Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- These pepper nuts look yummy!
- So does this Lemom Blueberry muffin cake.
- Loving this storage idea for Lego.
- I'm thinking about making some homemade glitter playdoh!
- This Mandarin spinach salad looks so tasty!
- On the subject of food, (I think I was hungry when composing this post), this sesame chicken looks tasty too!
- I am loving this straw bead activity.
- Love this song by the Lumineers.
- Love this list of 10 things to NOT do on Instagram.
- I wish I had a daughter to make a Sweetheart dress for.
- This video on Instagram is funny. 
- How to survive a car trip with kids.
- Love this sweet Caroline dress.
- Love this painting/poster.
- Meet my BRAVE neighbor Jana. Isn't she beautiful?
- Really need to make some frozen yogurt blobs.
- What a neat watch!
- What a great use for cookie cutters - fun shaped fruit!
- These cucumber boats look yummy!
- Love this fun summer hair style.
- What a sweet little boy's sweater.
- Love this felt piggy bank.
- I think I need one of these drying racks in my laundry room.
- Trading money game - interesting!
- I think I might have to make some ice eggs.
- 100 Healthy snack ideas.
- I think I might have to make the boys some angry birds pizza!
- A cute way to display rocks in the garden.
- What a great use for yarn leftovers!
- Must convince my parents to get this climbing wall for their pool!
- What a great idea for a Toddler Activity - kids love to pull kleenex out of the box, why not fabric scraps!?
- I'm a hardcore tea drinker. I think I need to make myself a tea wreath. AWESOME!
- Need to make some of these DIY button bracelets.
- Love this photography Father's Day idea

Saturday, April 28, 2012

20 Questions

20 Questions: Mack (Age 3 and 3/4)
1. Favorite Color: black
2. Favorite TV Show: Super Mario the Show
3. Favorite Movie: Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
4. Favorite Breakfast: Cheerios with Chocolate milk
5. Favorite Lunch: Macaroni & cheese
6. Favorite Dinner: Macaroni & cheese
7. Favorite Animal: Monkeys
8. Favorite Song: S.O.S - Alvin & the Chipmunks
9. Favorite Toy: Superman figurine
10. Favorite Fruit: Oranges
11. Favorite Thing to Wear: jeans
12. Favorite Book: The Cheerios Book
13. Who is your best friend?: Amanda
14. Favorite Snack: bear paw
15. Favorite Game :Don't break the ice
16. Favorite thing to play outside: riding my bicycle
17. Favorite Holiday: christmas
18. What do you sleep with?: Bunny & 3 Brobees.
19. Favorite Drink: apple juice
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?: a soccer player

20 Questions: Sean (Age 5 and 1/4)
1. Favorite Color: red
2. Favorite TV Show: GI JOE Renegade
3. Favorite Movie: Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
4. Favorite Breakfast: bagel with cream cheese & lox
5. Favorite Lunch: salami sandwich
6. Favorite Dinner: chicken noodle soup
7. Favorite Animal: monkeys
8. Favorite Song: Born this Way - Alvin & the Chipmunks
9. Favorite Toy: Wii
10. Favorite Fruit: oranges
11. Favorite Thing to Wear: habs jersey
12. Favorite Book: The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier
13. Who is your best friend?: Noah, Matias, Jabbar & Emery
14. Favorite Snack: cookies
15. Favorite Game: Ispy
16. Favorite thing to play outside: street hockey
17. Favorite Holiday: christmas
18. What do you sleep with?: Nunu
19. Favorite Drink: fruit punch
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?: A hockey player in the NHL

- Now, I'd like to know who this Amanda chick is... lol.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Recent Reads

I've been reading a lot lately. I've finally found some time to sit down and review some the books that I've recently read.

Bossypants (Tina Fey): Who said women aren't funny? This was hysterical! Tina Fey is awesome. Really. I absolutely recommend this book. I wouldn't say it's 5 star quality, but I absolutely give it 4.5 stars. Tina had me laughing the whole way through her book. The best parts of the book were the backstage look at her life, getting into Saturday Night Live, working on Saturday Night Live, creating 30 Rock, and returning to Saturday Night Live for Sarah Palin impressions. I am not even sure what to call this book, was it an autobiography, a collection of short stories, or random musings of a comedian? Whatever it is that you want to classify it as, it was enjoyable to read. (4.5 stars)

Louder Than Words (Jenny McCarthy): I am not sure what to say about this book. I was hoping for so much more out of it, but was disappointed in the end. Even though there were interesting facts, I find that most people whom have kids with autism, don't have money like Jenny McCarthy does (for the most part), so a lot of it, in the book, is just unrealistic to most people. However, it was still interesting to read what Jenny went through and learn about what lengths mothers are willing to go through to help their child. While I believe that Jenny off the rocker on some things, I couldn't help but admire Jenny for fighting for her son's health the best way she could, as any mother should. And I guess it helped her being a celebrity to get in with doctors, etc. When I wrote that Jenny has money for the most part, there were times when Jenny was running low on funds, but she was able to get a model gig or work on a set, and bring in money to help pay for treatment for her son. Not everyone who have children with autism can just do that. (3 stars)

Starter Wife (Gigi Levangie Grazer): This was not great but not horrible either. It's a light read, if you can overlook the fact that it is very unrealistic. You definitely don't have to concentrate on this book. Gracie, the “starter wife,” gets dumped over her cell phone by her sleazy, egotistical husband but then soon after she falls for a guy she meets on the beach named Sam, who she later discovers is homeless, and she sleeps with him anyway. Apparently there is a TV show based on this book, staring Debra Messing - but I can't imagine it's any good. Eh - I recommend it if you want a distracting story, but if you care for substance, this is not your book. (3 stars)

Can You Keep a Secret? (Sophie Kinsella): This book was funny at times, and was on the slight unrealistic side however. But I guess that's what most chicklit is, right? Light fluff to get you lost in? It was fast paced and I got some good laughs. Like one reviewer wrote on goodreads "Sophie Kinsella’s books don’t make me a better person or enlighten me or give me anything to talk about at dinner parties, but they are damn good fun and I’m willing to admit to needing a damn good fun read now and then." I felt though that her character in this book, Emma, felt far too much like Kinsella's other character, Becky Bloomwood Shopaholic series), just without all the shopping. In this book, Emma has a few little secrets. Secrets from her family, boyfriend and some she hasn't shared with anyone else at all. One day, on a flight, in fright of dying, she tells them all to a stranger on a plane. The stranger on the plane turns out to be her boss, who owns the company she works for, but hasn't met. It was a cute story, but I felt that the ending was a tad predictable, I guess it less than half way through the book. Even though it was predictable, I still enjoyed reading it. (4 stars)

On a Sophie Kinsella kick... I decided to dive into the rest of the Shopaholic series. I had read the first novel, when it first came out in 2000.

Shopaholic Abroad (Sophie Kinsella): I'm not quite sure why I want to keep reading these books. Maybe to see if Becky Bloomwood ever really learns her lesson. It seems like the first almost 200 pages of the novel are the same storyline as the first book: She shops until she drops & can't pay off her debt. What really bothers me is her character, as she's a compulsive liar and spends well beyond her means, but Kinsella somehow betrays her as likeable, which kept me intrigued to find out what happens next. (3 stars)

Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Sophie Kinsella): I just had to know what happened next in the series, which is why I kept reading. I think I liked this one the most, from the entire series. This novel was light to read yet also touched on some really sensitive subjects for Luke (the main character's fiancé). The issue through this novel is that she ends up planning two weddings for the same day, on different sides of the world. How will she choose which wedding to cancel? The solution to the wedding was rather obvious, but the book managed to keep me wanting to know what happened next. As the novel goes on, the read gets more and more stressful because instead of fixing the problem, she adds more into the mix. (3 stars)

Shopaholic & Sister (Sophie Kinsella): I read this book next, because I had to know what happened next. Each book flows into the next in this series, and when I start something (for the most part) I have to finish. This book reads very similar to the other books in the Shopaholic series - quick and with plenty of laughs. It was amusing that Becky, a shopaholic, discovers she has a sister, who actually is frugal and hates to shop. They are complete opposites, and that's one of the things that kept me reading this novel. Plus, I was just curious to see how this series played out. (3 stars)

Shopaholic & Baby (Sophie Kinsella): Continuing on in the series, because I really had to know what happened next. Becky obviously goes overboard shopping for her future child. It was definitely not my favorite in this series. Becky's character is getting a bit too obsessive with the shopping and it is just not nearly as funny as it was in the past. In fact, it's as if she's learned absolutely nothing throughout the course of these books.There could have been more characters developing, but clearly that wasn't happening.  While it's clear the entire series is based on her desire to shop, maybe some personal growth on Becky's part could have been worked into the story. (3 stars)

Mini Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella): I made it to the end of the series. (And I thought I was going to blow my brains out by the end of this one, unfortunately). I"m probably just outgrowing Becky. Her character just never seems to grow up or learn anything, and I find it extremely irritating. I found Becky to be an awful parent and it really made me lose all respect for her. Well, as much respect as you can have for a fictional character. I think this series went on too long, and it should have been finished a few books ago. It's too bad, but I'm ready to say goodbye to Becky. (3 stars)

Undomestic Goddess (Sophie Kinsella): Overall I enjoyed this book but I wouldn't say I loved it. Undomestic Goddess is the story of a high-powered attorney (Samantha) who's up for partner at her firm, sees that she lost a client 50 million pounds, disappears from her life and ends up in the countryside, mistaken for an applicant for the position of a housekeeper. One problem though, she can't cook or clean. She ends up learning as she goes along, with the help of the gardener (where she works) and his mother. This book kept me entertained, which is what I was going for when I picked it up. (3 stars)

Room (Emma Donoghue): I could not put this book down. It's by far my absolute favorite recent read. I recommend it to everyone who asked me for a novel suggestion. A novel hasn't grasped me like this in a long time, right from the start. The story is about a 5-year-old boy named Jack who has never left the room where he lives. He lives in room with his mother. His whole world is Room and Bed and Rug. I think that the story wouldn't have been the same had it been told by his mother's point of view. It's narrated by Jack, and it was extremely well written. I thought I would have issues reading this book seeing as though my own son had just turned 5 when I read it.  During the story, Jack's mother tried to make his life as normal as she possible could by playing games, teaching him to read/write do math and about science & the planets. She does tell him that what is on their television isn't actually reality. But when Jack turns 5 she feels that it's finally time to tell Jack the truth and figure out a way to escape from Room. This turns Jack's world upside down. To Jack, Room is his heaven, his home, the only thing he knows. (5 stars)

Mrs. Kimble (Jennifer Haigh): This novel is a book that is out of the normal "genre" book that I read. It's not "chick lit", which I usually tend to read. It's the chronological story of 3 women (Birdie, Joan, and Dinah), who are each Mrs. Kimble (at different points in time, not all at the same time) and their story as the wife of Mr. Kimble. He meets and marries each of his wives during a vulnerable period in each of their lives. He uses them for what they have to offer him. He doesn't care for their feelings, nor the feelings of his children. I found each story to be interesting, kept hoping that each wife would realize what a dirtbag Mr. Kimble was. Even though it was a tad slow at times, I did thoroughly enjoy the novel.  (4 stars)

Heart of the Matter (Emily Giffin): I feel like I keep picking up books about cheating lately... and not intentionally either. I also feel like it's always the man cheating on the wife. I was unsatisfied with the way the story ended. The reason I was unsatisfied wasn't because the story didn't turn out for the characters the way I had hoped, but because the "fairytale" ending was extremely predictable. While cheating is the plot of this book, it isn't what the book is about. It's about choices and it's about growth and about forgiveness. Only after finishing this book, did I realize that the characters Dex and Rachel are from Emily Giffin's first book, "Something Borrowed". I've read that one, a long time ago, and have seen the movie recently enough (see below for review), but I didn't put two & two together until after finishing it. This book is the tale of Dex's sister Tessa. I liked that this novel was told in the first-person by Tessa and every-other chapter told in the third person by Valerie. Very unique way or writing. However, at the end of the novel, I hated that we are left (just like Tessa), not understanding why her husband did what he did, as we never get answers to why. I kind of feel like that part of the story should have been included. (3 stars).

One for the Money (Janet Evanovich): I started this novel right after seeing the movie based on the book. After seeing the movie, I was excited to start reading the series, which I had heard of before, but never looked into reading them. This is the
first novel in the Stephanie Plum series, and we meet Stephanie Plum, a young girl who is looking for a job since she lost her old job as a lingerie buyer. Unable to find any work, she ends up in her cousin Vinnie's office who owns a bail bondsman company and she ends up becoming a bounty hunter. Stephanie ended up with her first case, hunting down Joe Morelli, a cop on the run for murder, who claims he's innocent, a guy that Stephanie had a fling with back in high school. Evanovich's writing is extremely funny and Stephanie's antics will have you  laughing so hard it hurts. Even Stephanie's grandmother is an absolute riot. Stephanie ends up working with Joe, and she helps him clear his name and he helps her get the $10,000 reward for his booking. Along the way, Stephanie ends up getting herself into trouble and in tight , sticky situations. I wasn't sure what genre this book actually was considered, but it has a bit of romance, action, humor, mystery, crime, with a bit of chick literature all wrapped into the novel, so it has a little bit of everything for all different kind of readers. I plan on continuing reading the rest of the series to see what happens next with Stephanie Plum. (5 stars)

Are you There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea (Chelsea Handler): I started to read this novel after seeing Are you There Chelsea on television. After laughing so hard at the sitcom, I remembered that I had the books on my bookshelf. This novel is comprised of short stories of random times in Chelsea's life and each story is funnier than the last. I am wondering though how much is actually accurate and how much is embellished for her audience, as Chelsea is a comedian after all. She definitely has found herself in quite the situations, and she's very blunt and open about things. Some people might find her style and stories offensive but one shouldn't take her stories offensively because she might poke fun at others, but she pokes fun at herself probably the most. Telling stories about getting pulled over for driving under the influence, or about the time she was taken by a little person con-woman. Need a good laugh? I recommend reading this book. (4 stars)

My Horizontal Life (Chelsea Handler): While I enjoyed this novel, I think I enjoyed Are you There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea more than this one. I am not even sure if I read them in order, not sure which book was written before the other. Once again, I found myself laughing out loud at stories that Chelsea tells, and I'm again wondering which stories were embellished for her audience. This novel centers around short stories of Chelsea's sex-life. While my attention span started to wonder 3 quarters into the book, I still found most of her stories funny. Once again, this is another one of Chelsea's novels that you have to read with an open mind. If you're shy about all things sex related, then this book is not for you. If you have issues with language, then this book (and probably all the rest of Chelsea's books, are not for you). I do plan on reading Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and also Lies That Chelsea Handler Told me. Hopefully they'll be good too. (3 stars)

What have you read recently? Anything worth recommending? If so, please leave a comment!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Climbing Adventures


Only my son would climb into the toilet, and have a smile on his face. I can’t stop laughing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Finished Project


I’ve been working on my Big Easy hat. I tried it on while knitting it, to make sure it came out nicely. I though it fit great while still knitting it.


I absolutely love the color.


I finished it on Friday, while at my best friend’s house. It took me “a week” to knit it, but obviously I wasn’t working on it full time. This hat wouldn’t take me a week to knit otherwise. It’s so cozy! I used 57 grams of one skein of Malabrigo Worsted, and I used the colorway that is in the pattern, Sealing Wax. I didn’t do any modifications to the pattern. I absolutely adore working with Malabrigo. Now, onto to some gifts that I have deadlines to knit for. Hope I can finish everything on time!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I love this mug.
- I love these no sew headbands.
- I keep saying I'm going to make these, I better get my act together. I wonder if it would fit on my swiffer vacuum?
- Nutella + banana + blender + freezer = YUM!
- Sean's starting kindergarten in September (tear..) and I'm now ready with some lunch box ideas!
- I love this illustrated food storage guide.
- Love this tshirt bib tutorial.
- Love this color my world gift!
- I totally want a "just a slice" baking pan!
- Love these tulip cake pops - just in time for spring!
- I love love love love love this nintendo table.
- Love these utility cord bracelets.
- How to starts seeds in egg shells.
- I love this storage idea.
- Love this mug cozy (free pattern).
- Isn't this precious!?
- I love this pincushion tutorial!
- Love this 3 pocket scissor case.
- Love this umbrella wreath!
- Love this organizational basket sewing tutorial.
- Loving this ruffled needle case tutorial. 
- Love these little blue mason jars, and the tutorial on how to make the lids for it.
- Love these 10 great ideas to use puffy paint!
- Love these print screened tshirts!
- Taking the kids to Disney? Check out Erica's great tip for the park!
- Love these frames on this wall!
- Remember this 3D toy? I want to find one for my boys! How fun!
- I am curious to try Baked Spasagna!
- I am also intrigued by embroidered cork trivets.
- Since the movie is coming out soon, here are some fun ideas for kids to play "Avengers!"
- This knitted map is pretty neat.
- I think I might have to plant some magic jelly beans too. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Instagram Kinda Weekend


On Friday, I visited my bestie, who is on bed rest with her 2nd pregnancy, and did some knitting. I actually cast off the hat I’m working on, details to come this week. After visiting her, I headed to the Atwater Library, for a workshop being held by Catherine McKenzie and Shawn Klomparens on Dialogue Writing. I got to meet Mitali, a knitter/mom/blogger that I’ve been following for a while. It was heaven. My 2 fave authors in the same room. I have read both of Catherine’s and Shawn’s books and loved them all. Catherine’s 3rd book is coming out in May, and Shawn is working on his 3rd novel, which I can’t wait to read as well. I walked away from this workshop thinking about all the millions of ideas I have brewing in my head (for years, actually), and how to go about putting them on paper. Or rather, into Microsoft Word.


Saturday I attended a birthday party with my eldest 2 kids, it was their friend’s birthday and we went Glow in the Dark Mini Putting at Putting Edge. I had been to a putting edge in Toronto, years ago, and we finally got one here, not too long ago. (Maybe in the last year or so?) The boys had a fantastic time, and keep asking to go back.


I took a self portrait of myself yesterday, and I can officially say that I have lost 20 lbs. TWENTY POUNDS! That's the size of a one year old (for the most part). I’ve lost an entire baby! Off my body. LOL. I feel great. I still have a few more pounds to go, but I am so close to goal. And I have been pulling out my much loved and missed wardrobe. Yes, it feels great. I leave you with a few photos of my adorable 3 munchkins. The littlest one, is my biggest destroyer. Who would have thought? Stay tuned for some knitting updates this week, as well as hopefully a big movie/book/tv review post that I’ve been working on for quite some time. I think I should be able to finish it and get it posted this week.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knitting in the Park


I absolutely love this time of the year. I get to sit outside and knit while the kids play in the park. I live in a cute little circle, and we have a park in the middle of our circle. While it lacks swings, it does have a sandbox and a jungle thing with a slide. I’ve got some progress on my current hat in progress. It’s coming along quite quickly since I actually have been finding time to knit.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Man Socks Available in Store

sock1_medium allview_medium toe_medium
My man sock pattern is now finally available in my pattern store! For a limited time, it’s available on sale for 2.99$. Hope you enjoy this simple yet fun pattern with a design on the front & back of the leg. I knit these up for my man, but the pattern is truly unisex. Happy knitting! If you’d like to buy this pattern and you are not on Ravelry, feel free to contact me at knitpurlmama [at] gmail [dot] com.

Monday Morning Link Love

- This is a pretty awesome watch!
- I think I need to make some hearty healthy whole grain basil bread.
- These witch hat cupcakes are super neat.
- What a lovely crochet shawl. (Free pattern).
- Love this Earth Hour Song from a few weeks ago.
- I absolutely love stuffed peppers... thinking about mixing it up with some stuffed quinoa instead!
- This is really funny!
- And this looks really yummy!
- I want to make a polka dot square blanket!
-What a great use for a bedroom corner.
- Love this vertical garden - perfect for herbs.
- What an absolutely stunning knit blanket.
- When Phil didn't see his shadow, he began to knit a sweater for the 6 more weeks of winter...
- I'm intrigued to try these crock pot stuffed peppers.
- Cute baby toy ideas!
- These are really cute cupcakes (and the eyes are actually googly eye rings!)
- This is the most perfect reading chair/couch. I'd LOVE one!
- These are just the cutest little cupcakes!
- Great tips to save money on vacation food.
- Love this crochet market bag.
- How to make a ringtone out of any iTunes song.
- Love these seat sacks for the kids stuff.
- This dress is absolutely STUNNING!
- Love this spring wreath!
- What a gorgeous ring...! LOVE!
- What an awesome clock.
- What a good use for old jeans!
- Love this cupcake oven mitt!
- Love this nail job!
- These banana quinoa muffins look delicious!
- Love this pom pom bandana!
- Love these smokey eyes.
- Love this new take on the french manicure!
- I think I have a small obsession with stuffed peppers lately. These turkey ones look yummy!
- I cannot wait for my summer garden, this tomato recipe looks so delicious!
- Any parent who knows Goodnight Moon will get a kick out of Goodnight iPad. I surely did!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Trip


This weekend, after a birthday party near home on Saturday, I packed up Mackenzie and Quentin and we head on the road for Ottawa. I was equipped with an audiobook and the boys watched a movie. I drove down during what was supposed to be Quentin’s nap time, however, he finally fell asleep close the the Ontario border, and just after the Ontario border we had to make a very quick stop, as Mackenzie had to go to the bathroom and as soon as the car stopped, Quentin woke up (of course) and then didn’t fall back asleep.

Saturday night we had dinner at our cousins house, and then I watched the kids for a bit so that she could go to a meeting, and the kids played. I put Quentin to bed, and then once our cousin got back from her meeting, we tried to put Mack and his cousin Rosie to bed, but they wanted nothing of it. So finally, we got them to sleep on us, while we watched a movie. (I have a review post coming shortly with all recent movies & books I’ve been reading/watching – stay tuned – it’s long overdue actually).

This morning I went to a birthday party at another cousin’s house. Actually, they’re not technically my cousins, but my cousin’s cousins. My uncle’s wife’s sister’s kid’s daughter’s 2nd birthday. (Did I lose you there?) My aunt who married my mom’s brother, her sister (so not my aunt), it was her granddaughter’s 2nd birthday). I have always been friends with my cousin’s cousin, growing up, he’s 3 months older than me, and we had a lot of mutual friends and we hung out a lot back in the day. I’ve gotten friendly with his wife, since they had kids, and it was nice to go there. It was also nice to see other old friends, that I haven’t seen in forever, two whom I had no idea got married to each other and now have an almost 2 year old son. Amazing! 


After the birthday party, we met up with our cousins, (the ones we stayed with), and we hung out at Chapters for a bit – the kids played on these awesome Plasma Cars. They had a ton of fun. We also hit up Michaels (I have a new baby to show you soon – I got my early mother’s day present!), and soon I won’t have to run to Ontario (or Plattsburgh, NY) for Michaels, we’re getting one here, in Vaudreuil. (! And lastly, a quick stop at Bulk Barn as my cousin had a coupon for a pretty good gluten-free snack that is extremely low on calories, so I wanted to stock up on that, since I think this will be my go-to snack when I’m craving something like chips.


Mack did not want to go home. He had a great time with his cousin (who is exactly 5 months younger than him). It was heartbreaking to leave, he was so sad.


Unlike the car ride there, both boys napped more than half the way home. I was content, as I finished my first audiobook, so I started another one. I’m almost half way done this one too, now. I spend so much time in the car these days, I’m addicted to audiobooks. (Got any recommendations for a good audiobook?)


It feels great to be home though. I missed my bed. I always do while traveling. I also missed my other 2 boys, Sean & Jamie, who stayed back in Montreal as Sean had his hockey banquet this weekend.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Big Easy Start


I cast on a new hat for myself last night after completing my 2nd baby gift knit. (I have 2 gift knits to go, but didn't have the pattern on me (nor the yarn) to start that last night. I figured if I start working on this hat now, it might actually get done before winter later this year. I've had a bad case of knitting A.D.D. lately, and have a few projects on the go. Apparently I can't concentrate on just one, I have to have several to keep me busy with. I love the color (Malabrigo Worsted in Sealing Wax), which I copied off the original one in the pattern. With my complexion I think it will go nicely on me for winter, and my jacket is grey, so it goes with almost anything, or rather, absolutely everything, in my opinion.

Pictures to follow on the finished baby knit from last night. It's currently about to be blocked (trying to hunt down where on earth I put my container of blocking T-pins, from the last one I finished).

1 Month Soda Free Challenge

I hadn't had any soda in one month. Last night I was out for dinner and I treated myself to a diet pepsi. (My soda drink of choice). I only drink diet to begin with, but I wanted to see if it made any difference in my life without having any. Besides the fact that it costs next to nothing to drink water instead (besides the occasional water bottle and the filter in our water cooler that we change every 6 months), I wonder if any of the 13 lbs I've lost so far has to do with cutting out soda in my life. I will never know, but it was a nice challenge to do for a month. I am not going to cut out soda 100% out of my life, but I am cutting back 80% of the amount that I used to consume. I'm thinking a nice treat on the weekend will not be the end of the world. Are you addicted to soda? What's your drink of choice?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 on 10


9 am.


10 am.


11 am.


12 pm.


1 pm.


2 pm.


3 pm.


4 pm.


5 pm.


6 pm.

10 on 10 project.

Easter/ Passover 2012


I am now recovering from a long weekend. It was busy with Passover (we hosted Friday night Jamie's entire family and we went Saturday night to my parents house for the 2nd night), Easter (Sunday we had an afternoon late lunch with Jamie's step-family) and having the kids home on Friday and Monday). I took the older boys on Friday for a haircut (as you can see in these photos - but I'll post about that this week, they are sooo handsome when they get their haircut). We hoped you had a great holiday weekend, whatever you celebrate, and we hope that you had a good time. They kids kind of got wild off all the treats this weekend, but all in all they were good. Quentin cut his 4th molar and one of his four canine teeth (according to this website's teeth names), and has still not been sleeping through the night (and skipping some naps too). I need a week of sleep to catch up, but I think my body is now used to the interrupted sleep.


Monday, April 09, 2012

You're a Kid

Overheard in the den while the boys were playing Wii last night:

Mack: "You're a duck. You're a duck in a pond. Maybe you're a fish. But you're in a pond."
(Please note they were not playing any game with a duck or a fish or with any pond).
Sean: "What are you talking about Mackenzie?"
Mack: "You're a duck."
Sean: "You're such a kid".
Mack: "I'm not a kid, I'm Mackenzie."

This never gets old. I smile inside and out each time Mackenzie is told that he is cute, funny, adorable, handsome, etc and he responds with "I'm not (insert word here), I'm Mackenzie."

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Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this pom pom garland tutorial.
- Love this tutorial for crocheted hangers. Too bad it's not in English. Though, it looks simple enough to try to figure out on my own.
- Sewing machine cleaning tutorial - I probably need to service mine too!
- How to get rid of hot glue strings while crafting.
- Homemade taco seasoning recipe!
- Love this messenger style library bookbag tutorial.
- Love this Spring Wreath Tutorial too!
- Can you believe they are phasing out the Canadian penny!?
- I totally want to host a fun book swap party!
- These are totally awesome door handles!
- I love this alphabet scavenger hunt.
- Totally loving this chalkboard tray!
- Perfect for spring, a very cute mailbox bird feeder.
- Love this fabric banner!
- Lovin' this no-sew garland!
- Easy baby shower sewing pattern for burp cloths!
- I think I want to try Drea's recipe for Bourbon Chicken, sounds yummy!
- Love these homemade sparkly playdoh party favors!
- Love this book sling pattern.
- Finger knitting looks like a lot of fun!
- What a gorgeous ring!
- Loving this hairstyle!
- Wish I had a pair of these sandals! Love 'em! (Total Owl thing right now!)
- Interesting toddler chore ideas.
- This is sooo funny & sooo true!
- Fantastic space decorations for an awesome space party.
- A place for tickets memory box. For all the concert, hockey, baseball & football tickets... rather than throw away, this is a great way to display! slit at the top to drop in more tickets as the years go on!
- I'd love a triple name ring with all my boys names on it... what a wonderful gift that would be!
- Love this car kit - the kids would have so much fun!
- This bowl is a lot of fun too! How neat!
- The boys keep seeing a commercial for Squishy Baff... but at 14.99$ - even though it's cool, I don't know if I'm keen on getting some!
- Love to pinch some baby rolls!
- Love these ballerina snowflakes!
- These baseball cupcakes are a great party idea!
- This Candy-o-Gram is a great teacher gift idea!
- Funky hair do!
- Love this sock bunny tutorial!
- These princess headbands are awesome!
- Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!
- I love shoes, but..... I think this is way too much!
- I love a good sorbet in the summer!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Feeling Great


I feel great! I'm down about 15 lbs since the beginning of the year. Finally passed the plateau that I was stuck on since about (Canadian) Thanksgiving. I've been so good this year so far, and I'm so close to my goal now - I can smell the finish line. Except on nights where the kids don't sleep the night (like Tuesday night to Wednesday morning of this week, where Sean woke up 2x and Quentin got up 2 other times in the middle of the night and I was a walking zombie on Wednesday), I feel more energetic, after dropping some weight. My goal is to buy myself a bikini (and look good in it) for my birthday this year (in June). I can so do it! I know I can! Determination and discipline have been key. I am not even exercising that much (unless you count chasing after my 3 kids), but eating healthy - and cut out all sugar & haven't touched (diet) soda in almost a month now. I also introduced 8+ glasses of water a day into my life... which I wasn't getting before, I would drink a diet pepsi glass after diet pepsi glass... (NOT GOOD even if Diet!) Are you making any changes in your life? If so, please share! Is it working for you? My favorite part of losing weight... my curvy baby bearing hips... are almost gone! I no longer have love handles too... and I've started to pull out my 2009 wardrobe, which I bought after losing 40+ lbs in 2009 after having both Sean & Mackenzie. So close... I can smell it! I can't wait until all of my 2009 wardrobe fits!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012



I got the boys some rollerblades the other day, and they wanted to take them for a test spin, but they had to wait until today, when we got them elbow & shin pads. Sean's rollerblades are adjustable for 4 sizes, 13-3. He's just started wearing a size 13 shoe.


Oh boy, did they have a good time. Mack's rollerblades are these Fisher Price ones, also adjustable for size. I couldn't find any small enough for his feet, he's in a size 9/10 shoe (depending on brand). Oh, remember these Fisher Price skates? I had them as a kid!


While Mack is still figuring out how to glide, Sean took off and just need to work on stopping. I see a lot of rollerblading in our future this summer! All of us have blades now, except Quentin, who will be pushed along in the stroller when we all go out blading!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Other Crafting

I have been doing some other crafts around here. A few things that I'd like to show you, mainly random things, actually.


I had bought some patches from Fabricville to fix 2 pairs of the boys pants. They were iron on. However, when I tried to iron them on, it didn't work so well. So I borrowed some Heat-n-Bond from a friend of mine, and voila... it worked ironing it on the 2nd time. I think I might have to get my hands on some of this Heat-n-bond stuff - it's quite handy.


Next up, when Sean brought his Habs pillow to school for "nap time" (he doesn't nap anymore, but is require to lie on his mat from 1-2pm and then gets to go from 2-3pm to non-nappers), Mack requested one too - for a more comfortable nap time. So I whipped him up one too, and he loves it!


Lastly, since the recipient received these today, I'd like to show you these name frames that I made a pregnant friend for her daughter. The colors weren't my first choice, but I had to work with the blocks that came in the set. I still like the way it came out, and I hope my friend does too. I love creating fun & unique gifts. I gave these alone with the first Girl Cap that I knit just a few weeks ago.

I have a few other projects up my sleeves, but I think that some of the recipients may read my blog, so I will keep those secret until the gifts have been given! Stay tuned!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Lovin' this Kimbra song, Settle Down.
- What a cute idea to make these baby rattles - fun baby shower gift! Though, I think the pattern is in this book, so it's not free. Maybe my local library has the book, I shall look. (Though, they don't look hard to make).
- There I go looking at cakes again. This iPhone/iPod one is fun!
- I want to make some apple fritters. Will wait until I am off "the diet" (which is going VERY well by the way!)
- Oh cookie monster, you make my laugh!
- I want an adjustable baking pan! How neat!
- Oh! I want light saber chop sticks! How fun!
- Here is a website with some pretty crazy things you can mail!
- Love this tutorial for a flat iron holder!
- I think I will grow my cucumbers this way this year in my garden.
- Love this trick for blowing up balloons - no helium needed. Too bad I don't allow balloons at our parties, I don't like balloons.
- Love this story of a little girl and her dog.
- Totally want to try these Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries.
- Love these little mailbags!
- Love this cute balloon wreath!
- DIY Easy Air Freshener tutorial.
- Once I reach my goal weight, (so close too!) I plan to slowly re-introduce foods back into my life, and Baked Spaghetti is one of them! Yum! This recipe looks delicious!
- Love this adorable sheep cupcake! A knitter's treat!
- How to properly fold sheets.
- Love this dollar store candle revamp tutorial.
- Adorable Dr. Seuss cake!
- These cucumber feta rolls look absolutely delicious too!
- These fruit & yogurt cones look mighty yummy, just in time for summer!
- Oh, this *almost* makes me want to fall off the wagon :: Banana Split bites.
- Avengers' Masks for little boys to color in! (Link is direct to the PDF)
- I LOVE this video! Emily West's performing Head On for an episode of one of my fave shows, Body of Proof. (I will have to watch it on Youtube for now, I cannot buy the single in the Canadian iTunes store - it's only available right now in the USA :( - pooh!)