Thursday, January 31, 2008

january thirty-one

Sean loves his morning bottle. There is nothing else that can replace it. He is not interested in breakfast. Only the bottle satisfies him. And he knows the difference between his formula and 3.25% milk (which his new doctor wants us to wean him onto from the formula). We are slowly adding in milk, but I am not throwing out formula (which will not be good for the new baby - if I can't breastfeed again, I will be trying again), because Sean's on 6-18 month transition formula, which expires before baby boy number 2 even reaches 6 months old. He also loves his Thomas the Train flip open sofa, which he loves chilling in.

I played around with some photography today, which I hadn't done in a while. I had bought on sale this taffy thing, only because it was near the cash, otherwise I'd never had purchased it. (I've never seen it before, but I loved the texture), I think it's food? Not something I'd eat though. But definitely something I'd photograph!

This afternoon right after my cleaning lady left, Sean gave me about 2 and a half hours that he napped. I got a lot of files worked on, and accomplished. Sometimes he takes really short naps, but today he was exhausted. He was in such a good mood upon waking up, it was nice.

This evening I went out with the new West Island Knits group. It was our 2nd meeting ever. We were 8 people strong tonight, it was nice. There are a few others in our little group who couldn't make it tonight, but who are hoping to make it out to the next meeting. Our next meeting falls on Valentines Day, so we're moving it to that Sunday instead, just for that week. Our 8 strong were Marie-Lynn, Corinne, Helene, Madeleine, Maaike, Jennifer, Sylvie & myself. We had a lot of time. I think next time I'll just eat dinner before heading out the door, so I get to have cake instead of dinner...! I finished 1 mitered blankie square, and cast on another, which I finished just just now. I will do a count tomorrow of all the new ones and post pictures! I have had quite some progress on it this week.

Corinne was working on No purl Monkeys for her husband, and I'm thinking about frogging my Monkeys and turning them into No purl Monkeys. I'm going to see. I put them down because I got a little frustrated with them. I'm thinking that maybe I need to try one row maybe with different needles. (Maybe my bamboos are no good for the yarn I'm working with and maybe that is frustrating me?) and then take it from there! We'll see. For now, though, I want to get cracking on Sean's blankie project.

Wow, last day of the month. How'd that happen? I can't believe tomorrow is February. I really have no idea where January went. They're calling for a huge storm tomorrow. I don't have much planned yet for the weekend besides a 1 year old's birthday party on Saturday (he turned 1 today!) and the Super Bowl on Sunday. (Along with a ton of knitting!) It is also June's 1st birthday today too - go over and wish her a happy 1st birthday, she's a cutie pie!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

january thirty

Just to let you know, before you proceed reading this post, there is a spoiler for the January 2008 Rockin' Sock Club kit. Proceed at your own risk.

Wednesday mornings we have Sean's gym & music class. It's half an hour in the gym and then half our of music. Sean just LOVES this place, and I don't blame him. It's heaven for little boys and girls!

Angela and her fiance got him this outfit for his birthday. I think it's too cute with the two tone shirt. He looks like a handsome little man in it. He's completely out of 12 month size, and I'm loving his 18 month wardrobe. The pants are a tad too long (nothing rolling up won't harm), but the 12 month pants are too short. (Not really any in between). I find the 12-18 month pants either non-existant, or on the shorter side.

Sean loves the music portion of this class. Wendesday mornings, Sean is still the only one walking so far, as most of the babies are younger than him. He is actually the oldest in this class. There is a baby 2 days younger than him, but she's not walking yet.

Sean loves instruments. So much that I made sure he has a drum, maracca's (spelling? Shakers?), a tamberine, and a few other instruments in our home.

And since I'm keeping on with the towel pictures, here's the duck towel. Just a few more to go and I've shown you all the collection of towels that Sean has!

I received some angel stitch markers from a lovely Dr. Ruth in the USA. Thank you so much Ruth for being an angel for the Fall 2007 Stitch Marker Exchange. What was unfortunate about the Fall Exchange is that I had to kick out a handful of non-swappers. What I had done was give myself some newbies, so incase they flaked, I would know about it. Maybe next time I'll assign myself with people I know and that swap - so that I myself don't get flaked on. But at least angels worked it self out! There were even a few people that I was shocked didn't mail me any stitch markers, knowing that they are not usually flakers. But hey, what can I do?

I also received an angel set of stitch markers from Risa, along with some yarn! That was really sweet of you Risa! Thank you so much!

I did a swap with Andrea of Always Knitting for some yarn. I fell in love with the Green Apple colorway (I heart green!) and I sent her 2 skeins of Claudia's Handpainted, in a colorway that she will be surprised with. She liked 2, so I told her I would surprise her! (She should be getting it any day now... so I guess you'll have to wait to see what she gets when she blogs it!). The yarn above is from Shelridge Farms.

Andrea also sent me some left over sock yarn that she'd been keeping for me. Thank you Andrea. Some of it will be put away in a stash with some yarn for a future girl blankie, but a lot of it is perfect for Sean's blankie project! Thanks again! I really appreciate the leftovers!

Upon getting home from Sean's swim class, I literally had to chase the postman down the street. I had seen him pull away from our house, just as I was a the house before ours. Grr! I saw upon pulling into my driveway, and parking, that there was a post office slip in my mailbox. The only reason he didn't leave it - is because I have to sign for my Rockin' Sock Club.... so I ran back to my car (Sean was fast asleep in his car seat) and I checked the side streets in my area and found the postal truck... and traded in my slip for my package. Phew! I did not want to have to leave the house tomorrow to go get the kit - After my cleaning lady leaves, it's Sean's nap time. Plus, I wanted to fondle the yarn. Oh, I heart this kit - the colors are super gorgeous, and I'm glad I stayed on for another year of the club! I do have to say, that this was my first time chasing after the postman!

This afternoon Jenn, Jakob & Angela came over and we watched Juno. It's the Starz & Strollers program today, but since I cannot take Sean to the movies anymore, so I got a Screener copy and we knitted, (well I knitted) and I am just absolutely LOVING this movie. It's sooo good. Ellen Page rocks. I love the role she played. She did a fabulous job. She's Canadian!! Michael Cera was great too! I want to watch the movie again. It was great.

My list of people I know pregnant. Drea had posted a list of people she knows who are pregnant - and I want to also:

- Jamie pregnant with baby number 1, due September: Real life friend
- Jodi pregnant with baby number 1, due August: Real life friend
- Adina pregnant with baby number 1, due July: Real life friend
- Melanie pregnant with baby number 2, due March: Real life friend
- Elana pregnant with baby number 1, due February: Real life friend
- Dora pregnant with baby number 2 (child number 3 though), due Feburary: Real life family friend
- Maggie pregnant with baby number 2, due August: Blog friend
- Summer pregnant with baby number 4, due July: Blog friend
- Kim pregnant with baby number 1, due July: Blog Friend
- Shelby pregnant with baby number 2, due March: Blog Friend

I think there is something in the water! And I'm sure there are more people that I know that are pregnant, I just can't think of them right now...! Pregnancy brain! It's funny though, it really just just just hit me, that I'm pregnant. Holy crap, I'm pregnant. I know I've seen the baby on the Ultrasound and we know the sex, and all that jazz, but it just finally is starting to register that I'm going to have another baby.

I was tagged this past week by 5 bloggers who gave me this award! I was awarded by: Michelle, Emily, Bertha, Hayley & Bea. Thank you ladies. And my Make My Day Awards go to:

- Bertha of Karma Kitties: Bertha has an adorable little girl name June (who turns 1 tomorrow!) I love her fiber fridays and her pics of Junebug!
- Cynthia of Big Girl Feet: Is my graphic designer friend. Also a knitter & a crafter, I'm inspired by the projects she does!
- Jenn of Piddleloop: Always has great projects shown on her site (very inspiring) especially since I can't sew half as good as she can, and I love her photography!
- Rhoda of Left-Handed Knitting in a World of Right-Handers: Rhoda is a good knitting friend of mine (who lives on the opposite coast in another country). Her projects are also inspiring, and I love to hear about what's going on with her.
- Leslie of A Friend to Knit With: Leslie's projects inspire me as well. They're just gorgeous!
- Bea of Baa Baa Blacksheep: Bea's blog I just started reading, and I love waiting for bloglines to tell me what she's posted a new one!
- Michelle of Not An Artist: Michelle is a very talented artist in many ways. Designer, knitter, photographer. I'm jealous of her camera and her skills (and I'm the one who went to photography school!)
- Tara of Dear Knits: Tara is a mommy who lives near me who also knits. I love reading about the projects she's working on and the tales of her day-to-day life.
- Elin of By Elin: Also has stunning projects (knitting) and beautiful photographs. Elin was in my SP11 group and I loved her blog ever since I started reading it.
- Emilee of Emilee Knits: Emilee has very inspiring patterns that she's published, and I admire her knitting & work.
- Emily of Skyline Chilly: Also in my SP11 group that I hosted, has fun tales and great inspiring knitting. I am also glad that SP11 got us to get to know each other!
- Sarah of Mumblings: Sarah was my SP11 partner who I got to spoil from September until November. She was fun to spoil. It was great getting to know her, and I love the way she writes. Her posts usually give me a good chuckle and great amusement (in a good way!) Her knitting projects are very inspiring, she's got talent!
There are a lot more people who inspire me as well, but right now, these 12 are the top of my list! Everyone in my bloglines inspire me, otherwise I wouldn't read their blogs!

Call the Search & Rescue Team, I'm missing a Rosewood DPN... I'm so mad. They were (all 5 of them) on my desk... one.... is no where to be seen, and I've cleaned up my desk. Grr. I've searched the floor below my desk... I don't know what happened to it. I hope I find it, those Rosewoods aren't cheap...!

And catching up with outstanding things, I drew a winner in my "GUESS THE SEX OF THE BABY" contest. There were 6 of you (from 30+) who guessed BOY! Woohoo! And with the random number generator, Kim won! She's also pregnant due this summer with baby number 1. Kim, email me here with your full mailing address & I'll mail out your prize ASAP!

Sock blocker keychain kits now all include enough yarn for 1 mini sock. I've got them stocked in 3 different gorgeous woods, that are all handcrafted. They make great gifts or a great addition toy our keychain. The yarn that comes with it will be a surprise, but it'll be quality yarn (like Socks that Rock, Opal, Lorna's Laces, etc...!)

There are a few last spots in the February Sock Club. They are on sale until tomorrow night, Thursday, January 31st, 2008. February's kits are themed for a certain holiday coming up in February so be sure to reserve your spot now!

This evening I went into town to go knitting with the NDG knit group. I like the new location that we were at (Java U). It was really cozy (warm) and inviting. The lighting was great in there too! We lost power for about 10 minutes or so, and one staff at the cafe in particular brought us candles to knit by, and was very accomodating. I really hope future meetings are held there - I really liked it there. Tomorrrow evening there is our 2nd ever West Island knit night, and I'm really looking forward to getting out of the house again! It's been really busy with knitting this week - but better keep busy - than be bored! Right?

I am off to bed. I'm beyond exhausted. I stupidly only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Yeah, slap my wrist, I'm a bad girl. I decided to stay up until all hours to do my PST/GST taxes, as they're due quarterly, and this past quarter is due tomorrow, and I didn't even have to do them rush rush because they owe me money, so being late, doesn't matter. If I would have owed them (the government) money, then I would have gotten a penalty for being late. But I don't. So it was dumb what I did. Don't even ask me why I waited until last minute... beats me. I think I need to work on my time-management for things (like taxes) which I hate doing. It reminds me of school work. I used to procrastinate. Bad! Bad! Bad.... this bad habit of procrastination better not start up again! Especially not with another baby on the way! I won't let it. Next quarter... I promise to do my returns on time! PROMISE! Oh, and when I was ready to go to sleep somewhere between 3:30 and 4 am... Sean woke up with a dirty diaper and was hungry. Just my luck. That was the first time in a week and a half that he woke up in the middle of the night. Let's hope he sleeps through the night tonight, because should he wake up, I'm so tired, I don't know I'll be able to bring myself to wake up.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

january twenty-nine

Today in class we learned that a girl that just joined our swimming class, her birthday is the same day as Sean. Also - she was born at the same hospital as Sean! Sean was born at 4:44 am and this little girl was born at 10:44 pm. Her mother is actually 7 months pregnant right now with another girl. We joked that she conceives girls and me boys. Sean and the little girl were so cute together this morning in the changing room after class, she kept bringing Sean items from her diaper bag. I'm thinking of asking them next week if they want to do a play date. We'll see.

This morning bright & early we had Sean's swim class. So we decided to test out Sean's new elephant towel. He likes it. I love that these towels have the hood in the middle, and that the towel can wrap around him. I've posted the dog, Pooh, and now the elephant. All that's left is the duck, the frog and the Shrek towel and I think we've covered Sean's towel collection. He looks super cute in all of them, so I can't wait to post pictures as he uses them next! Tomorrow we have swimming again, so I think I'll use the frog or the duck... we'll see what I grab in the morning before we head out the door! The trunk on the elephant is a little top heavy.

This morning upon getting home I put Sean in his high chair with some snacks and I finally cleaned up as best as I could under the sink. There was a nasty mess under there from the leak/clog this past Saturday. I did what I could, so I could put the items that belong under the sink back under there, and I will have the cleaning lady this Thursday do a major clean-up. I just did a quick tidy, as there is only so much I can bend down and lean over being pregnant. This afternoon I took care of a few office related items, and Sean only half let me do so. It was really difficult. We took a long (needed) nap this afternoon for a few hours, and my mom picked up Sean & I and we dropped Sean off at my parents house, my dad watched Sean and I went to the hockey game with my mom. Jamie (who had work stuff he had to take care of tonight) had gotten tickets from a supplier, and we gave our season tickets tonight to someone in my dad's office, as the supplier tickets were better than our season tickets and included ALL YOU CAN EAT FOOD.

We sat 2nd row in the 2nd section RIGHT BEHIND the bench. There's my boyfriend number 11, team captain Saku Koivu. Oh yeah! I felt like I could almost reach him! The game was fantastic -we won 4-0 against Washington. What a good game! And unfortunately the all you can eat left me with no free hands to knit tonight during the game. Oops. Next time. However, I think I. eat. too. much.

Not too much going on here, tomorrow is another full busy day. Lots of things planned. Lots of people to see. Classes to attend. Never a dull moment around here.

I have not forgotten about my "Make Your Day" Award, and I have not forgotten about my book review. I will get to it. I just need to find time to sit down and think about who I want to award and what I want to write in my review. Any day now, I'll do it. I promise.

Oh, that Sleepywrap contest I posted about, a winner was drawn, and originally it wasn't me. The girl who did win, it turns out that she is getting a wrap just like it (same company) for a review as well, so they re-drew and I won! I chose a light blue one (since I will soon have 2 boys!) I can't wait to try it out.

Oh - Sean now has 8 teeth.... I'm hoping the teething is over and done with for a while.... that would be nice.

Monday, January 28, 2008

january twenty-eight: 20 weeks pregnant & 13 months

Sean is 13 months old today. The only explanation for this rosey cheeks in this photo is that we're both wearing red shirts and it's reflecting? His cheeks are NOT anywhere near close to being that rosey in real life.... Yep, we're both wearing hockey shirts! (Speaking of which, I've got Habs tickets with my mom tomorrow night, I'm very excited!)

This belly is definitely 20 weeks pregnant. Just look at it's size!! I'm huge! I think I'm half-baked. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not convince I'm 3 weeks behind like the U/S technician said. The baby is moving way too much and I'm feeling it way to intensified for it to be 17 weeks instead of 20. So I'm sticking to what my doctor said, that I'm 20 weeks. And you know what? It's better to be ready for this baby 3 weeks earlier, than to still have a hospital bag unpacked and a room not ready and then have baby boy show up. I'm still not sure what to call him on my blog - but I'm sure it'll come to me. No progress on the name for him yet, as Jamie just got home this evening from a business trip. It was the furthest thing from my mind this past weekend to be honest. Here is a photo of me, 21 weeks pregnant with Sean. Total comparison!! I definitely feel that huge, and I think I look just about that! Anyhow... that's what I'm going with. I think he knows I'm "talking" about him, I just got whacked....

In class today, Sean made a new best friend. His name is Jack, and his mommy used to baby-sit me when I was a kid! Anyhow, we have them in classes together through out the next year (and more!) so I am sure they'll be best friends forever. Jack is almost 2 months older than Sean. They are signed up for the daycare program together in the fall, and I think they'll be taking a class in the spring together as well.

Sean's collage today. I helped him though. He still doesn't have the knack for what to do with this one. And it was his first time playing with "glue". (Natural product though, not real glue).

And he painted today again. He really loves it. And for some reason, needs no help. Today, instead of holding him up, he stood on a chair (with me behind him for support) so he could reach the easel. Looks like a little picasso in the making!

Though, paint did end up on his face. No preventing that. Looks like a bit of lipstick? Don't you think?

I couldn't resist a photoshoot in the bathroom of the school. Always with a camera in my hand.

I taught my sister how to knit today. Here is her progress photos on her blog. She came to me recently and asked me if I could show her how to make a scarf to start. I totally thought she had no interest in knitting.

So, the highlighted pink are the squares that I've already accomplished. It's coming along. From 83 square, I have 40 left. Stay tuned tomorrow for progress photos. I meant to photograph it today, but it's in the bedroom and Jamie's already fast asleep, so I don't want to go in there until I go to bed shortly. (Tomorrow!)

Stay tuned tomorrow also for: my "Make Your Day" award recipients and as well, hopefully a book review on the book I just finished. I have chosen the book I want to start tomorrow, it's called The Surrogate by Judith Henry Wall. I'm not sure if it's the type of book I should be reading while pregnant (a.k.a emotional) but we'll see how it goes.

Lastly, just wanted to remind you that Thursday is the last day to purchase your February Sock Club kit from my shop.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

january twenty-seven

Sherrie left early this morning to head back home, and we got up and started our day. I had a lot of things to take care of this morning, which Sean let me do for a bit, and then when he got restless, my father came to pick him up so that I could finish some work and then head on downtown for the Downtown Montreal Knits Meet Up. I hadn't been to a downtown meeting in forever. Probably not since before Sean was even conceived. Yeah, it's been a while. It's been a while since I've actually been downtown for that matter (besides hockey games). It was great to get out of the house, and knit for a bit. I worked on Sean's blankie. It's coming along great. I parked right in front of this beautiful statue today. I immediately thought of Sean when I saw it and the bond between mother & child. What a beautiful piece this is.

On my way home, this was the beautiful sun that was setting. I was happy that I had my camera on me. This evening I went out for dinner with my family, and then came home, bathed Sean and put him to bed. I spoke to Jamie for a few minutes on the phone - I really miss him. I can't wait to see him tomorrow night. However, tonight, I'll be enjoying 1 more night alone in our bed. Sprawled out. Not having to stick to "my side" of the bed. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy sharing the bed with Jamie - but it's also nice to have it to yourself once & a while!

I wanted to see how many squares I will actually need for a "perfect square" for Sean's blankie. Originally I thought it was going ot be 8 squares times 8 rows, but that doesn't work out. Every other row is only 7 squares. In the end, I do plan on making the blankie exactly square by knitting black triangles between the mitered squares. Looks like it'll be 83 squares. So I have a lot of knitting left to do. I think I'm at just over 40 squares now... I'll count tomorrow. I know I've done about 3 squares this weekend - so I'll take pictures tomorrow. However, I have about 4-5 squares to photograph.... since my last photographing of the blankie.

I did finish my book last night. Stay tuned for a review of The Booster by Jennifer Solow. I will sit down in a few days to write a review. I also need to post my 10 "You Make My Day" Awards - as I've been gifted with 2 more awards for a total of 3 of them! If you tagged me also - please let me know, I don't always notice these things! Though, I'm totally not expecting any more of these. I've so far received from Tsuki (Hayley), Emily & Not an Artist (Michelle). Thank you so much ladies, I'm glad you enjoy reading my daily posts. I love blogging at the end of the day, it helps me go to bed at night with a clear mind.

Another reminder that there is ONLY a few more days left (until Thursday!) to purchase a February Sock Club kit. They are going to be awesome, with a few extra little surprises. Tammy of Faerie Fibers on Etsy is dying up the yarn & designing the pattern. Get it while you still can. For the next two kits - they are themed for some up coming holidays - it's going to be great! I can't wait for them to arrive in stock - so order them now while you can!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

january twenty-six

This morning we headed out early and went to Costco. There was a bunch of items I needed and ended up getting other things as well - isn't that always the case? They had these awesome HUGE beach towels and I ended up getting them as shower towels. The two that I've been using are about 15 years old or so, and starting to frey. Time for new ones. I also picked up 3 new 6 month onesies for baby boy number 2. I need to come up with a nickname to call baby boy on my blog!

I took Sherrie to a great smoke meat restaurant near my house for lunch - it was so delicious. Hit the spot. It's Sherrie's new fave place to go to when visiting Montreal now!

After lunch we headed home, and I took care of a few things around the house - I needed to cut up in portions the fish I got this morning and put it in the freezer. I always put it like that - so it's easier to defrost enough for us for 1 meal at a time.

This afternoon, we had an incident with leaking water which ended up as a clog as well in the kitchen and we had to call a plumber. Turns out there may have been back up in the sink way down the drain from the previous owners of the house, which was just build up. We've been here almost 2 and a half months and I guess it finally caught up. Never fails. Whenever Jamie goes out of town.... a plumber is needed. Not the first time! I can't remember what it was last time - but I am sure we had to call a plumber.

We watched The Nanny Diaries this afternoon - it was just alright. I'd found the book to be better than the movie - 150% better! But nonetheless it was a cute chick flick. Very stereotypical.

We ended up ordering Sushi for pick-up because Sean didn't nap this afternoon at all - and had been up since shortly after 8 am. (Another night slept completely through! I'm loving this!) Seems like the first few nights of ignoring his cries in the middle of the night paid off. That - and removing the night light... that I also think had effect. Sean fell asleep in the car on the way to picking up the sushi (apparently no sushi place in our area delivers?) and I transferred him right to his crib for the evening. He went to sleep tonight just before 7 pm and we're hoping he sleeps through the night. So far he just woke up for about 10 minutes around 10 pm, wanting a diaper change and I changed him out of his sweat pants and shirt into pj's.

The sushi was absolutely fabulous. I had forgotten how expensive Sushi was. For the two of us it was over 65$. Because I had a hook up at the place we ordered it from they removed the price of the Miso Soup (Mmm!) and Green Salad as well as 1 roll off the bill. It came to about 20$ less. That was nice of them, however upon getting home, there was one roll missing, but I wasn't going to call and complain, seeing as though they did remove some items off our receipt. It's great having connections. I am sooo happy there is still some sushi I can eat while pregnant! We dug in! And after seeing the price - no wonder I don't eat sushi often.

After sushi - while Sean slept (yeah!) we watched (and made fun of) the Miss America 2008 pageant. I can't believe that network tv doesn't pick it up anymore. It was only on TLC.

I just spoke to Jamie on the phone, and I'm about to go to bed to read. I'm beat. Sherrie is leaving early tomorrow morning to head back to Boston, as she has someone she needs to go visit. I am happy she came down for the weekend - it was really nice to just have a chill relaxed girls weekend. Off to go read my book and fall asleep! I'm saving the HUGE mess in the kitchen from the plumber for tomorrow. I hate that they make HUGE messes and NEVER clean up after themselves! Grr!

Just a reminder that there is ONLY a few more days left to purchase a February Sock Club kit. They are going to be awesome, with a few extra little surprises. Tammy of Faerie Fibers on Etsy is dying up the yarn & designing the pattern. Get it while you still can. For the next two kits - they are themed for some up coming holidays - it's going to be great! I can't wait for them to arrive in stock - so order them now while you can!

Friday, January 25, 2008

january twenty-five: 56 weeks old

Sean is 56 Weeks old today. Almost 13 months old. Approximately 5 more months until he's a big brother. (I don't buy the Ultra Sound technician saying I was only 16 weeks at the Ultra Sound, my belly is getting too big to only be 16 weeks. (It's hard to see my belly in this photo, bad angle!) But Monday I'll take another belly shot - I'm sticking to what my doctor said until he says otherwise - Monday I'll be 20 weeks pregnant. I just think I have small babies. Sean was born at 38 weeks (not premature) and he was only 5 lbs 5 oz and he was TINY (preemie clothing size). I am pretty sure Sean's U/S also showed that he was small. If I can remember correctly.

This morning we got up early - I had to wake Sean up - another night of him sleeping through the night - I won't complain. We went for breakfast with Jamie and then took him to the airport. He's on business this weekend.

We came home and took a long nap. Needed! I felt good after waking up.

We did some errands, I needed to pick up cat food - Jamie decided to tell me late last night that we were 99% out of cat food, and there was enough for 1 more bowl this morning. Needless to say, he wanted me to go pick up the 22 lb bag from the pet shop. I also needed some more "baby" hangers, so I picked up some more on our way home.

Came home, and shortly after, my friend Sherrie arrived from Boston. She brought for dinner, Clam Chowder, Steamers (like muscles or oysters or something), baked potato, and fresh Lobsters. Mmmmm! Lobster. It was f-ing delicious. So was all the sea food tonight. A real treat! Fresh from the harbor! Tomorrow night, I'm treating her to Sushi. (Jamie doesn't eat sushi so I don't get to eat it often at all - and there is some sushi I can still eat while pregnant, so we're off to enjoy another delicious meal!) Ahh, seafood. I love seafood!

This evening we chilled out, got Sean to sleep, watched horrible cable TV and caught up. It was nice. While chatting I sorted out some bills/invoices into categories, something that I'd been meaning to do for about 3 weeks now. I finally got it done - woohoo!

Tomorrow I need to pick up a few things from Cosco, so we'll head out there in the morning, and we're thinking about doing something manicure/or make-over or really girly related! Also something I don't do often enough!

Ahh, girls weekend (plus Sean!) I'm loving it. Not often the hubby goes away on business. Ahh..... I'm just thinking about having the ENTIRE bed to myself. I leave sharing it with the hubby, but I also love being pregnant and enjoying the entire space to myself! All sprawled out.... which is how I'd sleep every night, if I could!

Alright, going to go hop into a quick shower, blow dry my hair (takes no more than 8 minutes and I love the way slept on blow dryed hair looks in the morning) and I plan to read a little bit before bed. Hoping to finish my book any day now! Other books I want to read!

Sherrie - when you get home and read this - thanks for coming down to Montreal. It's hard for me to travel with Sean, and I'm sure it'll be harder for me to come down with another baby - but it's definitely good to see you. Even if Sean likes your blackberry and wants to eat it. He thanks you for the birthday gift by the way - I am sure it'll drive me nuts with all the noises it makes. Wait til you have kids.... they will get a drum set for their first birthday. (LOL!) Kidding!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

january twenty-four

Someone asked me for some photos of Sean's new bath towels. Here is one of them (the other new ones are not washed yet). He'll get to use them after they are washed of course.

This is the Winnie the Pooh one. After 1 washing, one of the ears got frayed. I bought another one, as I needed more towels, we'll see if it happens again. I surely hope not! If so, I still have the receipt.

This afternoon Sean helped me bake some cookies. He likes playing with kitchen utensils, so I gave him this silicone whisk to play with.

And this (above)

Turned into these. They are really yummy. Don't worry there are still some left. I promise. I didn't eat them all. Sean likes them too. He says "Mmmmm" when he eats them. He also says the same thing when eating my homemade meat sauce. I taught the kid well!

This afternoon Sean took a LONG nap, and I got A LOT accomplished. There was a lot of paperwork to take care of. I am really happy to have gotten it all accomplished. There are still a few important items left on my to do list that need to be taken care of as soon as possible, so I am hoping for more nice naps in the future.

Speaking of sleep - Sean gave me another full night last night, and I am sure he would have slept longer had the cleaning lady not rang the doorbell this morning. I over slept as I wanted to open the door for her without her ringing the bell, but that wasn't happening this morning! But he still slept from about 9 something pm last night until 8 am this morning when our cleaning lady showed up.

A Sleepy Wrap is being given away on Drea's Review Blog - which I read. I'd really love one for the new baby, so I need to post this link for a chance to win! Wish me luck please!

Also, I'm entering Dorky Best Friend's Contest for her 30th birthday. Here are my pictures for her Scavenger Hunt Contest:

The Hunt List

a funny bumper sticker:

To me, this bumper sticker is not funny. But to others on the outside - (non-knitters) I could see it as funny. Socks and knitting in one phrase?? That must be silly!

Take your picture with someone in uniform:

Summer of 2004. Israel. Me and some girl on the trip (no idea her name, oops!) with two Israeli Paramedics. Their ambulance is hiding in the back behind us....

An unusual perspective:

The top of Sean's head while he places hand dirty fingers on my clean patio windows!

A movie poster:

Posters at the Centaur Theater in Montreal. I thought it looked cool so I photographed it.

neon lights :
Ah, the Casino Royale in Vegas. I. want. to. be. back. in. Vegas. now. I miss it there.

a directional sign:

Bikes. You go here. Stay there. In that lane we painted for you on the road. No crossing that line.

salt and pepper shakers:

Self Explanitory. Salt & Pepper. S & P. I love them. They're more for decoration though, but they do have salt & pepper in them.

something that appears out of place:

Knitting in between holes on the golf course. Yep. I got looks. But I don't care!

My back has been aching (throbbing pain) for the past few weeks. I'm going to go to bed and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning. I'm aware I have not posted my 10 people I want to give the Inspirational Award to yet, I'll get to that hopefully over the weekend. I just can't sit in this chair any longer.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

january twenty-three

This morning Sean got up at 8:45 am so I could change him and get him into the car for our music class. I had woke up shortly after 8 am, and started getting my stuff organized to leave the house for the day (pretty much). I was SHOCKED that Sean was still sleeping when I got up, I was expecting the usual, 6 am ish wake-up. Nope. Sean slept ALMOST 12 hours last night! Yes, you read correctly. Maybe the teething/growth spurt is over. 12 hours!!! Yeah!

Sean has friends in his classes. He likes other babies. On Monday there are other walking babies, but in Wednesday morning's class, he's the only one walking (He's the oldest as well) and he is just known now as "the walker" LOL. This kid in the picture above (not that you can see his face or anything), is a family that works in my father's business. I've known them for 10+ years, before they even got married! It's pretty neat to know some people before going into the class.

We were joined by the doctor who owns the clinic that I had the bad experience at - his wife was ill - so he brought their 8 month old son - and I didn't really talk to him - I didn't really want to say anything since we got a new doctor on Monday. Speaking of doctors....

I'm calling the new doctor tomorrow morning. Sean got 2 shots on Monday and on one of his legs, the muscle it went into - is all hard... and red, and looks like he got bitten by something.... I'm not sure if that is normal or not? He has no fever, but the leg looks weird. And the area is hard. I want to ask if that's normal. If it's not, I may have to go to the doctor. We'll see what they say in the morning.

After music we went to our swimming class, and for the first time ever in the water, I noticed Sean making a "face".... yeah.... my suspicions were right. He had gone to the bathroom, number 2 in the pool. Thank goodness his Kushies Swimmers contained it, because had it gone into the water, leaked, the pool would have had to of been evacuated for 1 hour while they drained and re-filled the water. I would have been horrified. Anyhow the mess in his diaper was very cleanable, and we rinsed it out and went back into the pool and finished off the class.... oy! Next week I'm bringing an extra bathing suit, and here's to hoping it never happens again! There's a first for everything right?

After swimming we pick up my mom and headed to the theater to meet my sister to see the movie 27 dresses. This was the LAST time I'm taking Sean to the movies. He just can't hold interest anymore, or sit still. He's just too mobile. It's not good. I thought the movie was really cute though. I am glad we went. And it was good that I had help at the theater! Otherwise, it would have been a disaster like last week. Next week the movies are Juno & Mad Money, but I have gotten a Screener copy of Juno, so I think Jenn & Jakob will be coming over next week to watch it - where he can play with his toys, and we can watch the movie in peace! Much easier. I am dying to see that movie!

I ran an errand after the movie to Zellers, and picked up 3 more hooded towels for Sean. The "baby" hooded towels do not fit around him anymore. You know, the ones that are a square and there is a pocket in one of the corners. Like this one. Anyhow, I still wanted hooded towels, but I wanted one that have the hood in the middle and then wrap around him. Like this one in this post. Between his baths and two swimming classes per week, he needed more towels. And the bath towels I use are HUGE, they are rediculous on him.... way too large. So now we have 7 cute towels for him, 2 Winnie the Pooh ear ones, 1 Shrek, 1 dog, 1 elephant, 1 duck and 1 frog. The Elephant, Duck & Frog were purchased today. 1 Pooh was bought a while ago, but the 2nd Pooh and the Shrek were purchased at Walmart just two days ago, and the dog one was purchased when I venture out to that "swanky" Quebec store.... a few weeks back.

We came home, had dinner with Jamie and then sat on the couch and watched "whatever" on TV, because there wasn't much on Tv today. Sean fell asleep shortly after 9 pm and we're hoping for a FULL night's sleep again. 12 hours would be fabulous!

I'm almost done the book I'm reading, and I'm looking forward to starting something new, even though I am enjoying the book I'm currently reading! More about the book once I finish it. I'll review it. I also did get some knitting done today at the movies, and while Sean was in his bath tonight, while he was playing I knit some rows and finished a square on his blankie. It's really coming along great, I'm sure it'll be finished in no time. Progress photos are coming tomorrow.

Oh, Sean is officially out of 12 month size clothing. The pants are too short, and the shirts also on the tight/short side. He's in 12-18 month size for some things and the rest, 18 month size. Gosh, he's a big boy! (75 percentile for his height! Go figure!) And all his clothes are being saved for baby number 2. It's a good thing I didn't give away all his outgrown baby boy stuff. We need it again! I would have been upset had I given things away! What would I have done for baby number 2? I did feel rude not giving his outgrown stuff away, but then what would I have done? Anyhow, tomorrow I'll be cleaning out his closet and pulling out all his 18 month sstuff, which is currently in the closet of his big boy room.

I am still trying to get use to the idea that we are having another boy. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited that we're having another boy - I love little boys, as I just am in love with Sean. I just guess I had my heart set on some pink. I guess next time - eh? And, I'll just have to have an entire hockey team if it comes to that - until I get my one girl that I want! Just one. Is that too much to ask for?

Alright, I'm going to go crash again. I went to bed last night really early because I wasn't feeling well. My back has been ACHING/KILLING lately, (pregnancy related, I'm sure).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

january twenty-two: 16 weeks pregnant: take two

So, today was my Ultra Sound! Turns out I'm 16 weeks pregnant today (I'm not going to post another picture, I just did one yesterday), but Tuesday is my new weekly change 0ver date. I'm now due Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 (3 days off from what I thought was my original due date of July 11th, 2008). I thought so...! My doctor was sooooo wrong! So... I go back in 4 weeks to re-do some more Ultra Sound... because there are some things that can only be checked after 19 weeks, so I'll be going back at 20 weeks pregnant, and we'll get to see the baby again! What you are looking at above is the baby looking at us, with part of the upper torso.... to me it's a little "alien like" if you ask me.... Hopefully there will be clearer images in 4 weeks from now!

So I guess you want to know the sex?? We were debating whether to tell people or not. But we'll share it with you.

We're having.....


......another boy!!!!

Sean will have a buddy to play hockey with!

This baby has no name. And I swear, it'll be born without a name. Jamie and I cannot agree on a boy's name. (And we're saving our girl name for baby number 3.... yep, we'll be trying (one day in the long future) for a girl. I want my girl. I still want my girl. Jamie says it'll be up for discussion in 3 years. I wonder if that's 3 years from now, or 3 years from when baby number 2 is born! LOL

I have a name that I'm kinda set on... and Jamie hasn't 100% ruled it out - but right now nothing has been agreed upon, and it's really hard! But in any case, once we choose our boys name, that one thing we'll be keeping a secret until the baby is born. We want something to ourselves until then.... especially since we are sharing the sex! No one will find out the baby's name until he's born. Not one single person. That includes immediate family! But that doesn't really matter right now, because there is no name!

The baby has 10 fingers & 10 toes, and we're really happy. We were given 1 fuzzy picture and 1 picture that is a little clearer (above).... The technician said it'll be easier to get better photos when we come back in 4 weeks. I am so excited to be able to do a 2nd Ultra Sound. Last time we only got the one at 19 weeks, (Besides the expensive one we paid for at UCbaby for the 3d Ultrasound).

Good things about having another boy. We don't have to paint the nursery, it's already blue. We have all boys stuff, from Sean. Yes, I know, I had my heart set on pink, but there's always next time. Or I'll have to have some nieces... that's all! LOL. Oh, and boys love their mommy. It's proven fact. Girls' are daddy's girls... Boys belong to their mommy!

Wow.... it's a boy! I had a hunch it was by the way I'm carrying....! It's all in the same area that I was carrying with Sean.

Michelle gave me an Award today. The rules tell me to pass it on: “Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.” I am too tired to do this meme tonight, but check back tomorrow for my list! Tomorrow, I promise!

Have you seen James Blunt on Sesame Street? It's so cute. I can't seem to figure out when that episode was on the air, James Blunt's IMDB profile doesn't show it - that I can see - and I haven't wached all the Sesame Streets that we've got on our PVR for Sean.... getting through them slowly. Sean really likes that show!

I did knit some rows on Sean's blankie. I'm hoping to get it done as soon as possible. I have another blankie to start making!! (Sadly with no pink! Next time!)

ps- those who left comments that it's a boy - I will put your names shortly into a hat and draw a winner for a fabulous prize!

pps- Sean slept 8:45 pm until 6 am this morning. So happy! And he's been in bed since just shortly after 9 pm tonight, here's to hoping for another full night's sleep!

My back is aching so badly. I'm off to sleep myself now. I know it's early, but we have another big day tomorrow. 2 classes and a movie! More about that tomorrow.