Thursday, July 31, 2008

july thirty-one

Sean's picture is in the West Island Section of the Montreal Gazette today. The one from yesterday that I absolutely loved! And next week's question for the Contest is "What's Growing in Your Garden?".... Oh boy... do I want to submit photos!

This afternoon Angela came over and helped me do some groceries. Doing groceries with 2 kids alone is a challenge. It was nice to have some help. Thank you!

This evening we went out for food & knitting with West Island Knits. There was a good turn out tonight! Wow, we were 9 of us! Crazy! Oh, and my little Mack, how can I forget Mack?

I worked on Sean's Blankie Project tonight, I needed a little change of pace in knitting. Working on the same projects every day - blah - I needed a change. I think that's my knitting A.D.D. coming out! Must work on more than 1 thing at once. Yep, that's me!

I need to finalize my thank you cards from Mack's birth (bris). I have a ton to write, but keep changing my mind for what kind of thank you cards I want to use. I had bought blank cards because I wanted to design my own and then print them, but now I'm thinking it may be too much work and I don't really have the time right now. Ah, time... I don't know what that is anymore...! It seems just to FLY by daily really fast... the next thing I know, it's 11pm and it's time to crash... speaking of which....

I'm beat. I'm off to bed. Tomorrow night, Jamie's on Mack duty all night. I haven't gotten more than 3-4 hours of sleep in one shot in over 6 weeks now. I've been a walking zombie the last few days. Must get some sleep!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

july thirty

Today was a good mail day!

First, I received these lovely embroidered bibs for Mackenzie. The were made by Sherrie's mom - thank you Mrs. N. They're awesome. Her mom makes them for a local baby shop in their area... Neato! Sherrie's been trying to convince her mom to open up an Etsy shop. I think she totally should. I'm putting these bibs away for when Mack's about 5-6 months old and we start him on solids!

I also received a delicious package from my Summer of Yarn Love Pal. I received a skein of Paca-Peds yarn from the Alpaca Yarn Company, in the Singin' the Blues #601 colorway. Love it! I also got some gum (best kind of candy to get me!), a really neat knitting sweater keychain (matches the earrings I make!) and a Where's Woolly book, by Usborne books. Thank you pal! I love it!

My pal is very sneaky! I have no idea who they are! The first package was postmarked from NH, USA and this one was postmarked from MA, USA. Very good pal! I'm definitely not figuring out who you are now! I'm darn curious too! I can't wait for August to get my final package and learn who they are!!

So, as it turns out, both my boys are stomach sleepers. For the longest time we tried procrastinating putting him on his stomach. Sean was a stomach sleeper from early on. It's funny that I feel I'm being more over protective with Mack. Aren't I supposed to be more laid back and easy going and at ease? Definitely feel more nervous with Mack. I think it's because I was too laid back with Sean and fell out of routine and out of schedule with him, that I want things to be different with Mack. Anyhow, I knew it would happen, and he sleeps better (and longer) on his stomach. He's got great control for a 6 week old baby of his neck, and I'm totally not worried. Plus, I only let him sleep like this if I am next to him in the same room. Would never leave him alone this young on his stomach. Eventually I will, when he's got full control of his neck. But if he's in the bassinet, and I'm right next to him, and he's more comfortable this way, then why not.

Sean was photographed last night as I mentioned by my next door neighbor. He is an amateur photographer and sends in photos to the Montreal Gazette for their photo contest. Apparently the photos he took of his daughter didn't come out, so he asked my mom if it was okay to photograph Sean for the contest. (Honestly, I wish I'd gotten a phone call about this. I would have said yes, but still, a phone call would have been nice asking my permission). Anyhow, from the 4-5 photos that I was emailed of Sean, this above photo is my fave. Apparently he made a HUGE MESS with the ketchup after this shot was taken. I wonder if it'll make the contest! I don't know how many people apply to win.

I called the daycare around the corner from my house today and spoke to a lady who apparently knows me. I'm hoping this is a good thing. Anyhow, she took my name and Sean's info down, and the usual girl who is in charge of the waiting list, etc. is on vacation, so I'll call back next week to get more information and see how long the waiting list is... I'm hoping for my sake, Sean gets a spot there soon! I'd basically be using it as a babysitting service for when I need to do groceries/errands and can't take both kids, or if I have some work to do, I can drop him off and he can play with his friends there. I already know (as well does he) some of the kids that go there.

Spent the afternoon off the Island of Montreal visiting Angela. I did some great damage to my visa, buying the boys both clothes (and some shoes and a purse for myself). Ah, retail therapy. Sometimes, much needed. Had dinner with Angela & her fiance, and then headed back home to bathe Sean and put him to bed. (This putting him to bed awake thing is working. Though, the pouting and tears he gives when you put him in his crib for a nap or for bed at the end of the night just makes my heart melt. It's super cute and makes me sad). We had a nice day visiting with Angela.

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?

Fave supper for a hot summer evening... Hmmm... I enjoy a good Angus burger on the BBQ with cheese of course. (Swiss or Provolone cheese).I also enjoy the hamburger buns slightly toasted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

july twenty-nine :: 6 weeks old

Mack says hi. Thanks for stopping by his mommy's blog.

Mack is 6 weeks old today.

Today was a quick paced day. Had lunch, ran some errands in the afternoon with my mother and the two boys, and then on the way home I noticed my friend Debra in the park with her son, with another friend and her daughter (who was born 2 days after Sean), so I packed up both kids in the double stroller (which now beautifully does fit into my trunk!) and headed over to the park. We played in the park for a bit, I wanted to socialize with my friend and the other mommy, and learned some valuable information for a daycare in my area (that I will call tomorrow and put Sean's name on the list for).

That brought us to dinner time. Sean went swimming at my parents house, and had hot dogs there. He was supposed to come home for dinner, but my neighbor who photographs for the Suburban wanted to know if he could use Sean as a model and if my dad could BBQ him some hot dogs to eat. He may end up in a future edition of the suburban and if he does, that's neat!

I had dinner on my own since Jamie had plans with two really good friends who hadn't seen him in a long time (usher/best man at our wedding) and I got A LOT cleaned up while Sean was still at my parents house. I had to clean Mackenzie's room. I want in the next two weeks to introduce him to his crib, but Jamie needs to raise the mattress. It was lowered for Sean and never made it back to newborn position. Mack's crib has been a dumping ground for baby clothes for the last while, so I needed to organize it, and get everything to where they belong. I'm very impressed with the progress.

This evening I hung out with Sean and Mack and actually got some knitting done. When Jamie got home we watched tonight's Big Brother and I knitted some more. YEY for knitting time! Now I'm off to bed, to get a good night's sleep, tomorrow we're going to visit Angela.

Monday, July 28, 2008

july twenty-eight :: 19 months

Sean is 19 months old today.

At 19 months old your child...

... will probably be able to:
-"feed" a doll (I haven't seen him do so, because he only has 1 boy doll and I'm not even sure where it is at the moment)
- use 6 words (hot, hockey, apple, "aw, aw, baby", down, doggie - check!)
- walk up steps (he walks up and down now instead of crawling up them - check!)

... may possibly be able to:
- build a tower of 4 cubes (he can build more than that with his mega blocks - check!)
- identify 2 pictures by pointing (My parents have a collage frame in their house that I made for them one year that has all our photos in it, individually. When you ask Sean to point out who is who, he does. Even the dog is in that frame! - Check!)

... may even be able to:
- name 6 body parts (if you ask Sean to point to his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head and belly button (that's 6!) he can. He can even show you were your nose is. Though, his fingers may end up, UP your nose! He can also show you were his grandpa's mustache is (Jamie's dad) when he's holding him. - Check!)
- wash and dry hands (he can wash his hands and wipe his face with a napkin, but drying hands on his own, we haven't tried yet, but I don't see why he can't do it? - check!)

I think we're doing good with Sean!

This morning I actually managed to do an errand in the morning with BOTH kids, alone! Very happy about this! It also made it a lot easier that I had the double stroller. I think my life just got four hundred times easier. I am going to attempt more errands tomorrow!

This afternoon my sister came over to babysit Sean while I attended Mack's first playgroup. I'm so super happy that I've found a group of mommies whom have had babies at the same time as me. I kept hearing of great things from other mommies that I knew who had babies after I had Sean (but weren't in Sean's "age group") and were super jealous that they all had playgroups on a weekly basis. I never got to experience that with Sean. And now I get to experience it with Mack and I love it. So Mondays at 1pm (the only time everyone was basically free) we're getting together for a playgroup. We're supposed to be a bunch of us (around 10 mommies) but we were only 4 of us today with our little ones (And one a little bit bigger).

From Left to Right: Dylan (3 weeks old today), Mack (6 weeks old tomorrow), Kennedy (6 months old) and Jake (2 months old)

Dylan, Mack, Kennedy & Jake.

Of course Mack had just thrown up all over himself & me. I apparently only had 1 sleeper in his diaper bag, which was Preemie size. Whoops. He can't stretch his legs out in them anymore, I thought I had a NB or 0-3 month outfit with me. Nope. So, he's wearing Jake's sleeper that he no longer fits into anymore in these pictures. Thank you Jake for loaning us your clothes.

Kennedy decided that she wanted Mack to taste her fingers. He thought she was moving too fast for his liking. Maybe next week he'll be ready for that step in their relationship, as they just met today for the first time.

Left to Right: Melissa & Dylan, Robyn & Mack, Kelly & Jake, Daryn & Kennedy.

Once again, I'm so super happy that I have these lovely mommies and gorgeous babies to have playgroup with. Next week we will be more mommies & babies, and since I don't have a sitter for Sean next week, playgroup will be at my house. (Must clean the house, must clean house)....

Some garden updates:

There are some beautiful looking stems of cherry tomatoes!

Some cherry tomatoes that are even turning red!

Here's a close-up of the ones that are turning red!

The cucumber that we picked tonight (before it was picked).

And some new mini-bell peppers starting to grow! I wonder how "small" the mini-bells are?

Sean is still getting super jealous while I feed Mack his "baby juice". We had to start calling it baby juice so sean wouldnt think I was giving Mack "his" milk. So Sean gets his milk and Mack gets his baby juice.

The freakiest thing happens when Mack spits up. The spit up shoots out through his nose. Apparently it's normal and he'll out grow it? Has this ever happened to your child? Sean never had it come through the nose. I know that the ears, nose & throat are all connected, but I never would have thought that it would constantly come through the nose! It's actually kind of gross.

I've re-stocked the shop with the lovely Stitch Savers. The girl who makes them, sent me a personalized one for myself. I love it!

My almost 6 year old nephew is saving up his money (mainly from the tooth fairy right now) to go one day to Madagascar. He was excited to see the lemurs at the zoo & again at the biodome. I'm thinking about getting over my fear of knitting toys, and making him Hococo The Lemur. Isn't it just cute? I'm also definitely going to make him a skull hat... he's obsessed with skulls lately.

This evening was rainy (thunder storm actually), and so we chilled on the couch and caught up on some episodes of both Gene Simmons: Family Jewels as well as Monk.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

july twenty-seven

Slept in today. We all did. Sundays lately have been for catching up on much needed sleep. Very important. Very needed. I like Sundays!

I can't figure out how women with more than 1 kid "do it"...? I have no idea how they manage to get out of the house? I tried to get out of the house for 3 pm, but that didn't happen. I was supposed to meet my sister at a store (so she could help me out with Sean) and I tried to leave out of the house like 10 times. But no. Sean made a poop. Then Mack made a poop. Then Sean made another poop. And then Mack made another poop. I don't get it. In the span of an hour I changed 4 poopy diapers. I never thought I was getting out of the house. Finally by 3:51 pm I dropped off Sean at my parents house where my sister was waiting, so she could watch Sean and go swimming with him & our parents, and I ran my errand. By the time I got back about 30 minutes later, they'd gotten out of the pool since it looked like it was going to pour. (It never poured - I could have gone swimming!)

Here are some pictures from my parents house tonight:

Mack says thumbs up!

Mack, Sean & I

Cowboy Mack!

Cowboy with attitude!

Mack & I. (I love this picture!)

And Sean & I.

Anyhow, today otherwise there is nothing to report. Nothing of importance really.

We did manage tonight to figure out how to fit my double stroller into my trunk. We knew there was a way to get it into the trunk, as it's meant for people who have regular sized cars with regular sized trunks as well. It fits.... UPSIDE DOWN! I have to flip the entire stroller over to get it into my trunk, but it does go! Phew! Glad it gets into the trunk now...

Tomorrow Mack starts his playgroup. I never got into one with Sean (didn't know other mommies with kids born around the same time as Sean in my area at the time) and regretted it. Rather, I was jealous of any mom who was in a playgroup with their child. Sean now has friends his age due to the classes he started at around 12-13 months old at the Y, but I didn't have anything for him before that. We took swimming classes yes, but other than that, nothing. So I'm very excited that I now have friends whom have been having babies from May - July and are interested in playgroup! Whoot! My sister is watching Sean for the time we'll be out tomorrow, and then I'll come back and watch a movie with her before she has to go meet her trainer at the gym. And so begins another week....

Just a reminder there is only a few days left to get yourself an August Sock Club. Please come on over and support me, it's my first pattern design ever and I'm very excited about it! And those of you who picked up the August kit and want some more yarnie goodness, the September Sock Club is now listed and it's yarn handpainted by the woman who does Lovesticks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

july twenty-six

Jazz told me that he hadn't been photographed in a long time. He wanted to be blogged as well. It's hard to photograph him being all black - especially since he sleeps most of his days on a black couch.... so I caught him today in front of our white front door. He says hello!

Garden update:

Some more Lincoln Peas.
Next year I want to do snow peas.

My mini-bell pepper is growing! I have no idea how big/small the mini's get.

My San Marzano tomatoes are growing!

And more cherry tomatoes are ripening!

And today I actually picked some Lincoln Peas and a new zucchini!
(This is our 5th zucchini picked!)

This afternoon Jamie had to go to work so we all went with him (since we own the store). So we packed up the kids in Jamie's car and took a drive. While Sean was waiting for Jamie to pack up the car with stuff for the store, he climbed right into the car and started watching his DVD of Seseme Street. He just loves it. And we're sick of his fave DVD!

Mack also enjoyed the car ride, getting a good grip on his toy. I couldn't believe the grip! He wouldn't let it go! At almost 6 weeks old (this Tuesday) he's starting to discover things around him. I love it.

Jamie got some work done and kept Sean with him. I wore Mack and checked out a store next door to where Jamie's office is. I found some neat stuff...! Here are my finds:

Awesome turquoise earrings.

And really cool baseball buttons for a sweater for Mack & one for Sean. (Must finish some WIPs first though, then I'll get to making them a sweater!) Aren't these buttons just the cutest?

We had lunch near by and then headed to the mall across the street. I had a return to do, while Jamie sat in the car outside the store. Yep, return was all I was supposed to do. Not an exchange. You see, while on the way to the cash I found 2 sweaters and a new shirt. I didn't try them on, just grabbed my size as they have a return policy. Then while waiting in line at the Central Cash, they had jewelry on severe liquidation. Three pieces caught my eye:

This clear necklace.

These black & white earrings (they match the dress I'm wearing to my cousin's engagement party on the 10th of August)

And these purple-y-blue earrings.

Can you tell I love earrings? Yep. Love them. I have quite the earring collection as well. I have two cases full in my bedroom. Mostly costume earrings, but I love danglies! I love love love earrings (and purses and shoes and yarn too... and books too). If you were to ask me what I collect.... it would be that.

1. Yarn
2. Earrings
3. Purses
4. Shoes
5. Elephant things

And it's not even vintage purses/shoes/earrings or anything like that, it's items I use!

I like my finds from today.

We ran two more errands on the way home, one to Toys R Us and one to Zellers. At Toys R Us I needed some stuff for Mack and Sean got to pick out stuff too. I got him a tool set (no link) and a cash register. We also picked out a second booster seat, as the one we have is now permanent for every meal in our kitchen. So instead of taking it out each time. So we picked up this one which is cool because it comes with a toy center that snaps on after/before dinner to keep Sean entertained. The one we have in our kitchen is the same company, but this one.

At Zellers I needed wash cloths. I use 1-2 wash cloths every morning to wash up. I have my routine. Lately, they've been smelling rather off, as many times as you wash them with nice smelling laundry detergent. So, it was time to chuck them, and buy new ones. Now, I'm PICKY when it comes to the wash cloths, as I use them on my face. I finally found some that I liked, in a good quality at a good price. As soon as I got home, all the others that I've been using (for god knows how many years - they followed me out of my parents house), went straight into the trash. I can't figure out why they got sooooo odd smelling when wet. I use them, and then hang them in the bathroom to dry before tossing them in the hamper (I have a special hamper just for towels as I do those loads separately). Maybe because they were old? But I have bath towels older than them that don't smell? I just don't get it. And since I use the towels on my face to wash up, I didn't want to smell them like that any longer. I hope these new face cloths do the trick. I'll start by only opening up 1 pack just to make sure I like them before opening them all, as they are returnable.

This evening Jamie played hockey and I hung out with the boys. Mack decided that his eyes were bigger than his belly and ate too much and threw up all over himself, the vibrate chair and it was all in his hair too, so he got another bath. Ahh, the joys of motherhood...! So of course I was dreaming when I thought that maybe I could actually get some knitting on the couch done tonight. Maybe tomorrow...

Friday, July 25, 2008

july twenty-five :: 82 weeks :: 5000th Comment

I forgot to post this picture last night. It's how I wore my new pendant needle gauges. I made them into earrings. I think I need to make a necklace for myself too. They're just too awesome! They are so lightweight, they rock!

Sean is now 82 weeks old.

And he still makes me laugh and smile and made silly faces.

Today we tasted the first 2 cherry tomatoes from our garden. Totally ripe and ready to be eaten. Give it a week and we should have a TON of ripe cherry tomatoes to eat. I can't wait. I love to eat cherry tomatoes!

This afternoon while Mack napped Sean and I had fun while I folded the never ending laundry.

I just love these two up close pictures of him.

We had fun just hanging out together, and he was too cute in his hooded blanket. I love it!

Meanwhile, Mack was fast asleep:

Yes his pants are too short (I'm using them as shorts because where on earth can you find and buy shorts for a newborn that is under 8 lbs. It's too hot to have him in sleepers most of the time and too air conditioned for him to be in just a onesie. Anyone know where I can get 1 month size shorts for a boy? A skinny little boy... And yes, there are sheep on his booties!

We have a 5000th commenter! It's Bea! She left this comment:

Bea has left a new comment today on my post "july twenty-one":

You make me want to start a garden! Yum!! I can't imagine how much dirt I would have to bring in to have something to grow it in though. I still want one...

Congrats Bea! I will be putting together a prize for you, and get it out in the mail as soon as possible! Give me a few days though, I'm still trying to figure out life with two kids.

For the first time in a long time I actually got to sit on the couch this evening and get some knitting done. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that without interruption. I worked on none other than my My Misty Garden Scarf. It's coming along, and I can't wait for it to be finished and send it along to my pal.

Speaking of knitting, I was debating the Ravelrympics, but there is NO way I can commit to something like that right now. 17 days to cast on and finish a project? If I didn't have a newborn, then I'd say it's possible. Maybe next time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

july twenty-four

There's a cucumber in my garden. Actually there are a few starting. This is very exciting to me. I heart cucumbers. They're my fave veggies. Ranked number 1. I'm so happy one of the cucumber plants is starting to produce something! I can't wait to pick it and eat it!

Some of my cherry tomatoes are turning red. This is very exciting. It means that soon I can pick them and eat them. Not bad for a first time gardener, eh??

Today I did some stuff around the house while my cleaning lady was here, and attempted to do some laundry. I still have four hundred more loads to do (okay not really four hundred, but you get the picture)!

Late afternoon I dropped Sean off at my parents house and did a run to the post office. I think the people behind me in line were cursing me, I had a ton of stuff to mail today! I was all organized though, with all my customs labels already all filled out, so it would speed things up. People in line behind me didn't seem to care though that I'd filled everything out beforehand. I think they were annoyed that I had a lot of stuff to mail. But you know, I did stand in line and waited my turn, so.... I'm entitled to mail out as much as I want! I've waited my fair share at the post office before with psycho people before me in line either mailing out a ton of stuff or causing the cashier grief over god knows what!

After the post office since I was in town, I picked up some dinner and headed over to Ariadne to see Angela & Madeleine. Mack had a good time chilling on their couch while I knit. You can see my Misty Garden Scarf behind Mack, I actually got to work on it tonight!

Angela & Mack

James, Angela, Lena (hiding behind Mack) and Erin.

Erin, Michelle, Amanda & Geeta
(Do Erin & Michelle have blogs or Ravelry IDs? Anyone?)

Mary's having a baby boy late fall, so she got some practice in with Mack! She did a great job! Though, I feel bad, because Mack spit up while she was holding him. (Totally NOT your fault Mary!)

Michelle was so proud that she picked up stitches for her hat that I had to take a picture. Michelle is my emergency nurse friend who came to visit me while I was in the hospital with Mack since she worked while I was there.

It was also great to see Kadi who just got back from Europe.

I was so glad to get out of the house tonight, and knit. I don't get knitting done while Sean's around. Mack's super easy and lets me knit. I told him that if he lets me knit tonight, I'll knit him something. Hey, it worked! Hee hee... I thank the ladies at Ariadne for not kicking us out and letting us stay late! I wish I could have stayed longer tonight. If you're ever in Montreal visiting, you have to check them out - the owners are lovely and they are the only yarn shop in Montreal that I'd buy stuff from (seeing as though I have my own shop!) Actually tonight, I got a copy of Steppin' Out Too since my best friend knit the test pair that are on the cover!

So, Kelly whose blog is I'm Loving Motherhood blogged the other day about a $250 cookie recipe. A friend of hers was expecting to pay $2.50 but the store (Neiman Marcus) charged her $250! Outraged she decided to share the recipe with everyone she knows and wants us to share it with everyone we know! You can find the recipe here, so feel free to make them and pass it on! I'm curious to taste what 250$ cookies taste like!

A reminder that there is only a few days left to pick up your August Sock Club, which I'm designing the pattern for! Come on and show some support! It's my first pattern ever! If you've already got your August Kit, September's is up for sale as well (Yarn is Lovesticks by Kavatar0). Delicious!