Monday, May 31, 2010

05.31.10 :: 178 weeks old


Sean is 178 weeks old today.

There are forest fires in Quebec that is causing smog all across the city. The fires are said to be 300 km away from Montreal, but there’s a haze over the city here. I can’t believe how strong it is. It’s even worse in the city, which I noticed when I went to go drop off Jamie & one of his friend’s tuxes from the wedding last night to the rental place deep in the city (Parc Avenue near Mont Royal).

Sean this morning was given his slip for registration for swimming for next session and he will be advancing to next swim level! I am so proud of him! Way to go Sean! He was in Sea Turtle Non-Parented, and will move to Salamander. Mack should be moving to Sea Turtle Parented (until he’s 3), since he’s turning 2, but I am going to hold him back one more session (for now) in Duck, as Duck just happens to be at the exact same time as Salamander, so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and go only once to the pool. I’d go in the water with Mack while Sean has his lesson at the pool at the same time. Talk about effective use of time management.

This evening we went over to my parents house for dinner, and the boys made a lot of noise playing after we finished.


In other news, Sean is officially in Pull-ups. He has to be in Pull-ups to move to the next class on June 14th. I am very nervous on how this is going to go. So far, he’s still using the potty/toilet, but he’s still treating the pull-ups as diapers. We’ll see how it goes overnight. I hope he doesn’t take too long from this point on, he’s a very smart boy, and knows what’s going on. Those pull-ups are damn expensive, let me tell you. I’m hoping it’s an easy transition. Crossing my fingers.

I cannot believe tomorrow is June. Can you?

Sunday, May 30, 2010



This morning my in-laws came over to babysit the kids. I was invited (with Jamie) to my friend’s 40th birthday bash. I met this friend in a mom & tot group last summer. Her son is just a few months younger than Mack. We’ve gotten close over the last year. I’ve actually known her sister-in-law (pictured above with me) for almost 15 years or so. We were really close back in high school (though we didn’t go to the same high school). We’ve kept in touch over the years. She’s now living in Toronto, but back in for the weekend for her sister-in-law’s 40th birthday party. It was really nice to see her. I’m really upset, but I don’t think I have a single photo of myself with the birthday girl. Damn it.

robynjamiewed After my friend’s 40th birthday bash, we headed home to change & pack a bag for the boys. They were being picked up to sleep at my parents’ house after my cousin’s son’s 3rd birthday party, which my parents took them to. We had my in-laws on the morning shift and my parents doing the evening shift. Jamie & I changed and ran into the city for one of his best friend’s weddings. Jamie was an usher in the wedding party, so we had to be there early for photos.

Unfortunately the bride’s dad was rushed to the hospital just before the ceremony was about to start, so her sister gave her away. We were updated during the evening that he’s in stable condition and doing better.

The ceremony was just gorgeous.

The bride was gorgeous & the groom was handsome.
They make a lovely couple.


Jamie got to see a bunch of friends that he hasn’t seen in years. We’re talking since high school years. Some people we got to see we haven’t seen in ages, and it was nice to see them again. Weddings are so much fun. We don’t get to go to many, but the ones we do go to – we have a lot of fun. Jamie has one more friend to hopefully get married that he’ll be most probably the best man at the wedding. Other than that, until my siblings marry off, we only have one wedding in the fall that I just remembered about. Can’t wait.

It’s been a super long day. The kids are at my parents house, but no sleeping in for me, Sean’s got swimming in the morning.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is our front yard before.


Before what you ask?
When it was a jungle.
Everything that you see above “came with the house”.
It was like that when we moved in.
Though, we moved in, in November, winter time.
And the weeds got WAY worse over the course of time.


Today, the guys we hired (guys that Jamie knows), came to start the work.
They cleaned up as much as they could today.
They said it should all hopefully be done by next weekend.
As long as it’s done before Mackenzie’s birthday party, I’m okay with them taking their time.
I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out.


Looks so much cleaner already! Love it.

Today we had some errands to run in the city, so I got to go again to my absolute fave restaurant for lunch. We actually ran into my cousin, his wife, their 2 boys and his parents at the restaurant. It was so nice to see them for a bit, we rarely get to see them & I’m so glad they’ll be coming to Mack’s birthday party, another excuse to get family together that we rarely see. Mack (above) has been clapping his hands a lot lately. Happy kid? Naw, I don’t think so! (LOL)

This afternoon we all took a really long nap. Mack in his crib, and the rest of us in my bed. I really needed a nap. Exhausted from the week. We accidently napped way too long (didn’t set any alarms) and got up at 7pm. By that time I have no idea how long Mackie was up in his crib playing for, but he wasn’t making too much noise, so I have no idea. He’s very good like that. Plays quietly by himself. He’s really good like that. The nap was very much appreciated.

This evening was filled with some doing of dishes, some laundry, some updating of pictures on facebook, chatting with friends, cleaning up around the house (we’ve been doing some spring cleaning in the house, making sure all puzzles have their pieces, and all toys are together, etc). You know, the usual stuff. Still can't find that handle pin for the Trike. Ordered a new one. 1.60$ for the part. 10$ shipping. (RIDICULOUS!) Now that I've ordered one, I bet the old one will show up. Murphy's Law. Right?

Busy day tomorrow. Must get sleep.

Friday, May 28, 2010

05.28.10 :: 41 Months Old :: Yarn P0rn Friday


Sean is 41 months old today. One more month until he’s 3 and a half.

Today on my way to work I stopped by to visit Kate-the-Enabler for a glass of Iced Tea. (Way too hot outside for a hot cup of tea if you ask me!) I worked on a few squares for Babette while there. I also was surprised with a large ziploc bag filled with can tabs (from soda cans) for Sean’s (and Mack’s) school fundraiser. They’re still collecting can tabs for Mount Sinai hospital for wheelchairs. Thanks KTE! It was lovely to see you.

I picked up the kids from daycare after finishing work and we headed to the park.

The kids had fun blowing bubbles.

There was a really annoying kid at the park tonight.
One, who came with his grandfather who just came over from the other side of the world.
The grandfather was useless.
The kid knocked over our bubbles by ripping it out of Sean’s hands.
Not cool. Not too happy. He also was taking our toys (which I don’t mind sharing),
but he was throwing sand at all the kids in the sandbox. Not cool.
He looked to be between Mack & Sean’s age.
I love going to the park, but I don’t like it when other people can’t control their children.
I think I’m going to go buy sand to fill up our turtle sandbox.

Jamie went golfing today with his old baseball team very far away so he’s gone all day.
I treated the boys to a very special fave dinner of theirs.
My sister stopped by with a friend and her son, a nice visit,
which resulted my children to going to bed WAY past their bedtime.
The lucky ducklings. Maybe they’ll sleep in tomorrow.

Today’s Yarn P0rn Friday features this yarn that I picked up at Woolaroo in Abottsford, B.C.
It’s a nice black/grey skein of sport weight yarn. I think this will make a nice cowl or scarf.
I went into Woolaroo to meet my supplier (as they’re one of my suppliers)
and pick up a special order I had placed, and was shown this yarn.
It’s for now a sample in the shop, they’re not sure if they are carrying it or not.
I was able to get my hands on one skein.
It’s colorway 1250, of Zitron Unisono.

Off to go find out who won Survivor : Heroes vs. Villains. (Yep, we’re behind).

Thursday, May 27, 2010



I have a new recent love. Bocconcini cheese.


I enjoyed them in a huge salad today for lunch & dinner.
They were on sale at the grocery store, so I picked some up to try.
Have to go back tomorrow to buy another container. Yum.


Today I picked up the boys early from daycare and we headed over to an old friend’s house for a playdate. I used to go to camp with this girl who invited me over. I’ve seen her since then, here & there, but it’s nice that we have kids the same age. Her son is a few months older than Sean (and they’re on the same soccer team this summer) and her daughter is just a few months older than Mack. She’s due this July with number 3. She had 3 other friends come over today. One with a 4 month old. One with a 2 and a half year old, a year and a bit and due with her 3rd in October. Also another friend with an 18 month old. So there was a wide variety of ages. They all played so nicely together.


Sean & Zach were best friends from the moment they met at the door. Zach when the door opened said “Hi, I’m 4 years old, want to play with me?” It was too darn cute.

Mack has a thing for doing up buckles.
(He hasn’t figured out how to un-buckle them yet though- thankfully).


My little trouble maker.

They had fun in tunnels.


And taking turns pushing each other on the swings.



Oh yeah, and throwing rocks.
They were all involved.

It was a very nice afternoon indeed.

Today I learned something new.
We couldn’t figure out how the red back piece to stay up.
Figured it out once I saw my friends’ kids’ bike properly working.
Yeah. The yellow handle pin.
The one I let Mack play with.
The one I have no idea where it is.
And we only put this together a week ago (exactly).
I remember Mackie playing with it coming into the house.
Where it went from there… I have no idea.
Going to look around for it.
It is replaceable online though.
1.60$ for the handle pin. 10$ shipping.
Not cool.
Must find.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

05.26.10 :: 101 weeks old


Mack is 101 weeks old today.
(Geez, that’s a really strange smile I’ve got going on here).
Yep, that’s Mack wearing a WINTER hat on one of the hottest days of the year.
He’s.clearly.silly. It’s got to be +30ºC out there still and it’s night time now.

Today I was treated to lunch by Melanie at my fave pizza joint in the city.
She took both Mad & I out for lunch to celebrate our upcoming birthdays.
Melanie & I have been trying to get together for a while but our schedules have been busy.
It was nice to see her today.
Thank you again for lunch Melanie!


Mad & Melanie’s son (who is turning 1 very soon). He’s so cute. I love his blond curls.

On top of treating me to lunch Melanie got me a birthday gift as well. I was so touched. I got a skein of Dream in Color Baby in Petal Shower. 700 yards of lace. Yum! I can’t wait to find a project to use this for. My first skein of DIC lace.

After lunch I saw Kadi for a bit. I haven’t seen her in forever either… it’s been months. I went by her place and we had a very cold drink at the café in her apartment building. It was scorching hot out, so it was nice to enjoy a cold drink with good conversation.


On my way home, I made a pit stop at Orange Julep to get a drink. Oh… heaven. How I’ve missed thee. Also something I do get to go to often because I don’t live in the city anymore. And now they’re open all year round. I’ll have to make sure to go more often this summer.

This evening I hung out with some knit friend at a local diner and had a great time. Good conversation and yummy food is always the way to go. I worked on some more squares for Babette, and it was a nice evening out indeed. And thankfully the restaurant was air conditioned. It’s been a scorching last couple of days. I can’t wait for the air to cool off, it’s been brutal.

I’m beat. Going to go crawl into bed with my book and try to read a few pages before crashing. I feel my eye lids getting heavy though already.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The kids love playing outside in the backyard.

I picked up this soccer net very inexpensively and we blow it up & Sean just loves it.
Sean starts “organized” soccer in June. He’s very excited.

I’m glad the evenings have been cooling down a little.
If it remained as hot during the evening as the daytime;
there is no way I’d go out in the backyard.  
The weather has been around 31°C.
According to The Weather Network, it feels like 38°C.
Can you say sweaty?


This little cutie bit me this morning on the thigh.
Through my pj pants he actually broke the skin on my leg.
Has your kids bitten? What do you do for biting?
I’m curious how other mothers handle biting?

  Tonight I’m drowning in laundry. I suppose I shouldn’t have let the laundry go on too long, I haven’t really been doing much laundry lately, except the kids’ school sheets/blankets/nunu & bunny on the weekends so they’re clean for school the following week. But now I regret waiting that long and it’s really piled up. I think I’ll be doing laundry for the next couple of days.

I haven’t read my book in a few days, been dying to find some time to read. I will try to get that finished soon, as I have a bunch of books that are now calling my name. It’s just been too hot to do anything, it seems. The hit is deadly.

Speaking of this heat, I am crossing my fingers it does NOT kill any of the plants that I’ve planted in the backyard in my vegetable garden. Some of them look like the extreme heat is killing them. We’ve been watering them at night (as you don’t water vegetable gardens in direct sun light). I just hope the extreme heat doesn’t kill them… after all the hard work I’ve put into my garden.

Monday, May 24, 2010

05.24.10 :: 177 weeks old

Sean is 177 weeks old today.


This morning, Sean helped me in the garden.
He was happy to show off his new gardening gloves.
(I picked them up recently at Michael’s for him).

We got a lot planted, but not everything.
On this side of the garden you have in the back the cucumbers
(about 4 different types) & Zucchinis.
In the front (larger part) you have Kohl Rabi, Radish,
Spinach, Snow Peas & Stringless Beans.

On this side, in the back you have shallots
(still from last year that grew back!) and Spaghetti Squash.
(I can’t wait to try Spaghetti Squash for the first time!)
In the front (back row), you have different kinds of tomatoes
(sweet 100’s (cherry), fantastic, big beef, etc).
There is also mixed in, some orange & green pepper plants.
And in the front row is the lettuce.
6 Pomme Head (my absolutely fave) and
6 Romaine heads (Jamie’s fave for Caesar salad!)
There is still stuff that hasn’t gone into the earth yet.
Sean requested Carrots, but I ran out of seeds.
A few other things I might plant, we still have room.


After spending the morning baking in the sun in the garden, we headed over to Sean’s friend’s house for a BBQ lunch.
We get along great with his parents and the kids play very nicely together as well. Sean’s friend has an older brother as well, and he had some friends over while we were there today. The kids had an excellent time. As did the adults.

The kids played in the sprinkler after lunch. Here’s Sean running through it!

Playing in the backyard.
Mack is so cute sitting on the little yellow chair by the swings.
He was the youngest one there.


Enjoying a brownie.

Chocolate face!

The older boys enjoyed some chocolate ice cream.
Can you believe, Mack does NOT like ice cream?
Loves chocolate, so it’s not that. It’s the coldness.


Love this chocolate face!

Sean fell asleep after playing hard with his friends all afternoon.
He actually fell asleep after I left my house (picked up our bathing suits)
and on the way to my parent house, 3 streets away…
Go figure!
So he got a 2 minute cat nap.

We spent the rest of the late afternoon until supper in the pool.

It was quite refreshing.
Today was a scorching hot day.

Even though I wore SPF45, I fried like a tomato today.
Ouch is right.
I am so pale & have very sensitive skin.
And of course, I cannot find where the Aloe is.

Last night we watched the ending of Lost. (Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the finale yet – this is your warning). WOW! You know what? I’m super glad it’s over. I was lost for weeks, months even, with understanding what was going on. I am glad it all came together last night. I have my opinion of what I think the island was (purgatory) and that they may not have all died at the same time (maybe they all died at the initial plane crash, maybe it was when the hatch was bombed, maybe they actually lived on the island for a while, that we’ll never know). Though, the island was “the in-between” and that the all came together so that they could go to heaven together at the end last night. That’s my take on it. What’s yours?

Tonight we said goodbye to the 100th season of the Habs. They lost tonight (after a promising start of the game). I watched a bit of the game at my parents house, and then when we were done dinner, it was late and the kids had to go to bed. Brought them home, tucked them into bed, and finished watching the game. Maybe had I not watched, they would have won?? Now, to find something else to occupy my time until the fall.

We still haven’t watched the 2 hour season finale of Chuck (we love Chuck!) nor the series finale of 24. We’ll be saving that for our next TV night, which will probably be near the end of the week as we both have stuff going on until later on this week. Glad 24 is ending, even though I love the show. There’s only some much Jack can do and only so many times one can attempt to kill him/stab him/shoot him, etc. He’s not a cat, he doesn’t have 9 lives… glad they’re going out now, while the show is still on top.