Sunday, November 30, 2008

november thirty

Today I took Sean for a haircut. He needed it badly. To the point where I trimmed above his ears last night before we went out to a nice restaurant for dinner (for Jamie's best friend). The haircut was much overdue.

After the haircut, since I had my mother with me, I ran some errands. It's always easier to do groceries with extra hands, especially when you have both kids with you!

While out, I picked up the most adorable outfit - for both boys. Yeah, once again they'll hate me in a few years for dressing them the same. But hey, I had to.

Aren't the just too cute?
Sean's grin is hilarious!

My boys! (5 1/2 months old & 23 months old)

Mr. Mack

Me & my boys.

I got a frame that says "MOTHER" on it. I plan on framing one of these two. I haven't decided yet which one. But I like them both. (Even though Sean's not really looking in this one, I love it).

I got a new jacket on Friday and I LOVE IT. I love how flattering it is to my body style/shape. I'm feeling so good for someone who just had a baby 5 and a half months ago. And I'm feeling hot! in my new jacket. It's good until -30 degrees. Hello! Anything around -30 degrees, I don't even want to be out! I'll hibernate thank you!

Had dinner at my parents house tonight, my dad is still using the BBQ - so I won't complain. I love BBQ anytime! He pretty much BBQ's until the snow comes. We have seen some flakes, but nothing that has lasted (rare for Montreal at this time of the year I think)... so I'll enjoy my BBQ while I still can! Mmmm cheeseburgers!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

november twenty-nine

I didn't take Sean to his swim class today. I was too afraid because of his stomach the last couple of days. The last thing I needed was for him to have diarrhea in the pool. Not fun. Though, I said if he didn't have it in the morning, then we'd go. However, it took until this evening, and yey, no more upset stomach! But how was I supposed to know that?? Fine by me anyhow, I got to sleep in a bit. I've been mad zonked lately. I need to get more sleep. No more of this going to bed at 3 o'clock in the morning. There you go. My first resolution for 2009. GO TO BED EARLY. Think I can keep that up? I need to get on my kid's schedule and not think that I can stay up late and then be up early. It doesn't work so well that way.

Found! I found it! I made a stop this afternoon during my errands, and found Elmo candies for the cupcakes I plan on making for Sean's birthday party. The place that I found them at is a life saver.

They also had an Elmo cake topper. We're just going to have Nana make a chocolate cake and put this on it with the "2" candle I got. Sean's obsessed with Elmo. I hope this works!

I've been meaning to post about some yarn I acquired from a Destash. Photographed it way back when and forgot to blog about it. Finally remembered. So here you go - some yarn p0rn.

Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in Patina

Yarn Pirate Bamboo/Merino/Nylon in Sweet Lime

Yarn Pirate Superwash BFL in June Bug

Yarn Pirate BFL in Cranberry Ice

Wollmeise in Pillars of Fire

Sundara Sock Yarn in Lenten Rose

Sundara Sock Yarn in Dahlia

A great bunch of skeins to add to my stash. I love it. Love it all.

This evening we went out for dinner for Jamie's best friend's birthday. He turns 33 on Monday. which means Jamie turns 33 9 days later. 33. Crazy. I'll be 28 this June. I am kinda not looking forward to 30 even. I can't imagine 33. Though, I've spoiled my husband this year for his birthday, I cannot wait to give him all his gifts. (And it's all stuff I'd want too! Hee hee - stay tuned!)

Going to go finish watching the Habs game. Jamie's just about to leave for hockey and I plan on sitting on the couch & knitting. Good plan.

Friday, November 28, 2008

november twenty-eight :: 23 months old/100 weeks old

Sean is 100 weeks old today, as well as 23 months old.

One more month until his 2nd birthday. I truly am not ready for him to turn 2 yet. Though, I've been prepping for his 2nd birthday party. The invites are written and some have been mailed. The rest are being hand delivered. Some have already been hand delivered. An Elmo cake topper has made the top of the FIND list. I have one more place to check tomorrow.

At 23 months old your child should be able to...
- kick a small ball forward (are you kidding me? not only can he do that but the kid has a WICKED hockey swing - future Habs player?)

will probably be able to...
- combine words (he says two words together, like "Up, please/Down, please")
- identify 6 body parts by naming (he can name mouth, eyes, ears, nose, bum, and foot)
- use 50+ single words. (oh yes!)

may possibly be able to...
- put on an article of clothing (he can put his shoes on)

may even be able to...
- identify 4 items in a picture by naming (yes he can)
- use prepositions (yes he can, like off/on for example).

Phew! Sean's on track!

My day of errands got cut short today when the daycare called to ask me to pick up Sean, his tummy hurt and he has diarrhea. Fun. Poor guy though. I hope he feels better soon. If it's like this tomorrow, I'm not taking him to his swimming class because I don't want him to have any accidents in the pool - I would hate that to happen with another kid, and I'm in the pool when that happens, so I wouldn't do that to anyone as well.

I did check some stuff off my to-do list. There are still some things that I need to take care of, but that will be tomorrow. I'm going to run out to do some stuff tomorrow after Jamie returns from a haircut appointment he made himself. Jamie's birthday is in 2 weeks, and I've also checked off his birthday gift off my list, as well as his Chanukah/Christmas gifts.

Sean got his school pictures proofs today. I like 5 & 8 then 6. The other I don't really care for. Like number 3? What's he in - modelling school? LOL.

I'm not sure which to order though? I have to have my form in by Monday. What do you think?

My in-laws came to dinner tonight - we had homemade Chinese food. They had no idea that we had chinese food last night for dinner, but tonight's was FOUR hundred times better than last nights! I'll take my mother-in-law's cooking anytime over anything else.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

november twenty-seven

Today was a work day. I had a LOT of work to do today, and I'm very happy with the amount that I've accomplished today. Sean went off to daycare in the morning and this morning he gave me a kiss and went off on his merry way - I am so happy that things are getting better at daycare. He had a few off mornings this week - but today was a lot better. Though, he's very easily distracted in his classroom - which is a good thing.

Sean can now say A, B, C and sometimes he says D. In order. Very proud of himself. He can point out a circle, triangle & square. He can tell you that a ball is also a circle. He knows Blue, and yellow and we're working on red. He sometimes can point out something green. This kid is smart. I'm very impressed with him. I think never talking to him like a baby and always like an adult has helped. I never did the baby talk ("goo goo gaa gaa") with him. We watch a lot of educational shows, and even the stuff normal kids watch (Barney, Seseme Street - which are all learning episodes - counting, alphabet, shapes, colors, etc). Sometimes I think he outsmarts me - and he's very... what's the word... maybe too smart for his own good? LOL... I'm going to look up where a 23 month old is supposed to be at - I've been forgetting to do that each month in "What to Expect the Toddler Years" - which I have. I'll pull that out tomorrow. Sean turns 23 months old tomorrow. One month left until he turns 2. Am I ready? No. Not quite.

I got some mail today - from Zonda. We did a trade on Ravelry. I had been eyeing these 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Sock in the Knit Happens colorway - which is an exclusive colorway to the store Knit Happens. They're always OUT OF STOCK on it. Well, Zonda had them in her "For trade" page.... and I jumped. (No idea how long they've been on there for to trade, but when I saw it - I was like " trade me now!") LOL. So today it arrived at my door. Thanks Zonda for the swap!

Tonight we ordered in Chinese food - Mmmm! and sat on the couch and watched tv. (30 Rock & Big Bang Theory - which we just started watching both). I also have some dates of stuff that are starting up in January! Whoot. We have:

Lword - January 18th, 2009
Big Love - January 18th, 2009
There have been commercials for 24, but there are no dates yet on
The same for Monk - I googled it, and they're saying January, but no dates yet on

I'm burned out from doing work all day today. I'm going to go crash. I don't even have the energy to bring my book to bed - I don't think I can keep my eyes open. I don't even have the energy to fold the laundry I've been doing all day - it'll have to wait for tomorrow. (The laundry seriously NEVER ends in this house)....!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

november twenty-six

Today I had to force myself to go to my Aqua Strollers class. I've been slacking in that department lately and I'm blaming it on the turn of the cold weather. It motivates me less to go into the pool and with all the layers of clothing to take off and then put back on, it's such a drag. Especially with a 5 month old baby. And on top of it, my teacher - the one I like - has been sick for the last couple of weeks, and the subs have been horrible. She's supposed to be back to work next week - I hope!

After swimming, I picked up my mother and we headed to the movies. I love that they have the Starz & Strollers program for mothers. This week's movie was Four Christmases. Not bad. Our local newspaper gave it 1 star. I thought it deserved about 2 and a half stars, but definitely not five. Good laughs, and I love Vince Vaughn and Reece Witherspoon.

After the movie I did some errands with my mother, picking up some shoes and some boots for me (whoops!) and knocking some Christmas gifts off my list. This year, we'll be celebrating Xmas in Toronto at Jamie's step-brother's house. Speaking of which, I need to email him to let him know when exactly we are leaving to get there. I am very excited for Sean to be old enough now to see what Christmas is all about. Should be fun! Plus he'll get to spend it with his cousins. Very happy about that too.

This evening I went knitting with the West Island Knits group and even though we were a small group this week but we had a good time. We went back to a restaurant that we'd been to before, though we wanted to give them a 2nd chance, since we were sick of places that does serve food but never had any left by the time we go there - and some of us actually do eat dinner at knit night. Next week we'll actually be checking out a new place, upon recommendation of a friend of mine.

I had a small knitting related injury last night. I was on the couch knitting and well, I leaned over and a very sharp DPN stabbed the side of my stomach. OUCH! It didn't go in very far, it did bleed a little, but I'm ok. Oh my gosh, will I never make that mistake again! I have a small scab now with a bit of bruising, but it'll be okay! Don't try that at home!!!

In spirit for the holidays, I've listed some Jingle Bell stitch markers into the shop. There are different sizes (small & large) and packages. You can take a look here!

So I've book a Seseme Street puppet theater for Sean's birthday party and locked in the date. Along with the 30 minute play, Elmo will be joining the party and blowing bubbles with the kids (Oy, I'm just imagining the mess of bubbles in my house. My invitations are written. Some will be handed out, some will be delivered to mailboxes, and some will be mailed (those who live in the city and I don't have time to drop them off). I really hope that Sean will like his birthday party and have a good time. We're doing it late afternoon, so that Sean can nap first, and be refreshed for his party. I do NOT want a cranky kid who didn't nap. That would be a disaster in a half. So he'll nap and then party! I can't wait! I hope he likes it - he's obsessed with Elmo after all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

november twenty-five :: 23 weeks old

*** Rockin' Sock Club Last Kit Spoiler - Read at your Own discretion - You've been warned! ***

Mack is 23 weeks old today.

He is getting better at sitting up!

He LOVES to smile at the camera!
And is VERY fascinated by it.

I got some yummy mail today - The last 2008 installment of the Rockin' Sock Club kit.

I also ordered a few things for my business from Bureau en Gros and had to order this along with it. I heart shoes. This tape dispenser rocks.

I also have to show off my new boots. I love them. I went to go buy Sean a pair of sneakers to leave at daycare and these were on severe liquidation. I was loving them when they were super expensive. On top of it it was buy one get one half off. How could I resist?

Snow. It's begun. I'm not sure whether I'm okay with it - or hating it. Ask me in a few weeks.

I never made it to Mack's swimming lesson this morning because of my winter boots. They wouldn't open on one shoe (the zipper) so that lead me to going nuts looking for the receipt, and after dropping Sean off to daycare, and dropping off Mack's new passport pictures at the passport office nearest me, I went to exchange the boots. I am SO happy that they had another pair in my size, because I love my new winter boots. But that resulted me in not getting to Mack's swim class. Oh well.

I spent the rest of the day doing some errands and then doing some work. It's been super busy around here lately.

There are a few projects that I want to cast on and some yarn that I am dying to use. First off, I'm dying to cast on for my February Lady Sweater - and trying out some Dream in Color Classy. I've never used it before. I also have some Wollmeise in the Digitessa colorway, that came along with the La Digistessa pattern from my Secret Pal 12 Pal that I got this past summer. I don't think I'll use it for La Digitessa (the pattern is 16 pages and a tad intimidating right now) but I'll definitely find a nice pattern for the yarn. It's sitting there calling my name. But no, I have some deadlines to finish first. I shall get to them!

Speaking of yarn! Robyn's Nest now carries lace weight! I plan on expanding this - but for now, we have 4 colorways!

It's One of a Kind hand dyed lace weight!

Monday, November 24, 2008

november twenty-four

Today Mack had playgroup. He was in a super good mood today.

He's also getting a lot better at sitting - and loves his friends toy. I am going to see if I can find this item on Craigslist or something.

He had fun sharing the toys with his friends as well.

Today we were just 7 of us, with 7 babies, so it was nice & small. From left to right you've got: Jake, Kennedy, Jayden, Mackie, Marshall, Jordan & Dylan. My how they are growing. I think our first playgroup we did, Mack was around 5 weeks old or so. He'll be 23 weeks old tomorrow. Wow, time flies.

Ran home from playgroup and made 3 lasagnas. 2 to freeze and one for dinner tonight. I absolutely love anything with melted cheese, so there is never a complaint from me. Plus it was made with my homemade meat sauce, so it was extra delicious.

When I went to pick up Sean, he didn't want to leave. Hmph! That's a first. He was completely content. And the one day I don't need this - he's like this! I had to run to the place that I got the boys' passport pictures done so that I can get Mack's redone (they said they'd re-do it for free) as the Passport office called today, that Mack's passport pictures got rejected. So tomorrow I'll have to run to the mall and hope that the new ones (she took 2 different ones, one which I already know will get rejected) and hand in the new ones. What a hassle! It's so super difficult for them to do a infant's passport picture - especially with polaroid! I can't understand why she doesn't do digital photos for the passport pictures.

Tonight I went to the Habs game with my brother. The habs lost 4-3 in a shootout to the New York Islanders. It was a very intense game, kept me on the edge of my seat. Though - I did manage to cast on a new pair of socks - my Go Habs Go Socks in the team colors. I love it so far, and I love working with the yarn base. I plan on keeping these "generic socks" (who needs a pattern when the yarn is self-striping!) for hockey games.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

november twenty-three :: Grey Cup

This morning we took a lazy morning chez nous and then Jamie took Sean out to get bagels, lox and cream cheese! Yum! Then we took a lazy afternoon while I worked on the December Sock Club stitch markers while we catched up on some episodes of 30 Rock while both boys napped. We just got into that show, and love it. I love Tina Fey. She's hysterical!

Mid afternoon my in-laws came over with Jamie's step-niece whose name is Jamie as well. We call her "Little Jamie" since I am married to "Big Jamie"... and they came to babysit Sean & Mack while Jamie and I went to the 96th Grey Cup.

We decided to drive towards the Big O (Olympic Stadium) and park one metro stop away and then take the metro for 1 stop. When we got down to the Big O, that plan changed because we never found the metro. Instead we did underground parking at the Big O, for only 12$. You CANNOT go to a Habs game and park for 12$. It's at least 20$ to park if not more. We were expecting the parking to be more than 20$ tonight. They could have charged ANYTHING and people would have paid it. On top of it, we parked near the exit, and figured it was great for afterwards. Especially since there were 66,308 people in attendance tonight.

Of course, Jamie made me take out my Canon Rebel Xt out of my purse as he was afraid it would get confiscated. Yeah right - they didn't even check my bag. All they asked was if I had any bottles on me. And of course, my Fuji Z1 that was in my purse was memory-less. I left the memory card in my memory card reader which was on my desk. Grrr! Thank heavens my new cell phone has a pretty decent camera!

When we got there, we immediately stood in line for food. While we were in line, who passes by us? None other than Chris Higgins, Maxime Lapierre, Mike Komisarek & Carey Price. It's neat the the Habs players hang out together on their own time. Jamie & I both turned to each other and said that if we hadn't invested so much time standing in that damn line up - we would have gone over to say hello and take some pictures with them. Too bad they didn't end up sitting near us at the game. Totally curious to know where they were sitting - oh well!

Holy WOW! We sat 20th row. (Row TT). We were soooooo close to the field. The fans were intense and it was a great game. At half time we met up with Jamie's cousin Dan who was in from Toronto and his father, Jamie's Uncle who was in from Ottawa for the game. It was great to see them. I'm possible going to see Jamie's Uncle next weekend if we go down to meet baby Hannah-Rose who was born on Wednesday. We're hoping to make it down there.

The Half Time show was pathetic. Theory of a Deadman (from North Delta, BC) played and did their hit Santa Monica, which I wasn't impressed. They also did a duet with Suzie McNeil (from Mississauga, Ontario). Bah, nothing special. Oh, there was Andrée Watters too. Who? No idea. Apparently a Québecer). Oh wait... now I remember Suzie McNeil... yeah, she was one of the last people standing on Rockstar: INXS. Apparently her Top 10 hit single Believe has been featured on Oprah (Oh I love Oprah - is that a stay-at-home mom thing?) and is in the running to become the anthem of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Yep, there was knitting. Of course! (Colors have been omitted as this is still secret knitting - I'll be able to show you soon!) I'm pretty sure the guy who sat next to us was looking at me funny - but hey - what can you do! I got a bunch of knitting done while watching the Montreal Alouettes lose on home turf. The Calgary Stampeders won 22-14. Very disappointing. I'm not really a football fan, I don't really know the rules, but I enjoy all sports, so it was a fun time at the game!

Now I'm home, I've got ketchup on my jeans (apparently you cannot take me anywhere) and beer spilled all the way down my sleeve (from being bumped into a few times - grr!) and I'm plopping my buttox on the couch for some tv & knitting. Both boys are sleeping and I'm enjoying some peace & quiet.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

november twenty-two

Can you tell I'm a huge Habs fan?? I've got my gloves and now I've got a steering wheel cover. I love it. (But boy was it a biatch to put over my steering wheel - the thing is leather and has no stretch to it - took me about a good half hour to get it over the wheel!) I love my new gloves so much, I have them in pink too!

This morning was a ZOO in the parking lot where we take swimming lessons because about half an hour after Sean's swim class started (the time it actually ends), the Craft Fair was starting. I actually had plans to go afterwards with the West Island Knits group - so I just took a peak and then headed home to drop Sean off at home and get Mack.

I met up with some of West Island Knits for brunch. Went to Chez Cora at their new location near me. The food was delicious. I heart crepes.

After lunch we went to the craft fair. It was pretty much the same as last year. Even the same vendors were set up in booths in the same spot as last year. I didn't buy anything this year, but there were a few things that I was definitely eyeing. I didn't buy anything, but ended up still getting some slips to fill out for a drawing for some prizes. (You're supposed to only get those if you buy something). We'll see if I win anything. I wonder if I have to wait until the fair is over tomorrow or if they are having a drawing per day. I guess I will find out if I get a call tomorrow! I probably won't win anything though. Not even sure what the prizes are.

Mack has a new teething toy. I gave in and got him Sophie. Mack loves his Sophie.

Mack has been teething really badly lately. He's constantly drooling - soaking through bibs. I don't even think Sean ever drooled this much - it's uber wet! Hoping that he gets through the teething bit as quickly & as pain free as possible. I can't imagine what it feel slike to cut a tooth. Sounds painful though. Really. Sean teethed but was never really cranky throughout his teething. I'm hoping Mack handles it like Sean did. That would be great.

I took a little nap late this afternoon. Jamie went to the Habs game tonight, so I had dinner with Sean and then hung out with the two boys. They both went to bed at the same time without a fuss, and I got a LOT accomplished this evening. Laundry, and laundry folding and putting away said laundry. Cleaned up my office. Took care of some paperwork. Tidied up the rest of the house - put away toys, organized a few things, checked some things off my to-do list. Ahh - feeling better! I got a lot accomplished this evening.

It's been a long day, so I'm going to go crawl into bed. I don't think I'll get any reading done tonight, I can barely keep my eyes open.

Friday, November 21, 2008

november twenty-one :: 99 weeks old

Sean is 99 weeks old today. 99! No more double digits next week! 5 more weeks until his 2nd birthday (I guess I should start planning his party already? I've been thinking about it - just not made any set-in-stone plans yet. I did buy his bday invitations though).

Today I made a double batch of meat sauce. We had no more in the freezer so it was due time to make some more. I had to run out today because I didn't have any tomato paste. Then I got home and started making it - and realized that I didn't have any tomato juice. Thank heavens my mother had just enough in her cupboard and brought me over some on her way out to do some errands. One batch that I made today, was made with the italian tomatoes from my garden this past summer. We'd diced them and froze them. Very exciting!

While it was cooking on the stove, I set the timer near me, ad took a nap on the couch with Mack. A much needed nap. I've been so exhausted lately, the extra sleep was much needed. I'm just glad that Mack wanted to take a nap at the same time as I did!

After Jamie came home from work, I went to pick up Sean. The window to the right hand side is Sean's class. The reason why the window is painting is so that moms or dads can still peak in, but that the kids won't see you. A lot of the kids enter the daycare at this age, and need adjusting to get use to daycare. In August (or later if Sean's not ready), Sean will advance to the classroom to the left hand side. I really don't want to think about this - because I love his 2 teachers that he has now, and don't want him to move classes yet. But he'll be in the ladybugs classroom until he's at least 2 and a half years old, so I have some time to prepare myself! I wonder how he'll react to a move next summer. But we have plenty of time until we have to come across that obstacle. (If it's even an obstacle).

I peaked into Sean's classroom just before entering. Sean, in the grey shirt on the right hand side of the table (behind the girl in the blue shirt) was playing nicely at the table!

He was deeply concentrated on this puzzle where you put the foam numbers into their spot. We actually have the exact same one at home, from Jamie's mom, who used to be a preschool teacher. His teacher told me that he is very good at doing this puzzle, and I'm very impressed!

Tonight for dinner I made some pasta and we had fresh meat sauce. Oh, it's so good. I love sauce fresh out of the pot. Too good! What a treat. I bought some mozzerella cheese, so I plan on making some lasagnas to freeze. Oh, I love lasagna. And I prefer my pasta whole wheat. Delicious. I love pasta so much that I could eat it 3 meals a day every day, all year. Seriously. It's my fave meal. And I'm not picky with sauce either - though homemade meat sauce takes the cake. But I love pesto, and jarred sauces too, I won't complain. Hubby's been spoiled though, and only likes homemade sauce.

Sat on the couch this evening and knit. Had some wine with Jamie and we've been just been enjoying the evening. I've got to get up early tomorrow to take Sean to his swim class, I'm going to go crawl into bed with my book.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

november twenty

Today I met up with 4 other mommies from Mack's playgroup. We went to a mall that I haven't been to in ages - probably not since before Sean was born, or even pregnant with him. It was a nice change to get out of the house - but apparently I missed one street and took the scenic route there. Fun. Remind me next time not to do that! Also - on the way home, you have to go East bound before you can go back West bound, and yeah.... I had no idea where I was going, and ended up going out of my way before getting back on track again. I think I'll be avoiding that mall for a while now. We had a great time having lunch and walking around the mall.

Last night I filled up my car with gas. 32$ for a FULL tank. I cannot tell you the last time it's cost only 32$ for a full tank. Wow...! I've been used to filling up my tank at 55$-60$ per tank. I filled up at 82.4 per liter. Today, I saw it as low as 80.4. Jamie says he saw it at 79.9. I think it's been at least 10 years since gas was at 79.9. Crazy. I hope it stays this low! This is great.

Sean is so cute with Mackie. He likes to go up to him and say "Massie, up, peas". (English: "Mackie, Up, Please"). Meaning - come play with me - get up! He calls him Massie - it's sooo cute. So much that I've caught myself calling Mackie "Massie"...

My cleaning lady is in Punta Cana right now, probably on a beach somewhere.... I miss her. My house misses her. Though, today I did manage to get a few things around the house done, since she's not here. I do have to say, that with 2 kids, I'm glad she comes once a week and not once every other week.

I started reading a new book today, Watermelon by Marian Keyes. 613 pages. I'm nuts. But it's mass market size, so it's not that bad! So far, it's an easy read - we'll see how long it takes me to read it.

I decided that I want to grow out my hair. For now, anyhow. Right now it's at that in between stage where it's too short by a centimeter to put up in a ponytail. I'm dying to get it up into a pony already. It's a lose-lose situation. When my hair is long, I hate it long, and want to chop it off. It's too long to manage and as a mom to two boys, I don''t have the time to style it, etc. When it's short, it's easy to manage but then I miss putting it up in a ponytail. Oy, what to do?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

november nineteen

Sean went to daycare today. He was feeling a lot better. Though, I think it may be because of his bedroom windows. The cold air seems to be coming into his room. Mack's room is boiling near his crib, where his vent is located and is a nice temperature in his room. Sean's room is ICE cold. He wears sleepers with feet. He has two crochet afghans that my grandmother made for him in his crib and he sleeps with both. And his feet, are ice cold in the morning under his jammies. Something isn't right - because I can feel the warm heat coming out of his vent in his room. So we picked up these sheet things you put on your windows and use a blow dryer to seal it - and it's supposed to keep the cold air out. I think I need Jamie to help me put it on, but I need to get that on his window quick.

I did a lot of work today, though Mr. Mackie had a bad day today. Teething. It sucks. I tried to make him as comfortable as possible, but his gums were really bugging him. I've heard horror stories about Baby Ora-Jel. (About it numbing the back of the babies mouth, and their tongue, and they choke on their own spit....) I don't know if this is a myth or what - but yeah. However, I used it all throughout Sean's teething without any worries - do I let this bother me? I'm not sure - what's your opinion on Baby Ora-Jel? I used some, but kept close eye on him, just in case. It really does help him. It can't be that bad, now, can it?

This evening I went knitting with West Island Knits. It was a small group tonight, but definitely fabulous company. I had a great time.

I cast on and finished 3 roses for Bea's wedding bouquet. She had only requested 1, but they were SOOOOOO fun to knit, that I just had to make them. I *wish* I was a knitter back when I got married (Sept 2005) but I wasn't. (I learned when I was 9, but didn't pick it up again until a month after I got married after a little stint of knitting in June ish of 2004.) Anyhow, one day when my sister gets married, I want to knit her bouquet - if she'll let me. I think it would be gorgeous. And defintily unique.

Pattern: Simple Knitted Rose & Leaf by Sarah M. Hughes (my Rav link)
For: Bea's wedding bouquet
Yarn: 2 are in Cascade 220 Quattro (colors 5014 and 9438) and the last one is in unknown yarn that are leftovers from a scarf that Madeleine just finished, from yarn that she got from either Mona Schmidt or Veronik Avery at a Destash party at Monkland Knit night.
Needles: 4.0mm/US 6 Straights
Size: no size
Timeline: November 19, 2008.
Modifications: None, knitted as written.
Opinion: Love them, they're so cute. I'm letting Bea finalize them so that she can incorporate them in any way she'd like for the stems, etc. I totally hope that I can make a full bouquet for my sister for her wedding. I totally wish I would have had a love for knitting a little earlier, I totally would have loved this idea for my own wedding. Oh well, - I'll have to make one for when we renew our vows one day.

Have you heard of Rockabye Baby? It's lullaby renditions of adult bands. For example: Pink Floyd, Metallica, Tool, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Radiohead, Tool. There are 24 in the collection and Mackie got 19 of them. I cannot wait to put them on his MP3 player on his Dream Screen. (We have: Bjork, Bob Marley, Coldplay, Green Day, Led Zepplin, Metallica, Nine in Nails, Nirvana, No Doubt, Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Cure, The Eagles, Tool & U2) Some of these Daddy likes, some of these mommy likes and some of these mommy & daddy are both a fan of. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

november eighteen :: 22 weeks

Mack's 22 weeks old today.

Today was also a fantastic mail day!

First I got my order from Biscotte. Louise rocks! Her hand painting yarn is just gorgeous. (She's who I used for my June 2008 Sock Club kit!) First up, I ordered 2 x 100g skeins of GO HABS GO sock yarn. True fan here? I think so...! I plan on starting a pair this upcoming Monday night at the game I'm going to. Must start them at a Habs game! Yep yep!

Oh it's gorgeous!

I also ordered 2 x 55 g skeins of Watermelon. Both this one and the Go Habs Go yarn are self stripping. I cannot wait to see how they all turn out. The Go Habs Go I plan on casting on immediately, but these will go into my stash!

I also received my skein of Mama Blue Troika Sock yarn in Cabbage. I got it from Bea who did a big DeStash, and it's from my sister for Chanukah - thank you little sister! You rock!

Bea also sent me some leftover sock yarn from her socks for my Blanket project - thanks Bea!

Today Mackie was in a very good mood. His brother on the other hand stayed home from daycare. Last night, Jamie got in late. After 1 am late. I was already asleep. The garage door woke up Mackie - who then needed a bottle to get back to sleep - we tried to get him to fall back asleep without one - but that woke up Sean, who started coughing. I gave him some Buckley's (the kid actually asked for more!) and we all four went to bed in my queen size bed. (Note to self: Get King Sized Bed). I kept Sean home from daycare today and didn't make it out to Mack's swim lesson as I didn't have a sitter for Sean at 9 am.

I did manage to cook dinner tonight. I modified the recipe, so I'll have to gather my notes and the recipe notes and put it all together and share it on the blog later this week. (Providing I remember!)

I also did manage to finish the book I was reading. While the boys napped I took a nice relaxing bubble bath. So, in the bath, I finished Heartburn by Nora Ephron. She actually is the writer of Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally! I didn't know that! The book was published in 1983, and the only reason I know this, is that it kept referring to the 60's as being practically yesterday, so I was like... hmm, there is no way the girl could have grown up as a teenager in the 60's and it be in the 2000's and she be pregnant... at the age of like 50-60. LOL. I really enjoyed this fast read - it was under 200 pages.

I forgot to show you the yarn that I got from BloodyMarie in a swap we did (a few weeks back):

And Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets Zohar Sock in Diva.

Jamie's cousin (whom I knit Boheme and the girlie Meathead hat for) is due today. She actually got called in for induction today because of high blood pressure and her sugar levels or something. I cannot wait to meet this miracle baby! (Took her 8 years to get pregnant - so she'll probably just be having this one baby!) Hannah-Rose is going to be spoiled and loved. I can't wait!

Have you seen that Amy Butler has free sewing patterns? I really want to learn how to use my sewing machine properly - there are a LOT of projects that I'm dying to learn to make - I'm going to keep looking around for lessons in my area. I saved a few of the PDFs for when I do learn how to make stuff like that! (Like the business card holders - how cute are those?!)

Speaking of free patterns - my pattern is now available for download! Click here for a non Ravelry download of A Neck Warmer for Coreen! ENJOY! You can also save it in your Ravelry library - I made it available (figured out how!) as a Free Ravelry Download here! Whoot!

I've re-stocked in the shop some KA products :: Bamboo Marking Pins, Mini Bamboo Crochet Hooks, as well as a new product - Mini Bamboo Knitting Needles - which are great for this project on Ravelry - the Knitter's Broach! Too cute, I think I need to make one now!