Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On a Roll...

So I've been on a roll... or a groove rather, if you want to call it that, for 2 days now. It's been 2 days of successful breastfeeding (with the occasional bottle when I am out of the house). My milk supply seems to be very sufficient, and I am very happy about that. I don't really have a "stash" but hope to be able to create enough of one, so that I have milk for when we got out - but don't have to pump right before leaving. That would be nice.

Sean's Ocean Wonders crib toy seems to be only half working. Yannick, Jenn's husband installed it on Saturday night while they were over visiting, and we cehcked the batteries - they all tested good. Now, only the music and the lights work, the bubbles and the fish that are supposed to move on a track - don't move. I'm going to have to get Jamie to look at it this weekend, I don't understand why it doesn't work?

I am really worried about Sean's bowel movements. He hasn't had one in almost 24 hours, and if I don't see one soon, I'm going to have to use the thermometer trick that the hospital told me about (when I called shortly after being released from the hospital).

My order from came last night, wasn't expecting it for another 2 weeks (due to a book that said 10-14 days for shipping) and I received:

- Knit 2 Together by Tracey Ullman & Mel Clark
- Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (They're making this into a movie - Julia Roberts is staring in it! I can't wait!)
- The Wedding Girl: When 'i Do' Gives You Deja Vu It Could Be a Problem... by Madeleine Wickham

Now, as soon as I have some time, I have a bunch of books I want to read, and a bunch of stuff I want to knit. It should be soon that I will start getting into my groove - it's slowly starting, but not quite there yet. Everyone keeps reassuring me it will happen - being a new mother for the first time, I'm slowly learning & getting there! Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! I suppose I could read while nursing, instead of surfing the net! (Well - that's technically reading too - right?)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What I Would Look Like As An M&M

Today I had the pleasure of playing around with creating my own M&M character. If I were an M&M - this is what I'd look like: (Pink of course)!

I tried creating my own scene (yes there is a penguin on the beach!!) but for some reason it wouldn't let me save it without these lines around the M&M girl.. Oh well. You get the idea.

Click here to create your own M&M character! How fun!

Took some fun photos this evening:

I love this pillow. I don't know what it's called (perhaps Boppy?) and it;s great for breastfeeding, and we just started using it to hold Sean in sitting positions - which he likes. His favourite spot? Watching The Simpsons on TV.

And of course, our Habs fan!

I found a cleaning lady! My mom's cleaning lady has a friend who can come clean my house this Saturday. I'm sooooo excited for someone else to do a once-over of my entire place. If I like her work then I'll perhaps keep her number incase I need to use her again, but it won't be a regular basis thing. If I had a bigger house, then maybe, but for the regular maintenance stuff as soon as Sean starts sleeping through the night and allowing me more sleep I'll be able to get back ontop of my chores again! But right now, I'm just too tired.

So I want to share some good news! It's now been over 24 hours, I've been breastfeeding the "normal" way. I have NOT pumped a bottle for Sean's feeding in over 24 hours. He did get 1 bottle of formula today, because he was hungry and I needed to get out to the grocery store and pick up stuff for dinner before it got too late, and I didn't have time to start sitting down for a feeding on the boob. So far things are going well, and I hope that it continues that way. I hope that I will be able to start creating a "stash" soon, so that I have supply of breastmilk incase I want to go out and leave Sean with Jamie or whatnot. Or even go out with Sean to places where I wouldn't feel comfortable breastfeeding, etc.

I'm considering going knitting tomorrow night, we'll see how I feel. I have a friend coming over in the afternoon to see us and I'll see how I feel closer to dinner time. I do want to get some knitting time though, and see some friends!

I got my Lorna's Laces in the mail today, that I won from the final SP9 contest that Patty my hostess held. Thank you again Patty! It's awesome. Now I need to find a project to do with it! I have 70g of Shepard Sport Weight in Color 24, Happy Valley. It has purple in it - but honestly, for some reason, that doesn't bother me. I don't think I'm allowing purple back into my life for good, but maybe just this once! Ha!

Alright, must get sleep! It's all I can think about these days.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Explosion

This morning I had my postpartum apt with my doctor. It went well and he says I have healed very nicely (from my episiotomy). Everyone loved Sean, and I think I perfer my first thing in the morning appointment than a 10 am one. My doctor was so far behind, it took forever for a quick check-up. I thought I was never getting out of there!! Everything though is good and I'm on micronor while I'm breastfeeding.

Today, while preparing lunch, a bowl, that was part of a set that we had on our wedding registry, exploded in the microwave. Now, Jamie & I absolutely HATE these bowls, because they are stamped with MICROWAVE & DISHWASH SAFE on the bottom, yet, they chip in the dishwasher and they heat up in the microwave. Yes, you read that correctly. THEY HEAT UP in the microwave, and the food barely does. So it results in a HOT HOT HOT plate, (I've burned my fingers numerous times) and cold food still on your plate. This explosion in the microwave today was the last straw. I'm calling up the registry department (at the Baie) to get the contact info for the customer service of this company that makes the bowls. I'll see where I get with that.

This afternoon I took some pictures of Sean while killing time at my parent's house before picking up Jamie from the airport:

This angle makes Sean look like he has Chubby Cheeks! He really doesn't! But, it looks like he does! Very cute, I think!

Tonight we have Heroes, 24 and the Habs on TV (They're retiring Ken Drydan's number tonight). So I'm off to go feed Sean, and chill and watch some TV. I am sooo zonked from a weekend of parenthood on my own (I really feel for those mothers whom have to do it on their own all the time, I don't think I would be able to do it). I don't mind if Jamie goes on business once in a while, but with a newborn, it's very demanding waking up in the middle of the night every 2-3 hours. I've been getting no sleep and I'm beyond zonked!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Month

Sean is one month old today. I cannot believe where time has gone! As I said on Thursday when Sean reached 4 weeks old, I cannot believe it, and it feels like just yesterday that he was born. His own unique personality is starting to be apparent when he's not sleeping. We've been blessed with a fantastic baby, who only fusses when he's hungry or naked during a diaper change. (I wouldn't want to be naked either! It's cold!) My love for this little guy is beyond what words can even describe.

Today I feel better than yesterday. Yesterday I was just beyond tired. I got a bit more sleep today than I did yesterday, but it's hard with Jamie out of town, and I'm doing all the wakings in the middle of the night myself. When Jamie's around, we share the getting up and feeding. Oh, and once I'm up at the 7 ish a.m. feeding, chances are I'm not going back to sleep after that.

I got some knitting done today (and last night) and my Column of Leaves Scarf is starting to take shape. I will photograph it shortly and show it's progress! It's looking snazzy! I love it! It's a lace pattern and not something I could memorize, so I have to follow the pattern VERY carefully. But I'm really enjoying it! Pictures coming soon! Promise!

This evening I had dinner at my parents house, and then my sister is now over and she's spending the night. Last night was kind of freaky in the middle of the night, getting up to feed Sean in the middle of the night, alone. Even with my alarm on the house on, any little noise - even if it was just one of the cats - freaked me out! Tonight I'll sleep easier!

Tomorrow is my postpartum apointment with my OB. I'm sure everything is going well, so it should be a very quick appointment. I'm spending the day with my sister (and Sean of course!), and then Sean and I are off to the airport to pick up Jamie.

Off to go watch TV with my sister. Goodnight!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Angel

I did not get a good night's sleep last night. I just couldn't sleep comfortably, and had to wake up to feed Sean (obviously) so I only got about 5 hours (max) of sleep. I'm not even sure it was that much.

Today I ran some errands with my mother, and my father watched Sean for me. I got a lot accomplished today, even though I have a ton more errands to run still this weekend, things that I need to cross off my to-do list. I got Sean a bunch of new clothes at Walmart & at Zellers today (thanks to a gift card at Zellers) and I can't wait for this kid to start fitting into things! He's going to make one handsome kid!

Here are some pictures I took of Sean before heading out on those errands today:

Wide awake before a nap...

Fast asleep just before I left...

And here is Sean being watched by Bosco.

These are a pair of mittens my grandmother knitted up for Sean, so that his hands don't get cold in this nasty cold Montreal weather. Aren't they just the sweetest things!

Tonight, my cousin Jenn & her hubby came over to hang out with me and see Sean. Jenn got some baby holding (and practice time) with Sean... (she's due in May with her first baby, a boy also!) We watched the movie Flushed Away (what a great cartoon movie! I loved it!) and Yannick helped me put together this Ocean Wonder's musical thing on Sean's crib. Sean loved it so much at my parents house (my mom has one on her crib) that I finally gave in and had Yannick help me put it on tonight:

So we took a picture of Sean with it!

Yannick also helped me figure out my new humidifier (my house is dry) and also my Safety First Diaper Genie thing. It's not that or too complicated, I'm just overtired and instructions don't mean much to me!

After Jenn & her hubby left, I cleaned up my stuff from the weekend, and then FINALLY opened the two parcels that came for me as I was walking out the door on Friday to my parents house. I WISH I had opened these on Friday, but... just didn't have the time.

I received my order with the Stitchionaries and Knitting for Peace. I can't wait to go through them and start reading them!

And then I got my package from my Secret Pal 9 Angel! It turns out, that Shelley, who I was spoiling - spoiled me back! Wow! That's all I have to say. Look at the amazing stuff that Shelley has sent me. It was too thoughtful of her:

Opal sock yarn (she has an online Opal shop)! I even got a ball of my fave color (the pink one) in 4 ply! Been looking for that like crazy, and Shelley had told me that it's not available (was that a plot to get me to not look for any so she could send me some?

I got gum, I'm a HUGE gum chewer, and some candies (that I love!)

Shelley took the time to knit me Irish Hiking Pattern gauntlets (I love them!) and she also sent a cell phone toy for Sean (which he loves already!)

I got 2 magazines and a journal (I love journals and notebooks!)

She sent along some patterns.... I can't wait to knit them up!

And here is the loot! Beads, cinnamon candles, hot chocolate, more yarn, tea, lipgloss, face masks, bath stuff, Sharpie markers in my fave 2 colours! Air freshner for my car and vanilla soap.

And the last (but not least) two items, that I wanted to show in detail are:

Some awesome stitch markers (I collect stitch marker) and this HANDKNIT by Shelley sock keychain! How awesome is that?!!

Thank you sooo very much Shelley. Everything was thoughtful and you put a lot of work into putting this package together for me. I thank you a million times over! Thanks for being my Secret Pal 9 Angel when my original pal couldn't come through for me. It really means a lot to me that you wanted to do this for me!

Alright, my eyes are starting to close on me. I must get sleep before Sean's next feeding!

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Heart Baby Gap

This morning after dropping off my husband at the airport early morning, I came home, got some meals ready for Sean (meaning I pumped out two bottles) and then headed to spend the day in the west island of Montreal. I first stopped by my old work, and had them do a passport picture for Sean (which now, I've learned, that if you're driving into the USA you do not need a passport, the passport is ONLY if you're flying into the USA) (I'm going to double check this, because I don't want to show up at the border for a wedding we have in the USA in March, to have problems at the border because Sean doesn't have a passport. (I can't get his passport until he gets his birth certificate - which should be soon). Anyhow, my old place of work did a HORRIBLE job with TWO sets of passport photos, that I'm mailing them back to them, and asking for a refund. (It's out of my way to go to them with a baby and being 20-25 minutes from my house - more with traffic). Anyhow, while out at the mall this afternoon with my mom & grandmother, we checked at the passport office, and they were refused. (I knew before even asking, that they'd be refused - I mean come on, I worked there for over a year, and then in another photo store for another 2 years, I know how to take PROPER passport pictures, so I knew that they would be rejected). I don't even know why I left the store and paid for them. I think that was my mistake #1... Ugh.

Anyhow, I spent the afternoon at the mall with my mom, grandmother & Sean. That was fun. I had some gift certificates to Baby Gap, so I spent them, and got Sean a lot of really cute pants, and tops and sweaters, and all kinds of cute articles. Oh, I can't wait for him to grow, so he can find into them! Just a few more pounds for him to gain! Oh, he'll be my handsome little man!

It was fun just walking around the mall, having an ice cream, and no worries on my mind (besides when the next feeding will be, and if he has a dirty diaper)!

This evening I had dinner with my parents, grandmother & sister, and then we tried to watch the movie The Night Listener on DVD and boy, what a CRAPPY movie. It reminded my of an episode of Law & Order: I think SVU. I'm determined to figure out which episode it is - but that will be tomorrow, I'm tired. We never made it to the end of the movie, and it's only an hour and a half movie!

Jamie's working at the Toronto Toy Fair until Monday, so I'm surrounding myself by friends & family this entire weekend! And, I'll also take some relax/chill time for myself. Sounds like a plan!

This morning, as I was walking out the door (literally), the postman delivered my package from (Stitchionaries!) and also a package from my Secret Pal 9 Angel. I can't wait to open it up, and see what's in there as well as learn who she is! All I know, is she's Canadian, and she's a registered nurse who deals with the elderly. She's a mom, and she knits (duh!). That's all I really know about this amazing person, who has volunteered to be an Angel for SP9. I'll open the package tomorrow - upon returning home from a day of errands!

I took some pictures today, but I'll have to upload them tomorrow - I don't have my card reader with me at my parents house. So do check back tomorrow for those!

Summer Engh - Thanks for tagging me, but I've already been tagged by Barb - and did the Weird Things Meme! Thanks for thinking of me though!

Alright, I have to get up shortly to feed Sean - so more tomorrow!

Knitting Sweater Earrings

My latest creation. I don't know how I had time to bead today. LOL. I plan on listing them tomorrow in my Etsy shop (link on sidebar). I have a few pairs for sale - if anyone is interested before I list them, either leave a comment or email me here. I'm selling them for 12$. Shipping is 1.10$ to Canada and 2.00$ to the USA or local pickup. If you're interested, I'll send a paypal invoice. Aren't they adorable?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Meme: Weird Things

Barb tagged me so here goes :)

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1) I keep a "travel" cap on my toothbrush even in my own bathroom when not travelling. I'm afraid of anything touching my toothbrush and it then going into my mouth. It's the only safe way of knowing nothing will touch the bristles but my toothpaste and my mouth and water when brushing my teeth.

2) I HATE peanuts and peanut butter.

3) I am not a fan of chocolate, I rarely eat it.

4) I am not a coffee drinker.

5) I hate the color purple, and have no explanation for it.

6) I keep a notebook in my purse that I write everything in. Phone Numbers, to do lists, grocery lists, etc... And once it gets too messy (even if the notebook is NOT finished) I re-copy the still to date important stuff or not finished lists into a fresh notebook and start all over again. I like clean notebooks. Weird... I know!

I tag...

Cynthia, Jennifer, Raesha, Lainie, Andrea, Patty, Shelley, Jenny, Kadi, & Marga. (That's more than 6 people, but who cares!) (Let me know if you've done it, I'll tag someone else!)

4 Weeks

I cannot understand where time goes? It's been 4 weeks since Sean's birth (he officially is a month old on Sunday the 28th). It feels like just yesterday I gave birth, but cannot understand that it's been a full 4 weeks. I've seen Sean grow out of his "newborn" face and into his "baby" face in the past 4 weeks and finally gain some weight! We've had sleepless nights, and nights full of sleep, smiles (that are probably gas) and lots of cries too. It's been a challenge, being "first time" new parents and all, but we're getting the hang of it, althought we've been winging it most of the time. We've learned a lot as we've been going along, and learning new things about ourselves and our capabilities. I love being a mother, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world... even on those nights were I get no sleep!

I took a bunch of photos of Sean today, 4 weeks of being on planet earth:

I love how Sean's starting to be alot alert during the day, and is starting to be curious about things. I love showing him himself in the mirror - it's just too cute. (Like when I do the "self portraits" of the two of us together in the mirror - he's fascinated with what he sees!) I can't wait until he starts playing with things, it's going to be so much fun!

What is it with people and not wanting to give out therir housekeeper/house cleaner's phone number? I've been looking around for someone to come ONCE to our house next weekend to clean our house (do a once-over) since I've been lacking in the housekeeping department since giving birth (and a bit before being 8-9 months pregnant) and it's as if it's a dirty little secret and no one wants to share their cleaning lady! I'm probably going to have to call like Mini-menage or CleanSweepers or something (who send like 4 people at one time) to clean up before Sean's Pidyan Haben (more about that later on, I don't feel like getting into that right now - but if you are curious, you can read up about the tradition here).

Today I had a bit of an "off" day, and told off this guy from Bell Canada when he called. They keep on calling for Jamie's best friend Marc, who owned the phone line when Jamie lived with him for 2 years. That was up until I moved in with Jamie in May of 2003. So, that was almost 4 years ago this spring. They KEEP calling. I KEEP telling them that Marc no longer owns the phone line. I tell them to take the number off the calling list. That I am not interested in their services. If they could offer me cheaper rates and airmiles like Primus does, then maybe I'll consider it. But they can't. And then they keep calling back for Marc. It's goddamn annoying. So today, I finally snapped at the guy on the phone, and you know what it resulted in? Him telling me he's going to call me EVERY friggin' day. I hope that's not the case, because I'll call up Bell Canada Customer Service and give them a piece of my mind....

My package from didn't arrive today, I'm hoping it comes tomorrow...! Mmmm Stitchionary!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lilypadz & Skip Hop Dash

Today while on my way out to do some errands, I saw that gas was at 91.1 cents per liter. The sign looked like 9-1-1 --> as if you'd be calling the police, and I thought it was funny, so while at a red light I managed to snag a photograph... I thought it was pretty funny:

The main purpose of leaving the house today was the fact that I absolutely HATE my diaper bag. It's just not practical for me right now. It probably will be good to go for walks or to the park, but for a full day out on the town - it's just not got enough room. So... I splurged and got myself this new bag by Skip Hop:

I picked out the Olive colored one, with the orange trim, since my stroller is brown. Now, they have a brown one, except it's got a PINK trim, and though I like pink - I have a baby boy. Pink no good for that! Anyhow, it's a pretty snazzy bag, and it even has clips to go on my stroller, so that I do NOT need to put it UNDER the stroller in the stroller basket, which can be used for other stuff... which is great. I really like this new bag. I hope it erally is of good use. I feel really bad, because my grandmother got me the other diaper bag, and I even picked it out - it's the one that matches my stroller (same company, Graco), but how was I to know that it wan't going to be practical (just pretty to match my stoller)? You can check out the company Skip Hop here, and view their other products and read up more on the diaper bag, if you're curious or interested.

While in the store, the owner, who is due herself in March, sold me on this product:

The lilypadz are great for nursing mothers. I plan on trying them as soon as my disposable ones run out (that I already opened the pack). This new product seems great. I'll let you know if it's as great as it sounds! View their site for more information, here.

Tonight, Angela came over, we watched some TV and I got some knitting done. My Column of Leaves scarf has some progress (pictures coming soon!) After returning home from dropping off Angela and doing a quick pharmacy errand, I caught the end of the All Star's hockey game, and I was disappointed to see that the West won. We had some great players playing for us in the East (Huet, Crosby, etc...) and it was just a little disappointing. Oh well - maybe next year. I hope to be able to get tickets to the 2009 All Star's game, they're being played here in Montreal! Jamie & I are VERY VERY excited.

Took some pictures today. In tradition with my "self portraits".... here is one of Sean & I in his mirror in his room:

I just love it!
And I posed my little guy sitting up with his stuffed elephant that his 2nd cousin Jennifer made him. Sean's starting to be a lot more aware of his surroundings these days, and I love that he's starting to be more interested in things - it makes things so much more fun!

Tomorrow consists of laundry (what a surprise!) and a little bit more errands (not far from the house)... but if I don't get those errands done tomorrow - then I'm not going to be upset by it. has shipped off my Stitchionaries and my Knitting for Peace - so we'll see if that comes in the mail tomorrow - that would be nice!

C'est tous pour maintenant.... Check back tomorrow for more in the life of a stay-at-home mommy & her adorable baby (okay - I'm biased!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doctor's Visit

No photos today. Sorry.

I've been getting a lot of wonderful comments on my blog. Thank you to everyone who comments and stops by to see how Sean's doing. I know you don't care how I'm doing - it's all about the kid - right? LOL.

I don't like leaving comments on other people's blogs in response to comments, because it probably has nothing to do with their post - and well - I just like emailing people back... so... I'm looking for these following people to toss me an email at THIS address, so I can add them to my address book!

-Maggie (not my Secret Pal 9 Maggie - but Maggie who is a mommy also -leaving me great breastfeeding advice, etc...) (Blogger doesn't allow me to access your profile, so I have no idea who you are!)

I think that's it.

Now... onto other stuff...

Lil-Rose-Thorn is hosting a swap. It's for Softies. I don't have time to make any at this moment - not with a very newborn who takes up all my time - but you can check it out here, if you are interested!

Today, I decided to order some books. They should be shipped within 24 hours, so we'll see how fast it gets here. I've been eyeing these three Vogue Knitting books for a while now... and finally decided to get them!

-Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One: Knit & Purl: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary
-Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume Two: Cables: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary
-Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume Three: Color Knitting: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary

and then with a recommendation from a friend to knit with, I ordered this book as well:

Knitting for Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time.

I'm addicted to knitting.

I got some knitting done tonight, while watching TV. I tried knitting and pumping at the same time with the electric - didn't work out so well.... I'll have to figure it out better next time.

Today was Sean's very first check-up with his new doctor. (And possibly Jamie & I will go see her as well, she's a family practitioner. She seems very nice (and young too) her diploma on her wall is from May 2001. 5 years in the business, almost 6... she can't be that bad, can she?

Sean got weighed.... and I didn't even guess right! (No one who left comments got his weight correctly!) He's been eating like a champ, and on an average, he's been gaining almost 40 grams per day, since his last weigh in.

January 10th he weighed 2390 grams.
Today, he weighed in at 2860 grams.

2860 grams is 6.3 lbs - which is almost 6 lbs and 5 ozs. (2860 grams divided by 454 grams (which is 1 lb), is 6.3 lbs. Jamie estimated that the .3 is about 5 ozs.

So, I'm sooo happy that Sean is way more than his birth weight now, and doing well! Everything else checked out good, and he even peed on the check-up table. (His doctor says she usually gets peed on, so today she's happy it was the table, not her!)

Sean goes back in one month's time for some routine shots. That should be very interesting, and since Jamie has to work that day, my mom is going to come with me to that appointment.

That was our big outing today. Oh, and on our way home from the doctor's office we stopped to pick up a mouse trap, our tenants apparently saw a mouse in her kitchen. We ONCE had a field mouse in our house, click here for that story & the proud cat who caught it. Anyhow, we're giving it til Thursday, for the mouse to go on the trap, and then we'll decide what to do from there. It's things like this - that makes me hate being a landlord, but then things like getting rent on time that make me like being a landlord. I hope this mouse doesn't make it's way into my place... however, I'm sure Zeus wouldn't mind another catch under his belt. I wonder if I should sent Zeus upstairs for a day to try and catch it... he'd like that, I'm sure!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Post Natal Aqua

I got word that my mom's friend in Toronto, who actually co-owns my mom's purebred dane, that one of his girl's had a litter over the weekend. 9 puppies were born, all fawn's - (like scoobydoo in color) except one - a brindle male (who is pictured below this image).

Apparently, this brindle male, was the only pup who DIDN'T mind being weighed. Isn't he just the cutest? I would totally love a Great Dane, but unfortunately, my house isn't big enough for a Great Dane, my cats would be pissed off, and my hubby doesn't want a dog that is any bigger than a golden retriever or labrador. So, there goes my dreams of wanting a Great Dane. (They're just such beautiful dogs).

Today I ordered this above book for Sean. Basically it's a photo album but on soft cover, that babies CAN put in their mouth - because that's what babies do. They put things in their mouth. This way, I can put pictures of Sean's family into the album, and he can know who loves him! (Like we don't tell him enough already. I make sure DAILY to tell him that I love him, and that his daddy loves him). My nephew has this fantastic book, and he still to this (I'm pretty sure) day flips through it (he's 4 now).

Jamie and I have been listening to a LOT of Sesame Street (Thank you Lindsay!) and Sharon, Lois & Bram, Baby Einstein, Raffi amongst other children's music. Jamie has this obsession with the Pinball Song. It's the first song on one of the cd's we have, and Jamie found the video from the original Sesame Street broadcast on youtube. Here is it below:

Click here to view.

I went out this afternoon on a few errands, and got to Walmart, but forgot my Walmart bill at home. I did have a few other things to pick up there, but the main reason for going was the return. Have you ever done that? I was soooo mad at myself for doing that. I know I'll be back at Walmart again soon (I feel like there is always something I need there), but still! I had every intention of doing that return today!

Tonight I went to POST-Natal Aqua. Boy it felt great to get back into the water! It's the same class as the pre-natal aqua that I took - and I missed my girlies! One girl, that I made friends with - is almost in her 38th week. WOW! Time flies. And another is almost in her 37th! I remember when these girls still had weeks left to go - and they were admiring my ALMOST baked belly! Now, I get to admire theirs! I shared my stories tonight, I hope I didn't scare any of the girls, but boy did I preach EPIDURAL! Ha ha! It's all about the epidural!

So - someone left a comment last night on my blog about Fenugreek - a herbal remedy that may be able to help with my breastmilk production. I plan on picking up some tomorrow (my local pharmacy that has herbal items was all out - so I'll be in the area of another store tomorrow), but while talking to a herbalist - who was on duty at the pharmacy while I was there - (I didn't know such thing exist), I am trying a liquid called Fenouil - which is from the vegetable Fennel (I love eating this!) and it's supposed to a) help with breastmilk production, and b) help lose weight! I learned something new today. Also - Fenouil has a bunch of calcium and vitamin C and other stuff in it - which is good for Sean as well - to get via my breastmilk. I'll keep you posted on how well it works. I'm starting it tomorrow as well. My production seems to be a little bit better today, and I'm starting to drink a LOT more water - which apparently is key. (I'm a really bad diet coke drinker - and juice drinker as well!) And no - drinking milk doesn't produce milk! (Someone told me to drink more milk today - I was like - "You don't even know what you're talking about, so shut up!" LOL)

I had a garlic dressing tonight on a salad for dinner - I really hope that Sean doesn't reject his middle of the night bottle! I haven't had a problem with onions, he seems to be okay with that (I love onions on everything!) and tonight we're testing garlic!

Tomorrow is Sean's first doctor's appointment. I can't wait to find out how much he currently weighs! My guess is just under 6 lbs. (Somewhere at like 5 lbs 14 or 15 ozs - but that is just my guess! LOL). Let's see if I'm correct! Anyone else with a guess!?? Leave a comment and let me know how much you think he weighs - and maybe there will be a surprise in it for the winner!

Tonight I got some knitting done on my Column of Leaves scarf. Yey for knitting time. I watched Deal or No Deal (I love this show), Heroes & 24 tonight, and while watching TV, I got some knitting time in, as well as pumping time as well with the electric - it seems to be working better these days - I think it was just my frustration the other day that wasn't allowing it to "work" properly.

Alright, that's enough rambling for one night. I better get some sleep before I need to be up for the next feeding!

ps - to all those whom have left me blog comments - I will respond to them tomorrow! (Thanks in advance for all the tips & advice - I really appreciate ALL of it!)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knitting Time

Did you know that you have to go to now to learn how to make Kraft Dinner in the microwave, that the instructions are no longer on the box? They used to be on the box, but not anymore. I had to run downstairs, log online, check the instructions, and then print them (they are now taped to my kitchen pantry door). Now, the whole ordeal would have been easy, but in the middle of printing, my printer lets me know that I'm out of Photo Cyan color. Then it decides that it's out of Magenta. So, I had to dig through my office supplies and find ink. What was supposed to be a two second thing, turned out to be five minutes. All because I had a craving for Kraft Dinner.... which happens like 2 times a year. (I can't even tell you the last time I had kraft dinner was)...

Today we gave Sean a bath. I've actually figured out the PROPER way to use the baby bathtub and now Sean actually enjoys being bathed! What a difference from the last bath, where he was not really thrilled with the fact that he was being bathed.
I won a contest with SP9! Patty my hostess held a contest recently where we had to post why we love or hate snow. I posted, and got entered into the draw. (I never win anything, so this was quite nice!) Anyhow, since my name was drawn first, I got to pick which Lorna's Laces colorway I wanted, and I chose a pastel colorway called Happy Valley! I may be mistaken but I think I've won stitch markers as well? I guess I'll find out when I get the parcel in the mail! Yey for mail! I can't wait to see the postman again sometime soon!

Right now I'm struggling with breast milk production and I'm very depressed about it. I'm struggling with a decision of what to do.... I really wanted to breastfeed and that was the final decision. However, I am dealing with flat nipples, which is making it impossible for Sean to latch. So, that's why I've been pumping. And I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because now I think my production is slowing up... As you can see, I am very frustrated at the moment. I don't know what to do. I'm scared to call the lactation consultant, because she's just going to want to get Sean back on the breast. I'm not so sure I want to, as one experience of him latching this week, doesn't really count for success, but I guess it is the first step. I just don't know what to do.
Today I actually got some knitting time! I am soo happy about that! Here is my progress:

I've been working on my Column of Leaves Scarf - and with NO boo-boos this time! It's coming along great!

Sean's been sleeping in his crib at night, and only in the mornings have we been bringing him into our bed to cuddle with us. This we're okay with. Here's a few pics of my cutie being put down for nap or bed time:

The beautiful elephant blanket is from our friends Lauren & Seth in Philly. It was accompanied with the Eagles Jersey. The blanket, has a matching stuffed Elephant, it's soo cute. I love it! And it's SUPER soft! Here's the set:

They are both just absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again Lauren & Seth!

And I'll leave you with one funny pic and one cute pic of Sean (the funny one is the 2nd one):

Awww, how cute!

Uhm, what's with the finger? (This was NOT posed). I called Jamie in from the other room to take a picture of this. I caught him already swearing and he's not even a month old! I hope he didn't learn that from me! I've been VERY good with my "potty" mouth lately!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Getting Things Accomplished

Last night Sean slept in his crib all night long! It was the first night since bringing home Sean that his mommy & daddy got to sleep alone together! We knew eventually we'd have to break him off the habit of sleeping in our bed, but I do have to admit, I do love sleeping all cuddled up to my little guy. But, I know, that if we don't break this habit now, he'll be 8 years old before we know it, and he'll still be sleeping in the comfort of mommy & daddy's arms.

This afternoon I watched Gene Simmons Family Jewels Marathon, Gene is really funny. What a cool family to live with! Imagine "Kiss" as your dad and a Playboy playmate as your mom?

Today, Sean's been napping in his crib all day. We're trying to get him used to sleeping in his crib for long periods of time. Maybe he just doesn't like the bassinet. That is very possible. However, he's been peeing through all his outfits even in preemie diapers! We're not sure if it's the position that he's laying in (almost on his back, but kinda to the side, and as long as he's NOT on his stomach, we're okay with him being on his side or partly on his side).... whatever keeps him sleeping, right?

This evening, Jamie went to play poker with the boys at a friend's house. So I took a self night, and while Sean was napping, I've been getting things accomplished. Laundry has been getting done (it was overdue to do our laundry - and Sean's laundry got huge since the peeing through outfits every few hours)... and I've been filing paperwork that has been piling up, and taking care of stuff around the house, and organizing even. I wish I could replace this time with knitting, but these are things that needed to get done.

Here is Sean making faces while he sleeps. He also uses his hands while he's dreaming. It's rather cute. Anyhow, I've been trying to document this!

He's just too darn cute!

And, lastly, I leave you with a video of Sean. We always play music when we change his diaper, and when we put him down for a nap, but he's not quite asleep we play music too. Our selections are between Baby Einstein, Raffi, Seseme Street, and a few others. I need to bring up to his room a Sharon, Lois & Bram Cd that I made him, and I just recently downloaded a bunch of Disney Albums from like Aladdin, amongst many other movie soundtracks. I need to get those onto CD-rom though... one of these days when I have time. Anyhow, this video was just after we changed his diaper:

We had fun shaking our sillies out!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Relaxing Day

Today was a relaxing day, nothing at all to report. Slept in, did some of Sean's laundry (the diapers we have a little too big on him, and well, he's leaking - not fun!) Daddy's going to go tomorrow to buy some Pamper's Swaddler's - because well, even those are a little too big (but Huggie's Preemie's are a little too tight!) I am so sure Sean is still not 6 lbs yet, but hopefully close to it. We'll find out Tuesday when we go to his doctor for his very first checkup!

My in-law's came to dinner tonight, and then stayed to play some poker with Jamie and one of his friends. It was a quiet night tonight, everyone seemed to be busy. That's okay. I'm all for a quiet evening.

My father-in-law took this picture of us during dinner (Sean had a bottle while we ate):

I love the way Sean is looking at me! He must love his mommy! (No complaints here!) (We must teach him to look at the camera though!)

And after dinner Mommy & Sean took a nap on the couch. My father-in-law saw this as a photo opportunity, lol! (As usual!)

So, really nothing to report. On the knitting front, I knit 5 rows yesterday while Angela was over, and 1 more row got knitted today. I'm paying more attention (I've been getting more sleep!) to the pattern and no boo-boo's yet in my Column of Leaves Scarf. Once there is more progress I'll photograph it. First, I must get a few pattern repeats accomplished. Hopefully this weekend!!!

Other than that, everyone here is good! Hopefully they'll be more to report tomorrow.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

3 Weeks

I cannot believe that Sean is already 3 weeks old. Where does time go, seriously? I am not sure. Days fly by, and really quickly, if you ask me. Now I know what my father means when he told me that once you have kids... time just flies by... I am NOT ready for time to fly by... I need it to go slowly! I keep telling Sean that I want him to stay this small forever... but I know one day he'll be taller than me most probably (hopefully!) and asking for the car keys to go on a date. Yeah, I'm NOT ready for that yet.

My little guy likes to sleep in his swing. I love it when he dreams and moves his arms around while he sleeps, it's too cute. They are usually accompanied by facial expressions too - it's great! Keeps me amused, and boy could I watch him for HOURS!

I missed a package last night while we were out at our belated Xmas dinner for Jamie's work. Anyhow, I picked it up today, and it was from my friend Lauren in Philly. Jamie's fave part of the gift package we got, was this adorable Philadelphia Eagles jersey (which Sean will grow into).... Jamie's FAVE NFL team is the Eagles! It is just TOOO cute. Thank you so much Lauren. (I know you read my blog!) There was a few other gifts with it, I will photograph the awesome stuff Lauren sent, and blog it tomorrow!

So, since the census was that no one could see the wrap on me in yesterday's blog post, because I was wearing a black sweater, and the wrap is black, I took some new photographs today. Some self-portraits, 3 weeks postpartum:

I am telling you - this wrap IS my new fave thing! I just love it. It was a very good investment.

Today I went for lunch with my grandmother, and then spent about 2 hours in Walmart. Went to do a return (and that was it) and walked out 2 hours later with a basket full of items. New garbage cans for the house, some new PJ pants for me (it's all I wear around the house these days.... so I wanted to get some fun ones to be comfortable! What else? A cool collage memory board, one for my office and one for Sean's room (will photograph once they're hanging) and some other things. I love Walmart - the evil corporation that it is!!

After getting in, we watched Oprah & Dr. Phil, and I need to remember to watch one of the two on Monday, there is a good show being aired, but now I can't remember which one it was! LOL. I'll probably be pumping at that time, so I'll probably plop myself on the couch!

Angela came over tonight, we had dinner and watched Ugly Betty and then CSI (half of it) and knitted. It was nice to have a friend over, even as zonked as I am.

Alright, I have to go to - you guessed it - pump. It's all I do anymore! LOL. If you want to find me, you know where.... on my couch!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Azure Wraps Rock

Today it took me a long time to get my act together and get to my mom's house. I did manage to stop at Acura and get my car looked at (thank goodness for having a hook-up there, I got my car looked at immediately, and fixed right there on the spot!) For some reason, my automatic car starter never worked. You'd do all the steps to get it working, and it would just choke and choke and never start upon re-starting it. I only need it when I go out - because at home I have a double car garage. But now, with Sean, going out, in the middle of winter (now that we're starting to have normal Montreal winter weather) I'd like to use my car starter. My car starter now works.

Here is a picture of Bosco (in the background) and Piper, my mom's Danes. They are so good together, and with each other! They give each other kisses, it's really cute. I hope my mom's home when Piper goes into heat - or she's going to have puppies!!! (Which would be really cute!)

I just love these two dogs. Piper is on the right, Bosco on the left. They kept standing at the gate, (I was in my parents room) and they just wanted to see the baby!

This is Sean sleeping on my mom's bed, while I was pumping (or rather trying to - I'll get into that in a minute).

On my way to the West Island today, I did stop at the new shop near my house (I missed their grand opening on Monday due to our snow storm). Their website is here. Anyhow, what I wanted to go to them for, is the Azure Wraps. I really wanted one when I saw it at the Mom Show back in November. Anyhow, I got one today, in black, so it matches everything.

I tried it on for the first time at the belated Xmas dinner that my father's company had tonight. It was postponned because my husband was in the hospital with me while I was in labor, and the manager was sick with the flu. (Not just cuz of me in labor - lol). (Or so that's what I think!)

Sean slept on my chest the entire evening during dinner (I managed to eat won ton soup without spilling any on his head since I couldn't lean over the table to eat it!) Sean loved being close to my body in a very womb like position.

The Azure wrap is kinda pricey (55$ CAD plus tax) but honestly, so worth it! I am NOT going to get rid of my Maya Wrap, but keep it for when Sean will be sitting on my hip to be carried. It won't go to waste. (I talked to the Azure Shop owner about the Maya Wrap, since she actually sells them as well!)

Today I thought I was having breastmilk production issues, but I actually think it's my electric pump having a bad day. I will re-read the instruction booklet tomorrow and if need be call the 1-800 number for The First Years. I got home and hand pumped - no problem. I was sooo frustrated, because I thought I wasn't producing enough, as Sean's been eating like a champ. Hand pumping manually - I got enough for 2 full meals. Electrically - not much was coming out. I wonder what I'm doing wrong (after it working beautifully for the last few days??)

I had to resort earlier and give Sean one bottle of formula. I literally thought I wasn't producing enough - Sean didn't spit out the formula. Daddy says that diaper change after that bottle was not so pretty! LOL. And now we know why they say breastfed babies are better! Anyhow, I'm not going to get rid of the formula, I'll definitely keep it for emergency reasons, etc.... like tonight. Sean was hungry, I wasn't going to let him starve, so I gave in and gave him ONE bottle. I'll do it again if I have to. I'm not afraid to anymore. But I really don't want to have to give him formula. His apetite is increasing though.

Another milestone tonight, I got Sean back on the breast! He had one meal being breastfed. I'll still give him breast milk in a bottle in the middle of the night tonight, just so we can all get back to bed quicker, but yeah! I'm very happy about it. I was in the middle of pumping, and Jamie made a joke saying "Let's see for kicks if Sean will latch on..." And he did... and he ate like a champ!

Alright, well now it's my bed time. I'm beyond zonked. Must get some sleep. Still trying to get used to this schedule.

My grandmother is coming over for lunch tomorrow and to spend some time with Sean and I. I have some laundry I'll be able to get done, and maybe even some knitting?!! (Knitting, what's that? LOL. I'm jonesing to even knit ONE stitch!)