Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 31 of 31

This morning I was up at 7:45 am when Sean got up - and Jamie was able to take care of him this morning, so I went off to Walmart. I picked up a new microwave (our old one was possessed by the devil himself) and I picked up a bunch of other items. Amongst these items were these awesome green & blue storage pieces. I've been on this spring cleaning kick ever since I started to become obsessed with Mission Organization and NEAT weekdays on HGTV. I have been wanting to organize my office with it's overflowing shelves for the longest time.... finally it's coming to somewhere. My shelves are now starting to actually be presentable - rather than over flowing with paper and books and stuff. Stuff - yeah - stuff. Stuff accumulates. No idea how, but it just does.

I also picked up this awesome board which is an over-the-door hanger. I had gotten one in the same color for Sean's room. This one is for my office door - to display postcards and stuff that I've received in the mail that I like and want to display. There is still room for some more - some of the ones on there are homemade from postcard swaps I've done in the past - it's just too much fun!

Sean picked a winner this afternoon for my 2nd contest that I held with my SP10 group. This contest was for posting your fave knitting accessory on your blog. I put everyone who participated name into a gift bag, (couldn't find a hat when I needed one), shuffled the bag around to mix up the names, and had Sean stick in his hand and pick one out. He's been learning this week how to grab things with two fingers. He's realized what his hands could do. Sometimes he just sits there and stares at his hands. It's kind of funny. Anyhow, he was VERY helpful in picking a winner. A.O. your prize is on it's way in the mail to you on Monday.

Tonight Jamie and I went on a date to the Habs game. His dad & step-mom babysat for us, it was really nice to get out of the house. I was shocked to learn that Chantal Chamandy (whose CD I just purchased last month online) was there to sing the Canadian National Athem. That was pretty darn cool - and I got it on video on my digital camera. That was just really darn cool! The Habs played a FANTASTIC game, and we won 4-3 against not only the best team in the Eastern Conference - but the BEST team in the league - the Buffalo Sabres. They're the top team right now overall. And we kicked their ass tonight! My gosh was it a fantastic game.

At the hockey game I finished case #3. Case number 4 needs to get knitted up, and then a case for my sister's Ipod and a case for my hubby's Ipod. Those are next in line!

So I've been told that you CAN dye REGIA yarn - thanks for the info Mona. I'm going to gather my stuff to do some dying sometime soon. I'm going to give a test to Regia and also to Lanett. I have 4 skeins between the two (2 50g balls of each) and I'm going to see what I can come up with! I have some fun colors in Kool-aid... so this should be a very fun project!

Tomorrow my parents are coming for brunch, and I'm showing the apartment we have for rent at 2 and again at 2:30pm. If I have time I have some more cleaning up to do in my office, and some stitch markers to make for my stitch marker swap. I have some stuff to photograph to post in my ETSY shop - (link on my sidebar)... and hopefully I can get that done in the next couple of days.

Trying to think if there is anything else I wish I discuss today - but I don't think so. That's probably all for now! Off to go watch some more Prison Break Season 2 with Jamie - we need to catch up for the Seasons final episodes of Season 2 - which are airing. One week until Sopranos starts - I'm sooo darn excited. I think I might be able to find time to finish re-watching the beginning of Season 6 this week... It's only a handful of episodes, I'll plop myself on the couch sometime this week with some knitting and do a marathon!

Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30 of 31

This is how I change Sean's diaper champ (greatest invention alive), on garbage day. It requires a mask - because a few days worth of dirty diapers - well - it makes me gag... LOL.... Changing a dirty diaper - no problem.... but a few days worth in a diaper champ needing to be dumped on garbage day... ew! So this is the solution I've come up with. So far it works. I've even put a ORDOR EATING spunge into the bottom of the diaper pail... Yeah right - it doesn't work!

Today is Friday. Sean has to let us know that!

Sean was standing up all on his own - on the couch, holding onto the couch side. I swear - this kid is going to walk before he crawls. Okay, so he's going to skate before he walks, as he's a future Habs player - right?!

This is one of the 2 identical changing table pad covers I got at Walmart the other day. I absolutely love it. It's so soft, and Sean approves too. They fit great too - because 1 of my 2 other ones that I have - is just an inch too short, and it doesn't fit right. And changing table pads are all the SAME length - one size fits all - that's why I don't understand why it doesn't fit right. WEIRD.

I've been getting a lot of compliments on my glasses that I've ben wearing - and so I've decided to post about my glasses collection - in order of buying them. The last pair (my pink and black ones, I got last May (2006), so I've not purchased any new ones in over a year. And those pink & black ones were a present from my parents for my birthday last year.

The first pair I got, my light blue pair - I have no idea where they are. Couldn't tell you. But I swear I still have them, and if I do ever find them, I'll post them. I just can't for the life of me, find them. I probably could find an old photograph with me wearing them though... let me see.

Can't find any on my Harddrive right now.. I'll look tomorrow.

After the clear blue pair, I got these clear yellow ones. Plastic, gotta love plastic frames!

Then after the yellow ones, I got these clear clearn ones. Totally see through. I loved them!

Then I got these black ones, that look like they are upsidedown... look, the arms are coming from the bottom. I love them still do this day!

And the ones I got last May - from my parents for my birthday. Ever since I got these, I haven't stopped wearing them, to the point where I've been ingoring my contact lenses. Oops.

Oh and here are my non-prescriptioned sun glasses. I probably should get them prescriptioned now that I barely wear my contact lenses anymore...

So today, my tenant sent me a registered letter that states she won't be renewing her lease - the officially letter, which we told her not to waste the 8$ to send us registered - just to give us the letter. Anyhow, the reason she wrote in the letter is totally different from what she told us originally. Whatever. Then she states the I better take care of parking for the day she moves out - because she needs where to put a truck. UGH - she can go fuck herself - excuse my french - I'm not doing anything for her. If it's on a Saturday I dont care if she uses the driveway, because it's Shabbat - and the Rabbi I share a driveway with won't be using it. If it's Sunday she moves out - then she'll have to ask the Rabbi next door if he cares if she uses the driveway. (Moving day is either June 30 or July 1st. July 1st which is our Canada Day - is also MOVING DAY (officially) in Quebec. Not my problem. I'm not doing her dirty work. She's pissing me off so badly, I can't wait to get rid of her. I just hope I don't have any problems getting rent from her the last three months, now that she's playing dirty, because if I get even one phone call asking how she is as a tenant (she has to give recent landlords names), I'm going to be honest with them and say that she gives me the check on the 1st of the month, but that it's always dated later on.... why should I lie for someone who turned out to be a bitch in the end. I'm not going to say that she was the best tenant ever - because frankly, she wasn't. Half the time she needed to be babysat and she's just really annoying and a pest. So many times I bit my tongue because she actually (even though late payments) gives us the rent.

Oh, I hope I get someone better next time. Who doesn't call us when the city shuts down the water to find out if I know why the city shut it off and when it will be back on (Like I work for the city or something). Or who won't call me when she blows a fuse, because she doesn't know how to flick it back on. Or who doesn't call me to find out the stupidest little things ever...

Phew - got that all off my chest. I feel better now.

That letter from Toronto... that was mailed last Thursday - still hasn't shown up in my mailbox. What's up with this? It's now 6 business days it's been travelling, from somewhere that is max a 6 hour car ride.

I did ALL the matches for the Stitch Marker Exchange. Phew. They're done. And all emailed out. Boy that was quite the job. Took me a LOT of hours to do. Like more than 6. Didn't realize what I was getting myself into! That was over 50 matches to be done and emailed out. And not everyone took the same number of partner. But let me tell you, I feel sooooo much better that is done, and now I can concentrate on my partners and what colors they like, and get my markers out in the mail asap. One less thing to think about afterwards!

Eventually I need to load up all the stitch makers I made for sale into my ETSY shop. I have a ton more to upload. I hope some sell -that would be nice! Anyone interested in personalized name stitch markers? I've already mailed some out to SP10 partners for people - they make a great gift for yourself or for someone else!

Alright.. I want to get to bed. I want to get to Walmart before the mad rush tomorrow. I've been watching WAY too much NEAT on HGTV and I'm on this mad purging and re-organizing kick. I want everything clean, clean, clean. Tomorrow night Jamie & I are going on our 2nd date since Sean's born, we've got Habs tickets again (thank you to my sister! thank you!) and the Habs are playing Buffalo tomorrow. Hopefully after tonight's loss to Ottawa - Carbonneau kicked their asses and they'll win tomorrow! Crossing my fingers for a good game.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

13 Weeks

Today is Thursday - Sean wanted to let you know. I love these "days of the week" onesies! If I didn't have a Gap Gift Certificate at the time - I wouldn't have bought them - I think it was 60$ for the set of 7 onesies. (To be honest, that's not worth it. Not when you can get a pack of 5 for like 9.99 at Winners or at Zellers or even Walmart!)

Here is our Thursday Self Portrait in the mirror. I love doing these. There will be a time when I can't lift Sean and hold the camera anymore - but for now, this still works! He's only 13 or so pounds, so we're okay!

Sean wanted to take a stretch in mommy's yarn today. He's surrounded by sock yarn.

Here is my Socks that Rock order (not club kit - as some people were asking - this is NOT included in my sock club - this I paid for on my own - hurrah for income tax refund - lol!) From left to right; Cracked Crayon, Lucy, Stormy Weather, Lagoon, Little Bunny Foo Foo & Ruby Slippers. All I have to say is.... YUMMY in my tummy!

Tonight I've 98% finished the third case. This one will go to my in-laws tomorrow. I just need to do 4 rows or was it 6 (of decreases) and then graft shut. Piece of cake. Another FO tomorrow.

I got these knitting needles in the mail today from a random online knitting girl I met sent her money via paypal and a week or so later - voila - these AWESOME knitting needles arrive in my mailbox.

I've also been busy making "Name" stitch markers. Here is my name as an example. I've listed them on Etsy - (not my name of course) - but to personalize your own. I have two different ones up for sale - names up to 5 letters and another one names from 6-8 letters long. If your name is more - please let me know - I can arrange that too. They are for sale in my shop here. These would make a GREAT SP10 gift - and I'll even send them directly to your partner. I've already mailed out two sets for people! I hope those girls like their stitch markers! You can get them in all the same color beads - or different colors - those colors are listed in my online listing for the item!

So I've been thinking about dying some sock yarn (wool), and have been doing some research. I have some white Regia - but Regia, because it's not 100% wool - it won't work. It's going Polyamid in it. Had it been Nylon - that would have been okay. But not Polyamid. Oh well. I think I have some Lannett in my stash in a white or cream color - and that will work - so I am dying to get some dying done, as soon as I have some free time! I am going to do a test - and let you all know how it turns out. Of course I will document it with pictures! It'll be my first time trying this! I've even got my Kool-aid at hand!

I have this awesome pattern for Capris - that I REALLY want to make. I even have the material. I just need to lose some more weight before I go ahead and make them. I don't want to make them when I'm still at this weight, because I don't plan on being this weight for much longer. I'm being really strict now with my eating habbits - and I'm back on no sugar and no white flour (unless I'm in a situation where it is unavoidable). I totally thought that I had gained weight while in Jersey - but getting on the scale this morning after not being on it in a while - I'm down another pound from my starting weight. Whoot!

So when I was showing the apartment today (from 5 appointments, 3 showed (I hate it when people confirm an appointment and then stand you up!) the last one I showed the apartment to - I knew him! It was way too funny. Well, the guy who made the appointment, I didn't know - but the friend who came with him.... who is moving out with him... is someone I dated off and on about 10 years ago! I couldn't believe it. Anyhow, as much as I want to get the place rented - I think that would be WAY too weird!

The three that did show up today all seemed interested - so we'll see how it works out. I really need to get the place rented as soon as possible, because I really want to be out of my current tenants hair as soon as possible. I really don't want to see her face again more than I have to. She's turned into the most annoying person ever - and she's driving us up the wall. I am soo happy to be getting rid of her - to be honest. Yes the family is quiet - but ti's the annoying things that bother me. (She's soo insecure, she calls us for everything. I almost feel like I'm babysitting this 40+ woman. I shit you not). Really annoyed. She even called me today to yell at me for the people who didn't show up. I didn't tell her to stay home when I show the place. I am very capable of showing the place without her there - I'm the landlord, I have the key... but no.. she insists that she is home.. and then tells me that it's inconvienient that people don't show up. Like I can control that?? I told her that it is an inconvenience to me too - as I have to stay home and wait for these people to show up... when I could have gone out (not that I was going to - but that I could of - LOL) and she made it seem like it was my fault... I was like "I don't know these people, nor do I know where they live - I've never met them before, I can't control whether they are going to stand me up or not..." And then she proceeds to tell me that I should put "SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY"..... What does she think I am? Stupid? You don't think I did that?

... I swear to god... if only I could kick her out now! LOL I would. Seriously! She's causing unwanted problems for nothing. And she's put duct tape all over the apartment, for no reason at all. She even sealed one closet door shut. Why? Because she's not using it? I've never heard of something like that done before? If there is ONCE OUNCE of stickiness left when she moves out - she's scrubbing it until it's to my satisfaction. I am not kidding about this. I am going to go up a few days before she moves out to make sure that it's to my satisfaction.
But - today was a MUCH better day than yesterday. Sean and I even got a nice 3 hour nap together on the couch - I love it when we cuddle up and nap together. Cuz one day soon enough he'll be too big and I won't be able to do that anymore. You know!?

The letter that I am waiting for from Toronto still has not arrived. It was mailed exactly a week ago. I hope it comes tomorrow - or this is rediculous already. How long does it take for letter mail to arrive from Toronto to Montreal? They up their prices, and they give shittier service - really. What good is that??

Tomorrow I have more cleaning on my schedule, and I plan on emailing out all the matches for the Stitch Marker Exchange. It'll take me some time, as there are over 50 people participating - but I've set time aside to do that. Tomorrow night we have our usual gang over for poker, and I'm not playing, but I'll be hopefully watching TV and knitting. That's the plan anyhow.

Saturday night Sean is being babysat by Nana & Zayda and Jamie & I are going to the Habs game. They're playing Buffalo I believe. I have the tickets somewhere... I better find where I put those!

I'm putting myself on a Yarn Diet. Seriously. I can't keep buying whatever I like! I have the yarn for all my SP10 packages - I already did my shopping. So I'm all set for SP10 in the yarn department. For myself, I'm not going to buy myself any yarn for a while... I'm good for now. Gifts are always accepted though - my birthday is coming up in 78 days. (Wow - under 3 months til I turn 26... and then 27, 28, 29... and I'm soo not ready yet for the next one after that.... thank goodness I still have a few years to go...) (No offence to ANYONE older than me... I'm just personally not ready to be the big 3-0 yet... Still so much I want to do before I hit 30... LOL.

A shout out to my Secret Pal 10 buddy... I don't know if you keep up with my blog - but I apologize if my daily blogging is a little overwhelming! LOL.. I know I'm a posting nut... what can I say. I guess looking in from the outside - it could be a little overwhelming to keep up. Do you guys find that?? (Directed at all my readers). Or do you enjoy my daily posting? Because I certainly can't go to bed without blogging. Is there a group for people like me? BA? (Bloggers Anonymous?!)

Oh - tonight Jamie & I finished watching the movie The Last Casino - which we started watching in the car on the ride home from New Jersey. The DVD player built into the van we rented was acting all stupid and we couldn't finish watching the movie. So we finished it tonight. I really enjoyed this Canadian film. It was filmed in Montreal & Toronto, and living in Montreal I was able to point out places in the movie! It was kind of cool! I recommend this movie if you're into playing cards/casinos.

Alright, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow Jamie's doing the morning feeding (Sean wakes up anytime between 6 am and 8:30 am). (Two mornings ago it was 6:15 am and this morning it was 8:30 am). (And both nights he went to sleep around the same exact time). This mama is sleeping in tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3 Months

This kid is three months old today. THREE months. That's all it takes for 1 season. Three months. He's lived through winter. He was actually born a week after winter started, and now he's a week into spring. Gosh - before I know it - it's going to be winter again... and I'm not going to understand where the year went. And there are SOOO many things that I want to accomplish in this year before my maternity leave is up.

It was sunny out today, so Sean sported his new pair of sunglasses (they were a gift from my friend Elana!) He's just the coolest kid on the block!

And since today is Wednesday, this happy kid was wearing his Wednesday onesie! (Gotta love the Gap! He has every day of the week...! ) (I'm telling you this kid has the COOLEST collection of onesies!)

It is Wednesday today, right??!!!

And this my friends, is a "I don't want to be in my car seat in the middle of Walmart look".... Get me out of here! LOL.

Yeah - I hit up two more Walmarts today with my mother. One store I found some changing table pad covers on liquidation for 5$ a piece and they are really cozy. They're lime green too - which I'm totally loving. The other Walmart I found some shirts for myself - can't wait to lose a few more pounds to look better in them.

Speaking of that... I'm really going to be strict on myself starting April 1st. I know Passover is April 2 & 3 - but I'm going to have to deal - and my mother has already purchased Whole Wheat Matzah (which is kinda gross - but anyhow... anyone like eating cardboard??!)

Today I really had a rotten day. I am not sure if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, if I got lack of sleep last night (tossing & turning) and Sean waking up early (6 am for a feeding, since he went to be early last night - our fault for putting him to bed really early!) if it's because I'm PMSing, if it's because my neighbors "work guy" parked his truck in our SHARED driveway and blocked me in this morning, (no one is allowed parking in the driveway, not even the OWNERS of the house - it's a DRIVE way not a PARK way! It's an accessway to the garages. If my neighbor chooses NOT TO use his garage - how is that my problem!?) if the guy who stole my parking spot started it and if it's because of my current tenant, who is causing me a headache in a half. All of a sudden - after months of her being happy living above us, she's complaining about every little last detail - and she's damn annoying. She's got no man in her life, and every little thing that goes on - that happens, she's insecure and it's as if I am babysitting this 40+ woman. I am now actually very happy that she is moving out. Rent is due on the 1st of the month, she does give me a check on the first of the month, but it's ALWAYS dated for a later date. This bothers me.

Ugh, more about that later.

If I've pissed anyone off today - I sincerely apologize. I didn't mean to. It was just one of those days. I'm sure you've had one of those days. So please understand. And if I didn't piss you off today - then good!

I have a bunch of mail that I should be receiving - but it hasn't come yet. I don't understand why something that was mailed from Toronto - last week - tomorrow will be a week it's been mailed - hasn't come yet. Since when does mail between Montreal & Toronto take a week? It takes a week for me to send something to Vancouver, BC - that I understand, it's the other side of Canada. But ONE Province over? A 6 hour car ride!? A week to be traveling by mail? Weird.

I had pre-ordered my copy of Cast Off - the Yarn Harlot's new book - which HAS been released, but because I ordered it with something else that would take 1-3 weeks to ship - I'm waiting on that order, which amazon has told me should be shipped next week. I hope that is the case - dying to get the Yarn Harlot's new book!

The only nice thing about my day today - was that I got my Blue Moon Fiber Arts order in the mail...! (Amongst with the bills that came today in the mail!) I will tell you the colors I got - but pictures will follow tomorrow - I PROMISE!

My newest colorways are:

Drumroll please.....

.......... Lucy
.......... .......... Lagoon
.......... .......... .......... Cracked Crayon
.......... .......... .......... .......... Ruby Slippers
.......... .......... .......... .......... .......... Little Bunny Foo Foo
.......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... Stormy Weather

Drooling commences now!

Alright, I'm going to go roll into bed so that I can roll out tomorrow morning on the right side of the bed! Sweet dreams & happy knitting.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 27 of 31

Damn blogger ate my post. Let me try this again...!

I went to get my 30 minute massage today - that I got as a gift when Sean was born (A treat for the new mommy!) Boy was that fantastic. The place was really "posh" (okay, snobby) but I still enjoyed my massage, and came out feeling so relaxed & great.

This is the room that I got my massage in. Oh, do I feel like a million bucks right now!

Tonight at the game I filmed the National Athem - one of my fave parts of the game!

Got some knitting done on camera case #3. Done the ribbing now, onto the body of the case.

Me at the game.

My new jersey (I LOVE IT!). I got a Women's Large so that I am able to wear a tshirt or long sleeve shirt under the jersey as it's DAMN cold in the arena. It's an early birthday present from my parents. I picked it up tonight while at the game. It matches my Habs hat!

I collect all my hockey tickets and keep them in the peel-sheet album. I have tickets from shows, concerts dating as far back as about 1993! I wish I still had my ticket from my first concert that I ever went to (Which was New Kids on the Block by the way!) But I don't have it. Never thought back in 1989 (I think it was) to keep a ticket! Plus I was 8 years old! LOL

Alright, I've got a day of shopping tomorrow with my mom & grandmother. We like to get out of the house and get together once a week. Gives me an opportunity to a) get out of the house and b) get some exercise (walking around/pushing stroller!)

Must get sleep. I'm zonked after a day of hockey game, knitting, and showing the apartment to two different potential tenants (I hope! Crossing fingers). I'm showing it again tomorrow morning & again on Thursday twice. The girl from this morning wants to come again on Saturday with her husband to see it - and the girl from this afternoon said she will be talking to her husband and getting back to me. I wish this is easy for me - this time around, and find someone ASAP!

Sean turns 3 months tomorrow - my oh my! Pictures of the little guy coming tomorrow!

Bed time! Goodnight!

Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26 of 31

Today I got a lot of laundry done. I also had my friend Jennie over for the afternoon. It was really good hanging out with her. We tried watching the movie A Good Year - but she wasn't into it - so I'll watch it some other time on my own time. We did start watching Happy Feet - but half way into it about - we got distracted by other things & Sean waking from a nap - so there went watching the end of the movie. I'll watch the rest on my own time some other time. It was really cute so far, but not the greatest movie in the world.

Today I got some mail from Cynthia - some leftover sock yarn - thank you so much Cynthia. I also opened up a package I got from Kimber that must have come on Friday while I was in Jersey. It also had some leftover sock yarn bits - plus she sent me some liquidation yarn from a closing sale from a yarn shop near her - some sock yarn that will be perfect for Sean's blankie! Thank you sooo much ladies - very much appreciate. The stash so far is accounted for by 5 people. Thank you all so much for your donations so far. I've heard good news that some other people are sending me some stuff - everytihng is sooo much appreciated - and a little piece of you will be in his blankie. As soon as I'm done with the two or three Unfinished Objects I have now... I will be starting the Tri-blanket Blankie. Sean's not really attached to anything right now, so I still have time to make it! Hopefully I could get it done soon! I don't know how long it will take to knit... but I'm very excited. So thank you Kadi, Alison, Caroline, Cynthia & Kimber. You guys rock.

Today other than that has been taking care of business. I've just listed our apartment for rent (the apartment that I rent out that is above us in the duplex that I own), as my tenants gave us notice that they are not staying. This is too bad because they were really good and quiet tenants. However, they moved in because they were in a jam to find a place as the place they moved into was flooded and we were desperate for new tenants, after kicking out really bad people finally by September, (who never moved in the first place, but I legally needed to kick them out, even though it wasn't a physical kicking out). (All she moved in was a matress on the floor with a TV). So I've got a lot of people hopefully interested and the search for new tenants begins. This is the only reason I HATE being a landlord!

The good news is - if I rent out the apartment with a washer & dryer as there are outlets in there - Jamie said that we could get new ones! Oh - that brightens my day!! So hopefully by July 1st - I'll be in the posession of some new beautiful machines! I'm very very excited about that. Now - if I could only convince for a new fridge too - that would be amazing! LOL. Maybe next year.

Just a reminder to those in my SP10 group - post your fave knitting accessory post to be entered into the draw for a prize. Deadline is Saturday, March 31st to post!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 23-25 of 31

What a weekend!

Where to start?

First off - I have the best son in the world. What kid sleeps an ENTIRE car ride from Montreal to New Jersey, not making a peep? Sean really was a trooper there and back - sleeping the entire time. The only time he got up was when we stopped to eat lunch both ways, and 20 minutes before arriving at the hotel on Friday he woke up hungry. So I fed him a bottle in the car, strapped in his seat - he wasn't too happy about that - but at least he got to eat!

He was handsome in his suits both for the dinner Friday night, and at the wedding Saturday night. (Pictures to follow). Sean threw up all over the carpet as the bride was about to walk down the aisle. Yeah - that was interesting. There was an aisle down the middle for the bride to walk down, and we were sitting on the "groom's side" and on the outside aisle - so the bride had no idea this happened - thank goodness! Everyone in the wedding party saw though - lol - and everyone sitting in front of us and the few rows behind us saw. It got on my new dress (more about my new dress shortly) but the dress was made out of material that doesn't absorb liquids - so a quick run to the bathroom with Sean - and the puke wiped off my dress quite easily - thank goodness.

Since I wasn't driving or leaving the hotel - (I wasn't a driver on the car that we rented) I decided to enjoy some red wine.... yeah - I was a little tipsy Sat night! That was fun though~! I love a good glass of red wine. Even an 11$ glass at the hotel bar before the wedding started was good. (11$?! That's mad!)

We had a good time in Jersey, and I love the store called Century 21. I got an awesome dress that I ended up wearing Sat night to the wedding, Sean got a ton of clothes, and I even found a nice shirt for Jamie there. The biggest one is in Manhattan, and they're only in NJ and NY I was told by the cashier. The shirt for Jamie was to replace the blue Tommy Hilfiger button down that I somehow managed to loose. I'm telling you - It'll turn up one day when we're packing to move to our next house (I don't plan on being in this house when Sean starts Kindergarten). I think the cats ate the shirt - but anyhow! Oh - and guess what?? THERE WAS A YARN SHOP DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM OUR HOTEL. How great is that?

How a baby sleeps through BLASTING music even my suitcase on the 9th floor heard it - I don't know. I was in contact on Saturday night via text message, and found out the Habs won 4-1 over Washington. What a great game. I'm going to the hockey game on Tuesday night with my sister - and we've possibly got tickets for Saturday night - so it looks like those tickets on Tuesday weren't exactly my last ones! Whoot! I love hockey games. I think I'm going to purchase my jersey tomorrow night - I really want one that actually fits. The one i have now is WAY too big, as it used to belong to someone else - and now I have it.

The hotel was gorgeous, and due to their screw ups (Jamie got short changed on Saturday night, gave the bartender a 50$US bills of my 11$ glass of wine and his beer - and got back change as if he gave a 20$ and he only realized on Sunday morning. So when he went down to the front desk - he also complained that we had a rude maid on Saturday (she waited until 4:30 pm to come clean our room while we were in the middle of getting ready to be in the lobby by 5:15 pm for family pictures. When we asked her to come back in about an hour, she told us NO. She didn't really speak much English and was really rude. And when she did clean our room she did NOT give us more kleenex or toilet paper. Was very upset with her. We were in the middle of trying to get ready, feed Sean, change Sean, get Sean dressed, and then get ourselves ready. So, the Hyatt compt us one night's stay on them. That was very nice of them. As far as Jamie's short changing - the guys from the bar from the night before couldn't be reached, so there was no way to tell if he was short changed. I am thinking of writing a letter to the Hyatt - that even though it was a gorgeous clean place to stay, their services were disgusting as well as their staff. I know it's just the "help" (cleaning staff) but still... they could be a little bit more polite. You know?

Alright - you all want to see pictures from the weekend - here they are! Drumroll please....

Sean enjoying the nice King Size bed in our hotel room - watching a little TV upon arriving...

Friday night New York City Themed dinner - Sean all dressed up like a little man! Cute, I know!

The three of us Saturday night at the wedding. I love Sean in his little tie! Too cute.

This is my new dress. I got it at Century 21 - I love this store. (At home, Century 21 is a real estate company! The one that I used to buy my house that I'm living in now!) I had brought a dress with me to wear Saturday night to the wedding, but when I saw this - and tried it on - boy it looked great - and I felt comfortable in it... I couldn't believe what size I was - so happy.... the scale is slowly starting to drop... (However, stable this weekend having been on a trip and not being able to eat 100% healthy!)

Oh - my little Sean was a stunning handsome little man this weekend. I just love his Roobez shoes too!

In our hotel I looked through some Knitting Magazines, but I am NOT impressed with any of the ones that are out right now. I say this because all the patterns are too "not my style". Too summery and short sleeve sweaters and stuff - not my thing. I honestly couldn't find a single pattern in either of these two magazines that I liked. Oh well.

This my friends is the yarn shop that was DIRECTLY across the street from my hotel! They just knew I was coming and they were there waiting for me.

I had to buy some yarn - of course. I got some Cascade Quatro in color #9438. However, they only had 3 skeins left, and I bought them, but it's not enough yardage to make Clapotis. So I think I'm going to wait. I'm going to use this yarn for something else - another project, and maybe get another Cascade colorway to make Clapotis. I definitely do not want a solid color for Clapotis - but this one is fun, cuz it's 4 colors mixed in together! I am sure I will find another project for this yarn.
On the way to Jersey and on the way back, I got a lot of knitting time in. I finished thrum mitten number one.

And started thrum mitten number two. Such a fun knit - but I don't know why it took me that many hours to work on it!? Maybe because we watched some movies in the car? We watched The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)which is with Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Kim Cattrall, and Morgan Freeman. It was very good. I also watched Friends with Money (2006) with Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack, and Frances McDormand. It was alright. I also started watching Oliver Twist (2005) - but it wasn't really my type of movie - so I lost interest in it. On the way home we started watching The Last Casino (2004) but there was something wrong with the disc so we didn't get to see the end - which I want to - because it was really good for a Canadian film. It was even filmed in Montreal! How cool is that - I thought I recognized our casino! Factual error in the movie: Barnes says that Casinos will do anything to distract a player including sending over free booze. While this is true in the United States, the movie is set in Canada, and Canadian casinos are not permitted to "give" free alcohol. Soft drinks and coffee only! Hee hee.
I also started reading the book Knitting Under The Influence by Claire Lazebnik and so far so good. It's not the greatest so far, a little flimsy with the characters so far. We'll see how it gets as I continue reading on.

Here is the view of the gorgeous Motnreal skyline as we were arriving back onto the island from the Champlain Bridge. Gosh - it feels great to be home!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

12 Weeks

Today Sean is 12 weeks - (and technically this upcoming Wednesday the 28th marks his 3 months!) 12 weeks. And he's in 3 month clothing now - officially. Nothing hangs loose on him - he's getting on track with his size, I think... but I'm sure of it - he's probably still small for his "age". This kid.... is the cutest one in the world - okay - I'm biased - I'm his mommy! To this day, I still love him more and more as the hours pass.... even the minutes!

Today Sean helped mommy with the laundry. We had a LOT of it to do for our trip. Had to make sure that Sean has enough onesies and sleepers clean - even though some of the time he'll be decked out in a 3 month suit. Yeah - really - it's the cutest thing ever.

It's amazing how much stuff a 12 week old baby needs to pack. He's already packed (Minus the food situation - I'll pack his bottles and stuff in the morning).

Ok, so this kid is the cutest one in the world. I think my blog has been taken over by Sean! (That's okay though - it's worth the take over!) I got this outfit at Walmart before he was born, and he finally fits into it! It's 3 month size, and I'm sure he'll be fitting into it for a while to come, because the shirt, hood and pants are huge on him! The pants almost come up to his armpits - and you could probably fit 2 Sean heads in the hood! Glad there's room to grow - because this outfit - it's freaking beyond adorable!

Sean got this as a gift tonight from his Great-Uncle Hymie. Jamie's dad's brother did this - it's the most beautiful piece of artwork from just a piece of paper that I've ever seen. It's got Sean's name, birth date, weight and height of birth in there. There's a Stanley cup, a football, (Sean's a Habs fan, as well as the Philadelphia Eagles fan (football) just like his daddy and mommy (for hockey!) There is a camera on the shelf with some books, a cat by the rocking chair, Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow! Uncle Hymie will be there this weekend at the wedding - I want to find out more about how he did it!!!

Today was ALL about errands. There was a million things to do. I had to pick up the brush for my vacuum (story about my vacuum cleaner will come on Monday - Someone remind me!). It's a brand new vacuum that has been a huge pain in my buttox.

I got my nails painted and my toes painted. I did a million loads of laundry. I organized the packing. I bathed the kid. I yelled at my neighbor's daughter for parking in the driveway yet again when all I had to do was drive down my driveway, park quickly in my garage - flip the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and then head out to my nail appointment... but no... the neighbor's daughter, who does NOT even live there, parked in our shared driveway. (Next house we move to will NOT have a shared driveway between two different houses - no way....) (AND IT WILL FOR SURE NOT BE NEXT TO A RELIGIOUS RABBI WHO THINKS THE WHOLE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND HIM!) (I have nothing against Rabbi's at all - just this one! LOL He's my pain in the buttox neighbor. Well, his daughter is the bigger pain in my tushie!)

Ok - I feel better for venting!

I feel like I've done every chore under the moon today - but yet got just a little accomplished. Do you ever feel like that?

I got no knitting done today... it just didn't fit into everything that I had to do.

However, I have a 7 hour car ride ahead of me tomorrow... and I'm not a driver on the rented mini-van that Jamie's dad rented for all of us - so I'll have PLENTY of knitting time on the way and home from the wedding! Whoot! (I saw the mini-van that we got via CAA (for you american's that's AAA - C for Canada Auto Association instead of A for American Auto Association) and it's MACK DADDY of a pimping ride. Okay, I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth. Jamie seems to think they gave us the wrong wheels - because there's a dvd player with TV screens, and GPS navigation. Oh my - this is going to be fun. I hope travelling with a baby will be a successful trip!

I need to go pack my knitting stuff and movies for the car - so I'll check in later. I have no idea if I'll have web access at the wedding - but if I do I shall post. If not - I'll post upon returning! I'll leave you with this cute video of Sean from St. Patty's Day at my parents house. He likes it when you do this:

ps- My dad's making the bubble noises, my mom's talking in the background telling me to zoom out - and that's one of the dog's barking in the background at the end - I'm sure it was Bosco barking and not Piper - Piper's a good girl, she doesn't bark at nothing like silly Bosco!

pps- the Habs must be on fire - and they're sure looking like they have a good chance of making the playoffs..... they were down 3-1 tonight against Boston, and we ended up coming back and winning the game 6-3. Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow....!! Way to go Habs! I got invited to go to the game on Tuesday night against the Rangers. So it looks as though I'll get another game in from the season tickets - this time with my sister!

ppss- I'm so excited I finally booked my 30 minute massage that I got as a gift when Sean was born. (Pampering for the mommy!) I'm going Tuesday afternoon! Massages and hockey - Tuesday is going to be goooooood!

Have a good weekend y'all! And Happy knitting!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 21 of 31

So spring started last night, at exactly 8:04 pm. Happy Spring. Now - can I start seeing some spring like weather please? I'm NOT impressed with this cold or freezing rain pellets either!

Today Sean and I slept in together - cuddling in the morning. He always sleeps in his crib, but in the morning after Jamie goes to work, we cuddle in my bed - as obviously we can't cuddle in his crib! I'd probably break it! Any adult probably would!

We eventually got our shtick together and I had some errands to run. Picked up something at my grandmother's condo (She left it for me with her doorman) and then to do a return at Coles the bookstore. I then booked a toe & nail painting with my fave girl for tomorrow, want my toes to look great in my gorgeous new shoes on Saturday night at Jamie's cousin's wedding. I picked up a new toothbrush for Jamie (the kind he used to use apparently doesn't exist anymore - I can't seem to find it anywhere - it was a Reach toothbrush - so I got him the next best one by Reach). In that same mall I returned two huge garbage bags of soda cans and bottles (Yes, I recycle and I get .05¢ back per bottle, and I even had a .20¢ beer can to return, not sure who drank that - but it was in with my recycables. I made almost 5$ right there! It pays to recycle! Especially when they're charging you the .05¢ deposit when you're buying the soda. Then I went to Walmart, did a return there too.

Then we headed home, Sean ate and took a quick nap, while I took care of some laundry and cleaning of my desk.

Before Sean's nap I managed to get some great photos of him, and here are my fave ones (the rest I'll load in FLICKR tomorrow - I have almost a week's worth of pictures to upload - I haven't had the time yet to):

I love this Old Navy onesie! It's just too funny - "Happy Hour" - How great!?

My happy little boxer!
I swear, he was waving his hands around like he was about to go boxing!

"What you looking at?"

Sean's been trying to hold onto his bottles lately. 12 weeks old tomorrow and I think before I know it he'll be holding his own while eating!
I don't really know what is an average age for this to happen - but he really wants to take control and show he can do it!

As promised - a glimps at some of my 70 page wedding album:

The cover (It's actual metal with our pic on it!)

This is how thick this book is -
it's just like a coffee table book -
so it's called a "digital" album.

The first page - my fave picture in black & white

My page!

Jamie's page (I love love love the picture of him on the left page!)

Us, and my fave picture (right page) in color this time - doesn't it just look great?!

I love this rings shot - as well as my step-niece shhhshing my nephew during the ceremony.

The bridal party- this picture looks great as 20x14 (I have it as a 4x6 and you can't see anyone's face - but open on a 2 page spread ina 10x14 books (so 20x14 opened) it looks FANTASTIC!)

And another fave fun picture - is Jamie & I about to lick (Okay not really) the chocolate fondu fountain! Yeah right - I hate chocolate, you think I would actually lick it?!

Tonight I went knitting with the Montreal knits meetup. I left Sean at home with Jamie. It was great to get some girlie time and go kntiting! I picked up my Cascade order while there, since Ariadne Knits was there (Mary & MollyAnn) with my order. I want to make the green cabled sweater from this pattern book: Classic Elite 9080 Summertime Knits. I really want to get that patttern book - but I just have to decide is it worth it? I only want 1 pattern from it. I wish I could by the pattern just for that one sweater. This yarn will hopefully one day make my Cabled Pullover from that pattern book. Maybe I'll get it for my birthday. At least I have the yarn now - Cascade 220 Superwash Wool.

Mary and MollyAnn also brought their new shipment of Lorna's Laces. Boy was that evil - cuz I bought myself 2 skeins of Shorbet - which I had been eyeing for the longest time on Ebay. Mmmm it's delicious I almost want to eat it up!

And here is the progress on my thrummed mitten - it's coming along great. I have plenty of knitting time coming up this weekend - so I hope to get mitten number 1 done, and hopefully maybe even number 2. I also have 2 camera cases to knit this weekend - and finished my "married sock" number 1 - so that I can cast on sock number 2 for both Jamie's and my married socks (images in FO's on sidebar if you're curious - I'm calling them my "married" socks because I'm knitting the exact same pattern for both of us, just in blues for Jamie & a mixture of oranges/pinks/brown/cream for myself!)