Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30 of 30

Before mailing it off, I wanted to take a picture of what 60 mini cakes of yarn looked like. I am doing a swap as I said with Noricum for leftover blankie yarn, and this is two rows of 30 cakes. WOW! It's whatever it leftover from the yarn I plan on using and yarn I've already used, but I made sure there was enough for Sean's blankie and the other blankie for a possible girl if Sean ever one day gets a sister! (I kept all the pinks and stuff that was girlie to one day make a 2nd blankie). If Sean one day has a brother, I may be doomed! All good. Please note how I wrote "ONE DAY".....

There's been a LOT of progress on Sean's blankie. This is bad. Very bad. But good. I need to be working on my father-in-law's birthday gift. I really do not know why I'm procrastinating. I must stop procrastinating tomorrow.

This is square 29. A nice solid blue. No idea where it came from (someone's leftovers!) I've been super bad at documenting who sent what - but I've been thanking everyone for their donations!

And I present to you, square number 30.

And Square number 31.

Oh, and this is square number 32!

And number 33.

And for the finale for tonight, square number 34.
Yep, I've been busy knitting squares. Can you tell? Each take about 2 hours to knit. (Size 0 needles, and I start of by casting on 51 stitches and I decrease by 2 every other row!)

So... now that it's almost October.... who's going to Rhinebeck? I'm a square on Saturday's board! I'm also a participant. I guess I should start planning my trip with my mom. She's coming with - and we'll also be doing some shopping in Woodbury, NY and possibly Alabany, NY - but the details aren't organized yet. Gotta love the CAD dollar being at par now with the USD!

ps- I'm all caught up with all 150+ emails that were sitting in my email box waiting replies. It only took me about 4 hours to respond to them all, but I've managed to do so! Phew! There is still a few (handful) that are going to be replied to tomorrow. I'm beat, and want to get some sleep.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29 of 30

Sean let me sleep in this morning, and I much needed it. Things have been really busy around here, and I know that if I didnt get some extra sleep, eventually it would get me and run me down. Upon waking up, Jamie had whole wheat French toast ready on the table. It was delicious!

This afternoon we caught up on some TV that we'd missed during the week, Prison Break from Monday, Survivor from Thursday, Weeds also from Monday, and I sat on the couch and knit some more squares on Sean's blankie. I dont know why I am procrastinating Jamie's dad's birthday gift, but I have been. Must knit on that. Must knit on that. I must keep telling myself that! However, I have 2 full squares to show you tomorrow. I may even knock a 3rd square out tonight....! I've been loving working on his blankie. But next week I must take a break and work on that gift! His birthday is Oct 11th! And we're seeing them at a family function on the 6th! That leaves me a week, unless I wait tto give it to him when we go out to celebrate his birthday just us. We'll see how much time I have this week. Not too sure yet what is going on, besides knit night on Wednesday night and a play date Thursday at Jenn's house.

Late afternoon I went over to the Pharmacy and picked up some contact solution for Jamie as he'd run out, and to get the water jugs for our water cooler. (We prefer it over tap water). Anyhow, I returned 3 full garbage bags of soda cans to recycle (you get .5 cents per returned can) and made some loose change, which I'll keep for Wednesday night at the knit night for something to drink (Bananaberry cream!)

This evening we threw some steaks on the BBQ and watched Wild Hogs. Funny but stupid at the same time. I really just wanted a comedy, and it's the only thing we had to watch in that genre. Plus I heard from someone recently that it was funny. Worked on one of those 2 squares during the movie. I'm loving the color selections. Photos to come tomorrow. I think my camera(s) are all upstairs.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to order the Robyn's Nest October Sock Club. On Monday I will be listing the information for the November sock club! I'm very excited about that too!

Friday, September 28, 2007

9 Months

Today, I sat on the couch all day. Except for when I was checking on the laundry. (Got a lot of it accomplished today). It was really nice to just sit and watch some TV and chat on the phone, and wind cakes. Yep, I wound 60 + cakes. All for Noricum of Soapbox. We're swapping. Swapping leftovers of leftovers for our sock blankets!

This evening I met my mother & father, and siblings for dinner, my parents brought me back Sean, as he slept over there last night, as you know. Anyhow, on my way to dinner, I saw this amazing Ferris Wheel and took a photo opportunity. I love the colors of Ferris Wheels!

Today Sean is 9 months old. 9 months old! He was soooo serious when we were reunited this evening at the restaurant. After a bit he woke up a bit more (from snoozing in the car) and was in a good mood!

I finally found where I put What to Expect the First Year. I dug around to the 9 month chapter, and see where Sean is according to the book:

By the end of this month, your baby .... should be able to:
-work to get a toy out of reach (CHECK!)
-look for dropped object (CHECK! But depends on how badly he wants it)

... Will probably be able to:
- pull up to standing position from sitting (by 9.5 months) (CHECK!)
- get into a sitting position from stomach (by 9 1/3 months) (I don't know if I've seen him do this, but he can sit from crawling, so wouldn't that qualify?)
- object if you try to take a toy away (OH YES! You get an earful!)
- stand holding on to someone or something (he can stand holding on to just a loose pieces of your pants, he can walk the entire house holding onto the walls)
- pick up tiny objects with any part of thumb and finger (by 9 1/4 months) (He does this with Cheerios!)
- say mama or dada indiscriminately (YEP!)
- play peekaboo (He loves it and giggles!)

.... May possibly be able to:
- play patty-cake (clap hands) or wave bye-bye (Clap yes, bye-bye is in progress!)
- walk holding onto furniture (Cruise) (Yep. The couch. The walls... he's mobile!)
- understand word "No" (but not always obey it) (OH YES! and cries if he doesn't like that you said no!)

.... May even be able to:
- "play ball" (roll ball back to you) (Not yet)
- drink from a cup independently (from a sippy cup yes, not yet from a "real cup")
- pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger
- stand alone momentarily (for 3 seconds max right now)
- stand alone well (we're waiting - any day now!)
- say one word other than mama or dada (I swear I heard him say CAT to the cat!)

Some knitting content!

Here is the 27th square finished. It's the leftovers from Jamie's (almost done) Cabled Socks.

Square number 28 that was cast on during the hockey game last night, and finished by the time the game was over. It's leftovers from Angela, who used this yarn to make her Monkey socks. I'm not sure what the yarn is. Angela?

And last night watching some TV with Jamie I cast on Square number 29. I actually just finished knitting it. Pictures tomorrow. I must stop procrastinating my FIL's birthday gift. Grrr! I'm bad!

Robyn's Nest now has a signature colorway! You can check out it's yarn goodness here.

Still just a few spots left in the Robyn's Nest October Sock Club. It's been selling the last few days, so make sure to order a kit before the Sunday night deadline! (Wow, I can't believe Monday is October!) The October Sock club will ship mid-October.
Off to go cast-on another blankie square.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

39 Weeks

Sean is 39 weeks old today, and tomorrow he turns 9 months old. My big boy! I've already started thinking about his first birthday. Oh, I have ideas. And no, there will be no balloons. I am afraid of balloons. No balloons for me. Popping balloons freak the shit out of me. They are not my friend. I refuse to be near them.

This afternoon (later than expected) my mom picked up Sean and brought him back to her place. My parents are watching Sean tonight as Jamie & I had tickets to see the Habs play the Bruins. (Our first game of the season). We have 1 set of tickets per month until the end of the hockey season. (I love sharing season tickets!)

And yes, there was knitting at the game. I cast-on square number 28. Which I did finish by the end of the game! I will show pictures of Square 27, 28 and now 29 tomorrow. (I cast on square number 29 when we got home, while Jamie & I watched some World Series of Poker 2007).

Today I made a list of things that I wanted to get done while I had some free time after Sean left with my mom, but I didn't get all of is accomplished. (There's always tomorrow!) I have emails to catch up on, and blog reading as well. Laundry to do and other chores around the house. I'm hoping that I can get a lot of it done before I meet up with Sean again tomorrow (not sure if I'm picking him up, or my mother or father will be bringing him back here). But I miss the little guy!
Glad it rained today. It was way too hot for my liking around here.

Just a reminder that there is just a few days left of the Colinette Jitterbug Sale and a few spots left in the October Sock Club!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26 of 30

I'm behind on my emails. I'm behind on blog reading. Sean's going to my parents tomorrow and is actually sleeping over there since Jamie & I have pre-season hockey tickets to see the Habs play the Bruins (YEY!) so Sean will be babysat, and I should have time in the afternoon tomorrow to photograph some new products to go up in my shop, and catch up on blog reading & emails. So if you're expecting an email from me, I do apologize, it's coming! Promise!

This afternoon I went to go see Across the Universe (the beatles musical) and it was very trippy but awesome! What a great movie, and of course, the music was fabulous. I finished the square I started yesterday during the movie (they forgot to dim the lights all the way, which was fine by me - I got to knit!) but progress pictures will be here soon.

I received my Knit Picks order today.
1 copy of Knitting on the Road
1 set of Harmony Wood DPNs.
(I'll let you know how both are).
(The DPNs are not what I was expecting)

This evening I went to Walmart with Angela and Sean. It's Walmart's birthday, so there were some pretty crazy sales going on! I stocked up on panties (on sale!), chocolate (for Jamie), some shirts for Sean (he needed some 12 month size long sleeve shirst since it's now fall!) and some other stuff. Also I needed meat puree dishes for Sean as we'd run out of the meat dishes and I can't justify giving him apples (puree) for dinner. He needs substance. I also picked up a blow up cozy for the faucet in the bathroom tub. The last one wasn't holding the air (which I need to return - forgot to bring it with me tonight).

Sean was very vocal tonight in Walmart. And very energetic. Just have a watch!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25 of 30

While I've supposed to be working on Jamie's dad's birthday gift, I've been plugging away at Sean's Leftover Sock Yarn blankie project. (For those of you who asked - yes, I'm still collecting leftover sock yarn - if you have any to send my way, please email me to let me know, I'll send you my mailing address!) The green square makes up square number 25.

Square number 26 got cast on this afternoon while watching the movie Knocked Up with Sean, Jakob & Jenn. Jakob slept for most of the movie, and Sean, cranky as all &#!@ terrorized my den while we watched until he finally gave up his battle and after rubbing his eyes for about forever, fell asleep on me. That didn't stop me from knitting though, and I finished later on the 26th square.

Knocked Up was funny! Some parts that were unrealistic. Like how can the doctor turn a breech baby because his umbilical cord is around his neck without an ultrasound. Does he have x-ray vision? There were some other parts that were odd, but overall the movie was really funny, since it was indeed a comedy!

And tonight during the season premier of Bones & House on Fox, I cast on square number 27. It's still in progress and I'm off to bed shortly, I'm exhausted!

Sean was being a real bugger this afternoon after Jenn & Jakob left, so I plopped my little strawberry into a box. It kept him entertained for about 15 minutes. Enough time to get laundry in and switch over what was in the washing machine into the dryer.

The new purse that I got a week and a half ago (Sunday the 16th) at the Wool Gathering has ripped. (The strap). I contacted the bag designer, and she says she will fix it for me. I just need to be in contact with her. I hope it's fixable, it's my fave bag right now.

Tomorrow we're off to see the new Beatles' musical movie Across the Universe for the Starz & Stroller program (babies are welcome!) with my mom, Jenn & Jokob. I am very excited to see the movie. I love Beatles music, and I'm glad they chose this movie for the program this week. I still have a free movie pass from the last time we went and the movie had technical difficulties for part of it (Hairspray).

Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24 of 30

Last night I went upstairs early, but sat on the couch and knit. Wasn't in the mood for Jamie's dad's Irish Hiking Scarf birthday gift, which I now have less than 2 weeks to complete (and a hat too!) but I wanted to pick up Sean's blankie project again. I completed the 24th square (above).

Today during Heroes, I cast on the 25th square. I really like the green! It's an end square, so part is attached to the blanket, and the other half isn't! I am sure it'll be done tomorrow! I should be working on Jamie's dad's birthday gift - and to finish Jamie's anniversary socks. Oops! (Knitting A.d.d.?!)

I forgot to download the 1 picture I took at the Spa this weekend, so here it is - a self portrait of me in the mirror with the smokin' Jacuzzi! I want one just like it in our new house when we move! I think I'll add it to the list of things to look for when we start house hunting!

This is a picture I took of Sean from last night on the way to dinner with my parents. He looks too darn cute in his hoodie! He also look great in orange!

This video is for Patty. (I wanted to send a link on the net that I bookmarked on how to do it, but the link is now invalid). Or if you're wondering on how to Wrap a Skein - you can watch it too! (Please excuse my attire, I was still in pj's when I shot this video!):

Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23 of 30

We had an absolutely amazing weekend up north despite a few things. The food was just plain, and the service was terrible. My massage was fantastic, though I didn't like the fact that the lotion she was using to massage my body, was used to massage my head as well and got all in my hair. It was gross. The bed was uncomfortable, but the Jacuzzi next to our bed was an awesome experience. We will not be going back there.

Last night we watched Nacho Libre (shit) and some World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2006 (I need to get 2007 to watch). We enjoyed each other's company, sans baby. It was nice. We did miss Sean though, very much!

Today when we turned on the TV in our room, (after drying out the remote control because Jamie accidently dropped it in the full Jacuzzi - oops) - we saw a show in some other language. Later on, upon returning to the room from breakfast, it was on again - but this time in English. Based on music by Fred Penner - or something to that effect, it was Tipi Tales. It's a Canadian show, and it's damn weird!

I took my camera with of course, but didn't take any photos except for 1 of the Jacuzzi. I have some progress on Jamie's dad's Irish Hiking Scarf, but the progress photos haven't been taken yet. (Maybe tomorrow). My sister did take some photos of Sean for me though, while we were away:

Looks like he had a great time and is not afraid of (big) dogs! (We knew that though). My parents dogs have been staying with their co-owner in Ontario, while my parents kitchen is being renovated. They were back in town for the weekend as there was a dog show in Laval and Piper was being shown. She's got now 6 of her 10 points that she needs to be considered a champion. She should be able to get them in the next show (the last 4).

Alright, I'm going to go snuggle with Sean and Jamie in bed and take it easy (haven't been feeling too good this weekend - rather tired or burned out actually) so some sleep is called for! (And still not sure what's on tap for tomorrow except for Aqua at night!)

ps- still a few more spots left in my October Sock Club , as well as a sale going on (20% off Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn!)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22 of 30

Sean's just been picked up by my parents and we're heading out to lunch and then up north for the night to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. We decided to just go out for dinner on the night of our actual anniversary, but since it fell mid-week (Tuesday), we decided to celebrate more this weekend! I've got my knititng packed (for the car ride) and some clothes thrown into a shoulder bag. What else more do I need? I plan on working on Jamie's dad's birthday gift in the car, I hope I make some progress. Since we're only going 45 minutes north of Montreal, I don't know how much I can get done, but I've convinced Jamie to drive both ways! (Yey for knitting time!)

Tonight we have a dinner at the hotel spa and tomorrow I've got a massage on the books planned. Oh, that will be so darn good - and well deserved!

See you all when we return (no internet access up north where we'll be!) Have a good weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21 of 30

I was asked if my image could be used for my Turtleneck Shrug for the pattern on Ravelry. How cool is that? They took two of my images for use. Awesome! I can't wait for the weather to be cool enough to actually wear it!

I've been thinking about getting back into doing some art journals. I had to keep two years ago when I was in Graphic Design school in a Creativity Class. It was a Creativity Journal. However, I do have some extra journals (blank) that have been wanting to be filled up. I think I have some stuff that I want to fill it up with - but I will for sure need some more stuff. I am going to try to be really creative without spending money. I think I can do it!

I found this really funny chick online (heard about her on iHanna's blog) , on youtube named Suzi Blu. She's an Italian from Jersey, who is just funny. She has some online tutorials. You should check her out. How to Keep An Art Journal by Suzi Blu #1 and How To Keep An Art Journal by Suzi Blu: #2.

I have a new pattern in the shop, it's a Batman Inspired Sweater with a Detachable Cape! It's super cute. I can't wait for Sean to be big enough to fit into the size 2! (Smallest size available!) It's a PDF - so you can get it right away after your purchase!

Tonight Jamie & I watched the movie Lucky You with Drew Barrymore, Robert Duvall and a bunch of professional pocker players. It was alright. A little on the long side. While watching the movie, I took the time to wind some cakes for Sean's blankie project. I have neglected it for a while and as soon as I'm done with Jamie's Cabled Sock, and his dad's birthday present, I'll be picking up the blankie again.

I'll leave you with today's giggles!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

38 Weeks

Today my mom's housekeeper came again to clean my house. This time she concentrated on our basement since last time there wasn't enough time for her to come downstairs to do so. My basement is sooo clean you can lick the floors! I can't remember when the basement was ever this clean - maybe when we moved in? The basement is Jamie's area - where he has his couches, tv/xbox, etc.... my office is downstairs as well, and it's super clean as well. I can see my desk now, and she really kicked my butt into cleaning up!

Today Sean is 38 weeks. That's exactly how long he was in my belly for. I don't know why I find this cool! I can't believe how big he's gotten, how smart he is, and all the things he can do! Next Friday he turns 9 months old, and I really have no idea where the time has gone. I can say that, right? Not too cliche?

Look at that blonde hair! And those chubby cheeks! And he's too funny my little guy! I love it!

I want to make this wonderwoman sweater. Wow! However, there is no real pattern, just a chart, so I'm not sure where to start. I'm still *kinda* new to the sweater knitting thing. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also wanted to show you all a neat pattern that I saw today, by Whistle Pea Works. It's the Interwoven Cable Hat. She's got some really neat stuff. I've even order some Knitting Stitch Marker Variety Pack which are some gorgeous pewter stitch markers, if they ever arrive in the mail! Canada post seems to be slacking as of late! But I've never had mail missing (yet!) so let's hope they just took the scenic route to Montreal.

Sean got these slippers as a gift, and I absolutely love them. They were from ...? (Let me check).

New in my shop are some Stitch Markers to go along with Cat Bordhi's new book called "New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One" in which she utilizes similar letter stitch markers. She suggests a set through H, but we will make custom sets up to the full alphabet upon request. For a full set please email: For a video tutorial of how to use these letter stitch markers, visit Cat Bordhi's YouTube video. In this book, Cat introduces us to a number of new sock architectures — new ways of shaping our socks. The book includes extremely detailed instructions for knitting these new architectures and employs the use of stitch markers with letters on them to mark out different sections of the knittings.

I really want to pick up this book, but it's only available on and not nor - so I guess I'll put it on my wishlist.

We got some new bamboo needles in the shop! 2.5mm! They're 5" inches! Great for socks.

Also - there is a sale on Colinette Jitterbug going on until October 1st - be sure to stock up on your fave colors! 20% off on all Colinette Jitterbug!

There is also just a few spots left in the October Sock Club - go on - sign up! The Deadline to sign up will be here in just over a week. (Where did September go?) (September kits are already in the mail on the way to their destinations!

Odd Ball Stash Swap?

Anyone interested in an oddball stash swap? Have skeins in your stash leftover from a project (unused) that you don't know what to do with? Maybe that skein can be useful to someone else. If any of you are interested in a swap, I'm thinking about starting something! You'll be sending to someone and receiving from someone else. If anyone is intersted, please email me (

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19 of 30

Yesterday I took some photos with Sean before I left him there with my parents for the night. We were both sad to part. (But we both survived).

Sean was a happy camper, and even got a new toy at his grandparents house, a new little bike.

This morning it was bumper to bumper traffic on the way to meet my mother and Sean at his playdate. We were invited to this play area for 0-5 year olds (Sean was free because he's younger than 1) and there was nasty traffic. So, what do I do in bumper to bumper traffic? I knit in the car. I hate traffic. But I love to knit. So it's a good balance!

Sean had a great time at the playdate. There was one baby 10 months old, and another one that was 7 months old, a little girl, that was WAY behind in development. She can't even sit by herself. (Sean was sitting by 5 months old). Her mother was amazed that Sean was pulling himself up to stand and walk around holding on, let alone amazed at his crawling. I find Sean advanced for almost 9 months old, but then again, what to compare him to? All babies are different and do things at their own pace. I just feel that Sean is about to walk, and he's not even 9 months old yet. But there are a lot of babies that do start things like crawling and sitting later, but this mother was concerned, because her 7 month old wasn't sitting yet. She knocks over and she can't even get herself back up. Sean was doing that I think by around 6 months old (just after he mastered sitting). I don't know if I will go back to the "playdate" through a group I joined, but I definitely will take Sean back to the place, because he had a good time. The mothers that were there, I really didn't want to hang out with them. Cuz really -what does Sean care for the other kids? It's a social thing for the mothers too, right? I just didn't really care much for them. And this other mother had her 16 month old there who was running around and knocking into the babies. I wasn't impressed.

After the playdate, we went to my parents house for lunch, and then eventually headed home. Sean was very cranky and I was glad that he fell asleep in the car on the ride home. However, that didn't last long and he was cranky for a couple hours more until I finally got him to sleep again for a nap around 4pm - which he slept for 2 hours (a much needed nap - and I got stuff done around the house!)

Angela met me at my place after her work, and when Jamie got home from work, we left to go knitting. Tonight was our regular knit night in NDG. I decided to work on my Father-in-law's Irish Hiking Scarf tonight, since my "deadline" came and went for Jamie's anniversary socks, (he told me there is no rush to finish them asap), so I worked on his dad's birthday gift. I need to finish the IHS and the do the matching hat. Or maybe I'll cast on the hat too, I haven't decided yet. I have a little less than a month to finish this, actually less than that - I want to give Jamie's dad his gift on Thanksgiving weekend (Oct 6th) at a party we're going to. So, I have about 2 and a half weeks to do these. I can do it! I think last time I finished Jamie's IHS in about 2 weeks, but this time I have more time to knit! I don't expect the hat to take me long.

In other news, I forgot to share what happened yesterday. In the morning before leaving to drop Sean off at my parents after our stroller walking group, I changed over my purse that I was using into my new purse that I got at Roxham at the Wool Gathering this past weekend. I put it by the door with Sean's diaper bag & overnight bag, and go to wake up Sean & change him. After waking up Sean and changing him, upon leaving Sean's room, I see Jazz (Jamie's black 15 year old cat) marking his territory on my new purse. FURIOUS, I have to put a hungry Sean into the playpen (thank goodness I had a bottle ready), and yell at the cat, and quickly clean off my NEW-NEVER-BEEN-USED-YET purse. Grrrr! That f-ing cat. I am NOT a cat person. And this explains why. Why did the cat pee on my purse? Is it because he's mad at me for something I did? Is it because he's old and losing his cat-mind? Is it because he's old and losing control of his bowels? Grrrrrrrrrrrr! MY.BRAND.NEW.GORGEOUS.PURSE. My mother gave me Gonzo, this great stuff that "makes pet stains disappear like magic!" (So says the bottle) and so far so good. Never fails. New item gets ruined before I even get to use it. Let's just say I'm mad at the cat. I refuse to give him any attention right now. I hope he never ever does something like this again. And if he does, he's going straight to (my cousin) the vet for examination. Not his fave place in the world.

So I've been thinking about my blogaversary contest, and I think I've got it all figured out. Details will be announced October 1st on my blog. Stay tuned! It's going to be a good one!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18 of 30

Happy Anniversary Jamie! I love you! Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. Feels more than just 2 years of marriage, maybe because we've been together a lot longer than that. I know we're still on the "young side" of a relationship, as we haven't been married 20+ years or even together that long, but I feel like we have a strong relationship as though we've been together that long. (Knock on wood....) we never fight at all, and we always talk things out when we don't agree on something. We've only ever gotten into 1 fight, when we were still dating, and that I think is amazing. I know fighting is healthy, but why fight when there is no reason to? Anyhow, I love my husband more and more each day, and even more now that we brought Sean into this world together.

I still remember our wedding day like it was just yesterday. I remember how I got a little bit nervous before walking down the aisle (and not because I was getting married - but because I was afraid of tripping on my dress!). I remember our first dance. I remember being under the Chupah and hearing the rabbi speak. It rained in the morning of our wedding day, and that's supposed to be good luck. It stopped raining just in time to take photographs outside (yep the bottom of my dress got filthy!)

This morning I went walking with Jenn & Jakob and another mom & her daughter. We took a walk for about an hour and 15 minutes and then I went over to my parents house. I had lunch, and held Sean for a bit while he napped. Eventually I made my way back into the city (home) to take care of a few things. Jamie got home from work and we went out to our favourite restaurant for dinner. Had our fave dish, and shared a piece of cheesecake. (Mmm!) Now we're at home relaxing, and we just watched the finale of Big Brother 8 (though I don't like that Dick won), and then we watched Prison Break from last night (we weren't too impressed with the season premiere) and then an episode of Weeds. (We're still 1 episode behind on Weeds).

Tomorrow morning I need to get up early again, and make my way to a playdate (where my mom will be bringing Sean to meet up with me again), and then we'll be home tomorrow afternoon to do some work. Tomorrow night, I've got knit night in NDG, looking forward to it!

Jamie's socks are still in progress, but he's okay with that. They should be done soon! Progress picture to come.

Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17 of 30

Stuff I want to knit:

Cable Luxe Maxi
(bought the pattern from Lion Brand - it's not a PDF, so I have to wait for it in the mail)

Military Jacket from Veronik Avery's Knitting Classic Style

I plan on making it in Eco + (as the pattern calls for) in colorway 7072. I think it'll be great.

I also want to knit:

Red Herring by Cookie A from Fall 2006 Knitty
(Saw Alison's version and fell in love!)

Today Sean & I slept in, which felt great, and then I actually got a lot of chores accomplished today. My sister & mother came over in the late afternoon and played with Sean for the rest of the afternoon and I got a few more things done. I went to pre&post natal aqua tonight and I felt great afterwards. Jamie & I watched the pre-season opening Habs game against Pittsburgh, and we won in overtime 3-2. It was great to see Crosby on the ice. The Habs are playing Pittsburgh again tomorrow night, and Malkin will be on the ice tomorrow instead of Crosby. The Habs tried out a bunch of players they have from the minors, and we'll see whom we'll be keeping. Tonight in nets was Huet and Danis, and tomorrow night we're trying out Halak and Carey Price (who won MVP in the minors last year and helped them win the "Stanley Cup" in their league.

Tomorrow Jamie & I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Last year, we were in Europe in Gibraltar on our 1st wedding anniversary. Tomorrow Jamie & I will be going out for dinner, and Sean's sleeping over at his grandparents house. I'll be dropping him off there tomorrow after a stroller walking group we joined in the West Island (down the street from my parents house). I am looking forward to some fresh air and some exercise! Now, I need to go find where I put the card I bought Jamie. He's getting a sock & almost a half for our anniversary (I'll probably finish the sock by the weekend). I've already gotten him a box of hockey cards from the series that he collects, which we opened together - about 2 weeks ago. He pulled some nice cards from that series, which is a good thing. I am also on the lookout for a good price on a Habs Practice Jersey (the new Reebok one), as he would like one as well to wear the hockey games, etc.

Alright, I'm extremely tired from the aqua class, and I have to get up early for the stroller walking group - so I'll be off now! (I did manage to break my record in bowling on Nintendo Wii tonight. I bowled a 200! (My highest score before was 191). I would never be able to bowl this great in "real life" at a bowling alley - LOL!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16 of 30

Today was another fun day at the Roxham Wool Gathering. We decided to not leave as early as I did yesterday, and I picked up the girls, Angela, Kadi & Alison around 11 am today, instead of 9 am. (Much better idea!) Sean was in a good mood, as usual. He enjoys being in the outdoors, so that's great!

He even gave us a peek at his two teeth that are coming in, and I finally got a great shot of those little buggers. I've been dying to snap a shot, but he's very quick at sticking his tongue over his teeth to hide them!

We ran into Kate and Tadpole at the festival. Sean likes older women, so he had a good time playing with Tadpole today. She is such a cutie, and was even wearing this sweater.

I even got to see a sheep being shaved. This is my first time seeing it (not on tv).

Had fun playing with mirrors! (Above you've got me and below you've got Kadi, Alison & Angela - well part of them anyhow!)

Alison bought a really cool typewriter pin. She modelled it for me. Very cute piece of art the pin.

Kadi got in some knitting time. I think she's the only one who pulled out knitting today. I wanted to, but had my hands full with Sean.

And here are my two purchases from today. (Did not see either of these two sellers yesterday, not sure if they came out later in the day, or only today):

Got this GORGEOUS handmade (sewn) purse. I am absolutely in love with it. Transferring my purse over tomorrow to use this one!

The gorgeous side view. I just love all the colors and material choices as well. Stunning!

And I love the two length option. You can put the button in either hole to change the length.

And my last purchase was these fimo alpaca knitting needles. I dont think I'll knit with them, they're more for fancy decoration in my office on my desk. Had to have them.

And finally, some progress on Jamie's anniversary socks. While they may not be finished on Tuesday, they'll be finished pretty soon. I find the cable chart knits up very fast. I just need to find time to knit!

Angela came over after the festival today, since we got back into the city around 4:30pm. We stayed there for about 3 and a half hours, even checking out 2 garage sales up the street from the festival. I didn't get to see SP11 Hostess Kerry - I have no idea if she was there or not, but I looked out for her, and made sure we were visible at all times for her to find us. (At one point we were in line for almost an hour near the entrance for the saussages for lunch). It's too bad that I didn't get to meet her - was really looking forward to it. Kerry - were you there today? I feel bad that we missed each other! Email me.

I am finding hotmail (windows live) easier to use now that I've been trying to clear out my inbox (still have some more emails to respond to over the next day or so). However, though I'm getting used to it, I'm still not happy they switched me over. What can I do? Get used to it - I guess.

I fell in love with three new projects, that I want to start, more about that tomorrow.