Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Cheer

BabyQSanta babySanta babysantaQ

I finally got the chance to take a look at what was on my camera last night, and there were some adorable pictures of Mr. Q Claus from Christmas Day. Sean wore this suit on his 1st Christmas in 2007. (Yes, that's the same kid in both those links on the same day!) Mack, on the other hand was only 6 months old at his first Christmas, so he had this adorable (yet similar) suit (in another size). This is the last time I'll ever be able to dress up a child for Christmas without getting their opinion. Jamie says that the boys will probably not like me later on in life for these pictures, but I think they are just the cutest in the outfit.

Hope you all are having a great Holiday Season, however it is that you celebrated!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Sean the day he was born, December 28th, 2006.
He was born at 4:44 am, 5 lbs 5 oz.


On his first birthday, in 2007.


His 2nd birthday, in 2008.


His 3rd birthday in 2009.


His 4th birthday in 2010.


And this morning on his 5th birthday.


He got spoiled with some puzzles (3d Spongebob, a Star Wars & a Transformers puzzle that each came with an action figure too), 3 different sets of Thomas the Train Tracks (which we spent all morning putting together an entire huge track in my bedroom (will post about that soon, it was quite awesome!) and a Martin Brodeur Team Canada goalie figurine (which is his fave part of his present he says).


I cannot believe my first born is five today. FIVE! Such a big number. I still feel like I just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. (Let alone 2 more boys after him). He had a party with some friends a few weeks back, and a handful of those friends actually slept over. He had a blast! Sean is a smart, energetic, amazing person, and I am so glad that he is my son. Mommy & daddy love you! xo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sean’s New Hat



Pattern: Sheep & Wool Hat by Emily Spence (My Ravelry Link)
For: Sean (to match his winter jacket)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash in Green Apple & Black
Needle: US 8 - 5.0 mm
Size: Child
Timeline: December 15-26, 2011
(Though really only a couple of hours, but my knitting time is limited these days).
Modifications & Notes: Cast on 100 sts, after trying with 80 sts and it being too small. I re-cast on, and did 5 rows of the chart, and it’s just just fitting for (almost!) 5 year old Sean. I also changed it up and did 2x2 ribbing for 10 rows before starting the chart. I don't love color work, but this was easy in the end.

hat1 hat2 hat3

Tuesday Evening Link Love

- Love this picture.
- Love this tutorial for salt dough ornaments. Definitely need to make some with the kids for next Christmas.
- These chickpea latkes look yummy! So do these latkes!
- Love these Popsicle stick ornaments!- And this tiny little santa hat knitted ornament.
- If you have a digital reader, you can get a 1 year free digital subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine by filling out the form here. (Not sure when it expires, so sign up fast!) And after I signed up for that, sent me a 25$ credit towards any other magazine, and I chose 2 Knitting Magazines (single issues) and Crochet Accessories 2011 (single issue). In the end that cost me just under 5$, but had money in my paypal account so it really didn't cost me anything and it was extremely worth it!
- Love the weebles! I had never heard of them before (apparently they're making a comeback too!) Quentin received between his birthday & Xmas, the playground (which seems to be on sale this week for Boxing Day on, but they don't ship to Canada), the Sports Weebles pack, the airplane, and the tug boat. These weebles are fun to play with!
- Send a free pack of kleenex to someone!
- I love this color.
- Love this free cowl pattern.
- Yes, that's what I love.
- This is an awesome button bowl.
- My kids would LOVE these.
- Too bad I can't wear heels, these shoes are stunning!
- Love this tub!
- Love these lego party ideas. Especially these lego bowls.
- What a stunning cake!
- These are some darling red boots.
- I totally want a drink clip!
- This is so true.
- I am sure my boys would LOVE an ultimate LEGO room!

Saturday, December 24, 2011



Santa has come to visit, milk, cookies & carrots for the reindeer have been left out by the fireplace. The kids are going to be super surprised when they wake up tomorrow!


We celebrate both Chanukah & Christmas. I hung some dreidles on our tree. Next year, I plan to knit up some handmade ornaments (I thought about it this year, but ran out of time).


And we’ve been lighting the menorah each night. There are just a few nights left of Chanukah. Things have been busy around here, and while the holidays are fun, I can’t wait until after the holidays, so we can sit back & relax.

If you celebrate Chanukah – HAPPY CHANUKAH! If you celebrate Christmas – MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful readers. Hope you get spoiled this Christmas! Some of you may have had a tough year in 2011, so let’s be grateful for what we have.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Evening Link Love

- This macro iphone lens is quite neat.
- Very fun image!
- This blog post gave me a little chuckle.
- Love this image.
- I love these crochet owls.
- What a genius way to gift for family. Want, Need, Wear & Read.
- Want to try this recipe for lasagna soup.
- Love these 10 simple ideas for gift wrapping.
- Ideas for selvedge - neat!
- Adorable ruffled christmas trees!
- I LOVE cinnamon, and love this cinnamon stick candle craft.
- Love this christmas ball wreath tutorial.
- Love this Beary Cute Hat tutorial.
- Love this acorn hat tutorial.
- These are fun meal ideas!
- I LOVE gingerbread (must resist)... but here are 38 gingerbread ideas!
- Whole wheat blender pancake recipe.
- We have been getting sick of fish the "same old way", so here's an idea to change up how I prepare salmon.
- A fun hair tutorial!
- Wow, this is hysterical!
- It's been getting cold here lately, that I've been wanting chicken soup.
- Homemade playdoh recipe.
- Loving this song.
- Love these adorable free Christmas labels.

(I'm hoping after the holidays to get back on track with getting them up for the morning! Things have been quite busy here chez Knit & Purl Mama!)

Saturday, December 17, 2011



Recently, Mackenzie asked us with a pretty please for a Christmas tree. He's been singing Jingle Bells on almost a daily basis as well. So, when I was out, after doing some research on prices, I came across this tree, included with 350 lights, on sale, so I bought it. I haven't had a Christmas tree since Jamie & I lived in an apartment before we got married. We always have a Christmas tree at Jamie's step-sister's house, so we've never put up a tree before. (You see, we are (non practicing) Jews, and we celebrate Christmas - Jamie's entire step-family is not Jewish).


So today, Mackenzie and I (with a little bit of help from Sean), spent a good 2 hours decorating our 6.5 foot tree. I think it looks darn amazing. Now, I just need to find the time to wrap some presents to put under the tree.


Mackenzie made us promise that we would not make a fire (in our fireplace) on Christmas, or Santa Clause will get burned and won't be able to come down our chimney. Oh, to be the age again where you believe in the miracle of Santa Clause. Mackenzie, if you are reading this one day, you made mommy & daddy's heart melt when you said this. You are just too delicious.

Since Christmas Eve is on a Saturday night, there is a good chance that we indeed will have a fire going, so we will have to promise Mackenzie that we will make sure the fire is well put out before midnight, so that Santa Clause can come down the chimney and bring him toys. I guess that means we'll have to leave out cookies for him too? And a glass of milk, of course. He's got to be able to wash down those cookies!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Canadian Family


Look what arrived in the mail yesterday. No, unfortunately you cannot get your own copy of this, it was a special treat just for me. You see, I renewed my subscription, and they let me make my own cover for the December issue. (Just the cover, the rest of the magazine is as it is on stands). I had completely forgotten about this too - until it arrived in the mail yesterday! I plan on getting the cover put on a plaque or something to hang up in my office. It's just so cute not to! (And the titles they had on the cover for options, totally suited my kids!)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Afternoon Link Love

- I love this "first year" canvas.
- I love these 25 clever ideas to make your life easier!
- Adorable 1st birthday onesie.
- I love this fork bracelet!
- Love this no sew infinity scarf!
- I'm loving this hair do.
- This is awesome!
- This tote bag is awesome.
- How perfect would this be for Valentine's Day?
- I'm admiring this lovely reading nook.
- I love the crap baskets & the PVC pipe gate in this blog post.
- Love these yarn words.
- I love these earrings. I want to buy them. Must resist.
- Love this charm pack quilt.
- I need to get dinners organized with this. WOAH!
- Awesome disappearing 9 patch.
- I love this Pin Cushion pattern.
- I love this onesie - so cute!
- I love this Christmas tree!
- Love this iPad case.
- 25 Handmade gifts under 5$.
- Love this birthday board idea!
- Love this photo wall!
- What a stunning maternity photo.
- Love this idea for a Caprese Salad on a stick!
- Easy lunch box ideas!
- Easy chocolate truffles!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Knitting Oops



I’ve been having some knitting whoopses lately. First, when I started this hat, for Sean, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, and started knitting the wrong way back on a row (in the round), so one side started to grow, while the other side wasn’t. So I had to rip that out. (Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture above, I was out and only had my iphone camera – shocker, I know).


Then, I got this far, (2 repeats in), and tried it on Sean, to discover that it not only doesn’t fit Sean, but if it were in the right colors for Mackenzie, it doesn’t fit him either…. Sigh!

So, I’m back to square one. I’ve started it again, with more stitches. Let’s pray this one fits. Even advanced knitters have off moments too, you know.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Conversation with Sean

This afternoon, on our way home from Sean's 5th birthday annual check-up (and Quentin's 1 year annual check-up too - everyone's perfectly healthy & on track), I made a pit stop at Fabricville to see if I could find some iron-on/sew-on patches for 2 pairs of pants that have holes in them (one belonging to Sean & one belonging to Mackenzie). I've been trying to hunt down patches for a while now (and ones that the boys would like on their pants), and I finally found a few choices at Fabricville.

Upon leaving the store, with Sean & Quentin, Sean says to me:

Sean: "What's the name of this store?"
Me: "Fabricville".
Sean: "Fabric what?"
Me: "It's a fabric store, where I buy material and sewing accessories to make things".
Sean: "You're the best girl in the world."
Me: "That's so nice of you to say Sean, why do you say that?"
Sean: "Because you make me awesome things".

Awesome. My kid thinks I'm awesome. I'll remember this conversation forever.

Random Acts of Kindness

I was pleasantly surprised at lunch time on Sunday by a random act of kindness by a stranger. I got to the cash at a store to make a purchase, and realized I left my wallet at home. So I left the item at the cash (was planning to go home, grab my wallet (which was in my knitting bag) and return to pay for it) and as I'm putting Quentin in the car in his car seat, a lady comes chasing after me. She bought my item and wished me a Happy Holidays. I was shocked. That was so nice of her! That totally made my day.

This totally restored some of my faith in the kindness of others. While a lot of people out there lack respect and other qualities that people should have, there are still some kind people out there in this world.

I am on the lookout now for a way I can pay it forward. And I plan to do more than one act of paying it forward.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Monday Evening Link Love

- I think I need to learn how to fold my plastic bags. Maybe they'd take up less space than they are! ( I recycle them! )
- I LOVE this Fish Hotel! I want one! Maybe for one of the kids for a birthday or the holidays? Too cute.
- Love these Transformer Cufflinks, and these Spiderman ones too. But these Captain America ones - are wicked! Too bad hubby rarely wears suits.
- Does anyone have one of these Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Cases? Any good? Looks neat!
- I love these Colors to Go products! Fun!!!
- Love this beaded chandelier idea!
- Love this lego party lootbag idea.
- Love this playing card storage solution!
- Healthy snack ideas. After my plateau & hiatus on my diet, I'm back on the wagon. I want to lose the last of the baby weight before my 31st birthday. I can do it.
- What a great way to store wrapping paper!
- This fruit salad with baked cinnamon chips is making me very hungry!
- This quilt caught my eye.
- I love this play tent tutorial.
- I love this marble & tee game idea.
- These little crochet boots are beyond adorable!
- These santa hat brownies look easy to make, and super delicious! I might just have to make them for the school Xmas party...! (even though I said I'd be bringing chips this time! HA!)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Stuffed Peppers


I tried a new recipe this week :: Stuffed Peppers.


While it took a lot longer than I anticipated to make, the end result was worth it.


It was beyond yummy! And leftovers the next day for lunch was great too! I will definitely make this again, and I hope to try to make one new recipe a week (as long as time permits). My cookbook? The Internet! There are SO many great recipes out there. Where to begin?

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Star Goalie


Sean was goalie today. Every game they rotate which kid on the team is goalie. He had a BLAST! His team won 2-1. I was so proud of him, his first time in nets. He recently got moved up to the next level since he was too good for the level he was in. I'm so unbelievable proud of him. He has dreams to play in the NHL. Let's see if he can make his dreams come true!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Too Many Firsts

Dear Quentin,

Yesterday, was a day of too many firsts.

You are growing up way too fast for my liking.

Please slow it down.

Love, Mommy


On his first birthday yesterday:


First time forward facing in the car.
(I think he was more confused than anything!)


First big boy bath in the bathroom.

(He was getting bathed in a newborn tub in my bathroom for the first 5 months, and then he moved to the kitchen sink until yesterday. He had an entire tub to play in, he was in heaven!)


And first time standing unassisted, for more than a second. This picture I captured, I think he stood for a good 10-15 seconds, because he went to grab another toy, and plopped down.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quentin’s 1st Birthday


Quentin is one today.
He was born a year ago, at 10:27 am.
Boy, does time fly. I feel like just yesterday he was born.

Quentin's had a fab day. Morning music class, visiting a friend with a new baby, lunch with his 2 best buddies, and an afternoon nap. Not sure what this evening holds, but it'll be a quiet dinner with just us.


Over the weekend we had a party for him with all of his friends. We had a lot of fun.

I can't believe my baby is one. My last baby. It's so upsetting, really, while it's amazing to watch him grow at the same time. No more first birthdays in our house. While I am glad that the whole party planning is over for now (besides Sean's small birthday party next month with a few of his friends), it's just all bittersweet.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY QUENTIN! We love you!! xoxo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Year Ago

Quentin enjoying birthday cake last night.

A year ago right now, my water broke on the exam table at the hospital. I was leaking amniotic fluid, they checked me, they were going to send me home, but then, a minute after the doctor left the room, my water broke all over the table. We told Quentin he had to stay in until after the Anne Hanson workshop (Saturday, November 27th, 2010) and had to hang in until after Jamie's poker tournament (Sunday, November 28th, 2010), and then, on Monday, November 29th, my water broke. At least he listened! I wasn't due for another month, but Quentin decided he didn't want to share a birthday month with anyone in his house (Sean & Jamie share December birthdays, and Mackenzie & I share June), and made an appearance the last day of November.

Tomorrow, Quentin turns 1. My baby turns 1. I'm so not ready.

Off to go hyperventilate....

Monday, November 28, 2011



Quentin's got no patience these days. The days of the playpen, exercauser & jumperoo are over. (Though, I can still get about 15 minutes out of the playpen).


And entertainment can be fulfilled with plastic disposable cups.


And who needs toys when there are empty boxes?

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this fort building kit tutorial. What a neat gift idea!
- Freeze green onions in water bottles - shake out the right amount and return to the freezer! This is great! You always have to buy so many green onions and recipes usually never call for more than 3 stalks.
- I love this earbud pouch! Probably really easy to make too.
- Love this charge boosting kit.
- Cucumber ribbon salad.
- Cute coiled coasters.
- Cute knit sock pillows.
- I'd love to have a vintage sharpener on my desk!
- Cute tea wallet tutorial.
- Why not use a wine rack as a towel rack.
- Family magnets - what a cute fun idea.
- I love this hoodie!
- I know how to crochet, but I thought maybe anyone who wants to learn, would like this link.
- Napkin folding fun.
- I need to pick up some fun colored iphone/ipod/ipad chargers - inexpensive too - under 3$!
- I love these pj pants.
- 25+ handmade ideas for boys.
- Adorable!
- DIY Yarn & Twig dandelions.
- White cheddar chicken pasta recipe.
- This is a genius (mom) product.
- This cake is stunning. WOW!
- This is some crazy nail work.
- What a fun image!
- I think I totally need this book - on raising boys.
- Love these playdoh kits.
- How to make a heart shaped egg.
- Love this shoe organization idea.
- Love this reading nook! I want one in my home.
- Lollypop tree game. FUN!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf

mewearing closeupdone closeuppartdone

Needle: US 7 - 4.5 mm
Size: 5" x 62" (without fringe) or 74" (with fringe)
Timeline: September 23th, 2011 - November 24th, 2011
Modifications & Notes: Loved working on this - though it went a little slow. Each row went very slowly, as there were 450 stitches per row. I have been wearing it out since it was finished, and I love it. It was absolutely worth the long never-ending rows!

foldeddone fulldonerolleddone

Friday, November 25, 2011

School Pictures

MackCar MackSchool MackSoccerBall

School pictures 2011.


SeanCar SeanSoccer SeanChicks

My boys are just too cute.



But this shot of the two of them together, melts my heart.