Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2 Months

Today, after getting my act together, I finally headed out the door to do some errands. I had some stuff to do before going to my parents house. I even managed to score myself a free outfit for Sean at Walmart. Here's why: In Quebec (I'm not sure about the rest of Canada), if an item scans wrong at the cash, and is higher than the amount it's priced at, you get 10$ off. If the item is less than 10$, you get the item for free. It's the Consumer Price Protection Law. Anyhow, the item in question was a two piece set - 6/9 month in size, a sweater and jeans. It was $9.87 regular price, but the tag was marked down to $3.07. (Weird amount, I know). Anyhow, so I mention it to the cashier, and to make a long story short, apparently the item was supposed to be $4 not $3.07, and I got it for free. I'm not complaining!

Anyhow, I also picked up some yarn today for my father-in-law's hat & scarf that he has requested. The one he is wearing now, he's been wearing for 30 years apparently (not religiously) but his mother made it (she has since passed on). Anyhow, he wants to put away the hat & scarf, and wants a new set! So I picked him up a charcoal grey color, the same color of yarn that I made Jamie's Irish Hiking Scarf. I'm thinking about doing the same pattern for my father-in-law, and make him an Irish Hiking Hat. I love the pattern. Anyhow, I picked him up (cough) acrylic yarn, because I know my in-laws and (cough) acrylic is the way to go. However, I picked up Red Heart Soft Touch, and it's actually pretty soft, and not too acrylic-y (which I HATE the feeling of).... Yes, I'm a yarn snob. But I just know that whatever I make has to be 100% machine washable, and so I thought that this would be perfect yarn. Plus I think wool is too scratchy for him. (Allergies or something). I picked up color 7936 which is a charcoal grey. I'll photograph it once I start his projects - which will be once I'm done with Sean's sweater, and my sister's camera case cozy (and I should finish the married socks already. Jamie's dying to wear his!)

On my way to my parents house I dropped off a gift to someone who just had a baby boy 8 days ago, and in the parcel was this shirt that I made an iron-on for:

"Hi, I'm new here." I just love it. I hope they like it too!

And here are some pictures from tonight:

Me, knitting, while watching the movie Dreamgirls. I was working on Sean's baseball sweater. I'm 3/4 done the front (the back is done) and then all I have to do is the sleeves. Getting there! Dreamgirls was EXCELLENT by the way, and the music was just FABULOUS!

I absolutely love this picture of my sister & I. We both look fantastic - I think! My hair was just straightened, and you can tell I'm slowly losing the baby weight! My face is starting to look back to normal! And I love my freshly waxed eyebrows, just love them!

Wow, I can't believe Sean is 2 months already! Happy Two Months Sweetie! I really do NOT know where time goes. Flies by, really! He's not sitting by himself, not yet, but we managed to snap this picture really fast before he started slouching in the chair. This rocking chair actually used to belong to my siblings & I when we were kids. It's probably almost as old as I am. There used to be a matching table with chairs, but those were unfortunately sold in a garage sale - which apparently is regretted today.

Sean's 2 month check up was postponned as you know, so it will be in a week from today. Since my mom can't come with me, and Jamie has to work, my grandmother will come keep me company, since she'll be back from Florida. It's not that I can't go alone, because I can go alone, I just don't want to. I don't have any reason as to why... I just want it that way. Moral support maybe? Or just to help me out as well, incase Sean reacts to the shots, and I just want someone there to help me with stuff, if I need to calm him down, etc. All good.

A funny to share with you! Click on the image above.
Make sure your speakers are on!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 27 of 28

Have you seen the Book of Knitty? It's pretty damn cool. It's for those children who get into their mommies yarn stash! I think I want to make one regardless! It looks like fun! A lot of work though!

So far today I got 2 rows knitted while at my in-law's - which we went for dinner. Jamie's dad's best friend was in from Vancouver and she wanted to see Sean. Also - Jamie's step-mom's best friend was in from Ottawa. So it was a dinner with everyone tonight! Sean was a the guest of honor! LOL.

Today there was something (knitting related) that I wanted, and I had to go to 3 different Walmarts before finding what I wanted. I got it. But boy was that exhausting!

I don't feel like posting pictures today. Plenty of updates tomorrow - I promise. Tomorrow I have a bunch of things I want to do - and I'm going to movie night with my mother & sister. We're watching Dreamgirls. I heard it was really good.

We're up to 18 participants in the Stitch Marker Exchange. Have you signed up yet? I even made a button for the blog that I created for the swap - and I used a photograph that I took of some stitch marker that Lainie made me in the last round of exchange!

I got some nice beads today to make some earrings for my Etsy shop. Have you been to my shop recently? I've reduced the price of the knitting earrings - the link is on my sidebar! Go support a local artist! Some new stuff should be listed hopefully by the weekend. I'll definitely announce it once that happens! Don't worry. Ok, ok, I just linked my shop, you're too lasy to go over to my sidebar, right?

I got Sean this hanging hamper thing today - we needed a system to sort his bibs seperately from his regular clothing - because he goes through bibs like there is no tomorrow. And so I'll photograph what I did and post it tomorrow - but since I want to wash that more often than his clothes, I had to get a seperate basket (I found this neat one that hangs!) and his clothes, blankets and wash cloths & towels will go into the wicker basket that we have in his room.

I'm also looking into starting to puree foods for Sean, to freeze, so that they are ready for when he starts eating solids. I've picked up my ice cube trays (I have 4 white ones and 4 blue ones) and I'm ready to look into how to start! Anyone know any great sites for preparing your own baby food? Or tips? Advice?

Alright, I need to get some shut eye. Pics tomorrow - I promise.

Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26 of 28

Let me tell you about my day. My mom came with me to Sean's doctor's appointment. But first we went for lunch at the mall near by and after eating, and feeding Sean - we had some time to kill, so I got my eyebrows waxed. (Why do I always feel like a brand new person after having my eyebrows done?) And then we headed off to the doctor's appointment for Sean's 2 month check up.

We checked in. We waited. Sean got bored of being in his carrier. I took him out. He cooed a a little girl in the waiting room. I went over to the receptionist, and asked her if she was the one I spoke to on the phone in January before his first appointment, asking her that if she was the one who told me that her mother's maiden name was the same as Sean's last name. (Sean goes by my husband's last name, which I don't - because in Quebec, if you marry (since 1981) you do NOT take your husband's name (only you can go by it socially if you want) because of the high rate of divorce, they don't want to do the legal work of changing your name. You can't even PAY to change your last name to your hubby's name). (If I wanted to take Jamie's last name, we'd have to move to Ontario or another province for a year, change my name, then move back - which ain't happening, because we love Montreal way too much). Anyhow, she said yes it was her, and I asked her if her mother's name was Leona. She said yes. Turns out - that the receptionist is Jamie's 3rd cousin. (Her mother Leona is Jamie's dad's first cousin). So we started chit chatting, and what a small world it is. This is a good thing for me, since now I have the "IN" at the doctor's office. Favors for getting seen right away, I'll just call and speak to her! I'm not complaining.

Anyhow, about an hour of waiting later, I went over and spoke to her again. (Oh, her name is Nadine by the way). Anyhow, I asked Nadine if it's usual for Dr. Jill (her first name) is usually late, because last time she saw us RIGHT away. Then Nadine realized that Dr. Jill wasn't even in yet, so she called her to find out what was going on. Turns out - Dr. Jill was on call, and was planning on coming in to see her patients, but she got stuck in an emergency and couldn't make it in.

So - we're waiting for a phone call tomorrow to see when we'll be seen again for Sean's 2 month check-up and his shots.

After leaving the doctor's office, we headed to Walmart - I exchanged Sean's bottle Sterilizer as it was defective, (the plate got burned) and picked up a few items I needed. Then we went to Toys R Us where I picked up a Diaper Champ for Sean's room. We were fed up with the Safety 1st Neat! Diaper Disposal System that doesn't work - and the garbage pale with the lid wasn't doing what it was supposed to do - keeping the smell in! So.... Diaper Champ it is - on recommendation from my friend Debra who just had baby Noah almost a month ago now!

I've got some interesting photos to share with you today.
First, do you remember Sean's little hands? All wrinkly with no meat?

Well, this boy has some strong hands that are starting to get adventurous and start grabbing everything he sees, or at least attempts to!

And do you remember this little 4 lbs 14 oz guy, who was photographed in this outfit upon leaving the hospital, because I was sure I was having a HUGE baby (not a baby at 5 lbs 5 oz at birth - who dropped 7.9% of his birth weight by the time he checked out of the hospital 33 hours after being born and this is the size outfits I brought to the hospital)?

Yeah, you see correctly. His feet go to the crotch area! The legs of the sleeper are completely 100% EMPTY!

Well, he fits into it now! 8 and a half weeks later, and soon he will not fit into it anymore! Really!

And last, we have a pic of Sean sleeping through all the errands today. This was taken in Walmart - gosh there's great lighting in Walmart for non-flash photography - LOL.

So I've been looking everywhere to download this cd - Chantal Chamandy - but can't find it online. Last night I checked it on and it was only $7.99 - so I figured I'd try downloading it first, but if I wasn't successful, that I'd order it. Well, since I can't find it - I decided today to go an order it. And now it's no longer $7.99 but $8.99. I don't get it?? How does this happen overnight? Weird! Anyhow, I keep seeing the commercial for this CD on the TV, and her music sounds good. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album! I'll let you know how it is!

I borrowed my mother's button collection to see if there was 2 buttons that were good for Sean's sweater that I'm knitting. Have you ever seen anyone with a button collection this LARGE? Especially for someone who doesn't have a sewing machine and doesn't knit? I'm jealous! She's got a great button collection! Now, I must dig through and try to find something for Sean's sweater!

Tonight I went to Post-Natal Aqua and there was a small class again, this time with myself, the instructor and 2 other faces, both new to me! One girl is 18 weeks pregnant with her first child, and the other is 26 weeks with her third girl. They both told me their name, and I didn't catch either of them. Not common names - that's for sure! It was a good class. I think I'm going to take a lesson with an instructor on how to handle Sean in the pool. I think it would be good to take 1 lesson, so I know what I'm doing. I really want to be able to take him into the pool!

Has anyone heard of this book by Ann Hood called The Knitting Circle? I'm curious to know if ti's any good?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 25 of 28

Houston - we have a pocket!

Here is the front of the sweater before the pocket was put on,
but the binding off of the pocket are already done:
And here it is after the white pocket lining is knit on:

This was my very first pocket. It was super exciting!
Now I have to get the front to 7 inches, do my decreases,
and then all I have left are the sleeves!
This has been a REALLY super fast knit as well!
I started the sweater on Friday I think it was, and it'll be done in a day or two!

Took this picture of Sean tonight at my parents house. We went over for dinner, and we ordered for pick-up. My father picked it up, got home, it was missing a meal, an order of French fries and my panini which was ordered straight off their menu, not altering what I wanted in it - was missing the key ingredient! It was a veal panini with provolone cheese and zucchini. No zucchini in it when my dad got home! So he called up and complained. Who does that? I ordered right off the menu - and it lacks ingredients. Also - my dad said that while he was there, there was only 3 people at 1 table so it's not as if they were super busy and they screwed up because there was a lot going on. The chef had NOTHING else to do! The sandwich was pretty good, but I will never eat there again or order for pick-up from there again.

I watched a bit of the Oscars and now I'm surfing the web doing some research for a project that I'm looking into. Tomorrow is Sean's two month check up and he's getting his shots. His 2 month shots - don't really know what they are for right now, but they're marked down upstairs. Jamie and I took bets for Sean's weight - can't wait to know what he weighs now! I've guessed 8 lbs 6 oz and Jamie's guessed 8 lbs 4 oz. We'll see what happens tomorrow! (What's scary is that he's 2 months old weighing approx. this - and most baby COME OUT weighing this weight that he's at now!) I've got children's Tempra on hand, because some babies get fever after getting shots. I hope Sean is okay. I feel for him! I hate getting shots as well. I also hope that he DOES NOT pee all over the table at the doc's office like he did at his almost 1 month check-up.

I didn't make it to Yoga this morning. I really wanted some extra shut-eye. (Which felt great by the way, but I'm still not caught up on 8 weeks worth of sleep!)

Secret Pal 10 signups close on Wednesday - I'm very excited for another round of swapping knitting stuff! I hope I get someone really awesome this time, as last round I was kinda neglected until the end! (Thank goodness for Angels right? Shelley - you rock!)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24 of 28

Today I've been working hard on the Baseball Tee Sweater for Sean. I know in a few days it'll be done and it'll probably even fit him now! I hope he at least gets to wear it for a month - that would be nice! I'm not really sure how long he'll stay in 3 month size, but for now, he's in 0-3 month size. I have the back completely done, and the pocket lining (in the white) done as well. I've now started knitting the front. I've got just over 2" of the front done, shown above on the needles. It's raglan style, and super easy. I'm still intimidated by sweaters, and if this works out, I'll be knitting a sweater for myself soon! (I have to finish my 2 scarves that I've started for myself, woven trellis & column of leaves, as well as the married socks, plus my sister wants a camera case like this one, and my father-in-law has requested a hat & scarf. I also have some other projects on my sidebar I think that have been started, and not yet finished. I gotta get some FO's - don't you think?

Today Jamie & I watched 2 movies, we watched Borat & The Prestige. Borat was a waste of an hour and 20 minutes, boy was it dumb - but funny at the same time, and The Prestige was well done, but I am still confused as to what was going on... I consider this to be a "time" piece (dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's) and those types of movies are generally not my style. I found it a little slow for a 2 hour and 10 minute movie. The magic was really neat!

Well, I'm off to bed, as I have to feed Sean at his next feeding (Jamie's going to do the middle of the night one) so I can sleep. I'm going to try to get to Yoga tomorrow, I hope I'm not exhausted! I missed last week because Jamie had somewhere to be, so I hope that tomorrow I have the energy to go and relax in Yoga!

And that my friends - is all for today. Just a little update before I go - we're at 12 participants so far in my stitch marker swap - so hurry up and sign up! It's going to be fun! Sign ups are going on until March 15th.

Friday, February 23, 2007

February 23 of 28

Today I started knitting an adorable raglan pullover called Baby Baseball Tee with Mittens for Sean, from from comedian/actress Tracey Ullman's knitting book, Knit 2 Together. I absolutely am in love with this adorable sweater. I don't think I'll be making the mittens, as Sean has many of these and he'll outgrow the sweater fast I'm sure. The only size the book has for, is 3 months size. Sean's almost in that - so I'm hoping that it'll be a fast knit - and he'll get to wear it soon, and for a bit at least. I'm making it in the same shade of blue, but with white. (And I'm doing it in reverse. Where the yellow is - I'm doing blue, and where the blue is - I'm doing it white). The yarn I've decided to use for it - it TLC's Cotton Plus. It's a worsted weight, 51% Cotton and 49% Acrylic (which I don't feel - so it's okay - I hate the feel of Acrylic yarns - sends chills up my spine!) Anyhow, I'm almost done the back of the sweater, I'll post pictures of my progress tomorrow! I've REALLY been knitting up a storm lately.

This is funny. Check it out here.
Today I knitted & watched the TV show Weeds which Jamie downloaded off the internet. It's a Showtime show going into it's 3rd Season eventually. So I have Seasons 1 & 2 downloaded. It's pretty funny. I also downloaded season 1 of Prison Break - everyone keeps telling me it's good! I guess I will check it out soon, once I'm done watching the last 6 episodes of Season 2 of Weeds.

Nothing much else going on here. Just a lot of knitting! I am so excited to get Sean's sweater done, so he can wear it!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

8 Weeks

So, this morning while watching the show Weeds that Jamie downloaded off the dish (I believe it's a Showtime or Showcase show or something like that), I finished Sean's Apple Hat. I decided to do only 1 leaf instead of 2. I really like my version of the hat. I knit it up in 1 year size, so that it'll fit Sean in the fall/winter this year.

I am very happy with his hat. I even snuck it on his head for a quick photograph while he was sleeping. I'll get a better photo after when he's awake. It's big on his head, but he'll grow into it!

This evening I wound my Fleece Artist Thrum Mit Kit yarn into a cake:

And cut up all my thrum:

And starting knitting mitten number 1:

And I'm loving the colors so far!

I cannot believe Sean is already 8 weeks old. On Wednesday he turns 2 months old. Where does time go? Seriously? I feel like he was just born yesterday. I really do sometimes miss being pregnant, but to be honest, I'm enjoying every moment of motherhood, and I'm loving Sean more and more every day! I just can't get enough of him. I can seriously sit there for hours and just watch him. There is nothing like the love of a mother for her child. Sean - Mommy loves you very very much.

I am loving this cabled pullover & I'm contemplating buying the pattern booklet just for his sweater. I think I HAVE to make it for myself, and I'm thinking it will be in this color as well. (Or a very similar shade). I did however purchase myself a 2 year subscription to Interweave Knits today. It was damn cheap to get a 2 year subscription, especially since I'd be saving 32$ in two years than buying it in the store! I think it's worth it! I can't wait to get my first issue in the mail! It'll probably be the next one that comes out, I have no idea when the one on stands currently came out.

Today I did an errand in the afternoon, I was in dire need of more bibs that have velcro - and to be honest, I went to the local dollar store. They have great ones, for a buck each. I will photograph them tomorrow, I got a great selection. I put away all the tiny bibs that don't really fit even a newborn - not sure why they make bibs that small, and I also put away (for later when Sean can sit up on his own & hold his neck up on his own) the bibs that tie up instead of just velcro or snap shut.

Late afternoon my friend Elana came by to meet Sean, bringing him a littl gift. She really shouldn't have - but it was really cute! He got a little beach bag, beach ball, a pair of adorable sunglasses (his first pair!) and a pair of swimming shorts - also his first pair! I think Elana now has baby fever, and wants to have a baby! (She's been married about 8 months now... so who knows! Jamie and I were married 7 months and a bit when I got pregnant! Planned pregnancy - don't worry - Sean was and is very much wanted!)

Elana and I were planning on going to Deep End Aqua tonight from 6-7 pm, however, there was a huge accident (over turned truck dangling off the median on Highway 20) and so everyone was taking the Trans-Canada Highway, so it took Jamie forever to get home from work, and I missed my Aqua class. That's okay - I don't think Elana wanted to leave and give Sean back to me!

This evening I worked on starting my thrummed mittens as above, since I finished Sean's Apple Hat this morning. (Took only a few hours to make!) I'm thinking about making another apple hat for a friend of the family who just had a baby boy two days ago (5 weeks early, c-section because the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's head. Baby & Mommy are doing great). It's such a fast knit!

This evening I watched Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, and now I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 21 of 28

For the longest time I've been looking for Palmolive Dish Wipes. They were basically these wipes that were pre-moistened with Palmolive soap, and they were fantastic. You wet them and they're ready for washing dishes. I've been using them for a few years now, I had bought them on sale, so I had a few boxes, and we mainly use our dishwasher, so I don't usually do dishes. But now, with Sean - I wash his bottles daily & steralize them. So - I started looking around for these packages of Dish Wipes. Apparently they don't exist anymore, here's the email I got in response from Colgate, who apparently owns Palmolive:

Dear Mrs. Robyn:

Thank you for contacting us about Palmolive Dish Wipes. We were sorry to learn that you are having difficulty finding this product.Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. Although we realize thata number of consumers enjoyed the product, unfortunately sales were simply not sufficient to continue selling it. Any stock that was available has now been exhausted so we are unable to send samples to you. We trust this information is helpful to you and we thank you again for contacting us.

Petra Eastman
Consumer Consultant
Consumer Affairs Department

Who uses words like "exhausted"? Interesting & too bad. I really wish I had been able to find more of this product. Had I know it was being "exhausted" I would have stocked up!

This morning I went to go visit my friend Debra from my Pre/Post Natal Aqua class. She had baby Noah three weeks ago today. Noah was also exactly 2 weeks early, her water broke, she wasn't contracting, was put on pitocin, had a vaginal delivery, episiotomy & forceps... JUST LIKE ME & Sean's birth! Very very very freakily scary! How weird is that. The only difference - her labor was 19 hours, where mine was 32 hours and 15 minutes. Had I not been yanked off the pitocin 4 times during my labor, I'm sure that Sean would have been born on the 27th of December instead of the 28th... but let's not go there. I like the fact that he was born on the 28th - it just happened to be my late great-grandmother's birthday. So that is nice.

Here are pictures from this morning:

Sean & baby Noah. They are so cute together. It's funny - because Sean weighs just 1 lb approx more than Noah - and he's only 3 weeks old!

I love this picture because it looks like they're dancing Egyptian style or something! Hee hee!

This afternoon I went with my mother to go see the movie Music & Lyrics with Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant. Every other Wednesday at the Famous Players near my mom's house - they have Starz & Strollers where you can bring you baby. The theater is not as loud as a regular movie, but babies cry during. Sean I think was the only good boy during the movie & after being fed & changed, he slept the entire movie on my chest. They even had a changing area set up with free diapers on the house. I still opted to use my own diapers because I didn't like the diapers they had for babies Sean's size, and didn't want any accidents to happen as I didn't have ANY change of clothing for myself. Anyhow - we met a baby girl born just 5 days after Sean on January 2nd, and well as a baby girl born the day before him on December 27th. Oh the movie - you want to know about the movie? It was just alright. Thank goodness I had a free pass - because it was JUST okay. I would not pay to go see this movie, it's the type of movie you download for free off the web, or maybe rent it on cheap night at your local small video store. Even though I'm a fan of both Hugh & Drew's... it was a mediocre movie.

Tonight I went with Sean to the Montreal Knits meet up near my house. I got there early, and fed Sean & changed him before everyone got there, put on my Azure Wrap, and wore him the entire time. He slept from the time the first person arrived pretty much, until I left, giving me a good 3 hours of knitting! Here's what I started tonight:

It's the start of Sean's Apple Hat. I am making it in 1 year size, because the pattern is for either 6 month size (Sean will be 6 months in the middle of the summer, so that doesn't work out) and 2 years is frankly a long time from now, and I want him to enjoy some handknits by his mommy before he gets too old & starts telling me what he likes & doesn't like to wear! I figure 1 year size will probably be great in the fall/winter. He only turns one at the end of December, so I'm hoping he doesn't have a big head or anything! So far, the hat is coming along great. I'm knitting it on 4.5mm circulars that are 16" in size. I love these tiny circs! Tiny in length - they're great. I have to knit about 4 and three quarters inches, before switching to DPN's for the decreases at the top. I can't wait for it to start looking like a hat! So far tonight at knitting, I was able to do just over 2 inches.

This is the MOST I've knit at knitting meetups in a long time (since before I was pregnant!). I think it's mainly in part to two things. 1) Sean was sleeping & was a very good boy and 2) it's knitting in the round, stockinette stitch, and well - that requires NO concentration whatsoever! The patterns I've been working on lately (Column of Leaves, "Married" Socks) have concentrated needed patterns - ESPECIALLY the Column of Leaves pattern 100%!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 20 of 28

Today I slept in, and boy did that feel great. However, I was up at 2:30 am, 5:45 am, 7:45 am & 11:45 am to feed Sean. But in between all those feedings, I got sleep! I feel a lot better today.

Here are some funny photos that we took the other night. I just got them from my family, so I had to share:

Someone tried to take a picture of Piper, and her eyes came out like Alien Bug Eyes - so WEIRD, eh?? This has got to be one of the funniest photos I've seen in a long long time!

Jamie was holding Sean who was sleeping, and Bosco decided to rest his head on Jamie's shoulder. This is a very cute photo! I love it!

My mom thought it would be funny to line up the newest Old Navy stuffies with Sean on the table and do a "Where's Sean" like "Where's Waldo"... it was funny.

This afternoon I went by my cousin's work (my Uncle's Shop) and we had fun taking some pictures of Sean:

Sean is JUST a little bigger than the knitted doll! How's that for size???

And by far - my favourite photo from today & my Uncle's new Ad Campaigne for his shop (j/k!):

Sean the Cool Kid on the Block!

Today was a Sean picture day. He's not on strike anymore from Mommy Paparazzi! Tomorrow we're going to see Music & Lyrics (Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant flick) at the theater with my mom. You're allowed bringing your stroller & baby to the movie tomorrow. They have it every other Wednesday, and it's a different movie each time, for the Starz & Stroller program! I have a free ticket for myself & Sean, and I'm very excited to see a movie!

Trying to think if there is anything else going on? Hmm... not really today.

Sign ups for my Stitch Marker Swap is coming along great... I'm taking sign ups up until March 15th, so there is still time! Very excited for this round - there is a bunch of new faces! I'm going to figure out how to invite people to the stitch marker swap blog - so that people can post and stuff! I will look into that tomorrow. If you haven't yet signed up - click here and do so!

Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19 of 28

Today while watching the shows Neat & then Mission: Organization on HGTV, got me into the mood to do a huge spring cleaning & purge in my cabinet in my office. By the end of the afternoon, I had gone through all my pre-pregnancy clothes as well that were being stored, and between my office cabinet and my clothes - I had three bags for donation & 1 bag for garbage. It's UNREAL the stuff that gets accumulated over the years, even over just some short months. My office was spick & span clean upon moving it to the basement when we turned my office over into Sean's nursery back in October I think it was - and in just a few short months, I had collected even more junk! I kept things for art projects that I may one day get around to - and that is not good. A trick I learned also with clothes - is to turn ALL your hangers in your closet backywards. And then as you wear things, turn the hanger around. Check back a few months later, and anything that HAS NOT been turned - purge by either throwing out - or donating. What a brilliant trick!

So - as you can see I have now a blog set up for my 3rd ever stitch marker exchange. I was jonesing to do another one. The last one was so successful that I just had to have another one! Go sign up now! Trust me, it's fun!

Tonight I made it to post-natal aqua (I didn't get to go to Yoga yesterday because Jamie had somewhere he had to be, and anyhow, I was out cold on the couch napping with Sean the entire time he was away, so I don't know how awake I would have been for Yoga anyhow...!) and it felt great to be in the water! I love this class. It was semi-private this evening, it was just myself and this other girl, whose name I cannot ever recall. I can remember the name of the friend she used to come with - but not hers! I love being in the water! Oh, it feels great. I hope the Aqua is doing something for the weight loss. (My diet officially starts on March 1st, 2007).

I just camped out on the couch this evening with Sean and watched Hereos. 24 was on at the same time as Heroes tonight or something, so I taped it, and Jamie & I will watch it tomorrow night. I took another nap on the couch, and now it's time to go to bed.

Today I sold my Lateral Thigh Trainer. I bought it on the Shopping Channel Network website after seeing an infomercial - yes, I watch those sometimes, and well it sat in storage since we moved here from our old place - so that was enough reason to stop letting it collect dust, and let it go to someone who would use it. I listed it on Craigslist in the sporting section, and it was gone within 1 day! Picked up today! It's funny how many emails I got for it once it had already sold! To me, this machine is useless, doesn't really do much - but I guess one man's junk is another man's treasure, right? I'm not one for exercise equipment - that is why the aqua classes work great for me! No machinery required! And for Yoga - only a mat is required.

Speaking of Yoga mats - I know I saw in one of my books once a pattern to knit a Yoga Mat Bag. But now I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know any good ones online or in a book? (I googled them online, and couldn't seem to find much?) If anyone has any ideas - please let me know!

Spring Stitch Marker Exchange

Go on! Check out the Spring Stitch Marker Exchange! Hosted by yours truly!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

February 18 of 28

Today I managed to finish Jamie's sock number 1. I have my sock number 1 to finish, and then I can start both sock number 2.... for the full pair. Here is my sock number 1 finished:

And here is Jamie modelling it on his foot - he loves that it fits snug and perfectly:

You see, the last pair of socks that I made Jamie, were a little loose on him. He requested a tighter pair (on the leg part) when I knit him the next pair (which are these). The pattern on these socks is the Seed Stitch Rib as follows:

Seed Stitch Rib
(Worked over a multiple of 4 sts):
Round 1: K all sts.
Round 2: [K3, p1] to end.
Repeat these 2 rounds for Seed Stitch Rib.

I got it from the Thuja socks on

Sean told me that he does not want to be blogged today. He said tomorrow is okay, but to "stop being a paparazzi mommy." He told me that I have over 750+ pictures of him in my Flickr account, and to chill for a bit! Hee hee.

Something annoying is half our bibs for Sean are velcro/snap closure and half of them are strings you tie behind the head. We've come to HATE the string ones that tie around his head, and only use them if I haven't had a chance to do laundry yet, and we've run out of the velcro/snap ones. Of course the string tie ones will be easier to use once Sean's sitting up on his own and we can easily tie it behind his neck... but for now... velcro/snap is the way to go. And we don't feed Sean unless he's wearing a bib, because he always manages to have formula dripping down his face, without failure, and also sometimes he spits up a bit... Bibs are great! It'll definitely be interesting once he starts eating solids!

Alright, I'm hitting the hay. Jamie's working all week because his co-worker is on business, so I'm doing ALL the night wake-ups (always 2 wakings each night, once around 2:30 ish and the 2nd somewhere around 5:30 am) and I'm on duty until Thursday night! Fun fun! I'm going to be a zombie this week!

I owe a ton of emails still - they will be replied to shortly. If you're waiting to hear back from me - I promise I will get to it!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 17 of 28

Ok, someone please tell me why?? (Karine, I took this picture from your blog, because apparently I can't find any other ones on google, or anything!) WHY??? I heard that it's because of drugs?

Sean, of course sleeping SUPERVISED on his stomach, unknowingly modelled his Kippah that I made him, that he hasn't had the chance to wear yet. It fits him though - Perfect size! Oh - and he's napping in his bassinet! It's the first time he's using it in MONTHS!

And here is Sean knowingly (okay, I mean awake!) modelling his Name Onesie - which I made him! Gotta love Adobe Illustrator and my printer and iron-on transfers! SO MUCH FUN!

Angela pointed out to me today, the growth of my son. Of course I realized that he is bigger - he feels heavier than when we brought him home - and well, he know has meat on his thighs and arms and body and face.... but until seeing the photos NEXT TO EACH OTHER - It didn't "dawn" on me.. so here is Sean's progress - at bath time!

January 1st, 2007 (Below)

Unfortunately for his first bath ever after bringing him home from the hospital, I do not have the same angle as the next two shots... but it's good enough for comparison!

January 21st, 2007 (Above)

February 16th, 2007 (Above)

In ONE month - look at that difference! He's starting to look like a baby - rather than a newborn! My little man is growing up! WOW! Crazy, eh?

This afternoon was spring cleaning time. We cleaned out our HUGE closet in the basement, re-organized the things in it - and also our storage room under our stairs. I managed to also go through all my pre-pregnancy clothes, and have a full garbage bag of donation stuff, clothes that I don't think I'll ever wear again after losing the baby weight, and getting back into my old size. (Why hang on to it - if I am never going to wear it again, right?)

I am very impressed with my clean-up job. I even organized my yarn, and decided on some yarn that I don't wany anymore (Yeah, is that even possible?) Impulse purchases, from when I didn't know what I was doing, and purchased Acrylic. Yeah... the dirty word... Acrylic! Hee hee. I will find a new home for that yarn...

This evening I went to the Habs game with my sister to watch the Habs lose and screw themselves out of the running for the Playoffs. Say goodbye to the Stanley Cup for this year ... c'est fini! Blech. There's always next year... I guess. At the game, I got to knit a TON of rows on Jamie's "married" sock, and it's coming along great. I'll post a progress picture soon. I'm hoping to get both sock number 1's done, so I can start sock number 2's.. so that I can move onto the next project - my Thrummed Fleece Artist mittens. I can't wait to start those, and finish them hopefully before this brutal Canadian winter is over!

Tomorrow is a relaxed day, and I'm missing out on Yoga because Jamie has somewhere to be in the morning (something to do with hockey cards and other Montreal collectors - don't ask!) and I have some laundry to do, (Sean's almost out of bibs, and I refuse to feed him unless he's wearing one, because somehow he manages to drool. Speaking of things that Sean manages to do - today for the first time ever, instead of peeing on me, or peeing on his daddy, or peeing on his Aunt (my sister) (we are the only 3 people he's ever peed on).... he managed to pee on his own face. Silly guy - should have closed his mouth! He didn't get much in, and he apparently found it amusing, because he laughed. Yeah - he laughed! Silly guy! I gave him a facial sponge bath, and it was all better! But I couldn't help but laugh as well. And then not even 10 minutes later he spat up massively on his Aunt - she wanted to feed him! Otherwise it would have been all over me! (But that was his daddy's fault, because he told us that Sean wasn't finished eating - but I guess he was - because overeating made him spit up massively. (Ok, puke. I don't like that word though. Puke. Sounds gross. Well, it is gross.)

Ok, I'm going to stop rambling now, and I'm going to plop myself on the couch, knit and catch up on some shows I have on "tape" from this week. (I say tape, but really it's downloaded off the internet, transferred onto Jamie's Eureka (Media Player), and plugged into our TV in the den).

Friday, February 16, 2007

February 16 of 28

I haven't posted anything of the cats in a while, and Zeus was sitting in a post-worthy position tonight, so I snapped a photo of my retarded cat - and voila - Zeus says hello! What's the leg in the air? I walked away to get Sean waking up in his crib, and came back after a diaper change and a feeding, and he was STILL sitting like this. HOW on earth can he be comfortable?

These are the sexy new shoes. I love them and they are comfortable (ask me again after wearing them though for an entire evening!) Now I just need an outfit to wear to Jamie's cousin's wedding. I'm still not back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I don't know what I'm going to wear to the wedding we have next month.

This is the gorgeous bath towel (with hood - see blue above - that's the hood) that Sean got as a gift. Isn't it awesome? I want a towel for MY SIZE that has my name on it - but in pink! Hee hee!

Dressing Sean after his bath tonight, I put him in a Roots outfit, that he got as a gift. However, this 0-3 month size, which states is XS (Extra Small!) is WAY too big on him! It's like Steve Urkel came to visit my house! (And the onesie he is wearing - apparently is too small on him - we changed him out of that upon noticing. You see how it's tugging down? I realized after - it's PREEMIE size! Ooops!)

Oh, I love this kid and his spiked hair! And his chubby cheeks are VERY pinchable!

I found the sweater I made Sean while on my honeymoon, when he was a wee little one in my belly. Apparently it could be a dress on him! I didn't even put him in it, just on top of him to measure - and boy it's HUGE!

Today I spent cleaning my office. This evening I had Angela & Vera over and we knitted, and watched What Not To Wear. The boys - they played Texas Hold'em. My in-laws were over too - and we had dinner with them. It was a chilled night. Cuz I'm BEYOND exhausted. To the point of headache. And tomorrow I have a LIST of things to do around the house, and a LOT more work on my office to do.

I scored some Noro Kureyon from the Destash blog, someone was destashing it pretty darn cheap. I snagged them all up - and I have ideas for all of it! Perhaps some for me, and some for gifts. You shall see! It should arrive in 4-7 business days.
The yarn therapy has helped me get over being depressed from stopping breastfeeding. Even thought I'm 100% okay with my decision to stop, it's still depressing. The yarn therapy helped a bit - but I'm done shopping for yarn for a very long long time! I actually need to go through my stash and clean it up.... I have yarn in my bedroom, yarn in my office & yarn in my crawl space under the stairs in our house (of course stored properly!) I need to take an inventory. Hee hee. See what I have - delegate projects.