Monday, November 30, 2009

november thirty

We all woke up this morning....

To see the first snowfall of the year!

It's so white and pretty. I love it.

Here is the progress on Bella's Mittens.
I love them. They knit up sooo fast.

Pattern: Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB (Ravelry Link)
For: Jordyn's Blanket (For her 5th Birthday)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Amethyst & Orchid & White.
Hook: 5.5 mm (I)
Size: Toddler Length. Finished Size is 34.5” by 36” with 65 rows: 6 pink sections, of 6 rows per section. 5 white sections, of 1 rows per section. 6 purple sections, of 4 rows per section.
It’s 130 stitches wide.
Timeline: November 15th, 2009 - November 29th, 2009
Modifications: Followed pattern as published to my own desired length.
Opinion: Love it. Hoping Jordyn loves it, but can't see why she won't.
Her birthday is tomorrow, so I'll find out then!

Today was a rather chill day. I had some errands to run, so I took care of those in the morning and then came home, had lunch and worked from home all afternoon. I also spent some time today weaving in the ends for Jordyn's blanket. I can't wait for her to receive it tomorrow.

Tonight Jamie was a little bit late coming home from work as he had inventory tonight at work. I had fed the kids a special treat tonight, (McDonalds) as I didn't feel like cooking at all. It was easy and they really enjoyed it.

After the kids were in bed and Jamie was home from inventory, we sat on the couch, I worked on Bella's Mittens and we watched tonight's episode of Heroes. Bella's Mittens are knitting up quite quickly. I love them already. I cannot wait to wear them. Tonight I was able to finish the first one, except for the thumb. I wish I had time to knit a pair of these for everyone... that's how much I love them. I just simply don't have the time.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

november twenty-nine :: 152 weeks old

Sean is 152 weeks old today.

I picked up the kids late morning from my parents house. Boy was it fantastic to sleep in, uninterrupted. It's been a while since I've been able to do that, and I appreciate it whenever I can.

We kind of just lounged around all afternoon today, and everyone (but me) actually took a nap today. I couldn't believe it! It's been a while since Sean has taken a weekend nap. I definitely appreciate the peace & quiet around here, let me tell you! And he's so super cute when he naps.

Tonight we had a very early dinner at my parents house since Jamie had hockey tonight (with my brother). They headed off to hockey and I came back to my house with the boys. My sister came over as well. She helped me bathe them and get them into bed. After they were asleep we put on the movie Twilight. I helped my sister start her own Ripple Afghan, like the one I just finished tonight for Jordyn. (I need to weave in ends still though). Now that Jordyn's is done, I need to start on her brother's. (His birthday is not until January 8th. (He's 2 weeks younger than Sean). Anyhow, while watching the movie (which I liked by the way), I cast on my Bella's Mittens. Progress photos to come tomorrow! One of the actresses in Twilight looks so familiar. I can't place her though. I'm going to check it out tomorrow and see if I can place her. I feel like I've seen her face before somewhere, and I can't pinpoint it right now. Hopefully it'll come back to me.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

november twenty-eight :: 35 months old

Sean is 35 months old today.

After his morning swim class I took him to do some groceries. This time we checked out the blue car that they had at the grocery store. I love that the grocery store has these cars. Definitely keeps Sean entertained and in the cart!

While out this morning running errands I picked him up this huge dreidle. He loves it. I'm trying to teach him how to spin it. I'm going to get him to practice every day until Chanukah (which starts early this year, on Friday night, December 11th, 2009.

He's getting good!

This morning while we were out, I picked up at the local market some muffins for us and we sat down at the food court and had some time together. I took that time to talk to Sean about how proud we (Jamie & I) have been on his outstandingly good behavior at school and at home. He's gotten really mature over the last few weeks and I wanted to take the opportunity to make sure he understood that it wasn't going unnoticed.

This evening Jamie & I took the kids to my parents house to sleep over and we headed out to the Habs game. Finally a date night - it's been a while!

I worked on my Go Habs Go socks. Information below.

Pattern: Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet for Socks by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
My Ravelry Project.
For: Me (my lucky socks!)
Yarn: Biscotte & Cie Pepper
Hook: 2.75mm / US2
Size: 8 Women's
Timeline: November 24, 2008 - November 28th, 2009


Cast on sock at the Habs game, November 24th, 2008 against the New York Islanders. Unfortunately we lost in a shootout - 4-3.

Continued second session at Habs game, Saturday night, December 13th, 2008. Unfortunately we lost to the Washington Capitols, 2-1. (Half our team is out “sick/injured”).

Third sesion was Feb 1st, 2009: They played the Boston Bruins. Unfortunately we lost 3-1.

Fourth session was Feb 3rd, 2009: We won against the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4 to 2.

Fifth session was March 14th, 2009 game vs. Devils (they won 3-1).

Sixth session was April 6th, 2009 game vs. the Ottawa Senators (they won 3-2)

Seventh Session was October 24th, 2009 game vs. the New York Rangers.
We won 5-4 in overtime.

Eighth & Last session knit at the November 28th, 2009 game against the Washington Capitols. We lost 4-3 in a shootout.
I finished the socks in regulation game time though with 8:41 seconds left in the 3rd period!

Took exactly 8 games in 1 year to finish.

Modifications: Standard Stockinette Stitch Socks. Only working on these at Habs games. No where else. 15 rows of 2x2 ribbing after long tail cast on.
Hope they help the Habs win games!

Only the Habs could lose in the last FIFTEEN (15) seconds of the game. It was so bad. And of course, Ovechkin was on the ice. We played the Washing Capitols, as menioned above. In the last 15 seconds, we lost the face-off and they tied the game 3-3. That brought us to overtime. No one score in overtime. We went to a shootout. We lost in the shootout 4-3.

Regardless, of the shootout and the first period, it was a really good game and Jamie & I had a lot of fun. It was also nice to come home tonight to a quiet & empty house (rare!)

We just finished watching the last 2 episodes of Dexter and we're all caught up for tomorrow night's episode. (Though Jamie has hockey tomorrow night, so I won't be able to watch tomorrow night's episode for a few days). Wow, I can't wait to see what happens next though, that's for sure.

Friday, November 27, 2009

november twenty-seven

Today I worked in the office for the most part of the day. I am so glad that the heating was working again because on Wednesday when I worked last, it was super duper cold in there and my fingers ended up turning blue.

My in-laws came for supper tonight, my step-mother-in-law bringing her meatball & ribs sauce. It's a good thing that I remembered an hour before they showed up that we had absolutely no pasta left in the house, so I sent them to pick up some on their way, cuz, we'd have nothing to eat her wonderful sauce on otherwise! Whoops!

I've got some more progress to show you on Jordyn's Blanket!

I'm almost done!

I am hoping to have it done by Sunday night latest, so that Monday I can weave in the ends and then have my (ex) Aunt pick it up on Monday so that she can give it to my little cousin on her 5th birthday on Tuesday. This will be her big girl blanket, which will replace the one that was stolen recently. (Still, I don't get how someone can steal a baby blanket that has been used for almost 5 years). I have one more complete purple section to go, (purple, white, purple) and then finish it off with 1 pink section (like the other end). Like I said, it's 77% complete as of now. (50 rows done from 65).

I want to learn to make a box bag next in my sewing class. I am supposed to make a pair of Pajamas next (was going to do them in child size for one of my kids, probably for Sean, since Mack would get to wear them after him) but there is only 3 weeks left. I don't know yet if I will be signing up for this class next session (no idea what's going on yet next session) and I want to learn things that I have my eye on, like knitting accessories/notion bags, etc. I know there are a few tutorials online, (Free), but does anyone know of any good paid ones? Mcalls? Vogue? Butterick, Burda? Bueller? I want to make one like this or like this.

We were going to sit down and watch Star Trek, but again, after realizing what time it was, we decided against it, as it's a 2 hour movie. We'll get it it, eventually. We did watch some Dexter instead. We've got 2 episodes left to catch up to this Sunday night's episode. We're almost there. And it just keeps getting better and better let me tell you!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

november twenty-six

I got my order for Silpada (which was from the jewelery party my friend had not too long ago) in the mail today. I love my 2 new pairs of earrings. I love anything silver (and wood - below)

Today I finished my patchwork bag in my sewing class:

Pattern: Patchwork Bag "C"
For: Me?
Material: Unknown
Size: 10" high x 13.5" length x 2" wide
Timeline: October 15th, 2009 - November 26, 2009
Modifications: Altered the pattern a little bit in a few spots by making it a few cm smaller.
No big alterations though.
Opinion: It's Cute. Smaller than I was expecting though.

Pattern: None
: Sean
: Recycled from a crib bumper
: 16" length x 9" high x 1" wide
: November 26, 2009
: Invented my own pillow!
: It's Cute & Sean likes it!

See... he likes it!

Speaking of Habs stuff, I got this awesome Habs stool for the kids.

Mackie chillin' with his daddy before bedtime.

Drive-by blogging:

- Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!
- I got a google wave invitation today. I'm in, and I have NO idea what to do with it. Are you in?
- Dritz T-pins are now in stock in the shop.
- Holiday Themed Stitch Markers are also listed in the shop. Here, here & here.
- I bid on ebay and won a new "pocket" camera. The exact same one that I have that is now sticky with apple juice hence why I'm replacing it. I cannot wait to stop feeling lost without my pocket camera. I love my D60 Nikon but it doesn't exactly fit in my pocket.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

november twenty-five :: 75 weeks old

Mack is 75 Weeks Old Today.

Today after dropping the kids off at daycare I headed into work. I had to go in today. I am definitely feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday. Staying in yesterday definitely was a good decision. Though, when I got to work I realized the heating wasn't working. The heat guy was called and he came pretty quickly but I still had to be there as I had too much work to do and at one point my fingers were blue from being too cold. Not so good when you have just gotten over a cold, and you're not 100% back to health yet. I did get a lot of things accomplished as I really had to get it done. I missed work on Friday as I was home with Mack who wasn't feeling well and I missed yesterday because I wasn't feeling well either.

Tonight we had knit(crochet) night. Madeleine brought along a surprise visitor, her granddaughter Andrea, who is super nice. I really had a good time tonight and it was good for me to get out of the house. I really love the yarn that Madeleine is using - the self-stripping is gorgeous. It's the skein that Madeleine won at the knit-a-thon during our raffle. I have to inquire about getting some for myself. I just love it.

Eugenie tonight was working on embroidering a cowl she made for one of her kid's teachers for Xmas. I was intrigued at what she was doing and want to learn how to do that as well. It's so pretty. I've seen some other stuff that Eugenie has embroidered and just love it.

Tonight I worked on Jordyn's Blanket. Chugging along on it. Hoping to get it done on time... it's what I'll be working on all weekend long.

I've been searching to replace my Canon SD1100 that is finished. I've saved the battery (hoping it's still fine) and the memory card still works (I have successfully downloaded what was on there and it works in my Nikon D60). I really am feeling lost without a pocket camera, and the SD1100 is no longer the current model. I'm looking into what else is out there, but I don't want to start buying new memory cards, etc, so I am looking to see what else takes the SD card, and has very similar features to the camera I had. I'll let you know what I decide to do - because I also have a monetary budget to the replacement. However, I do want to replace it. I'll keep you posted.

Off to go hop into bed and read a bit more in the book I'm reading - Julie & Julia.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

november twenty-four

Today I was the one who was sick. I guess it was my turn. After spending the last month or so taking care of my family, maybe it was long overdue that I get sick. What I thought was just my sinuses bugging me yesterday is now a full blown cold. Runny nose, can't breathe through my nose, you know, the works. I've been taking Tylenol Cold Daytime today and tonight before bed I will take the Nighttime version.

I did take the kids to daycare today. I first took Mack today as I brought Sean near 10 am, which was my scheduled appointment time for his Parent/Teacher interview. His daycare does this every 6 months or so. Once in the fall and once in late spring just before the kids would change over to the next class if they are one of the older kids in the class (like Sean is because of his birthday - here it doesn't go by the year you were born, it goes from October 1st to September 30th... so Sean will start Kindergarten when he's 5 turning 6 that December, and he'll be one of the oldest kids in his class).

Sean's interview went very well. His teacher is quite impressed with him. She said that he's a sponge and he's retaining almost all of what they say. She also said that Sean is the only kid in the class who will ask questions about things and uses complete full sentences. She showed me that he tried to copy some shapes that the teacher made, and I was quite impressed. They were also quite impressed last week that Sean could spell STOP. (He also knows BUS). Right now at home we're working on his name (how to spell, not how to write). She told me that Sean was excellent at clean up time and he's usually the first one there to help (why doesn't he do this at home???) We talked about the potty (and where he's at with that), and a few other things. We went over a bunch of things that they go over with the parents, but I am really happy with the progress Sean is making. They also said that lately, he's just been an angel. The hitting has stopped, and he's no longer crying in the morning. He keeps them laughing all day long. I'm glad. This makes me happy. They also mentioned that naptime that they will take Nunu away and tell him that if he's good they'll put Nunu back next to him while he's sleeping and it'll be there when he wakes up. I had no idea that they were doing this, but they said that with 11 boys out of 16 kids in the class, they have to gain some control over the silliness at naptime. Threatening with Nunu at home would never fly over, but I suppose I could try.

After getting home from Sean's interview I did do a little bit of work (life must go on even when you're sick) but I was just making stitch markers, so I had fun doing them - so it wasn't as if it were hard work that I shouldn't be doing because I'm sick. Don't worry, I sanitized my hands before making them. I caught up on some tv shows from this past week - and also watched the movie My Life in Ruins (which I do NOT recommend). The best laugh in the movie, retarded, I know, was that one of the main actor's name is Poupi Kakas and his nephew is Doudi Kakas. That's the kind of laugh they were going for. Now I wish I had my hour and a half back.

My mom was kind enough to pick up both boys from daycare today, as I just felt horrible. I don't know what I would do without her. I love my mom.

Tonight Jamie had 2 friends over, and Sean watched a bit of the Habs game with them. He was so cute trying to crack open peanuts, that Jamie called me over and asked me to take some photos. He was so concentrated, it was too cute.

Sean's wearing his Team Canada jersey here. Sean's obsessed with sports and wanted to sleep in it tonight. I swear, he'd bathe in his jersey too if he could. I can't believe he's actually fitting into this jersey now. I got them a long time ago when he wasn't even 5 months old yet, on liquidation, so I got him the Team Canada one, a red Habs Jersey and a white Habs Jersey.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I just want to re-gain use of my nose again. That would be nice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

november twenty-three

This is the lovely button necklace I picked up yesterday at the Christmas Fair. I love it. I picked it up in Black and Red so that it would match more things (except for the pink shirt I happened to be wearing in this photo - ha ha!) I love the necklace, though it was a little pricey. It was handmade by a local chick Ada-jito, and I love supporting/buying local.

As promised here is an updated photo of the blanket for Jordyn. I have a week left to finish it - her birthday is December 1st, and my (ex) Aunt asked me to have it done before her birthday so she can give it to her then. I am hoping to have it done by the weekend (we'll see if I can get that done!)

Today I kept Mack home from school because he didn't keep down his milk again this morning. It seems to be only a morning thing. It's very weird. Jamie also wasn't feeling 100% this morning (he thinks he might have the same eye infection that the kids had 2 weeks ago). So he stayed home and worked from home today. This morning I took Mack with me to run an errand (I picked up the gift for Jamie's birthday that he will get from the kids (some clothing, nothing exciting, LOL)) and when I put Mack down for his nap this afternoon, I went over for a bit to my friend Dara's house to watch an episode of Oprah that my PVR didn't record properly that I wanted to watch. I worked on Jordyn's Blanket while she did some work on her computer. It was nice to go over for a bit and just hang out, without any of my kids (though her son, Mack's best friend was there).

This evening the boys played some hockey in the basement before bedtime. Mack seems to have kept down everything else he's had to eat/drink today. Tomorrow morning I will try giving him half his milk and then let him rest and then the rest of it, if he still wants it. I did call the doctor's office and there isn't any doctors right now to see him since there is a conference going on. I spoke to Jamie's cousin who works there, and she told me that she has actually heard of babies having upset stomachs due to teething. Now I know Mack's still cutting those 2 teeth from last week - (fun times the crankiness!) but really? Has your child ever vomitted during teething and not been sick with any other symptom??

Tonight Jamie & I hung out and watched Heroes & Big Bang Theory. I worked again on Jordyn's Blanket... as I said, I want it done for December 1st (rather before then!) I can do it!!

Project WIP Tubes are back in stock in my shop! They now come with a free DPN Tube!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

november twenty-two :: 151 weeks old

Sean is 151 weeks old today.

Today I got up bright & early as my friend Eugenie invited me to share a table with her at a christmas fair. It was at a French school near her house. I had never heard of the place before. Apparently it's the 2nd year this year that they are doing the Christmas Fair. It was actually 3 of us sharing the table. Eugenie, her friend Nydia and myself.

Along with some yarn that I brought to sell I've been busy making a lot of earrings. I brought my scrabble letter earrings, as well as another tree (you can see the tree on the photo above this photo). I totally though my earrings would sell a lot more than they did, but it's the yarn that sold more!

My fave on the table was Eugenie's cupcake pin cushions. I loaned her my cupcake stand that I bought for Mack's birthday party. It was so cute displayed like this!

When it was a little slow at the fair I worked away on Jordyn's Blanket, while Nydia made some crochet bracelets and Eugenie worked on some knitting. I really like the way that Jordyn's blanket is coming out and I can't wait to be done and give it to her. I will post a progress photo shortly.

I made some sales, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. We originally thought it was from 10-4 but it turns out it was from 11-5. I was there quite early, but was able to relax once everything was set up and ready to go. It was nice practicing my French today (Nydia is French but was practicing her English today) and I was happy to practice my French. I am a little shy when it comes to speaking French, but I am bilingual, and understand way better than I speak. I did go to French Immersion school after all and have a bilingual diploma.

I want to thank Eugenie for inviting me to do to this fair today and for making me lunch. You are a super sweet person and I am glad to have you in my life. Thank you again.

I had a nice day, and even bought myself a necklace from the booth next to us. I will take a picture of the necklace I got and show you tomorrow. (I got home and there was no more daylight anymore).

All three of my boys were at home today, not feeling so hot. Mack didn't keep down his morning bottle, and I had to do laundry before even leaving the house this morning. His room was a disaster and we had to air out his room. Jamie thinks he has the eye infection that the kids had last week or was that two weeks ago now. Sean has a cough that I am not sure if it's getting better or worse. I am glad that Jamie was able to handle it at home today with me gone for the entire day.

We didn't go to my parents house for Sunday night dinner tonight because all the boys weren't feeling so hot. So instead of risking them getting worse and bringing germs into my parents house, we stayed in.

Sean, even though not feeling so hot, was silly as usual tonight. That never fails.
This apparently is his monkey face.

There was no desperate housewives on tonight due to the Awards show that was on, so Jamie & I caught up on a few more episode of Dexter (we're in season 4 right now trying to catch up to what's currently on Tv). I worked a bit more on Jordyn's Blanket while watching tv tonight. I really want to be finished it before her birthday on December 1st.

I had a really long day, and I'm now beat.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

november twenty-one

This morning I skipped Sean's swim class because of the craft fair going on there. Last year I drove around for 15 minutes trying to find parking and couldn't - so I left. That's how busy it is. So this year, I skipped class. My mom came over late morning to watch both boys so Jamie and I could run quickly to pick up a few things at Costco. Costco takes forever when both kids are with us. I was actually quite impressed on how fast we were in and out of Costco! (And we didn't go in for just one item). I did stop at the library on the way home to pick up a book that I had reserved from another library that I wanted to re-new, as I forgot to pick it up mid-week. It was a zoo there today, as I suspected and as to why I skipped Sean's swim class this morning. No parking. Glad I had Jamie with me so he could double park and let me run in.

This afternoon while Mack napped Sean had his friend Matias' 3rd birthday party.

Matias just turned 3 this past week. Matias is in Sean's daycare (in another class though) and also in Sean's swimming class). I was talking to his mom today and Matias didn't go to swimming class either this morning. Now I don't feel so bad missing out.

At cake time Sean sat with 2 of his friends that are in his class at daycare.
Shayna is 2 days younger than Sean and Jamie only turns 3 in the spring.

This evening we had Jamie's great-aunt's 70th birthday party. I took both boys and we had quite the eventful evening. (Jamie first had Habs tickets, so he went to the game with my brother and then he went to his friend Adam's engagement party). I am a little bit upset that I had to miss the engagement party, but I can't be everywhere. Anyhow, at dinner tonight, Mack was trying to get off his chair and slid and bit his lip, cutting it with his tooth. There was a lot of blood and he'll now have a fat lip for a few days, I'm sure. After we got his bleeding controlled (cleaning it up and icing his lip as well) someone pulled out the high chair that they had there, and he ate the rest of his meal in the high chair. Mack's still a little bit too small/young to be sitting in a normal chair like everyone else. Eventually, but not yet.

This evening after getting home and putting the kids to bed, I've just been taking care of finishing touches on some work I've been doing. I just finished watching the movie My Sister's Keeper. I think because I just finished reading the book Hannah's Gift, and bawling my eyes out, I didn't shed a tear during My Sister's Keeper. I enjoyed the movie though, and I liked the actors they chose for the movie. I enjoy watching movies/tv while I work, it helps pass the time faster.

This evening while we were out, Sean (accidentally) spilled his apple juice in my purse. My pocket camera (my Canon SD1100) is now ruined. Finished. For the garbage. I am so angry, but it's not his fault. It was a complete accident. Now I'm debating, do I get a new pocket camera or do I just use my Nikon D60 full time. It's just that sometimes, a pocket camera is just more convenient to carry. Ugh, decisions, decisions...

I am off to bed, I've got a long day tomorrow and I have to be up early!