Friday, July 18, 2014

How my garden grows

I’ve been meaning to post about my garden. I haven’t had the time until now to sit down and write a post. I finally found 10 minutes. (And I probably should be doing something else, but I didn’t want this to be too outdated!)

These photos are from June:


Curly lettuce (left) & Romaine lettuce (right)


Snow peas (left) & green beans (right).

tomatoesjune tomatoessidejune

Tomatoes section. (I planted grape, cherry & larger tomatoes).

zukecukesidejune zukecukejune

Cucumbers & zucchini section is against the brick wall almost all the way down the entire plot of the 24 foot garden. I planted 2 or 3 kinds of cucumbers & one type of zucchini.

peppersjune radishloot

Peppers (left) (some green, and maybe we’ll be surprised with another color, as my sister-in-law gave us 2 pepper plants, but wasn’t sure what color they were) & raddish loot (right)

These photos below are from two weeks ago already:


Curly lettuce (left) & Romaine lettuce (right)


Cucumbers & zucchini section doing very well against the back wall.


Pepper section. So far all the know still is the green pepper plants… the other plants haven’t started to grow any peppers yet. Maybe soon!


Snow peas (left) & green beans (right). The snow peas have been producing and we’ve been eating them right off the plant already. The green beans are now almost ready to pick some to steam as a side dish for dinner!


The tomato section. We have a lot of tomatoes growing finally. I actually ate 1 red grape tomato already and it was beyond delicious. I cannot wait for more to come!

I’ll be back soon with another garden update to show you what new we’ve gotten since I took these pics (which are about 2 weeks old now).

Are you growing anything delicious in your garden?