank you Jenn! I just remembered I'd forgotten to share what books I'd gotten from the prize!

And from my brother for my birthday, I got to pick out Lace Style & Wrap Style. (I already own Scarf Style) to complete the collection of those books!

And from the hubby, in addition to my iPod touch that I got for my birthday, I received Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn by Lisa Myers.

SP12 Question of the Week #2: As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

As a kid I used to look forward to not having to do homework anymore. I hated homework and school work, etc. I also went to camp for years, and used to look forward to attending that and seeing my friends (whom I didn't go to school with!) And the summers that I got to travel, that was even better!

I'm beat. Feeding on demand is draining me! I will post more tomorrow.

ps - July sock club kits sold out - but the August 2008 Sock Club is now up for sale. Due to the demand, I've decided to NOT take a vacation with the sock club right now, so stay tuned for some awesome goodies if you sign up!

Monday, June 23, 2008

june twenty-three

This morning the CLSC came to visit, which they do after you give birth, no matter if it's baby number 1 or 2 or 5. The nice lady weighed Mack, he's not up at 6 lbs 1 oz, almost back at his birth weight. She went over a few things that the CLSC have to offer, including a breastfeeding group, etc, and she asked me a million questions. She made sure Mack was latching properly and checked out a sore that I had on one side. She said if it doesn't heal by Thursday to come into the CLSC in the morning during the clinic (for breastfeeding) and have the nurse look at it, they'd give me a cream for it.

Speaking of breastfeeding - HOLY COW!!! What a difference from a year and a half ago! I was unable to breastfeed Sean. He just wouldn't latch. He wasn't eating properly and lost a lot of weight. Mack is latching, and eating and we're doing good with the breastfeeding business! As long as by next Monday when Mack at his first doctor's appointment he's still gaining weight, then I'll be happy. The nurse calculated a 60 gram weight gain per day since he's been home from the hospital, and the average weight gain is 50 grams per day.

This morning I also got a chance to clean up the desk in my office - phew! I couldn't find anything on there, and it was driving me insane. At least now I can see the wood of my desk again! My mother & sister were over this morning to watch Sean while I got some stuff done in my office and organized.

In the afternoon we ran to Walmart & to do some errands. I needed some supplies at Walmart for Mack's circumcision ceremony which is this week. The Rabbi (Mohel) doing it gave me a list of supplies to pick up. I also wanted to see if I could find Mack a preemie size outfit to wear, but everything was 3 month size and bigger. I realized afterwards I had an outfit at home he could wear, so I am set. Now, just for what I'll wear to this ceremony. I have no idea. And I feel like I have nothing to wear anymore. Isn't that always the case?? At Walmart I picked up 2 breastfeeding shields/covers for breastfeeding in public. I have to take them out of the box and see which one I like better, as I don't need to keep both. I got this one, and another one by another company, it's upstairs, I'll let you know when I decide which one I am keeping.The other one is in blue.

I've gotten some mail lately & some gifts too, so I want to share them with you:

My secret pal sent me some lovely stitch markers in my birthstone. How lovely are they!?! Thank you SP! You made my day. I got them while in the hospital - they were brought to me.

My sister-in-law sent me some flowers for my birthday once I got to my own room in the hospital, and also she sent me a basket of goodies for Mack. Spoiled kid!

Michelle got me this awesome knitting piggy bank and it just rocks! Thank you Michelle - you didn't have to! Even though I know how to knit (knitting lessons) the jar is still neat!

Not sure if my husband's mother knows I like elephants, but she picked up this lovely elephant set. I got a towel, a wash cloth & a doodou for Mack. The heart on the front plays music. It's super cute.

Angela came bearing gifts too. I got this loot above for my birthday. All things cherries, a gift certificate to Chapters and some awesome Haribo Raspberries (which I just ordered in bulk off They are a German candy, which I have had before while in Europe) and I didn't realize you cab buy them here.

I also received from Angela this awesome Trellis sweater & Hat set for Mack. I can't wait until he fits into it! Thank you Angela!

Here is the cherry bag I ordered from Bea's Etsy Store. I just love love love love it! I love cherries, and the bag just rocks. This is how much I love cherries.

Here (above & below) are my two boys during our errands today! Such good boys they both were! It was Mack's first time out of the house !

Some garden updates!

Look at those tomato plants!

And my zucchini plant!

The new cucumbers we planted are turning out nicely - thank godness!

And the lettuce! Oh my! (We've actually started eating the lettuce!)

Robyn's Nest has 3 July Sock Club kits in stock, left for purchase. I've also re-stocked the Clear Ball Stitch Markers that were out of stock.

I was supposed to announce the winner of the Meatball 1 Year Ravelry Anniversary Contest on Monday night, however, I wasn't able to since my water broke. There were 115 meatballs on the plate, my mother-in-law counted them as she put them into the sauce for me (it was hard for me to stand on my feet very long the week before last) so I rolled them all and she put them into the pot of sauce for me. The only person to get the guess correctly is Shelley! Shelley, I will be emailing you about your prize!

This evening I just chilled with Jamie and my boys, ahhhh, it'll be nice once we get into a routine.
Anyhow, I'm dozing off here on the couch, and I want to get some sleep before Mack wants to eat again. (About every 3 hours during the night).