Thursday, February 08, 2007

6 Weeks

This morning I went to the passport office. I stood in line for 1 hour, and got the "rejection letter" from them so that I could get my refund on Sean's horrible passport pictures. Cuz that's what the owner of the Photo shop told me I had to do. She wouldn't do the refund without that "rejection" letter - which is actually a photocopied paper telling you what is a proper photo. Ugh. Then I get to the store late this afternoon on my way home, and the woman that served me (someone I used to work with when I worked there) told me that I didn't need that letter, she would have refunded me without that.... Geezus. You're telling me that I hauled a 6 week old baby to the passport office where who knows what germs are being coughed and stuff, and I didn't even need it???
Today I bought myself a toy. I got at Toys R Us - Deal or No Deal. However, after playing it twice it's boring. So, I'm returning it. LOL. Maybe I can find it online to download to play?

Today I put up Sean's new Ocean Wonders in his crib. Now he has a working one. Let's see how long this lasts. He loves the music and the bubbles and the lights and the fish that rotate on the track... so knock on wood - let's hope this one doesn't turn defective either!
This afternoon I also got these at Toys R Us:

However, the TheraShells are NOT what I thought they were, so on Jamie's way home from work, I sent him to Walmart (where I called and they put what I needed aside for Jamie to just pick up and leave):

And I got some Nipple Shields. I am going to give one more go at breastfeeding (apparently if Sean goes back on the breast, my milk supply won't dry up, it'll possibly increase, and I was engorged this morning upon waking up and was able to pump a bottle and a half for him). Happy about that! I just guess I had maybe a 2 day dry spell? Hopefully I'll be able to get back on track.

I received this exersaucer as a gift today, (hand-me-down) from a friend of my sister's whose daughter outgrew it. All I have to do is clean it - and it's like new! This one has toys attached to it, so that Sean doesn't THROW them to the ground. I like that the toys go no where!

I can't believe Sean is 6 weeks old. That's one month and a half. I was actually up this morning at 4:44 am, when Sean turned 6 weeks old. I was preparing him a bottle to drink, and then we both passed out on the couch. The couch has been my savior lately, we both fall asleep together, him on my chest, lying on his tummy. Sean likes his tummy. If SIDS didn't exist - I'd be a much happier person, because then my son would be a stomach sleeper, and very content about that. I wish there was a way I could mimick my coziness - the way Sean cuddles up on me - so that he can have that in his crib, and I can have my sleep in my bed. But I guess that's what being a new mother is all about - no sleep. (And a sore throat that is not back - I thought it went away, but it just reappeared damn it!)

Today Sean wore his "bear" sweater. (There are matching pants to go with it - but they are WAY too big on him).... Isn't he just the CUTEST in this?

And here is a Thursday Self-Portrait of Sean and I. I think I'm going to do one each week, as he becomes a week older. Just like I was doing my belly shots every Thursday as my pregnancy week got to be a new week. I think I'll keep up that tradition.

WTF??? --> Anna Nicole Smith is dead? Yeah - I read it here.


Barb said...

I love Deal or No Deal, was the game pretty boring?

g-girl said...

i love the bear sweater!! So cute! the exersaucer looks really cool as well. glad to hear that you got a new ocean wonders-hope this one works. and tell me about it regarding anna nicole! I heard it on the radio yesterday. It's too bad..and did you hear that they're going to continue with the paternity suite (in lieu of her death!) because they want to know who will get custody of her daughter I guess. Her lawyer was on the news talking about how her family should be allowed to grieve. It's so sad.

Caroline said...

You can play Deal or No Deal online here:

It's the site for the Quebec version. The game is in French but you just need to choose numbers anyways so it's not too complicated. Just know that «accepter» is Deal and «refuser» is No Deal :)

mommaofone said...

You can play Deal or No Deal at

Summer said...

Hi. I love the pictures of sean. Very Cute. I love playing Deal or NO Deal on the computer but it gets boring after awhile. I haven't played it or watched it for awhile. I forget when it's on. Oh ya, doesn't it make you bad when you do something and you didn't need to it. That gets to be frustrating. Doesn't it?

Jenny said...

He is such a little peanut! I can't believe the rigamarole you had to go through just to get a refund on the passport photos. I just hate that type of stuff!

Drea said...

Love the bear outfit.. I want one! where'd you get that?
The nipple sheilds work great. You can even use a small tube to put formula into the sheilds so that you can supplement with formula yet not let him get use toa bottle so much. Know what I mean? I used those with Caleb. Helped with the soreness.

And yea... the anna nicole thing suprised me! sounds like foul play 2 me.. so sad

Indie Mama said...

hi--just found your blog. we had an exersaucer and it was lots of fun, until my girl decided to climb headfirst out of it at 11 months...still we got a few months out of it. i had alot of trouble nursing at first too (i think it wasn't until 8 weeks out that i really felt confident), i tried some ointment (apno?) for a few days and that really helped. good luck!