Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30 of 30

The other day, I got some stuff for Sean's room. I first picked up this "Original Six" poster for 7.00$ at Zellers. It's the 6 original NHL teams that existed when NHL first started.

Then I also bought him this from the same store. The evolution of the Habs Jersey clock. It was marked $19.97, $15.00. Got to the cash, paid for my huge order in my basket, and went home. Was looking at the bill when I got home, and noticed I was charged $19.97 for it. So, pissed I ran back to Zellers (5 minutes away from my house). (I tried on some clothes I got, and did some returns at the same time). Not only did they give me the clock for $15.00, but consumer protection, because the item scanned wrong at the cash, I got 10$ taken off my purchase. So in the end, this clock cost me $5.00! I'm not complaining. (The law is, if the item scans in wrong at the cash, if it's under $10, it's free - and if it's more thatn $10, they remove $10 off the purchase. I've been meaning to blog about this - but never got around to it. I think this was Thursday.

Last night after blogging I plopped myself on the couch, watched Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy from Thursday (on loan from my mom on DVD-R from her Tivo) and I knit Square #11. It's leftover socketta (spelling?) that I used on my first pair of finished socks ever.

Uhm, when did gas become 1.18$ a liter?? I don't fill up gas often, maybe once every third week (Yeah, I don't go far - lol - all the shopping I do is not far from my house!) but, 1.18$?! Insane!

So....... I did something TOTALLY CRAZY TODAY! ...........................................

Yep I got a knitting tattoo! I love it!
Ignore my thick calves - I've always had thick ones,
maybe it was all that rugby in high school!

Oh - and some cherries too.

(I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone... tattoo artist charges mainly for the set up, so it was cheaper to do both at the same time, and my sister paid for half of everything, as a birthday present!)

Sean had some cereal again this morning - I don't think he quite gets the "swallow the cereal" part yet.... he kind of wonders what to do with it while it's in his mouth. Boy - what a mess!

Today, I caught Sean holding his own bottle again, while Auntie Amy (my sister) was feeding him. What a big boy he's becoming. He can "hold" onto the bottle, but actually angling it once there is no more coming out - that's what he will eventually learn!

I swear - I have a happiest baby in the world - here's your daily dose of smiles! (Without fail!)

And here is Sean with his Auntie Amy - whom is blogless, and spent the entire day pretty much holding Sean. She held Sean while I got both my tattoos done, and entertained him, and fed him, and boy what a day we had!

Sean received his RaZ-Berry teethers today in the mail from Drea. Thank you Drea! I can't believe they left North Carolina on Thursday and arrived at my door 9 am this morning! Talk about service! Sean has not yet tested them out - but he shall soon, I'm sure of it. I'll report back with his opinion soon!

So, I was thinking about using the April's Sock Club Kit Yarn from BMFA (Walking on the Wild Tide), for Calorimetry from Knitty...

...But then I saw Jen Minnis' socks on her blog - she just cast on. And I am starting to think, that the yarn wound up in a cake, looks TOTALLY different than the skein that was shipped, so maybe just maybe it will grow on me. (And in regards to my previous post with my disappointment - I very well am allowed to be disappointed - maybe the colors are just not ones I'd pick out - but I don't HATE them.... they're just "not me"... If I said hate in any of my previous posts, I do apologize, because HATE is a very strong word). But, I think I will give a go at casting them on - but once I'd done my current WIPs!

Gotta go wake up Sean to give him a bottle so he sleeps in tomorrow morning. He fell asleep around 8:30pm or so, and there is no way he'll sleep past 6 am, if I dont give him one last bottle now. Off to go feed Sean and possible read some chapters in my book!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 29 of 30

I bundled Sean up today after his bath - he looked too darn cute, I had to take a photo of him like this. His face was soooo rosey, and he was in such a good mood, even though I woke him up to take a bath before we went to his Bubbie & Zayda's house for BBQ dinner tonight. (Bubbie & Zayda is Yiddish for Grandmother & Grandfather.... for those of you whom don't know - now you do!)

And my little man in his new 6 month Costco sleeper. I got like 6 or 8 new ones recently, and he's finally fitting into them. This Safari one, by far is my fave! Look at the cutie in this pic! I love how he's slouchin' - makes me think of "How you doin'?!" (In Joey Tribiani voice from Friends!)

Are you a sock knitter? Today, I contacted Crocs and told them that I'd like them to do clear crocs! Maybe if all socks knitters contact them, they will be overwhelmed and will consider producing them! This is the link to the Crocs website and this will take you directly to their contact form. They also have a toll free number: 1-866-306-3179. Let's bombard them with requests from anyone who is a sock knitter! I saw this info on Brit Knitter's blog, and thought it was just a fantastic idea!

Crazy Aunt Purl is having a book published, how cool is that? It's not until October 2007, but that is very exciting. Montreal's very own Véronik Avery is also getting her own book! The date on that is not until September 2007, I'll have to get it, and then have Véronik sign it at our local SNB!

I've been reading the posts in the rockin' sock club for BMFA, and people who have written about being disappointed with two sock kits in a row, are being honest about it, and getting flamed and bashed or whatever you want to call it - for posting their opinion. Now, I also have been disappointed with both kits. Not only are the yarns not the nicest of colors (the lastest is a little too colorful for me), I'm not a fan of toe-up socks, because I've tried it and I can't figure it out. Now, I haven't said a word on the sock club blog, because a) I don't have the time and b) I don't want to get bashed by people who write comments like "If you don't want to be disappointed, don't join a sock club". And it's not the first time I've seen a post get nasty comments. People should allow others to have their own opinions whether it be nice or not so nice. Obviously, while BMFA tries to please everyone, simply they can't. Cara over at JanuaryOne, posted here the 2006 sock club colors. I was impressed highly by those colors. They are now available to purchase online. Anyhow, I love last years' 6 skeins. This year, so far, 2 have been sent out, and I have not been impressed. Does that make me a bad person? Does that make me not willing to try new things? Does that allow me to not have an opinion? Well, according to certain members of the sock club, apparently it does - so that's why I've stayed away from reading a lot of the posts, (I skim through on bloglines), and why I've stayed away from posting my own opinions... and it's supposed to be a KAL blog, not a complaining blog - but that's just my opinion, and that is why I'm not reading the posts.

... And reasons why I haven't casted on yet? I can list them.

1) I have other WIP's.
2) I am not impressed with the yarn, so it makes me not want to cast on.
3) I am not impressed with the patterns, so until I find another pattern I want to use the yarn for, then I won't be casting on.
4) Until I figure out whom the yarn will be suitable to gift-knit for, I won't be casting on either.

Are those good enough reasons? I think so!

Things that I've been wanting to blog about? Gosh, I have a list (I made list. I'm a list maker). I will talk about them tomorrow.

I knit two rows today on a new square on Sean's blankie... hopefully there will be more knitting time tomorrow.

I'm doing something TOTALLY crazy tomorrow... but I guess you'll have to find out tomorrow night when I blog! If you can guess what I'm doing - you win! Win what? I dono.... just try and guess!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

4 Months

Sean is now 4 months old. I keep saying this - but "where does time go"? I swear, I remember it as though it was yesterday, meeting Sean for the first time.... Seeing what he looked like, being his mommy for the very first time.

At four months, Sean should:
- be able to lift head up 90 degrees on stomach (check!)
- laugh out loud (yep!)
- follow an object in an arc about 5 inches above the face for 180 degrees (yep again!)

May probably be able to:
- hold head steady when upright (yeppers again!)
- on stomach, raise chest supported by arms (for a while now!)
- roll over (one way) (Proved that this week in the middle of the night!)
- grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers (with a good grasp I add!)
- pay attention to a raisin or other very small objects (I guess I'll find some raisins in my pantry? huh??)
- reach for an object (he hasn't yet)
- squeal in delight (Oh yes! Very loudly too!)
- razz (does that include bubbles? cuz I think he's done that if it includes bubbles!)

May possible be able to:
- keep head level with body when pulled to sitting (yep, he can do that - strong neck on this kid!)
- turn in the direction of a voice, particularly mommy's (yeppers!)
- say ah-goo or similar vowel-consonant combinations (no idea what he says, but he's a babbler!)
- bear some weight on legs when held upright (loves being in this position!)
- sit without support (not yet)
- object if you try to take away a toy (he holds onto stuff tightly but never objects yet)

Wow - Sean's right on track! Phew! But this is according to What to Expect the First Year...!

This is a new 6 month outfit (from Costco) that he now fits into. He's got about 6 of them, and they are just too cute. My fave - a safari one that I plan on putting him into tomorrow!

In knitting news, I've finished the 10th square. It's in leftover sock yarn from the socks I made Jamie last year. I feel like this grey square looks bigger than the other two attached to it, but upon measuring it with the other set of 3, it matches up fairly closely:

Tonight, we found our Iridescent Shark dead. He was the longest living shark/fish in our tank, who moved with us when we moved to this house. We now have 1 clown fish left... and he is lonely in our tank. I'm hoping to go to the fish store soon to pick out some more fish.... it's pathetic looking at almost nothing in the tank! It needs some color.

This evening while out, I picked up this Craft magazine. I had seen it while at the last Stitch N Bitch in my hometown, and I really liked what was in there. It's published 4 times a year, at 17.99 Canadian an issue. A subscription seems to be around 39$ US for 1 year, which is a slight bit over half the cost of 4 issues. I'm *thinking* about subscribing. Not sure. I may time it with the next issue, so that I don't get the issue I currently have, twice. That would suck!

Jamie and I caught up on this week's 24 & Lost, and then we watched the movie Smokin' Aces. At first, I didn't understand what was going on in the movie, but then it all came together and made sense.

I'm kinda working on a secret project, for a baby shower that I have on Sunday next week. (Hi, Jenn!) However, I think that knitting toys, is *NOT* for me. So - I'm thinking about figuring out something else for this said project that I want to do by next Sunday. (Being on maternity leave, I do have time to knit this secret project by next Sunday... but I need to figure out all the details first!) (It's probably NOT going to be a toy. That was given a go at.... and didn't work out.... after a LOT of frustration today... it just wasn't meant to be!) Robyn & Knitting Toys, just don't mix.... unfortunately.

We were supposed to see Jamie's sister tonight, along with my nephew, but my SIL's boyfriend, whom she came into town with, came down with a high fever & pneumonia as of this morning (my in-laws are in the process of sterilizing their home - apparently what he has is contagious, so they left right away and head back home (3 and a half hours away from Montreal, in Beauceville, Quebec).

Friday, April 27, 2007

April 27 of 30

Simple Hooded Cardigan from Lion Brand - I want to make this sweater for Sean - it's just tooo cute. And it looks fairly easy. Not sure what yarn I'm going to use yet, or what color, but as soon as I finish Jamie's socks (by Father's Day), I am going to cast on this sweater for my baby boy!

For those of you asking or whom want to know, the awesome knit diva cards I got yesterday in the mail from Cynthia can be found here for sale in her Etsy shop.

I'm having a good day today, and I'm feeling great. I've lost 14 lbs since the beginning of March, and I'm only 1 lb more than what I was in 2005 when I started my lifestyle change (GI diet) to lose 25 lbs by my wedding day - which I did!) so I've got those 25 lbs to lose, plus the 1 that I'm up by, plus I want to lose an additional 5 to be 5 less than what I was at my wedding. I think I can do it. Actually, I KNOW I can do it! I have two shirts in my room that I want to fit into by my birthday. I CAN SO DO IT! My bday is in 50 days according to my blog sidebar!

This afternoon while Jamie & I caught up on last weekend's Sopranos & Entourage, I finished knitting the square above. Square number 9, which joined 2 other squares.

I then cast on square number 10. Square number 10 will get done tomorrow. I have faith in that. However, I think after that square, I am going to cast on Jamie's sock #2, as I want to get that done before Father's day. That will be his father's day present. I also need to evaluate all my WIPS.... I will do that sometime in the next week.

I got asked about my headband in last night's self portrait with Sean. I got them not too long ago, they were 5 for 10$ at a store called Ardene in Quebec (and possibly the rest of Canada?). They're kind of like a Claire's Boutique (which I know is in Canada and the USA). I love them. The top one is like the two after it, but has blue in it. I think the green background is washing out the blue colors.

Tonight, Sean modelled his new shoes for us. Turns out, he needed the 0-3 month size. Geez, are his feet small, or just this company makes big shoes for 0-3 size? I now own shoes for him in 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12, and in 0-3 I have 3 of the 4 pairs, in 3-6 & 6-9 I have all 4 of the pairs, and in 9-12 I have 2 of the pairs. They were very inexpensive and too cute to pass up!

Who cares that he's not walking yet, mommy needed her shoe fix! Why, not, right??! I can't even get shoes at this price - I wish!

My friend Vera came over this evening to watch a movie with me and hang out with Sean. We started watching the movie Little Children, but then it froze somewhere after an hour of watching it, and people kept coming in the room to see Sean, so we kept having to pause it, and it was getting to be annoying, that we said screw it. I got her the movie on DVD-R (It was a download off torrentspy - so she could watch it at home later). I definitely plan on finishing watching it over the weekend. I need to know how it ends! It was actually not bad!

This evening before V and her boyfriend Shel left (Shel played poker with everyone), Shel fixed my computer so that I can now transfer files onto my MP3 player, which I couldn't get to work before. I can't wait to add files (new songs I've gotten and saved into a folder) onto my MP3 player I'm sooo darn excited!) And while Shel was helping me with my computer, V & Sean both fell asleep on the extra couch, which Jamie has NOT yet gotten rid of, which I stabbed my toe on the other day, causing me to possibly break a toe. (This was last Friday). It's still sore, my toe is turning colors (yikes!) and I'm still aching, but it's getting better.

I still have some stories I promised you yesterday, and some things I wanted to blog about, but yet again, they'll have to wait until tomorrow, I just do not have the energy to type them up tonight. So you'll have to wait one more day for that!

Tomorrow we have plans for dinner with Jamie's sister & our nephew at my in-law's place. They have not seen Sean since his Brit Milah when he was about 2 and a half weeks old (remember, it was delayed due to his lack of weight). So it's been almost 3 and a half months since they've seen Sean. BOY has he changed since then. They'll be shocked! I also can't wait to see my nephew, I have some stuff from Easter I got him.... it's hard with them being 3 and a half hours away.

Well, I'm going to go kiss my son on his forehead, and crawl into bed next to my hubby.... who are both fast asleep! Of course, as always, more tomorrow!

ps- I've also gotten inquiries about the Sheep Piggy Bank - it was 5$ at a store called Le Rouet here in Quebec. I don't see a website for them, I just googled their name. The fur on the sheep is actual eyelash yarn, it's kind of funny!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

17 Weeks

As promised here are some gifts that I got last night from Angela. It was really nice of her to bring me some presents, she really didn't have to. She even treated me to dinner last night. It was my lucky night last night! I love the Sheep Piggy Bank she got me (above).

And I love the Tinkerbelle box she also got me. Right now there are some beads & stuff in there that I put to store in there!

She got Sean some magnets and stickers for when he's a little older, and she got me some Tinkerbelle stickers as well. I love tinkerbelle, but probably not as much as Angela does! (I got myself some really nice tinkerbelle earrings while I was in Europe in September, I'll have to photograph those, they're soo cute).

And lastly, my FAVE item of the night, Angela got me these alphabet letters. OH do I have plans for these letters. (Mind working in overdrive!) Just wait & see!

Today I got some nice mail. I got these Knit Diva notecards from Cynthia - who sent them to me as a thank you for sending her a DVD of Knitty Gritty with Scout as guest star. Cynthia - they're not tooo purpley for me. They're more magenta! THANK YOU! You can find her cards here for sale.

And my Scout's Swag arrived! It was mailed last Monday, so it took exactly 9 business days to get to me from Texas. (I think that's where Scout is - Texas?)

Let's just say I AM IN LOVE with my Appletini and I am loving Snowbunny as well. But Appletini I'm drooling over. I've been eyeing it for MONTHS, and finally, I get to touch!

Here is a mini progress on my square number 9. Square number 9 is joining square from the original batch. I didn't get much knitting time in today, so this is where I'm at. Hopefully there will be more knitting time tomorrow!

Today I did some retail therapy. It wasn't so bad the damage, but still! While out, I got some fun stuff, and these awesome pushpins were in the bunch of things I got. I got not one, not two, but THREE purses. Two of them are Alfred Sung - whomever he is. (I just googled his name, he's canadian and I see he makes bridal dresses).(The exact same purse, just in 2 different sizes - lol...) Hey - when you like a style! (All three purses are black... and tres cute. I will photograph them tomorrow!) I have NOT purchased a purse for myself in a long time - and well, today I just wanted them. I didn't need them... but WANTED. And you know what? Today I feel I deserve them! For no reason at all. Happy early mother's day to me! (Hee hee!)

Speaking of mother's day - I told Jamie that whatever he does for Mother's Day will be reciprocated for father's day in June (which is the day after my birthday this year). So he said good - I don't want anything for Father's day, so I won't do anything for mother's day. Shit! Can he get away with that? I better get a card with some thoughtful words... that's all I really want. I am hoping to finish his "married" socks by Father's day, that's what he's getting. I have just over a month & a half to cast on sock #2 and finish them up. I know I can do it!

Today I made up a sample pair of earrings for my 'new line' of earrings, to post in my Etsy Shop. You can get whatever letters you desire. Two first name initials, or one first name and one last name initials... I have them up in my Etsy shop. Need a gift for someone? Secret Pal maybe? For your mom for mother's day?? For yourself? For a friends birthday? Come support a stay-at-home mom in her attempt to better the world with her jewelry! (And yes, I'm obsessed with my electril drill and drilling holes!! You have to see how many holes I've made! I'm addicted to my electric drill - and it's MY drill, not Jamie's! He doesn't even have one! He shares mine with me!)

Some other things I want to talk about - but that will have to be tomorrow. It's late and I want to get to bed sometime before midnight. (We'll see if that actually happens). Tomorrow I will talk about my Pre-Post Natal Aqua class... I have some words to say about that. And the sushi story. (Jamie was in the doghouse for that one!) Oh, and some mail I got from some jewelry I ordered on Etsy. I'll post it tomorrow, I haven't photographed those yet.

17 Weeks! Wow. This Saturday he turns 4 months old. Wow. Where has time gone? He's becoming a big boy, doing all these incredible things. Everyday is a new adventure, and new things to get excited about. I'm going to make a list of things and post it Saturday when he turns 4 months old!

Rolled on Over!

I was putzing around blog reading on my computer just before, way past my bedtime and I heard scuffling sounds in Sean's room. So I went up to check on him. He'd been asleep since about 8:30-8:45 pm. I put him to bed on his stomach as I always do, as it`s the only position he'll stay asleep in.

Peeked into his crib with dim light (his room has a dimmer on the light) and he's on the other side of his bed ON HIS BACK! He completely rolled himself over. This is a first! He's rolled from his side onto his stomach or ontop his back from the side, but that is an easy roll when you're already halway there!

I am not sure if he used the crib side (rails which are padded with his bumpers) to push himself over or not, but he did it by himself!

Should I be proud? Or should I be worried? LOL....

It's almost 1:25 am, Sean's having a bottle in my left arm, so I am going to go back to reading Knitting Under the Influence, which I am still not 100% crazy about, and I am about 75 pages in. (Yes, I'm aware I started it exactly a month ago...!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 25 of 30

Some random things today...

I made my sister some inital earrings - and sent them with Jamie to bring her at work. She loved them! Whoo hoo! I am starting to custom make earrings with "REAL SIZE" scrabble letters, and I am planning on making a whole ton of stitch markers (Knit, Purl, Wool, Yarn, Lace, Frog... you name it...!)

Today, Gibson was on Oprah. He's the largest dog that has been recorded. He on 2 paws is 1 inch taller than Shaq (Basketball player) at 7'2". CRAZY! And I thought my mom's Great Danes were huge?? Gibson is not even standing straight 100% in this shot above on my TV!

From his website, I quote: "When he stands on his hind legs, the 170-pound "Harlequin" Great Dane is more than 7 feet tall, and has a shoulder height of 42.6 inches (topping Harvey's old record of 41.5 inches). Thankfully for everyone, Gibson is just a big, friendly puppy dog.

Actually, he's the tallest dog in the world. Gibson holds several world records, including the world's tallest dog, tallest therapy dog and tallest Great Dane. And he's been turning quite a few heads outside of his native Grass Valley."

Gibson even has a blog. What's this world coming to!? LOL

I personally do not like Harlequins, I'm a Fawn fan. (Golden colored like the pups my mom has). I think Harlequins look like huge dalmations. Or cows... (Black spots on white!)

Oh, and on Oprah, her dog said "I LOVE YOU". You can actually click on the Paw on the main website and "hear" Gibson saying it. It's very odd! (Yeah, and sometimes I think I hear Zeus (my cat) saying Hello - and sometimes even I think he calls my name... But I think I'm just hearing things! LOL!)

I just sent Gibson the dog an email. Yes, I know, weird. There is a contact form, and I told him that I saw him on Oprah today, and us Dane lovers/owners in Canada say hello. LOL... (I need help?!)

Sean & I took another walk. We walked over to the post office, and I mailed a nice package out to my SP 10 pal. I CANNOT wait for her to get it. But being a hostess, I am NOT going to say what was in there (even though I think I rock! hee hee!) until SP10 is over, and I've revealed myself. I am just too damn proud of what I sent her. I think she is going to 158% love it. Oh, I wish I could talk about it. (If you really want to know - email me! I took pics before shipping out of course!) It was a nice walk, and I think I am going to do it almost daily. Plus, the girls at the post office love seeing Sean! He slept most of the way there, but on the way home he realized he could see new things, so he was all attentive to what was around him.

While out, I picked up some 3-6 month size shoes (Gagou Tagou). I got him the exact 4 pairs I got him yesterday, which were in 6-9 month size. Apparently his foot measures up to the 6-9 month size on the back of the shoe package, but the shoes in all reality are WAY too big for him. So I had to get him 3-6 month size, so he can start wearing them right away! Maybe tomorrow I'll have him model the shoes! (This kid is going to hate me one day for all the photos! I swear!)

Tonight, Angela came over, and I picked up stitches to start my square seaming (basically knitting another square to seam it together). I will show it finished tomorrow (since right now, it's not). We watched the American Idol special tonight (no I don't regularly watch the show).... and Angela straightened my hair. It made me feel better. Though, after 2 Advils, I still have a slight headache. (I haven't had a headache since before Sean was born, but while pregnant).

I've updated my sidebar with some new knitting books I've gotten over the last month or so, and I've also updated my froogle wish list, you know, with my birthday coming up and everything! (Hee hee!) Maybe know my family will know what to get me! My parents have already gotten me my birthday presents. (Pink & White Habs jersey as well as a new washer & dryer when I go to pick them out in about 2 months!) Maybe I can start leaving hints to the hubby to get me a gift certificate to the local yarn shop (like he did last year!)
What else going on today? Hmm... not much else that I can think of.

Angela did bring me some really nice presents tonight, for no reason at all! (What are best friends for?!) And, I will photograph those in the morning, and post them up tomorrow!

A year ago today, Jamie & I left to Vegas. I didn't know I was about 5 days pregnant at the time. Jamie however, says I was eating for 2 while in Vegas!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24 of 30

I wanted to share these awesome PJ's I got... they're winnie the pooh dressed like SHEEP! If only he had knitting needles in his hands!

Today, while I out - I picked up some shoes for Sean! They are all by the company called Gagou Tagou - and I love them. They're all in the "jeans" collection. I got them in 6-9 month size, because lining up his foot to the chart - my gosh he has big feet! There is no way 3-6 month size shoes would fit him!!

Today was a good mail day, I got my April shipment for the Socks that Rock club. (I'm hoping this color will grow on me... so far... I'm not 100% impressed)....

Here is the cute little keychain that was sent as "extra emergency yarn!"

I also received in the mail today, this lovely package from Andrea in Toronto. She sent me her leftover sock yarn, for Seans blankie. I also got some point protectors, an adorable dragonfly pouch, 2 patterns for socks, and these WICKED magnets below (which are from Lettuce Knits!):

THANK YOU ANDREA - I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You rock girl! I hope the next time I'm in Toronto we can go yarn shopping together!

I also got some mail from Lainie.... some awesome stitch markers & a cotton hat for Sean:

Today I finished Square number 8 for Sean's blankie. I think I am only going to be making it 8 squares wide, after all - it's a baby's blankie! I think 8 squares wide is enough... I will start knitting two of them together when I start a new square tomorrow!

I can't decide what order to put them in, but I think I will be putting them in this order (above).

From left above to right below:

What do you think of this order? Any opinions?

Have you seen this new Will Ferrell video online? If not, click here and watch. What a potty mouth on the little girl!

What else is going on around here? Well, I went out today and did some errands, and took Sean in the snugli. I absolutely LOVE the snugli. So much better than lugging around the baby carrier, or putting Sean in the carrier in the stroller, when I don't have to! I am loving the snugli, now that he fits into it properly! I went to the library near my house and took out 5 books for myself. I had to sign up there, as I'd never been there before. I even got Sean his very own membership! He was allowed! I can't wait until he can start picking out books for himself! I got 1 reference book and 4 knitting books, I'll post their titles tomorrow, I left them in the trunk of my car, and I'm not feeling up to going to the garage to get them right now.

What else did we do today? A return at Walmart... with Sean still in the snugli - I'm loving it! Really... can you tell?

This afternoon Jamie & I caught up on two weeks worth of 24, but we still have yesterday's episode to watch. Boy, it's almost repetative what is going on - and it's as if they can't come up with new & exciting stuff... It's still good, but not as good as the first few seasons. Everything seems to be getting "old".... Even as sexy as Jack Bauer is... he's gotta hold my interest with a good storyline too, you know!

So- I really did damage to my toe on Friday night. (When I hit the couch and my toe was gushing blood...) Well - it's STILL in pain today, and it's as if just that one toe (the one next to my baby toe) is all completely numb. Post-natal aqua last night was HARD due to this.... and today, it's not feeling ANY better at all... I'm hoping it heels soon, it's really a pain to walk on! Oouch!

Alright, I must go wash baby bottles, so Sean has what to drink out of tomorrow. I also have laundry of his to put away. If I don't get it done now, while he's finally sleeping (he was really crabby all evening, refused to sleep, didn't want to eat, and kvetched the entire evening - I really had no idea what he wanted, and I don't think he knew either)..... then it will never get done!

Tomorrow I'm planning on staying in all day (besides a small trip to the post office to mail off a few things), and if it's nice, I'll put Sean in my snugli and walk over to the post office. That'll be nice. Tomorrow night Jamie has to work late, and so I will be having Angela over for some knitting & maybe a movie or something. Haven't watched a movie in a while... so maybe that will be fun. I did watch Karla last week, but that was more documentary style.

ps- don't get me wrong, I still love my Azure Wrap Sling, but right now, in the heat, I'm loving the Snugli more!