Monday, August 31, 2009

august thirty-one

I couldn't sleep last night. It's my laptop's fault. I ended up going to bed for about 2 and a half hours this morning at 6 am until the kids got up at 8:30 am. I'm zonked but oddly functioning. I ended up cleaning up my house, doing laundry all night long (and folding them too!) and a dishwasher load. I just kept thinking about possibly losing everything on my hard drive and I just couldn't sleep because of it.

This morning after dropping off Sean at daycare, I headed straight for the store. Sean didn't want to go to daycare today, and I think it was because he was home all last week and now he seems to think that all mommy does all day is hang out in bed and watch Sprout. Uhm, quite not... but he doesn't understand that. I think it's going to be a long week this week with the 2 drop offs at daycare. I know for sure, Mack's going to cry all this week. He's too attached to me to go to daycare willingly!

My hard drive was saved. Phew! We were able to take out the hard drive and put it into an enclosure and back up all my data. Though - that took almost 3 hours. We started with one of the partitions of my hard drive and while that was doing (over an hour), I went out and ran some errands nearby, whatever I was able to get done.

After my back up was complete (and checked), I sent my laptop via Purolator to the manufacturer (after speaking to their repair department and getting all the information needed to get my laptop fixed by them.

This afternoon my mother came over with her dog, and we walked with Mack to go pick up Sean from daycare. I took my Graco double stroller, and it looked so empty on the way there with only one child. It was a very nice walk. Sean's teachers were impressed with my mom's Great Dane Bosco. My mom stayed outside with Mack & Bosco while I went into to get Sean, but from the classroom window, they were admiring him. On our walk back, we stopped off at my friend Dara's house. We got some water for Bosco and chatted for a bit. I really like Dara and I'm glad that her son will be taking another course with Mack this fall. Dara and I seem to get along really well. It doesn't bother me that Dara is almost 12 years older than me. To be honest, I don't even notice an age difference when we're hanging out together.

This evening I finished the Guild Newsletter as I'm the editor. It's a volunteer position but I love doing it. I am glad that they asked me to stay on as newsletter editor this year. I would have had it finished a lot earlier if my laptop would have turned back on last night, but I had to start from scratch today once all the files were re-emailed to me. Working at my computer in my office is very restricting. I miss the freedom with my laptop. I cannot wait to get my laptop back and it's only just left my posession.

Upon a seat sale, I booked my tickets to Florida for the new year. I'll be going down again with my mother, sister and my two kids to visit my grandmother in her condo there. I am very excited to go down again. Mack's ticket is still free of charge since he's under 2 years old (He'll be 19 months old) but he'll have to sit on my lap for the entire flight. That will certainly be challenging. The last time we flew down, he was almost 7 months old, I wore him in my baby sling carrier and he slept almost the entire flight. I don't think I'll be wearing a 19 month old. I'm praying it's NOT a full flight, and there will be room for him to have his own seat in the end. Keeping my fingers crossed. In anycase, I need to update Mack's passport since he was 4 months old in his last passport picture and he doesn't look like that picture anymore. Canadian babies are given one free update passport if their passport was issued between birth and 364 days old. Mack falls into that category. All I have to do is take new pictures and refill out the passport form. I do hope I am able to get his old passport back, as it would be a nice souvenir to keep in his memory box.

Off to go pack Mackenzie's stuff for his first day of daycare tomorrow. I'm nervous!

I can't believe tomorrow is September. S-E-P-T-E-M-B-E-R!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

august thirty :: 139 weeks old

Sean is 139 Weeks Old today.

Today we had Oliver's 3rd birthday party. Oliver is my 3rd cousin's son. Oliver has a baby brother born in April 2009. Between them and Jenn's 2 boys we have a hockey team. I think someone in my family should start having girls. I doubt it'll be me (apparently all I is how to make boys, and that's Jamie's reason for not wanting any more kids - though I'm not 100% shutting this subject for discussion, though, I don't want anymore kids right now, so it's to be discussed in a few years). Maybe I'll have to wait for a granddaughter one day to have my own little girl. I'm sure a niece (from my brother or sister one day) will be nice, but I really wanted my own little girl. It's just not the same, you know? In any case, I'm enjoying my boys and my family full of boys.

At the party we had the same Seseme Street Theater that we hired for Sean's 2nd birthday party back in December. While Sean went downstairs because he was bored of it, Mack really enjoyed it. He missed the showing at Sean's 2nd birthday party as he was fast asleep taking a nap. He was only 6 months old at the time of Sean's party).

Today's naps got really messed up. Mack napped on the way to the party and Sean feel asleep on the way home. That's all the naps they got today, and I'm really not sure how Mack is functioning on lack of naps this entire weekend.

At the birthday party today, Jamie ended up knowing a guy that was there, as he went to camp with him years ago. His son is 20 months old. We got their contact info, and Jamie suggested maybe we go out for dinner sometime with them, with or without the kids. It would be nice to have a couple friend to go out with once in a while. We don't really have any couple friends that do have kids to go out with. Most of our couple friends don't have kids and our lives are at different places to go out for dinner together. If that makes any sense at all. But it really would be nice to get out of the house once in a while on a Saturday night with another couple (or two!) and have adult conversation. (As much as homebodies we may be - it does one good to go out of the house with others!)

This evening I had dinner at my parents house. For some reason I brought my laptop over tonight. I was in the middle of transferring some files for my mother (at the end of the each month I give her copies of all the digital pictures I take of the boys during the last month). My laptop gave me the 10% warning for battery power left, so I turned around into my bag to get my plug to plug it into the wall. By the time I turned around to plug my laptop in, it died, and it wouldn't turn back on. I freaked out. It wouldn't even turn on with the battery out and the power plugged directly into the laptop. (A test that the manufacturer will make me do when I call them tomorrow to find out what is wrong and if they'll fix it). I know what tests they'll make me do, since I do that job in the office when I go in. (I take care of defective goods for the store that Jamie & I run in my family business).

My LIFE is on my laptop. And yes, I do make back-ups, but I hadn't yet made my backups for August's photos (I will NO longer do this monthly, but daily or weekly from now on!) and I am PRAYING that it's not my hard drive, but just the power. I won't know until tomorrow though, I'm going to go into work special to see what I can do about my laptop. I am so angry let me tell you! And all my emails in Outlook Express.... I have no access to that right now either.

Mini Heartattack. Really. Just pray for me it's not my hard drive. I really feel so lost without my laptop. I'm hoping my computer is still under warranty. I got it last fall (Oct 9th, 2008 to be exact). At least I have my PC in my office, and I'm not completely out of a computer, but no files on my office PC. I used my laptop for everything.... I miss it already.

Tonight to get my mind off things, after we put the kids to bed, Jamie and I watched Big Brother and I cast on another test knit with my 9" hiyas in 2.75mm to try them out. So far, I'm loving them. They are so much better than the 12" Addis I have, which I will no longer use for socks. (Though they work better for men's socks, since I cast on more stitches for a sock for Jamie than I would for a sock for myself).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

august twenty-nine

This morning we decided to take the boys out for Breakfast so we went to Chez Cora. We don't go out for breakfast often (I'm not a huge breakfast eater).

Mackenzie certainly enjoyed his chocolate and banana crepe. (I think his parents were the ones who really wanted him to order that - Shh!)

We ran a Costco run after breakfast. We had some essentials to pick up and a full cart and a full trunk later, we were home, and I tried to put at least Mackenzie down for a short nap. Well, he wasn't having it. He sang, he banged toys, he threw toys out of his crib.

Mid afternoon I went with my sister to meet up with my mother & grandmother at the circus. They were at a local mall in their parking lot. My sister bought the boys some cotton candy, and Mack really enjoyed it. The blue dye didn't come off so fast afterwards either.

At intermission, Sean went with my sister on an elephant ride. They are the first two at the front of the elephant. Sean had been talking about going on the elephant ride with my sister, but then before the show chickened out. She managed to convince him at intermission. I'm not a fan of elephants in real life, yet I like to collect elephant statues, and have a full shelf of them in my dinning room. And after seeing an elephant go to the bathroom, I don't think I will ever complain about changing my children's diapers again. I certainly don't want to ever have an elephant as a pet.

Ran into everyone and their mother at the circus. It's the "thing" to do when you have a kid. The 4pm show seemed to be a real hit since it's after nap time and early enough before bedtime. The showing before, at 12:30pm would not have worked for us, since usually Mack naps in the afternoon starting just before/around/just after that time (but of course, except for today).

Thank you to my sister for her free passes. I couldn't believe that tickets were 20$ a person to go to the show (Mack would have been free anyhow, he's under 2 years old) but had we not had those free admission tickets, Sean would have been full fare - 20$. Insane! My sister got the passes because she let the circus put flyers in her store. In return, they gave her 3 passes which each admitted 2 people. Wasn't going to pass that up. And the kids had a great time. Maybe we'll get to take them again next year.

After the circus (which ran really late for a 4pm show) it was nearly 7pm when we got in. Jamie & I fed the kids, and put them to bed. They both hadn't napped today, so they both were ready for bed earlier than usual. After the kids were in bed, we ourselves ate a late dinner (we never usually eat this late, but tonight we wanted to open a bottle of wine and enjoy dinner after they'd gone to bed).

We just finished watching the movie The Hangover. First off, besides never wanting to waste another 2 hours of my life (100 minute movie), the one liners were just to die for. Laugh out loud funny. Second, Bradley Cooper is just yum, yum, yum. I definitely recommend you watching this movie once.

Friday, August 28, 2009

august twenty-eight :: 32 months old

Sean is 32 months old today.

I swear I have cabin fever. Being at home for a couple of days with 2 sick cranky kids is not fun. Can I say that I'm looking forward to both of them at daycare next week? Mack's starting on Tuesday, and I'm glad Sean will get to go back and play with his friends and play outside and kick soccer balls and get out all the energy that he has bottled up inside of him being sick at home. Daycare does the soul good! For both of us!

I made muffins today. It's been ages since I've baked. These beauties are blueberry and were absolutely delicious. Though, I cannot find my 2 blue silicone spatulas and I'm wondering where Sean hid them. Both of them are gone. (Package of 2). I'm certain he ran around the house with them while I wasn't looking. That's just what Sean does! I needed at least one of those two spatulas for my baking this morning. I'm so upset that I can't find any of the two.

My in-laws came for dinner tonight. My sister stopped by too and ended up having dinner with us as well. After everyone left Jamie and I watched 2 episodes of Dexter. We're addicted to this show! It's so beyond messed up! I didn't realize that Monk started a few weeks ago. This is awesome - now I have a bunch of them to catch up on. I'm sad that it's the last season of Monk though. The show is kooky but I love it.

I got some wonderful mail today:

A nice package from Maureen.
She sent crayons for the kids, colored goldfish for the kids as well (since we can't get them here in Canada) and some leftover sock yarn scraps for my blanket. And some gum for me.
Thank you Maureen!

And a wonderful package from Evelyn.
(The yarn is Koigu Color #P114, a WIP holder and some crayons for the boys - I'm currently collecting crayons to fill their crayon jar with!) Thank you so much Evelyn!

I also got my 9" Hiya's in the mail today and I cannot wait to try them out.

Today, this Medicator by Munchkin saved my life. I totally forgot I even had one. I used it to give Mack his medicine and he drank his medication in like 10 seconds flat. Why on earth did I not think about this sooner? I've been struggling for 2 days now trying to get his medication down. I recommend this item to any mother who has to give their child medication. And my sons don't even use pacifiers and it worked just as well. (My boys were never really into the suss thing - as much as I've tried to get them to like the suss). This thing makes my life so much easier, and I don't have to struggle anymore. Love it. This mommy approves!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

august twenty-seven

Somehow I managed to run out of size 5 diapers for Sean. I've never done that before. Ever. I'm usually very well prepared/stocked when it comes to things like that. I did find 3 to tide me over until my mom came at around 11 am so that I could run to Walmart to buy more.

This morning took me 30 minutes to give Mack his medication. He fought me like you wouldn't believe. I really should have either given it to him when Jamie was still home this morning or waited until my mother came over to watch the boys. Extra hands are always welcome. I really wished there was an easier solution to giving Mack his medication. Unfortunately I feel like there ends up being more medication on him then in him.

This morning my sister's boyfriend's cousin came over and bought my camera. She came over with the balance of what she owed me for my Canon Rebel, and it's now no longer in my possession. I cannot wait for the new one to come out... I'm missing my DSLR already.

While I was at Walmart I ended up picking up a case of the no name brand Walmart Diapers. They have Caillou on them (my kids love Caillou). I am curious to know how they are, so we'll see come next week. I am going to send the case to daycare. They are significantly cheaper than Huggies or Pampers. We'll see if they are any good on him. While I was at Walmart I picked up some new white socks to replace the handful of Jamie's socks that I turned pink. I am not even sture how that happened as I was Jamie's stuff separately from anything else, and I am positive that I haven't washed anything red or even pink. I really do not understand it. I'd love to say that one of the kids threw something into the washing machine before doing the cycle, but there wasn't anything at all - nothing even in the pockets.

Mack took a nice long nap when I got home from Walmart, and Sean helped me clean up my shoes and my purses. I have a ton that I don't want anymore, it felt great to clean up. Sean however, I couldn't get him to nap, which was alright, because he went to bed early tonight. I really don't like this lack of napping business. He's two and a half, he should still need his sleep. I thought most kids nap until they're about 4 or 5 years old. Heck, sometimes I wish that I could have the luxury to nap every day. I wish!

Tonight Jamie made stuff on the barbecue for dinner. After the kids went to bed, I watched with Jamie Big Brother, Nurse Jackie, Weeds, and Entourage. Then I watched the movie Sunshine Cleaning. Very odd movie, but I liked it regardless. Have you seen it? If not, you totally should.

Today, the local pharmacy dropped off Mack's prescription for his eye drops. He caught the same eye infection that Sean has. Trying to give Mack those eye drop is world war 4. I swear! I feel bad for Mack not wanting to get eye drops put into his eyes, but it's the only way to clear the eye infection. I had no idea that the pharmacy even delivered. Very good to know for the future.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

august twenty-six :: 62 weeks old

Mack is 62 weeks old today (and not feeling so great).

I sent my mother this morning to go pick up Sean's sheets from daycare, as he slept on them yesterday with his eye infection and I wanted to wash them before he goes back to daycare. I am going to keep him home for the rest of the week, hopefully to clear his runny nose (green goop is not fun!) even though he's only contagious for 48 hours after starting his antibiotics (until Thursday). I also asked her to pick up a medicine syringe that the pharmacy was supposed to give me to administer Mack's antibiotics. Let me tell you, trying to give Mack his antibiotics yesterday, even though he likes the taste of it, was very difficult. Even giving it to him this morning with the syringe - trying to get it down his throat was a disaster. Sean takes his medicine no problem, I have this spoon thing that I fill, and he drinks it no problem. I think Mack is just freaked out from the syringe, I don't know what to do. Anyone got any ideas??

While Mack took a nap, I got to color with Sean. He's really into the coloring thing lately.
We each colored a page. Sean wants to send his page to his Aunt & Cousin. I'll be tossing that into the mail the next time I am by a mailbox, as per Sean's request. I think they'll really like Sean's drawing. I'm impressed! And yes, I had fun coloring in Elmo. I forgot how much fun it was. We used the crayola mini twistables that I got in the mail yesterday in the swap package and I love those crayons. They just rock! They make no mess and they're very hard to break (Sean tends to break crayons).

And Sean insisted that he wind a ball of yarn into a cake. He has this fascination with my ball winder. I found him a ball of yarn that I didn't care for too much, and let him go wild. I hope he doesn't ask to do this too often, as this ball of yarn did end up in the garbage. (Knotted and all that jazz)

While my mom was over this morning I was able to peak into the garden to see what was doing. My mom wanted to know if I had a cucumber for her, so she didn't have to run to the grocery store (so I picked her a cucumber) and I gave her a ton of tomatoes as well (big and small). While peaking out in the garden I managed to see that we do indeed (FINALLY!) have cauliflower growing! We have about 9 or 12 (I can't remember how many there were) cauliflowers planted, and finally after months of growing, we have something coming. Though I'm hoping it's not too late in the season for them to fully grow. I need to look up in my vegetable book to see what the deal with cauliflower is.

There's also a ton of green peppers growing.

This is what I was able to pick today from the garden. Yum!

This afternoon I took care of some laundry, and did some folding too. I'm really trying to stay on top of the laundry. I'm hoping this new tiny resolution works out. It sucks to get behind on laundry. I also feel like I'm always doing laundry, so I'm hoping that I am able to stay on top of it, and that I don't, have to do it all the time - maybe once a week or something instead of for days straight. The never ending laundry really just never ends. I also made some phone calls and left some messages to see if any doctors in the area were taking new patients. With our family doctor going on maternity leave again, I was hoping maybe to find someone nearby, but I feel like I may be out of luck, as there aren't any doctors taking new patients at all. I understand the shortage but I don't see why nothing is getting done to rectify the situation. It just doesn't make sense at all.

This evening I went out to knit night, and what an evening it was. I don't even know where to begin. All was fine and dandy until we heard a screeching sound from a car. (You know when a car skids, that sound). Then all I saw was a wooden pole tumble over (later to discover it had a security camera on it). It was next to the terrace. Thankfully, no one was sitting outside tonight on the terrace since it was a windy evening. When that poll came tubling down, I jumped on top of the chair I was sitting on in fear that something electrical would electricute the building. In any case, a 40 something year old woman was driving down the road, heading south bound when she lost control of her car and hit the pole. Both of her air bags deflated though she was alone in the car. One side of the car was completely smashed in as it had wrapped itself around the security camera poll. My sister called 911. A driver that had been driving next to her stopped to help her and tried to opened her driver door and allowed the woman from the car to get out. We yelled for her to stay in the car as that is what the police told us, as the car was not smoking from any part of it, and told her to stay in the car until the paramedics arrived. She didn't listen one bit and got out anyways. She was talking and she walked over to the grass to sit down. She was even able to call some loved ones. She seemed okay until the fire trucks showed up. Firemen I believe are trained paramedics and got her in a neck brace and an oxygen mask on her. That's when I guess her adrenaline and shock wore off and she started to freak out and scream in pain.

It was quite the scene. There were really cute firemen on the scene. Hey, I'm allowed to look, just not touch, right? Police took statements from witnesses, and put up police tape, and after the car was towed, it quieted down and we went back to our knitting. It was quite the evening. I hope that woman is okay. Apparently she was feeling ill, and was too close to the car in front of her and lost control of her car. Her car is totalled, and hopefully she isn't. I hope she is not parylized in the end, because she was dumb enough to get out of her car on her own before help arrived. (And I mean by help police/firemen/ambulance). Actually, I'm quite suprised on how long it took the ambulances to show up. They were the last ones to arrive on the scene. Thank goodness for those cute firemen!

I got a bit of glass in my hair - which was shattered from her car. It was windy when we ran outside, and some blew into my hair and onto my sweater. I had to shake my hair out and then take a shower once I got home. I hope it's all gone now, and I don't find any more pieces tomorrow.

I did get to work a bit on my Drop Stitch Scarf, which was nice. I got some inches done on it, so I will have to take an updated photograph and post that soon. Stay tuned for that. I think my drop stitch scarf will end up being my "in between project" when I want a break from whatever else I'm working on.

Poor Mack now has Sean's same eye infection, so we got a prescription for him for the same eye drops. Poor guy. Both of them actually. I hope the feel better soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

august twenty-five

Last night I finished reading Unravelled by Robyn Harding. I stayed up to finish it as I was so close to the end, I wanted to know what happened. Robyn Harding herself is a novice knitter. I wonder if she's on Ravelry? I wonder if she even knows what Ravelry is? The book is about freelance writer Beth Caruthers who dumps her boyfriend as he can't commit. Needing to get out of the house to avoid her odd roommate, Beth joins a knitting circle, a hobby she rapidly enjoys. Beth appreciates the company of her new knitting friends and even begins dating again. However, her new boyfriend's secrets end up terminating their relationship and stops her from going to her newly formed knitting circle over something she had no idea of to begin with.

I definitely enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to any knitter. Though, there's more drama in the book than actual knitting talk, I like chick lit - so I still enjoyed the book.

Today Sean woke up at 6:20 am and had borderline fever. Mack got up at 8:45 am, without any fever. My mom agreed to watch both kids, as I wans't sending Sean to daycare today, and had to work in the office today.

After work I dropped off a work pacakge at UPS, and then picked up some groceries before picking up the kids from my parents house. It's a good thing I took care of that first, because my parents had taken the boys for a walk, and we both arrived at their place at the same time. Also - when I got to my parents house, my mom mentioned that Sean had green goop still coming from his eyes. I called his doctor's office, it was already closed for the day. I asked my mom if she had any suggestions, and she mentioned to call the clinic in a neighoring city to see if there was any line-up. I called, and she told me there wasn't too many people at all, and that it was a good time to come.

We ran to the clinic (leaving the meat I just picked up at the grocery store in my mom's fridge). It took a little less than three quarters of an hour, as there was a few people in front of us when we got there, and we finally got to see the doctor. Turns out Mack had fever when we were seen, (not Sean at this time) and they both are sick. Sean has an ear infection in both ears, and an eye infection in both eyes. He also had a red throat. Mack has an ear infection in one ear. Sean was put on eye drops and antibiotics and Mack was put on antibiotics.

Upon leaving the clinic, I had to go to the bathroom so badly, I had to stop at my sister's house which is right next to the pharmacy and she watched the boys while I ran in to go use the bathroom. There was no way I was able to go to the bathroom at the clinic with both boys. I didn't want to put Mack on the floor in the bathroom as he's not walking yet. After leaving my sister's place I filled the boys prescriptions at the pharmacy and we headed home. It was already late. Jamie had picked up the meat in the fridge at my parents house on his way home from work, and dinner was in progress when I got home.

After the kids were in bed, Jamie and I ate a late dinner. I hate eating dinner late. I end up not feeling well at night in bed, if I've eaten dinner late. (Late I consider to be 8pm and later, which is what it ended up being tonight).

I ordered my new digital camera tonight. I cannot wait until it arrives in the mail. There ended up being a sale on the cheapest item in your shopping cart. Well, the only item in my shopping cart was the camera, so I got 10% off. I'm not complaining! My old camera (Canon Rebel XT) will be out of my hands on Thursday morning, and my new one should arrive about two weeks after that. It's only being released on September 9th, 2009. I cannot wait for my new Nikon D3000.

I'm staring a new book tonight, Loves Me, Loves Me Knot by Heidi Betts. Another "knitting" fiction novel. We'll see how this author is. Off to go tuck myself in with the book!

Monday, August 24, 2009

august twenty-four

This morning after dropping Sean off at daycare, I worked at home until my mom was ready to be picked up. Mack refused to nap, but he allowed me to get work done anyhow. He's a really good baby and lets me work on my laptop. He usually only gets fussy when he's tired or hungry. He finally did fall asleep when I put him in the car to go pick up my mom.

The first thing I wanted to do today was return my H2O mop, since it was recalled. The girl offered me a new one, but if one was recalled, who is to say it's not going to break down. I'm fine with going back to the old mop and bucket system. The floors don't get bad anyhow in between my cleaning lady's visits. They took it back without any issues since it was recalled. After that, I ran some errands with my mom.

When I picked up Sean (a tad early) from daycare today, they said that he had a bit of fever after nap (borderline though) and they gave him tempra. They also said that he had some eye goop near his eye. Though, maybe it's from Sean wiping his nose with his arm and it transferring up his face near his eye? He's had a bit of a runny nose all weekend, so I am wondering if it's from that? I will keep an eye on it, and see if he gets anymore. If he has any more fever, I won't be sending him to daycare tomorrow. We'll see what happens over night and how he feels in the morning.

Upon getting in from picking Sean up, I took the boys down the street to the park. Sean wanted to go in his wagon this time. I love our little wagon, it's so cute. Mack tried to climb out of it a few times, I wish there were straps on it! That would be good.

The boys had a good time at the park and I worked a bit on an old project that I've had sitting in my office. It's my Drop Stitch Scarf. It's been a while since I've touched it. Probably a year ago when I started it. It's probably been sitting in the bag since. I didn't really get too far on it when I cast on, I can't even remember why I cast on if I had no intentions of working on it back then. I hope to find some time in the next few weeks to finish it. That would be nice.

Jamie stopped by at the park on his way home from work and hung out with us a bit before we all headed home. I wanted to be home from 6pm as I wanted to register the boys for swimming. I was able to register them online, as it's the first session that I can register the kids online for swimming. Let me tell you though, it was rather difficult to get the system to work and it took me 45 minutes to finalize and make payment. There error kept occurring with the payment processing site that it kept transferring me to, and it was damn annoying. Though, I think it was still 100% better than standing in line and registering! But, both boys are registered for swimming starting in September and running through 14 weeks until December. They are each going on a separate day, so they will each get to spend time with me in the pool without any stress. We tried doing back to back classes a few sessions back and it didn't work out.

I received a very nicely wrapped gift from Joolieknits today in the mail. It's one of the 2 packages I'm expecting to receive from my Fave Things Swap on Ravelry. I'm getting 2 packages because I assigned myself a partner, like everyone else when I did matches. Sent out all the matches. The next day I got a message from someone who had already been matched up with their pal. So I had no choice but to stick myself in between them, so that they wouldn't be sending to the same person again. I did send out 2 packages though, so it was all fair. Actually I ended up sending out 5 packages in total for this round, as I ended up being an angel for 3 more people who's pals went AWOL and weren't communicating or anything. So I picked up their slack and sent out 3 extra packages. I love hostessing the swap though, it's so much fun. People are having so much fun with it. Which I'm glad.

Anyhow, Julie sent me some really nice items. I got some wonderful items! A magazine, a book about cupcakes, Natural Knit Picks yarn for dying, along with some Koold-aid to dye the yarn, A tape measure, some unlocking stitch markers, WhiteTea To Go, Cherry tic tacs which are sugar free (they’re already gone…!) an awesome cherry pouch, A needle gauge, and some note pads and crayons for the boys, each their own set. I love love love everything! Oh, and how could I forget, treats for my cat too! How thoughtful of her! He’s sleeping right now, but I’ll be sure to give him some of the treats later. She sure knows how to spoil a girl!

I'm in bed now, watching some A&E. There's a new show on called Hoarders. I find it very interesting. I've always been called a "pack rat" by my parents (I always keep stuff that I think could be used for crafts and such - though I think I've gotten a LOT better at what I actually keep and what's garbage). My house is no where near as cluttered at the people in this show, but I do have some clutter and I am a bit disorganized at times. Though, this show reassures me that I am no where near a real hoarder. Have you seen this show? It's unreal what these people have in their homes. Expired food in their freezer from 1992. Stuff like that. Nasty if you ask me. It makes me wonder if I have a bit of a hoarding issue when it comes to yarn and my stash??? Do you hoard yarn?? Or is just a collection?? I mean, I do knit from my stash... it's just ... quite a larger stash than I thought it would ever become. You know?? I think I need to declare 2010, the year to knit from stash. Or maybe start it after Rhinebeck?? What do you think? Anyone with me!?

I think I'm going to go read a bit before bed.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

august twenty-three :: 138 weeks old

Sean is 138 weeks old today.

Jamie went out this morning so on his way home he brought us home lunch from Dunn's. It was rather delicious, though, Sean had to pretty much scarf down his meal. My dad had come to pick him up to go to my parents place to go swimming. While I'm glad he went to their house to get some of his energy out in the pool, it's too bad that he had to scarf down his lunch.

While Sean was out swimming, Mack took a nice long nap. Jamie and I caught up on some more tv, 2 episodes of Entourage that we were behind on, as well as another episode of Dexter. It was nice to have some peace & quiet on the weekend, as it seems that Sean is no longer interested in napping anymore when home. He decided that because he doesn't like them, he doesn't have to nap. I surely miss those days that he used to nap. That's for sure.

Late afternoon after Mackenzie's nap we headed over to my parents house for dinner.

Tonight we were celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday. This is my dad's mom. It was nice that I was able to get a photograph of my 2 boys with their great-grandparents. We don't get to see them often, so it's always nice when we do see them. She absolutely loved the yarn and needles we gave her for her birthday. I cannot wait to see what she makes with it. There was some nice looking ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, which I resisted and didn't have even a sliver from. It took a lot of will power and discipline let me tell you. It looked that freakin' good.

This evening after getting in, we put the kids to bed. Sean was simply exhausted from the lack of napping. We settled in and watched Big Brother, and now I think I'm going to go crawl into bed and watch some tv.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

august twenty-two

Sean ended up sleeping in my bed last night. He woke up in the middle of the night, and was crying. Apparently there was a monster in his room. He was so scared, that he asked to come sleep in my bed. I really hope that this doesn't happen too often, as there isn't so much room in our Queen size bed. I end up sleeping cramped up and with one eye open. Not so enjoyable.

The kids got up around 7:30 am. Since there was enough time in between wake-up and the time we had to be at my friend's son's 1st birthday party, I tried to get Mack to take a nap. No way, it wasn't happening, as cranky as he was. At 1pm I picked up my mom as she was spending the afternoon with me. The birthday boy's grandfather used to teach with my mother years ago. (Before my sister was born).

We got greeted at the birthday party by a gorgeous puppy Great Dane. We are a Great Dane family, and the only dog I've ever known growing up was a Great Dane. (My parents currently still have a Great Dane named Bosco). This pup's name is Titan, and it's the birthday boy's Aunt's dog.

Sean enjoyed petting Titan.

As did Mack!

Finally, after an hour and a half the birthday boy decided to grace us with his presence. When we got to the party at his grandparents house, which is around the corner from my house, his mom (my friend) was there, but her son was peacefully still napping at home. We got to spend about 20 minutes with the birthday boy, before we had to take off.

At 3pm we met Jamie (and my siblings) at a card store in our area, which Jamie was working (volunteering) for a signing with Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard, who is a retired hockey player. He is the younger brother of Maurice Richard "The Rocket". Henri played for the Habs from 1955-1975. We got some stuff signed, and then headed on our way.

After leaving the hockey card store, we headed over to my sister's pool. In her courtyard there is an adult pool and a "baby" pool. The baby pool was perfect height for Sean. He had a field day running back and forth across the pool!

Mack was able to sit on my lap and have his head above the water. He still had a good time, but I had to hold onto him since he's not walking yet.

I got a deposit this afternoon for my camera. The rest will be this week and then I won't own my Canon Rebel anymore. I still have to decide which Nikon to go for. I've been reading up reviews and stuff, but I'm still undecided as of today.

After we left my sister's house, I had dinner with Jamie and the kids. When we put the kids to bed this evening Sean said "No more monsters tonight". It was cute. I hope he's right. I hope he sleeps through the night and there isn't anything that will scare him. Poor guy. I remember what it's like to be a little kid and freaked out by shadows in your room. (To be honest, sometimes as an adult shadows in the night freak me out, especially since I can't see without my glasses!)

This evening Jamie and I caught up on the last episode of Hung that we hadn't watched yet. I thought we were all caught up last night or was that the other night, but we still had 1 episode left. Now we're up to date. I'm really liking the show. Good humor.

Friday, August 21, 2009

august twenty-one

This morning I was actually 8:30 am at an eyebrow wax appointment. I cannot believe how early I was actually there, and Sean was dropped off at daycare that early as well. The first time he's been at daycare that early in.... all summer. It's kind of been a slack summer in that department (getting organize in the morning <-- I'm still trying to figure out how to get organized and out of the house with 2 young kids. It really baffles me how people can get places on time with young children). I got an email this morning from my order with The Loopy Ewe for the 9" Hiya circular needles. They had put 20$ as an estimate on shipping last night when I ordered. Apparently it's the policy, just in case. However, if it was cheaper, they'd only charge me for the correct amount of shipping. No problem, understood. I was praying all last night that it wouldn't cost me 20$ to ship 7.50$ needles, as they could go lettermail, as they're that tiny. I got an email this morning, that it would be 1.75$ for shipping. Ahh, that's better. If it would have cost me 20$ for shipping, I would have cancelled the order, and found another place to order them from. Sometimes it's just insane to order from the USA, for their shipping charges, but then again, I look at what Canada Post charges, and it's just as insane.

I may have a seller for my Canon Rebel XT that I'm selling. I'm super happy about that. Jamie won't let me order my new one (not sure which one that is yet) until my Canon is sold, out of the house and money in my hands for it. The difference between my sold camera and my new camera will be part of his 4th wedding anniversary to me. Our 4th anniversary is this September (coming up quickly let me tell you - and I have NO idea what to get him. I even asked him what he wants, if there's anything... and he couldn't come up with any ideas). 4th wedding anniversary presents are tradionally Linen & Silk (interesting if you ask me...) I love the the 7th is Wool! 3 more years to go for that one! Anyhow, I know my camera has nothing to do with Linen or Silk, but modern gifts on that list on the link I just showed you is (electrical) appliances. I suppose a camera could be an electrical appliance? Close enough.

While Mack napped, my mother came over to pick out some yarn for my grandmother for her birthday. She's been knitting scarves (fun fur only lately) and crocheting baby blankets so my mother wanted to give her some better yarn than fun fur. Even the thought of fun fur just makes me ill.

When my mom left, my friend Dara came over with her son for lunch we picked out vegetables from my garden including this humongous cucumber was among the items picked. We had a lovely lunch from my garden, and it was super delicious. There really isn't anythnig better than a fresh salad from the garden. Nothing compares. Dara agrees. The salad was 100% from the garden. Nothing store bought at all.

Dara and her son hung out until it was time for Mack to take a nap (and her son needed one as well). I'm sure we'll see them again soon, if not sooner (because the next couple of weeks are crazy busy), we're taking a class together in the fall. Even though Mack's starting daycare shortly, I still wanted to take a class with him. I'll also be registering both boys from swimming lessons, hopefully on two different mornings during the week.

While Mack napped I hung out on my bedroom balcony while Mack napped. This was the first time in a long time that Mack's taken 2 naps in one day. I'm certainly not complaining.

After Mack's nap we went to the post office and then to pick up Sean from daycare. Jamie brought home pasta from our fave italian place not far from our house (I love their whole wheat vongoli dish).

This evening, I caught Mack standing up from sitting position, without holding onto anything to stand up. It's quite an accomplishment for him:

He's one step closer to walking.

This evening after the kids went to bed Jamie and I caught up on the new series Hung. We're liking this new comedy. It's very dark comedy though, not slapstick comedy. I worked on my new test knit for my own design this evening, making progress on that!