Monday, March 31, 2008

march thirty-one :: 31 days :: the last day :: 26 weeks pregnant

Day thirty-one. The last day. I MADE IT! Whoo hoo!

26 weeks pregnant. I'm halfway through my 6th month. Two more weeks and I'm entering into my third trimester. Boy does it go fast. Besides my pace slowing down, things are great! I'm feeling great, besides a little bit of nausea here and there.

Today Sean & I slept in. Much needed. We baked 2 apple cakes this morning (one for our afternoon guests and one for Jamie - his fave!) Had Mommies-Who-Knit over this afternoon - which everyone in attendance brought their son (ironic? Only one of the mommies, Tara, has a daughter - the rest of us - all boys! Myself, Blogless Kate & Jenn) It was nice to have the girls over, and even though we didn't knit a stitch, we talked about knitting, fondled some yarn, that sort of thing. It was good to see everyone.

I got this meme from Jenny's blog - so I thought I'd do it too:

Still amazed: how time flies faster after you have children.

Still getting used to: being pregnant and having a toddler to chase after.

Still proud of: Opening up my own yarn shop while caring for a baby.

Still not proud of: like Jenny, my potty mouth. After I've sworn a couple of times, I've caught Sean tried to spit out "shhh" and "fff".... after the two words I use a lot. Gotta stop.

Still hoping: that Sean will start sleeping every night through the night, as well as in his own crib.

Still worried: about being a good enough mom.

Still never going to: like acrylic yarn. yes, I'm a yarn snob.

Still pretending: that I am not really blonde.

Still reading: Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. (Actually just started it two nights ago).

Still wanting to read: Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (I have it on my bookshelf and in audio format.... not sure what I'm waiting for?)

Still interested in: gardening, and can't wait to start my vegetable garden this spring.

Still not interested in: cleaning the diaper champ. After I give birth to Mackenzie I won't be able to use the "nausea/pregnancy" excuse anymore.

Still looking forward to: the snow going away.... finally?

Still not looking forward to: going into labor again, even though 5 minutes after it's over you forget about it.

Still failing: at cooking dinner every night. I'm lacking motivation right now and energy.

Still grateful for: living so close to family and all their help with Sean and all that jazz.

Still praying: that Sean will be good to his baby brother and not jealous.

Still not believing in: swatching before knitting a garmet - but probably should.

Still believing in: myself and how confident I've become as a mother.

What are YOU still doing?

Let me know if you do this meme too!

Now, a contest on my cousin Jenn's Blog.

My 7 Deadly Sins:
Pride- Sean's Drive Thru Sweater. I just love it and proud to tell people that I made it. I get excited when other people notice that I've hand knit it!

Envy- Those who can spin. I got frustrated trying and don't think I'll ever give it a shot again, I'd honestly rather spend my time knitting, but envy those who can spin. Their creations are just great!

Gluttony - My Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Stash. Muuahhhhhh! No one will ever know exactly how many skeins of it in which I possess!

Lust- All the handpainted sock yarn in my shop. I lust over it, but know that it doesn't *really* belong to me!

Anger- V-Neck Baby Cardigan that I knit while pregnant on my honeymoon. I hated knitting the thing, yet finished knitting it entirely. It is an odd shape, and won't fit any baby I know, unless you have an unporportionate baby.

Greed- Like Jenn & Caroline, I'm giving the same answer: Patterns. I can't have enough either. And it's not just the free ones online or magazines, it's pay ones too! Am I knitting them? Of course not. They are being stored as color prints in sleeves so they can be savored. I am hoping to get to knit them one day.... but that's the key word. ONE DAY.

Sloth- Oh, man... My Jaywalkers (1 sock done, 1 to go). My married Socks (1 sock done, 1 to go). My Woven Trellis Scarf, Chevron Scarf... can you say knitting A.D.D.?

So there you have it- my Seven Deadly Knitting Sins. If you want to play along, I believe you have until Wednesday.

Sean falls asleep on me every night. Tonight's was cute, because usually we cuddle together (bad habit, I know, but how else am I supposed to get this kid to sleep?) but tonight he fell asleep sitting up next to me. I hate this photo of me, it looks terrible. Also ignore the mess on the table next to me, it has since been cleaned up. I asked my husband to take a photo of Sean sleeping on me sitting up, but he doesn't know how to take good photos like I take (LOL) so this is how it turned out. Oh well. I'll deal.

To all of you who left me comments in regards to the Curious George Bandaids. Thanks for the comments. At least I know I'm not crazy. And it wasn't a middle of the night "I need a bandaid now" situation, because they were in the the bathroom which is next to my bedroom, and my guests used the basement bathroom during the middle of the night which was next to where they were sleeping. No one came upstairs in the middle of the night. I was at home the ENTIRE time they were in my house, when they left, I was gone with them. They could have asked me if they could open the sealed box. That would have been polite.

While the girls were over today, Tara and I were talking about the Blue Moon Fiber Arts March Sock Club kit. Tara mentioned that she had gotten hers last week - Wednesday. I mentioned that I should have gotten mine the same day as hers or at least the day after. So that got me wondering and I sent Blue Moon an email. Well, it turns out, my kit, was apparently delivered on Tuesday of last week. Where? To whom? That I have no idea. I always have to sign for my kit, so I'm wondering who the heck received it. I've been in the club now, this is my 2nd year, and this is my first kit to go missing. I am very disappointed about it. Blue Moon is issuing me a new kit - and hopefully they'll discover where it went. I even called the post office where my mail goes to if I miss a package that I have to sign for, and they don't have anything for me waiting there. They said that they didn't have anything waiting for anyone, that everything had been picked up, and the last parcel that they have on file that was for me, was picked up back in January (everything is scanned in and recorded on my file with my postal code). Grrrrrrr! This is soooo annoying. Registered mail - gone. I just don't understand what is wrong with the postal system lately.

Tonight's the last night to order your April Sock Club Kit. They are selling like hot cakes, just a few left! Get yours now before it's too late. I received the rest of the Shibui Sock Yarn, 8 more colors will be listed in stock tomorrow. Stay tuned to see what we've got in store for you!

Day thirty-one. Wow. The end. This month has really taught me about control over shopping. Yes, of course, I did still buy groceries, and did end up buying some items the other day for Sean, which were necessary. But it really taught me to think about my purchases before actually going out and purchasing. Though, I was still able to get my "fix" for shopping this month through my shop (I still had to make purchases for my store this month), I am glad that I controlled my personal spendings. I have a few purchases that I need to make in April, but I will be "watching" myself and continuing on with the slow month for as long as I can keep it up! It's taught me a lot. I've always been the type of person that gets what I want, when I want it - never limiting myself to shopping, etc. I've definitely grown from this experience. It was nice! Did you do a slow month too? How was it? Do share with me your experience!


Sunday, March 30, 2008

march thirty :: 31 days :: day thirty

Day thirty. One day left. I think I can make it!

Highlights of my day:

-Hubby took care of Sean this morning so I could sleep in an extra hour. YEY! Sean DID sleep through the night last night - I guess his new molars aren't bugging him. Here's to hoping for another full night! Hubby also woke me up upon having breakfast ready on the kitchen table. He made French Toast. That was super sweet of him! (The most romantic thing he does - and I love it that way!)

-Did groceries this afternoon. Much needed (ran out of milk and bread, that sort of thing)

-Went to dinner with my family, and dad ordered a pitcher of beer. Finally took care of that craving I've had for beer (WITH JUST A FEW SIPS DONT WORRY! I'm not that dumb of a pregnant person!)(Didn't drink enough to harm the baby! Just enough to fill that craving since Knitting Pub Night from the beginning of the month). If you have a comment to say about my few sips of beer - keep them to yourself. My baby is not going to come out defective because of this, plus being 7 months pregnant, he's developed just growing & gaining weight now...! It's not as if I'm at the beginning of my pregnancy).

- At dinner, Sean was being cute (and loud) and we all did the "Shhhh" movement with our index finger to our mouths.... for the FIRST TIME EVER, Sean put his index finger up to his mouth and said "shhh" as well. He only did it once - but it was super cute.

- Sean's new fave thing (For a bit now) is doing "cheers". He'll put his sippy cup in the air to do "cheers" with you. He even says "cheers!" (That's another word he knows - forgot to mention it in last night's post!

-Had a relaxing day on the couch. Played with Sean in the playroom. He made a huge mess, I cleaned it up after (since we're having our "Mommies who knit" come over tomorrow for a non-knitting session to eat my apple cake with vanilla ice cream).

I miss sleeping on my stomach. I've always been a stomach sleeper.

I borrowed my mom's body pillow - yep, it's that time again. Almost 7 months pregnant, and damn uncomfortable, as I mentioned yesterday.

Not sure how my inbox (hotmail) reached to over 200 emails, but I've gotten it down to 176. Still have more to answer back, slowly getting to it.

And if you're receiving random comments from me on your blog - I'm finally doing some grand spring cleaning. So if you get a comment from me for like 10 posts in a row, or from posts dating back to November 2007, you know I'm finally caught up on your blog! And I apologize! I guess working from home and caring for a toddler doesn't allow me to be up to speed with my blog reading (or emails for that matter). From the over 200+ blog posts I wanted to read (every word of), I'm down to 168. Getting there. In due time. Hopefully this week. Spring cleaning!

Speaking of which, I finally got to fold about 8 loads of laundry (with more being done to fold). I have guests coming over tomorrow after all - must have a tidy house!

Speaking of guests.... (this is going to be a rant). When you go to someone's house, do you go into their bathroom and open up their things and use the items, especially for a product that was SEALED?? Last week at some point, I won't mention when (weekend) and I won't mention whom (out of town guests), someone (not sure which of the two adults), opened up a box of bandaids (Curious George). A while back (end of February) I had gotten them for Sean, even though they weren't exactly on sale. Then after buying them, I found at the dollar store, cute kiddie ones, for 1$ (for the same amount of bandaids). Anyhow, I was planning on taking the bandaids (Curious George) back to the store for a refund (don't need 2 boxes of bandaids since they're not used often, and the box we have will probably last us a long time), but can't now. Someone went and opened the box, which was put aside to be taken back to the store and used one of the bandaids. (Never saw where it was used, or on whom, but I'm assuming it was a bandaid for my nephew). Now, it's not the end of the world that the box was opened, I'll just have kiddie bandaids for the next 100 cuts... but, it's the fact that they didn't ask, and went ahead and opened the box, at their own discretion. The box wasn't in the medicine cabinet, but on the side, where I put it once finding the other fun kiddo ones at the dollar store. Am I crazy for being mad that they opened it without asking? Is it just my pregnancy brain going all emotional and nutty? Would you go to someone else's house and make yourself comfortable to open up products in the bathroom? Please someone tell me I'm normal for thinking this way....? Maybe I'm just nuts. But I needed to get this off my chest. So I can sleep better tonight (just kidding).

Robyn's Nest is now stocked again with Briggs & Little. Fully stocked actually! The yarn room is running out of space - so come on by and stock up! I brought in Heritage (which I didn't have before, except for the Anniversary Twist Colorway - which I've re-stocked as well), and restocked the Sport, Atlantic and Regal with old colors and new ones too! It looks like the rest of the Shibui has cleared customs, so I'm hoping for a delivery tomorrow! There are 8 more colors coming into stock. Don't forget that the next 100 orders (a little less now that some orders were placed over the weekend!) will be getting some awesome Robyn's Nest Swag that I specially brought in!

Don't forget that tomorrow, March 31st, is the end of the month. The end of the month means the end of a sock kit. Tomorrow is the last day that you can buy April's Sock Club kit. There are only a few spots left. I do have to tell you that Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden did a fabulous job dying up the yarn (I just received it in stock and it's to die for!) and Michelle of Not an Artist did an incredible job with the pattern, so much that I'm in love with it! Michelle is absolutely a talented designer, and I'm so happy that I went with her as designer. She complimented Roxanne's yarn very nicely.

Better get some sleep. I need to get up early and finish cleaning/tidying my house, and bake an apple cake for my afternoon guests!

... 99 days til Mack is due....! 99!! Double digits... (I doubt I'll make it to single digits... but double! Ahhh!)

Day thirty. One more day to go. So damn proud. I can smell my book list on Chapters!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

march twenty-nine :: 31 days :: day twenty-nine

Day twenty-nine. Stayed in all day, no trouble to be had!

Do you see that number above? By the time you read this post, it'll be UNDER 100 - but right now, for me, it's 100 days left. My doctor believes I'll "go" early - like with Sean, which brings me to way under 100 days left - but according to the Ultrasound Technician due date (July 7th, 2008), I've got 100 days to go. 100. One hundred. Yep, it's hitting me. I'm feeling huge. I'm uncomfortable already. I'm uncomfortable to sit. I'm uncomfortable to sleep. Nothing is comfortable. Shirts are getting too short (rolling up over belly). Pants are getting too tight (yeah, I've been not fully wearing pregnancy clothing!) 100 days! The end is finally in sight....!

This afternoon Jamie & I watched the movie The Darjeeling Limited. It's with Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman. It's about three American brothers who have not spoken to each other in a year set off on a train voyage across India with a plan to find themselves and bond with each other -- to become brothers again like they used to be. Their "spiritual quest", however, veers rapidly off-course (due to events involving over-the-counter pain killers, Indian cough syrup, and pepper spray), and they eventually find themselves stranded alone in the middle of the desert with eleven suitcases, a printer, and a laminating machine. At this moment, a new, unplanned journey suddenly begins. I really enjoyed it - I think Jamie fell asleep on the couch. I could have sworn I heard him snoring at one point - but I couldn't see because I had Sean sleeping on me.

After we finished watching that movie, I started watching August Rush. It's with Keri Russell and Robin Williams is in it too. I really enjoyed this movie. I definitely recommend it.

While watching the movies, I did find time to knit up my Wee Tiny Sock for my Wee Tiny Sock Swap Pal, which will go in the mail on Monday with some fun goodies for her. I don't think we're supposed to add in extra goodies - but I want to! Anyhow, this was my first tiny sock, and I loved knitting it! I so want to make more now!

Pattern: Wee Tiny Swap Sock by Emily Ivey
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks that Rock - Lucy - Lightweight
Needles: US 0 /2.0 mm
Timeline: 2 hours on March 29th, 2008
Next time? I'd not make the toe so pointy - but I followed the pattern to the tea
- and this was my first sock. So next time, I'd alter it, having done the pattern before.

Sean loves the song in this Macbook Air commercial. He dances to the commercial every single time it's on our TV. I just saw today, this parody to the commercial, it's so funny.

I pulled out What To Expect The Toddler Years from Sean's room. Apparently I have a smart boy. Check this out:

By the end of the 15th month (which he just started!) your toddler....

.... should be able to...
- walk well (yes, since 3 days before his 1st birthday)
- bend over and pick up an object (yep.... he does this in different ways too)
- use at least 1 word (can do more than 1!)

... will probably be able to....
- use 2 words (by 14 1/2 months) (He can use way more than 2 words) (Mama, dada, hot, hat, cheese, juice, up, down, just to name a few that I can think of now)
- drink from a cup (yes, but only a little at a time or it ends up all over him)
- scribble (scribble? THE KID CAN PAINT!)
- point to a desired object (yep, and then whines when he doesn't get it!)

... may possibly be able to....
- point to 1 body part when asked (yes, he can tell you where his or my nose is, as well as mouth. He's just about got ears. He can point to grandpa's mustache as well (Jamie's dad's).
- use a spoon/fork (but not exclusively). He can use a spoon on occasion, likes playing with it more, and tonight at dinner he surprised me with feeding himself with MY fork, which he took off my plate).
- build a tower of 2 cubes (He can build more than that with Mega Blocks). He's been building a lot this week with his daddy!

.... may even be able to ...
- feed a doll (Haven't tried yet... but will get back to you!)

This is fantastic! I think we'll go work on what 16 month olds are supposed to be doing this month! We'll be ahead of the game! Some of the things that Sean does, amazes me. The other day, he brought me a CD from his CD player (yeah, it's stupidly within his reach). So he brings it to me. His father goes and shows him that the CD player is where the CD goes, and shows him how to open it and where to put the CD and then how to close it. He comes back to me, (I'm still in bed) grabs the CD from me, and goes and puts it back into the CD player. He actually understood what Jamie said! Wow. There are a few other things about him that just amazes me. Like if you ask him for certain objects, he knows what they are, and will get them and bring them to you. For example, a ball, a block, his juice, just to name a few. The kid ain't stupid. That's for sure. And he just LOVES books. Which I'm glad for. I'm a reader. His father isn't. But he'll definitely be a reader. That's for sure.

Jamie went out this evening, so I hung out with Sean and then after he went to bed I finally got some laundry done, as well as put together some Robyn's Nest orders that will be mailed on Monday, as well as cleaned up a bit in my office. I took care of a few items on my TO DO list, but hey, it seems to never end. Like the never ending laundry. This week though, the laundry just doesn't stop. You see, we had out of town guests last weekend who used up a lot of towels and every single one of our blankets. I had given them enough blankets to sleep with, etc, but apparently that wasn't enough, and they took the rest off my blanket rack and now I have to wash every single one of them. Ugh! Drives me insane. So of course, the laundry just never ends.

Speaking of Robyn's Nest - we have some new Colinette Jitterbug colorways up for sale. I managed to get a few up (more coming tomorrow). We have Popsicle, Velvet Leaf, Velvet Plum, Velvet Olive & Kingfisher. All beautiful colorways. Don't forget that the next 100 orders will be getting some awesome Robyn's Nest Swag!

Last night I started reading Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. I borrowed it from my sister. As soon as I'm done with it - providing that I enjoy it, I have Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot to read. So far, I'm 2 chapters into the first book in that series, and I'm not sure yet my opinion. We'll see after a few more chapters. I've been trying to read every night before going to bed, to try and get back into reading. (I'm still even behind on my blog reading - which I'm getting caught up - slowly). Having time as a stay-at-home mom? Ha! What's that!? Especially with a business on that I run from home. Time? No idea what that is! But I really want to get back into reading - I have so many books on my bookcase that I want to read. I just need to find more time (which will disappear even further once Mackenzie is born, that I'm aware of!)

Day twenty-nine. Can you say counting down the hours???? As of now.... only 50 hours 29 minutes.

Friday, March 28, 2008

march twenty-eight :: 31 days :: day twenty-eight :: 15 months

Day twenty eight. I'm one tried mama.

Last night I finished reading Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. It was just alright. I have read other better books by her, though I still enjoyed this one. I found it to be a really "easy" read. Like simple (as in easy simple).

Sean is 15 months old today. 15 months old and his first two molars on top are cut/cutting through. The top left side is cut already through the gums and the top right is about to cut any day now. No wonder he's been getting up in the middle of the night and maybe that's his reason for fever 2 weeks ago? (Or was that too long ago to be connected?) I was checking his gums earlier today and that's when I noticed them. Boy did he bite down hard on my finger! I really need to pull out the What To Expect The Toddler Years and see where 15 month olds should be. I have it in Sean's big boy room. I'll get it to it tomorrow. Though, I honestly feel that Sean is a lot smarter than a lot of the 18 month old kids in his class. And I honestly feel that it's because we don't talk to him like a baby. I use "adult" conversation with him, and no "goo goo ga ga" talk. (I can't stand that "Talk"). Anyhow, I'll pull out the book tomorrow and let you know where Sean stands at 15 months! Wow... 15 months though..... really! I'm still shocked that he's 15 months old already. 3-3.5 more months until he's a big brother! He'll still always be my baby though... my first baby!

After our music class this morning we got to play in the gym for free, and we usually stay for about 30 minutes - and when my friend and her 2 kids clear out - we head out too. Sean, is obsessed with the cleaning product toys.... I need to see if I can find him this vacuum cleaner. He chases after my cleaning lady when she comes to try to use hers! I had gotten him a lawn mower, but not a vacuum cleaner. I'll see if I can get one that is as awesome as this one! But between the music class we have on Friday and the other two classes we're taking, he loves loves loves playing with the cleaning toys....! That's my boy.

On the way back home, he had some goldfish (and apparently made a mess on himself) and then passed out. We stopped at my parents house for a bit. I was hungry and knew that they'd have what I was craving in the house - nothing special - just a whole wheat baloney and salami sandwich, and so we went there for lunch.

After lunch we headed home, and my sister called me to ask if we would be home for a bit. I actually wasn't going anywhere for the rest of the day.

My sister spoils Sean. She came over with this Little Tikes Police Car for him. I had the Coupe on my list of things to eventually get him - (We have PLENTY of space in the hardwood floor basement for him to roll around in it inside all year round, or outside in the summer. Also, I think there is plenty of enough room in his toy room upstairs) and well, Auntie Amy just had to spoil him. I started putting it together while Amy was over, but easily got frustrated. I left it for Jamie. It took him OVER an HOUR to put it together! My gosh! Sean wanted to go into it the entire time Jamie was putting it together.

This afternoon Sean and I took a much needed nap on the couch - I just couldn't keep my eyes open. My in-laws came for dinner, and it was delicious. Mmmm!

In Robyn's Nest news - the next 100 mailed orders (Solo orders for Sock Club kits don't count because extra swag goes into those kits already) will be getting some Robyn's Nest Swag from my Cafepress shop. I guess you'll see when you place an order! Also, slowly but surely, I'm uploading some new stuff into stock! Stay tuned. I've got some great gadgets for the Notions lover coming your way. I'm very excited for all the neat stuff we're getting into stock.

I started wearing my shoes...! Sneakers to be precise. I'm sooooooo done with the boot thing. I'm also done with my winter jacket - well actually the baby belly doesn't really fit into it anymore - but that's a whole other story. I'm hoping that the weather will just keep warming up and will be spring jacket weather.

Day twenty-eight. So close to the end - I can smell it. To make it through, this weekend we're just chilling at home - not going anywhere, until Sunday night dinner at my parents house. I can't believe how well I've done this month! So proud!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

march twenty-seven :: 31 days :: day twenty-seven

Day Twenty-Seven. Customer Service from hell day.

This morning Sean had his new session of swimming lessons start. Wow is the class harder than last session! And it's jam packed! I couldn't believe it. Our Tuesday morning class last session had half as many kids as this one. It was really a packed pool. I like that it's more advanced, because last session it was with 4-12 month olds as well (2 levels mixed) and we learned basics all over again. Plus the teacher wasn't exactly the greatest. But this time, it's the coordinator of the programs teaching Sean's class, and I love her. She's just fantastic. Still no word yet if my Tuesday morning aqua-strollers class will run, because as of this morning I'm still the only person registered in the class.

Today was a great mail day - I received my Robyn's Nest Swag - and now can happily carry along my deliveries to customers in my Robyn's Nest tote bag! I also received my Robyn's Nest Wall Clock (for my office) but unfortunately it came broken, so they're shipping me another one.

This afternoon I ran some errands and did a return at Walmart. However, for part of my return, they wouldn't let me! I was like 8 day over the time limit at Walmart (which was NEVER an issue before) but now all of a sudden they're being bitches. I'm going to try my Walmart in my area, I hope I have better luck. I even had the receipt! The tags were still on! Grrrrrr! I'm so mad. It's just that it's a maternity top and my belly just recently starting to really need them (I've been stretching out wearing my regular non-maternity shirts for as long as possible) and now that I realized that these shirts suck in the wash/dryer, I want to return the 2nd one of each top I bought. Yes, I'm nuts and tend to buy things in 2's when I really like a top. (Incase one's in the laundry basket - I've got another one clean). But now that it's over the time limit for return (BY A FREAKIN' WEEK) they won't take it back. You used to be able to return things without a bill even! But I kept my receipt. Grrrr! Oh well... if I'm stuck with them, I guess I'll just have to wear them, and hang them to dry. (I hate that! I throw everything into the dryer!)

My 2nd bad experience today was at Telus. I finally went in to get my bluetooth cell phone. I use a company phone, and was given a budget to upgrade. You see, as of April 1st, 2008 in Quebec, they have passed a new law, that you cannot drive and use a cell phone at the same time. The fine for using a handheld cellphone while behind the wheel will be about $100, the same as when a driver is caught not wearing a seatbelt. Authorities said they will hand out warnings instead of tickets for the first three months. The new rule will not apply to drivers who use hands-free devices, which is why I got the bluetooth cell phone and a bluetooth hands-free unit for my car. Anyhow, while there, getting my new pink phone (it's so cute!), since it was on sale, I picked up a case for it. The item was supposed to be 14.99$ but scanned in at 19.99$. I didn't see this (because the cash screen is inside their counter), and only saw it after the business credit card was swipped. There is a Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code. Meaning, if the scanned price of a non-price ticketed item is higher than the shelf price or any other displayed price, the customer is entitled to receive the item free, up to a $10 maximum. When the item has a price tagged, the lowest price applies. When identical items are incorrectly priced, the second one will be sold at the correct price. So, because the item was over $10, the store had to give it to me for $14.99 minue $10. The guy at the counter fought with me, saying it's a "store by store" policy, when infact it's a Canadian law. (I thought it was only a Quebec law, but according to the policy on the website I linked just above, it's Canadian! This Code, implemented in June 2002, applies to all scanned Universal Product Code (UPC), bar coded, and/or Price Look Up (PLU) merchandise sold in all participating stores, with the exception of goods such as prescription drugs which are not easily accessible to the public and price-ticketed items. (Good to know for the rest of Canada, my blogger friends!) This usually happens to me at Walmart, and I've gotten free stuff all the time there, or $10 off even!) Anyhow, there is a 1-866 number (toll free) on the website for the code, that I'll be calling either tomorrow or Monday, to file a complaint, because they wouldn't do it for me, which is against the law. That number is there for customers to call if the issue wasn't resolved at store level. And again, it's for the principle, not the $10.

This evening I went out with West Island Knits. I love getting out of the house to knit, and I love being close to home as well. I love going to the NDG Montreal Knits meetings, but it's great to just get out of the house close to home as well. Tonight, I found it odd that I had to pay one waiter for drinks and another waitress for my food. They couldn't serve you both!? I found that to be very odd. My sister got some guidance tonight on finishing her bunny rabbit that she knit - I'm so very proud of her. She's got one up on me (and she's a new knitter) as I've NEVER made a toy before. Or ever stuffed my knitting! (Bunny = stuffing). Maybe by tomorrow she'll have blogged her finished bunny - so go on check it out - and give her some encouragement!

Great news! Robyn's Nest is now fully stocked with Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn! I've got in 10 beautiful colorways - hot off the market! It's new to Canada, and I'm so excited to be able to carry it! Kureyon Sock yarn is for all you sock lovers out there! Combining wool with nylon gives you the same self-striping fun with added durability. I've got some other great products coming into stock

Alright, I'm going to go play with ring tones on my cell phone (the joys of a new phone) and then finish the LAST chapter in my book. I'll save Pacman and Tetris for tomorrow! (Yes, my new phone comes with both those two AWESOME games! Score!)

Day twenty-seven. Spent money, but thank goodness it was not mine! Hee hee. Almost there.... Actually, I did buy myself dinner tonight and a hamburger earlier for Mackenzie. He decided he wanted a burger, so I had to eat it. But food is allowed.

ps- Do you see the baby ticker? 3 more days and I'm under 100 days left! (Well that's with the July 7th due date. If I'm still actually due in June, that's already well under 100 days!) Oh my... it's just hitting me now. I'm. having. another. baby!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

march twenty-six :: 31 days :: day twenty-six

Day Twenty-six. Almost at the end!

Robyn Means....

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.
You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.
At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous.
You are bold and daring. You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things.
Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble. You can have a pretty bad temper at times.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.
You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.
You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

To find out what your name means, click here.

This morning I didn't go to Sean's music class. I wouldn't have made it anyhow. Sean decided to wake up in the middle of the night last night and wouldn't go back to sleep without eating. Is it possible that he is going through a growth spurt at 15 months? He's 15 months on Friday.

The main reason I stayed home today was for a delivery from UPS. Said parcel finally arrived just after lunch, and....

Robyn's Nest is proud to announce Dream in Color Smooshy! We have 18 beautiful colorways in stock. ENJOY! I love it so much I want to keep it all for myself - but I won't - so I'm sharing it with you! It's heavenly - really! I've been hearing such lovely things about Dream in Color, and now I finally get to see for myself. I definitely lives up to it's reputation! I was hoping that the 2nd box of Shibui Sock Yarn would arrive today - but apparently it is taking the scenic route. (I had received 3 of the 11 colorways I ordered in stock yesterday).

Tomorrow I've got a busy day, swimming lesson in the morning for Sean (his new session starts, I wonder what new faces we'll come across) and then in the afternoon Sean is going to his grandparents house as I have some errands to run in the city (as well as some returns to do). Also, in the morning after we return home from swimming a nice lady from welcome wagon is coming to visit us to bring us a nice gift basket to welcome us into the neighborhood. I'll let you know what goodies I get! I also get a visit once Mackenzie is born with a gift basket for him! I wish I'd known about this when Sean was born. Oh well. Tomorrow night is the West Island Knit Night, so I'll be getting out of the house for a few hours - which will be nice!

Day twenty-six. So close to the end of the month. I can smell it! Though, as I mentioned yesterday, I'll be doing this again in April after I take care of a few items that need to be purchased. (Like a few books from Chapters that I promised myself for being good this month!)

Off to go read the last 50 or so pages left in the book I'm reading so I can give it to my mother who is patiently waiting to read it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

march twenty-five :: 31 days :: day twenty-five

Day Twenty-five. Busy morning with classes, stayed in this afternoon so I spent no money.

This morning we had our first new session at the Y for the class we were taking on Mondays. It's now on Tuesdays this session (for the Spring). We got the schedule for the entire session and the activities we'll be doing sound fantastic. I'm so excited. Excited for Sean!

I spoke to Sean's teacher about the play dough, apparently I probably could have added more flour, it would have worked. I'm going to try again a new batch, but this time with regular flour, maybe it'll make the difference. The batch I already made, I will try to add some more flour (whole wheat) but if it's ruined, it's ruined, and I won't care. But I will try to see if it's still fixable.

There were some new faces this morning, and another preggo mom! You can't even tell she's pregnant though. She's at 17 weeks, about 2 months behind me, but not showing at all. Also her 2nd child, and her son, Kyle is 2 weeks older than Sean (December 12th - Sean is December 28th). Sean turns 15 months on Friday, her son is already 15 months. I wonder if she'll find out the sex of the baby, but that should be in the next 2 weeks or so at her 19 week U/S. I'm curious! When this class ends in June, I'll be about 34-35 weeks pregnant - my gosh! I'll be huge! Going up the stairs to the classroom is starting to get hard, but at least shortly we'll eliminate wearing jackets, so that won't be a weigh-down anymore.

After Sean's gym class this morning, we had 30 minutes to make it to the pool for my new session of Aqua-Strollers which was class number 2 today. Last week I missed because I was sick with Bronchitis. Today, because there were handicapped boys with a female counselor only, they had to use the family room. Usually they can use the men's room, because usually they have a male counselor, but not today. So I had to go into the women's room with Sean. First off, no changing table. Secondly, the lockers in the women's room are not meant for a mom & baby. It was half as wide and half as tall. GRR! I usually pack up my umbrella stroller and it fits into the locker as well! With plenty of space to spare. Today - I barely fit our bags/clothes into the locker and then I had to take the stroller with us - there was no way it was fitting in. GRRR! Not my ideal situation.

So we head to the pool. Turns out I'm the only one in the class! (Well Sean & I are the only ones in the Aqua-Strollers class)! Last week there was someone else, but she thought it was a parent & tot class so she decided to not stay in the class, as she wanted a class to learn how to handle her kid in the pool. Plus, her kid was 2 years old, and too big for the flotation device that the babies/toddler's sit in for this class. So in the end, I got a private class today, and the head of the department is giving it a week or two. She is going to see if she can push anyone else to join on the weekend while classes are going on - but is not sure what is going to happen. She said she'll keep me posted. I see her on Thursday anyhow, she's the one who is actually teaching Sean's Thursday class with a trainee. I can't wait to see what new faces are in his Thursday class. The Thursday class is 13 months plus (whereas his last swim class that he took was 4-12 month mixed in with 12-18 months and it was more babies than toddlers, which was very discouraging in the learning department - the babies slowed us down from advancing in the class).

On the way home, Sean fell asleep in the car. I got a ton of work done while he was asleep. Phew!

My sister stopped by on her way home today, and wanted me to show her how to cast-on/start a hat on DPNs. I showed her how to cast onto more than 1 needle - and start to rib. I can't wait to see what she makes! I'm so darn impressed that she's interested in a hobby that I'm into! Check out her today's post progress! Oh my am I impressed! I thought it would be easier for her to learn a hat on DPNs before getting her to do socks on DPNs, this way she gets used to the idea of knitting in the round with larger yarn/needles/stitches, than tiny stitches that could fall off, etc.

Sean was acting all cute this evening while my sister is over. Oh my do I love this kid more and more every single day. How could you not love this face?

Look Cynthia - Sean loves the pink doll you made for me. He wouldn't let it go! Thank you!

So I've been going through my knitting stuff, and I'm going to be destashing a few items. I got this spindle just over a year ago, and am not a spinner. I'm not into it. I don't have the patience or the want. I would rather spend my time knitting - than actually spinning the fibers. So I have a drop spindle for sale. If you are interested, please email me and we'll talk details. Must destash. I'll also be destashing some bamboo circulars, so stay tuned.

Cool Crafty Links I want to share:

- Fu Manchu Mustache
- Dreidel Softie
- Cute Toddler Skirt (A reason I need to have a girl one day!)
- Sunshine Knitted Socks from SockPixie
- Swiffer Cozy Pattern
- Men's Knitted Hat - The Marsan Watchcap
- Pixel Art Cookies
- How to make Lip Balm
- Embroider Kids Clothing
- Pyramid Door Stop (Sew)
- Ceiling Storage Idea
- Fabric Grocery Bags (Sew)
- Gift Box Templates (Not free but neat!)
- Circular Needle Organizer
- Fabric Shopping Bags (Sew)
- Envelope Pillow (Sew)
- Scrabble Coasters (Craft)
- Button-tab Hat Pattern (Knit)
- Shrink Ring Tutorial (Craft)
- Manly Baby Vest (Knit)
- Hobo Bag (Sew)
- Salad Dressings/Sauce (Cooking)
- Reuseable Silverware Tray (Crafting)
- Cloth Doll Tutorial (Sew)
- Braids Made Easy (Bird in the Hand Tutorial - Knitting)
- The Not-Too Beret Pattern (Knit)
- Swirly Girl Socks (Knit)
- Newfie Mitten Pattern (Knit)
- Smiley Face Socks (Knit)

I received in stock today 3 of the 11 colorways I ordered from Shibui Sock Yarn. It's gorgeous stuff! I am hoping that the last 8 arrive in the mail tomorrow, but I wanted to get the 3 that I already received listed - so they're already up for sale. I am really impressed with the colors. Shibui means "elegant with a touch of bitterness" in Japanese, and ShibuiKnits takes inspiration from that sentiment. You will love the deep, vibrant colors, of the soft yarn. I know I do!

This evening I kinda just stayed and chilled on the couch. It was indeed an awesome relaxing weekend. I loved it. Needed it. Wanted it. I managed to do a load of laundry - so that was good. (The never ending laundry!)

I'm finally slowly catching up on the blog reading I have to do. I have a ton of saved posts in my bloglines that I want to catch up on that I've saved - slowly doing it. So if you get comments to a bunch of posts in one shot - you know I'm finally catching up! Hopefully I'll get on track soon. Also this week I plan on catching up on my emails as well. I'm a little behind in that department as well. I am trying to get more organized - hopefully I will be able to achieve it - and keep it.

I've decided that I'll probably continue with doing a Slow Month in April as well - after making a few purchases at the beginning of the month that are necessary. (And one that is wanted!)

Day twenty-five. Counting down the days left. It's only 6 for this month. I won't be counting next month, as I did for this first month, I'm simple just going to do it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

march twenty-four :: 31 days :: day twenty-four :: 25 weeks pregnant

Day twenty-four. Bought 2 items today. But, they weren't for me.

This morning my sister-in-law, her boyfriend and my nephew left. While it's always a pleasure to have them stay with us and see them, I was kind of glad to see them go this morning. My nephew was a handful this weekend. 5 and a half years old, I thought he'd be good and respectful and all that jazz, but he was just a typical kid. A typical kid who threw all the books off of Sean's bookcase (Sean had a LOT of books) and didn't put any of it back. A typical kid who brought things from one room to another (where they didn't belong) and left them there, most of the time not even used. (So no idea why he took it from the room in the first place). A typical kid, that when I got home from being out today, I found my toilet en suite to my office with a poop in it, with poop on the seat. Fun. Didn't even flush the toilet. (GROSS!) That wasn't the first time he didn't flush the toilet this weekend, but that was for the first poop non-flush. I had to constantly remind him to flush the toilet AND WASH HIS HANDS this weekend. Are kids just lazy these days? I really don't get it. Oh, you can say that I am glad they're back home. Poor kid though, he left his "teddy" here, and I'll probably have to Xpresspost it tomorrow back to him, we're possibly going down in 2-3 weekends to see their new house, but I don't know how attached to this bear he is? I only discovered it when I got home today from being out.

I really did have anxiety this weekend the entire time they were here. I'm sorry, but it's true. I just felt like my own space wasn't my own space anymore. My normal routine of doing my "shtick" couldn't be done, because I couldn't be in my office past a certain time because they wanted to go to bed (den where they slept was right next to my office), etc... That kind of thing. But the part that gave me the most anxiety was my nephew and all the things in my house that he touched and made a mess of. I know that kids toys are meant to be made a mess of. I think it'll be different when it's my own kids making that kind of mess, where I can tell them to put things back, clean up, etc. But when it's not your own kid, where do you draw the line? Let me tell you I'm feeling back to myself now.

This morning my mom and sister came to pick me up to take me to my OB appointment. By me not driving I got them to a) watch Sean and b) not have to park and worry about parking meters, etc. My OB appointment went great, spoke to my doctor about a few things. He said that if my blood pressure goes up at the end of my pregnancy (not that it's to worry about now) that he will induce me. He also believes that I will give birth early (he says that most woman who go early in a first pregnancy, the chances of that happening with a next pregnancy is very high) and that he thinks I'll end up delivering closer to my original due date, rather than July. Made me feel better knowing this - but how the fuck does he know? LOL. Mackenzie will obviously show up when he's ready to show up. But if my doctor wants to reassure me that it'll be earlier than later, fine by me! Maybe he's psychic or something - ha ha. Though he told me he does go away to train with the Army (he trains staff there in the medical department) every summer, but that it shouldn't interrupt him delivering Mackenzie. (Though I can't guarantee that he'll be on call when that happens, but he said he is only a phone call away). Him saying this - means he likes me. If he doesn't like you - he doesn't care who delivers you. But I'm liked. I have it "in".... Even with his nurse. If she doesn't like you, you'd think she "barks" at you. Two women while I was waiting for a room after being seen by the nurse this morning were also sitting waiting in the hallway saying how she "barked" at them, etc. Like, "Get on the scale", "give me your arm" (for blood pressure), etc. Ha, she doesn't do that with me!

After the appointment we picked up my grandmother (mom's mom) and headed to lunch. After lunch we went to Walmart. My mom had a return to do (I did as well, but where's the receipt when you need it? No where to be found. It's now found, so I'll have to make a separate trip out to Walmart to now do the return). At Walmart I did buy 2 items. They were Sean items, so not for me.

The first item was rain boots. Now that it's Spring and the weather is rainy. Sean had a rain coat (once the weather warms up) and a rain hat. Both yellow. Now, I learned my lesson with Walmart and Sean's winter boots (I had to keep checking to see if they had gotten them in stock because they sold out VERY FAST). So I wasn't taking any chances with the rain boots. Kids stuff seems to sell out/disappear at Walmart. And rain boots were on the TOP of Sean's need list. Plus 6$ isn't exactly the end of the world. So I splurged. The first item I've splurged for this month.

Sean decided that he liked the boots on his hands. Funny kid. He knows boots don't go there.

The other item I splurged on at Walmart was this Aqua-Leisure Flotation Vest. It was under 20$ and I'd been looking for a life jacket for Sean for the pool for the summer. Impossible to find unless you go to a specialized store and spend big bucks. Like I know I can get one at the pool store where my dad buys all the pool supplies for their backyard, but I'd be spending money there because it's a specialized store for pool stuff. The vest I got for Sean is the smallest size available, which is good for toddlers 20-33 lbs, which is good because Sean is 24 lbs now. (I forgot to mention the day we went to the hospital for Sean's high fever that he was weighed and he's now 24 lbs). Looks like it's made small though, so I'm assuming the 33 lb kid must be thin or something. Anyhow, stuff like this also goes fast at Walmart, so my mom bought one too to keep in her backyard by the pool, and the one I got is for when I go out to other pools, etc. (Always handy to have). It's one of those things that if I didn't buy today, I probably won't see it ever again in their store. (I could be wrong, but most likely that's true).

After Walmart we headed to a mall around the corner from both my grandparents houses, so we picked up my other grandmother and headed to see the animals that were there for Easter. Sean was a little frightened at first, but then warmed up to the animals. Once he was cool with them (even petting them!) I took him on a Pony Ride. He enjoyed most of it, but started to get antsy near the end, so he was glad to get off when it was over. Above is my 25 week belly shot - I'm feeling too lazy to do a mirrored shot right now. (Maybe tomorrow you'll get an official one! If you're nice).

After the animals, we stopped into the dollar store. My sister needed to get something and I needed to buy super glue for my swift. Like Bea, I've had bad news with it since getting it. It's already had surgery in one spot, and now the whole thing doesn't stay in the base. I needed to glue the base to the rest of it, so that it doesn't fly off (like it's done) while using it! The glue was a business expense, seeing as though some customers do ask me to wind their skeins before mailing/giving it to them. Anyhow, the point of my story has nothing to do with buying the glue, but I wanted to share my displeasure about my swift from the above linked shop in this paragraph.

I got my super glue. I stood in line after my sister who was buying something as well. I paid for my item when it was my turn. The cashier forgot to give me change. So I now had to wait for the next person to buy their stuff so she could open the cash again, and this is what went down:

There was a huge line up already. This woman, came out of no where and tried to shove her items at the cashier. The woman who was actually behind me in line had a full basket and was loading things from her basket onto the counter. So I turned to the butting-in-line woman and said to her "You know the woman right here (while gesturing to her), was in line after me". The butting-in-line woman said to me "What is it your business?" So I said to her that she was waiting in line and now I have to wait for my change, so I thought I would mention to her that there was a line-up. The butting-in-line woman started walking to the back of the line. The woman behind me thanked me for saying something, as she didn't even see the other lady butt in. So my sister comes up next to me and says to the lady behind us "I guess some people just need to run their mouth"... and the butting-in-line lady hears this and starts walking back. Now she's in my sister's face and says "What's it your business?" And my sister replies "My sister is my business". And then my grandmother pipes in "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything" (to the butting-in-line lady) who replies to my grandmother "All I have to say is nice things". Uhm, I didn't hear anything nice out of your mouth lady-who-butts in line. I finally got my change and left. We were putting on our jackets outside the store when that lady finally got to the cash and paid for her items. As she was leaving the store she shot me dirty looks and I said (not so quietly but not so loudly) for her to keep walking. UGH! Some people. I did nothing wrong. I just politely told her to get to back of the line behind people who'd been waiting in line. I even got a thank you from the lady behind me! I try to do a nice thing and get chewed up for it. Some people!!!

I gave in and signed up for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. All you need to do is knit a tiny sock for your partner over next weekend and mail it out on Monday. I think I can handle that! I'd been eyeing the contest for a few days now, and it won't cost me anything. I own stamps already, and I own lots of leftover sock yarn scraps. Speaking of stamps, last week at some point, I got in the mail from Canada post a free 10 stamp booklet from them. I'm assuming it's because I filed a report for something that they shipped that they broke, that apparently wasn't covered. I think the really nice lady I spoke to on the phone decided on her own to "take care of me". So I got in stamps the value of what broke. (The item was only 5$) but it was a Robyn's Nest item, and I had to replace it on my own. It's the only reason I can think of for receiving a booklet of stamps in the mail. If it's not from them, then I'm baffled...

Sean got this Basketball net for his birthday from my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins. Jamie finally took it out of the box this past weekend when we realized that Sean was tall enough now to use it. Well, it was missing the net. I called my Aunt, who had purchased it before she left for Christmas break back in December and wasn't sure if she still had the receipt. It would be past Toys R Us's 45 day return/exchange policy. Anyhow, being the weekend, I couldn't do much about it - so I called up Little Tikes today, and they're mailing me (for free) a new net. I still couldn't believe that there was no net in the box! She said I'd have it by April 2-4, so we'll see if that's true. That's pretty good customer service.

Other randomness - I got a LOT of reading done at the doctor's office this morning, he was late seeing patients, and my 10 am 2 second appointment, I finally got back to my mom's car just before 11 am to find my son playing with the windshield wiper lever setting it off in my mom's car. (Hey, they were trying to keep him occupied in a car!) Anyhow, I'm almost done reading my book, and I'm looking forward to the next book I'm going to read. Plus, I think my mom wants to read the book I'm currently ready (I apparently don't read as fast as she does).

Day twenty-four. Bought 2 items for Sean. One was impossible to find, the other, needed for the rain. I still think I'm doing fantastic this month, and allowed these purchases.

ps - April sock club kits are still on sale until the end of the month, but time is running short. Don't forget that they are dyed by Zen Yarn Garden (delicious!) and the pattern is by Not an Artist. Get a kit while you still can! Also - Robyn's Nest is now stocked with Briggs & Little Heritage Anniversary Twist. It's still available to purchase (while quantities last) but at regular Heritage price. (Last year it was on sale for their 150th year promotion). The colorway is just absolutely fabulous, so that's why I restocked it! There is more Briggs & Little coming into the shop as I've received a huge order. (We just received 380 skeins of different stuff!) Yes you read that correctly - 380 skeins! I'm swimming in yarn! I'll let you know when it's listed! Don't forget my Cascade yarns are still on sale - I extended the sale until March 31st, 2008. Cascade is still 20% off!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

march twenty-three :: 31 days :: day twenty-three

Day twenty-three. Chilled day at home.

Last night Sean slept in our bed. He refused to sleep in his crib. We had guests sleeping in our den (still in our den now), so I couldn't just let Sean scream until he fell asleep. I let him do it for about 5 minutes and then had to give in. Not fair to our guests. Sean has quite the scream. Needless to say, I had a very bad sleep last night, I'm sore, and I'm cranky. (Well, I was cranky, not so much anymore).

Today I stayed in. Jamie ran some errands, his sister & her boyfriend took his 2 kids that live here in Montreal to the insectarium and my nephew stayed here to play with Sean. We hung out here all day. Sitting on the couch/in the den, just chilling out. I like that. I'm cool with that. We were invited to go to the insectarium, I just wasn't in the mood to get off my lazy behind today.

This evening my in-laws came over and brought Chinese Food for dinner. MMmmm, chicken fried rice. I had been craving Chinese Food for a bit now, but hadn't gotten around to ordering it! I've gotten my fix and even have some leftovers! (Dinner tomorrow night!)

This evening since there was so many people around, Sean was preoccupied and I got away into my office for a bit and took care of a few business related items. Packed some orders that'll ship tomorrow morning, and all that jazz.

I had received in the mail the other day something I'd ordered a while ago. One item was on back order, so they shipped these since they had them in stock, but the other item is still on back order. A little baffled - can you see why? Apparently Mackenzie gets a PINK sippy cup. The company I'd ordered it from has been giving me great customer service, and he's looking into getting me another cup with Mackenzie's name on it, in ANY other color but pink. PINK! For a boy! I understand that Mackenzie can be a unisex name... but when it comes to unisex names, shouldn't sippy cups be in unisex colors?? Especially since every name only comes in 1 color combo. Names like Ashley or Jennifer are girls names. And names like John or Matthew are boys names, CLEARLY! But Mackenzie...! Unisex... and the way you choose the names, it's not telling you if it's a boy or girl list, they're all mixed in. Or shouldn't I have been able to specify the color I'd like to order it in?? Anyhow, I'm waiting on a response, but I do have to say that the company has great customer service.

As promised, an update of my progress on Mackenzie's Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater. I am loving the Honeycomb stitch. Looks great. I can't wait to see how this turns out, but so far, the color is kicking arse and it's knitting up smoothly & nicely. I'm hoping it'll be a quick knit. I didn't have time to concentrate this weekend (having out-of-town guests staying with us) but I plan on seaming Mackenzie's Baby Surprise Jacket and sewing the buttons on this week. Maybe tomorrow afternoon after my OB appointment/lunch date, etc. We have a busy day tomorrow with family, so we'll see when we return home. I don't want to get home too late tomorrow, I do want Sean to nap at a decent hour tomorrow. He skipped his nap today (fought us) as there were too many people over, and his nap yesterday was cut short due to leaving for Easter dinner. The kid must nap.

Day twenty-three. A breeze considering I didn't leave the house.

ps- I want to win some Malabrigo! Check out this contest over on Cinnamongirl93's blog. Contest ends Tuesday 7pm.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

march twenty-two :: 31 days :: day twenty-two :: 1000 POSTS!

Day Twenty-Two. Happy Easter!

1000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning Jamie's sister and her boyfriend and my nephew came into town for the long weekend. We were lacking in the grocery department so we caved and went to McDonalds for lunch. It was my first time at a restaurant where I was able to use these Table Toppers that I got a while ago. (They're apparently not available anymore online as they were on liqudation). I've always thought that restaurant high chairs are absolutely NASTY and I'm not a big fan of them. I have a booster seat that we take for Sean (stays in the trunk of my car) but sometimes it's not feasible to take out with us or just annoying to carry. These Table Toppers are my absolute fave! I was able to let Sean eat off the tray and not have to worry about how many kids did what to it before him! I am not sure how I lived life with a child without these. I wish I'd known about them the minute Sean started eating solids on his own.

Sean had a great time having his nugget happy meal at McDonalds. It was good to get out of the house.

This afternoon Jamie and the gang went to go visit his mom at the hospital, since it's her 60th birthday today. Sean's not allowed to go in where his mom is, so I stayed home with him (plus I'm still on antibiotics for my bronchitis, so going into a hospital isn't exactly the greatest idea). Sean made his grandmother a card, which she loved.

While they were gone I tried for TWO HOURS to get Sean to nap. We were supposed to be at Jamie's step-Aunt's house for 5pm. When does Sean finally fall asleep? Somewhere around 4:30pm just a few minutes before Jamie and the gang got home from visiting his mom today. During those 2 hours I tried to get him to nap he terrorized my den and then my bedroom. There was stuff everywhere by the time he finally feel asleep in my arms when I literally had to strap him down to the mattress to get him to sleep. Forget two naps a day, I'm fighting him to even give me ONE nap! Some days he is very good with napping, others.... not. We left him sleep in my bed until about 5:30pm, I got ready while he napped, and then got his things ready, and just before we were ready to go, we woke him, changed him and headed out the door.

We finally left around 5:45 pm. My nephew wanted to come in my car as he wanted to sit next to Sean. We had to go in 2 cars anyhow, because we were 6 of us, and we all own 5 seater cars. (My Acura EL , Jamie's Audi A4 and my sister-in-law has a ford focus - are all 5 seaters). 4 adults and 2 kids.... not happening. (Though, I'm thinking my next car will be an SUV - I'm looking into Hybrids SUV's if they exist?) I don't want something that gas guzzles... but I still have just over a year left on the lease of my car, so I have time. Anyhow, it's been a while since I had more than 1 kid in my backseat - and the last time there was another kid in my car, it was a baby younger than Sean. To have a 5 year old in a booster seat was different! They had a good time singing songs (Sean just giggled most of the way there). (Damn glad he got a nap, or I'd have gone nuts).

Easter dinner was nice, Sean was the center of attention of course, and didn't really want to know who I was most of the evening. Too many kids running around to want to know of his mommy! My father-in-law took pictures, but I was feeling lazy and left my camera in my purse.

Anyhow - onto more important things - (the reason why you're here... right?)

Those who participated in my 10 "New" Items Scavenger Hunt are:

1. Adrienne. Her 10 items posted here.
2. Ammerins. Her 10 items posted here.
3. Rhoda. Her 10 items posted here.
4. Marga. Her 10 items posted here.
5. Bea. Her 10 items posted here.
6. Nicole. Her 10 items posted here.

Thank you all who participated. I guess my scavenger hunt wasn't that good of an idea.... seeing as though only 6 of you participated. That's okay, I thought it would be fun - maybe it was a stupid idea? I've been known for stupid ideas...

THE WINNER IS: NUMBER 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would be you, Marga! Congrats girl! I will be putting together a specialized prize for you, and getting it in the mail

And yes, we reached my 3616th comment and it was left by:

At 3/19/2008 6:04 PM, Blogger Barb said…

that face Sean makes when he doesn't get his way is TOO funny!! you and your mom look a lot alike, so do my mom and I.

Congrats Barb! I will be putting together a prize for you too! Since both you and Marga are knitters it will most definitely have knitting related items in the prize package!

Thanks to all those whom have commented on my blog - I've been trying to email each person back individually (for those whom I have email addresses for), but keep on commenting. I appreciate your comments and love hearing from you. I will definitely be hosting another contest before my October Blogaversary, so stay tuned. (Maybe around my birthday).

A shout out to my friend Robyn in Arizona, who's 27th birthday is today. I cannot find her - so I'm hoping she still reads my blog and will email me her new email address/mailing address!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!

Have you seen these super cute knitted animals? I need to learn to knit animals!

Alright, must get off the computer, we have out of town guests still staying with us and it's getting late (they're sleeping in the den right next to my office).

Day twenty-two. Only spent money at Macdonald's at lunch. C'est tous.

Friday, March 21, 2008

march twenty-one :: 31 days :: day twenty-one :: 64 weeks

Day twenty-one. Today was easy to not spend any money. This weekend will probably be the same as today, family easter stuff, stores closed, it's all great. I think I'll sail through this last week very easily.

Sean is now 64 weeks old. Next Friday he's 15 months old. 15 months! I really honestly have no idea where time goes.... I can't comprehend how Sean is this big boy now..... when I recall bringing him home from the hospital, the little pisher that he was when he was born.

I received some mail from my friend Lauren yesterday, and finally had time to open it up and see what she sent! Oh my! Thank you Lauren! She sent a belated Chanukah and birthday present for Sean, which included a 24 month size Eagles outfit (Jamie's a huge Eagles fan), an 18 month onesie from Disney (which fits him now!) and an 18 month summer outfit (orange tshirt and khaki shorts - very cute!) which will be good once the weather finally warms up. She sent him a Horton elephant stuffed animal, and a Horton Dr. Seuss book (which we didn't have!) He got a Mickey Mouse from Disney, and a bucket/pail/shovel set (I'm going to have to get him a sandbox this summer). She even sent a few goodies for me (some lotions, a pair of Clover knitting needles, some gum, and some candles). Thank you sooooo much Lauren - you're too sweet.

This morning Sean & I went to our first music class at the new place. It actually had started last week but we missed it because Sean was sick. (He had the high fever the night before). It was a lot of fun and Sean was a riot dancing around to his teacher Jessica singing. This kid just absolutely loves music, which is a great thing. He just makes me laugh, and I love it. After the half hour of music he is allowed to run around the gym downstairs for as long as he'd like - so we stayed a bit though, I had to sit down on the floor twice while he was playing because I was feeling dizzy a bit. It's not the first time this pregnancy I've felt that way. I'm definitely going to mention it to my doctor when I go on Monday. It happened once a few weeks ago on a Monday while we were in Sean's class at the other place. I'm not really sure why it's happened, but I can tell you that I had eaten breakfast, so I'm not sure why I was feeling faint/dizzy. I am hoping it's nothing.

This afternoon Sean & I hung out a bit in his big boy room once he got up from his nap. I was going through the closet to make sure there wasn't any clothes in there that I should pull out (so he doesn't miss out on wearing them), and came across his size 2 Habs jerseys. He has 2 of them, one home & one away jersey. I decided to see if it would fit him. (He's only in 12-18 or 18 month size right now, so as you can see, the jersey is a tad big). Though, it's super cute on him. He gets all excited when you say "GO HABS GO!".... Jamie's been teaching him well while watching games. Doesn't he look so handsome in his jersey? I can totally see a future player!

Sean loves his books. He loves to look at the pictures and flip pages. Oh, how he loves to flip pages. I love that he loves books. I definitely want him to be a reader. I also love that he crosses his legs. He's super cute when he does that.

And by the end of the day, every day, this is how I feel. Exhausted. Really exhausted. Chasing after an almost 15 month old, and being over 6 months pregnant.... yep.... exhaustion is definitely the word.

Jamie had the day off today, but he's at home sick. He's got the runny nose that I no longer have. Poor him. Hoping he feels better before tomorrow, we have his sister, her boyfriend and my nephew coming until Sunday to stay with us. Tomorrow evening we have Jamie's step-family's Easter dinner as well as going away party (both all rolled into one) for Jamie's step-cousin who is going to Africa (for a year I believe). It'll be nice to see all the family all together again, it's been since Christmas since we've seen them all together at the same time. I love those family get togethers, always a great time.

Tomorrow is also Jamie's mom's 60th birthday. She's unfortunately still in the hospital, so I don't think I can go see her, and Sean definitely cannot go to the hospital, so if Jamie's feeling better he will bring her a card that Sean made, and go and cheer her up. Tomorrow is also my friend Robyn's (with the same name!) birthday. However, I tried to email her but it got rejected back to me. I even tried leaving her a message on her blog, but I don't know if she will get it or see it. If you are reading this Robyn, please email me!!! I am looking for your new mailing address and I want to wish you a happy birthday! Contact me girl!

I have been doing a lot of knitting on Mackenzie's new sweater. It's such an easy knit, I'm loving it. I will post progress photos tomorrow. It's looking good, and I'm loving the color.

Alright, I hope my sister-in-law doesn't show up too early, I'd love to sleep in tomorrow, that would be nice. I also have a bit of tidying up to do before she comes, so I am hoping it's not too early. She does have a 3 hour + drive before even hitting Montreal, so I'm hoping that it's not too early. But then again we have to be at Jamie's step-aunt's house for 5pm and they do plan on visiting their mom in the hospital beforehand... so looks like I might just be getting up early.

I should have finished my antibiotics today, but because there was a night or two this week that I missed the middle of the night dose, I have an extra day of medication to take. I'm supposed to take a pill every 3 hours, but twice in the middle of the night I didn't wake up to take my dose, so I just took it in the morning upon waking up. I am feeling a LOT better even though I still have a slight cough come here and there.... hopefully it's nothing.

Just a reminder that there are just 10 days left to order yourself an April Sock Club kit. I have to say that the yarn is absolutely stunning hand painted by Zen Yarn Garden and Michelle of Not an Artist has made a gorgeous pattern that compliments the yarn so beautifully, I think I'm in love!

Day Twenty-one.... 10 days and counting. Glad it's almost over.... I'm dying for a little (not too much, I promise) retail therapy! Plus I want to do some shopping for my Fave Color Swap Partner.

Tomorrow I'll be announcing if someone has hit my 3616th comment (keep commenting, in case no one has hit it yet!) as well as the winner to my Scavenger Hunt 10 item contest.... you still have until tonight to get me those entries. If you don't have a blog - just photograph the 1o items and drop me an email with those items. I'll count that as a submission. I'll extend it until Saturday noon EST to get those to me. I've got 5 entries so far, good luck to everyone! I was hoping there would be more interest - but hey - you snooze, you lose and don't get entered to win a prize! Your loss!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

march twenty :: 31 days :: day twenty

Day Twenty. Now the countdown begins, 11 days to go.

Today is Sweater Day in honor of what would have been Mr. Rogers 80th birthday. I better get knitting on my first sweater ever for myself... still have it on the needles.

In honor of Purim (which is tonight), I decided to finally pull out the costume that I borrowed from my wedding photographer Wendy and take pictures of Sean. I was hoping that it would still fit him (just barely - it's 6-12 month size, but I managed to get him into it), and had fun snapping away. I hate flash, so I used daylight only, and it was fun to do a photo shoot during a power failure! We lost power for a bit this morning, and what a great way to pass some time!

Oh, I just love this kid. He makes me smile every day, and he's just too darn cute. Look at that face!

I asked him to show me where his head was..... he's a smart cookie. He can even tell you where my nose and mouth are...!

Oh, I love Tom Arma costumes. Tom Arma is the one who made Sean's Halloween costume. I love some of the others, we'll see what Sean will be for Halloween this year. I already have Mackenzie's Halloween costume (actually I have 3 costumes that Mackenzie will most definitely fit into at Halloween. He'll be approximately 3-4 months old around Halloween depending on when he's born), and they're 3 month size costumes that I got on liquidation. Oh, I can't wait to dress him up and he's not even born yet.

Here's what I found out about the Baby Surprise Jacket:

On Ravelry I found: Girls’ - holes are on the right and Boy’s - holes are on the left.

In general I found: For a woman's or girl's sweater, make buttonholes on right front and sew buttons to left front. For a man's or boy's sweater, make buttonholes on left front and sew buttons to right front.

But now, here is my question, is that when the sweater is facing you, or as if you are wearing it?

The copy of the pattern that I have for the Baby Surprise Jacket doesn't have button information. I'm sure if I had the Elizabeth Zimmerman book it's in - there would be information in there - but I only have the pattern (from Webs).

The reason for the buttonholes is on both sides is because back before Ultrasounds, you didn't know until after the baby was born the sex, so it would give you an option to put the buttons on quickly after the baby was born. And you sew the buttons on the side that you need to - closing up the holes. Genius really.

Today I stayed in all day, not leaving the house. This afternoon Sean took a nap on my bed, and after I did a few things, I joined him. Woke up with a headache.... oddly.

I frogged the beginning of the project that I started yesterday. I wasn't doing the edging correctly (I should have kept reading the instructions before starting!). So I re-started it, and it's looking four hundred times better now. I've even gotten further than where it was before, and I like how it's turning out. I can't wait to see it actually start turning into something! Oh, if you want to know what it is, it's Judy's Grandma's Baby Sweater from the Knit Cafe Book, which I borrowed until I can get my own copy once my Slow Month is done.

For dinner tonight I defrosted my meat sauce and threw some pasta on the stove. I absolutely LOVE my home made meat sauce. Store bought just doesn't compare anymore. Bland, non-tasty... I could eat it over and over again, every day, if I could. I'm so happy that I still have some in the freezer - but I'm sure my stash is growing thin, and I'll have to make another batch soon. MMmm, leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning we finally get to go to Sean's new music class at this new place, we missed last week because Sean was sick. I am very excited to see what new faces we'll meet. I do know one mommy in the class, she's coming with both her sons, (her older son is in Sean's Monday class, actually next week the new session starts and it's on Tuesdays). But maybe we'll know someone else, or maybe we'll meet new people - I can't wait! After class we'll spend then day with Jamie since he has off for Easter.

Tonight I sat on the couch with Jamie and we watched some TV. Sean's been going to bed consistently at 9 pm lately, and sleeping through the night! We don't mind that Sean goes to bed at 9pm, because it gives Jamie time to spend with Sean after getting home from work, and then it still gives Jamie & I time alone to hang out after Sean goes to bed before we hit the sack for the night.

Day Twenty. Still hanging on in there. Very excited for it to be over though, let me tell you.

Don't forget that my contest entries must be in by tomorrow evening, March 21st, 2008. (As long as they're in by the time I wake up Saturday, the day of my 1000th post!) So if you've found 10 items in your house that you've bought but never used, you qualify! Just photograph them, make your list and then let me know that you've blogged it! Also on Saturday, I'll announce if I've hit the 3616th comment, so keep commenting to see if you've won. Details on my 1000th post on Saturday. Cheers!