Friday, December 31, 2010

12.31.10 :: A year in review


Today I was alone with the kids as the daycare was closed, so I picked up my mom and headed to the mall. We met up with my sister-in-law, nephew, step-mother-in-law & sister-in-law's boyfriend. We had lunch at the mall, and ran a few errands. (I got some new nipples (slow flow) for Quentin's bottles and hopefully now formula won't leak out of his mouth while he's eating).


Quentin, Nana & Mackenzie.
Nana's wearing the vest I knit her.


Quentin meeting his Aunt & cousin for the first time.

My year in review: In January I got to take a trip with the kids to Florida for a week. In February I participated in the knitting olympics, and knit a sweater (my first ever) in 16 days. I am quite proud of that accomplishment. In March, I participated in Earth Hour, hosted my very first jewish holiday seder at my house, and finished my first children's sweater design (I will get the pattern published - I promise!). In April, I got to meet up with the wonderful Cynthia & the wonderful Bea in British Columbia for a week. Mackenzie came along with me as well. We crafted, knit, crochet, did some sewing & had a good time. I also found out RIGHT before leaving that I was pregnant due in December of 2010. Though, we didn't announce my pregnancy until I was 12 weeks. In May, we planted our vegetable garden and I cut out some really immature people out of my life, and after a lot of consideration and thinking, I'm 150% happy that I got rid of that immaturity out of my life. In June, we had our 12 week screen and were told we were having a baby girl. I turned 29, and Mackenzie turned 2. In July I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Praevia & found out we were actually having a boy (6 weeks after the first ultrasound). In August I got my new mini van and released an e-book with all my sock patterns. We took a family vacation to New Jersey & Pennsylvnia & got to go to Sesame Place & Eagles Training Camp. In September, Jamie & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. In October I celebrated my 5th blogaversary. In November after quite the complicated pregnancy, I gave birth to our 3rd son, Quentin Myles. I also got to attend Anne Hanson's workshop and had a fabulous time. In December, Sean turned 4, Jamie turned 35 and we reflected on the past year. I can't believe 2010 is now over. It's been a good year, but I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.

Knitting/Crochet/Sewing in review:


This year I knit & crochet 37 projects. 1 pair of socks, 8 bookmarks, 3 dishcloths, 1 afghan, 1 adult hat, 6 children's hats, 7 baby sweaters, 1 adult sweater, 4 cowls, 2 shawls & 3 misc. items (headband, 2 baby wraps). Actually, make that 38 projects, I forgot to include Cache Coeur. (And I'm totally not spending time to re-do this collage, oops!)


I also took another sewing class this year, and popped out 12 projects. A pair of shorts, a few pouches, some baby toys, baby booties, a nursing wrap, and some misc. items. I love it. And quite impressed with my accomplishments.


The first sentence (or two in my case!) of each first post of the month for 2010:

January: A new year.
February: Sean is 161 weeks old today.
March: Sean is 165 weeks old today.
April: A while ago, I heard in the USA that there was a program called The Cinderella Project (this links the BC, Canada one).
May: We had a very busy day today.
June: Wow! It’s June. How’d that happen? Really!?
July: Mack is 106 weeks old today.
August: Today we finally made it out to Jamie’s Ball game.
September: Wow, September? Already? Really?
October: October Calendars are ready!
November: Sean is 200 weeks old today.
December: Hello!! We're alive! And finally home!

I love doing this Meme each year. Here's a link to my 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006 ones!


Tonight we celebrated New Years Eve with 2 friends over fondu dinner. We watched the Habs game (we won 3-2 in overtime over the Florida Panthers). I baked this "cake" for dessert (though I altered it to not have Christmas colors). It was sinfully delicious. (Diet starts tomorrow - we'll talk more about that tomorrow).

Hope you all have a wonderful evening & Happy New Year! Thanks for being a reader, commenter, friend. It's been quite the year. Let's see what's in store for us for 2011!

Virtual Baby Shower

I was the lucky recipient of a Virtual Baby Shower. It was hosted and organized by Girl Knits, and she did a wonderful job organizing it for me. She contacted all of my knit friends and those who wanted to - participated. I want to thank everyone who sent me stuff, I love absolutely everything that was sent. It is all much appreciated and I was completely surprised. I received package and was supposed to only open them on November 21st. November 21st came, and a lot of the packages were missing. So I was told to wait a few more days to open stuff. And then, Quentin arrived, 4 weeks early. So the boxes sat at home. Then I came home after being in the hospital almost a week, and finally opened everything, mid-December. It took me a while to open, arrange and photograph everything. Then I had to edit everything for web size for my blog. And then type up everything. So sorry it took this long to get this posted. Life with 3 kids has been a tad challenging so far, and we're trying to figure out out groove. Anyhow... I suppose you want to see what I got? (In no particular order....)

From Bea:


A gorgeous handmade sewn quilt for Quentin's room. LOVE the colors.

She also sent Cheez-it's for the boys (that have scrabble letters on them!) and a laptop cozy for my laptop (which actually is my birthday gift). Thank you Bea so much - I love everything!

From Melissa:


Two skeins of Yarn Love (in a gorgeous green color), a cute sheep, and a lamb toy for Quentin.

She also knit this adorable sweater for Quentin.
What pattern and yarn is this Melissa?
Quentin still has to grow into the sweater.
Thank you for everything!

From Barb:

A nice crochet bib!
Thanks for taking the time to make it Barb!
Bibs always come in handy.

From Sarah:

Two very neat cookbooks (I love Rachel Ray!), a handmade sewn project bag, and an extremely adorable hand knit hat for Quentin (which he also will have to grow into - my tiny little pisher). What hat pattern did you use Sarah? It's super cute! Thank you for everything!

From Josée:

I got a really cute sleepr, baby blanket with tags, crocodile stuffed animal, some tea, and some yummy candies. Thank you so much Josée for the cute items!

From Maureen:

Maureen sent along two very cute sleepers (love the "I heart mom" one!) and a very adorable knit hat (which Quentin will have to grow into). I was also told that there is one very special blanket coming Quentin's way. I can't wait to see that it seems to be knit up in my very fave colorway of Dream in Color. Thank you again Maureen - I can't wait to see Quentin in everything and thank you again in advance for taking the time to knit Quentin that gorgeous blanket.

From Lillian:

Lillian sent me 2 lovely skeins of yarn (one is BMFA!), some leftover sock yarn for my Babette, some baby socks, some stickers, a cute little pouch and some other cute little things, that I have no idea what they are called! (Something for my ear phones and a square gauge thing for knitting!) Thank you so much Lillian!

From Petra:

Petra sent me over a banana slicer that I wanted to get my hands on (very cool by the way) and some gum. She hand knit some tiny little booties/socks for Quentin as well. Right now he can stick both his feet into one, so shortly, hopefully he'll grow into them. Thank you so much Petra!

From Nadine:

Nadine knit up this super cute Pebble for Quentin.
I cannot wait for Quentin to grow into it - it's super cute!
Thanks hun!

From Sarah:

Sarah sent me 2 really cute patterns, a cute hat (that Quentin's been wearing, it fits perfectly), some leg warmers (that he'll have to grow into), some goldfish for Sean & Mack, and 2 cute patterns. Thanks so much Sarah - everything is wonderful.

From Sylvia:

Sylvia sent a really cute plush book and sent over a hand knit Baby Surprise Jacket. Thanks so much Sylvia - even though it's really tiny, Quentin is really tiny and he still has some growing to do - to fit into it. Thanks so much!

From the wonderful baby shower host, Girlknits:

Another handmade Baby Surprise Jacket, some really awesome pacifiers (Quentin's already been using them, they're great) and some really neat yarn. Thanks again for hosting this and planning and coordinating everyone - it was truly an awesome surprise!

From Kimber:

Kimber knit some awesome comfy socks for me (they fit perfectly!) and a cute set for Quentin of a hat and matching booties. I got some note cards with my initial on it, an initial ornament, some yummy white chocolate (my fave!), some neat earrings, a ring, and a really cute tiny tape measure. Thanks for everything Kimber, it's all wonderful! (The chocolate is long gone too!) Yum!

And lastly, I got a package from Gloria:

She knit a sweater, hat and booties set, sent along a teether (thank you!) and some rattle toys for Quentin. everything is so awesome Gloria - thank you! And the kicker?


Gloria hand knit me a shawl. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much hun!

I am absolutely blessed to have such amazing (knit & crochet) friends. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to knit me something or send over something for my virtual baby shower. You guys are amazing.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

12.30.10 :: 132 weeks & 1 month


Quentin is a month old today.


Mack is 132 weeks old today.

Please take a few minutes and go over to Tara’s blog and send her your prayers. Her daughter Émilie was diagnosed this week with a benign brain tumor and will be operated on January 4th. Please pray for her. I know I will be. Tara - my thoughts are with you & your family.

Oprah has a network coming to TV on Saturday. She's taking over DHC (Discovery Health Channel). It will be called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). I get it on our satellite dish and already have About Season 25: Oprah behind the Scenes set to record. Can't wait to see that. I'm finally catching up on watching the shows on my PVR. I had over 80 episodes and now I'm down to about 40-something. I will catch up.

Is it possible to still nest after you give birth? Today I continued on my cleaning frenzy (after a long morning nap that is - naps are a must these days) and today I moved the dresser in Quentin's room that holds his changing pad. I'm still looking for a few missing things around the house, and didn't find anything but one children's book behind there, but vacuumed all the dirt/dust. Yesterday when I pulled up the mattress and box spring off my bed in my bedroom, I did manage to find 1 missing sock (I think Sean's). I do plan over the long weekend upcoming to move both Sean & Mack's beds from the wall and see if there are any more missing socks that maybe fell down the side of their bed. I wonder what else I'll find back there.

Quentin is finally going through a growth spurt. Before, when I was preparing him 60ml of water to 1 scoop of formula, which made just over 2 oz of formula, now I'm preparing double that (120ml of water to 2 scoops of water) and he's drinking about three quarters of it (Roughly 90 ml he is drinking). There is no way to make exactly what he drinks to avoid wasting formula unfortunately and there is really no point in saving (refrigerating) 1/4 of the bottle (which is what is left after he drinks) for his next feeding as I'd have to make more than that anyhow. I also realized why Quentin was "leaking" some of his formula out of his mouth when he was drinking (this was only sometimes happening). I had gotten a "gift set" kit from Playtex Advanced Ventaire. I didn't realize until today that there were both "slow" and "fast" nipples in the box. I thought it was a newborn kit (meaning all slow). Oops. I'll have to go tomorrow and get a few more slow nipples to replace the fast ones, which I'll keep for later on when Quentin is older and needs a faster pace nipple to drink. Now that I have that issue resolved, hopefully there won't be anymore formula leaking out of his mouth as he eats.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I recently learned that the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System that I have was recalled. Luckily, Graco will be sending me a repair kit for whatever it is that needs to be replaced on it. I used this exact stroller, for Sean and Mackenzie. I am still using it for Quentin, since the part that needs replacing is for when he's sitting in the stroller once he's out of the baby bucket. I should have the repair kit in my hands way before Quentin ever gets to that stage. I didn't bother getting a new stroller, since I kept mine in pretty good shape (hey, it's not brand new anymore) and I have until April 2012 on the baby bucket (Since they expire 6 years after the stamped date on them). Even though I got the stroller for my baby shower in November of 2006, a month before Sean was born, it was manufactured in April of 2006, so that's the date I have to go by. All car seats, no matter the kind expire after 6 years. Quentin should be in his baby bucket until his 1st birthday (unless he becomes a chunky monkey and I have to put him in a rear facing car seat until his first birthday) which brings me to a few months before the baby bucket I have now, expires. While this review states that "This is probably not a stroller that will last through multiple children, and you likely will not recoup much money by reselling it later on", I actually am on number three with it. While the stroller itself is a tad on the heavy side, (great for your arm muscles when taking it in and out of the trunk) and it's not exactly compact, but that worked for me. For those times I was going somewhere quick or narrow, I just took my Strolee.

Since Quentin's appointment yesterday, I've been worried about the fact that his doc said he has a posterior tongue tie. Mack had a tongue tie too - but in front, and that she corrected right away when he was about 3 weeks old. I have non-stop been thinking about it since we left her office. I think I might call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can just get it done now. She didn't go on about it, since I am not nursing (which it would cause an issue now if I was). It could (but may not - but still could) cause him to have speech development issues later on in life. If he could have speech development issues later on in life - well then, I want it corrected now, so that he doesn't have to go through having his tongue clipped when he's 2-3 years old, and conscious completely of what is going on. Anyone have any insight on this? I had never even heard of this before Mack had it when he was born.

I went into the city today to a woman's house to pick up her Fisher Price Swing, which was an even older model than mine is. (Mine I bought in 2007 when Sean was born (after he was born) and it was a life savor for both Sean & Mackenzie). She was getting rid of it for very inexpensive, and wanted it out of her house. I had a piece missing on mine (a pin to hold one of the legs in place) and went to go look at it to see if I could use it on mine. For the price it was, I took it. I came home to realize that the legs on hers was a tad longer than mine, so that wouldn't work. Then I thought about maybe taking out the pin to put in mine, as it was the identical pin. When I went to go look inside the tube of hers, to see how I could get the pin out... I realize that the pin is like a clothes pin. When you push the pin in to snap the leg in place, it goes into the leg, but then it pops back out when it's in place. So the pin sits on a "clothes pin" style contraption. (Best way I can describe it). I then realize, that, that is the reason why I never found the missing pin, once it got pushed in on mine. I never heard it rattling around on my swing, Jamie kept telling me to look in the leg, and shake the leg to see where the pin went. Well.. I went and took apart the leg and little did I know, that the pin, was still there, just pushed down a bit in the leg. I found my longest pliers, and managed to pull the pin back into place. I actually fixed my swing. I couldn't believe it. And now, I have an extra swing. I haven't decided what I'll do with it. I'll either set it up in another room, or list it back on Craigslist to sell it. We'll see. Or maybe one of my friends who just had a baby will need one. It was inexpensive compared to what they are selling brand new in stores, so I'll figure something out - and I'm sure I'll be able to get rid of it.

Another thing that needed to be fixed was the mobile in Quentin's room. Each of my kids have broken it once. Sean broke it (by pulling on it when he started to lift himself up), and I had the piece replaced to use it for Mackenzie. Mack then broke it when he learned to pull himself up in his crib. (And when they both broke it, that's when I took it out of the crib). It's seriously one day they're not able to, and then you wake up one morning and they're standing in their crib. I finally got the piece replaced and have a working mobile in the nursery. I love my mobile. (You can see it here and closer up here in Sean's first bedroom ever - our first nursery in our old duplex).

Today was all about fixing things and replacing things, and finding things as well. One thing I cannot find, is a bottle cap for one of Quentin's bottles. I have no idea where it is, or why we can't find it. I have checked all the rooms that I feed him in, and even had a search party for it. Our cleaning lady is coming soon, so I will have her keep an eye open for it. I don't understand where it went. I always keep the cap with the bottle, and put it back on the bottle when he's done drinking. I hope it's not gone. But just in case, I called up the company and they're actually sending me out a replacement cap and even some bonus coupons for money off future purchases. How nice of them. It always pays to call customer service. I even took off the mattress and box spring off our bed to see if maybe by any chance it was under the bed, and though I didn't find the bottle cap, I did find a million other toys under there, hockey cards, and a lot of dust and cat hair. I vacuumed up and put the bed back together. I swear, it was almost as if I was nesting without being pregnant.


Tonight, Mackenzie went to bed with his hat on. Silly kid.
A few weeks ago it was his sneakers and tonight his hat.
I wonder what will be next.
(And yes, those are He-Man, Master of the Universe bed sheets circa the 1980's!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12.28.10 :: 4 years & 4 weeks

Sean is 48 months old today // 4 years old.
When I asked him if he had a good birthday, he said he did!

Quentin is 4 weeks old today.
(Lots of number 4's today).


When Sean woke up, we gave him his birthday presents. It seems to be tradition in our house to give birthday gifts first thing in the morning. I think it's something fun to wake up to. From mommy & daddy, Sean got a Roberto Luongo Team Canada Goalie figurine that he was eying the last time we went out shopping. He also got a Crayola Dry-Erase tablet to learn how to write numbers and letters (he knows a lot already, but needs help practicing writing them in the right direction (from north to south and not east to west for example). (I love the tablet so much that I've already given it as gifts to Sean's friends too and have some for a few other upcoming birthdays we have in the Spring). We also got him a Roberto Luongo 300 piece puzzle. He loves doing puzzles and this one will be a challenge (because it's 300 pieces) for him to do with daddy.


Mackie & Quentin got him Habs slippers.


Lat morning we headed into the city. We had lunch (at my fave) pizza joint, Tasty Food. I used to order from there all the time when I was living and working in the city. Besides having whole wheat, they have the best pizza around. I'm not a big pizza fan, but I LOVE their pizza.

After lunch we headed to Sean's 4 year old check-up and Quentin's first check up with our general practitioner. Our doc confirmed what Jamie's cousin (who is the receptionist there - but wasn't in today) told us - the medical clinic will be closing it's doors on February 18th. Our doc will be moving to another location - and I am hoping it's not too bad. The location itself is not that far, it's probably just as far as where she is now from us, but in another direction. I'm just worried about parking. There is a paid lot - and free parking on the street up the road. I will have to find out the address once I get the letter in the mail that she is moving, and drive by the area to scope out what the parking is like, etc. I'd rather be prepared than to show up for Quentin's appointment and not be sure where to go, etc. Quentin will be seen one last time at the medical center she is currently at - for his 2 month check up and then after that, at the new place. I'm glad she's not going too far, or that would be very disappointing.

So...! My boys. They're growing! The birthday boy went first. Weighed/measured. He's now 37 and a half lbs and 105.5 cm (41.5 inches or 3 feet 5.5 inches). For height & weight, Sean is in the 75th percentile. (Meaning 75% of kids his age are smaller than him and 25% are larger than him). Sean totally looks proportional, since he's also very tall. The thing that gets me, is that he's large for his age, but still needs 2.5 lbs to gain before he can be switched into a booster seat. Apparently by age 4, they're supposed to be in a booster seat already. I'm going to check the height requirements of my booster seat, (and what the maximum is for my forward facing car seat) and if he's too tall, then I might switch him, as with his winter coat and clothing, he's definitely over 4o lbs dressed. He's just so close to 40 lbs... and a booster seat for him would make it SO much easier for him to go in Jamie's car when they go out just the two of them. It's a pain in the buttox to move the car seats. I'm going to look into it.

I kept Mackenzie home from daycare today (they actually had daycare today) as I wanted our doctor to take a look at Mackenzie as well. Our doctor just came back from maternity leave and I wanted her to see Mackenzie's skin, as he has been scratching the daylight out of his legs, bum, arms (and wherever he can reach). He does have mild eczema, but I thought it was getting worse. It's not. She recommended I check what the humidity is in the house, put a humidifier in his room, and she gave me a prescription for a cream for him to use when it's really bad. Otherwise the Aveeno Baby Lotion for Eczema is perfect to use (what I've been doing). I was also concerned about Mack's eating, and some days he barely eats (which apparently is normal) and wanted him weighed too. She weighed and measured Mackenzie and he's at 2 and a half 28 and a half lbs and 91 cm (35.8 inches which is JUST under 3 feet tall (36 inches)) tall. For height, Mack is in the 50th percentile for his age and for weight he's in the 25-50th percentile - which is right on his growth curve.

Quentin...! My little peanut. At 28 days old, he's now 2870g (28.7 kg or 6 lbs., 5 oz.) He has gained about 46g a day since he was last weighed 8 days ago (last Monday). He's 50.8cm tall (or 20 inches) and his head is 35cm now. This puts Quentin in the 3rd percentile for weight, 3rd-10th percentile for length and 3rd percentile for his head circumference. Our doctor was telling me that his head circumference at 4 weeks old is that of an average newborn on the day they're born. What can I say... I just have tiny babies. (And there is nothing wrong with that). I totally didn't think that he'd hit 6 lbs by the end of the year, but he's surpassed it even! I'm so glad.

Our GP convinced us to get the flu shot today, so Mack, Sean, and I got it. She would like Jamie to get it too - and anyone who is always around/holding the baby. My mom was with me today and said she would go with my dad to get their as well.

Before we left, she re-filled my prescription for Quentin's formula, and now we're good until he's 1 year old. Because he was premature, and tiny, we'll keep him on this formula, which has a few extra calories than normal formula, which is good for him to have. She asked me if I wanted to still nurse, which she could "get me started up again" with medication (since the hormones are still in my body, I could still nurse if I wanted to) and lots of pumping and a lot of work, and she told me that if after 3 kids, I'm just "done"... that she understands. She did remind me again that it would be a LOT of work. I told her I was just done. That I'm a walking zombie as it is - and chasing after 2 toddlers... that I am done. It's just not for me. It's not for everyone. She respected my decision.


After the doctor's office we ran one errand and Mack fell asleep in the shopping cart. It was too cute. He totally does still need his naps, but at home - he doesn't anymore. (Too busy running around with his older brother, who doesn't nap).


They even convinced my mom to let them go on this ride.


This evening at a work Xmas dinner (belated), I got to baby wear Quentin in my Azure Wrap (which is black and you can't see it really since I'm wearing a black shirt). I think Azure Wraps have gone out of business, their website no longer exists. A store in Montreal used to sell them and I picked up one in January 2007 shortly after I had Sean.


The birthday boy with his slice of cake!


Mack wanted a picture with his brother, these 2 boys crack me up on a daily basis. 4 years ago today I became a mother for the first time. I wouldn't trade any single moment of it for the world.

Tonight at the Xmas dinner, we had a raffle. We do this every year. The proceeds I believe will be matched (by my dad) and donated to the Montreal Children's Hospital. This year, I won a really nice blue pen, and a harddrive for my computer. Jamie and I were just talking about finally upgrading my home office computer and this harddrive will be awesome. He's been bugging me to upgrade since I have Windows XP on my computer (which I am happy with) to Windows 7. (I have Vista on my laptop). Jamie won a golf shirt, in a size one too large for him (and we're going on strict diets as of January 1st to both get back into shape) and he gave it to someone else who would fit into it before we left tonight. I really wanted to win the Sanyo digital camera that they had (for Sean) since the Habs digital cameras we go them aren't exactly the best quality and the Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet that was up for raffle. Oh well. The Bamboo is not even that expensive... I could always get one later on. And Sean doesn't really need a full working camera. He's still a kid who breaks things (but I love him anyhow).

To my readers who collect Pampers Gifts to Grow Points here are 3 codes for bonus points: CONGRATS2NEWMOM, NEWWIPESPACKAGE, and GTGWELCOME10PTS.

Whew... what a long day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

12.27.10 :: 208 weeks old


Sean is 208 weeks old today.
Tomorrow he turns 4.


I think we have a thumb sucker on our hands...
My first baby to suck his thumb.
(Neither Sean or Mack were thumb suckers.
I keep catching Quentin's thumb in his mouth).

Sean told me today that since tomorrow is his birthday that he needs a wallet, so that he can put the money he gets for his birthday, into it. Uh.... I was shocked, this coming from my *almost* 4 year old. Apparently, Jamie told him that if he gets birthday money, he can use it to get the Wii Hockey Stick (Wayne Gretzky one he wants that he keeps seeing), with that money. We're trying to teach him that he can't always get what he wants just like that. Maybe while out tomorrow I'll pick him up an inexpensive wallet. I've seen some kiddie ones at the general store.

So today was my original due date, according to my last cycle. I can't even imagine still being pregnant today. My due date was eventually changed to Christmas day after some ultrasounds, and Quentin's in utero measurements, which is funny, because he was born small - but then again he was born 4 weeks early. I wonder what he would have been at full term, had I gone longer than 36 weeks.

I have the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Cradle Swing. It's been discontinued. A part is broken on the leg, and it's not safe for Quentin to use. I really don't want to have to buy a new swing right now, and I'm searching around for one, 2nd hand, to borrow, to buy, etc. Any Montreal blog readers of mine a) have one you don't need anymore, b) know someone who does have one that they don't need anymore, c) have a broken one I can have the piece from it or d) have a different one I can borrow or buy off you. It would be a shame to have to buy a new one when all I need is one tiny piece. I've contacted anyone I know on facebook that have older kids than mine, and wouldn't be using it anymore if they had anything of the sort. I was on the phone w/Mattel/Fisher Price today, and it's discontinued, so they don't have the part. I checked ebay... no one has the part up for auction. I checked Craigslist, and people are selling them 2nd hand for 100$ ish (if they can even get that). has them on sale for 89.99$ - however they're out of stock (and there's even an additional 10$ off coupon). I did find one person who has the old model (it may even be the model before mine though, so that might not work) on Craigslist, who is selling theirs with a "noisy" motor (swing motor). I emailed them to see if it's still for sell, they have it dirt cheap and I would just need the leg. That swing was my life savor for Sean & Mack. I really hope that I can resolve this issue inexpensively.

Today we got Mack fitted for skating equipment and ran a few other errands. We also took the kids out for lunch. Jamie and I are going on a hard core diet as of January 1st, so there won't be much of taking the kids out for food after that.

Just finished wrapping a certain almost 4 year olds birthday presents, and now that Quentin is just about fed (typing up this post with one hand and feeding him at the same time - multi-tasking is the ONLY way to do things these days)...

Sunday, December 26, 2010



After sleeping in this morning, I hung out with Mack (and Quentin) while Jamie took Sean to the ice rink to shoot some pucks around. I think I have a little budding photographer (above).


To keep busy while we were home we worked on some water painting. Mack really enjoyed this.


Once Jamie and Sean got back, Jamie built our first fire. We've never used the fire place before. We actually had the fire going until late this evening. It was nice to have it. The house smelled so good from it, and all we were missing was some marshmallows.


Even Quentin enjoyed the fire from his swing.


I recently received in the mail some yarn I got from an exchange I did on Ravelry. I exchanged 2 other skeins of Malabrigo Worsted for these 2 skeins in the Ravelry Red Colorway. I think it'll become a scarf.


I have finally found some time to organize my photos and I'm working on the post for my virtual baby shower that my knitting friends hosted for me (do I have amazing friends or what?) In the meantime, Quentin is modeling a pair of baby pants that my friend Sarah knit for him. They are perfect for a winter day like today. And they fit him well - and he has room to grow in them. (The virtual baby shower post IS coming).


Today's Link Love:
- This free santa hat pattern. I wish I had seen it before Xmas, I would have knit one for Quentin. (Though, I'm not sure when I would have had the time!)
- This wooden toy camera is just flippin' awesome.
- Absolutely LOVE this bookshelf. Maybe I can get my dad to build one? They're sold out online.
- Love this baby mat. Too cute. I think I have a thing for Giraffes now.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

12.25.10 :: due date


In the middle of the night, Santa visited our house.


When the boys woke up, I was summoned to their room to come see what they found.


They had a field day opening some gifts.


Sean kept saying "I totally asked Santa for this!"


Even Quentin was in holiday spirits today!


Merry Christmas to you & yours!


(That's a yawn. No crying was involved in the making of these photos. I just love his wrinkly face when he yawns).


Tonight we (as a family) watched the movie Shrek Ever After (VERY cute and definitely a tear jerker - glad I didn't watch it while pregnant & hormonal), and we ordered in Chinese Food. (What else are Jews supposed to do on Christmas?) The original place we wanted to order from wasn't answering their phones. Either they aren't open today or they were so busy in restaurant they didn't answer their phones. We ended up ordering from somewhere else and it took about an hour to get our food. (Normal for Christmas Day). (On a side note to those wondering - we do celebrate Xmas. Jamie's step-family is not Jewish and every other year Xmas is in Toronto (rather Mississauga) at Jamie's step-brother's house. This year, we weren't going to go down to Toronto with a newborn, so we stayed home. Next year, Xmas will be in Montreal (at Jamie's step-sister's house). So we do celebrate Jewish Holidays and Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc... with Jamie's step-family).

Today was my due date with Quentin. I can't imagine still being pregnant. (And I'm quite glad that I am not still pregnant, I'm starting to feel like my old self again). I can't believe he's already 25 days old.

Today's Link Love:
- Love these snowman cookies.
- Love this piece of art (picture frame).
- Saw this cake server (or rather one that looks just like this one) and now I totally want one. There's a store that sells them near (kinda) me... debating going back to get one.